• stefan

    damn this is the third article today that I post something about the wizards.

    Almost all of the wizards players are part of the problem, nick young included. But I see him starting to take more shots and as a result helping the wizards. It’s just that right now everybody on that roster plays for stats, that’s how it looks like. If it was just nick young taking a lot of shots and trying to take over some stretches of the games maybe things would work out. Also Wall makes terrible decisions and he has no clue when to just give nick young the ball and get out of the way.

  • stefan

    oh and nice interview. for the haters out there, nick is number one… in sneaker collections.. and style… and shooting..

    number 1

  • Suberzat

    Nick young is no sneakerhead…he didn’t know when the concords was coming out last year and that’s the most sought after Jordan shoe
    Smh Nick…u just have money to buy shoes

  • First & Foremost

    Is he part of the problem? Yes/No, his role is to score. That is what he does. Would the team like him to branch out and become a complete basketball player? Who wouldn’t want a player to add something to their game.

    His assist totals – he does dribble the hell out of the ball but the offense isn’t designed to run through him. Not like ball movement is preached by other players on the team.

    Rebounding – Have you ever met a person with a fro that enjoyed other people touching their hair? Aight then.

    Running off series of screens isn’t his game. He is a self shot creator. He is top 3 in the league at taking the most long 2, off balanced, step back, fadaway, not facing the basket shots in the league. Some go in and some don’t. But have you seen anyone cut to the basket when he has the ball?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Im actually watching the documentry on Nick Young called -Second Chance Season-
    I didn’t know kid went through so much just to get into college. Very cool to see guys like Jordan Farmer back in HS too.

    As for his game, he does need to evolve. Scoring is only one small aspect of the game. It does make a huge difference in HOW you score and what TYPE of shots you get. If he did learn how to use screens better, he would help John Wall a lot and his teammates a lot. He just has to learn to be more unselfish.

  • Me

    He sounds like he has no idea that his game is very limited. Scorers are a dime a dozen. Be good at it-fine, but your other stats are fucking ATROCIOUS. Any NBA player should be able to luck his way into 2-3 assists and boards a night (on average), just being on the court.

  • Fleks

    horrible ball-hog… with style