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Derek Fisher Beats Dallas; Boston Loses Their 5th Game In A Row

Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher

Well that was ugly. On a night where the big stories were supposed to be Lamar Odom‘s return to Staples and Kobe‘s shot at a fifth-consecutive 40-point game, neither side could hit a shot and couldn’t get out of each other’s way. So it came down to a guy who’s shooting 33 percent and averaging 4.3 points a night. Derek Fisher (13 points) hit the game-winning three with three seconds left, and the Lakers won one of the ugliest games we’ve seen in a long time when Vince Carter‘s last-ditch look was off. Nobody all night played well. Dirk had 21 but was airballing open shots in the first half. Kobe shot 7-for-22. Really, the only player who had his A-game was Andrew Bynum (17 points, 15 rebounds). The third quarter was unwatchable, the two teams combining for 23 points … Odom (10 points) got a big ovation, a warm hug from Derek Fisher, a montage headed by the “Welcome Back Kotter Theme” and was chomping away at his gum in an effort not to smile at his former boys … Spencer Hawes is out here banging threes. Andre Iguodala is making jumpers. And the Sixers are dominating. We’re getting the feeling it’s going to stay sunny in Philadelphia. Philly beat Milwaukee by 12, and did literally whatever they wanted during the second half. Jrue Holiday had 24 points and five steals while Iggy filled up the box score again (21 points, seven rebounds, four assists, three steals, two blocks). The Sixers have now won by double figures in nine of their last 12 games … Malik Rose is the Sixers’ color guy this season. He’s been up and down at best, and we called him out last week when the man sounded like he was having sex on air. But whatever, he’s figuring it out. At one point yesterday, the Sixers just played great D on the Bucks for a full possession before Jon Leuer hit a three as time ran out (the first of his career). Rose sounded despondent and goes, “That really sucks” … How’s this for a way to start a back-to-back-to-back if you’re Orlando? The Magic were unconscious from behind the arc, shooting 17-of-35 from three against the Knicks. Seven of those were responsible to Ryan Anderson, who finished with a career-high 30 points. His last from deep was a dagger from the left wing, coming one possession after Hedo Turkoglu (15 points) banked in his fourth three from straight on for a five-point lead with five minutes left. Cue Carmelo Anthony (33 points, 8 rebounds) missing three straight hoops (Does New York know how to do anything outside of chuck long treys at the end of a tight game?), and the Knicks were resigned to their third straight loss… not that they didn’t have their moments. Iman Shumpert‘s pretty behind-the-back dime to ‘Melo on the break in the fourth quarter woke up the Garden and even got bystander Amar’e Stoudemire (10 points, two rebounds and the last free “get out of jail card” we’re giving him) on his feet, with ice bags on his knees, yelling … Is this an idea of what Orlando, winner of four straight, could look like A.D. (After Dwight)? With GM Otis Smith watching up in the Magic’s tunnel, Howard (eight points, 10 rebounds) wasn’t needed to dominate with his teammates shooting like they were. That seems like an oxymoron, like Green Bay winning despite an ineffective Aaron Rodgers, but Howard’s small contributions helped carry the win, too. Twice on one late possession, he rotated to cut off drives by Toney Douglas and ‘Melo at 15 feet, forcing a bad Douglas floater in a seven-point game. It never got closer … By the way, does anyone know where Orlando buried Jameer Nelson? … Was that Zach Randolph in the first half or Marreese Speights? The new Memphis big was hitting Js, doing the dirty work and even had two powerful – albeit vertically challenged – one-handed jams. Speights ended up with 16 and 12, and Memphis slapped Chicago right out of town with a 16-point win. Even if Derrick Rose had played, it might not have helped. The Grizz found their swagger by getting big nights from their three main guns. Mike Conley (20 points, eight assists, four steals) treated John Lucas like a small child. Marc Gasol rumbled his way to 19 and 10. And Rudy Gay gave the best defense in the world 24, five and five … Joe Johnson (27 points, six assists) had his fifth straight solid night, but Josh Smith was the real beast. In what’s shaping up to be his first All-Star season, Smith went bonkers for 28 points and 15 boards in the Hawks’ 93-84 win over the Raptors … Blake Griffin had 23 points and 14 rebounds (even though he was shooting free throws like a prime Olden Polynice) and gave Kris Humphries the biggest facial he’s gotten since Kim in the Clippers’ 10-point win … John Wall had the best game of his career (38 points, eight assists, four steals), and yet the Wizards still had their lunch taken at home by the Rockets and Kevin Martin (25 points). The Wizards actually scored nine points in a row at one point in the first quarter, and the run was capped when JaVale McGee came out of nowhere to smash Kyle Lowry‘s floater out to the three-point line. The block felt more like a pass than anything else because it immediately ignited Washington’s fast break. Jordan Crawford finished off the first quarter by pulling up and hitting a 40-foot three. Funny thing about it was the shot wouldn’t even have been surprising if it came within the flow of the offense … Chandler Parsons is Tom Chambers reincarnated. He’s catching people off guard all over the place this year. Blake Griffin already felt his wrath. Then in the first half yesterday, he tea-bagged JaVale McGee so viciously that this YouTube clip decided to call the jam a blow job … Keep reading to hear how OKC’s stars put Boston to sleep …

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  • beiber newz

    ahhh, breathing a sigh of good ol fresh victory air. go lakers.

  • beiber newz

    o yea…let the kobe criticism ring in…i already see it coming..winning is not important…but the hate commenters will have their say…so, hate to your heart’s desire.

  • Celts Fan

    Perk gets a standing O cuz he’s fucking beloved here. He busted his ass, was a tough son of a bitch that, unlike KG, handled his own shit and was ready to scrap, and we won a title, thanks in large part to his interior D. In a city where we have 16 banners, the 2 clips that get the biggest ovations when they show them are Bird smashing his head on the ground, knocking him out, then coming back later in that same game, and one of Dave Cowens diving and sliding across the floor to get a loose ball in a playoff game. The montage before they introduce the team right now is Rondo getting creamed and finishing a drive, Pierce diving for a loose ball, and wrapping up w/ KG diving too, zoom in on KG looking like a crazy person, start intros. Fans here know their shit and won’t have anyone going half speed, but we fucking love the tough guy types. He’s an avg player, but he loved it here and embraced everything they did as a team, left every bit he had out there, and won a ring with us. He also did a ton in the community around here, esp. w/ a local school for the blind. You get to be avg. and get a montage when you start for a champ and spend 7+ yrs. there. Perk will always be a Celtic.

  • beiber newz

    thanks in large part to kendrick yall won a title? i would say he was very important, i wouldn’t give the majority reason the title was won to kendrick though…the wording sounds a little off.

  • Celts Fan

    We were a defensive team that smothered other teams when they came in the lane. Even Dwight can’t do that on his own. To truly dominate the paint, you need 2 guys. Perk was the tough guy that had no problem taking care of the shit KG started. He was the reason we were truly tough. He protected the rim, consistently played better D on Dwight HOward than anyone in the league, hit the glass hard, and didn’t shoot a lot (thank god.) Never said he was a star, but if you don’t see how that’s vital to a team like ours then you just don’t know basketball.

  • K Dizzle

    “Even if Derrick Rose had played, it might not have helped”
    Whoa……slow down

    Anyways, nice to see L.O. back in L.A. Miss that versatility. I knew it was a wrap when the Mavs went to Vince, who, of course missed, then was hurt…

    Kobe……to Fish…….G’night!

  • K Dizzle
  • ctkennedy

    KendrickPerkins role was overrated on that championship team…the 4th quarter closin bigs were PJ Brown n James Posey ..lets stop with how important he was PLZ
    Rondo role on that team too while we at it ..Eddie House n Sam Cassell were the 4th quarter closers on that squad at the point

  • JBaller

    Perk is the best post defender in the league and he fills his role to perfection. OKC like the Celts don’t need him to score, just defend and throw a mean mug at the opposition now and again. But like someone said yesterday, the Celts need to give this love affair a rest already, he left over a year ago and is on the best team in the west now. Shake hands and compete, he’s not an ex-girlfriend for crying out loud!

  • Celts Fan

    @JBaller – first time back, dude deserved it. Guy put in a lot of time for my team and my city. If you can’t appreciate and miss the genuinely good guys who got here by shear hard work and u just say fuck em once they leave, I mean, what are we doing here?

    @ctk – just cuz you ain’t closing the games doesn’t mean your contributions are meaningless. you know better than that. Eddie House was glued to the bench for a huuuge chunk of those playoffs for Cassell before his 1 on 5 act grew tired. no one’s ever said Rondo had a huge role there beyond, ya know, being a starting (not closing) PG for a champ. it was his first yr. starting.

  • ctkennedy

    Perkins started to throw some weight around for 12-18mins a game…truth..n every yr they bring n a big to offset him PJ Brown,MikkiMoore,both O’Neals,n RasheedWallace ..they got rid of him cuz he wanted more money than what he was worth for that team..Great fit for OKC long term than he was for Boston aka life after the Big3

  • Soopa / b_malte

    Great posts Celts Fan!

    Cant we add that Boston would have won Game 7 if Perk wasn’t out? (Cue Lakers fans objecting).

    Sure Perk isn’t a star. Heck, he isn’t even close! And we can agree that you need superstars to win championships. But having role players, who play their role to perfecting is just as important (A lesson Miami has learned).

    Perk knows his role and plays it to perfection. He is really the perfect fit in OKC.

  • kingralf

    LaMarcus Aldridge, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Tyson Chandler, Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Eric Gordon,, Dwight Howard, Andre Iguodala, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and Deron Williams
    Westbrook could be very much the worst fit ever to play international ball. Also cut griffin: aldrige and love’s Game are much better suited for the olympics.

  • Porkpiehat

    Perkins is a mean position defender, and if you sent him up with another long big who can swarm from the weak side, you get some killer D. Detroit did that with Wallace and Wallace when they won, Boston with Perk and KG (Perk and Ibaka now, no ‘chips yet). He also plays the P&R well, sets great moving and non-moving screens, and is willing to fight a whole nightclub full of people all at once. A rare talent, indeed.

    Also, BieberNewz sucks.

  • Soopa / b_malte

    About the Olympics:

    Just because Euro League ball is half court, physical basketball doesn’t mean that the USA needs to play that way.

    The USA should be able to fast break teams to death. And on a break I’d rather have Griffin running the lane then LaMarcus or Love. Doesnt mean I’d take Griffin over those guys, but his spot on the team can easily be justified.


    Rose – Williams
    Wade – Carmelo
    Love – Griffin – Aldridge

    Iggy, Westbrook, Gordon, Gay, Chandler

  • bakedbeing

    Go Wolves! Bring back Barea and we have the best midget shooting guard attack in the L.

  • beiber newz

    o yea, ne one see how tight kobe’s arse is this year. dammmmn

  • beiber newz

    Once again, I think we should mock the poor effort of the wannabe beiber (or from here on out: the wannabeiber) for using a flawed formula for how you win a basketball game.

    It’s so dumb, how can you make such a big mistake like using a flawed formula to post on smack? The reason I am never wrong is I spend my entire day working out complex formulas and reading old smack comments. I give a GOOD effort, unlike the wannabeiber who gives poor efforts. If you are gonna copy me correctly, you have to give up your entire life to making smack comments and making formulas that are never wrong.

    And Chicagorilla, because you thought the wannabeiber post was funny, then you must be him. In fact, if anybody ever reads a wannabeiber post and thinks its funny, they must be the wannabeiber. Wow guys, I think I just figured out who is copying me. Think about it, because there was no flaw in that formula at all.

  • First & Foremost

    Why have the Clippers played so few games?

  • Bilal

    Come on BNewz, lets just ignore it. yesterday as a good day, lets build on that.

    OK back to basketball.

    Well we all knew that the kobe 40+pt wasnt gonna last all season, theres too many games inna short time for him to be able to keep going at that pace. I bet Lemardashian was wishing he was back with his boys.

    I’m glad that Wall had a big game, especially after having the rubio vs wall debate, but it didnt change my opinion, i’d still take rubio over wall.

    I know the Celtics Fans absolutely love Perk, but really people a whole montage and Standing O for him? I wonder did Antoine Walker get such a reception, surely his numbers were better (I know i know itrs not about numbers).

    On a Raptors note, yes we lost (without Bargs) but at least we are being competative.

  • jimmhummv

    Raps had no offense. Calderon needs to shoot. Ya,ll relying on derozens j and a detroit bigman cast off? Yuck . When barbosa hit the bench he took t dots offense with him.

  • beiber newz

    bilal u right.

    i just think chicagorilla was mad i commented on how bad the bulls are without rose. he seems like a sensitive homer who can’t take criticism. so he going out his way to sabotage my switch to goodness by making weird fake posts. i just hope you guys can tell when it’s a fake post. if it aint about strictly BASKETBALL then guys, know it aint me.

    anyway….yall hear stephen curry is surprised he aint get an olympic invite? i think he’ll fill chauncey’s role the next go around, without question. he will be the best shooter in the nba by that time.

  • beiber newz

    also…just like chicagorilla copied comments twice to post in different areas…he did it with another fake post. hmmm chicagorilla, you leaving clues everywhere. i am 100% sure it’s u. like no question at this point. (sorry, just had to make him know i knnow it’s him. back to ball)
    i seen what austin burton is saying about dwight and mcgee. i agree with his premise. u can’t give less credit to d12 when one give more to mcgee especially after d12 performance, it should send a message about d12 that he is better than one is giving him credit for.

  • Celts Fan

    @bilal – actually, I was at the game when he came back too, and yes, ‘Toine did get a nice ovation, and he didn’t even win a chip. We have this thing called loyalty and appreciation here…

    Let me repeat this, cuz obv you guys hating haven’t been a fan of teams that have won before or you’d get it (or are Lakers fans and prob booed Trevor Ariza when he came back since he never won an MVP or 6th man and decided to go get paid, lol trolling…) HE STARTED ON OUR TITLE TEAM. Yes, we love him. Yes, we gave him a standing O. Yes, he 100% deserved it after 7+ hard-fought years, helping to turn around what we were when he got here as an 18 yr old rookie to being the tough team he embodied. We watched him go from pudgy 18 yr old, to kinda pudgy starting C with an attitude, being the enforcer roll, to walking outta the Garden w/ his kid in one hand and the trophy in the other. He’s done way too much for this team and community for any hate and if you guys wouldn’t cheer for a guy like that that put in work like that for your squad, you’re missing out. That is all.

  • beiber newz

    celts fan got a point

  • beiber newz


    michael jordan has said recently in a book that is being worked on that kobe bryant, yes kobe bean bryant, is the only one that deserves comarison.

    so for all you out there who 1, think it should be lebron, or 2, don’t think kobe deserves any comparison at all, 2012 marks the end of that talk, because we have heard it from the G.O.A.T’s mouth himself.

    anyway…good win last night lkaers….what seems to be lost in evrything is that kobe PASSED the ball for the win. what do the haters have to say about that? actually, don’t answer that. i see a lot of smug answers in the horizon.

  • kyballer312

    @Celts fan – I agree with your points and showing loyalty to guys who have shown it to you…I am a big Boston fan, mainly because I have known Rondo since the 7th grade and I like team basketball…I am more of a fan of players when it comes to NBA ball because they can and will switch teams on you…I can’t stand Kobe, but its because he is so good I will admit that…I am a 44 y/o ex-high school coach and I watch the game differently…a guy like Perk solidifies your team…no ego…just does his job (well) and anchors everything…true PJ did a lot for the Celts championship but he could not sustain that over 82+ games…any championship caliber team needs that type of player(s)…ESPN glorifies the alley-oop dunk wereas I see the back-screen…MOST fans watch the ball when they watch a game as a coach I don’t…I like what goes on off-the-ball and that is why I appreciate guys like Perk

  • beiber newz

    while watching the lakers game yesterday, the announcer said, we should appreciate kobe for now. too many people are criticizing what he is, what he should be, what he should be doing…but we lose sight of the talent we are seeing at the moment.

    so that reminded me how 3 days ago i shared those same exact sentiments.

    me: “if michael jordan was doing what kobe’s doing now, it’d just be “the coolest thing that legends do” everybody would be smiling and jocking mj. kobe does it, and we are concerned about him burning himself out…or isolating teammates. umm..if i were the coach of an all world talent, i wouldn’t waste it. kobe doing him, and i appreciate watching that talent. 50 years from now, the people who truly appreciate the greats will look back and see the truth. once in a lifetime talent shouldn’t get wasted, they are winning games, kobe seems fine, and his teammates seem to still be getting their usual statistics. yes, they could be getting more, but no one is named bryant on the lakers besides kobe, and no one can do what he can do even in the entire league. i think we should all back off of kobe and just appreciate how dominant the guy looks. he is leaving the fans with amazing footage, amazing history and the sooner we lose a grip on criticism, the sooner everyone’s eyes will realize that someone with kobe’s abilities may never be born again. let’s admire what he can do, instead of what we think he should be doing. the man is unfathomably good.”

  • Celts Fan

    @KY – exactly! He brought a whole helluva a lot more than a few illegal screens a game, a bunch of techs, and the 10 & 8 or whatever he was averaging. There’s a reason the Mavs were considered soft forever, finally invest in a center that can actually play in Chandler, and it allows the other guys to go off, do what they do and know that there’s a final line of defense at the rim if you get beat, and they won the chip finally. Obv, that credit goes to Dirk, but anyone that thinks Chandler wasn’t VITAL to that team just watches to much Sportscenter. If you can’t protect the rim, you can’t win in this league (see: Celtics currently 4-8 w/ the ghosts of JO and KG as the starting bigs)

  • jdizzle

    Smack has been going HAM lately! I haven’t laughed at an article like this in a good minute(the ”even if Derrick Rose had played it might not have helped” line was pure comedy), but Kim K giving SOMEONE ELSE a facial is a little hard to believe. And what the hell time did the Bulls play anyway, 9:30 in the damn morning!? I get off work and get a text from my brother telling me the Grizzlies done put us off the sticks. SMH

    The Celtics are under .500 AND Rondo was left off the Olympic squad? If this doesn’t make Control the happiest dude on Dime I don’t know what will.

  • stefan

    Chandler Parsons is funny

  • JDish

    The OKC Thunder just handed the Celtics their 5th straight loss. Yea that Kendrik Perkins trade really did them in… C’mon.
    Perkins was important to the Celtics because he was part of the squad from the beginning. An emotional and sentimental part of that team, being brought up with them as a rookie all the way to 7 seasons in Boston. And it sounds like secretely Perkins still has a Celtics jersey stowed away in his closet or travel luggage just in case he gets the call from Doc saying that he’s headed back to an old and aging team.
    Kendrik Perkins, suck it up my friend. You got a good thing going in being an enforcer on a squad that is sure to make a deep run in the playoffs.

  • JDish

    The Thunder are killing it,
    The Blazers are looking awesome,
    The Clippers are collecting wins and getting better,
    The Timberwolves are young and rising
    The Heat are still…the Heat (alegedly the “Super Team”)
    The Bulls are solid, although a bit shaky sometimes
    The Sixers are suddenly for real
    and then there are …
    The Celtics are bowing to younger squads
    The Lakers relying on Kobe 40pt outings, or Fisher “out of nowhere” last sec 3ees.
    The Mavericks NO-championship-repeat campaign

    Sooo … in all this wern’t the KNICKS supposed to be killing the competition with Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e, and Tyson Chandler leading the way. Crazy how things turn out.

  • Chaos

    I agree with Celts Fan, a guy like Perks is greatly appreciated and they really needed him in the playoffs. I’m not even a Boston fan and I was shocked that they traded him. Dude comes in, doesn’t ask questions and was their energy guy who would lead by example cuz he brought it every night. He did bully my boy who worked for the Boston Globe as a sportswriter once but they became cool later on. I can see the love affair.

    Smack has been damn good lately and need to keep it up. Remember Dime, yall named it “SMACK” talk so bring the ruckus!

    Yea Wall did go in and I think he felt the heat from the Wall-Rubio debate(ya think he reads dimemag.com. Lol) but I’ve seen way too many times that the Wiz have blown games and get mentally out of it. The only ones who seem to play hard is Wall and Mcgee(and trevor booker but that’s to be expected).

    Other than Howard, the Olympic Squad doesn’t seem to have anyone that can really protect the rim but they should be able to just out athletic teams this year. Gay and Westbrook should be left off the team. I say let’s sit Kobe and bring him in as an assistant coach along with billups

    CP3, D. Rose, D. Will, Wade, Iguodala, Melo, LBJ, Durant, Howard, Love, Griffin, LMA

    Chandler, Bosh and Gordon to be considered.

    LMA and Lowry for ASG 2012

  • JDish

    Oh and I forgot about the Jazz all of the sudden getting wins. So now they have to somehow wake Devin Harris up and remind him that he can score more than 10PTS if he wants too, the Jazz wouldnt mind much.

  • Big Island

    “Wannabeiber” had me laughing for some reason.

    The only people who think Perkins is garbage are the ones who don’t know basketball. Celts fan isn’t helping with all of his banner talk and crap. Go away. Go argue with a New Yorker about the Yankees and the Sox and shit like that. Heyz.. Howz aboutz thatz wickedz game lastz nightz. Heyz… We’z lostz Papelbonz… Ooooohz Noooooz… Atz leastz we’z gotz Bradyz..

    Perkins is a big guy who bangs down low. That’s it. If you happen to have an athletic PF who can block shots etc…, then you want Perkins to put a body on the opposing team’s big. Look at KG now that he has to play center. Look at Ibaka now that he can just float around.

  • Big Island

    Celts Fan – I apologize for that. It was uncalled for.

  • beiber newz

    yea i had to coin the name wannabeiber so at least the weirdo had a nickname.

  • control


    I love seeing boston and ny sucking. Boston is way too old and full of douche, and ny’s main player is more selfish than Kobe, averaging 27pts on 40% shooting, which completely kills any offensive efficiency that the team could have. Add in NO defense, and a rookie that is being praised for shooting 74 shots a game, and you got an epic fail in the works. It’s great!

    What isn’t great, is Lamar fucking Odom. Fuck that guy, he should just quit basketball. I picked that cocksucker up on my fantasy team and he’s killing me (team built for shooting %s), just straight killing me. Keep thinking he’s going to turn it around, but that emotionally broken little boy is just fucked in the head.

    Fuck Dallas too, I’m not even a big fan of their team, and they let me down big time. When a team plays as bad as the Lakers did last night, like pure straight out, ugly and selfish looking basketball, you HAVE to make them pay. Instead the entire team comes out and misses all their clean, open and solid choice shots. How does a team that is setting up the open shots, moving ball around and making plays end up shooting WORSE than the team that has every player but one playing 1on5? Lakers had horrible shot selection, didn’t play like a team at all, yet still won. It’s rough.

    Props to Kobe for passing off to Derek at the end of the game. Didn’t think he had it in him. Will he realize that making the better PLAY is better than making the tough shot? I hope not, if he does, rest of the nba better watch the fuck out.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Did anyone else see chris tucker behind the lakers bench? Dude looked super chubby,guess thats a no go for him starring in the new Friday movie.

  • beiber newz

    actually ny isn’tsucking. heir defense is improved, they just havent closed games out…there was like one blowout and that came in melo’s absence. the fact of the matter is, ny will make it to the playoffs, in the meantime, they are using this reg season to gel and find one another. as soon as they are at full strength, the team’s chemistry would have changed. they won’t be the same team they are now when the post season starts. people seem to ignore the fact ny’s D is better than most people thought but they just have to close. and, were they even supposed to win a championship this season anyway? they have a better shot at it than most teams, they have a shot, but it won’t be a shock if they don’t get it this season. go knicks….

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    I thought it was funny how the commentator mentioned how Dirk has learned how to score against certain defenses. But when the lakers sent the double team in the 4th quarter he turned the ball over 3 times.

    @ beibs
    Yah that was me a long time ago hating on Odom and hoping we trade him for something nice. I believe you thought the Lakers needed more offense and i strongly disagreed saying we need to focus on defense and we’ll be fine.

  • beiber newz

    a team we can say is sucking would be the wizards….people throw the word sucking around so loosely.

  • beiber newz

    yea…and they havent added any defensive players in their off season, but are tops in the league. they added some offensive scrappy go getters. they also lose odom and kobe knows he has to do at least 10% more offense, hence 40 point binge, bynum steppin up, all in effort to keep their offense afloat.

  • beiber newz

    skip bayless said just now:

    he like lakers’ defense
    like their bench, the same guys i liked: mcroberts, troy murphy, kapono
    he likes what mike is doing.
    he still belives kobe can produce like he isn’t old and how people predicted his demise.

    i got killed in the offseason for saying these things.

  • Celts Fan

    lol @ Big Island, no worries. I got a kick outta it.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    I thought kobe passed the ball alot throughout the game and gave Bynum alot of touches down low. Kobe did make that one mistake at halfcourt when Marion snuck up behind him for the steal but beside that Lakers didnt play totally selfsih ball. Barnes dived to the basket for a pass and got a basket. Lakers got two easy baskets off alley oops from Mcbob and Bynum. Kobe ended the night with 7 assists and the lakers as a team had 19 assists total, 6 of those coming in the 4th quarter. So say what you want but the lakers passed it when it counted and got the ugly W in the end.

  • CLAW

    Hold up, NY’s defense has improved? Where? You pickup Chandler and think that’ll fix it? Takes an entire team to play D and Melo and Amare can’t even even say “D”, when they sing the alphabet A, B, C, E, F, G… they don’t know D!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Wow… never thought I’d see the day anyone would use a Skip Bayless quote to support their argument. What a crazy, crazy world this is…

  • Big Island

    Beib – Comparing yourself to Skip Bayless is a good way to make friends…

    NY is bad. They’ll make the playoffs probably, but they are bad. When you have a coach who has to play a certain style (D’Antoni/run n gun) but he doesn’t have players who can do that, you are in a bad spot. They suck. New Yorkers will talk about them being great and Melo being an MVP (sorry, I won’t let it die), but they suck. Nobody is scared to play the Knicks. The Wizards suck worse, but the Knicks still suck. They are the 8th best team in the East right now. Behind Cleveland. They suck.

    Control – I hope you didn’t use a high pick on Odom. It really could have gone either way for him. In Dallas, new place, new team, different system, he could go bananas. Or he could do what he is doing now which is driving his fantasy owners to the brink of suicide. I’m sorry.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    The Knicks defense hasn’t improved… and i don’t care what stats anyone wants to pull out to support that.

    I’m going out on a limb here. Without looking at stats, i’d bet that most teams in the league improved from last year is these defensive stats…. Points Against and Defensive FG%. I say that because of the fucked up schedule. So if the Knicks improved on defense, so did every other team.

    If someone has the time to look that up, be my guest. I’d be surprised if I was wrong…. not because I’m a smartass, but because the schedule is too fucked up and I like finding reasons to bash Stern…. that kermit the frog looking muthafukker.

  • Big Island

    Celts – OK, cool. I have a couple of friends from Boston and we always do the awful accent. I have been to Boston a couple of times, my ex’s sister went to MIT so I would go to R.I. to see my ex and then we’d hop over to Boston, and the city is unreal. It really is an awesome place.

    Naturally I have to say I hate it because I despise the Celtics, but it’s strictly business. New York I actually hate though.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    @ beibs
    You dont need to add defensive players if you add a defensive coach during the off season. I think we have all heard the arguement that defense is a mindset and attitude and i think thats what coach brown is trying to solidify before the playoffs begin.
    One thing i noticed this season is that Bynum doesnt get into fouls trouble anymore and thats with his minutes up from last year. Those kind of things only come with a better understanding of the game and how to use your length to be just as effective. Bynum<Hawes for MIP

  • beiber newz

    first of all no one gave props to mike brown.
    everyone said he was retarded.
    furthermore, people said the lakers didnt have the personnel to make the hire work
    also, caoches just arent guarneteed to fix problems.
    u put mike brown on the kings are they gonna stop the heat?
    it takes the players to buy in and they need to have the skills to play D.
    the lakers have always been a good defensive team after their whooping by the hands of the celtics when they beat them in the finals.
    all mike brown is better their already stable defensive system.
    u can’t just give all the credit to a coach. if the lakers added defensive players, i bet ppl would giv credit to the players and continue to view mike brown as retarded.

    me tho, i never saw their d as a problem. i liked the mike brown hire because i knew he would make D a constant. it is their signature now. defense. they were good at it last year. it was their offense that lacked from time to time.

  • beiber newz

    it’s funny, if there were stats to prove that the knicks defense got worse i bet he would use it. but since there are stats to show it has improved he dont wanna look at it. lol the irony.

  • beiber newz

    and who said i’m, here to make friends?

    but on a further note…i used skip bayless because i wanted to show how someone who has been studying, observing the sports world for a long time, probably longer than many of u have been alive, can say most of the things i touched on before the season started. i got called an idiot for saying those things as if i din;t know what i was talking about. i just thought it would make sense to show that someone who has many years under his belt paralleled my thinking a few months later. that’s all. skip bayless or not. it’s still someone who has been reporting for years.

  • LABaller

    I literally laughed out loud @ wannabeiber too.. Bnews ur basically talking to yourself on most of these posts.. I realize a couple people acknowledge you like I am now but for the most part do you realize that your arguing your points and posting while no one is even saying anything to you? Lol.. And everyone got on rilla yesterday for what he was pointing out to you but it was true cause you’re doing it again today.. “I said this and someone on espn or tnt just said it too, so I win” my dude, you had an opinion..someone agreed w it..cool.. Still an opinion though.

    I still think we need a scorer off the bench.. Wait for it.. We should get agent zero.. Yeah I said it! My thinking is out defense has improved w brown and our scoring is off. No way Kobe passes more and does all that. We aren’t making a big trade anytime soon and I don’t think we need to.. We could, however, get our bench scoring up.. So bring in Gil let him run the bench and get 12-20 against every teams second squad. And he can run the point a bit.. If it’s one thing we need.. It’s a pg..

    Ibaka is killing my fantasy squad.. Wtf man.. All you gotta do is board and block.. Do that shit already!!!!

    Why are there clipper banners all over LA right now and around staples?! They haven’t won anything yet!!!!

  • beiber newz

    also panchitoooo, i thought many people were still saying the lakers defense would be a problem WAAAYYYYYY after mike brown was already hired. now that their defense is no problem, then it’s ok to acknowledge mike brown for credit? i think that is kinda flaky, no offense. dont u agree? like, people were saying this team is old, cant keep up with the younger teams out their, they shitted on their bench, and since the lakers arent getting killed on D , now we can just pin point all of it to mike brown’s hire? that just doesnt sit well with me.

  • beiber newz

    la baller…don’t u think it gets repetitive that you keep telling me the reasons u hate me? it’s known already i’m hated. now move on. stop telling us a duck is a duck. we know that now. just move on.

  • beiber newz

    la baller

    and this is called a comment section…not a chat room. if i post something…it’s because i wanted to put my ideas out there…not to seek a response from guys in your head u call “friends”. when’s the last time chicagorilla has bought u a beer? o wait, he can’t because for all we know, he could be a monkey who learned how to type. stop with this whole mentality of, no one is responding to u. it shows that many of u look for acceptance for ur ideas. it’s either u believe what you say, or are looking for attention. me, im just putting my thoughts on the internet, so when my thought comes true..i culd look back and know i was accurate.

  • LABaller

    Lol ok if you say so buddy. You are clearly NOT looking for acceptance or a response when you say things like.. “I said this and this a few days ago and no one acknowledged me or everyone said I was crazy but look someone else said it now so I was right!” no you aren’t at allll looking for someone to speak to you so you have someone else to talk to besides your imaginary friends Fred and Sebastian in your dark little room.. Lol riiiiiiite..

    And yes.. You are correct.. I am here to make friends.. Dimemag is my
    only option for friendship.. Damnit you found out now I have to find a new site. You are one intelligent little grasshopper I tell you.. How do you do it?!

  • beiber newz

    like i said, this is a comment section. by making comments here, i am pretty much a professional commentator. stop hating on my professionalism.

    it’s just like before. when i wrote shit that rhymed here, that automatically made me a rapper for real.

    i am not looking for acceptance, and skip bayless is always right. there’s just no chance he says outlandish things so he can stay on TV, becuase thats not how TV works. since what he said came out on TV, it has to be right.

    try to argue with that flawless formula, buddy.

  • JBaller

    Wannabeiber is funny. In some perverse way I want to see a rap battle between beibs and wannabeibs – I know I might get killed for suggesting it.

    My Knicks still suck and are going nowhere yet, but I gotta believe they will get better at some point and become entertaining if not competitive. OKC’s GM deserves an award for putting together the pieces of a championship-caliber team so fast. It was only a few years ago that they came from seattle and sucked balls. Chicago looks legit when Rose is playing and when Boozer and Noah can muster up enough energy to perform. Miami can suck it, they’d be better off trading Bosh and eithet LBJ or DWade for Howard to create an all-star wing/center combo rather than a two wings with duplicate skill sets. Fukc those spoiled bitches anyway.

  • silky

    not much to say on ny. that was horrible yesterday. but ny defense has improved… they are 7th in defensive efficiency. they have 3 defense minded starters. shump is a demon on d. still, watching the games is tough right now. amare looks like odom out there. disinterested. if things don’t somehow come together by the time baron has ten games under his belt… that d’antoni chute is getting pulled. dolan’s patience… renowned

    blakes block on humphries was siiiick(even if they called a foul)

  • beiber newz

    and if anyone thinks that I have no friends or no life because I spend ALL my time either 1)making comments here, 2)replying to my own comments, or 3)reading old smacks so i can refer to them in my comments, then you are just ignorant.

    obviously someone like me who has so much time to comment and look over all the old smacks has a ton of friends to hang out with. anyone can see from my self obsessive personality that i am definitely a chick magnet and an awesome person to be friends with.

    how you people can’t understand that is beyond me. can’t you see from the formula that i am right? there is nothing wrong with me at all, i just proved it.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    I disagree, Mike Brown brings different defensive rotations to the Lakers so i think its fair to give him some credit for the new D. In post game inteviews Brown constantly talks about improving the defense so im sure thats what hes focused on in the locker room. I always know things are going bad on defense when Bynum throws up his hands and has the “whos man was that” look on his face. Ive only seen that a few times this year which is a great thing.
    A few of your last statements made me feel like you think the Lakers are still running PJs defense out on the court but now, some how, they are just doing it better than before so why give mike brown credit. Its true its still the same lakers but not the same D.
    Just cause a team brings in a great defensive player(knicks & chandler) doesnt mean their defense will improve because in the end its the coach(d antoni) calling the rotations and not the players.

  • LABaller

    Your pops reallllly shoulda strapped up that time

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    And everyone had tons of video on PJs Lakers and knew how to attack the defense. Teams/coaches dont have history with Mike Browns Lakers, they dont have tapes on tapes of what is flawed so that helps as well.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Actually no, I wouldn’t use any teams stats this year. It’s a weird year. Any ball fan could see that. Anyway, I’m on lunch break now so i looked at the defenses between this season and last.

    Knicks “improved” their points against by 11.
    knicks “improved” their Opponent FG% from .472 to .449.

    Lakers “improved” their points against by 6.
    Lakers “improved” their Opponent FG% from .440 to .413.

    Raptors “improved” their points against by 12.5.
    Raptors “improved” their Opponent FG% from .482 to .405.

    Cavs “improved” their points against by 9.
    Raptors “improved” their Opponent FG% from .475 to 452.

    I’ve looked at half the teams in the league and every single one of the teams I looked at “improved” both of those stats, Points Against and Opponents FG%… and I said all of this before looking at the stats. But I’m not taking any credit for being right because it’s common sense. With no summer-league, short preseason camp, almost non-existent preseason shcedule, and the players being worn out by the shitty regular season shedule, it doesn’t take a rocket science to see that offenses around the league will struggle this year.

    If anyone cares to have a look, this is the site I used.
    and this
    The craziest thing is Knicks opponents are shooting .407 from 3-point, while the league average is .317. Opponents are shooting over 40% from the arc!!! The only other team worse is the Nets. Better defence, my ass.

  • superfreak6

    Skip Bayless argues for the sake of arguing, similar to someone else on this site.

    Skip said that MJ would beat LBJ 1on1 if they played a game right now (or after MJ trains for a few months) because LBJ would choke once he gets to 10. I love MJ, but yea… ok lol.

  • control

    How can anyone who knows ANYTHING about basketball say the knicks have anything even close to a decent defense? If someone watches AND1, allstar games, or summer league charity games, and compares that defense to the knicks, the knicks come out on top…barely.

    Adding Tyson to the mix SHOULD be a good thing, but his teammates are so out of place, and don’t care about at least forcing their assignments to drive to somewhere Tyson can help out, that he is pretty much invalidated in that system. Tyson can’t even grab a lot of rebounds, because he’s scrambling trying to make up for his teammate’s lack of effort, that he’s out of position for rebounds. Offensively, he only gets rebounds when he realizes that his teammates aren’t even going to look for him, so he just goes and gets into rebounding position instead of even attempting to post up. Kinda feel sorry for the guy, but fuck him, he’s on ny and that is what he gets.

    They are just horrible, anyone who says otherwise should really have their basketball card revoked.

  • beiber newz

    i hope u guys are smart enough to tell when “wannabeib” is talking.

    anyway panchitooo. NOOOO MAN. i agree with you, i give mike brown credit for turning this team into a defensive minded group. i hope i didnt come off like i didnt want to credit him. i liked the brown hire since the report broke because i knew he would solidify an already stable defense. that’s all. i hear u man. mike brown may bea n early candidate for coach of the year because no one expected this lakers group to be keeping up with the more athletic teams out there. and he is doing it with their defense. so yea, i hear u man

  • beiber newz

    as soon as i hear someone on tv like a credible analyst say something positive about the knicks defense i will post it on that day’s smack because it seems like most of you guys are just focusing on the ny defense instead of the actual play on the court

  • beiber newz

    as soon as i hear someone on tv like a credible analyst say something positive about the knicks defense i will post it on that day’s smack because it seems like most of you guys are just focusing on the ny RECORD**** instead of the actual play on the court

  • Celts Fan

    @Big Island – We do too. No one here takes that seriously… I could never live there cuz I need to be able to drive and get places in less than an hr, but I love NYC. You haven’t done it right if you’ve had a bad time. Something for everyone there, just avoid the touristy crap, get some godly pizza, pick something up at House of Hoops in Harlem, and hit the bars til the sun comes up.

  • beiber newz

    i think the washington generals would give chicago a run for their money without derrick rose. that’s how much respect i have for the bulls without their #1.

  • beiber newz

    jay…relax professor.

  • CLAW

    JAY bringing the knowledge, easy to say half assed remarks another to actually back them up.

    I don’t know these “Superteams” haven’t panned out, and the Heat are contenders but having Wade get hurt every other week doesn’t give me alot of confidence that he’d make it through a stretch playoff run.

    That Amare and Melo marriage was doomed right away, Amare was blossoming as a legit #1 and the Knicks were playing as a team add Melo and they are just disjointed and on O they don’t play together its more 1 on 1. They would have done better in getting DWill.

    Lowry is a stud, dude is sick other than CP3 and Rose, right now I’d take him over DWill and Rondo. Don’t know if he’ll let up but right now the kid is ballin.

  • beiber newz


  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    “Even if Derrick Rose had played, it might not have helped. The Grizz found their swagger by getting big nights from their three main guns.”

    dimemag done lost they damn mind. smh

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I am relaxed. Lol. I just thought I’d look into the crap I was spewing to back up my opinions. The last thing I want is to say some shit I wasn’t sure of, then be wrong.

    Seriously though… are leaguewide defenses improving?? Or are offenses struggling? After looking at the numbers, I think it’s less likely for all defenses to improve, than for offenses to struggle.

  • beiber newz

    u rite man..team offenses are still finding themselves…but i see the knicks force a lot of turnovers as opposed to teams missing shots, that helps , but i see shumpert averaging over 2 steals a night alone.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Dime – Good Smack today, thanks.

    You described yesterday’s 70-73 brickfest perfectly.

    Thought Dallas actually looked good considering 5 games in 7 nights.

  • silky

    nba released its gm survey… a few were kinda surprising. love takin the most with the least? he aint small, he aint stupid… and amare getting votes for best offensive rebounder(pause. kobe as second best leader? i’m gonna need a definition of that


  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY

    Offense is struggling.. Fools dont even know how to pass lol

    And bigups to Fisher for ending the ugliest game in the last 10 years lol

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Wow…….wow……I don’t even know what to say so i’ll just ignore the shyt.

    Chandler Parson’s ain’t no Tom Chambers. Catching a tip dunk because a defender doesn’t box out is one thing, but Tom walked up peoples chest and dunked on them. Big difference. But I do like Parson’s for his total game. Kid can shoot, rebound, play defense, and handle the ball a little. Big steal for the Rockets.

    Perkins got abused by the Grizzlies front line in the playoffs, yet people are still talking about how he’s this great defender. The dude plays hard and plays physical but that’s where it ends. Dude isn’t the best low post defender and all that BS. He just plays hard.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Slic Ric

    I don’t think they really meant that. I’m pretty sure that was just a way of showing how good they thought the Grizzlies were playing.

    I’m sure DIME/Smack writer knows that DRose 100X’s> John Lucas and it would make a huge difference if he was in the game.

  • beiber newz

    if one were to ignore “by definition”, one would not mention he has something to ignore…sorta defeats the purpose. let’s us know u actually observed as well as took in what you claim you are ignoring. what you mean to say is you are pleading the 5th, very different from ignoring.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    beiber bring up the Washington Generals made me think of something: I know the Globetrotters are split into two different teams so they can play in two cities at once, but I wonder if the Generals are the same two groups of guys, or do they just round up some local rec-league ballers in every city? Part of the Generals’ act is being in on the Globetrotters’ jokes, so I’d imagine you’d want the same group of guys playing night in and night out.

    So if that is the case, how would the Generals fare in a legit game against, say, a D-1 college team or an overseas pro team? You’d have to think the Generals have crazy chemistry since they play with each other a couple hundred times a year, and I’d imagine most of them are at least former D-II ballplayers.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    As far as Boston fans giving Perk a standing O and a video tribute and all that, to me it’s like a family thing: If you’re not a Celtics fan or part of the Celtics family, you’re not going to understand and it won’t make sense.

    Up here in Seattle (if we still had the Sonics), if Hersey Hawkins showed up for a game, he’d probably get a standing O and a video. Was he one of the stars of the Payton/Kemp era Sonics? Not quite. He was probably our fourth-best guy, but he was OUR GUY. He played a crucial role. Hell, Nate McMillan didn’t even start most of the time he played here, and the Sonics retired his jersey because he was THAT important to the team as a leader, teammate and sixth man.

    We can say Perk doesn’t deserve a hero’s welcome in Boston and that the Celtics shouldn’t still be moping that he’s gone, but Perk was THEIR GUY. Obviously he was a huge presence in the locker room; probably a little-brother type to KG/Pierce/Allen and a best friend to Rondo and some of the younger guys. I won’t knock Boston fans and the team for showing Perk a lot of love.

  • beiber newz
  • beiber newz

    the kings won’t extend jason thompson’s contract…i’m calling some team overpays for him.

  • control


    Every team has their home town heroes. Jerome, the Junk Yard Dog Williams would get all types of love in Toronto. He wasn’t a great player, barely even a good player, but the guy busted in cock off for Toronto and won the hearts of the people. Is he a good enough player that all teams should give him that love? Nah, not at all.

    The difference with Perks and boston, and JYD and Toronto is this: boston fans shove Perks down every other fan’s throat. Propping him up as “second best center in league”, etc. It’s such a media over hype, that the negative back lash from everyone else is going to happen. Perks is the same as JYD, an ugly, medium-skilled guy who hustles his ass off, but boston fans put him up on that huge ass pedestal that he’s going to get the hate for it.

  • beiber newz

    chilllllll they don’t hype him as the 2nd best center..i do think they acknowledge his defense a tad bit more than he is due, but i think that came along with the mystique of the boston garden and the power of the big 3 at the time. they won games, and it was because it was hard to score..they like to point to perk’s interior defense as a major reason why. IFFF they ever said perk was the best center not named dwight, they are delusional.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @control — Point taken, and just another reason why it sucks that the national media is so Boston/NY centralized. If Perk played for the Bucks he’d have the same amount of love from the home crowd/team, but there wouldn’t be the extra bit of “He should be an All-Star.”

    But I was talking more about people who act like Boston fans are stupid to give Perk a standing O. Somebody earlier was like, “He wasn’t even the fourth-quarter closing big man.” So?

  • First & Foremost

    If the Washington Generals played a D-1 team or a team in Europe, they’d get smashed just as easily. Not like the Generals are involved in tightly contested games. They can’t defend the deep ball, they can’t defend the three man weave – in a half court setting let alone a fastbreak. They have a tough time keeping guards out of the lane and bigs off of the board. Not to mention they can’t break a full court press.

    Verdict – Generals lose [I know, Shocking]

  • beiber newz

    lebron’s face if the generals were to beat him


  • beiber newz

    Man fuk yall!

  • LakeShow84

    Perkins WAS the best post defender when he was down there playing with the green mystique..

    NOW???? Hes just a goon lol

    For anyone who wants to see what i mean by “green mystique” please go watch game 2 of the 08 Finals LA vs BS..

  • beiber newz

    the more and more i watch iman shumpert , the more i see a young russ westbrook . but with better defensive tools. i.e. longer arms.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @F&F — I can’t tell if you were serious or not.

  • beiber newz

    teams are calling the celtics asking about a paul pierce trade….kg and ray ray’s contracts are up after this season…if the celtics deal pierce..they can start from scratch with rondo as the face…they’ll have cap room and they will have the money to start a young team, where rondo can pass and lead to the future.

    with that said, i still can’t see pierce in any other jersey.

  • beiber newz

    … n just going to pat myself on the back before i head off.

  • beiber newz

    ^thx chicagorilla. appreciate it. from your mouth not mine.

  • control

    Why would any team want Pierce at the price he is being paid this season (and next 2 or 3)? Are they looking to draw in AARP fans or something? Shit, the cost in supplying and transporting wheelchairs everywhere for PP alone doubles the cost of his contract.

    PP is done, he’s got about one move (left elbow pull up jumper) and he can barely get that one done anymore. Oh wait, I guess you can count his fake tough guy grimace, muscle flex and chest beat as a move too, but that shit don’t help the team much, unless you are looking to appeal to idiots who watch Jersey Shore.

  • beiber newz

    pierce is still a vet..with a good jumper…smart..knows how to play the game right…and knows how to move a ball to help chemistry…don’t underestimate pierce. he is clutch, and fearless. any championship team would love to have him. you make him sound like a plague.

  • beiber newz

    oh and he can still ball…he’s one of the better SF’s in the game still. but i guess i summed that up in my last post…maybe he’ll get an AARP endorsement ….when he retires.

  • Big Island

    Celts – I am cool with people liking NY, it’s just not for me so fuck that place.

    Chi – He’s Tom Chambers. Here is a look inside of one of the deep secrets in white guy world: Any white guy taller than 6’7″ who dunks is Tom Chambers. Under 6’7″ and he is from Rexington, Kentucky. I can’t explain any more, I’ve already said too much.

  • beiber newz

    the bulls are playing the suns without d.rose.

    the bulls really only have shots to beat non playoff teams without rose. but i wouldn’t be shocked if they lost this game.

    i always like seeing how teams do without their best player. the bulls have caught my attention this year because rose is beginning to look like he may catch the injury bug due to his ferocious style of play. he won’t be playing like he is now by the time he hits 30.

    kobe switched his game, and due to kobe having a great jumper and an arsenal of moves (pivots, up fakes, shimmies,) he’s still able to put up the same stats as if he was 25. rose…eh, i dunno bout him. all he really has is a deadly crossover, speed and hops. 2 out the 3 will decline by the time he hits 30.

    the bulls will have to have gotten him another reliable scorer i hope by that time, cuz this bulls team now without rose…one word..sorry.

  • JBaller

    I am all for the fans showing Perk the love and his former teammates shaking his hand and having a laugh. He deserves it. I think it goes too far when Doc Rivers says stuff like “He’ll always be a Celtic”. It might be that their emotional dependence on a former teammate is hurting their chances moving forward (though it’s more likely that they’re too old). They have to be mentally tough and not look for excuses to keep losing.

    I think it’s great when I guy leaves a team on good terms and the fans show him the love rather than booing him. It show’s class and rewards a guy for having played hard and not fucking a team over a la Lebron and Bosh. Coaches need to coach and players need to play, not gush all over their old buddies.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JBaller — OK, I was with you up until the last part. Please explain to me how Bosh and LeBron respectively f***ed over the Raptors and Cavs?