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Dwight Howard Steals Andrew Bynum’s Lunch Money; “Showtime” Sequel In California?

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard (photo. adidas)

As much as ESPN hyped the head-to-head matchup between Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum before last night’s Magic/Lakers game, you would’ve thought that, you know, Bynum had actually done something to earn space on Dwight’s marquee. But choosing to ignore all the warning signs that this might be the most disappointing big-man “battle” since Emeka Okafor turned Luke Schenscher into an Australian Toaster Biscuit in the 2004 NCAA title game, the national media seemed bent on making Howard/Bynum the dominant headline on the NBA schedule … Unfortunately, that headline belonged in the Police Blotter section. Six minutes into the first quarter, Howard served Bynum with a nice lefty hook shot and a back-to-the-basket shimmy that led to a finger roll, and Bynum wound up on the bench with two fouls. Bynum came back to start the second quarter, but after blowing a defensive assignment and then picking up his third foul, he was on the bench less than three minutes in. Not coincidentally, the Magic built a 20-point lead during the second quarter that paved the way for a 92-80 victory … Howard finished with 21 points and 23 rebounds in 45 minutes, while Bynum had 10 points and 12 boards in 26 minutes. Even though a lot of Bynum’s production happened in what was essentially garbage time, we know some of the more staunch Bynum/L.A. supporters will argue that Bynum was on pace for a 20-and-20 stat line had he played as many minutes as Howard. But here’s the thing: Part of being a legit NBA star is staying on the court to show what you can do. We can paint all kinds of “if” scenarios for guys like Bynum, but guys like Howard actually take care of business … This game looked a lot like last year’s Mavericks/Lakers series. The Magic rained threes all over the place (12-for-27), and just when it looked like L.A. had figured out a defensive solution, one of Orlando’s guards would play the J.J. Barea role and get an easy layup out of the half-court set … Kobe Bryant, naturally, tried to get L.A. back into it by himself. We know it’s fun for Kobe-haters to look at his FGA’s and puff their chests out when it’s anything over 20, but if you watched this game you’d know that Kobe (30 pts, 11-22 FG) didn’t really have a choice. He was performing miracles out there — running hooks over three defenders, Gregory Hines-level footwork to set up lefty scoop shots, fadeaway bankers plus the foul — but his teammates never showed up to support him. Metta World Peace was so bad (8 mins, 0-4 FG, 1 PF and NOTHING ELSE), he made 27 people quit the Peace Corps last night just to disassociate themselves from his name … If you’ve ever flipped to a Magic game, seen Big Baby Davis in the post and thought you’d stumbled upon the premiere of Honey, I Shrunk Dwight (And Put Him on a Beef Brisket Diet) on ABC Family, just know that you’re not alone … Keep reading to hear about that “other” Los Angeles team …

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  • Balls


  • Lee

    People should watch Luke Ridenour teardrop over DeAndre Jordan, amazing shot by the little guy.

  • http://first.com First!

    Looks like your Space Bar is broken.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Popovich didn’t give a damn about that game. Starters sat most of the 4th. I think the Spurs need at least the four seed to have a chance

  • beiber newz

    Orlando taking a page from dever’s playbook…keep your disgruntled star…win games now…increase trade value of star by spreading rumors of other teams linked to said star….trade star at last possible minute while having a good enough record to make playoffs….still remain good.

    Why didn’t the hornets do this? Because some guys thought getting aminu and a draft pick was good enough…and eric gordon has turned out good huh? Had they waited who knows what they coulda got. They short changed new orleans…sad.

    Good job otis….trading just bynum is getting harder and harder for him to accept seeing as how dwight is carrying that club. Who thought that hornets clippers trade was fair? Shame

  • b

    you never get fair trade when involving a superstar. but that was a good haul for n.o – better than the lakers/houston veto’d trade.

    i hope any other team other than l.a gets dwight howard. kobe won’t give him the ball anyways. i’m not a kobe hater – but if he’s really serious about winning – he’d be feeding gasol/bynum alot more and taking over when required. lakers have had the softest schedule so far… magic might’ve been right when he called them a .500 team when playoffs arive

    good to see minny pulling out wins like that.

    NY suck – you can’t beat the bucks or the suns? shame

    go chi-town. they have the right attitude. if alot of other players and teams have that attitude/approach towards basketball… the league would be of higher quality by far

  • Chaos

    Chicago made Cleveland look like a JV squad.

    I still wonder if Orlando can keep Dwight Howard. They are playing well now but a wing player would make a large difference for the Magic.

    @Lee i saw it and i am not a Ridnour fan but damn that was beautiful

  • Sam

    Darko has arrived!!!

  • x0t

    gortat is a top 10 center, closing in on top 5…I got him at 7 or 8 because he’s effective on both ends….

    carmelo has to go, the team was good with amare leading and now they suck…

  • Reg

    The George Hill game winner was not only a kickball but he also took like 5 ministeps right before he made the layup! So pretty much 2 horrible calls. Kicking the ball and traveling.

  • catdaddywhack

    @ #5

    thinking of bookmarking this one so I can quote you again sometime soon… when Orlando loses Dwight for nothing (or nothing close to offers they’re getting right now) for being such patient picky little pussies.

    for old times sake… lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    lol, now the Ny folk finna turn on carmelo.

  • catdaddywhack

    “…keep your disgruntled star…win games now…increase trade value of star by spreading rumors of other teams linked to said star…”

    then again, the Lakers were going through this same shit several years ago and the rest is history – except for the last min trade part, of course.

  • Bilal

    That teardrop by Ridenour was incredible.

    The reason the hornets didnt wait like the magic have is simple. The two teams have completely different situations.

    1) Orlando are a competitive playoff team. Therefore by winning games Dwight’s value rises. The Hornets were not, so Pauls value really wouldn’t have changed.

    2) Paul was adamant he would not be staying. So interested teams could in fact wait for him in this shortened season and try and get him for nothing. There is still a chance that Dwight may stay on in Orlando, and if he does go in free agency, the chances of him leaving via sign and trade are higher.

    3) This i feel is the biggest reason. Hornets need an owner, the NBA cannot keep owning it, the value of the Hornets at the beginning of the season was more or less tied to Paul. SO if Paul were to walk away for nothing, then guess what that franchise is worth nothing (Contraction you might say). It was in the best interest of the NBA to get good assets for Paul because the future of the franchise is tied to that. But what about the future of Orlando? well like we saw with Williams and Anthony last year, if a team wants a “superstar”, they will pay over the odd for him. Orlando will get more or less whatever they want.

  • beiber newz

    it’s a business move…stern devalued chris paul just so he can make the clippers franchise a hotter ticket than it should have been. the lakers were always going to be profitable, but sending paul to the clippers instead of the lakers ensured more ticket sales, endorsements, jersey sales, shirts, billboards, just hype all over the web, the clippers became a sensation over night…if anyone says that vetoed trade was basketball related is silly, i know deep down stern, especially after a lockout, made this a calculated move business wise, knowing fans would get hyped to see the best point guard (as some would contend) playing with a rising star.

    one thing though catdaddy…why is it okay for you to bring up a topic to say “see i told you so” but when i bring up that i said rubio would be a stud i get my head cut off and people hate when i ‘pat my back’ when numerous other things come true from my comments? whatever, bring it on…i’ll bookmark this page just because you said you would.

    also…someone said i was dumb for proclaiming rubio would be a stud because he was a lottery pick. i completely dodged that point because it was super dumb. are all lottery picks ensured a succesful career? was darko drafted at a higher pick than rubio? i should bring up that quote of the bumbling fool who said that just to embarrass him. especially after people looked at rubio overseas and said he would be a wash in the nba…i was one of the rare people saying he would do well in the L.

  • beiber newz

    BILAL…your first two oints are good, but there are loopholes.

    the 1st one was that the magic winning increases dwight’s value. yes very true…but if the player is wanted as much as paul is, i don’t think it would have much of an affect. kg’s value in minnesota was the same trade-wise. who didn’t want kg whether they were 82-0 vs. 0-82..any man capable of 20-15-5 numbers would get the farm thrown at him in a trade any day.

    your 2nd point is also good. if i know a star is going to leave, i would low ball the team as much as i can….but.. how far would that get you? melo wanted to leave and he made it known ny was in his heart. and ny still gutted their roster (IDIOTS! im still mad at that) . but your point is till good here because when boston knew kg wouldn’t demand a trade they had to give up their young players almost everyone except rondo for kg. but still, that was after kg saw ray allen get traded to boston, that’s when he changed his stance on leaving…so i dunno really how much your point holds weight.

    i can say this much…orlando, if dwight keeps up this 20-20 binge, will not be in the same boat as new orleans. they will be like the nuggets..losing a franchise player yet still getting the pieces to compete in the playoffs. someone remind me of their record? they gonna make the playoffs still after losing dwight.

  • stefan

    take the 08′-09’season out. Carmelo’s career resembles T-Mac’s. Scoring machines that can’t lead their team in the playoffs. T-Mac went to the Rockets to join Yao, Melo went to NY with Amare. If Melo starts injuring himself than it’s the same scenarios. Even if not, NY is not going anywhere further than the first round.

  • Bilal


    From a business perspective it makes absolutely no sense to make the clippers the hottest ticket. The Lakers have the largest following, they are the creme-del-la-creme marketing wise, more money would made by having the best players on the best teams.

    Your point about KG is valid, BUT he was not traded mis season or at the beginning of the season. KG also had 2 years on his contract remaining. Yes any player that can average those would be wanted but when a contract is expiring, the better the team is doing the more they retain or gain in value. with a losing team, the more they lose, the worse the offers they will get. The Hornets at the beginning of the season were able to command the best price because they weren’t anticipating a winning season.

  • silky

    man I love listening to games that hubie brown calls… I woulda loved to play for that dude. great insight into the game. he’s been doing it too… still catch him on those hardwood classic games.

    anyone remember when Dwight came into the league… SI had him on the cover and the article was basically about how he was gonna use the gifts god gave him to convert and spread christianity… blah blah- glad he didn’t turn into tebow before tebow. nothing like a little clink in the pocket and some tv time to change a dude. the only thing he prays to now is the shake-weight

    that twolves clips game was fun. darko’s D was pretty solid on Blake. mo williams is a jason terry clone. clips got nice backcourt depth.

  • K Dizzle

    “Even though a lot of Bynum’s production happened in what was essentially garbage time, we know some of the more staunch Bynum/L.A. supporters will argue that Bynum was on pace for a 20-and-20 stat line had he played as many minutes as Howard. But here’s the thing: Part of being a legit NBA star is staying on the court to show what you can do. We can paint all kinds of “if” scenarios for guys like Bynum, but guys like Howard actually take care of business”

    I’m gonna assume whoever wrote today’s smack either had his girl taken by Bynum or it’s just Austin writin smack again. Once agin, please explain where Dwight was to ‘take care of business’ when he put up 5 and 4 against Sacramento…
    I’m only gonna say this one:
    Andrew Bynum didn’t cost the Lakers the game, Kobe did.
    Lakers finally bust thru the double digit wall, and cut the Magic lead to 8 with 6 minutes left. Kobe loses his mind on a ‘who cares’ possession call. Jameer tech free throw. JRich dunk. Ryan Anderson triple. Ballgame!

  • beiber newz

    Bilal..I just thought the paul trade was a business move because I feel the lakers will always be profitable. The clippers needed a jolt, and another profitable team in la is just gold. Maybe they hurt one another financially by sheer laws of business competition, but that still means good things from a money standpoint. Now it won’t be lopsided. The knicks were always profitable with a bad team, I feel the lakers are the same. The clippers were on the fence until the cp3 trade. Stern, a smart business man had to have taken this into account no question. U don’t think?

  • JBaller

    Carmelo doesn’t need to go, they just need to stop pretending he can play point-forward like LeBron. He’s a ball stopper who can create plays for himself but no one else. They need a pg who is a leader and can initiate the offense, distributing to Amare and Chandler while allowing Melo to do his thing too. Then they’ll be dangerous, but until then they are just a mess.

  • Jzsmoove

    Bonehead moment of the night belongs to Mo Williams for getting himself ejected when the Clippers had total control of the tempo. That wouldn’t have been close if he was around at the end. But as much as I wanted them to win, the underdog Wolves were playing great and I was ecstatic they won. But you can’t tell me they were not expecting Love to pop out of that inbounds scrum? That was bad coaching by Del Negro.

  • Bilal

    BNewz, I fully take your point. I think that competition is good, BUT i am not sure that having two dominant teams in one city is a great idea, but then i am not a millionaire business man like stern. Clippers in the playoffs does make sense though.

    The whole Hornets “Basketball” reasoning is Bullsh!t though. it was business reasons, but maybe not for the receiving as you have suggested. For the new buyer of the hornets, young talent and draft picks are more valuable than stable longer term contracts of established players. So on that basis the clippers trade makes sense.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    This might be the smartest thing I’ve ever heard beiber say:

    it’s a business move…stern devalued chris paul just so he can make the clippers franchise a hotter ticket than it should have been. the lakers were always going to be profitable, but sending paul to the clippers instead of the lakers ensured more ticket sales, endorsements, jersey sales, shirts, billboards, just hype all over the web, the clippers became a sensation over night…if anyone says that vetoed trade was basketball related is silly, i know deep down stern, especially after a lockout, made this a calculated move business wise, knowing fans would get hyped to see the best point guard (as some would contend) playing with a rising star.

  • catdaddywhack

    kung hei fat choi bitches!

    gotta give props to my chinese neighbor and their lunar new year.
    glad China still hasn’t succumbed using the metric system so they get to celebrate their own ny… LOL
    haven’t done shit about my ny resolutions so this is like another chance to fuck it up again. and one more reason to get wasted hehehe

  • QQ

    Please, please.

    Cats saying Bynum is the best center in the L right now…. Stand up, please?

    That’s what I thought.

    If a disgruntled star drops 20-20 on you, it’s likely because he IS the best center in the league and ummm… NOT you.

  • catdaddywhack

    lol @ bn

    guess its my turn for long ass post. prolly due for one anyways… so pls bear with my shit and just scroll past…

    Beiber Nudez

    it’s all good, man. no worries. that’s what they got on you right now and we’re gonna ride it til it to the last drop. this is smack and we talk smack. this is just like what we all do at the gym/playground without any worry of getting your ass kicked or shot. we’re all proven hoopheads. last long enough and get recognized. that’s it.

    think you’ve done that – they acknowledge your good points when its there. u proved your bball knowledge here & lasted longer than others without changing/re-changing the name until they get it. eff that. nothing’s immaculate, eff the rep, eff it if you called it wrong & fuck if it embarrassed you big time.

    suck it up, run & right another day. lol. it happens. and it’s more than i care to admit if you ask me. ain’t no one way street even in the internet.

    damn sure most of us here have got alzheimer’s anyway – we got jobs, wives, lives, bills and all the other shit to worry about. the hate that our geeky profiles & statuses are the least of our problems.

    although i might be a bit embarrassed by this long ass post but im past boarderline wasted now. shitfaced again. fcuk it. lol

  • Jason

    Did Iggy actually spell it “theif?!”


  • http://dime eyes

    As a NY’er was happy to see Brandon laugh on the team that wears orange & blue. For years you’ve needed a guard. D’antoni ego has to go & he isn’t the coach for this team. Shumpert can’t pass to save his life. Douglas looks like Duhon. Lost knowing he can’t play the 1. Melo’s antics yesterday were pamper soft & dumb. Lost a lot of respect for him. Play tough not dirty and stupid. He’d never do that to a tough player in the league.

    Hate that Kyrie Irving & Tristan Thompson are on such a bad team. Hilarious that Mike Conley & Felton are on Great teams & are their biggest weakness. Kyle Lowry,Jrue Holiday,Ty Lawson & Brandon Jennings are playing Great basketball. They give their team a chance to win any game.

    Lastly why is it the Knicks think Baron Davis is going to save the year. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. That franchise has to be SOLD. At least hire competent people. Your scouts STINK. Goran Drajic,Sebastian Telfair,Lance Stephenson,Ish Smith,Andre Barrett,Daryll Hill,Omar Cook,Yatta Gaines,Corey Fisher,Edgar Sosa when healthy. Any of those guards for cheap will blossom & help the Knicks. Even Jamal Tinsley. Please for the sake of basketball trade Douglas & Fields now before there stock plummets worse. Even Shumpert could command some talent. Do something as NY’er it’s shameful watching MSG.

    Also keep your eyes on the steal of the draft & gem of College Basketball guards. Terrel Holloway from Xavier. Outside of Scott Machado who I’ve been praising for a while LOL. Will run your team as efficient as they come. Knicks this advice is free. BJ asked to be picked by you guys. Norris Cole was also there for you to pick. Please guys check the egos. Some of us on the site really love & know the game.

    Sidenote*Aquille Carr is UNBELIEVABLE. MUST SEE IN PERSON.

  • JC

    One time for Dexter Strickland… Speedy recovery my man. Maybe he can check in with Corey Brewer and get some rehab tips. It’s rare that you see a player tear an ACL and manage to get back to the same level of explosiveness.

    Thank you, Carlos Boozer. Bulls are managing a ton of important injuries. Hopefuly Taj’s ankle isn’t serious.

    Cavs really have some soul-searching to do. They suffered their worst home loss in franchise history to a Bulls squad that 1) got a DNP from the MVP, 2) didn’t have its 6th man (Taj Gibson) in the 2nd half, and 3) started an undrafted former D-League callup at PG and brought another washed up D-League callup PG off the bench (Mike James). How do you manage to not even remain on the court with THAT team? I’m not saying you have to blow them out or win, but come on you can’t be out there losing by 119 points. Dan Gilbert just keeps getting more and more good karma.

    Mo Williams really showed his true colors last night. The only way to win with him is to keep his minutes down.

    Shouts to LaMarcus Aldridge.

  • Big Island

    Dwight beat up on Bynum.

    That Clippers/Wolves game was awesome. Rubio was PUMPED after he hit the 3, and the poor announcers were dying because they called the play for Love, said Jordan shouldn’t be guarding him, and then pretty much cried.

    Beiber – the Clips always made money. ALWAYS. They never paid to keep guys, never got rid of coaches before their contracts were up, always just stayed profitable. The best business move for the league was for Paul to go to NY or the Lakers. Griffin is going to get people in seats regardless. And every game CP sits out, which would have happened in NO, his stock would drop a little bit since the only concern with him is his knees. Sterling is at best the second worse owner in the league (it’s really tough not to hate Gilbert more) and if Stern could make him sell the team he would.

    The Knicks should trade Melo for Deron Williams. Melo gets to stay in NY, but on a shitty team because he’s a quitting cancerous player. NY gets a PG to team with Amare. I’m not the biggest Amare fan, but he plays hard and really sold himself to the city of NY. Melo thinks the city should embrace him, Amare embraced the city and they embraced him back. I don’t know if I worded that so that anyone understands what I am trying to say, but it makes sense in my head.

    Unless Orlando gets a sweet offer for Dwight, they should just let his contract expire and make him take less money if he leaves. I’d be willing to bet he suddenly “loves what Orlando is doing” for the extra $20 mil.

  • JBaller

    It’s time to blow up the Lakers. All that talent is’t getting it done, they look old and slow and they’re not responding to Mike Brown’s coaching. They need to offer up anybody but Kobe for Howard. Even though the Magic can’t be impressed with what they saw last night the lakers still have the most to offer and Dwight is not going to stick around. Dwight can be the future of the franchise while helping Kobe win another ring before his wheels completely fall off.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Since no one else has done it:



    PS nice smack today

  • dk

    As a Laker fan I now realize we lack any athleticism, need to cut our losses now and make the Gasol/Bynum move for D Ho if O town will take it. We can fill in the pieces later.

    Thanks Anti- Christ Stern again for the Vetoes… essentially crippling two franchises, the Hornets ( they got garbage and would have had a better squad in the Laker deal ) and crippling LA 2 because Paul will leave, leaving them fucked. Nice work. Hope you’re happy about your exacted revenge on player union leader Derek Fisher…lol ijs

  • beiber newz

    so vanessa bryant, kobe’s ex hoe, is getting not 1, not 2 but three mansions through the divorce process. i think it’s safe to say…she’d be the baddest chick if she were ever asked to join the cast of basketball wives.

  • beiber newz

    yea dk..

    i gave in to the prospects of the lakers trading for d12 a day or two ago…i love reliability…dwight’s rebounding and energy is something that team needs more than potential at this point. for kobe’s stage of career he doesn’t have 2-3 years to wait before bynum becomes a bonadife monster. dwight is that now, and we need dwight now. bynum shows flashes, and he has given many faith that he will of course be that player, but kobe is in win now mode and i’d rather have a defensive player of the year on the lakers, but that’s just me.

  • beiber newz

    oh i forgot…but dk, HELL no am i willing to throw pau in that deal….i’d rather they packaged:
    andrew bynum
    young pieces (darius morris, devin ebanks)
    the trade exception from the odom trade with dallas
    future picks
    money….a lot of it…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — Why are you using one game to make a point about Dwight’s overall effectiveness? But if that’s how it works, check this out:


    That would be Hakeem Olajuwon, during his prime, putting up 6 points and 7 boards and shooting 2-for-13 in one game. Didn’t take me very long to find it, either. Can I say now that Hakeem in general didn’t take care of business and start making arguments that Sam Bowie was better? Bowie WAS putting up 15-10-2 when he was healthy, after all.

    Even the best players of all-time have a few bad games on their resume, but overall, guys like Hakeem and Dwight take care of business. Guys like Bynum and Bowie, they just aren’t as reliable even if they have the ability to be superstars.

  • catdaddywhack

    Vanessa would be the baddest chic. PERIOD – if she bulldozes all three mansions…

  • beiber newz

    the real issue is why kobe needed 3 (or more) mansions..sheesh.

  • Big Island

    Beib – One for her, one for her mom, and one to bang his chicks in.

  • catdaddywhack

    3 mansions and loads more to come. these are times when you almost wish you had a pussy. almost. nah. lol.

    how come cocks are always the reason one loses money while pussies are the exact opposite….?

  • dk

    ” Guys like Bynum and Bowie, they just aren’t as reliable even if they have the ability to be superstars.”

    So Bynum just got called out… I don’t think you’re right in Bynum’s case. His whole career has been retarded by Phil Jackson and injury. Still a lot of life lift and growth in that YOUNG man.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – thank you for making my point. Every player has good games n bad games. Bynum’s averaging 16.3 points, 13.8 rebounds and 1.9 blocks on 52.9 percent shooting. Howard’s averaging 20.1 points, 15.6 rebounds and 2.4 blocks on 58.7 percent shooting.
    Is there any doubt Bynum’s the 2nd best center in the game n that this has been his best year to date?
    Last night Dwight put up 21 n 23 on 6-14 in 46 MINUTES.
    AB had 10 n 12 on 4-6 in 26 MINUTES. Of course Laker fans are gonna say if the refs had let the 2 best centers in the game play, it coulda been good. Any other center puts up a double-double vs Dwight, that’s a good game. AB did it in half a game. Cats trippin cuz Shaq talked reckess but even in Dime’s “Who’s Better”, I don’t remember more than maybe 2 guys sayin Bynum was better.
    It sucks for Bynum that Shaq had to motivate Dwight by pullin the “Bynum’s the best big man in the game” but expectations are there now so you gotta stay on the floor in the matchup with Dwight.


    Bynum is having a good year. Nothing great, yet. But he’s getting better and more comfortable every game. This is where all the games he’s missed come in. AB would be way better now judging by the way he’s playing now. Every lay off has got an effect. No practice and conditioning. Every time you come back, you have to adjust for your team, teammates and coaches. And the being comfortable with the game overall is a huge adjustment, especially mentally. And with a teammate as fiery and as demanding as Kobe. You can forget about it.

    Not saying he’s gonna be one of the great ones, but he should’ve been better than he is now if it weren’t for the injures.

    You can say the same thing with Bogut. Centers these days, what a waste. Too soft, too dumb, too much playing outside and if there are any classic tough bigs, they’re too injured.

    Kevin Duckworth and Mike Gminski would be all-stars. Guys like William Bedford and Chris Washburn will have no problem scoring and snorting it because the finesse big man are now dominant. Chris Dudley would be solid. Every center shoots free throws like him nowadays.

    And Dwight Howard might be the last of the tough as nails, classic, great big men.


    Nothing special about Bynum’s line. Cousins put up a similar one vs Dwight in 22 minutes.

    Greg Monroe had 10 and 9 plus a win vs Orlando. Also in 22 mins.

    It must be the goddamn refs after all.


    The numbers don’t lie. The big men literally take a back seat when they get to battle each other because of foul trouble, thanks to the goddamn refs.

  • beiber newz

    (no offense) en fuego…those are the most thought out comments by you i’ve seen..usually they are 1 or two liners on your behalf. nice going…you are becoming versatile.

  • Big Island

    I blame goddamn Floppy Divac! I was one of the guys who said I would take Bynum over Dwight IF he could stay healthy. I know it was a bad game, I know it was one game, but I would like to amend my statement.

    I would take Bynum over Dwight if he could stay on the floor.

    This covers injuries and foul trouble. Possibly speeding and parking tickets as well. As weird as it is to say, I like Bynum’s attitude better. Before Dwight started saying he wanted to go to 27 different teams but wants to be in Orlando for life until tomorrow when he wants to be a ClipBullNetLakeCeltWizMavJazzBobcatDragonBruinBlazerHeatKnickWolf, I don’t think I would have disliked the dude as much as I do.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    The Bulls have dusted off Mike James. and somehow he’s out here killing. Dude has 7pts and 9asst in 9min so far. WTF? !?!?

    If the Bulls finish off this game (they are up 13pts with 8min left) that would make them 4-1 WITHOUT DERRICK ROSE…interesting.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Oh and I read all this shyt this morning but never bothered to respond but i have time now.

    Dwight DID NOT outplay Bynum last night. You can’t outplay someone who was being tortured by the Refs all night with BAD CALLS.

    side note: Make that 10asst now for Mike James
    back to what i was writing

    The Lakers were using Kobe Bryant in the post all game long. He gets doubled and kicks it out and the ball gets swung around for a corner 3 or jumper. That’s how the Lakers lost the game. Why not put Gasol (being guarded by Ryan f^cking Anderson) on the block and allow him to either get doubled or get buckets. If he gets doubled, the ball gets swung around to Kobe who is now one on one and can get buckets himself. Similar to how it was when Shaq was there. With all those shooters and bigs, the Lakers should be killing the Magic. Im starting to feel bad for Smart Brotha. He’s trying his best, but his best sucks.

  • UncheckedAggression

    The Bulls are actually a good team without Rose. They are well-rounded and everyone seems to know their roles. The defense is what makes them dangerous, from what I’ve seen.

    Last night’s game was a not a good game to use to explain why Howard is better. In case anyone has noticed, Howard also has a tendency to remove himself from games due to foul trouble. I’m not saying Bynum is better, but please be objective when comparing the two.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Yeah everyone is balling. Rip is playing like it’s 2004 again and Omer (who got the start) has 5pts 2blks and 15reb in 39min just by out-hustling people. Boozer still knocking down jumpers and Mike James acting like he in the D-League with his stat line lol.

    Actually don’t get fooled by Mike James stat line, he just stood there and passed the ball. Nothing special.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    I heard an interview recently with mitch kupchek where he said hes disappointed that mike brown has not used the big men of the lakers like he said he would when he signed up for the job. At least gasol is coming back around and bynum is still trying his best to be top 3 in rebounds. Lakers just need to learn how to shoots again and well be fine.

  • beiber newz

    haha X’s 100 @ 51. sad. so much to say. i’ll save her life by not.


    It’s been a while since I actually talked basketball. So there.

    The games are getting better and better each day that even EYES has made a comeback. Still hate refs for calling too many fouls on the big men though.

    And why thank you, fish. Actually don’t sound so bad yourself when the whining stops. And your posts are actually getting shorter. Wonders never cease.

    Nice to see traditional teams on top of the standings, those one or two draft grown stars and teams composed of solid players with no clear cut superstar. Those big spending teams built through shortcuts FAs/trades/etc are actually struggling.

  • beiber newz

    Carmelo is actually an above average passer for his position