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Dime Caught Up With the Two Bros from the Mavs Bench

Mavs Fans

As our man Aron posted Wednesday, two bros just happened to be sitting in between Vince Carter and Delonte West on the Dallas Mavericks bench on Tuesday night. Who were these mystery men? Mark Cuban‘s hipster buddies?

After doing some investigative journalism, Dime found out that these two are Detroit Pistons season ticket holders Chris Rabban and Aaron Cohen of Detroit area streetwear boutique Revive.

Chris and Aaron did not partake in the classic NBA fan sitting game of moving to a seat closer to the court every quarter – Revive bought the bench side seats this season and if you check Cohen’s tweets, they are definitely being used. Cohen has tweeted pictures from recent Pistons games against the Magic, Bulls and Knicks.

But how did they get to sitting between Vince and Delonte?

Cohen told the New York Daily News: “Because of the way it’s arranged, and I guess there’s two vacant seats at the end (of the row), we got (seats number) three and four – which is pretty much after the last player.”

Vince Carter told the Dallas Morning News he just didn’t have enough room:

“They were cool,” Carter said. “I just didn’t have enough room to sit so I went on the other side of them. That happens sometimes. They were good dudes. That was where their seats were, so it wasn’t any big deal. But I have to admit, it looked funny when I saw the video.”

I got in touch with Chris Rabban to hear more:

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  • http://about.me/muruganpandian Murugan

    That was great to finally learn about the background on those two.

  • seany_t

    Just out of interest how much do courtside seats cost?

  • north

    They must put all the money they make into those season tickets. After a quick browse through their website the stuff they choose to carry (or at least showcase) is pretty weak.

  • stefan

    good question seany_t! I am also curious how much is a season ticket courtside

  • control

    I’ve actually been to their store (used to work two blocks away), it’s like a douchebag warehouse. If you are interested in looking like a complete asshole, go shop there. The prices are insane for the “fashion” which is actually “lack of fashion” IMO. Look at that idiot’s beard, it’s like he’s guying to pass as Zach Gandifiniasklis’ cousin.

  • beiber newz

    perkins would have told them to get the fuck up….carter is a nice guy. he gets points for that. perkins loses none.

  • http://www.nike.com cgf