NBA, Video / Jan 30, 2012 / 10:00 am

Kyrie Irving Used The Spin Cycle For His Game-Winner In Boston

Kyrie Irving Used The Spin Cycle For His Game-Winner In Boston

I think people are starting to understand why we put Kyrie Irving on the cover…

What do you think?

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  • lifep

    Kyrie is nasty. Who would you rather have? Kyrie Irving or John Wall?

  • DNo

    great question. Answer: Kyrie

  • JM


    Kyrie over John Wall all day every day. Not just because Wall’s having a down year. I think Kyrie is that special. What he is doing this year is pretty impressive. His shooting percentages are 50/40/80. These are great #s for any guard let alone a 19 year old rookie pg.

    He needs to tighten up his defense and show more effort in stopping his man, but he can kill you in the lane or from the outside off that pick and roll. I really feel he is a top 3-5 pg by the end of his 2nd year. Once he gets help around him his assists #’s will go up. Jamison and varejo aren’t necessarily offensive weapons and neither can jump over the Sunday paper.

    People saying all that Rubio over Kyrie talk need to stop it. I know Rubio’s vision is crazy and is an elite passer, but his shooting can be a liability. Kyrie can pass…but has to be the scoring option on that squad if they want to have a chance of winning each night. He also has shown he wants the ball in the 4th and has come through several times. Crazy 4th against NJ and game winner at Boston.

    Rubio passes to the man. Kyrie is the man. Although Rubio will be vital in his team’s success he will never be the man on any team he plays.

  • JM


    Kyrie is nasty…and I take him all day every day over John Wall and Rubio (some people have said RR for ROY). Kyrie it too efficient and really doesn’t have a major flaw. He needs to tighten up his defense but that will come.

  • shuttles

    ROY and it isn’t really close