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LeBron Proves He Is The King; Dallas Snatches A Win In Utah

LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. David Alvarez)

Oklahoma City didn’t play Thursday, but try telling Thunder fans it wasn’t a victory. Guard Russell Westbrook went all Boomer Sooner by signing a five-year, $80-million extension. The deal brought praise for GM Sam Presti and hailed Westbrook, slammed for being a “shoots-lots” guard, for his unselfishness: “Instead, Westbrook delivered to his teammates, his organization and this city a blessed gift. Expansion of the Thunder’s window of opportunity to turn Oklahoma City into Titletown. … No promises beyond 2016, but until then, barring catastrophic injury, an oil-and-gas bust or general manager Sam Presti losing his senses, the Thunder is set for five years of excellent basketball,” the Oklahoman columnist Berry Tramel wrote. The deal leaves room to re-sign James Harden and Serge Ibaka, allowing the Thunder to keep their homegrown core intact for a while. Will the debate on Durant/Westbrook shooting continue that long? Now that Westbrook’s no longer in a contract year, it should be interesting to see if his 17.3 shots per game decrease … There was basketball, we promise. Miami/Lakers missed Dwyane Wade, but LeBron James (31 points, eight boards, eight assists) was enough for Miami, who donned blackout uniforms to match the black-hat villain role. Last night though, the much-maligned Heat were just better at home in every phase, even with a resurgent Pau Gasol (26 points, eight rebounds) taking the lead for the Lakers … Kobe Bryant (24 points) overcame a horrid first three quarters to get his, starting 0-of-5 and unable to buy a bucket from deep, where all eight of the KobeSystem’s misses came until late in the second half. He credited Shane Battier (11 points, six rebounds with three threes) with good defense and called him one of the three defenders he likes to face after Raja Bell and Tony Allen. We think Shane secretly enjoys going up against Kobe. Did you see how often he was shooting? Probably still tells people about the playoff night a few years back when he outscored him too. How weird of a first half was it? Kobe had has many field goals (one) as Eddy Curry … Yes, that Eddy Curry (six points, three rebounds in six minutes). We felt like we had seen a ghost; it was his first game in 762 days (that’s not the longest streak, either — Portland’s Greg Oden is at 775) when he checked in in the first quarter and started eating up a standing ovation from the Miami crowd (you think he probably got a different reaction from grudge-holding fans watching in Chicago and New York?). Activated before the game by Erik Spoelstra, Curry didn’t play coy to reporters beforehand about his conditioning, saying the adrenaline would tire him out. The former Baby Bull is everyone’s favorite punching bag, but seriously, the fact he was playing was no, er, small feat. So how much do you weigh, Eddy? “It’s a great number but it’s not where I want to be yet,” Curry said. “When it’s where I want it to be, I’ll probably put a sticker on.” … The Lakers have three players who could pass for mercenaries/hit men: Kobe, McBob and definitely Steve Blake. Actually, throw Troy Murphy in there too. He reminds us of Gaear from FargoKeep reading to hear about Sam Dalembert’s amazing night …

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  • control

    ALL those techs in Dal/Utah game were fucking weak. The nba is about as soft as you can get, with Raja Bell flopping and clutching his face when he wasn’t even hit, until he realized he didn’t get the call, then he got up and was like “really!?!? what?!?!? he really did knock me out!!!”. I’m surprised the refs didn’t eject Lamar Scrotum for it, and then say it’s because he’s tapping some bitch related to OJ, and is therefore a murderer by association. They really need to put a rule in, where if you flop like that, you lose that game’s pay. Fuck these guys and their falling over bullshit.

    How pussy can the refs get, ejecting a man because he LIGHTLY tossed the ball? Completely bullshit. Assuming current trends keep going as they are, nba players will be wearing bubble suits in less than 5 years, and if they make a noise louder than a whisper, they get ejected. They’ll probably make the players take estrogen injections weekly, and wear training bras.

    I like Miami’s all black look…weren’t some people bashing it completely? LeBron is just a pure enigma sometimes…strongest, fastest and best passing guy on the court most of the time, how can he not take over every game, all game? Not sure why, but Derek Fisher was just pissing me off the entire time I watched the game. Can’t really explain why, but fuck Derek Fisher!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    The irony about the Jazz is they traded Deron Williams to get the pieces for them to compete every night and have a team that would eventually go deep in the playoffs.

    Yup. They got all the pieces alright, except that now, they lack a legitimate point guard that knows how to control the game and close out games.

    Earl Watson is such a pleasure to watch but they need an elite point guard.

    What if they trade Devin Harris and CJ Miles to New Jersey for D-Will? That is possibly a Western Conference finals team right there. ESPN Trade Machine says it works.

  • Soopa / b_malte

    Eddy Eddy Eddy!

    He didn’t play that great (only Heat in negative plus/minus mostly because he was lost on D), but he will clearly help the Heat at some point. Remember he was pretty skilled and a force down low back when he was in shape.

  • Thatnewguy

    Ok sorry guys this may be long but I feel this is quite necessary..

    So I have been a dime fan from highschool when I used to come home and find thin promotion issues of dime in my mailbox and quickly realized since I didn’t care to buy “slam” every month this was the best alternative..so eventually I found out about the website and for almost 7 years I have been reading the smack article at least 4-5 times a week. I never was much of a poster, yet I enjoyed the comments section very much. Especially more so once Austin burton quit/left/fired/w.e,and the smack articles became so lame. Although smack has since improved, the comment section apparantely has been destroyed by beiber.

    That guy is sooo lame it isn’t even funny. One day he’s on melo’s nutsack, the next day he’s a laker fan then the week after he’s calling out rose for being an unskilled “point gaurd”. I personally feel most of his analysis can be thought up by 12 year olds and on top of that its his personality that has managed to turn this discussion board into a pile of trash.

    And then it hit me, there I was flabbergasted, confused, wondering …WHAT THE FUCK DO U DO FOR A LIVING? I mean gahh dam! Do u have a job? Do u have a woman?kids?a friggen life??? I do not intend to poke fun or make a joke about the obviously unemployed but really, how the hell does one manage to respond 30 seconds after EVERY comment. Dam son, do you even eat at least 3 meals a day?

    Now I’m no psych major but I’ve come to somewhat of an obvious conclusion on him.. clearrrrrly beiber or qq or mcaluso neeeeds the attention. And I understand that because he obviously has NOTHING else to do throughout his day and the 50+ posts everyday for the last few months prove that. You know,at least guys like jay, chicagorilla, k-dizz, thatswhatsup and control take days off or at least hours off because I’m sure they have much more important things in life to attend to.

    I refuse to stop reading smack or the comment section for that matter but I am making some request:

    1st:can beiber pull his skirt down?? The last few days he’s been sounding like his panties are all in a bunch “they don’t like me” , “they ignore me”, “blah blah”..really beiber get it together.

    2nd: f**k that moderator crap, this is dime we can speak how we feel..I think a moderator would just take the comment section and ruin it even more plus its sounds like ur callin popo on beiber which is lame.

    3rd: let’s get alf, since he’s quite the investigator, to find out when beibers bday is and hopefully its someone elses bday too and we could do beiber like the jersey shore cast did mike “the situation” and get sum broads to bake the other guy a cake and throw him a big party all while beiber gets no luv and he decides to flip out and possibly leave cuz no one cared it was his bday too.

    Just some options to consider

    So anyways , lebron showed why he is a man amongst children again and I fully agree with barkley saying that he needs to be in control all game even when wades back because like it or not he’s the floor general and everything starts with james.
    P.s. That no-look to battier in the 2nd q where bron turned around and chucked up 3 fingers before battier even shot was cool as hell lol


    Is it just me, or do the heat look like a better team without Wade??? Bron looks more engaged, because he isnt worrying about sharing with Dwayne and the rest of the team is more involved because they dont have to sit around so much watching two players taking 50-60 shots a game.

    As a long suffering Knicks fan, i didnt like seeing Fat Eddy on the bench in his xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl suit collecting a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl paycheck, but he’s suffered through a lot of serious shit, so I’m happy to see him back on the court…….. But if he actually keeps loosing weight, and plays well for them for minimum money… shiiit, you’re gonna have a hard time convincing me he wasn’t sent to the Knicks by Pat Riley to fuck shit up on purpose.

  • beiber newz

    kobe was probably having too much sexy in miami prior to tip off…his head wasn’t in it early on, but he was trying to will shots in… not good. he started clicking late, but to no avail. and dime i think your title is misleading…actually it is. i didn’t know we crowned kings in january, but if lebron wants to take a regular season crown it’s all good..kobe still has 5 vacant fingers for post season jewelry.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Agree with LMNOP.
    He doesn’t have to worry about getting Wade involved. And vice versa. They look like a better team when it’s just one of them on the court.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Also, you know how people say players like Nash “deserve” to play on a winner??
    Eddy Curry is the total opposite of that. He doesn’t even “deserve” the honor of playing in the NBA. Lazy fat-ass thief.

    He’s in the league and Allen Iverson is exiled. I understand why, but that’s fucked up to me. I’d rather have a player with too much pride, than someone who doesn’t give a fuck.

    What was his REAL injury for the last few years… my bet is “obese”.

  • Balla

    Great read on the second page, but the first page contained no highlights from the game other kobe getting d`d up. I can read that from a boxscore. This site use to have all the in game highlights and commentary.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    @ JAY

    I do not know if this rumor is true. Maybe you have read or heard something there that might give it credence. The grapevine says there is an impending trade between Utah and Toronto.

    It basically involves a straight swap between Jose Calderon and Devin Harris. Supposedly this is being initiated by Bryan Colangelo who is very much high on Harris.

  • star_bury

    You realize Chase’s real nickname is “Air Bud”, and they’re just shortening it, right?

    And “Air Bud” is one of the best nicknames ever, even if he doesn’t think so himself…

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DARKWINGpro DarkWing Productions


    It’s still “Uff Riley” here in NY, and will probably always be. What stopped Curry from getting into shape when he was here? Freakin’ bum.

  • control

    I am sorry but your deron willams post is so freaking dumb. The jazz traded to get younger, harris was a throw in. THINK! Trades have to match up financially and harris was needed. They got draft picks and DERRICK FAVORS, an athlete highly thought of, 3rd pick genius. Yes they lost deron, but they were going to lose him after the Jerry Sloan debacle. He was going to spite them one way or the other. C’mon, i looked up to your posts before that disaster in #2. And sorry again, but you brain farted when saying they should trade harris and miles for williams, do you honestly think NEW JERSEY who has been the butt of all jokes trade a franchise player for a point guard you just made fun of and a small forward in miles who gets little burn in utah behind raja, hayward, howard and expect him to do much better in NJ behgind budding star marshon brooks and established shooter MORROW? Now’s about the time you wish you could edit posts huh? I forgive you though, it was early.

  • Reg

    HAHAHA @Jay. What you said about Eddy Curry reminds me of Stephon A Smith going H.A.M on JaMarcus Russell. For those who didn’t see it, search it on youtube, it’s hilarious.

  • beiber newz

    i really hope, after watching that game yesterday, that kobe bryant convinces dwight to come to the laker….if that takes swapping bynum so be it….because what I noticed yesterday wasn’t a lack of talent…but a lack of energy….there lies the difference between howard and bynum (along with some other factors of course)…if bynum played with as much energy/explosiveness as howard i think bynum effort would reflect that…howard’s energy level is always off the charts which is why he is a big man who will never get fat….i am not sure I can say the same for bynum….trade for howard and i’ll feel comfortable. i hate seeing that level of play yesterday…bynum should have destroyed those guys knowing how the lakers were struggling…that is what makes a franchise player….when the going gets tough, is that player capable of putting his team on his shoulders and erasing 20 point deficits…I can say dwight is capable even with the putrid shooting….I hate to say bynum disappears because i’d still take him over anyone not named dwight and any given day he can look better than d12. but when I feel you slouching during the most critical times in games, you can’t rely on your jump hook falling everytime…go beast mode, draw fouls, scream, demand a presence, and maybe kobe would feel forced to dump it down.

    Public service announcement

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Damn man come on. The guy’s baby moms and child were brutally murdered. He and his family were robbed at gun point. And some money hungry limo driver took him to court over what seemed like BS. and he’s been the NBA running fat man joke for 3-4yrs. Not everybody is a stone wall emotionally. It’s more impressive to me that he was able to come back from all that. Because personally I would have probably murdered someone by then.

    I’m happy to See Eddy back on the court. I hope he stays in shape and can finish out the rest of his career. Big ups to DWade, because i know he had a lot to do with Eddy getting picked up by Miami. They were a year apart in HS

  • beiber newz

    i wonder if it’d be a good move for the lakers to go after devin harris…his value has got to be rock bottom after yesterday…and I feel a trade, especially to a team with veteran weapons will revitalize devin.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I know the one you are talking about. Was I really THAT bad?? Cuz Stephen A Smith tore into Russell on that one. Lol.

    Actually, I just re-read what I wrote…. i did say similar things as Smith. Haha. Am I wrong though?

  • control

    Come on, if someone gonna use my name, do it right…I never use @ bullshit…I gotta work, so I wont even be posting again today.

  • beiber newz

    Chicagorilla hiding his identity lol ! He knows what I am talking about: new guy…the only one who would feel slighted by anyone talking bad about rose

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Since you put it that way… i feel like a jerk. I’ll go back in my corner now. Lol


    @Darkwing, i gotta disagree with you on your “Uff Riley” Stance, “uff” isnt even a real word, its “Fuck Riley, Fuck him and his whole team… if the Miami Heat plane crashed the only reason id be sad would be because it didnt crash into the boston celtics team plane”.

  • jdizzle

    @Chicagorilla you beat me to it. I’d like to see anyone of you all even think about basketball, let alone actually playing, after going through some shit like that.

  • dk

    Eddie Curry, the missing link.

    The last thing opposing teams need to see facing the Heat is the reanimation of Wilt!

    Eddy Curry per 48 minutes –

    48 points, 24 rebounds

    Ijs! lol

    PS someone needs a fresh grape vine, Utah does not want thirty plus year old Jose Calderon, but I’m not saying they won’t/shouldn’t take him. Harris sucks and couldn’t survive the WNBA season unscathed.

  • Dapro

    True Curry was dealing with alot but he was out of shape before the incidents occurred. When he signed in NYC, he reported to camp at least 30-40 pounds heavier than his Chi town days. Glad to see the dude back on the court but his work ethic and conditioning was always suspect long before the unfortunate incidents.

  • Jzsmoove

    My sentiments exactly, fuck Fisher and all floppers in the game . You all ruined basketball!!

  • beiber newz

    Do you guys ever sit and wonder where your long hate posts of me get you? I mean…I’m still going to post…I’m still going to respond to what the hell I want….my life don’t change , and it’s been about two months of you guys bashing me and where has that got you? Yall remind me of the petty girlfriend who says the same shit every sunday when the football game comes on, the dude still gonna watch the game if he wants. Yall sound sweet.

    Tommorow, next week, the week after that, yall gonna be blasting me and aint shit gonna change . The faster yall get that thru your head the faster peace will uprise. Instead of the hate comments, say what correlates to basketball or anything in da sports world.

    The same guys saying they are are mad and they don’t come back are the same ones changing their names to write how they still hate commenting. So weird. And those are the same ones who come back and still write. Yall just like making scenes.

    Bottom line, I’m gonna keep writing…your silly hate comments mean shit to me, so move on. Deal with it. I won’t go away.

  • Fox


    Chicagorilla made great points bu Not to mention a young soft in the head Curry had to deal with Chicago Bulls appointed physicians telling him he has a heart problem and could possibly die on the court if he continues to play basketball. Iverson left Memphis to “go be with his sick daughter” and gets kicked out of a Toronto Casino a week later. That dude does not deserve to be on ANYBODY’S team. Good to see Curry bounce back. No pun intended

  • dmitry of jersey

    Dime, you are going overboard with all the display ads. Tone it down juuust a notch.

    Also, get this website to be mobile friendly!

  • bvf

    So I’ve spent literally all morning, or more likely the past five minutes, to think up a new nickname for Chase Budinger…

    “C-Bud”, how cool is that!!!

    And when he scores a bucket they can queue the sound clip of Pauly Shore aka The Weasel, “Owwww Buuuu-ddy!”

    And when he gets hot the announcers can always go with, “That Bud’s on fire!”

    Or when a Portland player dunks on him, “Ohhh one of the Blazers just got super high and smoked that Bud!”

    And if Houston tries to trade him for Danilo Gallinari, “The Nuggets would never trade The Cock for Bud.”

    . . . . .

    I’ve been practicing SSL, or Sarcasm as a Second Language, but I think my accent still needs work.

  • QQ

    Lebron doing his thing. Gotta give props to dude right there. Come on now. Real haters appreciate a gem of a game like that.

    And anyone saw the records of both Denver and NY after the Melo trade? Denver is 26-12 while NY is 20-21. The records should be switched right, seeing that NY is THE team with 2 top fucking 15 players?

    ‘No, no, fuck chemistry…. Melo CAN score’.

    No. No. Fuck your scorer if he can’t give you wins.

  • Big Island

    Curry didn’t help himself by getting so out of shape, but he did have some serious family crap. I think he had some heart thing too.

    LMNOP – LOL about the Heat plane. There are a couple of guys I wouldn’t want to see go down on the plane, but the whole Celtics squad and Danny Ainge can go.

    Dirk with the stellar shooting night, 5-12 I think, but at least they won. I’d rather have him drop 40 and lose than score under 20 and win I think.

  • JBaller


    “if the Miami Heat plane crashed the only reason id be sad would be because it didnt crash into the boston celtics team plane”.

    Now that shit had me laughing! Fuck Pat the Rat!

  • That’s What’s Up

    I used to make fun of Eddy Chicken Curry, but damn… good recap Rilla. Now I kinda feel for the guy. But I still question that “Dave, do you want touch it” in the limo part.

    I’m looking forward to the Spurs/Kings game tonight to check out Tyreke. Hawks/Sixers may be the game of the night – but I’m definitely checking out the T-wolves/Clippers late game on ESPN. Pistolo Rubio versus cp3/Chauncey – let’s see what the Spaniard can do against some of the best in the biz

  • beiber newz

    Omg DITTO dmitry of jersey !! But hey, can’t knock dime for getting dat paper, yall wuld prolly put more ads than dime if advertisers came knocking.

  • beiber newz

    People must not understand how important depth is. Denver was da te. Begging melo to stay. Ny gutted their roster, that is why they struggle. Look at the bigger picture. How many times have ppl shitted on toney douglas, jared jeffries, landry fields is okay, but he lost his rebound prowess for some reason, bibby? Um who else will ny look to when amare gets in foul trouble or melo has to miss a game? No depth, that da difference. Give ny a good supporting cast around those two stars and then comment. A lot of teams would love to have 2 players as good as melo and amare, stop sounding like you don’t know basketball. It’s a team game. Denver has an army of guys off the bench. Andre miller can be a starter, ny has no guys on the bench that can be starters, in fact ny has no guys worthy of being called a 6th man. So rethink whoever was comparing ny and denver’s records. And give leeway. These two stars are together for at least 3 more years, I expect mangement to make changes.

  • QQ

    No one expected NY to be undefeated but a LOSING RECORD? With 2 fucking stars?

    The whole point is the gap between the two teams. The Nugs are 14 games above 500. NY is below 500.

    Who the fuck expected that?

    No one’s saying NY should have gone 41-0 but that gap is just too fucking big to be acceptable.

  • JBaller

    The Knicks are my team out of hometown loyalty, not because of their roster. I admit that I wanted Melo and Amare, but they can’t win by themselves. I think a few more pieces will make them better, but they aren’t likely to upgrade much during the season. One more off season trimming the fat and picking up free agents might make them legit. They need a true pg who can run an offense and get guys like Amare and Chandler easy looks. Slide Shumpert to the 2 with Fields coming off the bench. Melo can create his own offense if they space the floor appropriately and they need a decent veteran bench player to keep the second unit moving in the right direction. That’s a lot to ask for but they could pull it off.

    As for Denver, my current home team, their fast, unselfish style has them winning a lot of games and having fun. What they got in return for Melo, plus their off season pick ups have them playing great basketball. It’s fun to watch, but it probably won’t work in the post season. If they finish in the top 4 the might be able to win the first round because they are tough to beat at home (altitude).

  • dk

    @QQ A gem of a game? That’s pretty much his average give or take…

  • JC

    Man… Seeing Eddy hit the court last night almost made me tear up. Dude has been through so much, and he’s not the toughest dude, emotionally, in the first place. Happy to see him back out there. Kinda cool that one NBA team has a player (and former teammate) from my high school and a player from my college. Or is that not rare…?

    Gordon “Young Legs” Hayward looked reeeal athletic against the old ass Mavs. Don’t be fooled. He’s no Chandler Parsons! Nah dude is doing well in the league, a lil better than I expected.

    Devin Harris has fallen off in one of the most amazing ways I’ve seen in a long time. Cats are just outright saying he SUCKS now, and no one even flinches. Never thought I would see that day.

    Dang, seemed like Courtney Lee had been gone forever. Rockets just got a real boost with his return now. Can the Rockets win a playoff series? I’m not inclined to say no…

    Dan Gilbert, the Thunder just managed to extend two All-Stars and max them out. You mad?

  • beiber newz

    I remember when guys thought the nets get the better endof the deal in the harris-kidd trade. They both started at 0 rings at the time…who has more now? Funny how things look in hindsight .

  • K Dizzle

    On my lunch break n stepped into the Knicks-Bulls 1993 East. Conf. finals gm 4. Ewing was ballin. Mike put up 54 tho. Wrap!

  • LakeShow84

    Our offense is FFUUUGGGLLLLLYYYY lmao

  • Big Island

    I think Devin Harris was just one of those guys who got REALLY over-valued. Him, Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels from that Dallas squad all got props for being really good, and really weren’t as great as everyone thought.

    The Knicks have more problems than just personnel. The coach can only coach one style of play, and they don’t have many players that can play that way. Amare was always a mismatch against the other team’s center on offense. Now he’s got Chandler hanging around under the rim and Amare is being guarded by a PF. Melo can flat out score, but he is a terrible playmaker for other guys. The ball STOPS when he gets it. Couple of jab steps, couple dribbles, and a shot. There are a couple of PG’s who would help, but I don’t see NY being able to pay them because they are max level guys and they tied up a ton of money with Amare, Melo and Chandler. A PG who is a passer first will solve a ton of problems, but how many of those guys are cheap? Unless they strike it rich in the draft somehow, they aren’t in a great place.

  • LakeShow84

    “Dan Gilbert, the Thunder just managed to extend two All-Stars and max them out. You mad?”

    LMAO cold cold

    And fasho since Lebron led his team a win last night he definetely king of the NBA!! All his flaws dont mean shit cuz he beat Kobe in a game where they didnt guard each other!

    fasho!! LMAO

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Blake Griffin vs Kevin Love is going to be a great game. We may also get to see Chris Paul vs Ricky Rubio. Damn has there ever…in the history of the NBA, that someone got excited to see a Clippers vs TWolves game? WTF!

    Interesting convo from Shaq, Kenny, and Charles last night about Blake Griffin being the best PF in the game. While there isn’t a PF I would take ahead of him, I still can’t say he’s the best. I honestly don’t believe there is a best player in the NBA right now. There are a couple who are the Best at their position (Lebron, Dwight) but thats it.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    be prepared. I’m about to give Kobe a compliment lol.

    Last nights game made me lose a ton of respect for Lebron and gain more respect for Kobe.

    Kobe still shot his team out the game on offense, but at least dude manned the eff up and checked Lebron one on one with no help as soon as Lebron started feeling it.

    Lebron, who MFers have the nerve to call the best perimeter defender in the game, wouldn’t dare guard Kobe one on one all night. On top of that, his team double teamed Kobe every time he touched the ball. What kinda p^$$y shyt is that?!?!?! You supposed to be the MAN! You supposed to be THE KING!?!?!? And you can’t man the eff up and check 33yr old Kobe Bryant. instead you want to get props for a weak ass chase down on Matt Barnes and spend your time checking Artest and Jason Kapono while Shane Battier does all the work on Kobe. Man I hate this NBA. So much p^$$y shyt goes on it’s annoying.

    Kobe gets a ton of respect for coming over to check LBJ. Even if he didn’t shut him down. At least he manned up, went chest to chest with the dude, and played Defense.

  • LakeShow84


    Come on now ChiTown you know Lebron aint got no balls lol

    Any man who ALWAYS hears grumbling about his shot selection and goes out for the next 10 years and continues to do his thing got mad balls lol thats where my respect of Kobe comes from..

    Thats why Wade, Nash and Duncan are my other favorite players.. They all got cojones lol

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    You know LBJ ain’t about welcoming challenges. He saw Kobe on the other side of the court and didn’t even wait for a screen to call for help.

    “Damn, Kobe got the ball…. HELP!!!”

  • control


    I see what you are saying, and I’m the first guy to hate on a guy for being a pussy, but against Kobe, I would NEVER do single coverage. Not because he’s so good, but because he is so greedy. 90% of the time, he is shooting, so why not put 40% of your defenders where 90% of the shots are going to be? Shit, throw 60% on there in some cases, haha. Even if a guy can shut Kobe down with 1on1 coverage, the most efficient strategy (until Kobe changes his behavior) is to pile up on him and present a challenge, because every time he will try to “man up” to that challenge and make choices that aren’t the best for winning.

  • QQ

    @ 39:

    Gem of a game cause he’s playing with the flu. Real haters dont hate dude for his game, cause he CAN ball. We hate because of the lack of heart.

    This time, he played with plenty of heart. That’s the kind of gem we always lookin for.

  • LakeShow84

    See Control right on it..

    Dude got too much of a ego “what a TRIPLE TEAM?? I can beat that” Thats the shit that hurts us..

    But at the same time its also led to some pretty memorable moments.. moments where ive run out of the room on my girlfriend fist pumping or run out of my boys house screaming..

    So us Laker fans will take it lol

    Can someone please page Steve Blake and tell him no more chicken pox or injuries?? We could use his shot/feistiness right about now.. Morris is killin me lol

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Yeah it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought. If you look back, I gave Kobe a compliment early in the season…then he made me look like a fool every game after that.

    They had Shane Battier on him. And they still double teammed. That’s just a dumb strategy in itself. Maybe Coach Spo knew Kobe would keep shooting even if he was off so he factored that into it. But as a man, Lebron has to tell his coach “Nah i got him.” At least for a quarter or two.

    The funny thing is, DWade and Chalmers guarded Derrick Rose all throughout the playoff series last season for 35min of the game. Then the last 5min LBJ would switch on to him, all fresh n shyt because all he had to do was stand next to Deng. Then he’d get all the hype as a lock down defender, even though Rose was mostly guarded by the other guys. It reminds me of the Bulls vs Lakers finals where people get confused about Scottie Guarding Magic. While Scottie did switch on to him for large parts of the game, MJ still guarded that dude for the majority of the series. Because MJ wasn’t going to be able to guard James Worthy and Vlade Divac all game long either.

  • LakeShow84

    “Then the last 5min LBJ would switch on to him, all fresh n shyt because all he had to do was stand next to Deng.”

    And hes been doing shit like that since Cleveland :/

    But i forgot about Rose too.. Hes just so quiet you dont remember him for shit like a “Who got balls” list

  • silky

    I dunno, not really concerned with bron not on kobe- I think battier is a better matchup on Kobe defensively… esp since positioning is more effective against his game now than athleticism. with wade out I would rest bron a bit on d, guarding one of those perimeter pylons with the heat’s greater reliance on his offense. you want the guy who doubles to be more athletic anyway, covers more ground.

    watched that 93 ny-bulls game too. Jordan with 54 in playoffs against one of the best defenses ever AND during the handchecking/no pussy foul/flop generation. comparisons between him and kobe= laughable

  • beiber newz

    i usually see kobe pass to open guys when he doubled/tripled…i dunno, mayb it is jus me…of course he takes a few of dem shots, but i seen him kick out o fish, blake, barnes , even seen him pass out to artest yesterday, less of the time in those situations he tossin da ball to pau for a mid range jumper. wat r u guys talking about?

  • JBaller

    When kobe goes mamba he looks good scoring over the triple team. But when he is missing everything like he was in the first three quarters last night he does’t look so good. The thing is Kobe doesn’t let that shit stop him, he don’t care whatcha think, he’ll just keep shooting. He is cold blooded in the way that Lebrom is not. His team was missing everything too, so it’s not just on him. How many lay ups did Bynum miss right at the rim in the first half? Way too many.

  • JDish

    It’s funny how all of the sudden Dime is cranking out list after list lately of top 5’s and top 10’s of players and dunks. Hey how about a top 10 of the best Dime bloggers…

  • LakeShow84

    @ JBaller

    Call it the Laker fan in me but all they could was push AB around.. AND THEY WERENT CALLING SHIT lol

    Some he shouldve hit but some shouldve been a whistle..

    I love watching away games where a team tries to INTENTIONALLY foul someone to prevent an easy basket and no whistle is called..

    Gotta love the NBA

  • JDish

    I don’t think Dime has mist a basketball category as far as top 5’s and 10’s. Maybe a top 10 on post game media interviews.
    Or maybe the top 10 former players who become NBA TV analysts’.

    Right now as NBA TV analyst go maybe Kenny Smith is at #1 with Charles Barkley at #2…, who would follow down the top 10?

  • LakeShow84

    @ Silky

    Jordan said himself Kobes the only one to compare to him

    Laughable from the horses mouth i know lol


  • JBaller

    It’s true that Bynum wasn’t getting calls. I love his low post game and I just wish he made Miami pay whether or not the calls were going his way. He has grown a lot as a player and has taken on some of Kobe’s toughness. He should have started throwing some elbows around to get the ref’s attention but he picked up two quick fouls while blocking shots. That kind of set the tone for his night. I thought that first block was clean, the refs shoulda let it go.

  • E.J. Castillo

    If Lebron is the King, then Kobe’s The Emperor! He’s still the best all-around player in the game! He’s a better shooter and has a better post-up game. Most of the players in the NBA say Kobe’s the best. Steve Nash and Penny Hardaway on NBA TV say he’s the best. Kobe got doubled for most of the game and only put up 21 shots. The doubling threw off his rhythm. Lebron had single coverage the whole game.

  • K Dizzle

    Just a reminder that Kobe had 7 assists and it coulda been 10-12 had dudes not been brickin left n right.
    Nobody sayin anything bout Bron puttin it up 27 times to get his 31. Either way, Kobe n Bron played pretty much even up. I’m basin this solely on Lebron’s 0 +/- rating and Kobe’s -2 rating so take that with a grain. Contrast that with Bosh’s +13. Oh well. Bynum vs Howard tonight.
    Hope they bring it cuz you know they gon be checkin each other.

    @ ” comparisons between him and kobe= laughable”
    Whoooa. Slow down. If it was laughable, it wouldn’t be a discussion…yet here we are. 33 yr old shooting guard on a championship contender leading the league in scoring

  • beiber newz

    While i hate lebron, I will say that he is the best player in the league. Hands down. Kobe gets more tail though.

  • Bilal

    Its funny that every few days the conclusions derived from the comments section usually are:
    1) Knicks defence sucks
    2) Kobe is a ice cold MF but shoots his team to losses
    3) Lebron is as soft as a beanie baby
    4) Eddy Curry is FAT

    But on the Eddy Curry note, I may not like the way he took his paycheck (but I did love to laugh at the knicks) but for a man to go through all that he has he deserves all my respect as a man.

    The Clips-Wolves game is going to me really interesting, can’t believe I just wrote that.
    Love vs Griffin – Love will come out on top
    Rubio will have a tough time

  • LakeShow84

    Rubio vs CP3 will be a good watch..

    And imagine if Love and Griffin were the same player?? Holy shit lmao

    Give Love Griffins athleticism and hed be the best player in the NBA.. Seriously

  • silky

    laughable was an overstep… not a discussion in my eyes. not beating a dead horse that’s been talked to death but I really only chalk one of Kobe’s titles as it being Kobe winning like my did and that was the year vs Orlando. and if u look at that playoffs- it was watered down… an off year if u look at the bracket. the 3 chips with shaq were shaqs. and the last one vs celtics, Kobe was damn near the reason they lost in game 7- teammates balled out.

    I’m a self professed Kobe hater tho. biased in that way but there is something to it. when u try and compare kobe’s “chips” and Jordan’s.

    people’s memory can be short… real short

  • LakeShow84

    @ KDizz

    If Howard has a good game and outshines AB, 50 bucks says he ends up in LA before the deadline lol

  • LakeShow84

    The one things i like about BOTH Kobe and MJ??

    They both couldve avg a solid 3 more assists CAREER wise just because they were THAT talented with the rock..


    they were killers and liked to be the one holding his hand up after the shot left his hand.. its HARDWIRED into them..

  • beiber newz

    so i hear deron williams would like to go to the knicks or lakers….guess who’s a happy man….oh and he wouldn’t mind going to the mavs….well 2 outta 3 aint so bad for me !

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow – Reverse that. If Bynum outballs Dwight tonight, he’ll be in a Magic jersey before Feb. Otis just needs some evidence to show to Magic fans.

  • LakeShow84

    @ KDizz

    Aye true that huh i forgot who wasnt lettin who go lol

    And is anyone else sick of hearing where all the stars WANT to go?????

    Fuckin play out ur contract or man up.. that shits gettin on my nerves.. And half these ni$$as in they 20’s.. WTF??? It aint like the windows closing.. tough it out

  • beiber newz

    if kobe died today (God forbid) he’d be the tupac of the league…it always takes an abrupt death for an artist’s/entertainer’s talents to be realized and put in perspective…if lebron dies today…he’d be looked at as the guy with the most abilities that that flopped when it really mattered. for that reason (and an abundance of others), it’s easy to see why kobe>lbj. i would love to see what lebron can do at 33 without a natural jumpshot, loss of speed and athleticism…my bet, he’ll average more assists then than now. book it. somewhere around 8.5ish…you guys can think of reasons why that’s true.

  • beiber newz

    lakeshow..i wonder if deron got traded to the lakers for pau if that would make you be happy…sometimes it’s best for players to be up front…heck, players probably hate that management puts their player’s name in rumors that circulate on twitter, blogs and reporters. maybe they think expressing theirselves serves as good balance…but i never hear a good player demand a trade from a team he think has a great shot at a championship. and that is management’s fault anyway, if they want their players happy, make the team a great one.

  • beiber newz
  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Don’t back off your words son. that shyt is laughable. But as you stated we went through this already. So instead, i’ll just post this link to prove why it’s so laughable to compare that dude to MJ

    I kinda want Chicago to get Bynum. I wonder if we can pawn Joakim off on the Magic lol. i doubt it. I can’t believe the Lakers are still trying to trade him. Maybe he’s not as healthy as they claim.

    But I don’t agree with you about MJ wanting to be the one “holding his hand up” or that it’s “hardwired” in him to score. That’s not true IMO. To me MJ was hardwired to WIN. And that’s it. If winning involved him scoring a ton of points then thats what he did. If winning involved him passing then thats what he did. Same goes for defense, rebounding or playmaking. No matter what the situation called for, MJ did that. Just the same way people get overly excited about his dunks, people forget very quickly about MJs complete game.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chi – you took one article on why Mike is more clutch than Kobe to show that a comparison is laughabe?

    I can throw out a random article too.

    Now I didn’t even read the article cuz I know there’s no argument that Mike is one of the greatest to ever play.
    I’m in the Magic n Mike then everybody else group.
    The conversation piece is “Who’s the best player to be compared to Mike?” Laughable is comparing Ricky Davis to Mike.
    We’ve lived thru comparisons such as Penny, Vince, TMac, GHill. Well, Kobe’s blown all those comparisons outta the water. When Mike has to come out and say “Kobe’s the only one I would allow into the convo”, it means alot more than what any reporter puts on paper or screen.

    If Kobe can catch Mike in all-time scoring and win another chip, this convo gonna get even louder…

  • Big Island

    Exactly what LakeShow said about where guys “want” to get traded to. If you ask for a trade, I would take the best offer I got. I’d send Dwight to China if it was the best deal for my team.

    You can compare anything to anything, it doesn’t mean they’re the same. You could compare me to Aretha Franklin if you wanted to. The problem is when dudes say they “see some player X in player Y” when there isn’t a damn thing even close. If I just put on another foot and 60 pounds of muscle, turned black and mumbled, I could see some Shaq in my game.

    I’m not going to scroll up to see who said it, but it’s not even funny to think of Kevin Love with Blake Griffin’s athleticism. How about blake Griffin with a 17 foot jumper?

  • beiber newz

    i seriously doubt people know the magnitude of the words they use. “laughable”? so is everyone an idiot for bringing it up? there’s a difference between “no” and “laughable” . i don’t wan’t to get further into this or offer any more specifics of what i am talking about. it’s laughable that people thought the topic was laughable.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is

    The scary part is Blake is on his way to becoming a better shooter and Kevin Love has already improved his athleticism and will also only get better at shooting.

    facts vs skewed numbers. big difference.

  • catdaddywhack

    Hell, Kobe started playing ‘catch-up’ towards MJ’s numbers the moment he changed his jersey number from 8 to 24…

    Next step: MJ’s divorce settlement ($168 million)… hehehe

  • Big Island

    I can’t believe I am going to do this…

    Dwight looks good. He’s hit a couple of hooks that looked easy. I would say it’s because he’s going against Gasol, but Bynum got into foul trouble quick so…

    Kobe isn’t as good as Jordan in my opinion. If you asked me who was the closest to Jordan, I couldn’t argue against Kobe. A ring is a ring, and the first 3 were with Shaq and it was clearly Shaq’s world at that point. Kobe was a better sidekick to Shaq than Pippen was to Jordan at that point. Shaq and Kobe were flat out filthy. Ego’s, whatever, screwed it up. Kobe got a couple more as the man on the team even if he had an awful game 7. There are 3 or 4 guys who I would take to start a team all time. Magic, Mike, Kareem, and then maybe Russell or Wilt, but I never saw them in person for a whole game or season. I would have no problem taking Kobe as the next guy. I hate Kobe, HATE Kobe, but the dude is the closest guy to Mike. He isn’t Mike, but he is closer than anyone else.

    Chicagorilla – I said Kobe isn’t as good as Mike a couple of times up there so don’t yell at me.

    LOL at catdaddy’s divorce line. Still funny the 50th time I’ve heard it.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is

    you would take Kobe before Bird, Hakeem, Isiah, Admiral, Dr. J, Shaq? interesting….

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    I just heard the craziest stat ever from Hubie Brown.

    Last year the T-Wolves gave up 107ppg
    This year the T-Wolves give up 92ppg

    that -15 from the previous year!!!

    How can anyone take this season seriously?

  • beiber newz

    lol @ most of these comments. some guys have secret agendas.

  • Big Island

    Chi – I personally wouldn’t because I hate him, but I have no issue putting Kobe ahead of Zeke, Admiral, Shaq and Dr. J. Shaq could’ve been GOAT, but he got out of shape a few times. Think of it as the food pyramid. I have MJ, Magic and Kareem as my top 3 in whatever order. That’s my top tier. Kobe is in my second tier. My second tier has a dozen or so players in it. I would say even though I hate him, Kobe is in my top 15 players ever to play the game. Plus I look at their whole career. Do I want 13 years of Bird? Yeah. Would I take it over whatever Kobe ends up playing? I don’t know. Look, Bill Walton was one of the best players I have ever seen. UCLA and Portland, nobody was as good as he was. Injuries killed him. Until it’s all over, I won’t put guys in my final ranking system. But Kobe will be in the top 15.

    You would seriously, seriously, take Thomas over Kobe? I now he was from Chicago, but come on.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I can respect that when you put it like that (pyramid system).

    I do agree that Kobe is a top 15 player of all time. and honestly the more he plays, the more i sour on him. So as of today, would I take what Isiah brought vs Kobe…hell yes without even thinking twice. I like winners. Kobe is not a winner to me. He is no different than Domonique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, and Karl Malone. And that has nothing to do with championships, Im referring to mentality. Kobe is not a winner. His teams just happen to win, usually in spite of him.

  • Big Island

    Chi – I used to think that about him, but after Shaq left, those teams weren’t winning without him. I don’t like him as a player and that’s what really pisses me off. Living in LA where everyone loves him to death is equally brutal. You’d be hard pressed to find a guy who hates Kobe as much as I do. Even after I factor in the hatred, I still have him in my top 15. Nique is Melo with better dunks. Great to watch, but you aren’t riding him anywhere. Barkley and Malone just had bad timing. More Malone than Barkley because Utah had some good teams. Both guys were great, but played in the Lakers, Celtics and Bulls era. Then Detroit and Houston had their mini runs. Both Barkley and Malone are beasts, probably third tier for me.

  • Big Island

    DAMMIT!!! My last post didn’t post and I’m too lazy to retype it!

  • beiber newz

    How can anyone respect the basketball iq of someone who says they’d take isaiah thomas over kobe? Case closed.

  • catdaddywhack

    @ BI

    Why, thank you…

    LOLs, like winning, never gets tired…