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LeBron Takes Down The MVP; The Mavs Pull Out A Shocker

LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. Mannion)

If the Atlanta Hawks had been involved, they could’ve just called a re-do of the last minute. They really should’ve. Miami had an ugly missed shot and a turnover and were on the edge of falling behind for the first time all game. But Derrick Rose clanked two free throws, then got another chance after LeBron had clanked two freebies of his own, but was short on a floater. Forget the win/loss records, the Heat can hold the Eastern crown a little longer, 97-93. LeBron might’ve resorted to riding his bike to the arena, but his play was pure royalty yesterday (35 points, 11 rebounds), hitting pull-up jumpers at will in the second half and putting down one of the most unbelievable alley-oops we’ve seen. Rose (34 points) countered from the other side with some Houdini floaters. Seriously, on some of those shots, they should’ve awarded him five points. Nevertheless, it was unusual things that did Chicago in: missed layups and giving up 56 first half points … Carlos Boozer has been playing so bad that even his kids were cheering against him … LeBron might have a bike, but Kobe has a helicopter. And he wasn’t going to let James outshine him. 35 points and 14 rebounds, and the record (passing Kareem) for most field goals made in Laker history. He also swallowed his ego for a minute, and allowed Pau Gasol (28 points) and Andrew Bynum (21 points) to play high-low three possessions in a row in the final two minutes against Minnesota. Three buckets later, the Lakers had the room they needed to snuggle into a 106-101 road win … The Lakers were up 18 in the third before Ricky Rubio started throwing crazy lobs and hitting weird fadaway runners. Unique isn’t a strong enough word. This was the best five-point, eight-assist game we’ve seen, and his impact was enough to bring ‘Sota all the way back. But even with Kevin Love dropping a bomb (33 points, 13 rebounds), the Lakers were the ones creating the highlights in the final minutes, finishing the game off like this was 2009 … New Orleans got caught on the toilet, falling behind 27-6 to start the game against Atlanta, and the Hawks finished off the embarrassment, blowing out the Hornets in their own arena, 94-72. Jeff Teague tied his career-high with 24 … Keep reading to hear why Danny Granger nearly missed his game against the Magic …

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  • yoda

    CB shouldn’t be mad at denver. he had to be shipped because of the melo trade. he was just a chip in that process. but playing against the knicks, that would be good game for revenge.
    as for lakers, finally we won something on the road. a it’s nice to see our bigs playing like they should have.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    kobe had a good game with the same injury that kept deng out of the heat game which his team ended up losing due to missed free throws by the defending mvp even after he allowed a former mvp lebron james to captivate the crowd by one of the highlight dunks of the 2011-2012 season.

  • catdaddywhack

    Well, the Cavs won this “bar fight”…

  • Big Island

    We get it Beib. Kobe is a robot and Deng is a fig. Good enough?

    That Mavs game was nuts. I wouldn’t have even been mad if the last shot in regulation counted.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    kyrie is so far ahead of rubio in my eyes at getting roy

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    speaking of roy…i miss brandon roy…the blazers would be lethal with him playing at the top of his game for them right now

  • reef

    Hold your head up D Rose you kept your squad in the game, big misses happens to the best of them. Wade struggles more against the bulls than any other squad, but hopefully he steps up against them in the playoffs

  • A.R.

    Seems like the commentators cursed Rose on those free throws. Just as they were talking about how good he’s been on the free throws in the fourth quarter…he clanks them both. I hope the Laker bigs play like that more often as far as offensively, Bynum needs to explain how Pekovic drops 13 and 9 in 20 minutes.


    Oh fuck. Nobody cares about what your stupid shit opinions, beiber fuckhead. Just get out of here so everyone can stop getting annoyed.

    You pompous idiot. Stop being disease and fuck off, bitch.

  • Bilal

    @BNewz Enough with the “Deng is a b!tch” stuff. Do you actually know if its the same injury, ligament tears can be of various degrees. Deng’s might just be more serious. Also perhaps the Thibs and the management might not want to risk further damage and keep him til the playoffs.

    Regarding Rubio, anyone else impressed that he had no turnovers and 8 assists in 40 something minutes.

    Just when I thought the Rap would go back on a losing streak, they win. Goddamn it Raps, we need that Pick!!!

    @yoda glad to see someone else wasn’t buying into dime trying to manufacture Billups “revenge” on denver. Against the Knicks he will have revenge in his eyes.

  • davros

    Beiber getting some hate today. Its weak mindyou to simply shout hate without talking down the points he made instead

  • davros

    That was at EN FUEGO and not Bilal or Big Island who both gave good comebacks

  • That’s What’s Up

    Freaking Gregg Popovich and his live experiments.
    That’s why you can’t bet on the spurs – the coach is a mad scientist

  • pipdaddyy

    Not big UCONN fans, are you Dime? Yeah, they are not playing too well right now, but that comment about Cooley “dominating” (8pts, 7rebs) was useless when in fact Drummond went for 15 and 11 against him in the C matchup.


    There ain’t no need for a point when I get to shit on him everyday and beaver nutz can’t do nothing about it.

    Faggot has got no balls and his posts stink that nobody pays attention. That’s why he just keeps posting until somebody throws up or gets pissed.

    Every damn day the bitch goes homo for Melo and fairy for Kobe. Now he’s queer for Kyrie. Can’t wait for the day that beaver chokes on their cum.

  • trollne1

    En Fuego on fire today!

    Another poor game by Rubio. But between Darko, Nikola and now Brad Miller, Minny got some nasty bigs out there. That team definitely got some nice pieces especially at the wings: Ellington, Johnson, Beasley, Williams and now Webster. If they put in work during summer and start shooting a higher percentage, they’ll be great.

    Saw an interesting stat that says Kobe takes the most long two-pointers in the league at over 9 per game. He makes about 45% and people were gushing over that stat. He shoots over 70% near the rim but people are praising him for taking the most long two-pointers, aka the worst shot in basketball, in the league and making less than half of those.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Raptors had NO business killing the Nets like that without Bargnani, and with Bayless starting at SG for the first time in his career.

    I haven’t really watched them this year, but from what I saw yesterday the Nets are terrible. I don’t wish Jay-Z any bad will, but just because I’m curious about how bad a team can be, part of me wants D-Will to leave next year so we can see the shittiest of shit.

    BTW, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure beiber was out here proclaiming the Cavs should not have taken Kyrie at #1. Just saying.

  • Bilal

    I don’t think that the Nets are gonna be that powerhouse they want to be any time soon. They have hedged their bets on getting Dwight and keeping DWill. So much so that they have screwed themselves if this doesn’t work. I think they gave up too much for DWill. They are definately a franchise in trouble.

  • davros

    At EN FEUGO – Your last post made me laugh, hard to be mad at someone who makes you laugh. If I was any doubt about your opinion before, your last post cleared things up! All I was trying to say is that I think Beiber is just some little teenager (didn’t he put up links to some ‘pictures’ a while back?), don’t crush the poor kid.

  • north

    Can we get a count at how many clutch free throws D Rose has missed in his career? Let’s start with the NCAA championship game.
    Raptors blow out and opponent. I watched most of the game and I still don’t believe it.

  • robzilla

    I can live with that Spurs loss. The fourth was crazy! Our bench came in and kept us from getting blown out. Pop got crucial 4th qtr experience for the 2nd group and kept our starters fresh for the 4 in 5 coming up. All we needed was the W. Big ups to the bench. And f@#k Jason Terry. That is all.

  • First & Foremost

    The Nets being bad for years to come

    The decided to take risks and it just hasn’t paid off. Can’t fault them for trying. Lopez at one point in time was looking like a promising big man. Humphries had a nice contract year. They have an owner that is willing to spend. They have a minority owner that raps about the team and was hoping he’d have enough pull to lure players to the team [apparently not].

    The stigma about NJ is killing them. They’ll move to NY but that doesn’t automatically make them as grand as The New York Knicks. The Clippers play in LA but no one talks them up as the pride and joy of LA just for being there. Moving to NY just makes the Nets, NY’s JV team.

    Here is how other teams talk FAs from playing for the Nets… “…That team has NO history, unless you want to count that 12-win season. Kidd took all of their Finals appearances with him and won in Dallas. You know how die-hard NY fans are, do you think just by being there they will rally behind a team from Jersey, WHILE THE KNICKS ARE STILL THERE. Think of all the glorious moments in the Garden… Now think of all the times you’ll be running out onto the floor of the flower bed. Yeah, The Flower Bed, the arena isn’t even up yet and it has that nickname. You can be a superstar on a second fiddle franchise, or you can write your own history with us…”

  • trollne1

    You say the Nets are bad but they almost have the same record as the Knicks. At this rate, the Cavs, who I thought would be the worst team in the league, might just get in the playoffs. My bad, Byron Scott. I forgot that you’re a pretty good coach, especially with young PGs.

  • TJ 2

    Lebron can thank DRose for saving his butt yesterday!!! because those two possessions where he through up airball/bricks and then missing both free throws he wouldve been LeChoke all over the headlines had the Bulls had won. Dwades headshake at the end said it all. Bosh, Wade, Chalmers, Battier, Miller, Cole world, wouldve rather had any of them at the free throw line instead of him!!! and is anyone going to talk about how the Heats offense came to a halt when Wade came back in and start going 1 on 5 for spurts??!?!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz


  • K Dizzle

    Lakers, baby!!!
    Yeah, I’m celebratin a win against the TWolves cuz we been strugglin lately. The Wolves catch you slippin n you catch a loss now. Bynum, Pau, Kobe. That’s a wrap.

    Thought the Bulls had that game cuz Lebron in a close game be sweatin like Wesley Snipes around the IRS.
    I don’t know who the Bulls play next, but somebody in trouble. How much they miss Deng right now?

    I ain’t even gonna discuss how DONE the Magic are right now. Dwight puttin up the emptiest 20+ pts, 10+ rebound games in history. No affect at all on the game.
    He’s gone the day after the All Star game…

    ps Raps phuckin up their lottery this summer. These ‘wins’ are costin you a top 5 pick…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    the raps would hav to draft an exciting future all star wing to warrant any tv games

  • heckler

    Derrick Rose cant hit GW free throws when he’s on the court with Mario Chalmers. nuff said.

    Orlando needs to pull the trigger on a Dwight Howard deal. It is obviously affecting the teams play. it’s bad enough the coach SUCKS (i was NEVER a fan of this Van Gundy), but when your best player presents this type of distraction, cut your losses early so you can re-focus your franchise.
    Trade Dwight Howard to the Sacto Kings for DeMarcus Cousins. Sacto is the only team that will willing “rent” Dwight Howard for the remainder of the season. and they dont really want DeMarcus anymore.

    NJ Nets have a equal record to the Knicks.
    hahaha. that is comedy within itself. When they start playing that shitty “Go NY go NY GOOO, Go NY go NY goooo”, which team will they be talking about? lol. both teams going to the lottery…..

    How much (base salary contract) money has Carlos Boozer collected in his career? if you think Luol Deng is a bitch…please tell us your thoughts on Carlos Boozer!
    the man is 6’9,280lbs of pure PUSS!
    STOLE from Cleveland, Utah and now Chicago. ..and, he probably will have ONE more big payday after his current contract.

    I havent seen much of Kyrie Irving (who really has?), and yet, Im still NOT impressed.

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    Biebz just mad cuz Deng gets to sit and watch his team lose and still got the top records in the division… heal and come back strong… don’t be a brandon roy…

    @that’s what’s up, would you really want to risk your starters who have proved to be horrible that night, plus risks of injuring old cats who’s been sitting a while? or you let your bench get some live experience against starters? a few more experiments like this… they can rest their starters for whole games against the bobcats, knicks, and yes my wizards and expect them to win some of them! then talk about a deep team ready for the playoffs…

  • First & Foremost

    I think Dwight is quietly tanking the season. For a minute everything was going well and then when Orlando noticed they can make a playoff run as constructed [not a champiomship run] he throws Nelson under the bus. They start losing to teams they should beat. Even though Dwight his getting his averages, these games feel like he is just giving exactly one f***, away from a 30-20 night.

    1st game vs Boston, The most dominant C in the league vs. 2 guys with 3 bad knees remove him from the game for the final 36 minutes. Nola without Gordon, STEAMROLLS Orlando.

    Superman is choosing to no longer save Lois Lane.

  • Big Island

    How’s about this: Wade for Dwight.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    you’re probably not impressed because you still haven’t seen much. scouts aint see much 0f him and still made him the 1st pick lol. but i don’t care how well rubio plays, cuz kyrie is still gonna play better. he is the gonna win ROY. he is the best rookie PG. he scores effortlessly, something that’s a problem for rubio, kyrie is a knock down shooter, i trust him from the 3 point arc, he can pass well, as well as a pass first pg. and his drives to the hoop always look good.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    he is the best rookie pg in his class*

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i also liked his heart in college when he tried to come off an injury without being at 100 and help his team in the tourney.

  • robzilla

    @Hakasan- I thought that was a smart move by Pop all around. The bench brought ‘em back. It was their game to win/lose.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    when lebron gets his 1st ring, i expect an insane amount of endorsements everywhere. expect to see his face on billboards, busses, phots, commercials everywhere, it’ll just get outta hand.

    i expect to see him on late night talk shows, i expect his ego to get outta control.

    but….do you think he’d wanna win his 1st ever….in a condensed season? sorta takes away from it. an experienced champ like duncan or kobe winning sorta shows, eh, they know how to get the job done.

    but if a newbie like lebron who’s been suffering for yrs to get one and finally does in a season where teams only had like 2 practices all year, or dont have another practice til march, i dunno..it’ll seem like lebron just…eh whatever.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i don’t know which one i like more:

    dwight with rose
    dwight with lebron
    dwight with durant

    all of these are formidable. i just don’t know which one is more formidable than the others. tough call.

  • heckler

    @ Beiber newz
    I aint a Kyrie Irving lover nor hater. I’ll reserve judgement until I get to see him more.
    However, playing in the NCAA tourney last year did NOT display heart.
    it was actually quite the opposite. it showed that he was capable of playing all along (reg season & acc tourney).
    he suited up for the NCAA tourney cuz he knew he was leaving Duke and wanted to make a claim as being a (potential) top pick.

    sorry dog….but him playing was NOT a sign of heart. rather a sign of bitchassness.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @K Dizzle: “Raps phuckin up their lottery this summer. These ‘wins’ are costin you a top 5 pick…”

    Tell me about it….
    I thought for sure without Bargnani they would lose that game. Then Casey goes out and makes a smart coaching decision to start Bayless at the 2, and moving Derozan to the 3 (which, IMO, is his natural position. He looks way more comfortable playing SF than SG). I want to cheer for this Raptor team, but I can’t. I’ve never been this torn before. I’m on my couch like, “Boooooo-hoooooray!”

    Calderon’s gotta miss some games too. He’s playing too well for my liking.

  • JDish

    What up with that… I forgot to hit “submit” for my comment to get posted… crazy

    I just had the thought that Orlando must be the most capable squad to contend, and here they are blowing big leads, no passion, no emotion, playin lacksadaisical basketball. It stinks to watch a team with a superstar player just play cruise control basketball. It’s like there’s no one to step and be a leader and get everyone ready to play ball. I say atleast make a coaching change while you still have Dwight Howard in a Magic uni.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    hahaha i havent heard any fan say a player on their favorite team is playing too well for their liking since….dajuan wagner of cleveland the year lebron was entering the draft.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    damn…we live in a day and age where people put far too much blame on players’ inefficiencies on the coach where people are always coming for the coach’s head. yelling, FIRE HIM, GET HIM OUTTA HERE, HIRE SOMEONE ELSE. do you guys realize that this is a man’s job you are talking about? damn, in a time where it’s hard to find a job, people even on this site are always calling for someone to lose their job. sheesh.

  • JDish

    Or get a deal done to send Dwight Howard to Chicago. Pair him with Derrick Rose, that sounds like a great pg/center tandem. Magic can get some good players in return. At the same time make a coaching change. No disrespect to Stan VG, but I’ve felt that the Magic need a fresh start at the coaching spot for a long time. Stan Van Gundy isn’t really inspiring this Magic team to go out and play hard.

  • First & Foremost

    @Jdish, that would be the wrong move, IMO. A coaching change just to make a change and you lose your superstar. Orlando would need some serious luck to turn their franchise around.

    That someone to step up and be a leader and get everyone ready to play ball is… Duhon??? Dwight would be that guy but he isn’t that kind of guy. Dude is going the bare minimum to get 20-16. Think about that. He is waking up, drags himself to the game, goes through the motions and gets 20-16 while leaving 7 freebies. If he doesn’t play with effort, his team won’t play with effort.

    When Lebron knew his team sucked he still went out there to show the world he is the best in the biz by leading scrubs to consecutive 60-win seasons. Dwight is just f*****g around. He’ll play good enough so someone trades for him. While playing bad enough that Orlando has to trade him.

    Shaq could call the kettle black and call out Dwight about his lack of effort.

  • Big Island

    I have to drive out to Hollywood today for work. I went yesterday and the guy who plays House on tv almost backed into me coming out of his driveway in a sweet old convertible. And it’s for this ridiculously good looking couple. She is BANGIN, and he is just Joe Handsome. Bastards. It sucks because I banged up my thumb, you know, the same thumb that Luol Deng missed games because of, but I can work through that with no problem. I’m like the Kobe of custom cabinetry and furniture. Except I don’t miss installations with a sprained ankle and I don’t go overseas for my knee surgeries. All Kaiser Permanente, all day. Most guys would take a week off when they pinch their finger. Not me. I’m a fucking Mamba!! A white and red Mamba. Am I doing it right Beiber?

    Dwight isn’t a leader. That’s not a knock on him, he just doesn’t have that type of personality. He’s the best player on his team, but not the best leader. When a guy like that calls out his teammates, it just sounds whiny.

    And I totally understand why Toronto fans want their team to lose. If they get the right type of player in the draft, they could have a decent squad. Toronto sucks, the Knicks are great, but they are 1/2 game apart in the standings. Delusional.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    let’s actually sit and think about the process of dwight ending up in chitown.

    dwight would have to be sent out for whom?

    an injury prone joakim noah?
    a sf who shows he can’t play throughh injury?
    maybe even boozer, an aging pf who doesn’t play defsense?

    ok…look at new orleans, got eric gordon, guys on this site were cheering the trade, i wasn’t. but what has the injury prone gordon done?

    now deng…will he be the guy creating offense? let’s be real, he needs a good facilitator to be effective. he is not a durant, kobe, rose type where you give him the ball and say, GO. he needs to be set up.

    boozer at the 4? hm, they already have a non defensive pf, who i must say is playing excellent ball in ryan anderson, who is younger, can hit the three and has had a ton of good games so far. the magic would lose a defensive player of the year for him?

    i dunno. but i must say, those names are intriguing. noah was nearly an all star if he didnt suffer a major injury. deng was almost the centerpiece for a kobe trade yrs ago, remember? and boozer, he is showing some life this year.

    the bulls have the most names to offer, but on the court, will they play up to expectations is the question. i just hope otis smith isnt waiting to see brook lopez in action b4 trading dwight anywhere. brook is good, but i like my centers averaging more than 7 rebounds , cough cough BARGNANI.

    dwight is getting moved regardless. i bet trading westbrook and ibaka for dwight/jameer/ryan anderson/jason richardson would help both teams in the short term .

    but that aint happening. i hope dwight ends up in a laker uni. his personality fits the city. and kobe is the only person right now who gives him the edge needed to win the chip as soon as he is traded, not years down the road.

    what’s more worth it..potential rings (key word potential) down the line with a young core, or playing alongside an established winner in kobe who will carry you over the finish line due to unparalleled competitive nature? i’ll take the latter.

  • That’s What’s Up

    @hakasan…. sounds like Hack-A-Shaq…
    …and I really don’t ever remember an actual Wizards fan on here, so props for that

    agreed, I was just saying if you’re a gambler you cannot bet on the Spurs cause you never know what Pop’s crazy ass is gonna do.

    I don’t care where the Spurs get seeded as long as they are in the playoffs – but they’d be better served with some kind of home court.

    I think they play Memphis tonight – Rudy Gay gives them hell every time. should be fun.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Hilarious post Big I. Spot on with the Knicks/Raptors comment. Difference is Knicks fans want the Wins. Raps fan want the losses.

    beiber… I feel you on your preference of having a center who averages +7rebs but Bargnani isn’t a center, and never has been. He’s as much a center as Allen Iverson was a PG.
    I could name many PFs who don’t average 7 rebs. But I can’t name many PFs who do some of the things Bargnani does. Actually, I don’t think any PF (or C for that matter) in the league has a similar combination of size and skillset. Anyone who’s guarded him up to this point looks like they want nothing to do with him. Kinda funny when he’s out on the perimeter and just takes a quick peek at the rim…. big men’s knees just buckle.

    I agree that he could rebound more, but fuck he’s a special player.

  • control

    If Bargs was on the Lakers or knicks, he’d be a guaranteed allstar, and he’d also be talked about like the new and improved Dirk. knick fans would talk about him being a future hall of fame, untradeable and the future of the center/power forward position. Laker fans would talk about how he has so much potential, and every 20 point game would declare him best center in the league. Of course, he isn’t on Lakers or knicks, so he doesn’t get that talk.

    LeBron’s hurdle of that lil’ midget last night was brutal. As athletic and beastly as LeBron is, he has the ability to step up physically even more, it’s just fucking scarey that he can be so physically gifted…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    woah woah woah control. i think the only knock ppl have on bargnani is his lack of blocking and his rebounding needing improvement. other than that, he is a stud. bargnani, yes, if he were on a bigger stage, would get more notoriety, but that’s with anyone. monta ellis would be a beast if he played with an amazing team on tv everyday. fuck that whole large market bullshit. okc just has good players. san antonio has games on tv especially during their championship run. i seen so many people in the hood growing up with duncan jerseys. the black away one.

    all it takes is winning. and so far, bargnani hasn’t carried his team over the hump. bosh was the man was he was still in tor, and when bosh left bargnani was tasked with the job to be the man. so far, um, nothing. but for me, that doesn’t take away from his skills. bball is a team game and far too often good players are lowballed because their team isn’t performing. i guarantee the year bargnani carries his team with a good record, deep into the playoffs, with a great cast of players around him who are exciting, he will get his due…and as you say, people will say he is “a guaranteed allstar…the new and improved Dirk….a future hall of fame, untradeable and the future of the center/power forward position.” it’s all on him, not the market.

  • JDish

    @ beiber newz

    I have to say that in the NBA it surely seems that your expected to win right? To call out for a coaching change does not mean that we or I would want a coach to lose his job. The fact is It’s the NBA, I mean look at what happened with Paul Westphal getting fired from Sacramento, and Flip Saunders getting the ax in Washington. I was pretty down about those two coaches losing their job but it was necessary, atleast for those respective teams, to make a change and maybe improve the situation with those two teams. Besides these guys are making good money, and they already have a good rep as coaches. So losing a coaching gig isn’t the end of the world.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    sac town and washington…two teams which if they had terrible records would not have surprised anyone to begin with huh?

  • Fox

    Props to Beiber Newz, this guy takes heat from almost everybody on here and keeps on going. Relax people his opinion is HIS OPINION! Ignore him if you want him to go away. I think he enjoys the attention. He’s the Skip Bayless of Dime Smack blogs. Not that he’s tha knowledgable he just knows and revels in getting a rise out of you guys.

    On another note. I’m starting to think Rose has LBJ syndrome. Hopefully he can grow out of it but I’m not sure. IJS

  • JDish

    @ beiber newz

    On that note about Bargnani. I think many times there’s too much hype and pressure put on players to all of the sudden be the man and turn a whole franchise around. I think right now Bargnani is already a great NBA player, one of the top pf/centers in the game. And it is unfair to put the blame on him that the raptors aren’t a sure bet playoff bound team. Besides that, the raptors are a small market team, and when I hear about big name NBA players and rumors about possible trades most of the time its to large market teams with the potential to turn a franchise around and make it a playoff bound team. Or as we have seen in the last several years, big name ballers want to go to a team where there’s already gonna be another all-star basketball player to play along side with. But I don’t here many rumors about a super-star NBA player wanting to play alongside Bargnani.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Has any NBA player gone from one team to another, put up the exact same stats for Team 2 as he did for Team 1, but his profile went from All-Star/budding star to The Forgotten quite like David Lee?

    Lee is putting up 19-10 in Golden State just like he did in New York, but aside from his fantasy owners, NOBODY talks about him anymore. And it’s not like he played with a winning team in NY so he got extra attention. Those Knicks lost just as much as these Warriors.

  • K Dizzle

    Man, if Orlando only knew this shit was comin, would they have been so quick to trade Gortat? Dude has been a legit top 3-4 centre this season. It woulda been a lot easier to trade Dwight when you had a solid center backing him up.
    Oh well.
    Why do cats keep sayin Dwight to Chicago? DRose damn near rolls his eyes when reporters brought it up and Chicago ain’t even on Dwight’s list. Unless some team just wants to rent dude for 30 games, it needs to be one of the teams he’ll re-up with. I got a feelin Otis gonna phuck this up somehow. Shoulda traded dude like Utah did with D-Will before the word started gettin out. Even Denver kept winnin with Melo wantin out.
    Orlando just embarrassin right now. 3 straight 20+ losses against inferior teams with no centers.
    No, I would not trade Bynum and Pau for “that” Dwight Howard…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m still saying Dwight will find what he’s looking for in Atlanta. They may not be on his wish list now, but I think once he lands in his hometown, gets to play with his boy Josh Smith (assuming Orlando doesn’t demand Smith be part of the trade), gets to be the focal point of a more-talented team and a coach who will make sure he gets the ball as much as he can handle, and brings fans back to the arena, he’ll be willing to sign long-term.

    But I could also see where Orlando wouldn’t want to help a division rival improve when they’ve already got to deal with Miami for the next 5-6 years.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – silver anywhere else becomes platinum in New York, according to them, then when they bounce, the hype usually fades, whether the numbers remain the same or get better.
    Lotta players fit that story:
    Charles Oakley was a defensive rock in New York, but was even more valuable to the Raptors during Vince’s prime, but you never heard about him outside the T-Dot
    Guess you could say the same for John Starks, the formerly “untradable” Channing Frye; the severely overhyped Iman Shumpert; Allen Houston was the same player in Detroit, but blew up in NYC, numbers remaining the same; Anthony Mason became an all-star in Charlotte I think, and his hype died down too.
    It’s all media driven and mostly in the NBA. Small markets rule the NFL on equal footing as the big markets. It’s just seen as if you can do it in NYC or LA, it’s bigger than doin the same thing in Milwaukee or Cleveland

  • JDish

    jaja… just read the article on espn.com. It said Dwight Howard is willing to play with the Bulls, Derrick Rose. Chicago is officially on DHowards I-want-to-get-traded-to-there list. But that the Bulls aren’t calling the Magic to get the big man.
    Ok then, it sounds like this is getting nowhere.

  • the shaman

    can’t wait for Manu to return! he was KILLING it before he got hurt, shooting like 60% from three and such. would have made the Mavs game mean more anyway.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JDish — I read the same Dwight article, and I think people read too much into this stuff. From what I read, all Dwight said was basically, “I like Derrick Rose. We’re cool. If I got a chance to play with him I wouldn’t complain.” Which is what he’d say if you directly asked him about any team/player in the league because he’s going to be diplomatic about it. If you asked Dwight straight-up about Brandon Jennings and Milwaukee, he’d probably say, “Brandon is a great player. If I had a chance to play with him and that’s what God wanted, it will happen.” Doesn’t mean the Bucks are on his list of teams he’d sign with long-term.

  • K Dizzle

    Saw this on ESPN:

    Nothing quite sums up the Hornets’ circus season so far like this tidbit: Unless the Knicks wake up soon, New Orleans is going to get a worse draft pick from the Clippers (Minnesota’s unprotected 2012 first-rounder) than it would have scored in the original CP3 deal with the Lakers and Rockets (New York’s 2012 first-rounder).

    Somebody please remind me how this trade was sooooo “perfect” for the new ownership n franchise…

    -Sincerely yours from a still ticked Lakers fan who gets sick of hearing “Lakers need to get a point guard cuz Fish is old” like we didn’t have a deal done

  • First & Foremost

    ^^^ It is easy to say that now. When the Knicks signed Chandler everyone was talking like they’d contend for the ECF because Boston is on their last leg, Superman is in his fortress, and you’d have to assume NYK has the fire power to topple the bulls defense AND keep pace with the Heat. Who would want the 27th+ pick in the draft? Especially when a team put together by David Khan can still be laughed at.

    You think David Stern will screw his own team over? I’d an autographed Kwame Brown rookie card the Hornets get a top 4 pick.

  • First & Foremost

    Depending on how bad he wants to sell the team, they might get picks One AND Two.


    If Kareem had a “farewell tour”, Dwight has his “I would like to play here & consider talking to them” tour.

    He did it when they went to Boston. And he’s just saying it to Chicago now. Besides, isn’t it not in the best interest of Adidas having Rose and Howard playing the same city?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — Again, consider the possibility that Stern is just as bad a basketball decision-maker as any NBA owner. You trust the L.A. front office, but they’ve had their share of deals that looked good on paper and didn’t work out later. Same for every other team in the league.

  • JDish

    @ Austin

    And how awesome is the media to say that the Bulls are now on Dwight Howard’s list of “potential destinations.”
    Way to get the early scoop… sooo it wouldv’e the same thing if they would have asked him (after a big loss to a less talented team) about Jennings and the Bucks, or maybe even Ricky Rubio and the Wolves… DH: “If I could play with (insert all-star NBA player here) and God wanted it that way, it will happen”…”It has nothing to do with not wanting to play with (insert all-star NBA player here). I love him, He’s my brother.”
    Yea this is just media hot air trying to pick something up and throw everyone a bone to chew on while Dwight Howard and/or the Magic FINALLY do something. Great.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Damn that was a tough game. I’m not gonna trip about the foul calls or nothing like that, by now I’ve come to expect that. And I’m sure the Bulls knew it was coming. But those FTs hurt. I have a feeling DRose will get a similar chance come playoff time and shyt will be different.

    As for the Dwight to Chicago talk. I read the articles. Dwight said something like “If God wants it to happen then it will happen.”
    Take that for what it’s worth.

    I really don’t understand the UConn frontline comparison. You can’t exclude the main player (Drummond) in order to make a point about the other starter vs the back ups.

  • JDish

    Want to get off of the Dwight Howard subject for a bit and ask if Ricky Rubio is actually getting more minutes and at the same time he’s averaging like 6 pts and 7 assists per game? So are we still saying that they should take minutes away from Luke Ridnour and give them to Rubio?
    Is it true also that Rubio averaged 5 pts and 6 asts per game in his last two seasons in Spain. Was he injured??
    So hopefully he’ll pick it up right or he’ll continue giving us 5 & 6 per night for now on.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    Rubio is playing better as a starter. The only thing that has dropped is his shooting percentages. But Rubio has been playing closer to 35min a night since he became a starter and was on a 4 game string of double digit assist that was broken in yesterdays game. Rubio starting has helped the TWolves get off to much better starts from game to game. So they don’t have to fight to climb back into every game. And now with B-Easy back in the line up, they have even more firepower. They can become very dangerous in the next couple months.

  • control

    I hate it when reporters ask one player about another player. They will NEVER get the truth out of the guy, instead it’s going to be a canned response. You see it a lot with boston and questions about Rondo, his teammates get tired of his attitude, but they’ll say something like “he’s really passionate and maturing” instead of “the guy is a douchebag and I can’t stand him”. It’s why I HATE it when people quote shit that another player or coach says about someone, and use it as proof of anything.

    How many people who are on the Lakers are going to bash Kobe’s shot selection and call him out on it straight up? They might say something like “Kobe’s the greatest player in the history of the game, he really puts up a lot of shots but he’s the greatest player of the game.” instead of “that ball hogging motherfucker lost us the game with his bullshit, I was being guarded by the weakest front line in the league and only got 5 shots, wtf?”.

    Bottomline, 98% of what players say about each other, even if they are on different teams, is canned response bullshit and nobody should pay any attention to it at all.


    That media bullshit you are referring to is the entire reason I hate ny like I do, the people, fans and entire city buy into that same bullshit. It is how guys like Ewing get tossed around as greatest center to ever play the game discussions.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @control — There are a few guys who will speak honestly about certain players, but you’re right: For the most part players just say what they think reporters want them to say, or just whatever is the least controversial.

    So if the popular narrative is that Kobe is the best clutch player in the NBA, and you asked most NBA players who they’d want taking the clutch shot, they’ll say Kobe just to fall in line. In reality, most of them probably want that shot themselves, or they’d pick whoever is the top clutch guy on their team. But let Marvin Williams say, “I’d want to take the shot myself” or “I think Chris Paul is the most clutch guy in the NBA,” the next day’s headline will say something like “Marvin Williams thinks he’s better than Kobe Bryant,” or “Williams says Kobe is overrated in the clutch.”

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    oh austin..you mean how the popular pick for mvp would be to say durant or lebron and when i said, in my opinion, melo would play like an mvp..everyone on this dime website came for my life, bank savings, future kids and family members because i stepped outside the box?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    you know what…i remember when aaron brooks was the ill problemo at the pg when he was balling in houston. for some reason he fell off n got sent to the bench in favor of lowry. but i think, if it’s possible, he should go to ny or da lakers.

    he would play well in dantoni’s system, i think even pre-benching form and in LA he would spread the floor and would bring back fast breaking la. and he can hit that 3 boyyy. ef gilbert, brooks should be 1st n foremost. but i think brooks can command some money so i don’t actually see it happening.

  • First & Foremost

    LOL… If Marvin Williams said he wanted to take the last shot, they would draw up a play that has him inbounding the ball. Before they break the huddle, “Remember pass it to Joe when he is open… then step in bounds to watch.”

    But Beiber, Melo hasn’t done very little in NY to warrant MVP consideration. Aside from taking the last shot, what does Melo do to “put him in the discussion”? Is the focal point of the offense to make the game for his teammates easier? Does he play excellent weakside defense? Does he even lockdown his position? Besides being a scorer what would he do to get meaningful MVP votes?

    You voiced your opinion oh so many weeks ago and it just happened to be on the other side of the fence as a lot of other people. Oh well, only time will tell. Until then, keep it movin’

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    mvp is a discretion thing. all the things you mentioned, did dirk or nash fill all those criteria?


    HAHAHAHA. Still trying to weasel your way out being homo for Melo. Admit it. You got caught with MVP cock in your mouth. Stop spitting and just swallow it, fag.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    but i was just trying to draw parallels to what austin said about talking about the norms. i wasn’t speaking on melo being mvp. i was more so, ignoring what i spoke of specifically of melo-mvp, just making a comparison of how dime readers came at me guns blazing, because i said something “out the norm”. that is it. i been moved on from the topic itself and my feelings towards it. here, i was just speaking of the outcome specifically i received because i said something not everyone would have agreed with and how if marvin williams said something no one agrees with, he would get treatment like that as well.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    en fuego, u giving advice on swallowing semen? u have experience doing so?


    haha. nice try, fag. your the only one here with that kind of experience. you get cumfaced in smack most of the time.


    also doing “parallels” to what you’ve been saying and getting technical all the time. too pussy to back it up bout what you say. is it so hard to come out of the closet and admit something and be wrong for once?

  • Bilal

    Comparing stats of european ball and nba can’t be done. The whole ball philosophy is different. For a rookie in the nba (especially an international player) dishing 8 assists (3rd in nba) is pretty damn good.

    Man I wish the players would stop being so nice about other players. Sometimes just sometimes I wanna see someone be “real”. But the media would turn it into an episode of “When keepin it real goes wrong”

    I think all the players (except kobe) are soft. I want an nba with fire, rivalry, controversy etc. I mean I’m from England, there’s no love between soccer players from different teams, I remember watching a post game and some guy told the reporters he doesn’t respect this other guy as a player and a person. Come on stern, I don’t want tellytubby nba.

  • control


    I agree 100% with ya about players being soft, and that is mostly because of Stern’s iron hand coming down on any guys who “keep it real”.

    I’d love to see a Mike Tyson sort of interview, with some guy saying something like “I hate that guy, and want to eat his damn kids”. You know there are guys out there who hate each other, like when Fat Davis ran into LeBron in Vegas and wanted to say hi, LeBron’s entourage told him to go ahead and fuck himself, haha. We need more hate in the nba, and less wanna be haters.

  • First & Foremost

    Did Nash make the game for his teammates easier? I’d be inclined to say yes. Those MVP years for him, he was the sole leader of those teams. As Nash went, everyone else went. He had the ball in his hands 90% of the time he was on the floor. Melo, is just a scorer. He thrives in a solo role. If he could he’d Iso himself on the wing and as long as he got his stats nothing else would matter.

    Dirk’s reason for winning, I personally don’t agree with, was that he was the best player on the best team. The best player on the best team. The best team is pretty damn good without their best player so why should the best player on that team be rewarded for how good his team is? Where is the value in that player? Anyway, the Knicks would somehow have to become the best team. Unfortunately they are too unbalanced. Also with Miami being as good as they are, the Knicks would be hard pressed to even be the best team in their own conference. Dirk was the sole leader of his team. Melo bullied his way into a situation where a star was already the sole leader of that team.

    It is hard to win MVP without being the leader of the team. I could argue Dwight not being a leader was just enough of an edge for Rose to win last year. Melo is not a leader. Votes will be taken from him in favor of other leaders in the league.

    FnF’s MVP List: No particular order
    Rose – Lebron has to have an “average” couple of months.
    Lebron – 45Ws 30ppg 7reb 7reb. Wade would have to coast through the year willingly or being hurt.
    Wade – Lebron would need to have a Nancy Kerrigan moment after practice.
    Durant – 30ppg and in conference or at least 5th in the league. Westbrook falls in line.

    IMO, no one else has a realistic shot. Personally I feel the MVP should be a player that their team absolutely can’t function without. Joe Johnson, the Hawks aren’t that great when he doesn’t show up. Living in the shadows, he will never win. Dwight is pissing away a season just to get traded. LMA, mofo is crushing everyone at his position and is the leader of his team, but living in the shadows works against him too.

    If Melo were to win, he’d have to play point forward and be seen making a defensive play. Chances of those things happening, slightly higher than Jordan becoming the best Crawford ever in the league.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    Funny you mention it, because Joakim Noah is THAT GUY. He has said on several occasions that he doesn’t like Lebron and Kevin Garnett. Nobody hates him for it either. So really there’s no excuse that players don’t speak up more. I think they all just have a punk mentality. Some of it has to do with the media and marketing im sure (Nike guys like Kobe and LBJ can’t be fighting eachother) but i think these guys just don’t have it in them.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz