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Chris Paul Performs Surgery On The Lakers; Kyle Lowry Blows Up

Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

On a night when all of the talk seemed to center around Kobe Bryant and his fourth straight 40-point game, it was Chris Paul who was the real king. The best point guard in the world destroyed the Lakers on pick-n-rolls and isolations, making every big play in the Clippers 102-94 win. Paul had 33 points and six assists, but was so routine in picking apart the Lakers at will that even a second-half onslaught from the best scorer in the world never put the Big Brother in control. The NBA’s version of Chucky put the Lakers away in the fourth quarter by repeatedly getting the Lakers’ bigs stuck in isolation situations … In the first half, the Clips’ announcers seemed somewhat disturbed by how much Kobe (42 points, 14-for-28 from the field) was shooting, saying at one point “Kobe looks like he’s on a mission. What that mission is, I don’t know.” Have they been locked up in a closest for the past week? Bryant started slow, but exploded at the end of the third quarter, bringing the Lakers completely back from a big double-digit deficit with 21 points in 12 minutes. He hit a three at the end of the third quarter with Randy Foye right in his face that was just stupid… He was so hot that on the following trip (after giving us that weird jaw jut move), Bryant took a 35-footer and you figured it was going in. The problem? Once again, he went for it too hard. At one point in the fourth quarter, it was Andrew Bynum (12 points, 16 rebounds) standing out at the arc, feeding Bryant in the post. Something’s wrong with that picture … Blake Griffin (22 points, 14 rebounds) had one three-point play in the third where he had Matt Barnes ducking for cover. It’s not every day you catch a look at an NBA bench, and they’re all staring at the replay of a layup … The Lakers strike us as a decent team that can beat up on good and average teams, but their lack of talent outside of their big three always kills them against the elite … Imagine if the T’Wolves could close out some of these close games? They lost another one to a playoff contender, this time by two to Atlanta. Joe Johnson looked like the JJ of old, going 8-for-20 for 25 points, and Jeff Teague had perhaps the best game of his career (20 points, 10 dimes). But the real hero was our man Ivan Johnson, playing that garbage man defense on Kevin Love while also going for a double-double. Love still had 30 and 13, but had to work for everything on Ivan the Terrible … Ricky Rubio started and put in work (18 points, 12 assists, five steals) … But why was Derrick Williams tweeting articles comparing Kobe and LeBron in crunch time? A little weird … Keep reading to hear about the most underrated player in the NBA …

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  • beiber newz

    so deron williams gets boo’d in utah. guess people are still blaming him for sloan’s departure.

    kobe , keep up the good work.

    melo get well soon.

    rasheed come back soon.

    kyle lowry to the all star game? me just planting seeds.

  • Chuck Norris

    Kobe Bryant’s 42 points mark the 111th time in his career he’s scored 40 or more (fourth game in a row). Bryant notched his fourth straight game of 40 giving him four straight 40-point games for the first time since March 2007, when he had five straight. Kobe is third in NBA history with 111 40-point games, trailing only Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan.

    I don’t expect someone else other than Bynum (12 pts, 16 rebs) and Gasol (14 points, 10 rebs) to score in double figures. If Metta or Barnes can score at least 10, it’s a bonus. McRoberts just came back from an injury and Jason Kapono is adjusting to sleepless nights after his wife gave birth to premature twin girls named Campbell and Isla earlier in the week. “Thirty minutes is like three hours. It’s all been a blur,” he said.

  • da man

    As impressive as Kobe’s playing this season, There are a few things to consider. The Lakers have really only beaten one good team so far (Denver). During his 4 game scoring binge he’s averaging almost 42 minutes a game. You have to wonder how long he can keep up that pace.

    p.s. did anyone else see him hanging on the rim with his bad wrist?

  • beiber newz

    it’s numbed…but still fucks up his shooting motion. it stiffens, so he flexes it anytime he can to keep it loose during the game.

  • lester

    No mention of Vince Carter’s dunk?

    He basically turned back time…

  • Shot in Ya Face

    CP3 vs KB24 was fun to watch.

    It’s a great time to be a bball fan in LA.

  • Johannes

    Lakers vs. Clippers: All Highlights and Post-Game Interviews:


  • trollne1

    Kobe trying to get back those 16 games = about 400 points.

    And only 60 points by the Kings? What happened?? And that’s with Thornton back in the lineup.

    And why is Derrick Williams not getting much playing time? Only 8 mins?

    Great game from Lowry btw.

  • Bear

    @Lester Hell Yeah, three games in a row that Vinsanity returned! (For a few plays anyway)

    Kyle Lowry has been ballin all season, he could be the best rebounding guard that houston have had since Stevie Franchise. He can flat out play, it’s just a shame that so many good guards are out west that deserve to be at the all star, I hope the coaches do the right thing.

    No mention of Kemba’s first start though……..

  • beiber newz

    haha!! @ carter turning back time. sounds like a line that could’ve been used in the smack article. kudos sir.

  • Jimmy F

    Lowry is #5 on efficiency rating, in front of KD, CP3 & Griffin!

  • http://www.beiber-why-would-you-click-on-my-name.com That’s What’s Up

    It looks like America’s Tebowner has finally gone limp

  • jzsmoove

    I think it was Hubie Brown that sums it up best midway in the 4th. The lakers possession ended horrible and the ball did not come Gasol and Bynum’s way. They did NOT even touch the ball. When you got TWO of the best big men right now, and not use them what the hell kind of coach are you? Mike Brown is a joke.

  • lee

    There were a lot of deep threes last night. Lakers need to pick up a half decent defensive point guard, they should have gone for someone like Billups.

    For me, hitting a J in someone’s face is the best feeling in basketball, especially if they’re playing some Battier style defence. Watching Kobe do it is a thing of beauty.

  • beiber newz

    espn would use that tebowner reference…if it were P.C.

  • beiber newz

    my mind was thinking basketball, as for the most part usually is…and i figured out lebron james, completely.

    after being a stout observer of such cluth nba athletes such as carmelo anthony….ray allen….michael jordan….kobe bryant….larry bird… I have solved the riddle that is lebron james and why he seems to suffer in that field.

    most people would agree that lebron james is the most superior athlete in the national basketball association. his talents with the basketball are unquestioned. he is at the top of his game, and separates himself from about 98% of the pack. so why is it that he finds it hard to show his capabilities when a game is on the line?

    …..the lack of a NATURAL jumpshot.

    the ability to rely on a jumper is crucial to a wing player who is the focal point when looked at to make a bucket in late game, pressurized situations. in the flow of a game, a great talent like lebron finds it easy to knock down jumpers, because it comes from rhythm.

    fast forward to 3 minutes left, when the pressure is on, and you start to think a lot more. you start to question that rhythm. you start to think about your form on the jumper. you start to think about shooting it too hard or too soft mainly because it’s a shot that’s been rehearsed.

    if lebron had the silky touch of a ray allen, those 4th quarter wouldn’t be so tough on him. if he had the confidence of an M.J. or a kobe, he’d be able to trust that jumper rather than thinking. just look at his face when he’s at the free throw line. most times i can’t tell if he’s nervous about missing or being held at gunpoint.

    the opposition tailors their defense to stop the drive 90% of the time and james knows that, making the importance of hitting the J that more nerve wracking for lbj.

    lebron is a great talent, but the lack of a natural J leaves him cripple in late situations. sure he hits them within the game, but i chalk that up to rhythm like i already mentioned. once you know you have to make a shot, or shots to save a game, and it something that isn’t a natural part of his game, it limits his greatness. driving in the the foul messes with his mind too, his FT% is something to sneeze at.

    in this thinking, lbj will always struggle in crunch time. there is no working on it. you either have it or not. but there is no excuse as to why a talent like him should time and time again find himself in that situation. he is too good for that. his team is too good for that.


  • control

    I really can’t stand the boston celtics. EVERY play, they are making tough guy and/or whiney guy faces. Doesn’t matter if the play goes their way or not, they are going to be whining to someone. Pierce is the worst, the guy is shooting like 30%, but each shot he does make he runs around beating his chest like a syphilis crazed moron. Even Ray Allen has jumped on the douchebag bandwagon, guy misses an open layup in which there wasn’t even a guy from other team within 3 feet of him, and he’s bitching at a ref, probably saying something like “that was a foul on old age, wtf ref?!?!?”. I’m glad the celtics are going to fade into obscurity, but watching them get there is SOOOO annoying.

    Toronto…ouch. Good job holding the Bulls to under 80pts! Bad job holding yourselves to under 70. It took the MVP to stop the mighty Jose Cauldron. And whatever injuries are afflicting whatever guys who didn’t play.

    Kobe is playing like a motherfucker right now. Guy just doesn’t give a fuck about no one, he’s getting his, and the rest of the world can go fuck themselves. Chicagorilla was right, only person who can stop Bynum, is Kobe. At least Smush isn’t on the Lakers to cockblock Kobe on his 40point streak. Everyone knows that guy is going to attempt as many shots as it takes to hit his 40, he don’t give a fuck if it’s the only 40 points the Lakers score…Completely fine by me, but I’m not a Lakers fan, haha.

  • Buckets

    I feel bad for Lakers fans this season has a bad feeling to it. Wonder how many he will go for on Thursday??

  • Bear

    Biebz, Lebron may not have a natural jumpshot, but that ISN’T why he struggles in the clutch. Look at his earlier career in the league and he hit game winning shots (Washington, Lakers and others that escape my memory). The fact is Lebron tries to be what people want him to be, and that in itself puts extra pressure on himself as well as expectations of the media and fans. The kid doesn’t even know who he is.

    When you look at greats from the past, they say things and stick by them, Lebron goes back on them and tries to apologize (Last season with the “retarded” comment to a reporter, not shaking dwight’s hands after the whooping etc). Where as players like Kobe can say or do stuff and he doesn’t apologize, because he just goes out and play’s, he doesn’t give a F*ck what anyone thinks about him. Even all the Kobe haters out there still respect him, they hate him, but still know that he is who he is.

    Lebron has been in the spotlight for so long, that he never got to mature the way other players have. He’s an amazing player, but needs to be himself (Whoever that is) and play, let the criticism wash off him and carry on. That’s his problem in the clutch. Not his Natural (Or lack of) jumpshot

  • K Dizzle

    When do the Lakers play the Wolves cuz if Kobe hears about Derrick Williams’ tweet, he’s gonna have something for the rook…

  • beiber newz


    i once heard jon barry say that the reason lebron suffered while trying to play through all the hate is because he skipped college. he said that had lebron experienced going through traveling to different states and playing in highly volatile arenas, getting hate early on, seeing students heckle him, that he would not be suffering the way he is now.

    as soon as “the decision” happened, and the world turned on lbj, he didn’t know how to handle any of it. he wasn’t groomed to play in those conditions. under those circustances, becoming the villain added pressure to him, and he was looked to justify his kingship. he folded in his first year.

    now lbj want to alleviate himself of the hate, he has tossed the bad guy label aside and wants to pplay with a free mind. i guess maybe he wants to mature, but who knows. dude had a mouthguard with fangs last season. maybe this season, when it really counts he’ll show he can handle the pressures that come along with being the so-called best.

    kobe endured that hate early in his career. and it made him who he is today. lebron has always been loved. now he has to find his way through the fire as kobe has himself.

  • JBaller

    Agree with Bear about LeBron’s lack of self knowledge hurting him. Last year he tried to say that he doesn’t care what people think of him, then this year he just wants to have fun. He’s a little kid in a grown man’s body. College would have been good for his emotional and mental development. To quote the Red Hot Chili Peppers “It’s so lonely when you don’t even know yourself”.

  • Chaos

    Yo, even though they are playing shitty teams, has anyone noticed that Dallas is starting to get their legs under them. I mean Marion, Dirk,Kidd, Terry, LO and VC?They are taking this time playing and beating the bad teams to find some kinda rhythm and getting in shape….

    and whats up with Vince?! This man has been dunking like every game for the last few games and last night he actually had some air under! I am not saying its about to be Vinsanity out in the Big D but…if he keep going to the hoop and dunking, we may have to think a little differently about him in his old (sn: why is he moving like he hurt the whole game?)

    Kobe is killing…but he killing his team too. i swear he is not including his teammates as much as he should and he killing their rhythm

    I am now starting the All-Star effort for LMA and Kyle Lowry. if it wasnt for lowry then houston wouldnt be beating ppl and wouldnt even be in the close games that they are in. i will now be saying LMA and Lowry for ASG 2012 on every Smack from here on in

  • Rafa23

    lol @ people saying Mike Brown is a bad coach because Bynum and Gasol don’t get the ball enough. Wasn’t it the same way with the almighty Phil Jackson coaching?
    and the Lakers defense so far this season has been better already than the last few years with Phil.
    Not saying Brown is great or even good, but those reasons given here are a joke.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Just what Kobe needs, another reason to shoot his team out of the game. You know the TWolves aren’t all that great on the front line. But I doubt Kobe gives two shyts.

    I like Reggie Evans. He’s a little dirty (Kaman nut grab) but he is a good defender and rebounder. But No way in f^cking hell can he guard Andrew Bynum’s 7’2 ass in the post. The same goes for Blake Griffin matched up against Pau Gasol. The only thing that kept me from turning off that game was CP3’s destruction of the Lakers backcourt and the train wreck that is Kobe jacking shots.

    Please tell me you see how terribly overrated the rest of the Chicago Bulls are? I still have no idea how Rose got doublt figure assist when those guys seemed to miss every single shot. If Toronto acutally grabbed some rebounds they would’ve won that game easy. Problem is, and someone needs to let Dwayne Casey in on this secret, you can’t rebound out of a zone. It’s just too hard to box out. Taj Gibson had a field day rebounding wise because he was too hard to box out.

    Also, as much as I like Thibs as a coach. He needs to fix his substitution patterns. You can’t keep Derrick Rose and Loul Deng on the court that long every game. Especially with this ridiculous schedule. Deng and Rose especially will be dead tired come playoff time. AGAIN! With the demand that Thibs puts on them on both ends of the floor, both guys should be around 35min per game (Rose is at 37 and Deng is at 39) in order to stay fresh. And especially when they play weaker teams like T-Dot.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    The Clippers announcers were hiliarious during the game. The best sound bite came when one of them said something like this

    “Andrew Bynum is now 20ft away from the basket feeding the post to Kobe. I guess he’s resorted to being a Point-Center”



    One thing you can say about Beaver Nudez, he’s like the online douchebag Kobe wannabe, he’s gonna keep blowin’ n’ jackin’ up posts no matter what… The fuck, it don’t matter how much ya shit on him, he’s gonna keep suckin’ n’ fuckin’ til he probably chokes on it.

    And even apologize to you. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Bear

    Chicagorilla – Completely agree about Thibs subs, I wanna see more of Jimmy Butler! Both Rose and Deng are playing crazy minutes and are great atheletes, but like you say come playoff time, they will be burnt out. Too be honest it feels like Deng especially plays more than 39 mins per game

    Jballer – You’re right man, college would’ve helped him figure out who he is. He should just stick to something and play the game.

    Bieber news – That’s exactly it about Kobe, he still has his hater’s but they all respect him as a good player. Everything you posted in # 18 is right, but it doesn’t exactly strengthen the whole natural jumpshot theory you said about.

    Chaos – Definitely agree with lowry being an allstar, you better be voting, so maybe the coaches take notice on the reserves!

  • beiber newz

    yea..i’ve gone back to passiveness. it feels right en fuego. let’s encourage the return to peace for me, okay?

    anyway, i wanna see lowry in the all star game, but i wonder how many good PG are in the west. he is an early candidate for the all snub team.

    lowry on the lakers would be mind blowing. maybe the reason kobe taking alotta shots is his message to tell management: GET US A DAMN POINT GUARD !

  • control

    My main issue with Kobe, other than him freezing out his teammates which will completely hurt the team in the long run, is his shot selection. The guy is ALWAYS doing fancy shots, but if he let his team set him up, or played some sort of game plan other than 1on1 isolation, his shots would come A LOT easier. I know the guy can shoot fancy shots like normal people shoot free throws, but imagine how good he would be if he were shooting normal shots in the flow of an offense (not that Mike Brown can actually diagram one).

    I am not a fan of Bynum’s. I can’t stand his attitude, and I think he’s just a bitch ass punk, but even I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy. He gets deep, establishes amazing, text book, post up position, waves his hand around, then is out of place for a rebound from one of Kobe’s double teamed fade away jump shots.


    Major problem I have with the Bulls is still Joakim’s role in the offense. Basically, he shouldn’t have a role, he’s horrible. He shoots the ball like he’s Ryu in Street Fighter trying to do a Hadoken. Some how his arms are parallel to the floor when he releases the ball, wtf? Bulls would be scoring like 15 points more a game if Noah didn’t touch the ball, stall for 5 seconds, then pass it off, EVERY POSSESSION. Drives me insane watching that shit. I think Rose can handle 37-38 minutes a night, the guy is in about as good as shape as you can be, he ain’t getting tired.

    Thibs might be one of my favorite coaches though, despite him coming from boston. Guy knows wtf he’s doing, and that defense is very disciplined…

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Rose and Deng both play more than their min-avg during close games but it gets balanced out when the bulls have a blowout game.

    And while I respect everything Kyle Lowry is doing, I am a firm believer that ONE GOOD YEAR should not put you in the all-star game. If he can keep this up all season and come back next season and do the same thing, then im all for him making the ASG.

    ON a football note. Ray Lewis is the f^cking man! Im gonna seriously miss that dude when he retires. Dude is a baller like no other. And a true leader. Watching speak about the game makes me think dude will be a great coach some day if he wants to.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    The thing about Noah is he’s never gonna look pretty out there. Game wise or face wise lol. He should never shoot jumpers unless we are winning by 20pts or more. He should NEVER handle the ball anywhere other than making a lay up. Too many people get fooled into thinking he’s a great passer, but he’s not. He’s just running the play. He’ll throw that pass even if its there or not. Even going back to his game winning assist to Deng this year. He actually threw the ball late and nearly lost the game, Deng just made a great play.
    Noah needs to get back to what made him valuable. Offensive rebounding, annoying the other team, and the occasional blocked shot.

    Noah on the season
    7pts 8reb 1blk per in 27min per game.

    And people almost made him an all-star last year. If Dwight gets hurt or traded to the west before the ASG, Noah will be the starting center in the EAst. think about that for a second lol. this is why you should have to have multiple good seasons before making the ASG.

    Derrick Rose: He was dead tired in the playoffs last year. Not like the typical player either. you could actually see the fatigue on Rose. He admitted it after the playoffs were over. And to top it off, this year (if you didn’t notice vs T-Dot last night) Rose is really putting in work on the defensive end now. That will take a greater toll on his body too.

  • control


    I’m actually liking how Deng is playing, guy has been pretty consistent, and a solid 2nd best player on the team. Boozer and Noah are way overrated, maybe Boozer isn’t overrated, but that is only because most ppl know he ain’t shit. Noah has energy most of the time, but he’s horrible otherwise, other than his pick and roll defense, which is pretty good. Who is the other starter? Brewer or something? Haha…

    Rose is carrying a lot of weight on that team. It’s not as bad as Cleveland when LeBron was on it, but other than Deng I wouldn’t say he’s surrounded by world beaters. Thibs has done an amazing job getting them on the same page, even the role players and 3rd string guys.

  • beiber newz

    lowry’s been balling for a while now…2nd half of last season, and this one he’s really improved. i’d give him the nod if i were a coach with a vote. and you must be losing the meaning of the all star game. it should be based on a player’s performance for THAT season. a player shouldn’t be judged by his career resume. would someone average 45 points leading up to the game not get an invite because the previous season he only average 5? the all star game should have players who are performing the best during the time of voting and more over the start of that particular season.

    it is just like a power ranking. we are judging teams by their history, but by performance. the team playing the best, beating the most quality teams and or just sheer winning will entrench themself as high as possible.

    in terms of the ASG, free lowry.

  • beiber newz

    are not judging teams by their history*

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I agree about Deng. He has reached his Prime. where his BBall IQ and athleticism have reached the same point and he is balling his a$$ off.
    Deng is finally becoming that defensive player people tried to make him out to be long before he actually was. His offense needs to be much better. His FG (41%) and 3pt(29.7%) are alarmingly low. But he has been defensive rebounding like a mad man, blocking shots, getting steals and deflections.
    Deng has a major test tomorrow with Rudy Gay. Guys like Rudy are the toughest for Deng to guard because they are just as long as he is with much better athleticism.


    And also with you.

    Just gonna respond like any damn good catholic should…? HAHAHA

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Oh and Ronnie Brewer has been the teams best player behind Rose and Deng. Brewer is not hesitatiing on that jumper anymore and has been knocking them down at a high rate. The other day dude wasn’t even hitting rim, everything was all-net and he moves well without the ball which helps Rose big time. Not only that, but Brewer is probably the teams best on ball defender

    On another note, I’m watching this HS kid Nerlins Noel on ESPN. 6’11, jumps out the gym, handles the rock like a guard, and blocks everything in sight. He’s only a junior and he’s shutting down the #1 big man in HS (Mitch Mcgary only has 2pts so far).

  • beiber newz

    kobe bryant reminding people that he still has it made me dig up an old video i like to watch when i want to get hype before playing basketball.

    this has to be kobe’s best mix on youtube.

    and i’d go as far to say the reel is better than any jordan highlight reel on the net. these moves are straight ridiculous.


  • beiber newz

    taking time out the regularly schedule basketball talk to display some songs i’m listening to at the moment.

    Dipset – The Diplomats – I Really Mean It

    Biggie Smalls Big Poppa

    Fabolous-Keepin it gangsta(remix)

    Nas- Made You Look(Remix)

    Freeway feat. Peedi Crakk – Flipside

    lil wayne – Rollin’

    J.Cole – Back To The Topic Freestyle

    Bonecrusher ft. Jadakiss,CamRon,Busta – Never scared

    Freeway – Free

    Drake – The Motto (feat. Lil Wayne Tyga)

    Jay-Z – la la la

    come…get some, you little bums – jay z

  • jimmhummv

    Kobe was awsome in tje game vs lac. As a team the lakers are good. Clips just won. Kobe is the best scorer in the nba. If he calls for the entry pass and he got a seal I’m going for it whether I’m bynum or krypto nate! @ bieber, control, chicago man y’all jokers make good posts everyday. Y’all got league pass?

  • http://Pleasedontdoubleteamme.com Rw

    Oh no way. Someone say sth about Montas facial. Was huge

  • ProphetGK

    Chicago should’ve picked up Jamal Crawford when they had the chance. They still need a guy who can make his own shot off the bench.
    As for the Lakers, if Kobe keeps this up, there is no way the Lakers are going to get far. Totally disregarding arguably one of the best front courts in the league is not the way to win.
    And Hibbert or Monroe should be the backup centers for the East in the All-star game.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I agree with you on the Lakers thing and that Monroe and Hibbert should be the back ups. look out for Javale McGee though, kid has been balling, it’s just that his team sucks. Lately he’s even showing off a running sky hook that my mans Kareem would be proud of. Kid is like the 2nd coming of Ralph Sampson. For you young kids, go look him up.

    But I have to disagree with you on the Jamal Crawford thing. Jamal is going downhill from here on out. Everything…and I mean EVERYTHING he does is at a low percentage. He makes terrible IQ plays, add that to the fact that he is one of the NBAs worst defenders. The Bulls can’t afford to have another guys like that (Boozer) on the team. Most guys only look at what happens when Jamal crawford gets hot, and that’s all gravy. But Jamal only gets hot here and there, most times he’ll shoot you out of games. As much as I love to see him when he’s on, Jamal doesn’t play a winning style of basketball much like JR Smith.

    I do agree that the Bulls need another scorer. Tracy McGrady would’ve been a perfect player. Especially since he can play the 2 and 3.

    But honestly that isn’t my biggest concern. With the amount of attention that Rose gets, his teammates usually get really high percentage shots. It’s just a matter of those guys knocking down the jump shots.

  • beiber newz

    i see a lot of chicago bulls talk. i was mirroring much of what is being said here so i think it comes without saying that i concur with the focal points presented on this page for the most part. but it boggles me that when i was saying what i said like a week ago, that i was accused of just being upset because the lakers lost..or something along those lines.

  • beiber newz

    i guess toronto reppers should see this…and dudes who like to see a good ass shake from time to time.

    lil kim twerks to the song motto by toronto native DRAKE …calls it a hot song….by a bitch ass nigga


  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Come on man. one day you’re tearing apart Derrick Rose saying that Monta Ellis is a better PG than him, then the next you’re saying how you called it that he’d be MvP. Then the next you’re saying there’s no way he’s the MvP. Kyle Lowry has a few good games and you claim you saw this coming. Kobe scores 40pts in 4 str8 games and you knew it was coming. Knicks are sucking dyck but you don’t care because you knew Melo would be putting up MVP-like numbers. make up your damn mind, and stay there.

    Also, no matter what convo we’re having, you make the claim that “I called that days/weeks ago when I said blah blah blah”. Here’s a thought, try coming up with a prediction or proclamation that is different from ESPN or the Media.

    Try predicting these
    Who will win Rookie of the Year in 2012?
    Who will win the Championship in 2012?
    What team will have the best NBA record?
    Who WILL win MvP (not maybe or have a case)?
    What will the 2012 All star rosters be?
    Who will win Coach of the Year?
    Who will be the most improved player?

    Give us an direct answer on all these. Don’t give us 2 or 3 different guys so when one of them win you can claim “I told you so.” Give us your exact predictions.

  • beiber newz

    i won’t get into all that you saying mainly because it sounds very aggressive and mean. i will say for one, i did not say monta was a better point guard than rose. what i said was that he was better at passing. huge difference.