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Josh Howard Shows You His NBA Preseason Workout

Josh Howard Shows You His NBA Preseason Workout

Now that there’s an actual 2011-12 NBA season on the horizon, offseason workouts for players transition to preseason workouts. And after eight years in the League, this is definitely the case for current free agent Josh Howard. According to ESPN.com’s Chris Broussard, Howard will visit four teams this week, beginning on Tuesday, including Chicago, Washington, New Jersey, and San Antonio. And coming off knee injuries that held him to only 53 games the past two seasons, the 31-year-old looks to be back to his old self. With that, watch J-Ho workout with trainer Tim Martin in Dallas.

What do you think? How good will Josh Howard be this season?

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  • LeRoy Green

    good stuff.

    What they DIDN’T show you was that 10 gram blunt of Northern Lights that Josh Howard smoked after training.

  • cap

    Based on that video alone he seems poised to average triple-double on his way to his first MVP… but you never REALLY know I guess…

  • douglalr

    he looks better now than he did before he got hurt…maybe getting injured gave him a smoother handle????

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    He looks like he’s drifting on his jump shots, but he never really was a shooter to begin with, looking good though, hope he can sign w/a team.