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Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 1.30 (Weekend Recap)

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

Weekend Wonder: Kobe Bryant averaged 31.0 points, 11.0 rebounds, 5.5 assists, a steal, 1 block and 3.0 threes in two games over the weekend. He’s shooting less lately, but that’s done nothing to diminish his strong fantasy appeal. It’s not a guarantee that Kobe will keep his top 10 value for the rest of the season, but he’s been one of the surprises of the fantasy season so far.

Lines for Discussion:
Marcus Camby (1/27): 0-4 FG (0%), 20 Reb, 3 Ast, 2 Stl, 2 Blk, 1 TO; Camby has racked up 58 rebounds, five steals and seven blocks in his last three games. His owners should look to sell high.

Dorell Wright (1/27): 8-14 FG (57%), 1-2 FT (50%), 6 threes, 23 Pts, 9 Reb, 5 Ast, 2 Stl, 1 Blk; He scored more in this game than in his previous two combined, which is a small sample of his inconsistency this season. Wright will have to do a lot more than this, a lot more frequently, if he wants to truly win over fantasy owners.

Andre Iguodala (1/28): 4-7 FG (57%), 1-2 FT (50%), 1 three, 10 Pts, 10 Reb, 10 Ast, 1 Stl, 1 TO; This clean triple-double was his first of the season. Iguodala continues to average top 25 numbers, thanks in part to his 1.9 steals per game, his highest mark since the 2007-08 season.

Kemba Walker (1/28): 8-18 FG (44%), 2-4 FT (50%), 2 threes, 20 Pts, 10 Reb, 11 Ast, 1 Stl, 2 Blk, 4 TO; Walker’s triple-dip was certainly bigger than Iggy’s, but his poor shooting from the field limits his overall fantasy appeal. Still, with D.J. Augustin out for a while, Walker should continue putting up startable fantasy lines for owners who don’t mind his weakness.

Tyreke Evans (1/28): 12-20 FG (60%), 7-7 FT (100%), 31 Pts, 6 Reb, 9 Ast, 2 Stl, 1 Blk, 4 TO; Evans was terrible in his previous three games, so this was sigh for his fantasy owners’ sore eyes. For the season, Evans’ low field-goal percentage and lack of threes has put a damper on his otherwise decent fantasy value.

Derrick Rose (1/29): 11-28 FG (39%), 12-14 FT (86%), 34 Pts, 6 Reb, 6 Ast, 1 Stl, 1 Blk, 2 TO; Those two missed free throws were big, weren’t they? Rose looks to be just about back on track since returning from resting his sore toe, an issue that should be monitored by his owners.

Jason Richardson (1/29): 5-11 FG (46%), 1-2 FT (50%), 2 threes, 13 Pts, 7 Reb, 3 Ast, 2 Stl, 1 Blk, 3 TO; Richardson has been a shell of himself this season, but his owners have a right to hold onto him in hopes of a recovery later in the season.

Ray Allen (1/29): 9-14 FG (64%), 4 threes, 22 Pts, 3 Reb, 3 Ast, 1 Stl, 1 TO; Barring other injuries, Allen should continue to put up solid fantasy numbers, thanks mostly to his 2.7 threes per game. Owners who were able to buy low on him should be proud.

Dirk Nowitzki (1/29): 5-14 FG (36%), 10 Pts, 13 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Stl; Yes, he’s still a decent buy-low candidate, but it’s hard to see him being a top 12 stud again this season.

Jason Terry (1/29): 14-23 FG (61%), 5-5 FT (100%), 1 three, 34 Pts, 2 Reb, 4 Ast, 1 Stl, 2 TO; Terry is having a solid season, especially for his keen three-point making (2.1 per game). His week-to-week reliability is underappreciated in fantasy circles.

Waiver-Wire Watch:
Mickael Pietrus: he remains worth a look if you need threes

Austin Daye: his last three games have looked promising, and he appears to be winning a steadier diet of minutes

Tiago Splitter: if you need a center, Splitter’s probably on the short list of candidates to consider

Chase Budinger: his two games over the weekend were big, making him worth stashing for owners with dead weight to spare

Jordan Hill: two double-doubles in the weekend make Hill worth a look for owners in need of a big man

Drew Gooden: make sure he isn’t still available in your league

Rodrigue Beaubois: two big starts over the weekend and the absence of Jason Kidd make Beaubois worth owning again

Jerryd Bayless: he started at SG last night and is worth a flier

Jimmer Fredette: he’s hit 14 three-pointers in his last four games

Gordon Hayward: he had a big game over the weekend and is worth an add in deeper leagues

Keyon Dooling (hip): day-to-day

Jermaine O’Neal (knee): day-to-day

Luol Deng (wrist): day-to-day

Jason Kidd (calf): out for at least a week

Will Bynum (foot): day-to-day

Andrew Bogut (ankle): out 8-12 weeks

Darko Milicic (illness): day-to-day

Baron Davis (back): not expected to make his season debut for another week or two

Spencer Hawes (Achilles): day-to-day

Leandro Barbosa (knee): day-to-day

D.J. Augustin (toe): not close to returning

Anthony Parker (back): day-to-day

Kevin Martin (heel): day-to-day

Jeff Foster (back): hoping to return Tuesday

Mehmet Okur (back): day-to-day

Jameer Nelson (concussion): day-to-day with concussion-like symptoms

Chuck Hayes (shoulder): out Tuesday

Raja Bell (groin): day-to-day

Avery Bradley (ankle): probable for Tuesday

Rajon Rondo (wrist): could be out until around the All-Star break

Gerald Henderson (back): day-to-day

C.J. Watson (wrist): day-to-day

Daniel Gibson (neck): day-to-day

DeShawn Stevenson (knee): monitor his status

For Tonight:
See if Serge Ibaka can maintain his mini-hot streak tonight, as the Thunder visit the Clippers.

Throughout the season, be sure to leave your questions, comments, concerns, trade offers, roster problems and more in the comments below.

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  • http://Willy Willy

    Hey Doc,

    Whats the deal with J.Bayless? Is he starting for someone that’s injured? Could he contiue to see big min for the rest of the season?


  • YUP

    Hi Doc,

    G. Henderson, T. Allen, or Delote West?


  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan


    where do you think Kidd’s value is going to be at for the rest of the season? as much as i’d like a better point guard than my felton/stuckey (i consider kemba/evans 2 guards) i’m not sure if kidd will be significantly better than either for the rest of the season?

    what’s your take on dunleavy? looks like there’s a lot of minutes sharing on that bucks team now… which means it would be harder to be consistent? dunleavy or delfino?

  • Nick


    Need to start 10. Have a couple of points to pick up in 3P, and my roto league is 8 categories, with FT made instead of FT%…

    Bynum 3
    Gortat 4
    Granger 4
    Humphries 4
    LeBron 4
    Smith 3
    DeRozan 4
    Jennings 4
    Lawson 4
    CJ Miles 4

    those are my current 10…

    Also considering

    W Matthews 4
    Bayless 4

    Have to keep in mind my FGP and rebounds as well. Thanks!

  • goattree

    @Wily – yesterday Coach Casey started Jose and Bayless together in the background, because the Raps have been brutal the past few weeks and need more offense to start games (especially with Bargs hurting again). Bayless at the 2 seemed to work well (they got the W), so I wouldn’t be surprised if they stick with it for next game.

    Rasual Butler NEEDS to be cut by the Raps, asap. Dude is a shooter who can’t shoot….

  • goattree

    now my question….what’s the deal with Hawes’ achilles? Anybody heard anything about the severity of the injury? Seems pretty hush hush right now. I know a torn achilles is supposed to be ridiculously painful to recover from. I’m getting tired of holding onto him in my 8 GM league, cuz there are some juicy FA’s on the board that could help my team.

  • Jerry

    Hi Doc,

    Who would you start? Stuckey or Brandon Knight? I know they both play together but I am concerned about Stuckey’s injury and Knight’s percentage.


  • http://dimemag.com/author/the-fantasy-doctor/ The Fantasy Doctor

    @Willy: Barbosa was hurt, but Bayless could stick for a while. If he stays healthy, Bayless will have decent value, even if he doesn’t start.

    @YUP: Allen, Henderson then West.

    @hakasan: Kidd isn’t going to be all that great the rest of the way. Don’t expect anything better than his averages so far, especially if Beaubois takes off during his absence. I’d still take Delfino for the long haul, mostly because I don’t trust Dunleavy’s health, but Dunleavy is clearly the superior option right now.

    @Nick: I’d start Wes Matthews over DeRozan.

    @goattree: He sounds close to returning, since coach Collins expected him back during the weekend.

    @Jerry: I’d roll with Knight.

  • jkidd5

    Who would you drop for jimmer? RJ or b diddy?

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    b ‘sitcom star’ diddy

  • Popo

    Hey Doc,

    Thinking of trading my Kyle Lowry and Marcin Gortat for Lebron James. That sound good?