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Dime #67: Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving Is The New King In Town

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving, Dime #67

I now understand what it’s like to be Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. During the 149-day lockout, I was repeatedly asked the same question over and over again: “How does the lockout affect your job?” By about the eighth time I heard this, I had developed a stock response that I could tell people. “NBA or no NBA, we’re still good. There’s college, high school and overseas ball, and now we just have more time to cover the players’ lives off the court.” Truthfully, I only partly believed myself.

While I wasn’t worried about my job security and knew we could still deliver an amazing magazine, the thought of losing the NBA for an entire season made me sick to my stomach. Basketball was still basketball, but a year without the NBA would be like Halloween without candy. I mean, who really cares about pumpkins?

From nuclear winter to opening on Christmas Day, it’s fitting that the NBA’s 66th season will be comprised of a 66-game schedule. And while 95 percent of this issue was done before David Stern said, “We want to play basketball,” it’s a good thing we bet on Kyrie Irving.

As you can imagine, Irving has a story to tell that no one but Michael Olowokandi – the No. 1 pick in the 1998 NBA Draft before the last lockout – can relate to. After spending all summer and fall taking classes at Duke, the Rookie of the Year front-runner can finally take the court. He always knew his rookie season would be impacted by the lockout; he just didn’t know how great that impact would be.

It’s a bold statement to put a rookie on the cover before he’s ever played an NBA game, but let’s just say we’re confident Irving will do his thing. As our 10-year anniversary came to an end in December, we couldn’t think of a better person lead us into another amazing decade.

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Dime #67 is on sale now on newsstands nationwide. In addition to Irving, the issue includes features on Dorell Wright, Ty Lawson, Will Bynum, Maya Moore, Terrence Jones & Terrence Ross, and Luther “Ticky” Burden, our definitive 2011-12 NBA preview, as well as interviews with Dwyane Wade, Brandon Bass, Jason Terry, Big K.R.I.T. and much more. Check it out.

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  • Kevin

    Best Case Scenario: Mo Williams.

  • Michorizo

    I haven’t had a chance to see Irving play this year…is he holding his own? Is he better than advertised? Overrated?

  • Patrick

    Kevin says:
    “Best Case Scenario: Mo Williams.”


    Obv.you’ve never seen him play or know anything about his game. He’s been tearing it up lately…great game tonight with some filthy highlights (one NASTY chasedown block)

    Best Case Scenario: CP3

    Worst Case Scenario: Andre Miller in his prime

  • Joe

    just dropped 20 for the second time this year in a 15 point win over Kemba’s bobcats. Irving didn’t even have to play in the 4th quarter… Definitely ROY

  • JM

    I really don’t know why Kyrie has so many haters…or maybe just non believers. I know he didn’t play a ton at Duke…but did anyone see this kid play??ever?? He tore up every all-american game…he tore up some pretty good talent for the little time he played at Duke. You can argue that at the point he went on with the toe injury in December he was a leading candidate for Player of Year nationally. He is playing very well now for the Cavs.

    What is the one thing most rookie pg’s struggle with…turnovers. He has had several zero turnover games. His stat line from last night in 21 minutes of action…20 pts on 8-10 shooting…6 assists and 0 turnovers in 15 pt blowout. He will be a 20/8 kid by his 3rd season. More you can say for some of the great pg’s of the last 20 years. I guess people are so in awe of the pure athleticism of recent pg’s like Rose, Westbrook, and Wall. Dude has shown he is good athlete and has great quickness and changes speeds very well. He shoots the ball well already and that will only improve. He is a top 3-5 pg in 2 or 3 years. He has all the tools and great basketball IQ and instincts.