• matt

    How about Amir Johnson? 13 points (5 of 7 from the field),13 rebounds 3 assists,3 blocks and a steal, in 32 minutes against Varejao.

  • JoeCozi

    Marcus Thorton is that dude!! It’s gonna be his team and not reke’s team anymore, anytime the kings needed a big shot thorton delivered! He took it to Kobe last night and outplayed the old mamba…that three he hit in kobes face ended a 17-4 the lakers were on and thorton had 12 in the 4th…dude is a beast!!

  • Tdot

    I’m shocked that dime hasn’t posted an article about this crazy fall after Alonzo Gee’s dunk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0ODEljLtXg

  • hollowhustla

    What? Now Sweet Lou? U gotta be kid’n me, right? If it weren’t for AI9 hating, by jacking Lou’s finishing blow, it would’ve been OVA!

  • Well…

    nuggets are gonna suprise everybody this season. george karl is a helluva coach