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10 NBA Teams That Need A New Point Guard

Mo Williams

Mo Williams

Do you need a point guard? With so many little guys infiltrating the NBA these days, you’d think many teams would be aching to ship off some of their smaller contributors. But for every five me-first, get-my-own, shoot-’till-my-arm-is-numb lil’ guys, we might have one legit point guard left. They’re a dying breed, even as teams line their benches with quick-hitting spark plugs. At this point, there are a few guys available, and you take what you can get – shoot-first or not – as long as they can run an offense.

Andre Miller isn’t totally happy in Denver playing second fiddle to Ty Lawson, whose grip on the job is as tight as Vader‘s. We all know Mo Williams‘ situation in Los Angeles. The Clippers like him, but how much can you like him when he’s spending over half the game in warm-ups? Deron Williams will be somewhat available, if for only a few teams. And there will likely be others as well. For now, at least we know two of my top backup point guards in the entire NBA want to be moved.

So who needs a new conductor? We have 10 teams right here that could use one.


Last in offensive efficiency (90) and second-to-last in assists despite being an uptempo team that’s No. 10 in the league in pace, the Wizards desperately need a veteran or two to stabilize that team. John Wall had the best game of his career on MLK day, but even that can’t hide how disappointing his start to the year has been. I’m willing to bet a lot of that has to do with having an entire team on his shoulders.

We’ve blown our lids at the Wizards enough through the first few weeks of the season, and it remains to be seen whether they can salvage anything out of this train wreck. At worst, Wall picks up some bad habits along the way (taking too many jumpers, trying for spectacular plays) without improving his weaknesses (pick-n-rolls, midrange game, controlling the tempo). Picking up another guard, specifically a vet, would help Wall. When you’re surrounded by one-on-one gunners, and you aren’t exactly Chris Paul with the rock as it is, you need all the help you can get. The Wizards shouldn’t be moving backwards. A lot of that has to do with a pathetic offense.

Milwaukee has one of the worst offenses in the league in every sense of the word. Their true shooting percentage is barely 50, the fifth-worst in the NBA. The team is averaging just 91.8 points through the season’s first 13 games. And their offensive efficiency is No. 24 in the league, and the only teams behind them are possibly the six worst teams in the NBA.

Everyone knows the Dime crew are big fans of Brandon Jennings, and he’s really improved this season. He’s no longer launching off-balance threes late in games (or he’s at least cut them down), and against Denver last night, he dropped 30, many of them on those hard-to-finish floaters and in-between shots in the lane that he’s always had trouble finishing. He wanted to be an All-Star this year. If the team was winning more often, a young player averaging 18.7 points on 45 percent shooting with 5.1 assists a night would have a shot.

However, the Bucks have two shoot-first point guards (with Beno Udrih being the other). They could do a lot worse than finding someone who’ll put more pressure on defenses with the pass. They don’t need someone to replace Jennings; They might pump up that offense with finding someone who can allow Jennings to play off the ball more at some points.

As a soon-to-be 39-year-old, Jason Kidd is slowing down. In less than 29 minutes a game this season, he’s averaging 4.7 points, 4.0 rebounds and 4.4 dimes while shooting – this isn’t an exaggeration – exactly 30 percent from the field and from behind the arc. We know many of his minutes are now being taken up by Roddy Beaubois and Delonte West, but still, part of Dallas’ problem is an offense that is disgustingly bad for a team that has Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry and Lamar Odom (or whatever’s left of him).

Dallas’ offense is tied with New York for No. 22 in the league in efficiency (97.6), ahead of stalwarts such as Charlotte, Detroit and Milwaukee. Part of the problem is their reliance on isolation situations and long jumpers. They don’t have a post scorer – unless you count Dirk – and Odom is floating more often these days than in even his wilderness years back with the Clippers. Dallas needs a playmaking point guard. Someone. Anyone.

Using 82games.com’s simple rating – sort of like PER in the sense that it’s supposed to measure a player’s overall contributions – Kidd is a minus-13, which would be dead last on the team if it wasn’t for the immortal Yi Jianlian, a minus-65.4 (No wonder he was in the D-League). Kidd was always known for being a fabulous defender but this stat tells it all: The Mavs are an insane 25 points per 100 possessions better defensively when he’s on the pine.

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  • Matt

    In regards to the Lakers, I think it is important to take defense into consideration. Fisher can not defend any pg in the league. Paul burned the Lakers in the battle of LA. Blake is a very good on ball defender and I would imagine that game would have been a different story had he been healthy. Stats are stats, and honestly, the Lakers look much better on both ends with Blake on the court. I’d say Mike Brown agrees with me there as Blake has been on the court at the end of most games this season. That being said, the Lakers have no other viable back court option besides Kobe right now and it is hurting immensely.

  • Mark

    While Dre isn’t necessarily hyped to be backing up Ty, GK still plays them together down the stretch and he gets plenty of minutes on a good team. Don’t think he would want to go to a subpar team just so he could start. I expect him to stick in Denver this year, then hit the free agent market after they win the Championship this year.

  • beiber newz

    gilbert arenas can help a few teams. even as a starter.

  • Chaos

    Andre Miller to me has always been a starter. He never looks in shape (But is), never looks superiorly athletic(sneaky quick), but is very smart and can put the ball where it needs to go. I’d rather have him lead NYK than say Shumpert or Douglas. Detroit needs to send a lot of players packin. Tayshaun can stay and monroe and knight can be built upon but damn man, stuckey, villanueva and gordon just aren’t working.

    I never saw Tyreke as a lead guard. I know dude likes to have the ball in his hands but let’s face it, he is a 2 guard posing as a 1 and its not benefitting the team. The coach and gm needs to do something about that. I know talent usually wins out to team needs and chemistry but did a team with evans, thornton, greene and salmons really need fredette?

  • K Dizzle

    I don’t know why Gilbert can’t get a look. Even Mike James in the d league would help some squads.

    Somebody explain to me why Roddy Beaubois can’t get minutes. Did something happen?

  • Rw

    Roddy is unfortunately rubbish. I’m a huge Mavs guy and they need to cash him in. Launches so many frustrating j’s far too often at a rank clip. He’s like Iverson out there. The bad version

  • beiber newz

    i remember when roddy was untouchable.

  • yoda

    it’s funny how dime writers (and some readers) are riding wall’s and jening’s dick and praising them as future pg’s of the nba yet you point out how those teams are low efficient and that they need new pg. point guard’s duty is to set up easy shots for others, not to shoot every ball he gets. problem with today’s point guards is that they look to shoot first rather than pass first. that’s why is so refreshing to see young players like rubio who actually want to dish out. and it’s annoying (at least to me) when dime writers start to praise some pg because he can score. those aren’t pg’s, those are sg’s in smaller bodies!

  • http://scottkdouglas.com Scott

    It still amazes me how far under the radar Tinsley flew. If Utah was to get Jose, running Jose and then Tinsley as his backup would kill teams, 2 guys who can naturally run teams. Still, Harris feels like an older version of Bayless… who just happens to have had a couple Jameer seasons.

    Wall would do better with a real team, not the Generals who as far as anyone can tell only care about scoring. Give him a Bulls team to build with, and minus the shooting, he’d grow up a lot quicker as a player. Hell, give him a decent team that cares more about defence and playing the right way over shooting every time they touch the ball, and he’d probably be more effective.

    Jennings is a tweener, Monta/Curry type. Give the kid time, he’ll learn, it feels like he wants to be a PG… kind of… doesn’t it?

    I do like how in the Bucks writeup you call Beno a shoot first PG, then in the Kings writeup you ask where the pass first/calm the squad down pg is and ask for Beno back. lol

  • juanronin

    Bring to the NBA: Marcelinho Huertas and Milos Teodosic!

  • Chaos

    I will say this. Who ever gets Kendall Marshall from UNC is gonna get a stud(if he can figure out his midrange game) and someone who is going to want to run a team, not just lead in scoring…I’m with yoda, these guys want to be pgs but have almost no clue on how to be a pg. I thought D Rose was going to have the same problem but he is actually becoming better at setting up teammates. Jennings and wall can def be pgs if they change their mentality but that’s harder than anything to do

  • matt

    Jennings is the most overrated player in the NBA by far. Rubio is already a better player than him and is a year younger. Jennings = hype

  • beiber newz

    i remember when jennings said rubio was all hype…then back off his comments. i am not saying that means anything though.

  • yoda

    all i’m saying, it’s nice to see someone who finally wants to dish out when he can rather than when he has to :)

  • mo.B.bad

    my Magic DEFINITELY need a Point Guard. been sayin’ it for about a year now. Jameer is a sixth man, not a lead guy. he’s too erratic. maybe if he could have stayed healthy he would have developed more, but whatever.

    I mean Parker was tearing us to shreds last night and Jameer could do nothing. we had to bring on Larry Hughes to guard Parker, and Hughes can’t do anything else so we were basically attacking with 4 guys!

    with Von Miller looking a solid option as a Backup #2 and Redick improving every year, I think trading Jameer and J-Rich for a Starting PG would be a hugely smart move.

    but Otis is an idiot, so I don’t expect it.

  • K Dizzle

    Von Wafer…

  • mo.B.bad

    …is a solid Backup #2. he shouldn’t be running the Point.