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Derrick Rose Drives Home A Point Against Atlanta; Kobe Bryant Shuts Everyone Up

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

Just when we were set to believe in Atlanta, they collapsed, fell apart, couldn’t make a free throw and now everyone in Chicago is probably sending Jeff Teague thank you cards. Derrick Rose reached out and ripped out the Hawks’ heart before Luol Deng put the winning touches on top in the Bulls huge come-from-behind win (the Hawks led by 19) at home against Atlanta, 76-74. How did the final few possessions go? It was a lot of Rose vs. Teague. First, with about a minute left, the MVP blew by Teague and nearly elevated to Mars at the rim. After the Hawks’ point forced Rose (30 points, seven assists) into an ugly miss on Chicago’s next possession, Teague came down and with tap water in his veins, missed both freebies. So just to rub it in, Rose came down and sped past Teague again to score at the rim. After Al Horford made just one of two free throws to tie it (Why couldn’t the ATL make a damn free throw?), Deng (21 points, eight rebounds) scored on a fabulous out-of-bounds playcall before Joe Johnson (3-for-17 for 10 points) shot an air ball at the buzzer to end it. Did we mention the Bulls’ color guy is former player Stacey King, and on every Rose bucket he was screaming “TOO BIG, TOO STRONG, TOO FAST, TOO GOOD!!!” Unbelievable ending to a great game… except King had to screw it up a second time with this: “DRIVE HOME SAFELY!! BEEP BEEP!!” … Once late in the fourth, Josh Smith hit a moonshot from out near the arc. A few possessions later, he tried again and missed. That got Ernie Johnson to say in the studio, “The problem with Josh Smith, when he hits a couple of shots he thinks he can hit MORE.” At least Smith (15 points, 14 rebounds) responded to that call with a big lob at the rim in the final minute … Kobe Bryant must’ve heard all of us complaining. After another dismal first half that had everyone complaining for Bean to pass the ball to Andrew Bynum – who was mashing people inside the paint – Bryant exploded in the second half with rainbow fallaways and muscling in post-up shots in the Lakers’ 108-99 win over Houston. After another slow start, Bryant finished up 14-for-29 from the field for 37 points, eight rebounds and six assists. He had Chase Budinger wishing he chose volleyball and Kyle Lowry in the chamber taking bullets from every one of Bryant’s moves. While the second half was an offensive clinic, the first half had Andrew Bynum ready to throwdown. At the break, Bynum (who had 12 points and 14 rebounds by the half before finishing the night with the first 20/20 game of his career, 21 points, 22 rebounds) rushed off the court, ripping his jersey out of his waist like someone just stole his spot in the kickball line at gym class. He was HEATED. At one point in the first half, Houston went on a 17-6 run where for the majority of it, Luis Scola (20 points) was their biggest player. Do the Lakers get enjoyment out of playing keepaway from Bynum? Chandler Parsons & briefly, Kyle Lowry, tried to check him and yet he rarely touched the ball. We’re sorry Kobe fans, but you know you’re shooting too much and struggling when the Laker play-by-play guys begin calling your shots “inventions.” In the end on this night, Bryant and Bynum were both just too good … By the way, Lowry had 22, 10 and nine, and no one cared… AGAIN. He can’t catch a break … Keep reading to hear what the new best team in the West did last night…

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  • beiber newz

    kobe’s performance does not need any comment on behalf of myself…all i know is i’m happy and dime’s title on kobe’s game against the rockets does all the speaking

    what i do want to talk about is andrew bynum. andrew bynum, rmember when i said people ignore what he CAN do simply because of his injury history ? like when people talk about the most talented centers in the league, every1 shitted, mostlyon laker fans, on bynum being discussed simply because he got hurt? i mentioned here some time ago bynum is still one of the best and someone told me he basically (paraphrasing) shouldn’t be looked at that way because he gets hurt, but that hoes nothing to do with his talent.

    this season he is showing you what he got. players get nicer as they advance in their careers and bynum has grown and is displaying incredible moves for someone of his height and build. just incredible stuff. bynum is showing that he is without a doubt the 2nd best center in the world.

    but what i really wanted to comment on was, i remember the time when there was talk about pairing bunum AND dwight on the lakers. incredible if they can make that happen now. i hope they do and haters will try and do what they did with the chris paul fiasco and crow til the sun goes down to stop the deal anyway they can and regualr people will shit on it etc etc.

    but i rememebr when there was talk about that. trading pau gasol, the trade exception, the draft pick, ebanks and maybe even darius morris can land dwight howard in la. imagine bynum at center, dwight at the four and kobe at the two? championship. every other team should take dan gilbert’s advice and change their names to the washington generals.

    the way bynum has been playing this year, there is ABSOLUTELY no way they trade bynum and pau for dwight. i’m just so happy they didn’t pull a new orleans and jump at the deal. the hornets got hosed. they culda got a much better deal for chris paul. even if they got a good draft pick. top 5 picks don’t always turn into all stars.

    if orlando knows what is good for them, they take pau, (otis smith already said he wants established vets smart) so they can compete still) the trade exception and the draft pick. i know they’d want ebanks so it;’d be worth it if LA is getting the best center in the game in return.

  • beiber newz

    oh yea, and rose to the rescue again. i’m happy i took him with my first pick in my fantasy draft, even if he has some weird nights. he is a bonafide stud.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ Beiber

    I really don’t mean to offend you but rather give you a good advice so don’t go on another on of those rap battles or some shit.

    Dude, don’t take yourself so seriously. Every other post of yours is ‘Remember when I said … I predicted … I told you so’ plus the digging up of older posts … no one wants to read that – it’s just annoying as hell and almost provokes people to ‘hate’ on you. Like I said, no offense, just think about it and please tone it down.

    As for the game, well a win is a win I guess. Houston trots out a midget lineup and Kobe takes 29 shots while Gasol gets 11. It’s just wrong. Houston has one good big in Scola and a few stiffs. Bynum and Gasol were beasting inside so how about getting the 6’9 Scola in foul trouble instead of Kobe and World Peace shooting spin jumpers from downtown? At least Mike Brown completely ignored Fisher down the stretch while Steve Blake played like the final seven minutes or so. That’s one step in the right direction.

  • Ricky

    The Lakers might have won but, it would have been a lot easier if they just kept feeding Gasol and Bynum the ball instead of letting Bryant take contested fadeaways.

  • beiber newz

    showtime, it was necessary to get my point across. i was talking about a passed discussion about bynum and my experience when it came to what i read here on how people have downgraded his talents unjustly due to his injury list. no offense taken. but you don’t always have to point out, “beiber you are getting me mad, or people don’t like you because of this.” if you don’t like me, don’t like me in quiet.

  • beiber newz

    nonetheless, it doesn’t take away from my core message. you just don’t like how it was presented, which is fair enough, can’t control what people like or dislike.

  • beiberhasaidz

    you’re posts suck and are too long and you’re name is gay.



  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Funny enough that’s exactly what I did for the last six months or so but there’s a point where you have to vent. Once upon a time the comments section was a few cool dudes talking basketball. Nowadays every day the comments section gets flooded by you defending some previous statements of yours wheter it’s Bynum, Rubio or whatever. Then the same guys that disagreed back then start ‘hating’ on the same crap again. If you wouldn’t try to rub your older posts into people’s faces there might be a possibility of some real basketball talk again instead of all the insulting crap going on now.

  • beiber newz

    real talk tho, i just love when kobe plays well because it buys me another hater-free 24 hours.

  • beiber newz

    bye showtime.

  • beiber newz

    the ironic thing is, i’m not hated on for disrespecting people or their teams or their favorite player, rite now someone is taking issue on the fact that i brought something up again. well the irony here is that, that is what sports is all about. people have opinions, and other people have varying opinions. sometimes those opinions coincide and sometimes those opinions clash, but the thing i am being accused of is something that happens in sports talk every day stemming from that premise. when someone has an idea an it comes to fruition an analyst will speak on it. if a player says something in an interview, a reporter will bring it up again.

    for example, if there was talk that lebron is the best in the world and can do no wrong, maybe someone may say lebron is great but not in the fourth quarter. the next day when lebron messes up the 4th qtr, the guy who said lebron isn’t clutch will bring up the fact that what he said is true, and that is just what happen naturally in sports talk. so i guess i can be hated on for something that happens naturally in spots talk. i’m fine with that. i am just happy i am not hated on for being a hater. that is much better. i am happy i am not looked at as a racist or disrespectful prick even if i may disagree with someone’s opinion (such as kobe shooting 6-28 is the real kobe).

    if i am not hated for those things, i can live with being hated for something like bringing up one of my opinions that came to fruition. that’s fine with me.

  • control

    I don’t know why Mike Brown doesn’t introduce Kobe to those two 7′ guys on his team. Arrange a sit down between them, maybe lunch or something, because Kobe is treating those guys like strangers. Well, I do know why Mikey doesn’t, because Kobe would be like KG talking to fans “fuck off lil boy”. Funny thing is, these are the games fanboys point to to prove Kobe is a hero…these are the games I point at to prove Kobe won’t share any shine at all.


    Fuck yea.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ control

    Mike Brown should be used to it by now. He faced the same bs in Cleveland. It took Lebron 4 season to stop fading sideways on his jumpers. You would think someone on the coaching staff would have noticed so they were either to scared to tell him or he ignored them. It probably could have gotten them fired as well. Same scenario as in Lakerland right now

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    We tried to tell him before. He just doesn’t listen.


    This is why i don’t understand why Mike Brown was in such a rush to take the Lakers Job. He is in the same no-win position as he was in Cleveland. this time, his star player (Kobe) is playing like a 18yr old High schooler trying to impress the local college coach by shooting the ball everytime he takes a breath.

    29 FG attempts ain’t a bad thing for a scorer. Until you realize the who situation. Bynum and Gasol should be killing the Houston Rockets front line. Kobe doesn’t give 2 shyts, he’s trying to build upon his legacy so he’s gonna keep doing this throughout the season.

  • uqk

    don’t get too hyped up on bynum, it’s still the beginning of season. Still plenty of time for bynum to get himself injured :D

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    As for that Bulls Game

    I feel bad for Derrick Rose. Is this what he has to deal with all season? Don’t get me wrong, Im happy for the win. DRose played like the MvP he is. But his teammates played like a lottery team. I’m thoroughly convinced that DRose and Dwight Howard are the most valuable players (by true definition) in the NBA. And Thibs is a top 5 coach.
    There was no reason for that game to even be close. DRose fed his teammates time after time after time for wide open jumpers or easy lay ups and these bastards missed. This game looked exactly like the playoffs from last year.

    I’m not all that mad at the players though. They can only do what their talents allow them to do. I blame management for this. Too many players on the team that aren’t finishers or shooters. Once of the reasons why I think Rip is the key is because dude is a finisher and a good shooter no matter the time of the game. HE should be back for the Detroit game so all should be well again.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    “Teague came down and with tap water in his veins, missed both freebies.” lmao

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Drew Gooden smacked Utah with 24 points, 12 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 assist. Shows the kind of defense the team has. I miss Jerry Sloan.

    From today’s Smack — “In case you’re into trying to say Irving isn’t even the best point guard in his class (Not sure where this junk came from)…”

    Uh Dime, please check out these stat lines. Just saying.

    Kyrie Irving
    25.8 mpg, 14.6 ppg, 5.6 apg, 3.8 rpg, .459 fg, .462 3pt, and .786 ft.

    Cleveland has played Charlotte, New Jersey, Indiana, Detroit, Toronto

    Ricky Rubio
    27 mpg, 8.8 ppg, 6.4 apg, 3.8 rpg, .517 fg, .500 3pt, and .833 ft.

    Minnesota has played San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Milwaukee, and Oaklahoma.

    Speaking of point guards, I cannot remember where I read it and I do not know how much traction it has but it predicted Steve Nash will be traded to the Lakers before the All Star break.

    If ever that happens, I think the Lakers can again get cozy at the top of the Western Conference this season.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Kobe doesn’t want a real PG. He has never had one. If you think for any moment that he’s giving up the rock and is going to let someone else make the decisions on offense then you and all the other Lakers fans are sick. Kobe is perfectly happy with Fisher and Blake. It gives him a reason to have the ball more so he can decide when he wants to shoot. But if Nash somehow does end up traded to the Lakers, I hope he’s been practicing spotting up in the corner because thats all he’s going to do.

    just for the fun of it. Lets look at the MVP trophies for the 1992 Dream Team vs the potential 2012 USA team.

    MAgci = 3 MVPs
    Bird = 3 MVPs (in a row no less)
    Jordan= 3 MVPs

    9 REG Season MVP trophies in all by 1992 (Jordan-2, Malone, Barkley, Robinson all won it after 92′)

    2012 Potential USA team
    LBJ = 2 MVP
    Kobe = 1 MVP
    DRose = 1 MVP
    2012 = 1 MVP(someone from this team will win it this year
    for a grand total of 5 MVP trophies in all.

    not fair? Different day and age? Well lets look at Finals MVP trophies

    1992 Dream Team
    Jordan = 2 Finals MVPs
    Magic = 3 Finals MVPs
    Bird = 2 Finals MVPs
    7 Finals MVPs combined

    2012 USA Team
    Kobe = 2 Finals MVPs
    DWAde = 1 Finals MVP
    2012 = 1 finals MVP
    Even though a player who may not be on the 2012 USA team could win the finals MVP, i’ll still add it in.
    for a grand total of 4 finals MVPs combined.

    Lets look at championship rings instead.

    1992 Dream Team
    Magic = 5 Rings
    Bird = 3 Rings
    Jordan = 2 Rings
    Pippen = 2 Rings
    12 Golden Rings in all

    2012 USA Team
    Kobe = 5 Rings
    Wade = 1 Ring
    2012 = 1 ring
    7 rings in all, most of them By Kobe.

    Bottom line, the Dream Team guys weren’t just talented players stuffed on a plane and sent overseas. They were winners. Guys who knew the game. Many of them in their primes.
    The Fact that Austin thinks that 1992 in his Prime Michael Jordan, Prime Drexler , Prime John Stockton, 32yr old Magic, is equal to 2012 injury prone and limping Kobe Bryant, Wade, 23yrs young Rose, prime/injury prone chris Paul, prime Deron, is just f^cking disturbing.

    But where I really lose it is when he tries to tell me that Amare and Blake would be able to handle Malone and Barkley. Or KLove and Dwight would contend even a little bit with Ewing and Robinson.

    Thats just down right disrespectful to the game of basketball. forget the history or nastailga (which is a gay a$$ argument btw) Bull$h!t. look at how well these teams mesh. the 1992 played some of the best basketball imaginable. While the 2008/2010 teams were flailing around the court half the time gambling for steals and and couldn’t make a jumper (unless Michael Redd came in) to save their life.

    But by far….the worst thing ive ever seen AB write was when he tried conviencing people that Coach K was better than Chuck MFKing Daily!!!!!
    I’m not even going to go into my usual rant about how Coach K doesn’t produce actual NBA talent. I’ll just point out how terrible of a USA coach he is by pointing to how he kept Kevin Love on the bench all summer in 2010. Half the time you didn’t even know KLove was on the team. a 6’10 guy that can shoot lights out, and rebound with the best of them, not to mention throws the best outlet passes the NBA has seen, and would be the perfect fit for FIBA ball. Yet Coach K kept him glued to the bench. Instead choosing to go small and use the hearless Lamar Odom (a SF) at the center position.

    On the other hand, Chuck Daily never called a timeout once. The entire time coaching the Olympics. He never once had to use a time out.
    that says something about his team, and about his coaching.

    Don’t give me that shyt about playing against better talent. As it’s been pointed out several times over the past years, the reason why the Euro teams look like they are catching up is because the Americans don’t have the skill they used to. It’s all about flash and selfishness. The 1992 team didn’t have this problem. the 2012 most certainly will.

  • Ian

    hahaha greg anothony said kobe turned into somthing hes never been before a volume shooter hahaha. loved the cwebb reaction to that stupid comment.

  • Ian

    but lebron in cleveland had no one to pass it to those 4 seasons thats the diff

  • Ian

    “But where I really lose it is when he tries to tell me that Amare and Blake would be able to handle Malone and Barkley. Or KLove and Dwight would contend even a little bit with Ewing and Robinson.”
    did austin really post this crap? amare would get abused by malone and i love kloves game but him vs the admiral????? wtf?

  • bilal

    I get bored or beiber newz’s comments, so I skip them anyways.

    The Lakers do really need to build around Bynum for the long term, thing is they have Kobe. Dont get me wrong, Kobe me continues to amaze me every year, especially with the way he adds to his arsenal, but he getting older and his body is taking a beating. its kinda like AI his body cant continue to do what he thinks he can.

    Amare and Griffin vs Malone and Barkley. REALLY are you kidding me. Amare is allergic to rebounding, defence and general big man play against Malone one of the ALL-TIME GREATS at PF, come on dime really? And Griffin? lets not start with comparing how a guy in his 2nd year in the NBA with somewhat limited offence and a rigged dunk contest win can compare to a HOFer.

    “In case you’re into trying to say Irving isn’t even the best point guard in his class (Not sure where this junk came from)”
    Hmmmm i wonder why dime is sucking upto yet another player, who as of yet has not proved his ability against some of the best….oh yeah he writes a column for them and has a cover, now i remember.

    this season is turning out to be really good, very unpredictable and I dont mind being continuously tired staying up late watching league pass (while its free). And what makes it better, my Raps arent looking as bad as I thought (which is better than what dime thought, just saying, not trying to pull a beiber)

  • K Dizzle

    Andrew Bynum just played himself into an even up trade for Dwight Howard. Dude’s offensive game is so advanced, so polished, that it would be scary if Kobe actually looked for him all the time…but he won’t…cuz he’s Kobe, and I’m ok with it cuz we winnin. If we start losin to shit teams, then y’all see me vent, but dude was so hot in the 4th quarter that I can’t hate. 14-29? That’s a great shootin day.
    Steve Blake startin to grow on me this season. Dude is doin what he was supposed to do comin in last season and even though his numbers be suckin early on, he’s startin to hit big shots.

    One more time now, “David Stern phucked the Rockets n Hornets”. Houston needs size badly. Their guards and wings are ballers. If everything had worked out, it woulda been a lineup of Lowry, Lee, Budinger, Gasol and Nene. Beastmode with that squad. They so small now that their best postplayer is also their best midrange shooter so he got no help n they actually had to pay Sam Dalembert…Sorry, Rockets fans, but yo, Kyle Lowry is KILLIN EVERYBODY right now. He’s a top 3 point guard right now, swingin in and out of the top spot this week.
    15ppg, 11 asts, 7 rbs, 2.4 stls???? Somebody please ask Brook Lopez how a barely 6 foot guard is averagin 7 boards a game.

    @ Ian
    Comparin DT92 to the 2012 squad is like comparing last year’s Finals teams.
    Heat(2012) got all the athletes, the runner n jumpers, but the Mavs(1992) had the more complete team. I think the 2012 team gets spanked bad…

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Yes, AB did say that ish. But I don’t think he believes it. There’s no way a basketball knowledgeable person would say that and mean it.

    Griffin is a pup and doesn’t even know how to read defenses. Amare is allergic to defense. Dwight doesn’t see any skilled +7footers, and when he did (Yao) he got crushed.

    There’s no way AB believes that shit. He’s trying to get us talking, and it obviously worked. Good work AB.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I agree. No way he believed that shyt. He was just trying to get web hits for DIME or something. And it worked as i see the comments went up to 100 again for two days str8. Even though ONE SPECIAL PERSON had 50 comments alone lol.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @Dizzle: “I think the 2012 team gets spanked bad…”

    I agree. I think Laettner & The GOATs give the 2012 team a clinic on how to play ball. In ’92 they had offensive trips where the team didn’t even dribble the ball, it was just crisp passing. Just cutting, screens and the ball zipping back-n-forth. They enjoyed sharing the ball. Can you say that about a team with Melo, and Kobe and Westbrook?? Ummm… not me.

    And the rumours about practice film of the ’92 team makes me giddy. If those videos are ever released I will be one of the first in line to buy it. I’ll never buy practice film of the 2012 team. Amare doesn’t like to rebound in games, what’s his practice attitude like?

  • Ian

    “I think Laettner & The GOATs” hahahahahahahaha

    agree on the dream team thing
    now you shouldnt be fine with it cuz u r winning if kobe looked for his big men more you would have an easier time winning.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    @ Chicagorilla

    I am not a Lakers fan. Never was. I was a Boston fan back in the day. After Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish retired, I moved on to the Jazz.

    Anyway, Nash in a Lakers uniform will do Kobe and the team a lot of good if it happens.

  • tron

    im not worried about L-Train making the all-star game. oddly enough i got portland being among the best in the west coming 2nd only to OKC. who can complete with the blazers when they’re hitting their shots? the clips? chemistry is great, everyone has a role to play and its beginning to show. rip city!

  • Soopa / b_malte

    I enjoy Kobe having games like this because it just goes to show that he still doesn’t get it.

    No disrespecting Kobe’s talents which for all we know might be top5 all time, but it is about time we start questioning his basketball IQ or whatever you call putting yourself ahead of the team time after time.

    Except for the fact that he hit his shots against the Rockets how did he improve from the Nuggets game?

    Why doesn’t he take a backseat to Bynum and Gasol (which would be for the good of the team), go easy on his knees and wrist, which might even extend his career and just take over the last 2min (if its close) after the other team has their D setup to protect the paint?

    Isn’t it that simple?

    Oh and about 10 of Bynum’s points came on 3 sec violation that didn’t get called. I was kinda ridiculous.

  • beiber newz

    oh , and i said kobe was allowed a 6-28 shooting night because like so many other superstars a night like that won’t phase them. and 37 points the next game kind of gives my assessment some credence. but i got lashed out on for saying that, even though it is a very true statement even if one thinks kobe should have passed 5 of those shots to his big men, like i did when i thought he should have gave bynum more touches. i was speaking solely on his ability to score. he won’t think, “oh man the next shot is off”, he knows 6-28 is an aberration. and that’s all i was speaking of. not how he should change his game, just simply how it affects his mind as a scorer. he won’t think he is a bad player and kobe has shown through the years to have probably the toughest mental strength in the entire nba it can be argued.

  • beiber newz

    seeing as how i can’t change you boy’s mind, i will show no shame in bringing up everytime i’m right. i will embrace it, just like how you blindly give a pass to the fact everyone else does it here everyday.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @tron and DIME

    I like Lamarcus Aldridge, but unless his a$$ decides to classify himself as a center (which he shoulda been anyway) he’ll have a tought time making the All star team again this year.

    Blake Griffin, Durant, KLove, Dirk,
    are guaranteed spots.

    He’ll have to battle Z-Bo, Scola, Nene, Al Jefferson,David Lee stat wise
    he’ll have to battle Gasol, Andrew Bynum with stats and wins.

    He has a chance though, and He’s better than nearly off those dudes on the 2nd and 3rd list.

  • beiber newz

    the fact everytime kobe shoots over 25 shots and some1 else saying pretty much a “seee” statement by saying ugh kobe again? like i said, he should pass to the big men etc etc

    or someone saying another seeeee type statement by pointing out how bad the rockets/hornets look now when the stated it b4.

    that goes blindly unnoticed, but someone with the name beiber newz brings up bynum playing well and i get lashed at. too funny.

  • First & Foremost

    Going 6 for 28 is flat out horrid. Fortunately for him his has the complete freedom to do whatever he wants to. If that means shooting his team out of the game, so be it. That Denver loss was squarely on Kobe. He took more shots than Bynum and Gasol combined and then had fewer points than either one of them.

    The gripe about Kobe is that he is selfish. He is also SOOOO good that often times his selfishness will get his team the win. Jerry Rice was the same way. If he caught 8 passes for 157 yards and his team won, no problem. If he caught 14 passes for 132 yards and his team lost, no problem. He catches 3 passes for 12 yards win/lose/draw you heard from him about it. He wanted the wins to be more of a function of his stats. The 49ers just so happened to win a lot.

    Being selfish isn’t always the best interest of the team. Bynum and Gasol were having great games, and Kobe was trying to shoot himself into having a great game as well instead of riding Bynum and Gasol for the win. He still feels he is the greatest player to ever play, you want that mentality [Jordan Crawford excluded] in a scorer, but he doesn’t/hasn’t and never will bow down graciously to letting big men be the primary option. It already eats at him when people say Shaq was the reason for his early success. So why would he even allow the thought of people saying Bynum will be the reason for his late success.

    All people are asking, is that he be a team player. Take advantage of the offensive weapon that is working IN THAT GAME. Gasol may disappear and Bynum may get hurt, but in that Denver game they were functioning.

  • Lee

    @ Chicagorilla

    Your Dream Team comparison doesn’t take into account that the game is international now. Dirk and Nash have had the MVP 3 times in the last 10 years and can’t play on the Dream Team. Dirk and Parker have both won a finals MVP. Also timing has to be a factor, 92′ magic and bird were just about retired but everyone else was in their prime.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Kobe shooting 14-29 is not good. I hope you all know that. That’s called Volume shooting. It’s not even above 50% shooting.

    He also did this while his 7fters had a huge mismatch.

    Play of the night:
    Loul Dengs game winner? Nope. Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durants chase down blocks? Nope. Andrew Bynums dream shake and finish? Uh uh.

    Kobe Bryant pump faking past one defender, shooting over the next, and purposely passing the ball off the backboard….TO HIMSELF!!!! hahahaha so lame.

    It was cool when he first did it years ago. Cool when Jamal C., T-Mac and vince did it. But this is like Kobe’s 10th time pulling this shyt. It’s not impressive anymore. It’s not about making a tough play. He’s just being a complete dyck when he does it.

  • trollne1

    I know he’s been back only 3 games but Bynum is definitely playing like a man on a mission. If he can play 35 mins a game and remain healthy for the rest of the year, he may just challenge Dwight Howard for the center spot in the All-NBA First Team.

    And props to the Cavs for proving a lot of us wrong. Many people, including myself, picked them to be the worst team in the NBA, or at least in the East, this year. But obviously that title belongs to the Wizards right now, with the Nets coming in a close second.

    And it seems to me that the Gay-Bo dynamic is as bad as Melo-Mare in NY. It’s like the Grizz and Knicks only win when the other star forward takes a back seat or is injured.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    People piling on Kobe for shooting too much, this happens every season.
    Us Laker fans know that he should pass it more often but we’re not too worried about it.
    14-29 is solid shooting…. Just below 50% for a guard is solid.

    Haters are never going to be happy with what Kobe does, so fuck em.

    Bynum needs a nickname.

  • beiber newz

    guards arent expected to shoot over 50% anyway so……………..

  • beiber newz

    hahaha he said fuck the haters.

  • jdizzle

    I guess there WILL be an All-Star game this year. But how can you vote for players with so little time really see how well guys are playing? And if LeBron wants to get rid of the villain title he should enter the dunk contest…on second thought, that might not work cuz he’ll pose and stare at the crowd after every dunk.

  • beiber newz

    austin burton should not be looked at as trying to get hits on dimemag.com , he is not the only one who believes there can be a case made for the 2012 olympic team. even though he is nothing more than a bystander, a player on the 2012 team is also making the case. so it’s not just austin trying to get hits, if that were the case i don’t think someone on the actual olympic team would say that. lbj doesn’t own dimemag.com so lbj doesn’t have a website traffic incentive. logically, if one person believes something, there is a good chance more than one person in the world has that same thought. i don’t think everyone who can make a case for the 2012 team being able to compete with the dream team are contributing to dimemag.com hits. so therefore, if you guy’s only defense against austin burton’s strong points made is that he is trying to generate online hits, is weak simply because not everyone who thinks that is getting online hits. you guys have to consider that he actually believes what he says. and if you take that stance, you can believe he is crazy just like someone who thinks he has a point, won’t think he is crazy or generating online traffic for a website.

  • beiber newz

    @jdizzle, in regards to the all star game, think about it this way…if people for example on this site can come up with their own beliefs/opinions/observations/analysises after one week of the season, i think the coaches who see these guys up close and know their games a lot better than most of these “wannabe experts” on this site i think they can also be trusted to put together a good all star team. also, the starting lineups, which are decided by fans, should be a good call too anyway. the all star game is watched for exciting, up and down, scoring, pure great unadulterated fascinating basketball. so i trust fans to pick a good starting 5 such as the lebrons and wades which are easy picks for wanna be know it all fans anyway. so nothing should change in regards to the product chosen even in a shortened time span.

  • Big Island

    Kobe wasn’t that bad. Bynum wasn’t shooting great either. It wasn’t like Kobe was jacking and Bynum had the hot hand. Still, 29 shots when the team takes about 80 is volume shooting. I am not hating on Kobe’s game last night.

    Dream Team – I still haven’t recovered from that yesterday. I don’t want to go into it again because I don’t want another day ruined. God damn Austin.

  • Big Island

    Holy crap. The coffee is kicking in and Dime called out Brandon Jennings. They called out Brandon Jennings!!! *fat, naked white guy running down the street screaming* DIME MAGAZINE SAID SOMETHING NEGATIVE ABOUT BRANDON JENNINGS!!!! THEY DID IT JUST NOW!!! IT’S STILL THERE!!!!!

  • QQ


    Kobe shutting everyone up is his career in a nutshell. Hater or fanboy, can’t EVER doubt that cat.

    The Blazers are becoming the Spurs back when the Spurs mattered. Heady and classy star (Aldridge), a no-nonsense coach, a low maintenance and effective cast, and a management that knows what they are doing.

    Kyrie Irving is slowly becoming the truth. And for a class deemed one of the worst in recent memory, these young dudes sure has a lot of game in them.

  • Ian

    The iceman and jordan shot 50 percent so who was it that said guards don’t shot that high?!?

    The top 4 sgs ever are jordan west iceman and kobe and guess who has the lowest fg percentage?

    But let’s keep going frazier a another guard shot 50.

    The only other top ten sg everr that has the same percentage as kobe is reggie and he took his shots 50 feet away from the rim and stillll had a better true fg percentage.

    So tell me how a top ten sg isn’t supposed to shot over 50?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Alf – you need to do your “100 Reasons why beiber is a Douche” list.

    Then again, beiber posts those 100 reasons he’s a douche each and every day, in all of his comments.

    Beiber is the new Sporty-J

    Did I miss a mention of how long Manu will be out? 6 weeks at least is what I’m thinking. I hope it helps the team in the long run; get the youngin’s some experience and conditioning and save (a hopefully healthy) Manu for the playoffs. Spurs have a very limited window att his point – like Smokey said… “Take advantage, Man!”

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Would it be okay to say Bynum is the best center in the league? Who has a better offensive game outside of just dunking, who has better footwork? Who has more rings?

    Now back to being serious, im not mad at kobe calling for the post iso against buddinger or lowry. That is his spot and those are mismatches any coach would exploit. And even if kobe did take most of the shots, bynum still got his career high and 1st double double and thats pretty exciting for laker fans.

  • http://Facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    @Beiber and @Showtime

    Show time has it right. Dimemag used to be a place where NBA junkies could come and have legit conversations on players and teams. Then people got a little ahead of themselves… Started calling out the writers, posing ignorant comments, rambling on about how people are ‘hating on them’ and generally watering down their posts.

    I’ve been a loyal Dime follower for years (remember when you could read Smack on Yahoo!?) and now I never bother to post.

    Beiber- chill. That’s all. Just chill a bit. I’m down with your passion and forgive your bad spelling, but just chill a bit on the novel posts. And for the love of Pete, change your screen name.

  • beiber newz

    I hope the lakers pair bynum with dwight. I keep thinking about the possibilities.

  • doc

    I wont say the 2012 team would get demolished.People always love the teams from their heyday.But them teams they played in 92 was trash.It was like 5 beibers out there. 92 Mike would go hard but Wade and old ass Kobe aint chopped liver.Bron would EMBARASS that old ass Bird who couldnt even do shit by then but come out and jack up a trey every now and then.Talk all that Stockton shit u want but give me CP3 and D Will or Drose and we gonna abuse him just like Zeke and Glove used to do. 92 bigs were more skilled and that might put them over the top but Dwight not getting BAKED like yall say.It would be a hell of a game I know that much.And Kobe do gotta very high b-ball iq.He just dont give a shit.He gunnin for that all time scoring dont act like yall dont know.I hope he get it cuz his roots is North Phil.Props to Kyle for ballin too he holdin us down too.Look out for my Sixers.Bynum dont want it wit Spencer For Hire baby!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @beib: “he is not the only one who believes there can be a case made for the 2012 olympic team.”

    Speaking of ‘making a case’….
    There was a study, an actual study which was paid for by a private company, which made the case that the number of prostitutes in any city is directly proportionate to the number of priests/clergymen. Basically, it said that when the number of prostitutes increases, so does the clergymen…. when there’s less prostitutes, there’s less priests.

    They conducted their study, and made the case… but it doesn’t make it 100% true just because someone can make a case for something.

    What the study didn’t talk about is the fact that both the number of hookers and priests increase and decrease with a city’s population. So when there’s more people, more priests are needed, and the same goes for the hoes. Again, just because a case can be made, doesn’t make it so.

    Go ahead and make the case. We’re talking a team of “best evers” vs today’s best who can’t even make the conversation of all-time greats. Stockton and Malone are one of the best duos to ever play together. Add that duo to another ‘best duo’ in Jordan, and Pippen… and top it off with a DRob, stand back and look at that lineup. It’s laughable. Stockton would shit on Westbrook. Hell, Isiah Thomas would shit on him, and he didn’t even make the team.

    The best duo that the 2012 team might have going into the Olympics is Wade and LBJ… is 100% convinced that they are 100% comfortable playing alongside eachother.

    Go ahead, keep making the case. Wait a minute, you aren’t even making a case. You’re just justifying the case for making a case. Either make an argument that the 2012 team can be better than the ’92 team, like LBJ said, or step aside and leave this debate alone. Stop playing politician and pick a side.

  • QQ

    51: NO.

    My totally unbiased ass says Dwight Howard is still the best center in the L.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    *is anyone convinced… typo

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    *is anyone 100% convinced that….

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    ^ Sorry for beibering, fellas

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    F Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol was 7-11! imagine if he had as many shots as Kobe. Let’s say he had double the shots. 28 points, and STILL wouldn’t have nearly as many shots as Kobe.

    Kobe’s trying to prove he’s still and elite player, and it’s kind of sad.

    Rose was an animal in that final minute. What a show

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Dwight is the main focus in the Magic offense. The ball and the whole team revolves around him. So its easy for dwight, if he wants it, to get huge numbers per game. Bynum has to share the ball with kobe and pau so even though he may get the same minutes as dwight he dont get as many touches. So how is bynum still putting up big stat lines without getting fed the ball?why cant dwight, with more oppurtunities, keep up with bynum if hes the best? Dwight should be crushing bynums numbers, right?

    2011-2012 stats
    Dwight Howard 17PPG 15RPG
    Andruw Bynum 22PPG 17RPG

    I know its still early in the season but if andruw keeps it up you might have to rethink it.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @panchitooo: “Dwight is the main focus in the Magic offense. The ball and the whole team revolves around him.”

    Someone should tell that to Turkuglu and the rest of that Magic team.

  • beiber newz

    @jay so no 1 gets mad at jays novel huh? Too hilarious. I’m criticized for something like that and it happens all the time.

    Also, the quote you so kindly pointed out wasn’t making the case that it was right, it was making the case that you guy’s argument that the debate can be had is to generate dimemag.com hits is a weak argument because more than one person can make the case and not everyone that can make the case for ’12 team is aiming to generate hits for this website. I said those people who can make the case don’t have motives to generate web traffic. That’s why I said that. You have to read my whole thing. You

    You did what every bad reporter does…take one line out of a full statement and take it completely out of context. Essentially what you guys are saying by going against austin by saying he was just trying to generate online hits is that anytime you don’t agree with him he is just trying to generate a discussion to generate hits. My point was that is a weak rebuttal. That’s why I said that.

    So please kindly I want to say your story written was misaimed because you made that case against something I wasn’t even trying to make a case for. So…..yea.

    You won’t admit to being wrong, even though I don’t care, what I do care about is telling me sorry for taking what you said out of context after I explain to you what I mean. It is not wrong for you to think what you thought I said. What is wrong is when I explain myself and clarify it for you, you don’t acknowledge to me that u understand what I mean. I am not saying you will do that now either, just letting you know what would be wrong. It happens to me a lot here and when I explain or clarify what I mean people who realize they got at me for the wrong thing say -i’ll ignore beiber or tell me to shutup. I hope you don’t do that now.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo


    Whats sad about kobe hitting turnaround rainbow fadeaways? He did have some missed long bombs though, one on a heat check and the other with the shot clock down.
    And if pau shot 28 times that would mean he shot 1 less than kobe, not nearly as much sounds like kobe shot 40 times. Plus if pau got twice the shots that means hes shooting twice as many jumpers when he should be working his sweet footwork down low. Having said that im amazed how good KG is at hitting the same jumper that Pau is inconsistent with.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Im mad at you for your novel LOL

    It seems all teams got a problem feeding their giant. But when bynum doesnt get the ball he dont complain and shuts down like ive seen dwight do in previous seasons.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    doc made a lot of my points for me, but I guess I’ll reiterate:

    I don’t have a problem with anybody saying that the 1992 Dream Team was better than the 2012 team. I think they were better. But notice that I didn’t get involved in the argument until somebody (I think it was Franchise) said that Dwight Howard “wouldn’t have a prayer” against Ewing and Robinson.

    Which gets to my main point: Head-to-head, as I said yesterday, I’d pick the 1992 team to win against the 2012 team. But I stress that it would be CLOSE. If they played each other 10 times, I could even see the ’92 team winning 10 times. But it would be CLOSE. Maybe an eight-point margin, maybe six points, maybe two points and overtime. All this talk about the original Dream Team beating the 2012 team by 30 and mopping the floor with them is ridiculous, and another case of people letting nostalgia blind them to reality.

    Would I take Magic Johnson over Derrick Rose? Yeah. But I also don’t think that 32-year-old Magic — having not played in the NBA for an entire season and having to get to know 11 brand-new teammates — would just drop an easy triple-double on Rose or totally beast him like people are trying to say.

    Would I take in-his-prime Jordan over D-Wade or 33-year-old Kobe? Yeah. But I also don’t think Jordan would just have his way with Kobe/Wade and make them look like college kids. Like I said, MAYBE Jordan would give them 40, but he’d get 30 right back.

    Would I take Ewing and/or Robinson over Dwight? Sure. But I also don’t think that Dwight — having outweighed those guys by 25-30 pounds apiece, being faster than Ewing and stronger than Robinson, and being a better rebounder than both of them ever were — would be held to like 8 points and 7 boards while Ewing/Robinsin put up 20 and 10.

    Would I take Larry Bird over LeBron? No. ESPECIALLY when it’s 35-year-old, about-to-retire, bad-back Larry versus in-his-prime LeBron. Would I take Larry over Durant? Sure. But not 35-year-old, bad-back, retiring Larry over 23-year-old, dropping-27-a-night Durant. Sorry, I think Bird loses that matchup. In 1992, the man simply was not near his best.

    See my point? If you think the 1992 team is better, that’s fine. I’d agree with you. But stop acting like they were WAY better and WAY more talented. Fact is, they did not face competition on par with what the 2012 team will face, and there’s absolutely no way the 1992 team would be able to treat the 2012 team like those international squads they faced back in the day.

    In fact, read this:


    Yeah, a group of college kids featuring Penny Hardaway, Chris Webber, Allan Houston and Eric Montross beat the 1992 Dream Team. So you really think they would unquestionably stomp a team with LeBron, D-Wade, Kobe, Dwight, Amar’e, etc.?

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    I just imagined Bird doing the 3 point goggles after he drained a shot, Jordan doing the dougie after a dunk and stockton doing the superman shirt thing after a sick play…Lmao

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Then there’s the matter of talent. Another thing I said (and do truly believe) is that the 2012 team will be just as, if not more, talented than the 1992 team.

    Some of you already helped make that point. As Chicagorilla said, Kevin Love is nearly 7 feet tall, can knock down threes, grab 15 boards a night, score inside, and throws the best outlet passes in the game. Pound-for-pound, he could be considered one of the most skilled big man to ever play the game. AND HE MIGHT NOT EVEN MAKE THE TEAM.

    What CAN’T Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Kevin Durant do offensively?

    Amar’e isn’t great at defense or rebounding, and Blake Griffin still has a lot to learn, but are they not two of the most athletic and best-finishing power forwards we’ve ever seen? Doesn’t Amar’e’s jump shot rival that of Pat Ewing? Isn’t Blake just as strong at the rim as Barkley or Malone?

    Dwight Howard has averaged 14 rebounds per game three times in his career. Ewing and Robinson never did it once. Dwight has won, what, three or four DPOY’s? Robinson won it once, and Ewing never even made an All-Defensive first team. So you’re saying there’s NO WAY Dwight is a better defender/rebounder than those two? Not to mention Dwight weighs at least 265 to their 240-245, is definitely more athletic than Ewing, and arguably more athletic than Robinson.

    Chris Paul and Deron Williams … are they BAD ball-handlers and passers compared to Magic and Stockton? Is the gap truly that wide? Can you name 10 players between 1992 and 2012 who are more talented PG’s than those two? Can you name three scoring PGs in that time span more talented than D-Rose?

    Again, you all are acting like the 2012 team is a bunch of bums compared to 1992. We’re in an era where some of the most talented players we’ll ever see are playing; hope you aren’t missing it.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Panchitooo:

    double Pau’s 11 shots and it’s 22. Not 28.

    And yea, it’s sad when a player feels like he HAS to take long ass rainbow shots! If he hits one out of 3, not only is that a low percentage shot, but he’s ignoring his beast frontline being guarded by midgets…how is that not sad?!

    Cmon dude.

    Oh yea, and I hope someone mentioned the great play Thibs called and the nice vision Noah had off the inbounds.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    You asked if Andrew Bynum is the best center in the NBA right now. I still stay Howard, but i guess you can make an argument for Bynum.
    The best part about that is…Austin is over here trying to say Howard is just as good as Robinson and Ewing, but you are saying that he’s not better than Bynum. Think about that shyt for a moment @Austin.

    MFers are saying that Dwight may not be the best center today and that he can only dunk, yet you are trying to make a case for this MFer against two of the most skilled big men to ever play the game. GTFOH

    Kobe wouldn’t pass the ball to Shaq in his prime. Shaq was winning REG season (1) and Finals (3) MVP awards yet Kobe didn’t want to pass to him!!!!! Yet, you are trying to tell me that this MFer is going to pass to Dwight, Love, Wade, Lebron, or anybody else on that 2012 team?????

    If the 2012 team even had a chance, it’ll all go out the window the moment Kobe tries to match Jordan shot for shot.

    You talking about Magic like he was old and done. You do know that he played and wall All-star mvp that year right? You do know that 4yrs later he came back to the NBA right? Magic may not have been in his prime, but the nigga was still balling his ass off. He was only 32yrs old.

    And whichever idiot thinks Stockton wouldn’t ass rape CP3, Rose, or DWill is on crack.

    The key to the whole thing is the rules. These games would be played under FIBA rules. Which will allow the 92 guys to bump and hand check on the perimeter just like they did back in the 90’s.

    Im done arguing this point. Just know, that this is the kinda talk that would get you thrown/laughed out of a barbershop.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Dagwaller – try to calm down. Kobe goin 14-29 is good for Kobe. When you shoot 6-28 the previous game, 14-29 is a great improvement. Take away the half court heaves, the triple pumpfake 3point attempts at the buzzer, the kickouts from Gasol with 2 on the shotclock, it ain’t as crazy as y’all makin it seem. Dude shot 14-29 and missed his last 4 attempts in a cluster…He coulda stopped shooting and had a sweet 14-25 day, but that ain’t him. Laker fans are cool with it, why the rest of y’all trippin so hard?

    @ Austin n Doc – why is it I keep readin your matchups and i see
    Magic/Stock vs CP3/Rose/DWill
    Mike/Drexler vs Kobe/DWade
    Ewing/Robinson vs Dwight/KLove
    Mailman/Barkley vs Amare/Griff
    but ya’ll keep sayin Bird vs Lebron…it’s not Bird vs Lebron. Bird barely played in 92. It’s SCOTTY vs Lebron(you both completely left him outta your posts), and that changes everything. i think Pip is the best perimeter defender in NBA history. Better than Mike, better than GP, better than Coop. Bird n Mullin come in to space the floor, but Pip is pickin up Lebron n Melo fullcourt if Chuck Daly wants, and anybody thinkin DWade n LBJ are defensive demons now need to pop in a tape of Jordan n Pippen in their prime. I actually felt sorry for opposing players.

    And Austin – using a 20 minute scrimmage against a team of collegiate all-stars ain’t a good argument cuz I bet you if they had played a full 40 and had Magic, Larry, Jordan, Barkley n those fools go into halftime down 10, they come back n beat the living shyt outta those kids. No doubt in my mind.

    @ Chicagorilla – we get it. U don’t like Kobe. You think he’s selfish and he’s ‘hurting the team’. We get it. It’s like Doc said: Kobe’s hoops iq is thru the roof. He KNOWS Bynum n Pau are killin the Rockets. He KNOWS they killed the Nuggets. He just don’t care. None of it matters unless the Lakers actually start losing games. It woulda been cool if Jordan coulda got a Andrew Bynum type big waaaaay later in his career to see how he would have handled it.
    Here’s a stat for thought:
    Kobe shoots the ball at just over 19 times per game in his career. Your man, POINT GUARD Derrick Rose shoots it up at just over 17 times a game. Both players shoot just over 45%. Food for thought…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ Austin

    Chris Webber and Charles Barkley told that 1992 story just like a week ago on Open Court. The college team around C-Webb, Grant Hill, Penny, Mashburn and others kicked their asses in a scrimmage. Charles admitted it himself, they played cards all night, didn’t care at all and got whooped but it was also the first day of training camp.

    Second day, second scrimmage. Two 8 minute halfs and the college team didn’t score a single bucket.

    Not a single bucket.

    BTW – screw Bird. I’m sending Pippen out there and all of a sudden you have Lebron bricking fadeway triples, he ain’t scoring on Scottie

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Did you even watch the game cause kobe was hitting those rainbows in the post and not on long shots?

    I dont think kobe feels he HAS to take those kinda shots and they werent forced either, all were clear mismatches. Thats been his move for the longest and if hes getting defended by a weaker shorter player that low in the post then passing the ball should be a second option until the double team comes or the balls not going in the hoop. When i saw kobe hitting them shots i doubt anyone, except you, thought it was sad.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    First, I disagree with your Magic comments. He had a triple-double as an overweight 37 year old, after 4.5 years off, in just his 6th game back from retirement. Magic probably couldn’t guard D-Rose as a 32 year old, but Rose wouldn’t keep Magic off the glass, and he sure as hell wouldn’t keep him off the low block. Magic could have triple-dubbed anyone as a 32 year old after ‘just’ a year off. He did it as much-heavier 37 year old.

    Robinson and Admiral over Dwight EASILY. Not because I think Dwight can’t guard either of them… but because they know basketball better than Dwight. Dwight still can’t see the second defender very well, and he sure as hell can’t move the ball quick enough. Compared to Admiral and Ewing, Dwight is the big remedial student in a gifted class. And Dwight doesn’t even see the ball much in FIBA comp to begin with. What’s he going to really do without the ball vs the Dream Team? Screen the shit out of Magic?

    I agree with your Lebron/Bird comments. I think this might be the only matchup that gives ’92 some trouble… then they sub in Pippen.

    Don’t forget there were teammates on that ’92 team. Guys who already had years of chemistry going into the Olympics. Wade/LBJ can’t be compared to the chemistry Stockton/Malone had.

    And I was hoping someone would bring up that developmental team. And I once beat my dad as an 11 year old after trying for a few years. When I beat him, I told him every chance I got. Then we played again…. and I found out quick that he didn’t try very hard when I beat him because he locked my 11-year-old ass down.
    With the Developmental team, as the story goes, the very next scrimmage the Dream Team started the game 22-1 (by ones) and blew the score up to something ridiculous.
    Give them something to play for, like a gold medal, and nobody is beating the Dream Team.

    Last thing… it’s nice to have a collection of talented players, but roles still need to be designated. Who is the top dog on the 2012 team? When a game is close, who is getting those late game baskets? There was no question with the ’92 team… that was Michael’s team. He was the only player to start every single game. Who is the 2012 alpha dog? Kobe? Lebron? Durant?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @K Dizzle — I brought up the Dream Team’s loss to the college guys to illustrate the point that the Dream Team was not invincible. People forget that one reason they won their Olympic games by 40 and 50 points back then is that (1) a lot of international teams were much, much, MUCH weaker than they are today, and (2) a lot of international teams were in awe of the Dream Team and mentally beat before tip-off.

    But when you put the Dream Team up against some U.S.-bred college kids who were (most likely) better than any of the international teams — remember, the US used to dominate the Olympics while fielding college players — and who weren’t in awe, and they not only challenged the Dream Team, they beat them. So if it is on the record that 20-year-old Allan Houston and college-freshman C-Webb and Eric Freakin’ Montross could actually BEAT the Dream Team … you really, truly do not believe that in-their-prime LeBron, D-Wade, Dwight, Amar’e, CP3 and Deron could even get CLOSE to the Dream Team?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — The Olympic team won’t be run like the Lakers. If Kobe is acting a fool and won’t pass the ball, guess what? They can bench him. They don’t NEED him like the Lakers need him. So Kobe won’t pass, Coach K takes him out and puts in D-Wade, who is probably better than Kobe right now anyway. Or even if Coach K leaves Kobe on the floor and he’s not passing, he still has to get the ball from whoever’s playing PG. And the Olympic team certainly has enough talent on the floor to freeze Kobe out if he can’t act right.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    @ chicagorilla

    I think ABs examples for dwight are taken from his overall career and performance while mine is strictly in regards to the 2011-2012 season. We all know bynum has struggled in the past with injuries and that has hindered him from making it to a dwight howard status when talking about center, but things are changing and bynums full potencial, in ky opinion, has still not been reached.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JAY — Again, I know 32-year-old Magic COULD drop a triple-double on Rose or CP3 or Deron or Wade or whoever guards him. But to act like he’d just do it easily is another example of letting your nostalgia get the best of you. Magic did NOT drop a triple-double every night. He never averaged a triple-double during a season. Like I said, would he get off on Rose or CP3 or whoever? Sure. Is it guaranteed that he’d just totally beast them? Not so much. For the 100th time, I understand the argument that the Dream Team would beat the 2012 team, but I don’t understand why people think it would be so easy.

    And to address Pippen, he would be the better option than Bird and give LeBron/Durant a bigger challenge. But whoever is saying LeBron WOULD NOT score on Pippen is crazy. Be realistic. Pippen did not shut down every single player he ever faced. Dominique Wilkins gave Pippen buckets once upon a time. Chris Mullin gave Pippen buckets. Bird, Worthy, Dale Ellis, Mark Aguirre … Pippen got scored on. Now considering that LeBron is better than everybody on that list and Durant is at least a better pure scorer than everybody on that list, you don’t think they could get ONE bucket on Scottie? You don’t think they could give him AT LEAST 20-25 on a regular basis?

    Look, I LOVE Gary Payton. He’s The Glove. Far as I’m concerned, best defensive guard of all-time. But I also remember that GP sometimes got torched. Sometimes he got lit up. Nobody is such a great defender than they’ll ALWAYS shut down great scorers, not even above-average scorers. I can admit that.

  • QQ


    No chance Bynum is better than Dwight. Ask anyone who they’d rather have.


    Gooooooo MAGIC!!

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Haven’t seen many Houston games, but I was a big fan of Kyle Lowrie’s demeanor last night. I like a player that will rain threes, show no emotion and just get back on D rather than dance around making 3 signs. Especially if his team is down.

  • control

    AB is competely right. 92 team may win, but ppl are taking like its Globetrots vs Generals and score is going to be 112-5 or something. 2012 has the pure athletic beastness to tear it up, and 92 is more skilled. 92 would probay win 70% of the time, but they wouldnt completely rape em as if guys like lebron are random pickup players…

  • QQ


    Well put, but the 1992 team would still win (though it would be close). Anyone who denies that the game has evolved, become bigger, faster, stronger and more skilled is kidding themselves. If this was not happening, then something would be wrong. Things progress in our world. We are able to look back at the past and make improvements. Better knowledge of sports training/science, better coaching techniques, better nutrition, better exposure…. all leads to a better NBA. You may not like to admit it, but its the fact. It’s called evolution. That doesn’t mean that the past shouldn’t be credited. The past provides the foundation for which the future is build on. The past players were the greatest in the world at the time they played. Certain players (Mike) would be able to play in today’s game and still dominate – this is because these certain players possessed skills, athleticism, knowledge, etc of a player in today’s age.

    I’m not discounting the past and I’m not praising the present. Really it’s difficult to compare times. There is no way to really determine what is better. You can compare relative dominance but to compare players that played in different eras, with different rules and different competition is something that will lead to endless arguing (perhaps that is the point however).

    “You’ll never play me like Lebron vs Jordan/20 years from now they gon say who’s more important/both changed the game, came thru and made a lane/who’s to say that who’s greater, alls we know they ain’t the same”

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    This is not a My Dad can kick your Dads ass argument. I’m a basketball fan, I love my Bulls, but I love basketball a lot more. So as a basketball fan I’m commenting on the selfishness I see from Kobe. Why do i care? Same reason why I care when Jay-Z sells out and starts rapping about dumb shyt, or when Lupe Fiasco drops a album/mixtape full of Dubstep beats that are as far from Hip Hop as Lady Gaga.
    I don’t hate Kobe talent. I look at the potential he has to be great, and I it boggles my mind when he waste it. But to top it off, people are giving him credit like he’s done something great at the time, when really he was being a selfish prick.

    Call it the coach in me, but I like to see the game played the right way (same with hip hop). In my mind Kobe is to the NBA what Jay-Z is to Hip hop (subsequently Lebron = Lil Wayne to me). So much potential to be better than what he is but his greed is killing his legacy in my eyes.

    You bringing up Rose is kinda odd. You do know that Rose’s teammates are terrible on offense right? You do know that he is FORCED to shoot that many shots per game. Did you even watch the nationally televised Hawks Warriors, Clippers or Lakers game? I think it’s pretty clear that Rose is being forced into shooting 20 shots per game. Why else do you think I have been lobbying for the Bulls to trade for Rip Hamilton, Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, Andre Igudola, or Aaron Afflalo the past few years?

    The kid even said he doesn’t need to score, and he wants to pass more. He even tried to do that to start the season (see the Lakers and Warriors games) but it didn’t work. So his coach told him to go back to scoring.

    But trust me, you give DRose a big man like Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum, and the kid will gladly drop his scoring and up his assist (assuming that they hit their shots unlike Boozers bitch ass).

    Oh and as for Michael Jordan, late in his career.
    38 and 39 yr old Michael Jordan had no problem giving the ball up to Rip Hamilton (20ppg in 2002) and Jerry Stackhouse (21ppg in 2003). No problem at all, MJ was playing to win so he did what he had to at nearly 40yrs old. While still managing to get 4-5asst and 6reb and 1.5stls. So please don’t do that….don’t even begin to bring up MJ when talking about Kobe. In my eyes thats just Basketball blasphemy.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “and the starting power forward for the 2012 Team USA basketball team is, number 1, CHRIS BOSH”

    ^ Fuck that.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    And while we’re on the topic, Jordan averaged 5.3 assists for his career. Kobe is at 4.7 assists. Let’s not act like Kobe is THAT much more of a “ballhog” than Jordan.

    I’ve seen Kobe play in person enough times to see that he can be a phenomenal passer. He understands the angles and knows how to make plays for teammates. He doesn’t do it as much as a basketball purist would like, and sometimes he does hurt his team by being too focused on scoring. But be real: If you were coaching a team and you had a scorer with THAT much ability on your roster, you wouldn’t want him taking 20-25 shots a game?

    Part of the reason Kobe delivers in crunch time and part of the reason he has 5 rings is because he has that “I’m the best out here” mentality. He has it, Jordan has it, Gilbert Arenas has it, etc. So sometimes they’ll jack up too many shots, but that’s just part of the game. Same way Brett Favre will throw some dumb interceptions, but he’ll also make some incredible throws that no other QB would try.

    Take the good with the bad, weigh them out at the end, and see where you end up. As a Lakers fan, if the Kobe experience gave me 5 championships mixed with some nights of frustration, I’ll gladly take that.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lol@ QQ and shithead, i thought we were having an intelligent conversation then you go and prove how dumb and immature you are by calling names.

    And yes of course everyone will choose dwight over bynum because of dwights previous all star years. I already mentioned that. But this year Bynum for sure will be turning heads as dwight slumps cause hes just not excited to play in Orlando anymore.

  • Dapro


    Love the debate regarding the Dream Team rosters but a major factor being overlooked is the HUGE advantage that 92 has in the Bball IQ department. 92 had tremendous athletes with just as much cerebral skills as athletiscism.  The 2012 has the advantage in athletisicism but not by much. The match ups favor 92, particularly at center. While Dwight has the potential to be one of the greats, my biggest knock on him is IQ and “true” skills as a big. During his time on the Olympic squad he was out played by Bosh because Dwight struggled to find his niche amongst the other players. His game is neutralized because both the Admiral and Ewing have the ability to pull Howard away from the basket. The 3 spot is where the game will be determined, I’ll give the edge to 12 but Pippen is no “walk in the park” his defense during his prime with the bulls was masterful. Lebrons advantage in strength and size wouldn’t bother Pippen as much, especially if Bron doesn’t post. I’ll take 92 +\- 8

  • Bear

    That funky oxygenated blood of Kobe made him look real good last night.

    All Star Voting started today……………. Aldrige and Monta Ellis better be getting to Orlando this year.

  • CLAW


    Dammit, brought up again today. Nice little link about the college “All Stars” beating the dream team which was brought up in a Dream Team documentary. What it doesn’t say is the next time they played the college boys were put in lock down and blown off the court. The only reason they won the first time is they were running sets and not actually “playing” and coach was trying to get them to run some set plays. Please stop! DHow was not heavier by 35 lbs, that is DRobs rookie year weight he was 265 in 92 which is about the same Howard and had 3 inches on him with an actual offensive game. Yes DRob would have eaten him up, that dude was chisled and with TD, even TD said DRob was DPOY when TD won it.

    Ewing not so much, except possibly inside and its like that Along Came Poly movie where Ben Stiller is guarded by the hairy dude and all that sweat was going up his face. DHow might not want to body up Ewing when Pat starts sweating, that dude sweats during the national anthem!

    Watched the LA game, I don’t think Kobe took crazy shots, shot at pretty good clip and was efficient. Gasol is just too mellow of a dude, I don’t think he would shoot 25 times even if Monta Ellis was guarding him.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Speaking of Dwight, I haven’t watched on Orlando home game yet this season. How are the fans treating him? With all that’s going on with his back-and-forth trade requests and wavering committments to Orlando, are they booing him or supporting him or what?

  • CLAW

    @MT Pleasant : Good call on Lowry that dude just stepped it up last year and has carried it over to this year. He’s like Polamalu on the court, trying to block anybody and gets boards at the guard position.

    Nearly another trip dub, he keeps it up I’d take him as starting AS PG in the West, yes over CP3. What can I say that dude is killing it on my fantasy team.

    @Picachu – Bynum is better than DHow in 2 games, too bad they have to play a whole season. Happens every year dude goes down once during the season and then another during the playoffs. Just the way it is just ask Oden.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo


    Thats a no go on the picachu…

    Yah its only a few games but last season there was times that Bynum beasted harder than Dwight. And like i said bynums still improving while dwight has been dwight for the last 3 years, really no change. Or maybe a lil bit when he went to see The Dream but he still dont use them moves.
    And dont worry about the comments made by my son QQ, hes commenting on the laker game and kobes shooting and didnt even watch the game.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    No, the biggest thing people are forgetting is the FIBA rules that allow a ton of physical contact on the perimeter.

    Austin wants to bring up a scrimmage game that the Dream Team lost to a bunch of future all-stars. It’s a scrimmage son! Matter of fact it was the first day of practice. But Jay already shitted on your point so i don’t need to go much further into it.

    What i would like to point out is that Lebron, Melo, and Wade, chris Paul, Chris Bosh, and Dwight Howard were all on the 2006 world championship teams….THAT LOST TO GREECE!!!! They lost to F^CKING GREECE!!!!!!!
    Why? Because them idiots couldn’t guard the pick in Roll. They let a fat overweight Tractor Traylor clone kick their ass by rolling to the basket for dunk after dunk.

    Oh and who was the head coach of that Team? That awesome coach that couldn’t get the team to work together enough to beat MFKing Greece? Oh that’s right COach f^king K!

    92 dream team competition vs todays competition.
    Is it me, or did the 2008 team not kick ass everybodys ass by 20+ pts except for Spain. Which for some off reason they decided not to play defense and let them score 100pts?
    But they beat Argentina (who had won gold in 2004) by 20pts. Germany-with Dirk and Kaman playing- was smashed by almost 50pts!!!! Dirk was a former MVP at the time yet they lost by 50+pts to the Redeem team.

    That tells me two things.
    #1 The competition isn’t NEARLY as good as Austin is making it out to be (Much much much much GTFOH with that shit)
    #2 2008 USA team lost focus (because it was the gold medal game) and gave up 100pts to a team they should’ve smashed by 20pts. which also goes to show the mental toughness that the current players lack as a unit.

    The best part of all this (athletic group vs old skilled guys)
    We just saw the Miami Heat lose to the Dallas Mavericks in 6 games in the NBA finals. Lebron (who you guys are saying is going to drop 20pts on Pippen LMAO) and Wade (who Austin seems to think will hold his own vs Jordan and Drexler), and Bosh (who I guess is going to give Malone/Barkley/DRob/Ewing buckts also) couldn’t score a bucket vs the likes of Barea, Jason Terry, JKidd, Deshawn Stevenson, Shawn Marion, Dirk, and Tyson Chandler
    I’m going to type this last part in all-caps


  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Yeah Jordan is a Career 5 asst per game….But He also had Scottie Pippen who regularly averaged over 6asst per game. And that’s not to mention his PG’s and Centers who were also very good passers.

    point is, stop trying to make it look like Jordan was an idiot ballhog like Kobe. It’s not even close. Don’t look at the numbers, go look at the games. It’s all over youtube. The only time you’ll ever see MJ ballhog is when he’s on fire. Everything else is within the offense and he usually hits the open man.

  • beiber newz

    very interesting. whoever said lebron was smoking in regards to his comment on the talent of the olympic squads has to eat their words like i said.

    oh and whoever it was that wrote a novel to me about prostitution must have gotten my point. silence is very much so louder than words sometimes.

  • control

    MJ hit Steve Kerr for a game winner once…has Kobe ever even THOUGHT to pass the ball for a game winner? Even with FOUR guys on him, he aint passing…

  • beiber newz

    if i were to have a comment on calling rose an idiot ballhog, my head would get cut off, not in regards to it being true or not true, but simply because i took a jab at possibly someone’s fav player. interesting how some guys get to live on this site and their jabs are just looked at as “barbershop talk”.

    lol sometimes you just gotta shake ur head and laff at the pure biasness on this site.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    OK, let’s try this:

    Anybody who has an opinion on this topic, tell me what you think the score would be if this 1992 vs 2012 time-machine game actually happened. Because @control is right: You’re not wrong to think ’92 would win, but it wouldn’t be some vicious rout. Could Pippen get the better of LeBron? Maybe. But he’s not gonna sh*t on him or anything. Could Magic outplay CP3? Probably. But he’s not gonna post 17-10-13 while CP3 puts up a Kevin Ollie stat line.

    Anyway, my pick: 110-104, original Dream Team.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – no one’s sayin the points are valid, what I’m mostly reading is that overall, the 92 team were better basketball players, maybe smarter ballplayers and had a mental toughness advantage. I disagree with you sayin ‘everybody gets lit up’. That might be true for a random game in January, but for one game, for all the bragging rights, Lebron ain’t lighting Scottie up. Toni Kukoc was killin people in 92, shyt, Croatia was the only squad that REFUSED to pose for pictures with the Dream Team, thought they could beat them. Petrovic, Kukoc, Radja. It was like Argentina during Manu’s prime….and Scottie destroyed Kukoc. Wouldn’t let him touch the ball, wouldn’t let him see a teammate, see the rim, breathe…
    See, the 92 Bulls were serious, but they didn’t even have a shotblocker so if you actually got by Mike or Pip, it was easier to score…maybe. With the 92 Dream Team, first Stockton picks you up, maybe Magic blocks your vision, then comes the Jordan/Pippen trap. If you even thought about gettin thru that, here come the cheap Barkley elbow(ask Angola), the Malone strip, then finally Robinson n Ewing at the rim waitin. It would be a good game, but I honestly can’t see 2012 winning. It’s a case of anything you can do, they could do better…

    @ Chi-rilla – I don’t know why u comparin Kobe now to Mike at damn near 40. I’m talkin Mike havin a Bynum type big during the 2nd 3Peat. Nobody cares what happened in Washington cuz they had ZERO chance of coppin a chip. Of course Mike was unselfish then; he was workin his way into ownership. I’m a Jordan snob. I hate him for beatin my Lakers in 91 but I refuse to even admit he left the Bulls n went to…..anyways, Kobe at 32 is Mike during his 5th or 6th title. Settling more for jumpers n posting up smaller guards. Mike never had the advantage/disadvantage of having to share the ball with any kinda dominant post player. Stackhouse n Rip were like playin with Pip(good wing players. Not the same as tossin it into the post n cuttin or lettin the big go to work. Even in Washington, Mike was the best post on the team so Rip n Stack didn’t affect how he played.)

    As for D-Rose, it ain’t like he has a roster like Kobe goin with Smush, Mihm and Kwame Brown. Deng gonna be an all-star this season; Noah should be too. They just got Rip. He still gonna put it up 17+ times a game. My point was Kobe takes only 2 more shots as a 2guard and shoots the same percentage. Gasol can take more shots but he’s unselfish n enjoys makin pretty plays. Bynum is gettin his shots, but dude got subbed off twice last night cuz he still playin himself into shape n was gassed. Kobe(20), Gasol(12), Bynum(15) combine for 47 shots on average. As the season goes on, the bigs shots will go up, Kobe’s will decrease. Let it happen. Damn, we 7 games in. Bynum just got back 3 games ago.
    It’s been 16 years. How long dudes gonna cry about Kobe bein selfish? We all watch the games. We shake our heads at the 20 foot fallaway with 3 guys on him. I coach too. The fadeaway is the worst shot in basketball. It’s offbalance to start with; you takin yourself outta rebounding position. It’s such a bad shot that only 3 players have mastered it(MJ, Kobe, dream). I’ve never seen a Laker fan post that Kobe played a great game shooting 5-36. It’s us defending the purple n gold. Haters lay low after the masterpiece vs the Knicks(not sayin you, but we all read the same posts from random dude you never see on dimemag except after a bad night by 24) Then some hater comes out a day after Kobe struggles to a 6-28 night callin him selfish. This gonna shock some o you…but we don’t care.
    Seriously, go outside right now, find a Laker fan and ask how they feel about last night. We feelin good. Kobe shot better. Only had 1 or 2 turnovers. Bynum played like the best big in the world. Gasol played like an allstar. Bench played well. Team won…
    Come on dimemag n Bull fans, Raptors fans, Suns fans are losin they shyt over Kobe being selfish. Lol. We don’t care. Why you care? Easy wins. Tough wins. Broken wrists. Torn ligaments. Nothing matters till the playoffs. Kobe shot 50%+ last year versus New Orleans n Dallas but Pau didn’t show up and we got housed. Kobe gets a pass til he actually costs us a playoff game. Laker fans care less whether we go 60-6 or 46-20 in the regular season. Let’s convo when the REAL season starts. So hate on Kobe after the next 59 games; we’ll be here to defend him. 5 rings n 7 Finals in a 16 year career. Shit, find me one person who wouldn’t take that as a blessing and I’ll show you a liar…
    I hope most of y’all understand that.

  • beiber newz

    oh and my how things change in a month’s time. bynum is now getting talk as best center in the game…where were all the people who said his talents should basically be ignored because he has an injury list? lol pure definition of bandwagon.

  • dapro


    point taken about the FIBA rules, even if they played by the “soft” oficiating of today’s game 92 still has a tremendous advantage in terms of physicality.

    I still can’t see ’12 getting dominated, I think a team with that much talent will find a way to keep it respectable and close up until the final minutes of the fourth quarter but because of egos-between Bron, Kobe, Wade, Kd and Westbrook nobody will concede to the other. I would throw Rose in that mix because he is a closer, but his ego is non-existent. The kid just wants to win point blank period.

  • beiber newz

    haaaa he said ORIGINAL dream team…guess that means calling this new olympic team a dream team would be a fair call according to that terminology.

  • beiber newz

    ^not saying it is wrong to do myself

  • control

    I think the rougher outside rules would help 2012 A LOT on defense. Imagine a guy like LeBron being able to handcheck. The guy is stronger than most centers, and faster than most sgs. On paper, he could snuff out nearly anyone on the outside…

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control – c’mon, bruh. kobe don’t kick outta the double team?
    Ask Jameer and Orlando during the Finals…

    @ Austin – Dream Team 110 – 2012 Team 102

  • Sporty-j

    @ That whats up and warning to the rest and you dimemag pussies. Plz keep SPORT “MASTER” J name out your faggitty a$$ mouths. Play with kids like beiber news before u all have a really big problem on ur hands. 305 still run dis sh€@. So plz dont forget… Congrats all mav fans on ur ship and see u guys in june

  • Ian

    howard would get destroyedd hes the best center today because hes alone the man wouldnt be a top 5 center in the 90s.

    and cp3 and williams killing stockton whoever said that must be kinda young those 2 cant imagine all the elbows and cheap shit coming from the alltime steals and assists leader. bird couldnt handle bron back then but bird is a role player this time bron has to play pippen.


    would blow out the 2012 team

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    As I said, I don’t think of myself as a Kobe hater. Guys I hate are Perkins, Rondo, Big Baby, and JJ Reddick. Kobe and Lebron are different, I don’t hate their talents, I just hate the way they use them most times.
    You say it’s only 7 games in and you guys are happy because a win is a win. That’s cool, I can respect that. But I look at the big picture. How many chips has his attitude cost you guys. Did the Lakers as an organization reach their full potential during his time there?

    When Jordan, Pippen, and Phil were here in Chicago, I felt like we reaached our potential every single year. And even over achieved a couple times. So I can’t complain about anything that the players or coaches did.

    I think the Lakers could have been so much more during Kobes era. even now, they could easily be the best team in the game if he used his talents to make them just that. But i guess it helps me (as a bulls fan) if he continues down this path. But I just want to see good basketball all around. That way the kids coming up will follow in those same footsteps. And not try to be Allen Iverson.

  • control


    That wasnt a game winner, and technically it was only one and a half team because he chopped down Jameer first.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I agree with @control, if anything the more physical rules on the perimeter would help the 2012 team. If you think LeBron would get physically punked by somebody Pippen’s size or by Chris Mullin, get real. If you think Stockton is just gonna bully Deron Williams, you’re wrong. Jordan/Kobe is pretty much even in terms of physicality. Who else: Melo vs. Bird? Durant vs Mullin? Drexler vs Wade? Magic vs LeBron or Wade or Rose? Not a clear physical advantage for the 1992 team.

  • Ian

    wowww austin now you are talking some serious shit
    robinson won it once because of the competition back then whos howard competition now?? howard can barely get 18pts vs scrubs today for sure hes held under ten vs 2 centers and both would drop 20 plus on him like its nothing.
    they avged well 25ppg in the best center era the nba has ever seen. if howard cant dunk then he cant score fuck that he cant chase the admiral and he cant stop ewing from scoring please get of that shit. you made it sound that you wouldnt even take in his prime bird over bron?? again goh. old ass kobe vs mj????? cp3 vs dirty stock and 6’9 magic yeah good luck with that.

  • JBaller

    In the end its all about winning. The lakers are winners when Kobe makes a ton of shots, but they could win more if Kobe would make the right plays rather than force his shot. People like to say he plays selfishly and should instead facilitate so teammate s get more looks. I think an all-time great sees the floor and makes good decisions. He’s not a pg, but with the offense running through him he needs to pick teams apart instead of volume-shooting.

  • silky

    @ chigo … agree with pretty much all u are saying but pretty ignorant saying the int’l game hasn’t progressed “that much” …. it’s leaps and bounds better. in 92 pretty much only the teams that medaled had (discovered) NBA talent. Croatia ( drazen, radja, kukoc, vrankovic and tabak) and lithuania(sabonis and sarunis). throw in detlef on Germany too but after that the drop off was precipous. now those competing rosters are loaded with proven nba talent. shit even Dom republic is stacked(hortford, villaneuva, Francisco Garcia, Sosa) and they barely even made the Olympics with calipari as their coach!

    92′ till infinity…. or at least until people are too old to remember. those dwight vs rob/ew arguments are ridiculous. people just see d12’s body. he has a very very limited game. inflated block and rebound stats cuz he plays against weak competition and sits and waited on wing penetration and rarely has to worry about his own man. didn’t shaq in his late 30’s play him to a standstill most time they faced? to be fair it would suck to grow up with these rules and have no one play you straight up so you could actually develop game. esp since he never went to college.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Yea, it’s been his move for the longest, which is why a lot of basketball fans think he’s an idiot.

    I don’t really care what Lakers fans think. Lakers fans are the problem! Haha! OF COURSE Lakers fans are “ok” with Kobe being Kobe.

    As a fan of basketball, I just hate seeing Pau and Bynum getting as few touches as they do while Kobe gets carte blanche from his coach, team and fans.

    And really, if someone had reined Kobe in a little bit more when he was younger, Shaq never would have left, and ya’ll would have a few more titles. So maybe you SHOULD be more upset with him.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lol@ blog gangbanging
    305 dont run shit except the 305. I never even heard of the 305 before. And what kind of really BIG problem should we all expect? Please dont be so vague in your threats cause no one will take you seriously.

    Real Gs move in silent like lasagna

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – I saw Lebron get thrown off his game by 37 yr old Jason Kidd(with the ball in the post) n Deshawn Stevenson during the Finals. Scottie would drive him crazy, but you’re right about 1 thing. 92’s advantage isn’t physical…

    @ Chicagorilla – I can totally agree with that. I get into it with my cousin about it all the time during the Kobe-Shaq rift. I wanted to keep Shaq at the time and trade Kobe for an-up n coming wing. VC, Pierce, T-Mac; one of those guys. My cuz was all about the future so Kobe had to stay. What we agreed on was that if those two had sucked it up n just played ball, 5 straight coulda been easy…oh well

    @ Control – lol ok

  • Ian

    i always say the same thing you swith up jordan and kobe and the jazz win that series.

    agree with everything you said 92 team in a fucking blowout.

    perfect post on admiral vs howard.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @Austin – if they played 100 times, I’d say the Dream Team would win 63 times by an average score of 110 to 100.

    I don’t think there would be too many blowouts, and I don’t think they’d slaughter the 2012 team.

    But I do think they’re decisively the better team.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ Sporty J finally congratulating Mavs fans in January

    @ Dagwaller – don’t be so bitter. It’s a bad look. Maybe if Steve Nash had been more selfish, he’d have a Larry O’Brien trophy to play with. All the great ones have a little bit of selfishness in them. Yeah, Kobe cost us one championship(04) but he got 5 so why would I hate on the accomplishments by buildin up the failures?

    @ Ian – u gettin heated about the Dwight vs Admiral/Ewing but I gotta agree this time. We live in a time where nobody can agree who the 2nd best center is. Dwight then Bynum? Bogut? Chandler? Lopez? Noah? Most of the ‘best centers’ been converted powerforwards. Back in the day it was Ewing, Robinson, Olajuwon, Shaq, Mourning, etc. 4 DEFINITE HOFers. Matter fact, if Bynum stayed healthy ever, we could be havin a real debate for top dog. Dwight cant touch AB offensively; AB shared boards with Gasol n Odom and defensively, AB is almost there….Stay tuned, people.

  • control


    You just throw Noah out there in 2nd best list? You better than that, even just joking…

  • Ian

    hehehe comon dizzle of course i have to get heated robinson vs howard comonnn its not even close

  • beiber newz

    the only person on this site here without a colorful-kiddy name is austin burton. regular name. i can make the case 99% of the names here sound like super heroes or wannabe rap monikers.

    ^i’m writing this because sporty j and most guys here assume im some child in oklahoma who is 13, listens to pop music, watches disney channel, eats cotton candy for breakfast, plays guitar hero til the sun goes down and brings a lunchbox made by mom to school because of my name. LOL i may have set myself up for something bad by writing this.

  • beiber newz

    man!! when is the last time a comment section had a glimmer of hope to reach 200 comment????????????? sheesh

  • Ian

    u missed mutombo and those middle of the pack centers were good also like seikly, divac, smits.

  • QQ

    @Panchitoooo: You’re posts are retarded. I pissed in your momma throat.

    @fagwaller: Take dip add shit to it and you have what you are. Now sit in you pile of dookie and sizzle.

    @ian: you’re just a straight up faggot.

    Dwight would DOMINATE. Point blank. Who was the idiot that said they’d take bird over lebron? Seriously? No disrespect to Bird, but lets be real. And i HATE Lebron.

    The rest of y’all, eat a dick.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Can we all agree that, at worst, Brad Daugherty was somewhere around the 6th-8th best center of the 1990s? OK, now can we all agree that if he played today, Daugherty would be a solid #2 behind Dwight or pushing Dwight for the #1 spot?

    OK, now remember this: Ewing, Robinson, Hakeem, Smits, Mutombo, etc. … THEY DID NOT DOMINATE BRAD DAUGHERTY. There were games where they got off, games where he got off, games where Cleveland won and games where their respective teams won. So unless you’re telling me that Brad Daugherty is WAY better than Dwight, then you can’t say Dwight would get dominated by Ewing/Robinson.

    Take it to another position: If we’re saying Chris Mullin was the 4th-5th best small forward of his era … and Mullin didn’t get dominated by Pippen, Bird, Nique, etc. … how can you say that LeBron/Melo/Durant would get dominated by those guys unless you’re ALSO saying that Mullin is WAY better than LeBron/Melo/Durant?

    Make sense?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    And by the way …

    If you really think today’s players are SO much worse than players of the previous era, why are you even watching the NBA?

    I listened to hip-hop all day, every day back in the 1990s. Biggie, DMX, Nas, Tupac, Ice Cube, Jay-Z, OutKast, Goodie MOB, Bone Thugs, etc. — that was my golden era. Today? I still listen to hip-hop, but not as much and not nearly as passionately. Maybe you’d call me a casual fan, but I can’t get into the music as much as I used to, mostly because (to me) these new guys aren’t nearly as good as the guys I grew up on.

    So if today’s NBA stars supposedly don’t hold a candle to the guys you grew up on, why even bother? What do you get out of it? All you’d be doing is making yourself frustrated that you can’t recapture the past.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – normally would make sense, but in one game for all the braggin rights? And knowin what we do now of the 92 team n the 2012 team? It could be a close game…or it could just get outta control.

    Anyways, good hoops talk today. It’s like 10:30pm where I’m at today so it’s time to hit the clubs.

  • Reg

    @AB “If you really think today’s players are SO much worse than players of the previous era, why are you even watching the NBA?”

    Because we love basketball?

  • dapro

    Come on fellas,

    Lebron is physically stronger than his counterparts but doesn’t like physical contact as evidence by his lack of post play since entering the league. Playing physical against Lebron does something to his mental state. You think if the 92 team played “jordan rules” against Bron he’d respond well?

    KD gets outmuscled routinely, he’d struggle the most with Pippen gaurding him

    Now Melo on the other hand, I can see him thriving agaisnt physical contact because of his style of play.

  • Ian

    eh not really austin im watching because some players will show up and be better than the players of the 90s but the 2012 team is not the group. oh and i watch less than half the games now i did back then. you are saying it yourself howard would be 6-8 center back in the 90s. look who you have backing you up qq?? comon.

  • beiber newz

    shots fired

  • CLAW

    That CANNOT be Sport Spice, he’s been on the back of a milk carton since the Heat nutted up against the Mavs. I just don’t believe that sh*t.

    How the hell does Brad Daugherty enter the conversation? WFT?

    Physical is the front line and ANYBODY want to say Kevin Durant and Amare are going to OUT PHYSICAL Barkley and Malone? GTFOH

    I would take Stockton over CP3 and DWill, he didn’t shy from contact and money from 3. Seriously did anybody watch the USA team lately? They couldn’t hit 3’s and couldn’t guard the 3 pt line and were getting killed by bigs.

    Dream Team: 121
    2012 Team: 110

    Only this close because they would be giving Laettner some run!

    Somebody brought it up today or yesterday, instead of Laettner they had Shaq on the team. That just wouldn’t be fair.

  • Ian

    now idiots like qq are calling lebron the greatest sf ever?!? the man that cant win shit is better than the legend?? then again he thinks howard can dominate the 90s center when he cant even crack 20 points today.

  • CLAW

    @AB – I’m a little slow, you’ll have to explain that Rap yesterday and today analogy and its relationship to players from the 90s and today and its impact on the ability to watch current NBA basketball as a fan.

    I also like football better before treating QBs like princesses and not being able to touch a WR or tackle but I still love football. You either adapt and evolve or as you say “recapture the past”, I don’t know how that fits.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ian — It doesn’t matter where you rank Dwight Howard against the 1990s centers, as long as he made the top 8 it means that he would NOT be getting dominated by Ewing and/or Robinson. That was my point. Now are YOU saying that Dwight wouldn’t even be a Top-8 center back then? Cause if so, you’re buggin’.

    I think LeBron is the most talented SF ever. Is he the best, period? Depends on how much stock you put on winning. Basketball is a team game, after all, and just because Larry Bird’s TEAMS won more than LeBron’s teams doesn’t mean Bird is a better individual player. You have to consider who he played with, who he was coached by, etc. We’ve been over this. The example I used a while back was George Gervin versus Kobe. If you look at numbers and skills and individual talent, Gervin isn’t THAT far behind Kobe. But if you weigh the championships heavily, Kobe blows him out.

  • beiber newz

    not to get at you ian, just using u as an example
    if the name “beiber newz” said exactly ian just said, the response i would get wuld be. beiber newz you are so immature, u dont have to resort to name calling because someone does not agree with you. you dont know y people hate on you. but you never like when someone doesnt agree with you. so you resort to a childish act like that.”

    ian…i have no opinion on what you said, or even how you chose to phrase it. i dont mind it and i acknowledge and respect your choice of words. but i used u as an example because you used a negative word, and i get heat for doing much less.

  • Ian

    read qqs post beiber
    i didnt post like that just because.

    what are you talking about????? i posted what you said you compared howard to brad and then called brad a top 8 center. that is what you said. now isnt there a gap between the best and 8th best whatever in everything?? and i dont think that it is as close as you think it is. so kobe in his prime as the best sg today wouldnt torch whoever is the 8th best sg?? wouldnt bird kill the 8th best sf back in the 80s.

    and what is that you wrote about lebron that it depends on how much stock you put on winning?? like thats the only thing bird has over lebron. lebron is more athletic thats it so what? you say duncan is the best pf ever but isnt kg more athletic??

    gervin imo is a more efficient scorer but kobe is better because he played defense not because of the offense and not because of the rings.

  • LeRoy Green

    This is the best Dime post i’ve ever read.

    @ Sporty J

    as a Mavs fan i gotta say im shocked you finally congradulated us on the chip lol guess you aint so bad after all. And yea i must admit Miami is the favorite this year and will most like win it.

    Still tho, Fuck Yall. Mavs for life.

    And I gotta agree with Chicagorilla on the Dream team vs 2012 team debate. The Dream Team would win by at least 15 to 20 points every time they played. Dwights game is garbage in comparison to the Admiral and the Post Man.

    You can have all the best athletes but it comes down to smarts and teamwork in the sport of basketball. That Dream Team chemistry is unmatched. Too much skill for the best players of today to win. Keep it up guys, I read every comment in this post and they were all good except Beiber Newz. That guys the WORST.

  • Ian

    we need to start a new poll of the whos better thing bron or bird

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ian — Let me try it again: Daugherty was just a random example I came up with. People were talking about how the centers in the 1990s were so much better than today’s centers, but to me it doesn’t matter. Dwight can only play against who’s put in front of him.

    Anyway, I said that if we can all agree that Daugherty was somewhere around the 6th-8th best center of his day (or f*** it, 4th-6th best)… and that Ewing/Robinson DID NOT routinely dominate Daugherty … then to say Ewing/Robinson WOULD dominate Dwight Howard would also be a declaration that Daugherty was MUCH better than Dwight. Get that?

    To put it simply: Do you think Daugherty was MUCH better than Dwight? Do you think he was better than Dwight at all? Because if you admit that they are anywhere close in terms of talent/production … and it’s been proven that Ewing/Robinson did not dominate Daugherty … than it doesn’t make sense to claim Ewing/Robinson would dominate Dwight.

  • silky

    with the dream team comparisons I think words like dominate, kill and destroy get thrown around too easy but they are meant to convey having a distinct advantage over. they are all good players but they are gonna get theirs to a degree but still lose the individual battle.

    that discussion panel on NBA tv with chuck Kenny shaq webb Kerr smutty reggie ect is sick…. love hearing those old stories from hey-day. they need to keep that goin

  • beiber newz

    @ ian..lol, don’t tall me you really think he is an idiot….

  • beiber newz

    @ ian..lol, don’t tell me you really think he is an idiot….

  • silky

    Charles was talking on that show how crazy it was how well all the dream team got along with eachother. no griping- instant chemistry. that’s one of the most important things for those of u who have actually played. and another reason why this discussion isn’t close

  • Ian

    i dont even know why im doing this IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT BRAD DID OR DIDNT DO. howard is putting up brad numbers in a weaker era for centers. get it?????? if brad played with todays competition his numbers would be even better?? get it?? howards back then would be lower?? get it. still they put up the same production that doesnt mean they were more or less on par. GET IT.
    if howard is as good as those guys back then orland wouldnt be the low seed is getting this season. orlando woulda been to more than one finals because ALL GREAT big men have won but not howard and hes alone. i mean what has he done?? he beat lebron (the greatest sf ever for some here) in one conference finals? pleaseeeeeeeeeee. stop using numbers to compare players of different eras or we shouldnt even be watching bball like you said cuz no one is putting up shit like that again.

  • Ian

    qq yeah i just never say it austin no hehe

  • Sporty-j

    Nah its me FLAW. I will no longer punk u or ur boyfriend QQ on here anymore. I just could not post on here for a while for the things I might have said towards Lebron, his mom, and spoelstra. R u and the gay owner in pheonix coming engaged like Lebron and his chick is. R r u 2 fags still waiting on my heat to win the ship first?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ian — You jump too far into your conclusions. Me saying LeBron is better than Bird has nothing to do with KG and Duncan. Me comparing Daugherty and Dwight has nothing to do with Kobe and the 8th-best SG of his era. Slow it down.

    Or just focus on another example:

    1. People are saying Stockton would destroy Chris Paul. OK, so let’s look back at Stockton’s era…

    2. Did Stockton destroy, oh I don’t know … Mookie Blaylock on a regular basis? Nope. For his career, Mookie (one-time All-Star) averaged 14 points, 6 dimes and 2 steals against Utah. Meanwhile, Stockton’s career splits against the three teams Mookie played for average out to like 13 points, 11 assists and 2 steals per game. Look it up if you want to. Would you call that domination on Stockton’s part?

    3. Now compare Mookie to Chris Paul. Do you think Mookie was WAY better than CP3? I don’t. Do you think Mookie was better than CP3 at all? I don’t. But even if you do, you can’t realisticaly say Mookie was light-years better than CP3.

    4. So, if it’s now been proven that Stockton did not dominate Mookie … and Mookie is no better than Chris Paul, or at least not WAY better than Paul … what makes you think Stockton would dominate Chris Paul?

  • Ian

    man stop bringing up numbers of players that played in different competition. same thing over and over again.

  • Ian

    its been good but i have to go

  • Sporty-j

    Leroy Green congrats! Fagwaller cograts! And to my brother from another mother BIG ISLAND congrats to u to. I think im missing 1 more mav fan, but I said congrats to all. I want u guys again in june so ill be rooting for u guys to sweep the lakers again since Kobe does not want to be by Bynums bitch….

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I love how @Ian gets so mad so quickly. The only numbers I brought up were Stockton’s and Mookie’s, and they played in the same era. I didn’t even bring up numbers in respect to Dwight and Daugherty. So what’s your beef?

  • Reg

    @AB. But John Stockton wasn’t out there trying to dominate Mookie. If John Stockton wanted to dominate CP3 and Mookie the dude would. And don’t bring the whole physical thing in this. Stock was the most physical player in his time. Steve Kerr called him the most dirtiest BASTARD he has ever played against.

  • beiber newz

    so much dirty language. lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Reg — So you’re saying Stockton didn’t play his hardest every night?

  • control


    We talking about vince or stockton?

  • Big Island

    Sporty! My man.

    I sat quiet all day, and I can’t take it. In a regulation game, the 92 team wins 264-28, and they sit everyone with 3 minutes left.

  • Three Stacks

    @ Beiber

    You are the only person on the planet that makes talking about basketball unpleasant.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Big Island — Now that’s just silly. Be serious.

  • beiber newz

    haha cool! can’t help how you feel though ! :D

  • beiber newz

    i second austin on that notion, but even though i don’t honestly feel big island thinks that, because i know he is much more logical than that, what i took from his comment was that the olympic team would essentially get crushed. but i don’t seriously he think he thinks the game would be a flop like that ! lol

  • Reg

    I’m pretty sure Stock played his hardest every night but when you have one of the best power fowards ever in Malone and great role players around you, you don’t need to ‘dominate’.

  • beiber newz

    ready to see if melo has another stellar performance. GO KNICKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i get to see kemba walker back in NEW YORK TOO!! he gonna play hype !!! i’m hype!

  • beiber newz

    if yao ming were still playing at a high level while in the peak of his prime, he would hold the center crown

  • Lee

    I saw Stockton get DOMINATED by Penny Hardaway. If ’12 go big


    Who is 6’1 Stockton going to guard?

  • control


    If LeBron is playing point, and maybe Wade over Kobe, with Griff off bench for Melo…damn, that is a very nice line up. How could anyone say that ANY team would handle them easily? They might lose, but theyd not get embarassed.

  • Big Island

    OK Austin. The whole truth, the 2012 team is a better collection of athletes. Outside of Jordan and Pippen, every single guy on the alleged 2012 team is a better athlete. But every single guy on the 92 team (Laettner doesn’t count) was a better player than every one of their counterparts on the 2012 team. I don’t know if it’s because the game is designed now so that individuals get to shine more and they can get by on raw athleticism, or because nobody went to college for any length of time to learn, or because most of the 2012 guys are younger. Anyone who says they are more athletic at 24 than they were at 18 is lying, let alone at 30. But if you aren’t a better player at 30 than you were at 24, then you never learned anything.

    Man to man, without any doubt in my mind, the 92 team would beat up on the 2012 team. I honestly don’t see the 2012 team getting within 20 of the 92 team. They’d have more ooh and aaah plays, but they would get schooled. Kobe, who IS as good of a player, has the weakness of not sharing the ball. Lebron, who I honestly admit I have never seen anyone with his ability, can’t even kill in the Finals. He lacks that thing. Everyone else is just really, really good.

    Nobody has anything for Magic. Nobody has anything for Jordan. Put Pippen on Lebron (because Bird did have the bad back, but in his prime, he was better than Lebron) and see who runs out of gas first (Lebron), Barkley and Malone are too much for Amare or Blake or Love. And no matter how you look at it, Dwight is not as good as Ewing or Robinson.

    Dwight cannot shoot outside of 8 feet. He can’t. He has no move. If I were taking centers in the 80’s and 90’s, Dwight isn’t top 8. No way. In the 80’s and 90’s we had, in no particular order:

    Duncan (He’s a damn center)

    All of these guys are undoubtedly better than Dwight Howard.

    Ralph Sampson, Jermaine O’neal and Big Brad (injuries cut their stuff short)

    Outside of Shaq, who is a 350 pound Dwight Howard with better post footwork, hands and court vision, every single guy had a much better offensive game, and they were much more physical, and just meaner. I don’t think you could honestly say you’d rather have Dwight over those top 8 guys, and even over healthy others. Duckworth would have duck hooked Dwight for 20 and 10. Smits and Sabonis were HUGE. Shaq looked normal sized against Sabonis. Yao had better offense, but he fell alot. Dwight is the best center in the game right now, but he is barely a top 10 center back then, I would have him at 9.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Next time we need to all get together, with maybe some drank and stank, and have this debate. I want to see the face of the person that says Lebron is as good as Larry Bird. Or that Dwight could fuck with Admiral or Ewing. Or that Old broken down Kobe would hold his own first the most dominant “non center” of all time while at his peak powers.

    I want to record this and put it on youtube. We could make some money off of shit like this.

  • Big Island

    Chi – I am all in.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ sporty – ;)

    @K Dizzle – don’t be so presumptuous. I hope you didn’t take offense when I said that Lakers fans are the problem. There are probably a lot of them (yourself maybe included) that doesn’t see the world through a purple/gold lens.

    I think that most would agree that Kobe was the 00-10 most polarizing player. The guy I saw was the one taking control of a dominant Lakers team (that I rooted against, but that’s irrelevant). I saw him take a team built around a dominant Center, tear it apart, then complain about what had happened until his team got a lucky ass trade.

    You might see something different. Then again, you’re a fan of the Lakers, so I can’t help your bad taste.

    So the guy’s a sensitive jerk already, and then you add the ball hogging. Iverson hogged the ball away from Eric Snow. Kobe is hogging the ball from Pau Gasol. He plays like an unrestrained DOUCHE.

    K DIZZLE: THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME BITTER. I’m a basketball fan. If any other player was a jerk that played like a douche, I would dislike him! THE LAKERS ARE NOT SPECIAL. KOBE IS NOT SPECIAL. If Kobe had stolen my chips when we were 8, and I rooted against him because of that, THAT would make me bitter or “a hater”.

    Just because he fits criteria that makes ANYONE dislikable doesn’t mean that I’m bitter.

    Sorry to make you look bad

  • Big Island

    Artis Gilmore was better than Dwight Howard.

  • trollne1

    DT 1992 could take the easy route and just play zone and DT 2012 would be baked. If DT 2012 rolls out a lineup of Wade, Durant, Melo, Lebron and Howard, you do know Magic plays PG right? And he’s 6’9″

    So Magic (or even Mullin), Jordan, Pippen, Barkley/Malone, DRob. vs. Wade, Durant, Melo, Lebron and Howard? Yeah, I thought so. Or heck put Pippen at 4, then Drexler at 3 and Mullin and Jordan at the guards. They can easily defend DT 2012 by forcing them to make jump shots. On the other hand, how is DT 2012 gonna defend that lineup?

  • beiber newz

    i love that kobe is “old and broken down” and can still drop 37 points. lakers fans have longevity when it comes to our franchise player. a “broken” athlete still capable of doing that. makes me smile.

  • beiber newz

    got ppl apologizing? for making someone look bad?.. certain lakers fans get special treatment? interesting. biasness once again.

  • b

    i know none of ya will read this…

    but the 92 team could just play zone against ’12 team and kill them. even kobe felt that in last years playoffs.

    the 92 team would destroy the zone D

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @CHI: “I want to see the face of the person that says Lebron is as good as Larry Bird. Or that Dwight could fuck with Admiral or Ewing. Or that Old broken down Kobe would hold his own first the most dominant “non center” of all time while at his peak powers.”
    – Me fuckin too. I might shoot beer out my nose in laughter.

    LOL @ beiber
    Some people can’t be sitting near a computer 24/7 waiting to reply. We got real responsibilities in our real lives. It’s called “adulthood”.
    Who cares if someone referred to the ’92 team as “the original Dream Team”? Yes, that indicates that we can call the 2012 team a Dream Team also…. but we’ve been referring to the US Team as the Dream Team every single FIBA tourney. Antonio Davis made a “Dream Team”. And that “Dream Team” didn’t even medal.

    Let’s not forget, as Chi pointed out above, some, maybe even most of the guys who will be on the ’12 team have lost to international competition. If these guys lose 1 or more games this year(because it’s entirely possible history repeats itself), are you guys telling me that the original Dream Team would have lost to Spain/Argentina/Croatia/whoever also?? No effing way.

    With a goal in mind, ain’t NOBODY touching that ’92 Team. The only way they lose is if there’s nothing to attain and stay up all night gambling, as AB’s point about the Developmental Team indicates.

    Karl Malone vs Chris Bosh <– they should put that in some "Deadliest Warrior" type of program so we can see the results. I'd watch. I think It will be something like 800 wins for Malone out of 1000.

    And since AB is bringing up Brad Daugherty to draw parallel lines to today's centers… I'd like to bring your attention to Yao Ming. Yao's numbers vs Dwight are much better than vs the rest of the league (+5 points and +3rebs). That's because Orlando was the only team that defended in single coverage against him. Dwight does not do very well versus elite centers. I like Yao, but Ewing and DRob were better. If Yao could put it down on Dwight like that, what would Ewing and DRob do? Ewing and DRob's range would give Dwight fits. He doesn't see anybody who can step out to 16-17ft, and also turn around and drop shoulders into him. Two words for Dwight…. foul trouble. Then who do you sub? Amare?? Amare and Bosh in the frontcourt? Barkley will grab more rebounds than both of them combined.

  • doc

    So what they lost in 06.What was Bron 20 or 21?Where was MJ at that age/Or Bird?They was in college getting they ass whipped by collegians.

  • beiber newz

    @ jay, the original dream team comment i made wasn’t criticizing anyone, any team, any comment or anything.

    i just thought it was interesting to use the term .

    (*only if u were getting at me*)another person having fun criticizing me huh any way possible jay

    damn…..giv it a rest…..

  • beiber newz

    and that “people arent sitting at their computers” mention flew over my head…i dont even kno why that was directed at me. like, i really dont know what i said to get a response like that, honestly, i really dont know. and i dont feel like sorting thru close to 200 comments to find out myself. .

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