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The Thunder Win A Playoff Rematch; Dwyane Wade Is The Closer

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

Who would’ve ever thought the most exciting game of the season would happen in Charlotte? The Bobcats dominated with energy in the first half as the Heat gave up 58 percent shooting and 60 points. But the real fireworks came late. LeBron James (35 points) had the best dunk ever that wasn’t, slamming a backdoor cut so hard that the ball hit a dude in the head and came back up and threw the net, as well as a ridiculous double-pump reverse IN THE LANE. Chris Bosh (25 points) had a monster smash down the lane that Michael Jordan probably felt from the bench, and finally Dwyane Wade (10 points) made the game-winning shot in the closing seconds to send the Heat out with a 96-95 comeback win. On the game’s final possession, it wasn’t LeBron – who was dominant all night – who Miami looked to. It was Dwyane Wade, the guy who hurt his foot earlier in the night and struggled. After Gerald Henderson had hit a three to put Charlotte up, Wade took Henderson (21 points) off the dribble and hit a tough push shot off the glass. Watching it on replay, we’re still surprised it went in: no arc, a tough angle… and oh yeah, Wade traveled … At one point, Bosh blocked a shot at the rim and James saved it by throwing a 70-foot pass as he was falling out of bounds to Wade for a dunk. Stupid … We don’t want to say we called the Spurs 115-90 demolition of the Clippers, but we kinda did. Manu Ginobili dropped 24, and San Antonio owned the third quarter, outscoring the NBA’s newest hype machine by 21 over that 12-minute span … Kevin Durant (32 points) led the Thunder to yet another classic win in Memphis, 98-95. Memphis missed their fist 11 shots of the game, but it wasn’t long before they were chipping away at OKC’s lead. In the second half, OKC’s offense started to break down (In the third quarter, everyone not named Durant combined for one basket.). But just as soon as Memphis came back to take the lead, Durant wetted a corner three and then James Harden swagged out from the top of the key. Two straight treys and a 14-1 run opened it back up … Z-Bo (24 points, 12 rebounds) was a monster at the end of the game, doing his “Shoot weird off-balance fadeaways that have no business going in” routine. On the other side, KD gave Rudy Gay (19 points, 10 rebounds) a pair of Russell Westbrook Jordan skates, breaking him down off the dribble multiple times before a beautiful step-back put the Thunder back up four in the final minute … But the real story was the argument between Durant and Westbrook, who reportedly got so heated they had to be separated during the middle of the game. Westbrook didn’t make a single shot the whole game and was clearly frustrated all night. This was the play that started it all when Russ flipped on Thabo Sefolosha for not shooting the ball … Keep reading to hear about what happened out in the Bay Area between the Knicks and Warriors …

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  • control

    I remember someone (one of the stupidest people to post on the internet in fact) predicting some bullshit about Melo being an MVP this year…that is looking like such a long shot, I can almost guarantee that won’t happen.

    The knicks have the worst defense in the league. No question about it. They combined the two defensively lazy stars they could get with the one coach in the league who couldn’t teach zone defense to his team. They are truly horrible, no rotations, don’t follow guys on cuts, don’t know how to handle a pick, and basically have no desire to even think about defense. It’s great to say it, but the knicks look like they will struggle to make the playoffs, of course media and fucking ny assholes will probably keep trying to prop them up to be one of the east’s elite teams, but they aren’t even close. Even with the refs giving EVERYTHING to the knicks, they still got their asses handed to them by the Warriors.

    I remember people saying Perks was the second best center in the league, and he’s probably gotten better…and he’s not even best center on his team. It’s amazing what being on boston will do for someone, imagine what it does for point guards! I feel sorry for Perks though, I hated the guy on boston, but the refs hate him more than I ever could. The guy gets faceraped by Fat Zach, and he can’t even get a call, yet he LOOKS at someone and he’s tagged with a foul. It’s insane that the refs can fuck up a game like that and still keep their jobs.

    To anyone who thinks the charge call is appropriate, watch any games lately? Is it desirable to have a guy who is 7′ 260lbs fly like they were hit by a semitruck when tapped by a guy who is 6′ 180lbs? There is absolutely no way it should be cool to fall down on defense and have that be successful. If you are falling to the ground, and someone didn’t give you a piledriver or some bullshit, it’s fucking retarded. Get up, take the tampon out your ass and play some fucking defense, god damn. It’s hard to watch a game and see bitches flopping on the ground at least once every other trip down the floor. It’s out of hand! Only way it should be a charge is if a guy puts his shoulder down and pushes a guy, fuck this pussy shit!

  • justice

    some good points control but the knicks are gonna struggle to make the playoffs???? in the east??? thats just not true smh

    the team came out with no energy and were definitely looking forward to tonight against LA, defensively the knicks dont have any size off the bench and amare is a effen retard on that end of the floor,combine that with lackluster effort toney douglas not hitting open guys and bad shooting nights and you lost a game that you should have blown a team out by 20 min

  • justice

    ohh yeah boston can suck it

  • Franchise

    Hmmm so the Durant-Westbrook drama starts again. While its cool of Durant to not aggravate things further and sayin all the right things in the media, u have to start wondering about those two if you’re the Thunder GM. And obviously Westbrook is the one to go. Boston also needs to take a long look in the mirror, yes they’re missing wheel-chair Paula but still…

    control, relax NY will make the playoffs easy but second round is the furthest they go playin that kinda D. they’ll get mauled by CHI or MIA.

    The whole charge argument goes both ways. its needed in the game to prevent our beautiful game from turning into touch football. but yet again its hella annoying watchin Fish and Ginobili acting like pussies. I say refs need to tone down on callin it to discourage player’s over-reliance on it, but also punish anyone who thinks they’re bulldozers.

  • control



    That is the good ole days, no charge, no technical, just one man killing another on the floor. Who bulldozes who now a days? I haven’t seen a guy out there fucking bulldozing anyone in a few years, the refs and dictator Stern have completely neutered the guys. The main problem I have with the charge/block call is how inconsistent it is called, it’s one of the biggest ways the refs take control of the game from the players.

    Looking at the rest of the teams in the east, maybe NY won’t have issues making the playoffs. Damn the east sucks right now. No way is NY built to make any noise in the playoffs though. I’m a hater though, so fuck NY, they ain’t going to make the playoffs though!

  • Soopa / b_malte


    Westbrook for Rondo?

    Boston needs scoring, OKC needs facilitating.

    Who says no?

  • Phileus

    0 for 13. That’s a mighty big doughnut.

  • Jason

    Nice copy and paste Dime mag, way to give credit to the A.P. Can you break your articles to separate paragraphs.


    Rondo is a lot better than Westbrook.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    I have to admit, watch Mark Jackson announce games for the last couple years I thought he was a total clown and the Warriors were making a decent sized mistake hiring him. The offense isn’t pretty, but guy has them playing defense for the first time in … forever. Almost beat Clip, beat Bulls, handle Knicks, no too shabby way to start season. If steph curry can keep his brittle ankle from spraining every other game the dubs might actually make it to the playoffs this year.

    Lebron was doing that thing he likes to do where he looks like a college player playing in a junior high game. Just so physically dominant. Probably the most exciting Bobcats game Ive ever seen. And I think the announcers said it had their highest attendance ever. DJ was not playing like he want to be handing that starting spot over to Kemba anytime soon.

    Speaking of back-up PGs, Cole came back down to earth pretty hard hitting only 2-8 for 5 points. Not sure how soon he is going to be starting either contrary to many here who seemed to believe it was only a formality.

  • control


    No he aint.

  • ROBL

    If Westbrook & KD35 can’t make up & lead there team together like all the great championship duo’s have done then West need’s to be traded for a player like Rondo or someone who can score no probs but it’s not the be all end all when he doesn’t as long as he still dishing the dime & defending I’m sure OKC will be an even better team West @ the min looks like he’s trying to do to much when It’s the little things that make your team mates respect ya as a PG not going out trying to score 30/40 pts showing up KD35 every night…

  • ROBL

    If Westbrook & KD35 can’t make up & lead there team together like all the great championship duo’s have done then West need’s to be traded for a player like Rondo or someone who can score no probs but it’s not the be all end all when he doesn’t as long as he still dishing the dime & defending I’m sure OKC will be an even better team West @ the min looks like he’s trying to do to much when It’s the little things that make your team mates respect ya as a PG not going out trying to score 30/40 pts showing up KD35 every night…

  • dk

    @ Atom… If Cole was this stud scorer ( I hope he is ) he would be much better suited coming off the bench anyways. Chalmers defense is unmatched and thats more important to have in the first unit most nights.

  • itsakademiks

    watched all the gams but only got comment on my two squads…

    really blatche? all that bitching about catching the ball on the block and this the performance you put out? and where the hell is jordan crawford and raw lew? them dudes out there but they aint really there they arent giving us any meaningful contributions.

    great game by everone on okc but westbrook….dude at some point u gotta stop shooting the rock man…. how u a lead guard yelling at ur teamate to shoot the f’n ball??? i still dont think its time to trade him but i think he should be put on notice…

  • vlad

    only 2 lines about the spurs win, they have killed the clippers and played real basketball, it was amazing to watch it.Miami is a overrated team full of talented a..holes probs to the bobcats.Jazz are looking horrible.And whats going on in Boston?A loss like this against the hornets without gordon!OKC can be happy to have a westbrook so relax he is very young a needs to learn not to shoot the ball like he´s crazy.

  • john

    Nobody is beating the Heat this year. Too strong, too fast, too good.

    I would take Rondo over Westbrook in a heartbeat.

    Boston better take a look in the mirror (I’m talking to you Danny Ainge) and start to break that team now for some picks and youth.

    Indiana has a nice core, I like the way they are playing.

  • doc

    I dont see to much drama.Teamates argue everyday.If a motherfucker actin like he scared to shoot u tell him shoot the fuckin ball.And the Clips aint no hype machine.They CP3 with the best talent he ever played with.They lost last night to a Spurs team who core been together for at least a dime.They know how to turn it up.If anybody is hyped its them.Everybody say dont sleep on the Spurs.But that aint the old Timmy.And people need to realize it.Yeah he fresh now but come April they will get cooked by somebody.They aint win shit since 07.And last year they had all these fanboys because of that 1 seed they got which didnt get them shit but a Z-BO specail.Another 1 seed loses in the first round they get destroyed by the critics. They still show Tum Tum ugly ass holdin the ball after he upset Seattle.Well Memphis embarrassed the Spurs.My Sixers ran down on the Suns.We gunning for that 3 seed fuck NY and Boston.

  • doc

    I wish Bron played with a dude that told him to shoot the fuckin ball.He might have 5 rings by now.

  • http://mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    WOW dime sucks these days! “We don’t want to say we called the Spurs 115-90 demolition of the Clippers, but we kinda did.” and “outscoring the NBA’s newest hype machine”??? you guys spent an entire article telling everyone how great the clippers where gonna be and hyping them up then when they get blasted by the “old” (27 yrs old average age) spurs on their way to the retirement home to watch old B&W westerns you try to say “we called it, yup we where spot on”. what a joke, unbelievable. next thing you know you will be telling us all how you guys called obama sucking as a president or how you knew anderson silva was gonna front kick vitor belfort to sleep.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Rondo for Westbrook?? OMFG. Rondo > Westbrook??? hahahsdifhiasdf

    These are the same guys who were saying Westbrook was better than Rose after the world championships a couple summers back. You people need to learn how to be stable. Stop jumping the gun so much.

    Westbrook screaming at his teammates is not really news. It’s the media hyping shyt up because it gives them a drama filled storyline. Instead of having to actually write about basketball (which many of them know nothing about) they can just write about soap opera b!*ch shyt.

    Mark Jackson is not doing a great coaching job. His offense looks like complete shyt as they took a bunch of contested shots with the shot clock under 5. Brandon Rush made a bunch of great plays on defense and offense which got the team going big time in the 3rd.

    Also, Golden State has been at home for 3 str8 games. So lets not get too excited. And the score was something like 43-37 at halftime, then NY decided they were done playing ball in the 3rd and gave up the game.

    Chris Webber hasn’t been that bad of an analyst, but I think he may be tooting some lines. Because out of nowhere he just starts yelling during highlight clips. Either that or he’s a super lame.

    That Lebron save and 60ft pass to Wade was sick. Those two are insane on the fastbreak, and I see LBJ is using that 270lb frame in the post now. Shyt! This is exactly what I was afraid of. Lebron “figuring it out”. But then I saw his lame a$$ following Wade after the game winner and doing the Cam Newton superman pose after the game winner, and i realized his lameness will always make me not like him.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Just saw the Synchronized Superman celebration by Wade and James. They purposely sought out someone (NBAtv guys thinks it’s Cam Newton) in the Charlotte crowd after the game winner (although the game wasn’t over yet) and walked over to do the Superman pose in front of them.

    while I can appreciate any clever trash talking (as i think most of it is funny) I don’t understand why they would do this if they dont want to be the Villains anymore. And you would think that after what happened in the ’11 Finals (celebrating in front of Dallas bench while up 20, but eventually losing) they would be done with this kinda Tom Foolery.

    Oh and I forgot to mention. Shout out to my mans Jeremy PArgo for making the Grizzlies. With Conley going down, dude may actually get a chance to show how good he really is. Expect a Will Bynum sort of breakout from him.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @Chi – they did it in front of Cam because that’s his schtick. The whole, “Look, there’s a young star, he must love us, so we’re going to go over and play like we’re all besties” thing.

    Still, great point about “not wanting to be villains” and then going on to be total douchebags this early in the season. If the shoe fits, wear it, and those guys are wearing it. Against the Bobcats. By one point.

    Dominance. Lol

  • Skeeter McGee

    Anyone who thought Marc Jackson was a clown is a clown.

    On a side note tho, I’ve hated on LeBron time and time again, but the Heat look like they’re on a “f*** the world” spree right now and Bron is playing great.

    The real difference though? Cole.

    Year of the Coles.

    Hope y’all are enjoying the holidays and happy new year to all!!!

  • Ian

    true the last time the spurs won was 07 but when was the last time the sixers won a single round? the spurs at their worst are still better than the sixers by a mile.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Does anyone still think Melo will become a decent defender under D’Antoni? I still can’t believe that was a serious discussion I was involved in last week. Hilarious. Must have been a slow workday.

    I’ll take Rondo over Westbrook any day of the week. His jumpshot might look like he was taught by Milt Palacio, but he makes the guys around him better. Westbrook just gets his. That’s 4 guys that Rondo effects over the 1 guy Westbrook does. Easy decision for me.
    That said, I understand why some people can be turned off by Rondo’s game.

  • heckler

    russell westbrook is dope. anyone who thinks otherwise dont know how to value basketball players.
    w/out westbrook, the thunder wont win shit.

    kevin durant is gonna score 30pts no matter who his point guard is, no matter who is guarding him and no matter what teammates he has. scoring stars do what scoring stars do. but its the SECOND BEST player on your team that determines if your team can be a winning team or not.
    I dont have to look at kevin durants boxscore to know he took 20+ shots and scored at least 27pts. its a given. but to know if the Thunder won or not, you gonna have to look at westbrook. the dude is a beast as a ball player and constantly gets hated on. he is the new scottie pippen!

  • SayItAintSo

    Some of you are straight up missing the point about Westbrook. He isn’t being put on blast for what he said to Thabo. He’s being put on blast (and rightfully so) for getting so angry that he was shouting at the unquestioned(?) leader of the team during a timeout. He lost his cool. Hardcore.

    Yelling at a teammate to shoot the ball; you sweep that under the rug. Letting your rage fester beyond that so you start yelling at KD during a timeout when there has already been some surface tension between the two. That’s the stuff that undermines a team with Championship talent and keeps them from competing at a Championship level. Just ask Shaq and Kobe…

  • SayItAintSo

    P.S. Westbrook for Rondo would be clutch.

    You move Harden to your starting line-up and Thabo to the bench. Harden and KD are your first two offensive options. BOOM! You don’t lose any O and you’ve got better synergy.

    Daequan Cook is ready to take the leap and be the scoring punch off the bench so he can fill Beardman’s void there.

  • control

    Right now Russel is like that little yippity dog in the Thunder dog pack. He needs the pack leader to put him on his back and nip his neck some. If he can’t learn his place, ship him out. Though Westbrook is a better player, Rondo wouldn’t be a bad fit for the Thunder. Only problem would be Rondo’s douchebaggery infecting Durant. Durant would go from one of the most humble and likeable stars in the league to a pure douchebag, it would be a huge shame.

    A point guard like Jose Calderon would be a good fit for the Thunder too, if the Thunder did a Westbrook for Jose and DeRozen (bad trade for Raps). Nash for Westbrook would also make the Thunder a pretty nice contender…

  • doc

    Like Rondo aint gonna say shit if Durant get in his face.Cut it out.He argue wit KG RAY and Paul who the fuck is Durant?@ian-I dont come on here every year tho talkin about how we gonna win it all.I aint been on that shit since 01.And this year we gonna whip yall old asses.

  • chaos

    First off, does anyone realized that ita just not the core of san antonio beasting. The spurs are the champs at uncovering hidden talent. Their vets combined with their young guys (anderson, blair, splitter) are gonna be problems for anyone. They will continue to do what they do under the radar and teams wont know what hit them. Especially wit a healthy ginobili and parker.

    Nyk, really needs someone to lead the team. D`antonis system doesnt work with ou a point guard and right now douglas aint a lead guard bu a combo guard and shupert aint ready. Lets face it, they arent gonna play great defense and like Chicagorilla said, they have NO size coming off thw bench, not even for 6 fouls! No one to bang. Even GS got kwame brown! They still got a ways to go.

    Boston needs to grow a pair and play like they wanna win before rondo loses his shit

    Charlotte is gpnna play hard and kemba is gonn turn some heads. Im waiting for them to go small with dj, kemba and henderson for stretches.


  • Ian

    really u thought u were gonna win it all in 01?
    this year if you do better then the spurs then yeah you can talk some shit but right now? comon please how long has it been 30 years?

    the spurs are going all the ways this season ;)

  • First & Foremost

    Since everyone is putting on their coaching hat today. You move Eric Maynor to the starting line up and basically force feed KD in his spots. Get Ibaka in a few screens n rolls. Then you bring Westbrook and Harden into the game to run the other 2nd unit out of the building.

    Being “demoted” to the bench isn’t really a curse. It is a basketball decision to create substitution mismatches. Maynor would be a decent starting pg. Then depending on the flow of the game, you give Westbrook his crunchtime minutes.

  • beiber newz

    HAHAHA i feel so popular. everything isay makes the first discussion from control and his followers. i knew control would be up waiting for the smack article JUST TO TALK SHIT ABOUT MELO. he has my penis so far down his throat that he wants to remmeber everything i say.

    that’s great. NOW IT’S ON!! now that i know control and his followers are paying attention, I WILL POINT OUT MELO EVERY CHANCE I GET. i can’t wait to rub it in.

    thanks!!! keep on talking about carmelo anthony. and i guarentee he drops 30 the next game. and control will go into hidng. just like he did when the LAKERS WON!!!

    he probably tivo’d the knicks game just to have a discussion with me. lmao!! I LOVE IT!!!!! even tho i dint mind the loss. and then one of huis followers brings up the defense, ignoring the fact the warriors just got hot and their best scorer was having his worst game of his life prior to getting hot. HAHAHAH

    i know that now you guys pay attention to my every word, maybe because i have the most exciting and intriguing comments. even MY FUCKING NAME GETS YOUR ATTENTION!!! lmao. i know my dick is black meaning it’s long and thick but there’s not enough room for ALL OF YOU GUYS!! i already have bitches on the waiting list!! lol

    MELO MELO MELO. the same people who want to say, ohhhh it’s soooo early, why are we jumping to conclusions!! ARE THE SAME ONES CONDEMNING MELO NOW! how contradictive!!!!

  • Big Island

    Westbrook has hella skills, but OKC would ship him out if it came down to it. He did shoot an 8 foot floater off of the top of the backboard though.

    I hate the Heat. I love hating the Heat. That dunk that Lebron through down off of Henderson’s head was disgusting. If the Wizard of Oz ever gave him a heart it would be over. That guy is a savage.

    I am not a Wade fan or hater, I feel both ways about him. He’ll do some stuff where I hate him, do some stuff where I respect him, but I hate when guys say that they are hurt. If a reporter asks you how your ____ was affecting you and you answer with the I couldn’t move laterally etc., that’s fine. But when the reporter makes no mention of your injury, and you bring it up, I hate that.

    Bosh. I am not a fan, wasn’t when he was in Toronto. But when he went on ESPN with Skip Bayless and just played it cool, totally respected that. His dunk last night was big, but the falling Jenga blocks routine afterwards was not.

    I love seeing the Celtics struggle. Love.

    I hate listening to Jalen Rose. He actually said “caught up in the rapture”. NO! Bad Jalen!!

    I have the biggest crush on an ugly girl. I am in love with Rachel Nichols. Of all of the hot female sports reporters/personalities, I fall for rachel Nichols. I guess she’s not Shellie Smith or Pam Oliver, but it’s not healthy.

  • beiber newz

    and control I WILL MAIL YOU 5000 BUCKS CASH if you can find where i said melo will win the mvp award. i will send you my email address to make it happen. PLEASE SHOW ME. putting fucking words in my mouth huh. lmao. what i do remember saying, is that he will PLAY LIKE ONE AND LEAD HIS TEAM LIKE ONE AND BE IN THE DISCUSSION. so please, go through some of the articles, and it shouldn’t take you long seeing as how i only started that discussion about a week ago, around the start of season, so go ahead, that’s your challenge, i know it’ll be tough seeing as how you’re already MENTALLY challenged, which probally explains why you misinterpret my comments. hahaha

    i bet he’ll come up with some dumb excuse as to why he won’t look for it. WATCH GUYS!! and i also bet it’d be either that or he’ll just ignore this post, or tell me to shutup along with some corny joke.

    one thing is for sure, he won’t find a post of me declaring melo the mvp or me predicting he win it. that’s for sure.

  • beiber newz

    all great players bounce back, and melo for sure will.

    let me reiterate my point on melo/mvp

    melo will have to elevate his game to be in the discussion
    melo will be in the top 5 of the discussion
    if he brings up his defense voters will give him a serious look

    so the challenge stands…..it’s so funny how he is soooo focused on my teams lmao. i am truly writing this and laughing simultaneously . i fucking knew he’d be salivating for the next smack just to write that.

    i mean seriously guys, think about the psychological aspect of it. the VERY FIRST thing the prick writes about is something about carmelo anthony on an issue i talked about, not involving him, but he thrusted himself in my loop just to be in my world. and now, everything i discuss is the first thing off his lips and onto his computer. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww my nuts are in his esophagus.

  • beiber newz

    seeing as how control focuses on both my teams, as if he is a member of the media, (lol) i wonder what he’ll talk about seeing as how the knicks play the lakers next. ONE OF THEM HAS TO WIN!!! AHAHHAHAH i can’t wait. this is the first time i’m interested in seeing what the flinstone-equivelant-IQ commenter will say at the end of that game. i’ll be happy whichever way that game goes!!!! ahahhahaha.

  • First & Foremost

    Here lies the benefit of making adamant non-definitive statements. I’ll go on record and say So & So COULD _________________ IF _______________.
    List some reasons why.
    *Time Elapses*
    If things are going well, “I told you so”
    If things don’t pan out, “Well, I never said that so & so would actually ________”

    Way to go out on a limb. So technically beiber didn’t say Melo would win the MVP because of his defense. He “boldly” stated that Melo could possibly have a better chance to maybe get closer to winning an MVP if he decides not to be lazy on defense because they now have a defensive minded mute as their assistant coach. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  • knickerbocker

    there is no way my knicks dont make the playoffs! i dont think melo has a chance being talked about for mvp. even as a knick fan he kills us all with his lazy defense. we will go as far as amare takes us not melo.

    does anyone notice how justin beiber always seems to be doing what he says other people is doing? he whines about people always bringing up his name and then always brings up controls name. he talks about someone being retarded and hard to understand when he is retarded and hard to understand. someone shut t his guy up please!

  • control


    I’m hating on “your” teams? I’ve been hating on the same teams and players (and been consistent with it) for like 5-6 years on this site. You’ve been polluting this site with your unintelligible, meth induced rants for what? 4 months?

    I also predicted that Indiana would win last night! FUCK MY HATERS ON MY JOCK AND *insert tard rant here*

  • SayItAintSo

    Cat fight on the Dime Blog. Holler.

  • lifep

    OKC should think about trading Westbrook and Ibaka for D Will.

  • 4M

    LMFAO get a life beiber. Your obsession with control is hilarious.

    And in basketball-related news, Westbrook seems like he’s just trying too hard right now. Trying too hard to prove that he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as KD or whatever. IDK what’s going through his head right now but he should realize that KD is numero uno in OKC.

    And WTF Knicks. Getting outscored like 22-6 at one point in the 4th quarter. So much for that potent frontline of Amarelo/Carmare. Still not sold on Jackson as head coach though. Same goes for the Spurs. After all, they blitzed the regular season last year as well only to fall short, very short, in the playoffs.

  • That’s What’s Up

    doc – you know Philly has the Spurs number, easy, every time. I don’t think the Spurs have won in Philly since beiber newz last messed with a female.

    I do like the Spurs playing their young guys heavy minutes, especially with this fukked up compressed season. Leonard looks good, James Anderson can shoot and TJ Ford is a solid back-up. Splitter finally getting consistent minutes and Popovich playing him and Timmy together, like the twin towers should be. Blair is a workhorse and Parker and Manu look healthy and are playing fewer minutes.

    This could work out well for the Spurs. Memphis took it to them in RD1 last year; no way Pop plays Manu or any starters in meaningless games late in the year. Manu breaking his arm gave them no shot at all in last years playoffs. They may have lost regardless but that was the death blow.

    Surprisingly the Spurs Defense is solid so far; if they keep that shit up they got a real shot.

  • That’s What’s Up

    …and Richard Jefferson has taken a long fuckin’ three years to understand his role but I think that funny lookin’ muthafukka finally gets it. He’s playing really well.

  • beiber newz

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im the best commenter here. every1 loves me!!!!

  • s.bucketz

    Mannnnn….this knicks team does suck…as much as I love what melo brings on the court (consistent 25+ and getting the bitch call etc..) I hate him for forcing the trade last yr and depleting the shit outa the squad…I reallllllly hope they go for wil chandler in march and not k-mart…then again..the squad needs a serious face lift all together….

    And yup…amare is borderline retarded on defense although I will say melo isn’t a lost cause he just doesn’t give the effort 100% and his rep doesn’t let him hack and get away wit it like kg or the heat

  • Michorizo

    Westbrook to the Lakers…Love will follow.

  • beiber newz

    when you start talkin bball get back to me. lmao, no more will i respond to computer jabs.

  • That’s What’s Up

    yeah, it’s getting real bitch-like on this blog.
    Whenever I see a beiber post I just scroll down past that shit, and control is almost getting to that status….which is a shame because control used to be the funniest motherfucker on these boards. Now he’s wrapped up in a beiber bitchfest and his best material isn’t making it on these blogs.

    Please – control – go back to normal and entertain your real fans.

  • beiber newz

    and at whoever was writing those blanks and talking about making dfinitive statements (you’re not important enough to look at the name to make sure)

    i DID make a definitive statement.

    i said melo WILL be in the discussion for mvp.
    i said melo will be on a good team, and the leader of that team.
    i said his number will improve.
    i said he will PLAY LIKE AN MVP.

    my only statement that you claim i had ________________ in them was me stating that voters will be hardpressed NOT to give him the award if his defense improves.

    that is the only blank i used. the year dirk won mvp, he was in a tight race with kobe i believe (who averaged 35 a night). had dirk been a defensive stalwart, it wouldnt have been close. so fast forward to 2011, i said melo WILL be in the discussion and people said no way! he wont ever be considered. i said he WOULD this season. and like i stated prior, melo would be hardpressed not to get it if his defense improved. that’s ALL.

    but i am not going out on a limb at all. the fact that none of u said melo whad a chance and i did is me being definitive. melo WILL BE IN THE TOP 5 OF THE DISCUSSION. but like i said, voters will be hardpressed if the knicks get the best record, and his defense improves.

  • beiber newz

    LOLOL we found another control follower in thats what’s up!! ahahahha wat a penis muncher!!!

  • K Dizzle

    Damn. 3 days in a West African beach resort and their internet was down…oh well, all caught up now.
    Lakers got one so I’m good for now, even if it was just the Jazz. Heat barely beat the Cats so I’m takin note of that too lol. No joke tho, I know the Cats ain’t shyt, but they get up for the big games. It’s like Sac-town whenever the Lakers come to town…play hard, win-or-lose, then get torched the next game.
    One more game till Bynum gets activated…meaning the Dwight to LA talk gets sparked up again. Stay tuned.

    @ TWU – Spurs always tear it up in the regular season. They in the same boat as about 3-4 other squads that nothin really matters til the postseason. They best pray they don’t gotta see Memphis again though…

  • beiber newz

    oh yeaaaa before i forget….how about them lakers????

    remember when i was saying their defense was fine and they should go into the offseason looking for offensive help to figure out how to solve their offesnive dryspells? and i was called dumb because some idiots thought the lakers defense was the problem?

    well on the 3rd night of three straight games, the lakers hold a young team to 70 sumthn points, and the next night that team scores 100. hmmmm, defnse is the problem for the lakers? they didnt make ANY defnesive signings in the off season. hmmmmm interesting!!!!!!!!!!!

    and who has scored 90 on the lakers yet????? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • control

    Every year people are talking about how the Spurs are too old, and how they are finished and done. Sure they didn’t make a huge play in the playoffs, but they still finished with best record in the west, and they have a legit chance at doing that again this year. Those motherfuckers can ball…and though their style of ball is “boring” compared to some, it’s still amazing to watch their execution sometimes. Fuck manu though, he ain’t the worst flopper in the league anymore, but he’s got his acting in post-season form already.

    Thats what up

    I agree with you, a little of me dies each time I respond, but it’s like kicking a homeless guy when you see him sleeping on the street, or doin a stripper raw and paying her in counterfeit (who she gonna call? haha!)…you know it ain’t right but you can’t help yourself.


    You were actually in West Africa, or was it just themed like that?

  • catdaddywhack


    And I Quote…

    December 23rd, 2011 at 10:11 am

    “beiber newz says:

    @ jzsmoove

    i like melo’s vision, i said it in smack about a couple days ago. in fact, if he is able to raise his assists average to 4 and play good defense, melo will establish himself as an mvp…”

    check it:

    I sure damn hope there’s a finder’s fee… LOL

  • knickerbocker

    lakers lost to kings 100-91. that would mean they scored more than 90 on lakers? was there a point to what you were saying?

  • beiber newz

    yessssssssss thank you for searching for that!!!

    that is not saying he will win the mvp award!!! that is saying he is “an mvp” completly different!! lol thanks!! for proving my point!!!

  • beiber newz

    i meant to write 100, but i wrote 90.


    whoever found my beautiful quote to support my claim here’s my rebuttal

    two different sounding quotes if you read closely!!!

    i said:
    i like melo’s vision, i said it in smack about a couple days ago. in fact, if he is able to raise his assists average to 4 and play good defense, melo will establish himself as an mvp…”

    now, if i were to have said melo will win the mvp i WOULD HAVE SAID THIS!! :

    i like melo’s vision, i said it in smack about a couple days ago. in fact, if he is able to raise his assists average to 4 and play good defense, melo will establish himself as THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mvp…”

    two diffenrt.

    every goood player playes like AN MVP. you dumb fuck!!!


  • beiber newz


  • beiber newz

    THE same people who claim everyday to ignore me…ARE THE SAME ONES RESPONDING TO MY EVERY COMMENT. mind control? i think so!!! hahaha i am the most interestingman on dime!!!!

    ignore me!!!!!!!! but you cant !!! because everyhting i say is soo damn COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • knickerbocker

    wow. the retard keeps outretarding himself. that is like saying that after a team predicted to win doesnt win, that they won a morale victory or that they didnt lose because they learned a valuable lesson and gained experience. beiber has to be just trolling people there is no way someone is actually this stupid and able to use a computer at the same time.

  • beiber newz

    IF I were a bposton fan…JUST IMAGINE HOW MUCH TALK TODAY WOULD BE ABOUT THE CELTICS!!!! coincidence? nope. celtics havent won a game, control would be alllllllll over that story. but no, he focuses on melo winning the mvp??? you guys do the math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beiber newz

    nope niggerbopper i am that stupid!!1 but you are one of the ones fascinated by me!!!!!!!! ahhahahahhahaha. get a life! or some pussy!! oh wait, you liv in ur mama’s basment and havent seen daylight in years!!!!!!!!!!!! troll.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    There’s no such thing as “an” mvp. Only THE mvp.

    We’re all awaiting for the inevitable long-winded answer which explains nothing.

  • beiber newz

    i have a question, no one else last year played LIKE AN MVP besides rose because rose was the one that won the award? since derrick was WAS THEEE mvp, does that mean no other player in the nba played “like an mvp?” think about that whoever found my quote and DIG A HOLE!!!!

  • beiber newz


  • beiber newz


  • beiber newz

    glad to know you’re paying attention to my comments tho!!!! i guess it must have been a one man race of rose and no one else!!! because no one else played LIKE AN mvp. u dummies just looking for ways to prove me wrong, it’s flattering. i may change my name to skip bayless jr!!!!!!!!!!!! (and i know since i said this name change thing u wont focus on the mvp point i just made because u are embarrassed that i just proved u wrong) watch

  • beiber newz

    i bet control and his minions are scrolling through this site looking for somewhere where i said melo WILL BE the mvp. good luck!!!! ahahahhahah i know what i said and i got the money to throw at you if you find it. it’s nuthing to me and i am a man of my word, whoever is the first to find that quote of me declaring melo would get the award i will give u my email address. if i dont i will shutup for the rest of my time here on dime!!! but i know that’s not happening cuz 5gs is nuttin. good luck to u all. YOU’LL NEED IT cuz u wont find that quote.

  • beiber newz

    dime should thank me lol i am building site traffic with this cash prize!!!

  • Big Island

    What the hell happened here? It used to be everyone would just own up to what they said. Now it’s all blanket statements and backing out of it. Beib, just own up to you liking Melo for MVP. You didn’t say it directly, but you implied it. It’s like me saying I am going to punch you in the face, break your leg, snap your arm, and then choke you out. Then control says that I said I was going to kick your ass but I come in going “I never said that!! Show me where!!” I never said the words “I am going to kick your ass”, but it is implied.

    The Spurs don’t get talked about because everyone knows what is going to happen and they don’t have many highlight guys. They play solid, smart, effective basketball. Duncan just goes, Parker is underrated again, and Manu is nice. I really want him to go play at Rucker. Jefferson is playing well, Blair is a beast. It’s just a solid squad, great coach, and you have to worry about playing them. They never get outplayed or outcoached, but some teams are just better than them at this point.

    My predictions:

    95% Dallas goes on a tear and wins another ring, but there’s a 37% chance of that.

    80% Dirk gets a 42% chance of getting the MVP.

    50% my gf will be back from Mexico for NYE. 100% she is working on NYE, and 130% chance I will be unhappy having to drive out there to have dinner with her on NYE. 0% chance of me getting laid on NYE, or even before like Wednesday. 12% chance after that.

    100% I go into the mountains for a month when my dog dies. Set that in stone.

    93% I am the same fatass this time next year. 7% chance of some illness making me lose weight.

    0% chance Beiber and control hang out.

    100% chance SportyJ is on here somewhere. Fag.

  • beiber newz

    big island….so basically you are you telling me there is no way to talk about which players have a chance to win mvp because then people will just say that you CLAIMED that player would.

    i dont know your top 5 of whom u think can win nba mvp this season, but tell me this, how will you talk about their chances? because essentially, all i did was talk about melo’s chances at getting it, and people are telling me that i DECLARED he would get it.

    that doesnt make any sense. i am never afraid to own anything. but tell me, if you think dirk, dwight and durant have a chance to get it, how would u have gone about discussing that? because what i did was discuss melo chances. and u and the peanut gallery is saying i am running circles around the fact that i actually said he would get it.

    so please ENLIGHTEN ME!!!!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @beib: No it didn’t shut me up, because the fact remains there is only THE most valuable player. There’s no running around that fact. One, and only one.

    And please don’t act like your posts are the only ones that people read. They are just the ones people disagree with so that’s why you get a lot of responses. You’re like the Skip Bayless of Dime’s regulars.
    I’m a huge fan of what Big I, Chi, F&F and Dizzle and others have to say, but I don’t always respond to them because I agree with their opinions. And I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing with everyone you responds to you… they do so because they disagree. Do you want us all to respond to every single post that we read??

    @ Big I, LMAO @ “80% Dirk gets a 42% chance of getting the MVP.” Nice.
    @ control, time to let it go.
    @ knickerbocker, HAHA
    @ chi, true

    ^ If we did that, this place would look like a frikkin Twitter feed.

  • beiber newz

    yes you are right that there is only THE mvp.

    but you are wrong to say that no one else played like AN mvp.

    you are completely utterly wrong.

  • Ian

    i agree with thats whats up i dont read beibers posts (im not insulting you beiber i just dont like the raps and all that stuff) but everytime you start your post with a @beiber i have to skip it. please go back to your manu hating days.

  • beiber newz

    ahaha, i dont write to have people respond to me, it’s cool ian. real talk…but i dont like when people put words in my mouth. it’s annoying when i hav to prove my case. that’s all, i dont ask anyone to read my posts, in fact, life would be easier if i stated my few cents and people either took it or disagreed and ignored.

  • beiber newz

    time to have sex with a fine shawty wit smooth skin and big boobies and a fat butt …something most of you guys will never experience…unless it’s in a motel with a dirty old bitch with herpes who smokes a pack a day.

  • catdaddywhack

    problem is… it wasn’t a stated few cents, it was 5 g’s! lol

    just say it…

    “because owning it now will cost me 5000 BUCKS CASH, that’s why!”

    can’t blame ‘em, i’d fucking deny it to death too if it were me…

  • Big Island

    Ian and JAY – Don’t read this, I am gonna respond to Beiber.

    Beib – I didn’t say or imply that at all. You can have guys you think are in the MVP running. You can have guys you want to win the MVP. I want Dirk to win it every year until he retires. I think it’s too early to tell who will be MVP because the MVP usually comes from a really good team, it’s a short season etc… What I am saying, and I’ll say it a simply as I can, is that the way you talked about Melo, it came across as you having him as your MVP favorite. Not your favorite MVP candidate, your favorite for MVP. A few people called you on it. Rather than clarify what you meant, you thought Melo would be an MVP candidate, you went on listing the reasons why you wrote what you did. Then after Melo dropped 37, you came out and said “all u that said melo cwont be in the discussion look so dumb right now and u all will b singing a diff tune come next month!!!!” Now before you flip out and say “i said discussion! ur proving my point for me! ur a lsoer!”, you did write discussion. Crap, my housekeepers just showed up. I’ll finish this later. Probably not, it’s pointless.

  • Three Stacks


    Obviously you are an idiot if you don’t think someone QUOTING YOU claim Melo as an MVP in any way proves you didn’t. That is the most backwards logic I have ever heard of. If someone said to you, “I will establish myself as a President of the United States,” doesn’t that mean they are expecting to win and become president? How is this even up for debate?

    No one expects you to pawn your legos and play-doh to scrape together the cash for payment, no one expects you to have $50 let alone 5 Gs, and even if you did, no one expects you to man up and pay up. So admit you said it, everyone knows you did.

    I joke about you having kiddie toys, but I hope to God you are actually just a middle-aged idiot, because if you are younger than I am and represent the future of this country, I would rather move to Somalia and get ass-raped by starving pirates. GET A JOB!

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I don’t think the Spurs are done. I’m hoping for one last run.

    Put a little money on them at 31 to 1 to win it all on Christmas Eve.

  • First & Foremost

    This is too funny.

  • doc

    @thatswhatsup-we do run down on the Spurs.Timmy dont want it with Big Spence!

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lakers signed a defensive minded coached during the off season so someone in managment thought the lakers needed more defense in their system

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    “…someone was claiming T-Mac will still be a top 10 player in the league. Not even Austin Burton would say some ish like that…”

    Haha! OK, fine, but I might go as far as saying T-Mac is still one of the most skilled players in the league. Passing, ball-handling, shooting, offensive moves — it’s not like he forgot how to do those things, his body just won’t allow him to dominate anymore.

    Then again, I’m also trying to figure out a way to claim Duncan is still the best PF in the league, so I clearly have some things I won’t let go.

  • robzilla

    The biggest difference with my Spurs is and always will be, a healthy Manu. If Tiago keeps moving his feet and stays away from the dumb fouls, it’ll be a different story this post-season.
    I’ll trade you Bonner for a pack of gum and some traffic cones.

  • Big Island

    Austin – Your Duncan argument is easy. For one game, all the marbles, Duncan would be your PF. Boom. He would be as good as anyone for a game. For a season, he has too much mileage, but for one game, he could still do it.

    I can’t help you with TMac.

    Everyone – Even up until a few days ago, I stuck up for Beiber. I stand here a humbled man asking forgiveness. I made a mistake. I don’t expect anyone to forgive me, or even understand, but I have seen the error in my ways. I don’t expect anyone to look past my misdeeds, or accept me back into the group, or even listen to my humble apology. By backing Beiber, I have crossed lines that should not be crossed. I have entered a territory where there is no good to be found. I put myself in this position by fooling myself into thinking Beiber was a good guy deep down, and that he just got into situations that he didn’t entirely understand the gravity of. I realize now that I am wrong, and I only hope I am not too late in my realization that I have gone down a dark, dark path to turn back. To you, Dime posters and readers, I offer my sincerest apology.

    A humbled, broken man,

    Big Island

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lol@Big Island ripping up his membership card to the Beiber fan club

  • dagwaller

    I’ve been posting on this site about as long as ian and control, Chicagorilla, K Dizzle, doc and some others. Probably for about 6 years now.

    There are dozens of REGULARS with whom I’ve debated for days and days. I’m talking like, Bron42 (Austin and those guys I mentioned will remember the dude) and I would go back, refresh a random article from 3 days ago, on dimemag.com/page5, just to go back and forth at one another.

    This is to say nothing of some randoms that would pop up here and there, and I’d bop em like I was playing whack-a-mole.

    About 6 months ago, BN started posting, and the very first time I argued with him, he came at me with some personal shite! Like, the very notion of me disagreeing with him set him off. He called me some names, and I could tell just the type of dude he was.

    In 6 months of coming to this site a hundred times a day and seeing him post 234 times a day, I haven’t “spoken” to him once. I’m just glad enough people have seen the light!



    I knew this day would come! Beaver had it coming.

  • control

    Hahaha, even rangerjohn and EN FUEGO coming out of the woods…where is SportyJizz, the REAL tyrone and YOUNGFED?!?!


    I actually liked tmac’s chances this year that I picked him up on my fantasy team. Of course, ended up dropping him already, but I’m ready to pull the trigger and get him again when I start getting sentimental. I think he should teach classes on how to be a playmaker, and how to make the transition from scorer to playmaker. Thunder should have signed him and handcuffed him and Westbrooke together for the season, so Tmac can show him wtf his role is.

  • beiber newz

    #79 wasnt me…..I BET IT WAS EN FUEGO WOWWWWWWWWWW coincidence?

    anyway @ the dime world, funny thing is if i were to find where i started talking about mvp favorites, i said chris paul was at the top of my list. so i should have brought that up ain the begining. because that would have been concrete evidence that i never declared meelo would win the award, just that he’d play like one and put himself in the discussion. someone responded to me saying that melo will never have a chance to get it. then i think i said he’ll be in mvp talks. then i went on to say HOW that would happen, how he’d put himself in the conversation. that transformed into people thinking i added blanks (_______) and what not.

    but my point is, i first started mvp talks by giving my top 5 list. and i believe i put melo 3rd on that list. wit cp3 at the top and durant 2nd. the last two were lebron and dwight and then i asked if i SNUBBED rose.

    someone responded by saying i did. and i said he is a great player but said it felt fluky that he got it, but that HE STILL EARNED THE AWARD. if i had said melo would GET the 2012 mvp i would have put his name at the top of my list. i did not. i believe i made him 3rd as ive stated to you here.

    the only reason i added hypothetical when talking about melo, was because someone responded to me saying i was STUPID for even putting melo in an mvp race.

    you guys do not have to believe me, but that is what happened. if i am “dancing around the fact that i predicted melo would get the award” i would have put him first. i did not. i put chris paul first on that list.

    and that list was just guys who will be in mvp talks. not who i thought would get it, so even though i put paul 1st on that list, i wasn’t even saying he would get it. that list i made was to talk about who had THE BEST CHANCES and in that order. if no one believes me, i will try and search for that comment along with the link to that page.

    i hope this puts to rest who ever didnt belive that i declared melo mvp. and seeing as how no one found a comment of me saying it, i guess no one gets my email adress/5 thousand dollars (which i was serious of doing) but hey, life goes on.

    to big island, i cant blame you. when a guy looks like an outcast, it’s hard to be associated with that person, so no hard feelings.

    i never came on this site making fun of anybody’s opinions i only get flak when im defending my opinions. and i never call anyone stupid unless i’ve been called stupid prior.

    but hey, if you guys like people like control who come on this site hating on people’s teams/players, guys like control who come here to write comments just to start trouble be my guest. i get shit thrown at me for a name. A NAME! gimme a break.

    hey, nice guys finish last, and as i can see from this site, people like me who defend themselves are bad people. go figure.

  • beiber newz

    oh i found where i said it…i actually put melo 2nd…..

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control

    Africa Africa.
    Beautiful continent and I probably shouldn’t have been lookin to plug in the laptop but dude at the front desk said they had wi-fi. I come back to my room n call up to get the password and he got an attitude…so no hoops news til today.

    Anyways, Ghana is fly; some of these females are amazing. Its gonna be hard to leave…

  • Big Island

    See Beib, all you had to do was say that 3 days ago instead of of going back and forth with control about (use Craig Mack voice for this part) who wants to be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the dumbest motherfucker alive (end Craig Mack voice). And being an outcast is a whole lot different than behaving like an angry asshole. Disagreeing with people here is why there is a comments section. Hell, I disagree with AB and Chi all of the time, but I would invite them and their families over for dinner because they don’t go into Charlie Sheen mode. Dirk just hit a fadeaway for his 20th point and the net didn’t even move. Fuck I love that guy. I wouldn’t let you get hit by a car or anything bad, but it will be awhile before I have your back in here again. Unless you say Dirk is the best thing to ever happen in the world, then I’m all in on Beiber again.

  • beiber newz

    if michael jordan plans on getting married (again), he better get a prenupt.

  • Big Island

    Holy crap. I feel like I broke up with Beib, drank all day, wrote him a love letter, and now I am wondering what the hell I just did. 86% homo for me.

    KDizzle – That is bad ass. Not bad ass that they were all secret service with the wifi password, but bad ass that it’s that cool.

    Now I am going into bitter mode because Dallas is on the wrong end of a 25-4 run or something ridiculous.

  • beiber newz

    big i….
    well you know what, it’s cool… i’m cool (mentally speaking, not swag speaking).

    i don’t know why people can’t just believe me when i tell them i wasn’t declaring mel mvp…

    it’s tough when people here desire seeing someone wrong, rather than just keeping things peaceful, squeaky clean u know.

    i guess, learning from my experience on this site, is that when it comes to sports, people watch games (along with excitement) to have that “i told you so factor” or to shove something in people’s faces.

    i almost felt cornered to give “hypotheticals” (or blanks as someone so kindly pointed out) when someone questioned WHY i would put melo in the discussion.

    i mean, if someone questioned you as to whom u thought would get an award of any kind, wouldn’t you be forced to give hypotheticals too?

    it was weird, this has been a weird day….you’re right, i should have brought up the fact i made a top 5 list. it would have ended this a longggg time ago…( 3 DAYS AGO AS U SAY) but hey…y couldnt people just believe that i didnt declare him the winner after 2 games. y do i have to be the guy dancing around my statements.

    shit just dont seem fair. belive me or not, i wouldnt have put melo 2nd on my mvp chances list if i”DECLARED” he already had his name on the trophy.

    shit just blew my mind today.

  • knickerbocker

    did beiber just say that everyone hates him because he is such a good poster and that he doesnt attack people first? he doesnt realize that people dont like him because he comes across as a offensive moron. learn english and dont always talk like kendal perkins looks and people will change opinion on him.

  • beiber newz

    i never attack people first, never, i only attack when my opinion is called dumb, or when someone is making fun of one of my teams when it is unwarranted

  • beiber newz

    but yooo IM STILL CURIOUS AS TO WHO WORTE AS MEEEE in post 79 !!!! i really think it was en fuego and i think i have pin pointed the IMPOSTER! en fuego re appears out of the dead and i have a fake post? suspicious to say the least !!

  • Big Island


  • Big Island

    Fucking Durant…..

  • control

    Holy shit, what an ending…

    I think I hate Lamar Odom…picked that bitch up on my fantasy team, fucking idiot has went like 3 and 30 or something so far this year. Killing my shooting %s category by himself, fucking retard.

  • beiber newz

    OH MAN…BOTH MY TEAMS PLAYING…knicks/lakers….who do i want to win more?
    lakers 1-2, knicks just lost their last game…
    i’m going crazy. all i know is this better be a good game.


    Fake post my ass, moron.

    Your now doing some damage control and picking up what’s left of whatever sane shit you had in the first place. And you’ve got no idea for your #79 psycho post so you blame it on someone else.

    Lame. Weak. No imagination at all. Your just outretarding yourself again, retard.


  • beiber newz

    have a nice day en fuego. you sound very defensive.

  • trollne1

    Oh god. KNICKS desperately needs a PG to run whatever offense Mike D is teaching them.

  • K Dizzle

    Great game tonight..as a team.
    Nice work by Coach Brown.

    Lakers, baby! Stay sleepin…


    HAHA. Nice setup. I gotta admit (see how easy that was?). Your credibility ain’t shit here now anyway. So I stooped to your level and kicked your crazy ass again for old time’s sake.

    This proves that I’m still the only one here who can spit, shit, piss, fart on your face, and call you a RETARD who has the DUMBEST OPINIONS and you won’t do or say anything about it.


  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Re: beibers #102 comment: “i never attack people first, never, i only attack when my opinion is called dumb, or when someone is making fun of one of my teams when it is unwarranted.”

    Let’s go back to Dec 23rd, 2011. He brought up the crazy notion of Melo finally deciding to work hard on defense. i disagreed, and compared that to Reggie Evans deciding to work on his jumpshot. Then out of nowhere, he hit me with this gem…
    “December 23rd, 2011 at 11:20 am
    beiber newz says: and offense is very different from defense, defense s a mindstate and hard work. so ur reggie evan example IS DUMB TO SAY THE LEAST.”

    Normally I don’t repost old posts, but beib, you rubbed me the wrong way when you called my comment dumb. If you disagree, that’s fine, but calling it dumb?? To that, I respond with a nice, clear, annunciated “Who is this fuckin punk?” Then a few days later(yesterday), you claim you attack people ONLY after they call your comments dumb. GTFOH. You say one thing, but do the other. You’ve been spending the last few days backpeddling from some older comments…. there’s no backpeddling from this now. Someone who claims to do something, but who’s action are directly opposite from their claims, <– that's a hypocrite. Remember that word?? That's the word you used to criticize MJ when he backed his cause as a player 11 years ago, then changed his tone this past offseason as an owner. The only difference is, his perspective changed in those 11 years. What has changed in your life over the PAST WEEK to have you actions contradict your words? If you were so damning when you called MJ a hypocrite, why are you clear of the same label?

    And for the record, I'm not calling you a hypocrite (like you saying you didn't call Melo "THE" mvp, but "A" mvp). I'm just pointing out the striking similarities between your actions and what a hypocrite is.

  • beiber newz

    WOW JAY…….what is your mission exactly?…i had no clue you posted this two places. had i known, i would not have even responded. it just looks like you are trying to sabotage me. something psychological is going on when reposting the same thing twice in regards to when there is a beef between two people and it becomes a broadcasted thing. i’m shaking my damn head.