• http://about.me/muruganpandian Murugan

    That was great to finally learn about the background on those two.

  • seany_t

    Just out of interest how much do courtside seats cost?

  • north

    They must put all the money they make into those season tickets. After a quick browse through their website the stuff they choose to carry (or at least showcase) is pretty weak.

  • stefan

    good question seany_t! I am also curious how much is a season ticket courtside

  • control

    I’ve actually been to their store (used to work two blocks away), it’s like a douchebag warehouse. If you are interested in looking like a complete asshole, go shop there. The prices are insane for the “fashion” which is actually “lack of fashion” IMO. Look at that idiot’s beard, it’s like he’s guying to pass as Zach Gandifiniasklis’ cousin.

  • beiber newz

    perkins would have told them to get the fuck up….carter is a nice guy. he gets points for that. perkins loses none.

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