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Blake Griffin Throws Down One Of The Best Dunks In NBA History

Blake Griffin

I thought we weren’t topping LeBron‘s dunk… at least for a while. It took us 24 hours. Blake Griffin just nearly took off Kendrick Perkins‘ head.

Is this Griffin’s best dunk ever?

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  • k to the mart

    No one man should have all that power

  • Chaos

    that dunk needs a soundtrack….

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    yesss. now everyone can’t forget about blake’s residual effects of last yr’s embarrassing dunk on mozgov he left on the knicks brand…at least for about a month or more. hopefully more. blake definitely 1-up’d lbj. chicago fans are happy.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    can forget*

  • NTstateOFmind

    John Lucas III is somewhere smiling right about now….

  • GoDuke

    Mozgov is somewhere smiling too…

  • BigMikeHTownsFinest

    He dunked on him like Perkins owed him rent ;+(

  • kingralf

    His spindunk against gallinari is the best.

  • DH

    Calm down everyone. LBJ’s dunk was better. Think about it, have you ever seen an oop out of the half court set where some jumped OVER the defender? The dunk was sick, but wasn’t even the best dunk on Perkins. Check out Wade’s split the double team with a spin, two-handed cram from last year.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    It sounds like one of the announcers just dropped his mic like “I’m done.” Randy Watson style.

  • Chuck Norris

    ^^ John Lucas wasnt defending LeBron that time, just in case you havent seen the video. He was on his back, and never even got to jump an inch to try and defend. How tall is he, by the way?

  • chanlo

    perkins need to remove that jersey and burn it!

  • trollne1

    He just tries to dunk the damn ball all the damn time. If it’s within dunking range, or free throw line in, you bet he’s gonna try and stuff it. Dayum.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    “They sing so beautiful don’t you agree?”

    I think these kids to young to know about that.

    If Nike marketing guys are smart. They would remake the Barber shop scene where Chris Weber and Sprewell re-enact the Webber on Barkley dunk, but use Lebron and Blake Griffin and have them re-enact their own dunks.

    Or get themselves a Blake Griffin Puppet. They need to do something. This dunk needs to be seen the rest of the year.


    Blake Griffin is the Humiliatrix!

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla, Blake’s puppet would come with a pogo stick.

  • Knicksfan84

    Don’t you have to grab the rim to consider it a dunk… grazing it is not enough. I call that a jump hook. SMH Silly Blake fans…. too young to remember Vince Carter

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    ^ In your opinion, did Dwight win the dunk contest on a jump hook? Or was it the opposite of a lay-up…. a lay-down?

  • Fish

    Agree with Knicksfan84, a graze/throwin dunk just doesn’t do it for me, no matter how savage it is.

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    Hold on, you all are stuntin’ on Blake hard right now. Graze dunk? He jumped from outside the circle, absorbed contact, n still finished at the rim, humiliating his defender in the process. Last time i checked that was a Dunk ladies n gentlemen, I didn’t see Perkins pointing up at the rim afterwards saying “No but wait, he only grazed the rim on his finish, that doesn’t really count”…

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I don’t know if it’s written anywhere that you have to grab the rim to consider it a dunk.

    Out of curiosity, I just looked up the definition of “dunk” in basketball terms…
    “To slam (a ball) through the basket from above.”

    Even in donut terms, you don’t have to grab the side of your mug to consider it “dunking donuts”.

  • jdizzle

    @Chicagorilla *while stomping the floor* “SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!!!!”

    Forget all that sky hook nonsense y’all talkin. If the rim makes a sound when you throw it in then dammit it’s a dunk!


    Also, Blake did it on one of the NBA’s roughest and toughest big men, which makes it more incredible.

    Not just on some 7-foot stiff or a typical backup point guard.

    Even LeBron and Wade admitted that Perkins gave them second thoughts about taking it all the way when he played for the Celtics.

  • Youngwood

    LMAO at the Randy Watson reference !!

  • Fish

    @yourdribbleizcookiez the sequence as a whole was awesome, not trying to take away from that. Just didn’t feel the “dunk” part.

  • mik

    Kobe nuts on dwight

  • First & Foremost

    LOL… All of the professors of basketball are out explaining the Laws and Physics of Dunk.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    ^ haha!
    Basketball is an obsession when…

  • http://dimemag.com Booga

    FILTHY!!!! SYK!!! DIRRRRRRTY!!!! This dude needs 2b charged w/ rape and aggravated assualt!!! Poor Perks!

  • well…


  • control

    How is ANYONE complaining about this dunk, or that insane dunk LeBron just dropped? Where are you guys from that you see plays like this on a daily basis to make them commonplace? How many times have people been jumped over in a fucking game? Shit has happened like twice in professional sports, as far as I can tell, and people are like “oh, he was a midget” like it’s something that happens every day. GTFOH.

    Blake’s dunks (yes, this is a dunk) are just fucking sick. I’m glad a guy like this exists, and though I think Vince was probably the best dunker in history, Blake is breaking new ground and probably the most exciting dunker in the nba right now. Guy is just doing some amazing shit, shit that is just astonishing. You people whining about it not being a dunk or whatever bullshit should just stick to watching mascots on trampolines or something.

  • LeRoy Green

    i was watchin this game live when it happened. Jumped off the couch and had to rewind it like 15 times.

    Clippers announcer gave his typical “oh me oh my” remark. that dude needs to be FIRED pronto lol

    best reaction was a fan in the front row on the baseline side, you can see him on the replay. Older guy, he just put his face in his palm like he had just seen an act of god in front of his eyes lol that dunk was FILTHY MCNASTY.

  • http://www.lobcityclips.com Conrad

    So terribly awesome from Blake…Here’s some t-shirts to commemorate last night’s dunk: http://lobcityclips.com/?p=81

  • nige

    Have to agree, as athletic a feat as it was, it was by no means a “dunk” ask Lister, ask Hakeem (KJ got him not once but twice) heck ask Baron.
    It’s impressive to watch but I want a stuff before i consider it a dunk. For me (and I suspect a lot of people) it’s more about who it happened to more than anything else.
    Couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    You idiots claiming that this one on Perk wasn’t a dunk, you do realize that BLAKE ACTUALLY TOUCHES THE RIM right? His hand actually makes contact with the rim.

  • 2 cents

    wooohooo. blake griffin scored 2 points.