NBA / Dec 2, 2011 / 3:15 pm

Top 10 NBA Point Guards in the Game Today

Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Daymon Gardner)

This has been the week of the point guard. With all the Rajon Rondo trade talk, Chris Paul trade talk, Rondo-for-Paul trade talk, and Deron Williams planning to opt out of his Nets deal, point guards have dominated the NBA landscape.

One of the most heated arguments of the week was over who would you rather have, Rondo or CP3? With that in mind, I decided to rank my Top 10 point guards in the NBA right now.

These rankings are about who is the best. Straight up. Not who’s the best fantasy player or who has the most long-term potential. This is about who I’d pick for my NBA squad if I had a game tonight:

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  • http://thecity2.com EvanZ

    Huh. Brandon Jennings better than Stephen Curry? I don’t think too many folks around the league would agree with that one.

  • Knicksfan84

    Should have took Lebron off list, and snuck Chauncey Billups on there. Insulting.

  • Pdub

    Glad u included my man jkidd on the list. I’ve been seeing him get left off too many lists lately… and bring on all the hate about bron bron being on the list. Smh.. haters sit down

  • Dayinho

    Tony Parker is way better than Jennings or Wall. Please, give him some respect!

  • douglalr

    @ Dayinho
    agree…Tony Parker gets zero respect…as if any guy in the park can do what he does…he should be on the list!

  • K Dizzle

    Rondo’s better than D-Will? ok….

    Couldn’t put on up n comin points like Jrue Holiday or Steph Curry, instead I gotta see Lebron on a top points list? Weak.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @douglair and Dayinho – Seriously? If you’re picking a PG for a game tonight you would honestly take Tony Parker over Jennings and Wall?? I can see the Jennings argument, but no way do you take TP over John Wall.

  • LakersFan

    Top 5 should be D rose, D-Will, CP3, Rondo, Nash

  • http://dimemag.com JoshG

    For the record, I absolutely love Steph Curry’s game. If this list was Top 11, he would have been on it!

    However, Tony Parker wouldn’t make my Top 15!

  • Banny

    Brandon Jennings?

    He put up like 15 and 4 last year. Under 40% from the field and under 32% from 3.

  • superfreak6

    There is no way Jennings cracks this list. SMH.

    @Pat Cassidy

    I agree I probably wouldn’t pick Parker in front of Wall, but in no way am I picking Jennings in front of Parker. In fact, I’d take Parker, Billups, Curry, Holiday and probably even Collison before I’d take Jennings.

  • Showydisplay

    NO WAY CP is better than DRose or DWill. Fugazi writing here!

  • Big Island

    JoshG – I hate French people as much as the next guy, but there is no way in hell you can name 15 point guards who are playing now that are better than Tony Parker. I’ll even let you keep Lebron on your list so you have 10 and throw in curry for 11. You only have to name 4 guys who are better than Parker. For one game I would take Parker over Jennings without even batting an eye.

    As for who I would pick, it really depends on what I could do with the rest of my team. If I had shooters and a big, I’d probably take Nash. If I had awful guys, give me Rose for buckets. Decent guys? I’ll let you pick first between CP and Deron. The only way I look at Wall is if it’s a long term thing. Same with Westbrook. But for one game, right now, I look at who my squad is and take Nash, CP, Deron or Rose.

  • That’s What’s Up

    having the whiny bitch ranked first is not a good look DIME (Panchitooo’s swallowing excluded)

  • yentron

    sagging off rondo is like giving brady time in the pocket? the difference is rondo isn’t passing to scrubs. put rondo on the floor with some nobodies and a washed up has been to pass to and see what happens. don’t disrespect brady like that

  • http://twitter.com/#!/DonCharlionne hollywud15

    This list is retarded… first of all, Dwill is arguably better than Paul, he should not be 4th. Second of all, there is no need to have LeBron on the list… that just ruined credibility

  • matt

    LeBron should not be on this list, due to a technicality, also, Jennings should also no be on this list. Wait, so he doesn’t pass to his teammates and then decides to chuck up shots. Curry and TP should be on this list. Jennings is the most overrated player in the NBA. somehow 5 apg for a PG is good and 16 pts/game shooting less than 40 % from the field and 32% from 3 is good. I would take Billups, Lowry, TP, Curry, Holiday, Lawson,Andre Miller, Raymond Felton and hell even Jerryd Bayless before I’d take Jennings. PS: I’d love for Rubio to just own Jennings when Minny faces Milwaukee.

  • http://dimemag.com Henrique

    Stephen Curry possesses a more improved fundamental game then jennings therefore is better

  • control

    This is a weak ass list, just fucking weak.

    Nash, CP, Dwill are top 3, in any order. Which one I’d take depends on how the team I’m making looks like. If Nash went to Boston, I could see those old douchebags winning a few more titles. Rose would even be a good choice depending on team.

    Rondo is like 7 or 8 (clearly behind Nash, CP, Dwill, Rose, Westbrook easily). On a good day.

    Jason Kidd is still getting shit done, and the guy just won a championship…when Derek Fisher won a championship, people were saying he was top 10. Based on getting shit done, Kidd should be one or two spots higher.

    Westbrook is good, but the guy needs to quit trying to be alpha dog. If he had 10% of Steve Nash’s unselfishness, he’d be near the top.

    Jennings is a jacker who shoots 40% (and gets blocked more than anyone else in the league) so he’s proven he doesn’t have good shot selection or judgement. He needs to be off this list, and maybe even off the next one (11-20).

    Tony Parker isn’t a top 10 point guard? What the fuck? Just because he’s a fucking frog, doesn’t mean he needs to be underrated so badly.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Wow… just…. wow.

  • Shot In Ya Face

    Hell fucking no Rondo is better than D-Will.

  • KL

    This might be one of the best list of comments I’ve read in a while. I agree with most of you. Problem with this list is it combines 2 criterias. On one hand, your looking at PG’s that are entertaining, a la Jennings. On the other hand, like CONTROL said, there’s guards that “get sh1t done!”, where Chauncy would easily be listed. Therefore the overall list is flawed. Me, DWill will always be my #1, especially seeing him dominate overseas in a country that play a completely type of ball. I also have a soft spot for Rhondo. People always talking about the big 3, Rondo is the most important player on that team, IMHO. Regardless, no ways he’s ranked over rose.

  • gilford

    Also Deron Williams should be 1st or 2nd in the rankings.

  • laker4life

    no curry??? chris paul number one?? LMAO….who was the MVP last year???? D ROSE?? yeah i think so….and lebron off the list…and Tony parker should be on here… too…

  • http://dimemag.com JoshG

    I’d love to pick teams against many of you, haha…I’d have CP3, Rondo, Westbrook, Wall and Jennings…And you’d have Nash, Rose, D-Will, Steph Curry and Tony Parker.

    I like my squad’s chances!

  • Reignman

    Smh, ppl here are to biased. Although I agree that TP should be on here, dime is right. CP3 is the best TRUE PG there is in the league at this moment.
    And stop hatin on Rondo, phenomenal player.
    Last thing – bron bron OFF the list and it’s a blasphemy to compare his PG skills to Magic’s!!

    all this comin from a Lakers fan. Ain’t hating. Just sayin it like it is

  • qwert

    list should have stephen curry or tony parker at least at 9 or 10. having lebron here destroys the cred of this list. it looks you just like lebron and want to put him in him here. no offense to lebron, he could play like a point but HE IS NOT A POINT GUARD,

  • Big Island

    JoshG – (me clapping and bouncing like a little kid) DO ONE FOR CENTERS!! DO ONE FOR CENTERS!!! I want to see how you explain taking Bynum over Howard and then put Durant on the list because he’s tall.

    Who on your team would shoot? You picked your team, and then picked a team for us that would beat your team. We didn’t even have to do anything.

    You have:
    CP – Solid choice.
    Rondo – Nice, but nobody to kick it out to.
    Westbrook – Won’t pass to the league’s leading scorer, but will he’ll pass to guys who can’t shoot?
    Wall – Like the guy, but not over a couple of guys on my team.
    Jennings – Dime’s new boyfriend, replacing Lance Stephenson. He’s garbage.

    We get:
    Nash – Second best shooter on our squad, better shooter than anyone on yours. Oh yeah, 2 time MVP of the league.
    Rose – Reigning MVP of the league, nuff said.
    D-Will – Toss up between him and CP honestly so call it a wash.
    Curry – I think he has a shot inside of 27 feet, but I’m not sure since he just pee’s on people from 30.
    Tony Parker – He’s French so he can eat it, but he’s better right now than Wall and Jennings. Don’t even pretend otherwise. Wall might pass him this year, but Jennings is way off.

    Among PG’s, we get the #1,3,4,6 and 14 scorers. You have 2,8,9,10 and 33. Assists, 1,3,10, 15 and 21 for us, 2,4,7,9 and 30. Rebounds you are good with 2,3,5,7 and 13 while we get 8,10,11,15 and 19. I won’t even bring up shooting % because Wall and Jennings aren’t even on the first page of PG’s so it’s not quite fair.

    I guess your article was a success because you got a ton of comments, but your actual breakdown of why you picked the guys you did, and then your squad of PG’s to take on another squad that you made for “many of” us is pretty bad. Just put my money on the bench next to my backpack and keys and go home for the night.

  • Big Island

    I am so mad I went and tallied the totals for the guys. Closer than I thought, but the masses still have a better team.

    Total points, rebounds and assists, with the average PER.

    Us – 95.9 – 41.8 -18.6 and 21.1 PER (higher is better)
    You – 81 – 42.3 – 21.4 and 19.2 PER

    Excel helped me with the math, but I don’t know of a world where .5 of an assist and 2.8 rebounds is better than 14.9 points. I hate you for making me so mad with your picks that I did this, but I am more disappointed in myself. I feel dirty. Just give me my money and get out.

  • Lee

    @ Josh G

    Can’t wait for Lebron to be the starting point guard in the allstar game … oh right, he wont because you’re the only idiot who lists him as a point guard.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


  • A

    This list is a fucking abomination, holy god.

  • control

    Big Island

    Your shit was pretty funny, and dead on (except where you said Rondo was “Nice”)…haha.

  • jzsmoove

    The reigning MVP is a no. 2? okkkkk.

  • i am a witness

    WOW……… this list lost all credibility with jennings starting it off. Jennings isnt even top 15 . theres no way in fuckin hell RONDO is better than D WILL. If u put D Will on the celtics they will win the finals. i cant wait for kg pierce and ray to retire to see what rondo is really made of when he has to carry scrubs….. my top three is d will, d will, the cp3

  • control

    This article reads like it was written by some random troll who says some ridiculous bullshit so people come and get all hyped up disputing him, when even he knows he’s talkin out the side of neck. Reminds me of that one guy who is drunk off his ass at the sports bar, running his yap about how Minny might actually be a contender in a year or two (insanity eh? Who would say that?!?!).

    Is it just me, or does Jennings seem like a newage gumbied AI? Same bad shot selection, same list of priorities (1. shoot, 2. shoot, 3. shoot, 4. maybe pass if shot clock hasn’t expired)

  • ctkennedy


  • First & Foremost

    ^Ah shove it

  • First & Foremost

    Not you specifically ctkennedy. But everyone above. To be honest I’m just ticked there’s no new smack yet. I’m taking my anger out on you guys :D well, I’ll check back in 20 minutes. Til then…time for mr lotion and towely from (southpark).

  • Sean Sweeney

    to be honest, I’m glad a few people pointed out how CP isn’t the best bar none PG in the league anymore. I swear that first round series against LA blinded a few folks. He’s not the drop-dead best PG in the game anymore. He seriously might be only the third best behind D-Will and Rose. Watch him all year. His injuries have caused a big drop in production.

    Honestly, I’m just excited to see what happens this year… see if one of those three can stake his stop as the best in the game.

  • M.L.

    List is on point for the most part, don’t know how Tony Parker is not on this list. And Chris Paul number 1 that’s a joke has dude made the Western Conference Finals?

  • len

    ridiculous list!

  • Steive Franchise

    1. Never ever compare Jennings to Iverson. Blasphemy. 2. This list is garbage. next!!!!

  • http://dimemag.com JoshG

    Numbers don’t tell the whole story of a ball player. Does Jennings have the most impressive stats? No. But I’d take him on my team in a second.

  • http://dimemag.com JoshG

    And thank god we’re talking about point guards instead of Basketball Related Income.

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    Ricky Rubio will amaze some people this year, mark my words.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    List is off on a lot of players.Here is my ranking:


    Honorable mention: Young Money

  • Stewart

    Seriously. Rondo better than D-Will…. All I can say is Wow! D-Will is going to have so many bandwagon fans after say about 40 games when he actually starts a season with the Nets. Nets will be in playoffs.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    Winner: ATOM

  • ProphetGK

    This list is terrible. Someone else please rewrite this.

  • Banny

    Jennings entertaining?

    He had a huge game, thats it. Will he live off this his entire career?

  • Chuckem’ Haze

    JoshG, you are either just trying to rile up knowledgeable basketball fans, or your truly a fullblown, snot-dribbling retard.

  • doc

    I aint mad at ya list except for Bron aint no point guard until the fourth quarter of cahmpionship games.And Rondo is not better than D Will or J Wall what yall smokin in them dime offices.At least Austin aint make the list or Tony Parker would be number 1.Thats the old scxhool Rondo.Came to teams with Hall of Fame players and looked like they were actually running shit to the non know the game fan but the real ones know. Ginobli or Pierce brings the rock up in crunchtime for real.And on D they just funnel they man to KG/Timmy and as soon as the real top players on them teams retire those to guards will fall way off.Which is why Danny been tryin to trade rondo ass for 3 years.Gotta do it while he has value.

  • http://Dimemag.com DreFamous

    @JoshG- good look on the BJennings nod. I dont why people hate on him so much when he was ranked at 10 on this list. Lol.

  • samm

    post season idc what anyone say chris paul is pass any point guard level second is rondo dude averaged like 18ppg 11 apg 7 reb third is rose in my opinion

  • top_gun

    If you do one for centers, you should put Kobe for his post game, or maybe D-Wade for his shot blocking. SMH Lebron shouldn’t be on a list of pg.

  • Dennis Castro

    My toddler son swallowed a dime yesterday. So today I expected to find a dime in his crap. Instead I found crap in Dime.

    How Jennings makes this list over a guy like Jrue, who is better defensively than all but 2 or 3 guys on this list and who already has a solid offensive game, is ridiculous.

    And I guess they maintained their pact with lebron to make sure he makes every dime top ten list. If anything they’re consistent.

  • VG

    Woah woah woah, RONDO IS BETTER THAN DERON ?!?!

    And Lebron isnt a point guard…put Chauncey there maybe even Jameer Nelson but not Lebron he’s a small forward smh

  • beiber newz

    cut the author some slack. lebron would be a great pg.

  • Sammy G.

    No was is Rondo better than Deron. Hell, i’d even put Deron over Rose if were talking about “true” point guards.

  • Cp3 sucks

    Chris Paul sucks. The only thing hes better than deron at is punching guys in the balls

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m not gonna waste time arguing about the order of the list, because when you’re talking about elite players, nobody is WAY better than anyone else.

    Most of us have the same guys in our Top 7-8, and how you rank them beyond that is really just personal preference. Because you can’t definitively say Rose is WAY better than Paul, or D-Will is WAY better than Rondo, or Nash is WAY better than Westbrook, etc. They’re all great at some things, good at other things, and need work on others.

    Now I do have a problem with Tony Parker not making the list. He’d make my top 5 or 6 no matter the criteria.

  • Cyril

    As usual….A top ten with only Americans players !!!!

    Parker should be in the top five !!!

    Clearly a racist post !!

    But of course you’ll explain to me that Jennings is really better !!!


  • http://mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    i see dime is still making stupid lists, and throwing in ridiculous names to get a rise or start a silly conversation.

  • JDish

    In all fairness and respect to those players who actually play the point gaurd position in the league right now, Lebron James should not have been on this list, but I totally understand the idea of him being on this list… but he’s Not a point gaurd.

    I agree, Chauncy Billups and Stephen Curry could have had a spot on this list.

    Would be interesting to make a list of those poing gaurds who are not all-stars but are decent mid skill floor generals. These guys come to mind:

    THE DON”T-FORGET-ME-LIST-PGs/Wouldn’t-mind-having-him list
    1. Tony Parker
    2. Devin Harris
    3. Stephen Curry
    4. Chauncy Billups
    5. Reymond Felton
    6. Jose Calderon
    7. Mo Williams
    8. Darren Collison
    9. Kyle Lowry
    10. Ty Lawson

  • JDish

    Correction: I believe a few of these guys have gotten all-star nods before.

  • JDish

    In all fairness and respect to those players who actually play the point gaurd position in the league right now, Lebron James should not have been on this list, but I totally understand the idea of him being on this list… but he’s Not a point gaurd.

    I agree, Chauncy Billups and Stephen Curry could have had a spot on this list.

    Would be interesting to make a list of those poing gaurds who are not all-stars but are decent mid skill floor generals. These guys come to mind:

    THE DON”T-FORGET-ME-LIST-PGs/Wouldn’t-mind-having-him list
    1. Tony Parker
    2. Devin Harris
    3. Stephen Curry
    4. Chauncy Billups
    5. Reymond Felton
    6. Jose Calderon
    7. Mo Williams
    8. Darren Collison
    9. Kyle Lowry
    10. Jrue Holiday