NBA, Video / Jan 4, 2012 / 3:00 pm

Video: Kobe Bryant’s Self-Pass off the Glass

Kobe Bryant highlights

Watch Kobe Bryant hit Kevin Martin with the ol’ up-and-under-lefty-self-pass-off-glass-tip-in move. The reaction from Lakers’ color guy Stu Lantz right after the play:

“That young man never ceases to amaze. I’ve seen him do that about 10 times now in his career, but each time is better than the last.”

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  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Someone on Smack today said that this play aint impressive anymore cause everyones doing it. Well i beg to differ cause idk if you ever tried to do this move in an actual game or not but its pretty difficult and thats even if you think of doing it. Kobe does this move more than anyone in the league the last 3 years.

    And who said Kobe dont pass the ball…LOL

  • control

    Those are Kobes favorite assists…to himself

  • Tdot

    Kobe gotta pass to himself because he doesn’t know how to pass to others.

  • K Dizzle

    Left hand pass into a right hand floater. You can’t even do this…

  • Dana Walker

    haha so many Kobe jokes here its almost impossible to peg one down. Bynum has to be a bit pissed at plays like this. His team is going to start hustling to grab those before Bryant assists himself.

  • pason

    jamal crawford used to finish this with a dunk like twice a year in ny. not impressed by this.

  • WinDelRoj

    How many open dudes were there.

  • beiber newz

    2 points is 2 points ! :D remind me who won?

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    12 seconds left on the shot clock. And the supposedly most talented offensive force to ever play ball can’t find an open teammate to pass to so he passes it off the glass to himself.

    Pau Gasol in the top corner
    Matt Barnes in the bottom corner
    Derek Fisher on the wing

    are all unguarded and wide open because the Rockets know damn well Kobe isn’t about to pass the ball.

    This shyt is ridiculous. People say they don’t care because Kobe keeps winning and bringing the city wins. But that’s p^ssy shyt to me.
    Kanye West is from Chicago. I love my city and I rep it hard (just peep the name) but when I see Kanye on stage at a concert wearing a leather Kilt and a vest I openly admit he’s a f^cking lame. I don’t say “Well at least he goes platinum, what is yo favorite rapper doing”
    No. I keep it one hunit and let that idiot know he is not repping the city right at all. He looks like a damn fool in a leather kilt.

    Someone should show Kobe this tape. Preferably his teammates.

  • SoulChorea

    I feel your frustration, Chicagorilla…but you and I and everyone else KNOW that Pau, Matt, and Derek woulda straight BRICKED that joint.

    If there’s one thing the Jordan Era taught us, it’s that scoring is way more exciting than passing. Kobe was brought up under that “flair=success” thing, and it’s worked for him whether you like it or think he looks foolish like Kanye in a kilt.

    And the only other thing I can say is you don’t become 5th in all-time scoring by the age of 33, by “finding the open man”. Homie knows his lane, and daggone it, he ain’t gonna change so just let it go and be a Steve Nash fan or whatever.

  • Just

    Not hating but, isn’t this a travel? Unless they consider it a shot attempt and an offensive rebound, he basically just threw the ball up and took 2 extra steps to catch and shoot.

  • RonNation


  • stylez g write

    Actually, the former veteran NBA ref who went on to work with the league office stated on NBA tv that such a move is considered a self-pass and is by rule a violation……..that most refs just don’t call,apparently …..

  • Pittsburgh _P


    I’m going to assume your a chicago fan for obvious reasons..

    Derrick Rose shoots 2 less shots per game than Kobe for his career. Thats not that much of a difference homie.

    Let’s turn back the clock for the aurgument’s sake..

    D Rose 3rd year: 19.7 shots/ 37.4 min per

    Kobe’s 3rd year: 17.9 shots/ 37.9 min per


    MBDTF > Your fav rappers 2010 release (pause)