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LeBron & D-Wade Dunk All Over New York; Joe Johnson Is An Animal

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (photo. Jeffery Salter)

The Knicks decided real basketball was for the birds, and started launching a monsoon of treys. That might work against some teams, but not Miami, especially when Dwyane Wade is healthy and cooking. With Carmelo Anthony sitting out, the Heat weathered a random Bill Walker night (21 points, all on treys) and a bunch of other weird stuff (in the first half the Knicks were 5-for-19 on twos and 10-for-23 on threes) to pull away in the fourth quarter, 99-89. LeBron and D-Wade were all over the place, combining for 59 points and only 15 missed shots. Early in the first, LeBron had a “This is how you do it rook” moment with Iman Shumpert. Iman got his Roddy Beaubois on and tried to jump from Tallahassee to jam and missed. Immediately following, LeBron went in with a one-handed tomahawk. In fact, the Heat already had four dunks in the time it takes Pitbull to ruin a song. That would become a theme … In the midst of all that, Amar’e Stoudemire (12 points, six rebounds) still wasn’t getting good touches, and the Knicks went 18-for-43 from beyond the arc. Must’ve been ‘Melo’s fault … Speaking of Beaubois, the lil’ man had one of the best games of his life (22 points, six rebounds, seven assists) as Dallas beat Utah by 15. 116 points for an offense that came in ranked No. 21 in the league, and all this after Jason Kidd left two minutes in with a calf strain? That wasn’t a coincidence … Yi Jianlian (remember him?) also had the first dunk of his career that wasn’t against a chair … The Warriors’ play-by-play guys called them the best team in the league and they might be right. OKC took every energy burst Golden State threw at them, and then kicked it into another gear in the fourth quarter, rolling 120-109. It was the Big Three again doing work: Kevin Durant (37 points, 14 rebounds), Russell Westbrook (28 points, 11 assists, seven steals) and James Harden (19 points) looked like they were in Heaven playing that up-and-down style … Paul Pierce went off in the third quarter (17 of his 28 points) in Boston’s seven-point win over the Pacers, spearheading a run of 11 straight points to let the C’s coast into the finish line. Every time we start to believe in Indiana, they go face a team coming off an emotional road win on the back end of a back-to-back, and lose … Roy Hibbert went down in the first half with an ankle injury, and while he eventually returned to post 11 points and seven rebounds, he might as well live in a hospital right now … The Magic need to give up this act and admit they aren’t contenders. Last night, they were destroyed by New Orleans 93-67 despite 28 and 16 from Dwight Howard. We hope someone had an eye on him last night. In the meantime, the Hornets are shopping Chris Kaman, and won’t play him again until they do. If it was allowed, they should deal him back to the Clippers just for laughs. And you know, so he could play with Reggie EvansKeep reading to hear about Joe Johnson’s game-saving shot …

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  • catdaddywhack

    The goddamn Knicks suck (again). 43 treys. Shit. Surprised they didn’t shoot for 50 and break the record. They deserve it.

  • trollne1

    Read this from the recap:
    “the 7-foot Chandler had the 6-foot-4 Wade posted up, and kicked the ball to Walker for a corner 3 anyway. A few moments later, Chandler had Wade alone in the post again, no one else within about 3 feet of them, and still didn’t get the ball for what likely would have been an easy score or at least trip to the foul line.”

    Great gameplan. Someone put Chandler on suicide watch as well. On top of that, only 12 points for Amare?

    Still, it wasn’t as bad as Orlando’s 67 points, 28 of those coming from Howard. Seriously?

    And Rubio, aside from being a godly passer, also has some clutch in him it seems. He’s saved/almost saved the Wolves a few times this season with some last-minute plays. Gotta admire that. His shooting has dropped significantly ever since he became a full-time starter though. Gotta fix that and dial down on the turnovers a bit.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Drew Gooden had 23pts and 15reb 6ast vs Joakim Noah.

    Joakim Noah…the 2nd team all defense selection.

    That was just a horrible game to watch even though Rose and B.Jennings were going head up.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i notice all the titles are so disrespectful towards knicks…even in the wins. that was a good, close game…very misleading title.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    rubio is a stud. kyrie still taking the ROY.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    lebron says knicks fans should be patient. i been tellin yall to keep the faith. now an nba professional athlete believes the same. that goes for you fairweather kniks fans i be seeing on this site/melo nonbelievers.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz


  • yoda

    what you mean rubio is one of worst shooters in the nba? he’s % is decent, unless you refer to his form (flat footed jumpers)? as long as it goes in the basket, it’s all good. a damn, they are not top tier team but they are starting to be one of most watchable teams in nba.

    knicks should fire Mike D.

  • tron

    gotta love that 38 point ass whoopin by the blazers. the suns got spanked. anybody see elliot williams? dude got hops, he can pretty much shit on defenders from the air he gets.

  • nyk

    fucking knicks. is there a bigger problem than d’antoni? can stoudemire and anthony really play together? or are they just having problems like miami did last year? if so they’re one season late.

  • Sean Sweeney

    Rubio IS one of the worst shooters in the league. 38 percent from the field and that includes his hot start. The man’s been shooting like 30 percent from the field for like 3 weeks.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chi-rilla- your team won the game right?
    Just checkin…

  • Mt. Pleasant

    The Knicks have lost 8 of 9, so the headlines and reports are going to be negative.

  • barons_beard

    Toney Douglas is GARBARGE, I get furious with his zero basketball IQ throwing games away. NY needs Baron to come back healthy and run the team like a PG should

  • Reg

    Have you guys noticed. But Deron Williams plays better when wearing a headband. And he definitely has the best crossover in the league.

  • jdizzle

    43 3’s??? Really???

    @K Did yeah the Bulls won but we can’t have Drew Golden of all people giving us Kevin Love-like stat lines. Unacceptable.

    And if it wasn’t already, the writing is definitely on the wall in Orlando.

  • jdizzle

    My bad K DIZ is what i meant. Damn auto correct.

  • silky

    at least the ball was moving for ny… guard decisions were tough to watch except when bibby was in.

    I liked that stat from the Portland game: everyone from the blazers scored at least once… except camby; 0pts 20reb 4blk 3ast

    the more I see the sonics play, the more impressed I am by them, they have a deep versatile team with clearcut roles. that gm did a great job.

  • QQ

    Nice to see a loyal Chicago fan hatin on the opposing center, Joakim No… Wait. What… He’s actually playing FOR the Bulls?

    And damn that loss to the Hornets was embarrassing. Still. We’ll keep playin’ the ‘we are contenders’ card til’ we run out of gas. I mean come on now, who actually expected as to be on 12-7 right now? Aren’t that supposed to be the IMPROVED Knicks record and not us, the crippling team that even our own superstar wants to ditch?

    Everyone’s sleepin, no expectations AT ALL. If that’s how we win, then so be it.

  • Soopa / b_malte

    Boston Back!

    It helps (understatement) having PP back in shape, but when are other teams going to pick up on the fact that it helps (understatement) to have an actual offensive system with clear cut roles and some kind of defensive philosophy? I mean the Cs haven’t won 4 straight games on talent. They are back at .500 because they are so well coached.

    That brings me to the Knicks…

    @ Beiber
    The Knicks were only close score wise – if that makes sense. Watching the game it time after time came as a surprise the Knicks weren’t down 20! They had NOTHING defensively and played the most desperate offensive basketball I have ever seen.

    Its getting close to hopeless. Its not like there’s a solution right around the corner, because they need creators, but they haven’t got any.

    They have a team full of finisher (2 of the best in the game actually) and shooters, but they don’t have a single person who can facilitate and give the ball to the right person at the right position. That’s the most glaring weakness any NBA team has right now.

  • Hett24

    It’ll be nice to see the lakers sign arenas he’d be a great fit for some off the bench scoring for them. Who gets crunch time minutes him or fish? Also beibz do you see then pursuing j.r. Smith when he comes back? I think him and arenas would kill off the bench together.

    Also beibz, after reading smack daily for a long time now I finally came up with an analogy to describe you. You’re like the big brother and a few of the other commenters are the annoying lil brother who mess with you til you retaliate then when you do they go crying to mom. People give you shit for speaking your mind and being honest with how you feel and you go outside the norm when you make your opinions. Keep doing what you do I appreciate your outlook on the game

  • Chaos

    I feel for Orlando. Their team lives and dies by the 3 and if you saw the game, most of Howards points are off of putbacks. A lot of times he’s the only one underneath the rim and win the team isn’t shooting well, its a lot of hard bricks which ends up as long rebounds for the other team. Dwight has been up and down but when the refs aren’t handcuffing him with ticky tack fouls he’s a beast…

    Bill walker had some of the Secret Stuff from Space Jam but ran out in the 4th qtr and came back to earth…something tells me the Heats plan was to only give the knicks three point opportunities knowing that they would fall into it and would eventually go cold

    Dallas was ballin and Lamar and Vince came to play. If that keeps happening then the west got a problem

  • Hett24

    Also as a bulls fan i would love to see Dwight here. Put a package together something along the lines of Noah/boozer, brewer, Gibson/asik and a draft pick or so. Magic wouldn’t be getting any stars but they’d get some solid prospects in gibson/asik and one of the better centers in the league in Noah (which hurts saying and just proves the lack of talent at the 5 in the league) and a solid role player in brewer who is only raising his value with the year he’s having. I just can’t see dwight coming here cause of the whole Derrick rose/ Adidas problem but if they did get him I would have to put them ahead of the heat.

    Posing this question to all commenters: Would you rather have a big three of lebron/wade/bosh and not much else or rose/howard/deng and still a good bench?

  • Chaos

    Rose, howard and deng plus rip hamilton and a serviceable taj gibson. That could work because deng doesn’t require the ball to be effective and rip shoots at a high percentage….but they still need a decent bench. I’d keep. Gibson, sign prybilla as my back up and go for another wing

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    Hett24..i appreciate the truthful words from you mane.

    and yes, jr smith to LA, that has me salivating right now think about the possibilities. kobe likes competitors. and if you watch jr smith, he is a very outspoken, hyper player who always plays with energy. i been watchin jr in denver and he always seems to like a challenge. he’s been in george karl’s doghouse on more than one occasion though, but i think with bryant around him on the lakers, kobe will know how to get to him. those two in practice…man, i wanna see that, jr smith hitting a 3 talking shit to kobe playfully, kobe coming back down posting him up, spinning off and dunking, then jr smith trying to cross him over…it’ll be a battle because both those never back down. his feistyness will be great off the lakers bench.

    but i heard carmelo has the inside track on reaching jr smith because they played for yrs 2gether on the nuggets.

  • bucketz3

    As gahbage as the knicks have been recently at least they were movin the ball last night and the shots we’re FINALLY falling (ur bound to make a couple 3s if u shoot 50 of em…ask melo)

    If u were to tell me that lebron and wade wood both b on top of their games while melo was sitting wit a bad case of “im playing against an actual star sf inducded vaginitis” and amare played like melo was still out ther and not gettin the ball and chandler didn’t beast on the interior and the heat only won by 10??? The heat usually get about 10-15 ppg on bitch calls so ill take the moral victory there…too bad the knicks are worse than the cavs and moral victories is all they gettin

    And how bout wade gettin all that sand in his vag after my man shump blocked him from behind…no tech for gettin in the rooks face??I want a scrub to jus break one of these stars off wit a 2 piece. To the face

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    by the way, about gilbert arenas…

    kobe has good memory…i would bet the farm he still remembers that 60point output agent zero put on his dome and that it still feels like it happened the night before, just because of the way kobe is.

  • Phileus

    Brandon Jennings on the All-Star team?

    That wasn’t a joke?

  • yoda

    so rubios 38% puts him among worst shooters while someone like dime’s favorite joe johnson shoots 42%? is 4% that much of a difference? or lets take rookies only, kemba walker is at 36% etc. i’m not comparing players and their play styles and what they face every day, but saying rubio is among worst shooters in league ( and he had his share of winning threes or threes that almost pulled minny) is kind of wrong. don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying he’s great shooter, but i doubt anyone here thinks oh sheet, rubio is taking 3, at the end of the game. unlike with rondo, you can’t leave rubio open.


    HAHAHA. Fuck me sideways! That’s as scripted as scripted bullshit can get. Really?! The truth my ace, mane. Those canned posts are way worse than WWE wrestlers trying to act.


    The Knicks stink, by the way. The ball just ain’t moving. 2 superstars who can’t do shit without the ball. Even the point guards are ballstopppers. Pinning all your hopes and dreams on a washed up Baron Davis is as hopeless as it gets. Even if Boom Dizzle plays as good as they hope, he isn’t gonna stay healthy if his beard depended on it.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    new kobe system..KANYE GETS TIGHT AT KOBE! lol



    drake says he is captivated by president obama. he says anytime he is on tv, he stops and watches. he said he studies his voice. and get this…he said if someone ever made a movie on the presi’s life…he should be the one who plays that role in that movie.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    Sure the Bulls won. By 7pts. To a team that shouldn’t even be within 20pts of them at home.

    As I’m sure i’ve posted before. I am a basketball fan first. A Bulls fan second. A shytty game is a shytty game. As I fan I don’t want to see that crap.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Why are people getting so offended that Rubio was called one of the worst shooters in the league? He’s hitting 38%, can’t really use numbers to back you up. Did any of you watch the Clippers/Wolves game? Before Rubio hit that crucial three late in the fourth, he was airballing wide-open jumpers and shooting with less confidence than Rondo.

    And I love the, “Well, how come you didn’t meantion So-and-So?” reasoning. Like the line should read, “Rubio is one of the worst shooters in the NBA — along with Joe Johnson, Kemba Walker, Reggie Evans, Chuck Hayes, Donte Greene, Rajon Rondo, Metta World Peace, Shelden Williams, Toney Douglas, Jared Jeffries, Gary Neal…”

  • superfreak6

    lol AB seems to have a thing against white boys in the NBA (Nash, Rubio).

    The guy has played like 20 games; Let him settle in a bit and his percentages will probably go up. At least he’s throwing them up with (somewhat) confidence.

  • control

    I was going to toss some input into the discussion, but I’m stuck in Vegas haze right now. I doubted the hell out of Rubio before he got in the league, but he proven me wrong completely. Im hoping the kid does it again when it comes to shooting, hes still adjusting to the speed of the game, rushes the shit out of his shot it looks like. He aint no Rondo, he will probably get that fg% up by next year.

  • silky

    how you gonna say stuckey not playin d on jj on that game tying 3?! he was right up on him. joe-deci just made a crazy shot. watch a replay

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Should the Magic or Lakers take a look at signing Allen Iverson?

    Orlando obviously needs somebody who can score and create their own offense, and the Lakers bench needs scoring too. And as much as people talk about AI’s defense, L.A. is starting Derek Fisher and he’s just as bad defensively.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    I had no problem with the Rubio statement. Kid’s shot was falling early on but has since dropped off big time. He still hits a few here and there, but his mechanics are terrible and he clearly needs to practice more. I don’t think he’ll be a terrible shooter his whole career though. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    And AB is right. In that Clippers game, Rubio was shooting wide open trades and was like 1ft to the LEFT of the rim. It looked like he was shooting with an injured elbow or something even though he wasn’t injured.

  • K Dizzle

    @ AB – I think a lot of the “problem childs” could work in the LA cuz the leadership structure is set up good there. AI would work in LA cuz Fish got no problem comin off the bench but even if Blake starts, AI should be comfortable comin off the bench at this stage of his career.
    I still wonder why Gil hasn’t bounced to Germany yet to take a shot at Kobe’s treatment.
    And just to tweak you: Does any players put up more meaningless numbers in blowout losses than Dwight has the last 2 Magic games? Dude is obviously gone, but I understand, with the ASG being in Orlando, they can’t trade him before then. Should be interesting to see if he gets booed or cheered at the game. Then there’s this:

    @ jdizzle and Chi-rilla

    U guys should realize by now that this season isn’t your average season. Bulls lost to Golden State. Shit, OKC lost to Washington. Detroit beat Orlando n Portland. New Orleans smoked Orlando etc. Bull had no Deng or Hamilton and the Bucks have been playin well lately.
    For this season, there are no more expected “team a should beat team b by 20. Be happy for the win…

  • Big Island

    I think people get bent about saying Rubio is a terrible shooter because other guys, like Rondo and Jennings (especially Jennings) get all kinds of love. Nobody talks about Rondo not being able to shoot until after they’ve talked about his D and his handle. Jennings is the man here at Dime and his shooting gets a free pass until everyone talks about how he kills summer leagues. The first thing people say about Rubio is he can’t shoot.

    Personally, Rubio can’t shoot well and it doesn’t matter to me. But I think that’s why other guys get pissed off. End of my two cents. Either that or AB is trying to even out BRUCE’s racism.

    Speaking of Austin, I don’t think AI is a good fit at all in Orlando. After Dwight went on his mini rampage yesterday calling guys out, the last thing they need is a questionable character guy. Same for the Lakers. The one guy who can shoot as much as Kobe is AI. Baaaaaaad mix. Although I believe Beiber is a better player than Fisher at this point.

    How long before people start accepting that NY is a bad team? It’s not like you can see them playing well and just not getting over the hump, like Minnesota. You can see that they will get better. NY just looks like a clusterfuck of a team.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Big I – if Baron is 70% of his prime, it’ll fix everything, I guarantee. New York has ZERO guards right now that can make any kinda play. Baron’s one of the best.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Rubio is without question one of the worst shooters in the NBA. Arguing against that is pretty silly if you watch games and pay attention. He is often WAY off on wide-open jumpers, which should rarely happen with a pro guard. One thing I like about him is that he still doesn’t hesitate. If he works on his shot, he’ll be fine. Rondo often looks scared to shoot jumpers, which is a problem.

    Stop arguing shooting ability with percentages. Jeez. So Shaq is one of the best shooters of all time, then? Shot percentage depends on so much, especially the quality of shots taken. Rondo often shoots a high fg% because he is taking mostly layups.

  • UncheckedAggression

    And for the record, I wouldn’t mind the Lakers signing Arenas and/or JR Smith. I think one would be hilarious and the other would be sad, but who knows.

    The Lakers offense isn’t a problem because they don’t have the right players to get it done. They have the players. Brown is horrible on that end, as any Cleveland fan can attest to. And Kobe wants the ball all the time, which Brown just allows. So you end up with a very inefficient offense that doesn’t get the ball to the bigs enough, and it’s the bigs that are LA’s biggest advantage against other NBA teams.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Why would anyone want to put AI or JR in a Laker uni?
    If Kobe is the person everyone says he is. Then he is obsessed with Practice. AI as we all know is completely against practicing. He and JR have the exact same skill set they entered the NBA with. Nothing really changed.

    And with that Kobe would have them chased out of town within 30min of being there.

    The Lakers offense isn’t the problem. they have more than enough pieces. It’s the fact that they don’t actually run a real offense. Every play starts and ends in Kobe’s hands. I can’t believe you guys are even arguing this shyt. You know d@mn well what the problem is in LA. It’s one person, and one person only. Kobe.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I want to see it because I think it will fail. I always want the Lakers to make moves that will make them worse/more toxic.

    The most hilarious suggestion was JR Smith. Seeing him and Kobe play together in the 4th quarter would be straight comedy. And it would NOT last long.

    I’m not one to say this about players quickly but Arenas is DONE. He looked terrible last season and appears to have lost all motivation. Picking him up on any team will be a waste of time.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    this whole rubio can’t shoot discussion reminded me of a time we were talking about top 5 point guards.

    me and panchitoooo were going back and forth about rajon rondo’s worth and if his “lack” of a jumper affects it.

    this comment section got a lil drama-fied. all the way back from september!