NBA / Jan 3, 2012 / 3:00 pm

Gregg Popovich Is Not A Fan Of American Culture

Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich is a fan of many things, but apparently American culture is not one of them. I mean, can you picture Pop watching “Jersey Shore” or taking in a Taylor Swift concert? Neither can I. Yesterday before San Antonio faced Minnesota, Pop was asked about Ricky Rubio. Specifically, how difficult it would be for him to adjust to American culture. Of course, his response was classic.

From Kent Youngblood of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

“These guys, they travel around the world,” Popovich said of international players like Rubio and his own Manu Ginobili. “They’re more cultured than we are. Everyone acts like Americans are the ones… we have sort of an arrogance about us. Like we’re the cultured ones? Are you serious? Have you watched TV lately? Have you seen what Americans do? How many languages do you speak? And you wonder how they’re going to adjust to our culture? I hope they avoid it and keep their own!”

And with that, Popovich can forget about ever being invited to the MTV Video Music Awards.

In your mind, what society has the best culture?

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  • cesar

    gotta love Pops! he is the truth

  • SaiItAintSo

    I hate your team. I don’t like you as a coach but, damn, preach on Pop. Preach on. Speaking the truth at the pulpit.

  • Michorizo

    I know Pop knows who Khloe is…

  • heckler

    jersey shore is NOT american culture. that shit aint even italian culture.

  • top_gun


    Jersey Shore is not American Culture? Millions across the country follow that crap.

    I grew up watching Fresh Prince of Bel-air, Friends and Seinfeld. This generation barely has any sitcoms and are more into video games, facebook, and reality tv.

  • heckler

    @ top_gun–

    just cause a million people follow anything doesnt make it culture. im well aware 20-30yr olds follow ANYTHING on MTV; except music of course.

    part of culture involves food, clothes, music, language etc etc etc.

    think of your background. racially, you’re comprised of the blood of your parents and grandparents. and that can be of any physical origin.

    but culturally, (aside from racially), has to do with you subscribing to the food, music, language, clothing etc of the racial groups you are made up of OR your surroundings.

    just because a sh*tload of people following someone or something, doesnt make it cultured.
    just ask the Dime staff about their subscribers and readership if you doubt me

  • b


    jersey shore is a rusult of american culture and unfortunately apart of it. doesn’t mean its the be all of american culture either. just a slice of it.

  • http://www.nba.com heino skovgaard

    one word………..Denmark

  • beiber newz

    i just love the gregg pop clip art. it’s perfect.

  • Parisiano

    Pops speaks the truth ! The overuse of the world “overseas” sums it all up for me.
    Why learn another language ? It’s behind the sea you know who cares ?
    And everytime a US team wins a title, they’re “World Champions”… come on
    In “soccer” also ?

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    It would be interesting to put Brandon Jennings, Jeremy Tyler and Ricky Rubio on a roundtable discussion on this topic.

  • http://jarrod36@gmail.com Jarrod36

    @ Brokejumper : No it wouldn’t