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Kobe Bryant x Nike Basketball “Broken Not Beaten” T-Shirt

This t-shirt isn’t brand new, but it seems fitting considering the rampage Kobe Bryant has been on this week. (And the fact that he’s walking around wearing an oven mitt.) Featuring an X-ray of Kobe’s hand with all five of his NBA championship rings, this tee from Nike Basketball titled “Broken Not Beaten” is a graphic tribute to the game’s hard knocks and what the Mamba has had to endure and overcome.

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Here’s a closer look:

Broken Not Beaten

If you want to get your hands on one of these tees, they’re available in three colors at www.nikestore.com for $35.

What do you think?

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  • Ryan Baker

    must have been nice to have shaq on your team…. smh eddy curry would have 3 too….

  • Celts Fan

    STOP IT; JUST STOP IT. If a normal person refuses treatment for an illness, we call him/her an idiot, but because this narcicist does it, we give him a built-in excuse. The finger’s been messed up for years, the knee was blood-doped in the offseason in Germany, now the hand is what’s being ignored so he can “go tough it out.” You’re either too hurt to play or not; you can’t have it both ways. Give it a rest, Kobe. Just cuz you don’t have a wife and daughter anymore to parade in front of the cameras to pretend you’re a good guy doesn’t mean I’ll start buying you as a warrior (he is, but come on. Give it a rest.)
    – Everyone outside of LA

  • stxbrx

    hahaha celtics fanboys all over the place

  • LeBrick Shames

    @Ryan Baker

    Yeah, Jordan wouldn’t have 6 without Phil Jackson or Scottie Pippen.

  • Celts Fan

    @LeBrick – true, but Kobe was playing the Pippen role in 2 of those 3, give him a 1a/1b situation by #3, but there’s a difference (I’m not trying to start a big thing here, but we can/should all be able to agree that those first 2 were, hands down, Shaq’s team. He even won the MVP one of those years.)

    @stxbrx – dude, I respect the heck out of most of his GAME (only issues: huuuuge ball hog, awful teammate, took forever to make players better, but he def does now, no question.) The only guys in the history of the league you’d put above him in the alltime ranks are, in no order, Magic, Bird, MJ, Kareem, Oscar, Russell, Wilt, Shaq & Timmy (for now yes, if all these ignored-injuries don’t accumulate and end things for him soon, those last 2 should change by the time he hangs em up)but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s, unquestionably, a huge dirtbag and narcicist. That’s all that was about. TONS of guys play hurt all the time; most don’t point it out and ignore treatment so they can play the hero role.

    and fanboy?!? Please dude. I criticize my team ALL THE TIME. I’m realistic (look at just about any recent Celtics-related post and you’ll see me brutalizing our awful rotations and aging, jump-shooting team) but you Lakers fans are like soccer moms with Kobe. It’s unreal.

  • http://www.twitter.com/legacyelite Michael @ Legacy Elite

    I think the difference is Kobe is refusing treatment because the lives of many people around him depend on him performing at a high level. The average person wouldn’t really be doing anything productive by refusing treatment that they really need.

  • ROBL35

    Doesn’t make a difference how he got the rings Shaq might not have won them had Kobe not been acquired but he was and they 3 peated then KB24 won 2 without Shaq but had a great supporting cast to prove he is one of the greats. He’s a 5 time champion & killing it with big Drew & Pau & Lakers looking good as champs in 2012 OKC is the only other team I wouldn’t mind seeing do well & don’t get me wrong DR1 was a worthy MVP but KD35 was most valuable & being the leader on such a young team probably makes him even more valuable…

  • netstar

    @celts fan

    sooooooooo maddddddddddddddddddd

  • top_gun

    Who’s that player who recently took a game off because of the flu? I can’t understand that. Usually players don’t play through injuries because it can jeopardize their future, income, health etc. There’s no excuse to take the day off because you have a flu. I’m sure we all played sports or worked out when we were sick, for a professional to use that as a reason to not play is just plain idiotic and weak. It’s going to bother me all day until I remember who it was.

  • Celts Fan

    @top_gun – it’s called Google and I promise it’ll give you an answer before the end of the day. Also, you clearly haven’t ever had the flu really badly. If dude was in the full fledged, constant yack, poop, and runny nose where you have zero strength and just alternate between sweating out and sleeping for 2 straight days, it’s usually better for the team that he doesn’t play. Hell, Jordan was in Godly shape and Pippen basically had to carry him off the floor during the flu game (Playoffs too, guaranteed Jordan’s not playing that game if it’s week 3 of the regular season.) Heck, chances are dude was contagious and the coach said that they don’t need the entire team to catch it and to stay home til he’s healthy, which is exactly what our bosses do here (hint: I’m not a pro athlete and am worth MUCH LESS to them than these guys are to their owners.)

  • Celts Fan

    @netstar – yup, cuz I’m sick of people acting like he’s anything special just for playing through something that’s either not as bad as it sounds or is that bad and he’s hurting himself, and therefore, the team by continuing to play. He’s been doing it since the finger which everyone kept saying, “and he’s only playing w/ 1 and a half hands” even when he went years without addressing it. gut it out for 1 yr, sure, but when it drags across multiple seasons and you still haven’t done anything about it, you can’t keep using that as a crutch. Either Kobe succeeded or the finger was to blame for like 3 years straight. Plenty of guys play hurt and don’t draw attention to it. This clown gets a GD t-shirt made. He’s a narcicistic dbag. GREAT player, worse human being and I’m sick of the Lakers fanboys playing soccer mom for him. “Oh, look at little Kobe out there, trying so hard. He got a booboo on his finger and he’s still playing. Wow!” Die.

  • Charles B.

    so many haters

  • Celts Fan

    Hating yes, for a reason, but I’ve yet to hear anyone argue with a single one of the points I made. Wanna call me a hater, cool, I’ll argue w/ anyone, but tell me why I’m wrong at least. You can’t cuz I’m not…