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Minnesota Stops Their Losing Streak At 18; Kobe Bryant Shoots The Lakers Into A Loss

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio (photo. Nicky Woo)

Minnesota has finally won a game. Dating back to the end of last season, the Wolves were on an 18-game losing streak before surprising Dallas yesterday, 99-82. For all of the highlights and optimism they’ve provided so far this year, it’s a little weird they lasted 294 days in-between wins, and it’s probably even crazier that when they finally did get the W, it came against the reeling defending champs. Minnesota didn’t just beat Dallas. They ran right through them. Kevin Love was the best player on the court, dropping 25 and 17 and even making five threes (Dirk would be proud with the way this man is shooting.). Dallas meanwhile didn’t score in the game’s final five minutes and let Ricky Rubio (14 points, seven assists) show out all night long. At one point, the color guys said “Rubio is like a pick-and-roll samurai. He just slices and dices you up.” The T’wolves are clearly 20 times better when he’s on the floor. He checks in and Minnesta’s offense goes into overdrive. Now someone just needs to get Rick Adelman to give away Luke Ridnour‘s minutes … On the other side, Dallas got DESTROYED on the glass (minus-19) and have a bunch of guys who either have nothing left (Vince Carter) to give or don’t seem to want to give anything (Lamar Odom). Not exactly the best title-defending start … Kobe Bryant (16 points) didn’t have a great weekend. After chucking his way through a miserable 6-for-28 game yesterday in the Nuggets’ 99-90 win over L.A., that left Bryant 12-for-46 from the field in his last two games. In what has become a theme for the Lakers at times over the past year and a half, Pau Gasol (20 points, 11 rebounds) and particularly Andrew Bynum (18 points, 16 rebounds) didn’t get the ball enough late despite having a couple of great games. There was a brief sequence late in the fourth that summed it all up for L.A. With the score tied in the final two minutes, Kobe missed a three. Ty Lawson stole the rebound away from Metta World Peace and then found Danilo Gallinari on the break for a dunk. Then two possessions later, Kobe forced it, got caught in a trap and then threw it away. Everyone stepping aside for Bryant happened way too often over the final five minutes. If it wasn’t for foul trouble or getting ignored, Bynum could’ve put together one of those stat sheet-breaking nights (He only played 28 minutes.). On the other side, the Nuggets were coming from all angles even before their game-ending 11-0 run. Gallinari led them with 20 points, but they had six players score at least a dozen, and three of those came off the bench. Dating back to the start of last season, the Nuggets are now an insane 16-1 at home when their opponents came in on a back-to-back … On a positive note for the Lakers, Kobe did reach 28,000 career points during the game … When fans start chanting for Brian Scalabrine in the third quarter, then you know it’s bad. The Bulls smoked Memphis 104-64 on a night where pretty much everything that could’ve gone wrong did go wrong for the Grizz. In the first quarter, O.J. Mayo collided with Zach Randolph and the big man went down hard. Even as he walked off under his own power, some speculated that he had torn his ACL. Luckily, it sounds much less severe. Despite losing Z-Bo early, Memphis embarrassed themselves. The third quarter was a joke; It seemed like the Grizz were stuck on 32 points for a five or six minute stretch. In the third quarter. You had Josh Davis out there throwing up terrible threes, Mayo shooting ridiculous bricks and Jeremy Pargo dribbling out entire shot clocks. It’s so bad in Memphis right now that they had to re-sign Hamed Haddadi … Charlotte might’ve been even worse, but at least they have excuses. One, they were supposed to suck (REALLY suck). Two, they played the Heat. Big excuse. Miami beat the Bobcats up and down for 48 minutes, and had five guys (Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Norris Cole & Mario Chalmers) score at least 16 in their 129-90 win. We loved Corey Maggette‘s (who didn’t make a single shot) postgame reaction: “Tonight was a night where we just did not get it done.” Ya think? … Keep reading to hear about Rajon Rondo’s domination of Washington …

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  • control

    Rondo started off good last year too, even getting MVP talks from people who had consumed bad drugs.

    I’m going to be called a hater, but how do Laker fans still have Kobe’s back when he costs the team losses like this? Why can’t anyone, like, maybe the fucking coach, reel him in and let him know that his hands and wrist are a mangled pile of last week’s roast beef, and look slopper than the pussy of a fat sweaty hooker who just got gangbanged by 60 guys. Guy plays one game where he looks like a MVP with how he is getting it done, then this game. The real Kobe is probably the one that played last night…

    If Fat Zach has an ACL tear, I’d throw down any amount of money on him gaining an extreme amount of weight before he comes back. Smoking lbs of weed + not moving + boxes of Krispy Kreme = Super Fat Zach.

    Mo Williams, though he was the most undeserving allstar ever, doesn’t look too bad with the Clips. If he restrains his idiotic jacking, and removes that jesus dog tattoo on his shoulder (by far the worst tattoo I’ve seen on an nba player), then he might end up being aight for the Clips.

    Fuck flopping, and fuck Rondo!


    The Lakers should be on the horn with Emperor Stern right now to use pau, their trade exception and other bad contracts (Blake+Walton) for a cousins/jimmer/Thompson/Garcia package to make up for getting hosed out of Paul…

  • Shot in Ya Face

    Let me guess… Cousins wants to be traded to a contender. LMFAO. Send him to the D-League.



  • catdaddywhack

    Its just 5 games in but so far Ryan Anderson is doing a very nice job as Orlando’s full-time starting PF. He’s putting it up like Rashard was supposed to for about $15M less…

  • beiber newz

    control you get called a hater because you love talking about every bad game kobe has. this one is justified, but not everytime the lakers lose or everytime kobe takes a bad shot you have an input on it, that’s why it’s looked at as hating. which it is. and to solidify my claim, you say the REAL kobe is the one tha tplayed last night…..speechless. i literally spit out the cereal in my mouth laughing at that line.

    anyway, damn, i watched that entire lakers game, my eyes need to recover from the bad basketball, mostly due in part to mr bryant. wow. disgusting shooting, every shot looked terrible. every shot look bad. every shot it looked like kobe was trying to shoot himself out of his slump, but ended up shooting the team’s chances at a win.

    he’s allowed a game like that. he’s kobe. what makes kobe KOBE though is that he can have a game like that and still not phase his play the next month nor do his teammates lose faith in him. and he has quite the resume to back this claim.

  • beiber newz

    did kobe forget bynum has come back to the team? sheesh

  • Orange

    -.- at Antawn jamisons stats.

  • beiber newz

    @ buffalo brave, the Lakers WERE hosed lol BUT i still think the current team is fine

    even recently carmelo still has that trade on his mind and last week said that he thinks it was WRONG that stern vetoed the trade. he went on to say that paul SHOULD BE A LAKER.

    guess that hornets/lakers trade is STILL BEING TALKED ABOUT even though it feels like it happened years ago. interesting….. it just WON’T GO AWAY.

    it’s too big a controversy to disappear so easy. btw, how are the hornets doing? i really don’t know, i just know eric gordon hasn’t been helping much due to injury.


    So LeBron finally got Delonte’s blessing? HAHA
    Cousins for Blatche (plus some to make it work) looks like a good fit. John Wall wouldn’t mind that deal happening, for sure.

  • beiber newz

    here’s another reason why the lakers will be fine…like dime mentioned, kobe went 12-46 in shot attempts. not many team can have their main man shoot like that and go 1-1 record wise while having that second game within grasp. i love that perspective. just hope it doesnt happen again. 12-46 and they still coulda won both games. lovely!

  • control

    I give props to Kobe when he plays good, dropped like 2 paragraphs of praise on the guy when he wasn’t in selfish mode. Maybe someone SHOULD call the guy out, why the fuck is he so untouchable? Maybe he SHOULD let a game like that phase him, so he realizes that maybe he should pass to the guys who are in middle of putting up 20/10 and destroying the other team’s front line.

    If LeBron fucks up and loses a game, people will never drop it, the guy is still getting flack for games where he was passive in fucking Cleveland. Kobe can go on a streak where his selfishness results in losses or near losses for 7 or 8 games out of 10, and people just say “oh, it’s just Kobe, he’s like jesus without the beard! I hear he turns gatoraid into wine before each game!”. Fuck that noise, the guy is a great player, but he murders his team sometimes for no reason at all. The guy wants another ring, he better come down to reality and get his team going, THEN get himself going.

  • beiber newz

    so control, are you more upset that he had a bad game? because, it just seems like the core of your angst stems from the fact you feel that not enough people get on him for having bad games. are you just trying to balance things out by getting on him yourself? it sort of seems like you are looking for justice. like you feel it’s your duty to bring awareness to kobe’s bad side. like, you aren’t feeling the same way a Lakers fan feels seeing the lakers lose or kobe shoot bad, but you are complaining about his bad game. it’s not like you are a fan yourself so i guess maybe you just want to shake some sense into people. if kobe got the lebron treatment, do you think you would still write negatives on kobe? maybe not, because then maybe you’d feel that your job is being done.

  • beiber newz

    to be fair though, lebron only got treated the way he treated now only within the last couple seasons excluding skip bayless. lebron could do NO wrong as a cavalier outside of hitting clutch shots. do you know there was a time lebron WALKED OFF THE COURT ON HIS TEAMMATES during the 4th quarter in anger because the fucked up a chance at winning the game? he abruptly left the game and walked to the locker room. that was only a story for about an hour and people went back to hanging off his nuts. not me though

  • beiber newz

    because they (cleveland cavs) fucked up a chance at winning the game? *

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I think you and I both made the same statements after Kobes unselfish game. Dude played like a leader that game. Making the right plays. But we also said that it wasn’t likely that he’ll keep that up.
    I watched the first quarter of the Lakers vs Nuggets game, It wasnt that bad at first. Bynum was causing major problems for Timofey (who i think got in foul trouble early) Kobe took a few heavily contested shots but it wasnt bad. Then I turn the game off and all hell breaks loose. Seriously I can’t believe Kobe still has fans in LA. If Derrick Rose ever started playing like that, I would hate the kid.

    Speaking of DRose and the Bulls vs Grizz. or as I like to call it….”the reason why we had a lockout” a.k.a. “the $420Mill front court battle”
    I expected a good game, but the Grizz without Mike Conley are terrible. They also need to start OJ Mayo. At least Ronnie Brewer (who started because Rip had a growing pull) looked good.

    other game I watched some of was the Mavs vs T-Wolves.
    Adlerman (yes i’ll keep spelling it wrong) just has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to game management.
    Here’s my problem
    3rd quarter. TWolves up by 11pts. Dallas begins to go on a run. The leads comes down, 9pts. then 7pts, then 5pts. Timeout by TWolves. 3pts lead, then 2pt lead.
    Why is this important? During the Mavs run the TWolves were taking terrible shots (Ridnour, Beasley, Randolph especially) and were turning the ball over. Basically everything a good PG would fix. Once Rubio checks in, he nails a 3 and gets a couple FTs and changes the whole game.

    I mean any coach knows, when you have a young team and a veteran team is making a run on you, you call a timeout asap. not when the lead gets down to 5.

    anyway. Watching this game, I think i have a new favorite big man in the NBA. Kevin Love. Kid reminds me of Rodman, Bird, and Pippen the way he just has a knack for the ball. Not only that, hes just so savvy during the game. I’ll be tuning in to more TWolves games (until the NBA package is no longer free) just to watch KLove and the boys.

  • control

    You don’t know what you are talking about kid (again). I thought there was a new beebs in the house, one that wasn’t such an offensive idiot, guess not.

    I don’t know why you are getting on me about what I say about Kobe, the major problem Kobe has is his nuthugging fans, and you are proving that point right now. Can’t say anything negative about Kobe without white knight motherfuckers rallying to the war cry and getting all stressed and pressed. Here are the facts son: Kobe fucked up, lost the game for his team, he does this often. If you were a Laker fan, and not just crushing hardcore on Kobe’s junk, you’d be even more pissed off about it than I am. He ain’t costing MY team wins (cept when he dropped 81 on them).

    You obviously weren’t here back when LeBron was a Cav, and your memory straight out sucks for the time you were here. LeBron was getting flack for walking off without shaking hands for YEARS here. Of course you aren’t hanging off LeBron’s nuts, you have a tight grip on Kobe’s apparently, probably why he’s getting divorced…his wife is all like “Why do you have this ugly mentally retarded child who wont stop talking senseless shit in your underwear licking on your cock 24/7? This ain’t gonna turn into some Michael Jackson bullshit is it?!?!?”. Laker fans should hate your fucking face, causing Kobe to get his shit divorced, making him hate his teammates on the court.

  • knickerbocker

    lolololol control lol. mj shit lol. i almost feel sorry for beiber he just gets abused and doesnt know it.

    i never thought id see day rondo out shoots ray allen in a real game. except at free throw line he still sucks there. he could be a problem if he keeps it up but he wont.

    my knicks need cousins! if he wants to come to a contender he should come here! i think we have some draft picks we can give or money or mike bibby!

  • arno

    After Jennings, Rubio shows that a year or two in the Euroleague as an excellent way to learn the PG position.

    The Lakers centers really dominate the game vs most teams. They could ask Kobe to run the point (and take care of his fingers and wrist), instead of shooting acrobatic nonsense.

  • Franchise

    Im with control on this one. SOMEONE has to be able to check Kobe when he goes out of control like this (and im a huge Mamba fan). Biebs therez absolutely no way to defend this one. Bynum and Pau were beasting, get them the rock!!!

    Dude doesn’t listen to ANYONE. therez a fine line between confidence and sheer arrogance. In fact, if he had had that sorta person from earlier in his career that he actually listens to then maybe we dont have to go thru this BS of waiting to see what version of Kobe shows up. DAMMIT. with that kinda talent, if he only had better decision-making i don’t think the debate about his GOAT status would be a debate. a bad day just got worse.

    And cosign post #3. who the fluck does Cousins think he is? just coz of a decent showing in the no-defense rookie game last year?? got on the wrong side with me from the beginning with stories of how he wouldn’t lift weights at his draft combine sayin he doesn’t need to, so fuck him, send his ass to the D-League.

  • Franchise

    and dont let Cousins’ punk ass anywhere near my Lakers.

    Mad as hell at KB right now but word is he’s tapping this:


    shit if i was hittin that nuthin else would matter.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    It is just four games but the way Ricky Rubio controls the game reminds me of John Stockton.

    Speaking of the Jazz. And I am a Utah fan for a very long time (I was a fan of Boston until the time the original Big 3 have all retired). I propose they go after DeMarcus Cousins if he really wants out of Sacramento.

    Tried it on the ESPN Trade Machine and it worked.

    Utah gets Cousins plus Mo Williams and Randy Foye from the Clipers. Sacramento gets Al Jefferson. The Clippers get Francisco Garcia from the Clippers and Raja Bell from the Jazz.

    I think all three teams gets to be happy with that trade.

    Utah goes full blown with its youth movement and have a starting unit of Williams, Josh Howard, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Enes Kanter. Then they get to have Paul Milsap and Cousins coming off the bench.

    Sacramento gets a legit big man in Jefferson that can post double double every night.

    The Clippers solves its glut at the point guard position and adds a good wing player in Garcia and a defensive stopper in Bell.

  • Franchise

    @alf terrible trade man. Utah wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

    First off DMC is a head-case who wouldn’t take coming off the bench well, he’d disrupt team chemistry (what’s left of it in Utah). They already have Milsap who right now brings more to the table than DMC without the drama. And they’re tryin to develop Kanter who could become a legit C down the road.

    Clippers would rather have Mo than an ageing Bell and just-another-role player in Garcia. While undeserving of the All Star tag he’s still a very good player coming of the bench provided he doesn’t start bitching about it.

    Sacto is the only team that would do that trade…and if DMC blows up down the road they look real stupid. there’s always that possibility even with his stinking attitude. and please don’t compare 4-game old Rubio to one of the greatest point guards of all time. just dont. Rubio hasnt done shit and i don’t understand the hype around this dude. He’s a poor man’s Rondo IMO


    DeMarcus Cousins for Andray Blatche!

    Spoiled brat for immature asshole

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    @ Franchise

    Like I said it is only four games but there are already glimpses of how great a player he could be in the league. By the way, CNNSI three years ago said Rondo’s game is similar to Stockton.

    The “fantasy” trade to me (I am right now pretending to be a GM) allows Utah to accelerate the development of its lottery picks and have a point guard who knows how to run the Jazz system. Heck, Mo Williams loved playing for Utah. The Jazz will then still be be armed with the trade exception from the Memo Okur trade. As for Cousins, they can always send him to the D-League if he becomes a problem.

    As for the Clippers, Garcia is an equal at the very least to Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes while Bell is a veteran presence.

  • bakedbeing

    Go Wolves!

  • Franchise

    @alf apart from the defensive similarities i don’t see where the comparisons between Stockton and Rondo come from. Stock regularly shot above 50% FG (which is quite good for a PG), had double digit assist averages year in year out and wasn’t a douche like Rondo lol…Rondo is the proud owner of 40% shooting from the field, 20% 3pt FG last i checked. His shooting, while it seems to have improved this season, is atrocious. guys have been leaving him WIDE open and he still couldn’t capitalize.

    Im still not touching your trade scenario if im Utah, banishing him to D-League if started acting up about being benched (which he would judging from his track record so far) would beat the purpose of trading for him in the first place. I say give Jefferson a chance. He’s proven that he can contribute, maybe even dominate.

    As for your boy Rubio, he might pan out (im no hater) but let him become a starter first and average double digit assists in a month before we anoint him the next (fill in legendary flashy pass-first guard here). Jus sayin…

  • trollne1

    The Lakers could have easily lost both games to the Nuggets if Galinari didn’t choke on that layup on the first game. If Kobe wasn’t too preoccupied getting those 28k points, he would’ve realized that Bynum dropped 29 and 13 on the same opponent the night earlier.

    Anyway lots of brutal losses tonight. Deron Williams should officially be put on suicide watch right now. His team just got blown out by the freaking Cavaliers.

  • Skeeter McGee

    This looks like the Kobe that played for Rudy Tomjanovich after Phil retired the first time. This season will not end well for the Lakeshow…

  • Chaos

    Lets face it everyone, Ridnour is a bench player. he is a good leader for the second unit but not one for your starters. Like i sai before i think i underestimated the kid but he literally has been a pro for like what, 6 years playing since he was 14? dude is legt and seems to know what he is doing. i think he is more of the euro version of steph curry as far as passing and knowing the game and making the right choices (his shot and athleticism is what i expected but i digress) ridnour doesnt need to start.

    DMC is acting like a POS and needs to STFU. Who the hell is he to demand a trade? He has been playing fairly well but the kid is a headcase. He is Zach Randoplh 0.5 because he got problems but he dont produce the states that Zach did. Maybe he does want to go to Washington and play with his boy but that just adds more stupidity to the fight. as much talent as blatche has he is proving to me that he needs to playing in Europe somewhere and not in the NBA

    Kobe really needs to trust his teammates more. Pau and Bynum surprising have been playing well, Pau even more so since he been wearing that damn shoulder brace. Some balls must have come with it as well. No leader of any team can shoot that horribly with out having the rebounding or assist states to back it up. I think it may ever get worse as his wrists flares up more and more.

    Orlando is winning right now because Dwight is actually said fuck scoring and just getting rebounds and blocks while Ryan Anderson is shooting lights out but….
    i would be concerned because your All-Star big man and quite possibly one of the top 5 players in the L is taking less than 15 shots per game. This team is living by the 3 and they will die by it. I have seen Hedo and J-Rich take some of the ugliest shots. Ryan and JJ have taken better less contested shots but man if i was dwight i would be pissed

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Orlando has beaten

    Houston, New Jersey, Charlotte, and now Toronto.

    I wouldnt get too excited about them. Forcing Dwight to chase down offensive rebounds while his teammates senselessly jack 3pters all game long is NOT the formula to keeping your franchise center.
    Dwight is trying to be a professional about this. Someone must’ve told him to shut up about trade talks and play his a$$ off so the GM could get the best value possible for him. Which is the smart move.

    Hedo, Jameer, JRich, and Ryan Anderson are not bad guys, they are all solid player. But Orlando needs a star PG or wing player in order to be a championship team.

  • JBaller

    Kobe’s time in the role of lakers closer could just be coming to an end. He needs to figure out how to help them win without being the hero. All things must end.

  • Big Island

    I am all for people wanting out of Sacto, but Cousins is a bum. Hopefully he can start doing well, but a punk in HS, who was still a punk in college, is probably going to be a chump in the pros.

    Dirk is just pacing himself…

    Kobe is what he is at this point. Cousins is young, he can change. Kobe is on his last legs, dude isn’t going to change. The Lakers won a few rings with Kobe on the team, so it’s easy for Kobe fans to defend him with the “he HAS to do that because everyone else sucks” line, or the “all of his shots are with the shot clock going off” stuff. Kobe haters just hate him. Most announcers see that he can make everything easy for his teammates, but doesn’t always do it. I am a Kobe hater, but his hand/wrist is f’d up. Saw a couple of pictures of it and it looks swollen. I was going to say puffy, but I can’t without a voice in my head saying “Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Bad Boy baby! Eh eh. Eh eh.” so I try to keep it out of my vocabulary.

    control vs Beib – Beibers of the world are what drive the controls of the world crazy. Everyone has bad games, it happens. Kobe’s bad games, the games where he screws his team up, come when he plays a selfish game. He plays games where he creates shots for everyone, spreads the ball around, and because he can do just about anything on the offensive end of the floor, the defense has to focus on him, the rest of the team gets easy baskets and get involved. If he has a bad game playing that way, the Lakers can still win. The other Kobe will just chuck, as Dime said, and the team can’t win those games if Kobe has a bad chucking game. Last night he had a bad chucking game, not just a bad game. Kobe’s 6-24 game against the Celtics was a bad game, but the Lakers won because he wasn’t just chucking. He had a bad game and they won. control sees the difference, Beiber refuses to acknowledge there is a difference. There are a ton of controls and Beibers out there.

  • Reno Hightower

    under 2 minutes left, Blazers down 4, Chris Paul falls out of bounds, yet the ref gives him the timeout..Un- real…what a complete joke…


  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Check that shit bitches: comment section on Nov 25th, I called Rodman would be couching one of the stripper basketball teams. Too perfect a job for him to let it pass by. If they just let him drink and do blow on the bench he will be couching skanks until people realize there are a million more entertaining things to watch naked girls do then suck at basketball.

  • beiber newz

    chicagorilla, the reason drose doesn’t play like kobe is because he can’t take the same shots as kobe. kobe is 6’6″ and he has more fluidity to his game. rose’s game is more herky jerky and he relies on his handles and speed and hops. kobe relies on his up fakes and pivots and ability to shoot over the defense anytime he wants.

  • beiber newz

    franchise and control…..how am i defending kobe’s game yesterday? i was gonna respond civilly to you guys, but i don’t see the need anymore. if i were to be the first to say “idiot” and call you “nuthuggers” everyone would jump at me because my name is beiber. but since other people do it, it is looked at as comedy. i never defended kobe’s game. the only thing i said, is an awful game like this won’t hurt kobe’s psyche. like, he won’t go into the next game thinking “i am a bad basketball player” like it would so many other players. you know what,i won’t explain myself to you guys, i was going to, but it is hard to talk back to people who don’t give you that same respect, especially just because my name is beiber. how about you just reread my comments because i’m done.

  • beiber newz

    and big island, no one here is saying what you saying in regards to defending kobe. you are just “pluging pre thought of lines” and i am not defending kobe. so you guys are very frustrating.

  • beiber newz

    the funny thing is I WAS MAD AT KOBE! you guys just see me as a laker fan and want to throw me in the same boat as blind kobe followers. thats so crazy, it’s tough when people don’t even give your comments a chance and just assume what you WANT to say instead of what you ACTUALLY said. the worst part, is even when you tell them you weren’t doing one thing, THWEY GO OUT THERE WAY TO TWIST YOUR WORDS just to convince you and everyone else that ” no YES YOU DID try to say it this way” type crap. i don’t know where i said kobe had to do what he did yesterday. as i was watching that game i was yelling “give the ball to bynum!!” but noooo, im a crazy psycho kobe nut hugger here because simply i am a laker fan. thats so crazy. i cant win. ever here. which is why i know i get shit bcause of my name. if i had a name like john fox, or something witout so much issues to it, people would have actually seen that i was CRITICIZING KOBE BRYANT not defending him,. sheeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • control

    Woah buddy, take it easy! We aren’t attacking you man, just settle down some, you losing it a little bud. We are trying to help you man, don’t be pushing us away and attacking us! It’ll be alright lil’ buddy!

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Lol, here we go He’s a CUTTER! Suicide watch for BNews.

  • Dana Walker

    Ship dumbass Cousins out to Cleveland or Toronto as punishment. Maybe even Charlotte and let him pull that shit on MJ. Coming out of UK and seeing his bullshit last year, I dont think this guy will still be in the league in 5 years.

    Again, the Lakers need Howard, he commands the ball and will not go ignored as the two dumb towers. Those two are such fucking pussies, they should call for the ball and get in Bryant’s face…Kobe needs to stop this shit and pass those two the ball if they are going to be on the damn team. I would still trade both for Howard.

    I hope Odom is happy. Bitched his way onto an even worse team that doesnt fit his style of play. I love how Cuban tries convincing himself this team is better than last year’s team. He is almost as delusional as Dan Gilbert. Yeah you have two career underachievers, a roster that gets older by the month, and you lost your center. Odom could have helped the Lakers but instead he is going to rot away in Dallas for two years, eventually be traded for younger talent on a shitty team like Minnesota, Washington, or Charlotte, and basically have a very dismal end to his pro career.

  • Big Island

    Beib, I was commenting on why there is a divide on Kobe. I used you and control as examples because you guys have been going back and forth. You said Kobe had a bad game, he did. control said he had a bad game, he did. It’s the TYPE of bad game he had. control said he went to the real Kobe: selfish jacker. You praise him for not letting that game have an effect on him moving forward. The thing is, it’s not the bad game that is the issue, it’s HOW KOBE PLAYED. You shrug it off as a bad game and he’ll bounce back. control says it’s the style he played and blasts Kobe for it. Funny thing is, you were saying Kobe was ugly as hell last night and control calls you a nuthugger. A couple of days ago, control had the highest praise for Kobe that anyone could and you call him a hater. You guys couldn’t find a way to share two $10 bills. You would want two 5’s, he would want a 5 and five 1’s, and then you would fight about who has a better ten dollars.

    This is why I defined groups of guys as Beibers and as controls: Simply as a reference to point out how the two will never agree even if the point is pretty much the same. You could tell control he was a great guy and he would call you a little kid fag. He could tell you how he actually likes you and you would tell him quit attacking and nut hugging. control/Beiber = cats/dogs = oil/water = me/awesome.

  • beiber newz

    but i am not in the same boat as the “beiber” you are describing, if kobe has a bad game i call him for it..

    obviously control and them just realized i dint defend kobe and instead of admitting to their mistake they ignore it and make a suicide joke. lol

    it’s funny how when some people realize they made a mistake you could tell they realize it because they don’t address that point, instead they make an uncalled for joke.

    hey control, if you made a mistake, it would be mature of you to acknowledge it, instead of continuing to make jokes.

    guys on dime, you guys all know if i was the one responding how control is acting today i would have 20 comments about how im immature. why is it okay for him?

  • beiber newz

    and at big island, when did i call control a hater after he praised kobe? i dont remember that, but it wouldnt logically make too much sense anyhow. what exactly did i say in response to his “praise”

  • beiber newz

    and a true hater remember everytime they give any little praise. like a bully remember the exact day and time he shares his candy because he almost never does it. so it’s not a surprise that control would bring up “BUT I DID praise kobe etc etc” because he has more fun making fun of kobe.

  • beiber newz

    ***if dallas keeps losing MAYBE that first round pick the lakers got for odom wouldn’t be so bad.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Obviously kobe shouldnt be shooting that much if hes not feeling it but we got 2 top of the line big men that should be eating up offensive rebounds morning noon and night. So no matter whos jacking we should be dominating the boards. And every coach knows and even if you play 2K, rebounds and turnovers are a key stat.
    That being said, kobe still needs to figure out how to get them assist in every night. Maybe dont shoot, unless its a drive to the basket, until he gets 4 assists. Or dont even look to score until the 2nd half which hes done in previous seasons.
    Lakers are still turning the ball over way too much. Im not sure if its the defense we’re facing or maybe they’re having to much fun in practice but either way they got to tone it down a bit and show some self control.

  • Franchise

    @biebs dude in one of your posts u said Kobe is allowed such games coz he’s Kobe. If that isn’t defending him i don’t know what is. Man up and stick to your guns.

    control is almost always given a pass on here coz while his posts are profanity laced and he’s always cussin out Rondo or you, he still manages to get a pretty solid basketball point across. and it’s usually funny. you son were hella annoying while also trying to convince us of questionable hoops-analysis. thats the bieber we all think about when ur comments come up (ok at least as far as im concerned). thtz why u get bashed so bad. like i posted before u brought shit on yourself and it won’t go away that easy. but you are changing, i’ll give u that. after that hair-dryer experience u got a few smacks ago its been a much improved bieber..

    so dont kill urself lol

  • Franchise

    And i wouldnt count on that 2012 pick amounting to too much. Dallas still has Dirk, Kidd and Terry. at some point they’ll remember that they’re the defending champs, figure out how to integrate Odom and Carter and win a bunch. That pick will be early 2nd Round at best. Still shaking my head at that trade happening.

  • Three Stacks

    Been watching Kobe all his career, but he just doesn’t have it in him to be “unselfish Kobe” all the time. Sure, there are times when he plays a flawless facilitating role, but that is completely against his own nature. The only reason we even got a sniff of him playing unselfishly at any point in his career is because of Phil Jackson, and only Phil Jackson. Now that Phil is gone, there is no one that can reign in him. I find it funny to watch Laker timeouts, with Kobe talking to his team, while Mike Brown nods helplessly and does nothing else. I’m not surprised by it though, because this is exactly what I knew would happen.

    On a semi-related issue, I was recently watching the Lakers-Pacers 2000 Finals on youtube, and I remembered that the Lakers won that first championship IN SPITE of Kobe, not BECAUSE of Kobe. Sure, Kobe hit some big shots, but they were mostly BAD shots. Phil didn’t care about whether the ball went in the basket, he would always tell Kobe, “Run the offense” after an amazing shot if he went rogue. No one is around to do that now.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    You ask why we still love Kobe after all the ups and downs? I think its cause he always prevails or dies trying. And win or lose that usually equals entertaining basketbal for the world to watch. And of coarse the haters make us love him even more as they proclaim KOBE SUCKS but lakers won 2 out of the last 3 championships so if kobe sucks then how shitty is your team leader?
    Los Angeles has watched kobe grow from when we was 18 and dating brandy, to his rape charges and losing his adidas contract, back to back to back titles, scoring titles, playoff defeats, MVP seasons, 81 points, nike commercials, broken everythings, back to back titles, playoff meltdowns, marriage meltdowns, and so much more.
    After such a long journey how can any city with a superstar like kobe not have his back till the end…

  • Big Island

    I have a buddy, good dude, but has some issues. So he was in love with this girl, but she wasn’t into him, and they had known each other for awhile. She had a man, they all knew one another and it was all cool. So her and her man split up, and my buddy decides he’s going to ask her out. Long story short, it creeped her out and she just wouldn’t talk to him anymore. So he is down and wants to know why. Everyone else can see it, he just can’t. So I tell him to explain it to me. He starts with “it was all cool when we took our trip together” STOP. Right there. He was thinking that everything they did was “their” thing. It wasn’t. He never understood that “their trip” wasn’t ever “their trip”. She was going to (location redacted) with some friends, she had an extra room, and offered him and his friends the extra room if they wanted to go. He went alone and was all hurt over how she “went on their trip” and only hung out with her friends. It was never what he thought it was, but he could never accept that it was anything else. No matter how you tried to explain it to him, he always thought it was “their trip” and he felt slighted. Everyone else saw that she had gotten a couple of rooms, took her friends, and offered a free room to him and his friends if they wanted. He saw it as an invite for them to have time away and got pissed that she took her friends. It was useless to try to explain.

    The point is Beib, until you accept that some people hate Kobe only when he plays a certain way, it is useless to even talk about. Kobe is a great player. He can be a playmaker (Kobe A) that gets everyone on his team involved, or he can be a guy (Kobe B) who pouts, gets selfish and jacks, and can singlehandedly lose a game for his team if he has a bad game playing that way. Kobe A and Kobe B. I am a Kobe hater, both A and B. Other people hate Kobe B, and really hate on him when he has a bad game that costs his team a chance at winning. Those guys also love Kobe A, even if he has a bad game, because the team can still win if he has a bad game. To his credit, Kobe is probably the only guy in the league who is talented enough to do that. He has 2 completely different personalities, and both personalities can have bad games. The Kobe B personality having a bad game results in a loss. The Kobe A personality with a bad game can still win. Kobe A good game equals a win. Kobe B good game and the team can still lose. He’s like the uncle who is awesome, but when he drinks, nothing he does is good. You can hate him when he drinks but love him otherwise.

    You can ask a hundred questions for specific details on exact moments you or other people say things. You can say whatever you want about whoever you want being whatever you want them to be. Until you can grasp the concept that Kobe plays two mutually exclusive types of basketball, and people can like one and not the other without hating the whole, it’s an absolute waste of fucking time.

    As a matter of fact, I am just disappointed in myself for even getting involved. I know better.

  • Three Stacks

    The entire issue regarding the polarity of Kobe is not really about Kobe, just like the polarity of Lebron isn’t really about Lebron. We want and expect athletes to perform above and beyond their fullest potential, at all times, and condemn them when they fail to meet those ridiculous standards. The reason I dislike Lebron is because he doesn’t seem to relish challenging his own immense talent to try and become the best ever. My problem with Kobe is that his drive to become the best ever is so great that he actually hinders himself from success by trying to do too much. They may sound like completely different issues, but at the core it is the same thing: these athletes, who are given the talent that that the rest of us only dream about, aren’t using it properly. And that frustrates us. But most of us don’t recognize that and simply localize our hate to concrete things like alleged rape charges, selfish play, not succeeding in the clutch, etc.

    The loyalty of Laker fans regarding Kobe Bryant is a bit misunderstood. The majority of Laker fans, even in Los Angeles, are casual bandwagoners who simply attend Laker games because it’s the hip thing to do. They latch onto Kobe because he is a famous, known entity, not because they can appreciate what Kobe has done for the team. If the Lakers were to consider trading Kobe, people would be upset for a few days until the next major LA story took over the headlines. LA fans are easily distracted, and as long as they end up fielding a winning team with superstars, nobody in LA would blink an eye after awhile.

  • beiber newz

    @ franchis kobe is allowed that because he is a franchise player, just like durant is allowed to have one of those games. just like lebron is. just like rose is. what i meant by that is that kobe wont get benched the next game. he wont get traded for it. he is allowed a shooting night like that because it is gonna be a story when he DOES shoot like that because that is NOT a kobe performance. i didnt mean kobe can shoot like that EVERY game. that would be insane. c’mon man, gimme a break.

    and franchise stop defending him. you keep giving him leeway to talk like that by callin it funny, who knows how much he’ll get worse in a year’s time. you guys dont know how to keep anyone in check unless they have an annoying name.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate Beiber:

    10. Grown man naming himself after a pop star
    9. His constant douchebaggery
    8. Pats himself on the back whenever he can.
    7. Goes over board on defending topics
    6. Tries to insult you intelligence with his own ignorance
    5. Writes paragraphs of comments when we already know what hes trying to say.
    4. Makes good points that people refuse to agree on.
    3. Disagrees on anything you comment
    2. Cause control is favored over beibs
    1. Lied about his comments on Melo for MVP

    If you have any additions to this list please post below

  • beiber newz

    and i dont even know how this suicide joke spawned. i mean, if you gonna make jokes have them make some logical sense. im gonna commit suicide because i’m making a case on my point. damn, the people on this site hate to debate logically, instead they throw in jokes, until i do it, im annoying. what ever happen to the mature debates/discussions. damn. this site is turning into, who can be the funniest insulter while twisting basketball into it. pathetic.

  • beiber newz

    panchitooo, wow, you look so ignorant for that one. i don’t know how i am still getting attacked on this site. randomness. random attacking lol, sometimes i just have to laugh. you guys are trying your best to have make a “hated man” here for absolutely no reason. even when i don’t do anything. i can’t win. lol i just cant. just look at what panchitoo is doing. even after i am claiming i basically come in peace, he is starting a ruckus over why people should hate me. thats so weird to me. why cant people just coexist in peace. why do we need to make a hated person here. why? ask yourself that. and then ask yourself if what you doing is actually necessary. i dont go out my way to start nothing. i cant win.

  • beiber newz

    it almsot feels like you are baiting me into becoming that bad guy. you are wanting me to come back and respond negatively to that. you want me to start talking unessary shit back to you so that i can appear as that bad, annoying person. but that is not me. that is not me in real life or here. but when i have to defend my points you look for that to be reasons to hate me, man, i dont want to get into this with you or anyone.

    control can vouche for me on this, he admitted that he started messing with me soley on my name alone. i dont ge tit. but panchittoo i wont get into a bad guy good guy match with you, it is pointless, i only come here to talk basketball. damn, give it a rest. you and everyone else who expect me to be the bad guy. i wont do it.

    i will continue to be beiber newz even tho it comes with a price.

  • K Dizzle

    @ panchitooo & 3 Stacks – good posts. I read smack after some games n it’s like dudes actually expect Laker fans to be like “Man, phuck that dude for jackin up 30 shots and costing the squad a meaningless game six games in. I’m switchin to a Charlotte fan.” Give it a rest.
    Kobe’s jackin meant nothin. The loss meant nuthin. I told y’all before the season started. Kobe has EARNED the leeway to sabotage the squad 8-10 times a season to go into gunner mode. I’m not happy about it, but it’s the gift and the curse of being Kobe. Dude is just confidently cocky. Don’t tell me y’all watchin the game thinkin he’s gonna be missin the next pullup. Kobe’s at that level now where I’m shocked when he misses the wide open j. I mean, shyt, if there’s another 2guard at the age of 32+ puttin up 24, 6 and 6 not named Mike, please educate me.
    Who cares that the Lakers lost a back to back game after a 3 game winning streak? Shit, it’s “only” their 6th game in 8 days.
    PLEASE RAISE YO HAND IF YOUR SQUAD HAS PLAYED 6 GAMES ALREADY and the last one was in the high altitude of Colorado…
    Fall back, bitches. REAL Laker fans don’t be sweatin a loss six games in. Especially a night after Kobe was 1 assist from a triple double. Maybe you missed the memo but Denver’s deep and this schedule on crack is at their advantage. Shoot, we barely beat them 2 games ago.

    Some of you might wanna take the advice I gave Beibs n just don’t post everyday cuz it just looks foolish.
    1) Lakers beat the Knicks – “Kobe’s amazing. If he plays like this, the Lakers won’t be touched”
    2) Lakers squeak by the Nuggets – “Kobe came thru with the huge floor game even with the off shooting”
    3) Lakers lose to the Nuggets – “Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, Kobe shit! i don’t know how anybody can be a Laker fan with that selfish phuck wearin purple n gold”

    Lol Seriously?
    Fall back! Shit on ur team’s “franchise player” who ain’t gotten to 7 Finals and copped 5 rings just 2 short seasons ago…

  • Three Stacks

    @ Beiber

    I don’t dislike you because of your name, I dislike you because you are an idiot.

  • K Dizzle

    @ panchitoo

    the good posts I was referring to was for post 52, not the post 56. I don’t get into that personal shyt with people I don’t even know…

  • beiber newz

    thanks for the clarity on why you dislike me. but being an idiot is a very vague explanation.

  • beiber newz

    kdizzle, smart: “I don’t get into that personal shyt with people I don’t even know…”

    u are just a bucket of good advice man.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    @ K Dizzle

    None of us are strangers on Dime, unless youre super fake on your posts. id like to believe that what i read here from anyone is truly how they feel. Which means that in someways i do know everyone here, not on a face to face standpoint, but more of a mind to mind kinda way. We like a big blog family up in here…2012 is gonna be great!

    @ beibs
    It was the top 10 reasons why people hate beibs. Really nothing to do with me, it was more of an observation. I personally enjoy clashing opinions with you. Keep up the good work

  • beiber newz

    panchitoo, whatever man, you seem very eager to start beef/war with me. which doesn’t make too much sense. can i catch break, is that alright with you? can i just state my opinions with being reminded of why people hate me off something or stuff that happened a week ago even when this smack had nothing to do with any of it? like if i start a convo on why steve nash shou;d get traded, someone would be like, ‘shutup beib, youre so annoying, i hate you because you said melo was mvp” . it’s like people here will ignore the message in my comment just so they could spin it their way and then on top of it, bring up old stuff that happened to justify why i am being attacked. why can’t shit just be cool and wavy? why must 2012 start off like this? because you thought i was defending kobe? even after i explain that i didn’t, i get put on suicide watch? c’mon think about how unfair that is……

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Nah buddy im not trying to start a war i was just giving you an oppurtunity to get things off your chest by being “that guy”. Now dont you feel better after your last post? Im sure everyone feels where your coming from now, right? Youre not a bad guy huh beibs?

    You’re welcome,

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    But you gotta admit, if not aimed at you, that suicide comment is some funny shit

  • beiber newz

    ^you right, initially i did put an lol after first reading it….but still, it came from left field is all i was saying.

  • beiber newz

    i’m watching the suns/warriors game, and the announcer said, warrick is not the type of player you throw out there and know what you gonna get, but the guy can flat out score the basketball.

    that reminded me of the lonnnnnnnnnnnng ass discussion i had with someone on this site that said warrick shouldn’t be considered a scorer because he rides the bench most nights.

  • cesar

    gotta love the worm

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    Am I the only one who sorta misses Herman Cain? I mean dude was a POS, a joke of a man, and wasn’t a serious candidate for President, but thats what made him so great. It was like Dave Chappelle and Aaron McGruder (boondocks creator) built Herman Cain in a dungeon somewhere then set him loose on the world. This n!gga was like R Kelly, Uncle Rukus, Clayton Bigsby, and Black George Bush all rolled into one.

    When I think about it, 2011 was a pretty entertaining year…

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Go back to Panchitoo’s top 10 reasons. Look at what he has written for #8

    read post #70 again

    THAT my friend, is exactly why I ignore your post. You spend too much time patting yourself on the back.

  • beiber newz

    how did i pat myself on the back at all for saying that? explain how that is “patting myself” please and be precise.

  • beiber newz

    also i like how you pick nd choose what to pintpoint to try and make me look bad. especially for something so insignificant as me saying someone called a player a scorer. but when people make suicide jokes it’s all good. and i love how you ignore when i say good things, and make it seem like my last post was to start trouble, instead, you are taking offense to an announcer reminding me of something. amazing. were YOU that person i was talking to about hakim warrick. i bet u were, or you wouldnt hav mad any hubbub about it.

  • beiber newz

    also, in regards to u assuming i was pattin myself on the back, not once did i make the declaration that the announcer’s comments made me “right”.

    patting yourself on the back is an acknowledgment of accomplishing something, i did not, all i did was mention how someone had the same opinion of mine, but it was more so long the lines of me “reminiscing” on something that happened a while ago. that was my main thing. not once did i say “SEEEE i was right!” .

    i was just pointing out that it REMINDED me of something that happened a long time ago. so STOP TRYNA make it seem like i was trying to get at the person whom had the warrick discussion with me. stop trying to make me look like im doing bad. ALL OF YOU stop doing that. it’s getting old.

    if i were to say, it’s cold outside, one of u would say, “beib, stop making fun of cold cities, why do u hate chicago, cuz it’s the windy city!” or some bs like that. you guys always want to twist my words, and even after i tell u i wasnt tryna start nothing by it , u’ll try to convince me and the world that i did. damn, can i not reminisce on something? how wold i have brought up that discussion in a “nice kind of way” so that it didn’t seem like i was “patting myself on the back” which i wasn’t?

    please, honesty tell me. like how would i have commented on the announcer’s mention of warrick reminding me of the day i was going back and forth with someone on warricks game witout it looking like i was patting my back. seriously, and be civil i beg of you.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    This is the reason i dont respond to you anymore. But to answer part of your question, it wasn’t me that you were debating with about Warrick. I actually agree that he is a good scorer. I just never chimed it because it was a stupid convo to me to debate about wheater a guy would score in a no defense charity game.

    That’s it. I’ll go back to iggn you

  • beiber newz

    and also, if i were “patting myself on the back” you’d think i’d save that point of mine in comment 70 for a day where warrick SCORED MORE THAN 8 POINTS, like he did this day. jeez, chicagorilla, i will tell you now, i WAS NOT patting myself, you can either take it or not believe me and have the world of dime think im a douche. but hey, it doesn’t change who i am in REAL Life, just here, and i can be fine with that. if you DO BELIEVE i wasnt patting myself on the back, then i would appreciate if you let me know u understand what i meant by my comment, and then you wouldnt have to tell me how to have said what i said in post 70 in a way which wouldnt appear like i was doing so (patting myself). but hey man, i don’t know why u would believe me, no one here ever seems to anyway

  • Three Stacks

    @ Beiber

    Have you ever taken the time to READ any of the stuff you spew out?

    Just go back and read what you write. If you still don’t understand the antagonism after that, then you never will. Because I don’t think it’s so much your “opinion” people find disagreeable, as much as it is YOU the person they find disagreeable. Much like rancid meat disagrees with most people’s stomachs.

  • beiber newz

    you’ll go back to ignoring me SIMPLY BECAUSE you realized i wasnt patting myself on the back, damn, it’d be nice to at least acknowledge that you made a mistake, a harmless one, because i can see how it would look like i was, but it is wrong to accuse someone of something chica and then when that person explains to you that it wasn’t how it looked, it is rude to just leave it at that, it wul be nice to at least say my bad, saying u’ll ignore me is just wrong. i explained to u i wasnt boasting, and u accused me of such, but u just dont say anything to correct your (fair) accusation. damn man, this is what i go thru here.

  • beiber newz

    3stax, leave me alone. im done with people like u…….u come here to convince me that i shud accept being hated. leave me alone and talk about basketball, not people, take k dizzle’s advice.

  • beiber newz

    people here are so eager to say “seeeee or noooooooo you DID etc etc etc…” that i feel you did realize, chicagorilla, that my post wasnt patting yself on the back….you DONT have to admit it in writing, it is here for history and who ever reads the comments section with unbias-ness and clear mind would see, 1…my #70 post….2….your reaction to my post….3….my rebuttal/explanation of my post…..4….you IGNORING MY EXPLANATION BY NOT ADDRESSING IT….and 5….me stating my case here that i wasn’t doing what you accused me of and come to the conclusion that i am very much so unfairly accused/judged . i just hope there are enough people out there with that thinking. because i see now, by this PURE EXAMPLE that i am accused of everything under the sun and get no fair trial.

  • Three Stacks

    @ Beiber

    Discussing basketball is a matter of opinion and will always result in dissenting points of view. It will never end. On the other hand, curing you of your dorkiness, annoyance, and immaturity is something I believe to be distinctly possible, and I’ve taken it upon myself to relieve you of these nasty afflictions. All you need to do is listen.

    These last few posts of yours prove my point. You are getting all upset someone didn’t reply to you right away and shoot out 3 posts saying its rude, when in all likeliness, the guy just hasn’t gotten around to coming back here yet. Not everyone refreshes this site every 20 seconds. Do you realize how needy/annoying/unemployed you come off when you do things like that? I don’t care if you are right about everything regarding everything, things like this still make you seem like a loser, and therefore make people like me want to pick on you.

    If you have all that time, prepare a link to a PowerPoint presentation making your points, don’t write a series of “stream of consciousness” posts that no one wants to read. I promise, people will start taking you more seriously.

  • Big Island

    I love Panchitoooo’s post #65. If I had a dollar for every time I thought “That’s some Chicagorilla shit right there” I would have no money. BUT, this time next year, I should have at least $3 or $4 because you have put it in my head.

    Beiber – Have you ever been in a relationship, I won’t go for the easy joke, where it doesn’t work out, but it isn’t for one thing they did, but rather drops in the bucket that fill the whole thing? Then when you break up she wants to know what it was? There isn’t one particular thing, but rather a whole bunch of little things that added up? That’s sort of what the people who are getting on you feel. If wasn’t the Melo thing. It isn’t the Kobe or Lakers thing. It might be your name, but that’s shallow. It’s a general attitude. It’s an I’m right, you’re wrong, and here is why, go back and look, I never said that, why do you pick on me, read what I said, I seem to recall saying this and not agreeing with me and I can bring it up now attitude. Like a Skip Bayless. Even if I agree with Skip Bayless, I won’t admit it because of how he acts. I don’t think you’re a douche like some guys. You aren’t a punk. You stick around and take the heat, unlike Sporty J. But you do come across as a sort of entitled/smug guy. You seem genuinely concerned about people looking at you as an ass, which shows you don’t have any malicious intent. Someone like BRUCE, who knows he is being the racist dick, doesn’t care what people think of him. Keep your chin up, keep posting, deal with the heat, and maybe don’t try to win every argument or call out everyone else’s mistakes.

  • beiber newz

    three staxks , if you are ready to hear me out…

    i wasnt upset that he ignored my main point of me not patting myself on the back.

  • beiber newz

    the funny thing is, it’d be muc easier just to embrace the image you guys are trying to force on me. hell, it would be funny to curse a lot, and insult people and brag anytime my knicks or lakers win, and make fun of anyone’s teams when they lose. i have a bunch of stars on people’s teams here that i could make fun of, but i don’t. i could easily make fun of you guys favorite players and get looked at as a hater but i avoid doing so. it would be easier to just lash out and be that dick head making fun of people’s comments instead of having to PROVE that i dont want to do that. you guys keep trying to tell me that that IS me. so man, maybe i will be that guy. but i cant bring myself to do that. the crazy part is, i seriously believe if i were to do that, you WOULD notice a considerable difference between the beiber newz you guys THINK you see now and the one that i would become if i were to embrace all the labels i get here. but i just cant bring myself to be that person, it takes away from talking basketball, and i dont want to be called a hater. can anyone of you guys name a player or a team i hate or make fun of? im a laker fan, and not once have you guys even seen me make fun of the celtics. bcuz im not that type. but you guys seem to be okay wit people who come here and their first comments are hate-oriented. man….that’s not annoying? but i am….

  • beiber newz

    big island , that is some golden advice for sure….

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I just peeped what you wrote. You are str8 tripping. When the Lakers won their Championship back in 2009 I gave Kobe his praise all that year. That year he had seemed to turn a new leaf. He utlilized his teammates like i had never seen him do before. I never committed to being on his bandwagon though because I know Kobe all to well. I had a feeling he’d go back to MyPlayer mode. And the next year in 2010 (although they still won the Chip) he did exactly that.

    Just because Kobe is the man on your team doesn’t mean that n!gga should get a pass. Bottom line. I think i posted this the other day but apparently i need to say it again.

    –People across the entire country question and critique the President of the United States (beit Obama, the Bush’s, or Clinton) every single day. They give them props when they do it right, and pop shyt about them when they do it wrong. Yet you Lakers fans are saying Kobe gets a pass? Kobe? yet you attack the goverment/president daily for their f^ck ups. But a sports figure, KOBE BRYANT, gets a free pass to f^ck up.

    That’s p^$$y nuthugger shyt to me fam. If you aren’t going to hold an athlete accountable for their actions then what kinda fan are you?

    I joke a lot about how Michael Jordan gets a free pass to do dumb shyt. But that’s just not true. People were just attacking MJ about the lack of supply/price of his Shoes being the reason for all the violence. I don’t agree with it, but at least people aren’t letting dude slide. Keep it one-hunit homey!

  • beiber newz

    even though i don’t think i am smug or feel like i give off an entitled attitude, one thing i learned is that you CAN’T control what people think, you can only control what you do. and i guess if me proving myself is futile, i just have to keep things moving…

  • beiber newz

    chicagorilla, do you know how BADLY i wanted to make fun of rose for shooting 4-17 in a loss to the warriors just because he beat my lakers on opening night? do you kno how good it would hav felt to talk bad about him after he hit the game winning shot against my lakers and then (no offense) laid an egg against the golden state? that’s not my character, but why do you feel enamored by commenters here who do so any chance they get? y do they get a pass? why do they not get the beiber newz treatment?

  • beiber newz

    don’t answer that actually, i just want to move on….i keep going back to this nonsense. sorry for continuing this bs. dont comment on my last comment. it’s pointless. i will just live with what i get here. seriously, i mean it…u dont hav to address my last comment, i just want to alleviate myself from this.

  • Three Stacks

    @ Dearest Beiber

    You are not getting the big picture. This can be a turning point in your life. You need to LET GO of the unimportant things and learn to move on to the new. This small change can affect so much in your life. It can be the difference between being attractive to females or not, between getting a job or not, or even coming off as likable or not.

    Patting yourself on the back doesn’t always mean saying “See! I was right!” Any kind of conversation you have with yourself, like you seem to do daily on this forum, can be misinterpreted as “patting yourself on the back.”

    When you write a post saying (I’m paraphrasing): “in post 70 i said this, in 72 you said that, in 75 was a rebuttal, in 77 i totally kiLLed waht YOU SAIOD!!”…no one, and I MEAN NO ONE is taking the time to check up on all that. Cause really, no one cares, and no one should care.

    You just seem to care too much, and that makes you come off as an unlikable, petulant scab. I keep thinking, what’s wrong with this guy? Does he really care that much? Does he think I care that much? Doesn’t he have other things to do? Why does he keep putting up consecutive posts? Why all the masturbatory conversation with himself? WHY IS HE SO WEIRD??

    Like I said in the beginning, this has nothing to do with your opinions, this is rooted much deeper than that. This is YOU as a person we’re talking about. You need some fundamental changes in your approach to life, otherwise what happened here will undoubtedly happen again and again, not only on the Internet but in your real life also.

    You can do it, man. I know you can. Keep your head up. We will always be here for advice.

  • beiber newz

    hey, as long as it’s free advice, why not take it…
    i’m already on a budget with my financial advisor

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Man breathe easy. It’s not that big of a deal. You are looking waaaay too much into this shyt.

    It’s like Sports talk at the barber shop (assuming you’ve been). People talk shyt and get all heated but you let it go when you leave out the shop. Only to come back a week later and start all over again. Everyone debates, Not taking it personal or getting emotional about it is what separates Men from the rest of the world (Women, girls, boys).

  • Big Island

    I gotta thank Chicagorilla (I think) who said that Uverse had the league pass for free until the 8th. I am flipping back and forth from the rose bowl and the games. I might cry on the 9th. Between that and the NFL RedZone, I would never leave my house. I’m just glad I didn’t have to work today. Computer, tv, games, got my dog out for a bit, hit the gym (it was packed), Beiber therapy sessions… If I can somehow roll this into getting laid tonight, it might be my favorite day of the year!

  • beiber newz

    demarcus cousins for greg monroe should happen….the pistons wanted cousins way more than monroe and greg m. was looked at as a consolation prize. monroe on the kings would be great, as sacremento would add a passing big man, who would help solve some of the ball sharing problems. could you imagine a new vlade divac in sac town? a passing big man to feed fridette when he cuts open or tyreke when he slashes to the rim. on the other other end, the pistons get their guy. i’m not sure how much that’d help the chemistry there, but honestly, where would someone of cousins attitude thrive anyway? all i know is that the pistons wanted demarcus more than greg.

  • beiber newz

    @chicagorilla..i’m good man. really.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is

    I think it was TWU is the one who posted about the NBA pass being free. And we all should thank him lol.

    I been stuck on this couch flipping back n forth between the Rose Bowl, TWolves vs Spurs, Hawks vs Heat, and Baylor vs A&M. All good games.

    side note: Nike straight shytted on everyone with those new Oregon uniforms. They got the game on smash over there. Too bad they can’t do more with the basketball uniforms.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    and I for the Thunder vs Mavs game set to record on DVR

  • Big Island

    Chi – Whoever it is, I love that guy. There is NBA stuff everywhere.

    Yeah, that Oregon stuff was hot. I saw pictures, but the helmets looked black, then they popped out and it was all chrome looking. Damn…

    So my buddy had some extra tickets to the Rose Bowl, but I passed on it. I really hate crowds. Basically his brother got some tickets and they had 3 left. He wanted $150 each, face value, and it was all good. Another buddy of mine was on the field because he is boys with an Oregon player, old family friend or something. Anyway, my gf’s close friend has a son who is a HUGE Oregon fan. He’s always in some Oregon shirt or hat or whatever. It never dawned on me that she might want to go. So I text her to tell her son that the Oregon uni was tight, and then said I should’ve gotten her tickets. She was flipping out, giving me the whole “how could you, you know he loves them, why didn’t you ask me if I wanted them…” deal. Well my buddy’s brother is an attorney, and he does some work for her (also an attorney), and I said she should’ve asked him herself. How is he supposed to know my son likes Oregon? Maybe if you opened up your icy lady exterior a little bit, he would’ve given them to you. It took me 15 lines to realize there is no point to my story other than “bitches be lazy”.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    LMFAO@BIg Is “Bitches be Lazy”

    that should be the name of a tv show.

    Anyway, Ive been watching this Magic vs Pistons game. I have no idea how Dwight Howard doesn’t lose it on the entire league. The treatment he gets from the refs is unbelievable. Seriously. I just watched Jonas Jerebko flop on Dwight and get an offensive foul call when Dwight barely even graze him as he turned to face the basket. Then the next time down, Dwight gets another lob over the top and Jason Maxiell absolutley fouls the living shyt outta him and the Refs say nothing, call it a clean block.

    When I played ball, I liked to post up smaller players. I never called my own fouls. If you fouled me, you had to show me the respect of giving me the foul call. If you didn’t it just gave me more motivation to punish you next time down court. So im used to getting fouled A LOT!
    But this shyt Dwight deals with is amazing. He gets touch fouls called ON HIM, but people are allowed to foul the f^ck outta him time after time. And he’s a superstar player?!?!?! Honestly I don’t have that kinda patience. After all those bad calls, someone’s getting hit. Either I turn and hit the dude fouling me. Or I throw the ball at the ref who just called a touch foul on me.

    I applaud Dwights patience.

  • Big Island

    LOL!! I was the same way, except I felt bad posting smaller dudes. Plus they are down on your knees when you jump.

    I did go after a ref once though. I wasn’t really going to hit him or anything, but he called a foul on me and I wasn’t even near the play. We were playing a team of a bunch of dudes we knew, rec league stuff. The other ref came up and said it was on another guy, and the first ref said “no, it’s him”. I was pissed, my team quit, down 15 and we were just throwing lobs and crap, like 2 minutes left. I was bitter. So I grabbed the ball from him. He says “Don’t do it BI”, and I kicked the shit out of the ball. It bounced around the gym 19 times, off of every wall, ceiling, floor, scorers table, and right back into his hand. He didn’t move an inch and it went right back to him. I lost it. I flipped out. He took off running, everyone on the court just looked at me like “I ain’t stopping him”, and he ran into the office at the gym and locked the door. I blocked the door with the soda machine, which to this day I do not know how I moved it. I apologized to him, got suspended from a rec league for a game. UCLA had a team in that league. A couple of volleyball guys, Cameron Dollar and Baron Davis before he actually played a game at UCLA. So yeah, don’t go after refs.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Damn – that story on post 102 was vintage BI. Makes me want to get in a pick up game on his team

    I’ve been too busy with league pass to even log on. I’m gonna miss the hell out of it unless I can work out “payments” with AT&T and sneak that on my bill….like the way hotels cover up your porn movies.

    I wonder if DIME can roll out a SMACK JR. strictly for beiber, that way he can just post and respond to himself and leave everyone else out of it

  • control

    I missed a fun day, haha. I see some fool talking in 3rd person up there, wtf? Guy apparently think he’s LeBron…

    I used to hate refs. I had the same issues Dwight does, when I played in the post (normally played SG) because I was so much bigger and stronger than other people, I’d rack up fouls quickly. On defense, I would have averaged like 8 blocks a game (instead of 5) but didn’t get any respect at all.

    Worse incident I had with a ref was a league game where the ref’s son was on the other team…I racked up 2 fouls on 2 clean blocks, so just said fuck it. Next time that ref’s son came down the lane, I went for the block and just hammer fisted the ball back into the kid’s face. Damn near knocked him clean unconscious, but was a clean block (still got foul for it). I told the ref straight out that if he called another bitch foul on me I’d go punch his 5 year old son watching the game. Got kicked out of that game…

    I also had a game where a guy on the other team was coming down with the rebound, so I grabbed the rebound as well, so we were like forming a figure 8 with the ball in the center. I pushed the ball into the guy’s stomach, then lifted him over my head and threw the guy and ball out of bounds. Technically, shouldn’t be a foul, because I touched only the ball AND really should have been out of bounds (or up and down) on the other guy because technically he landed out of bounds while still in possession of the ball. Bitch ass refs don’t care about “technically” though, so I got tossed.

    Sad as it is…the refs I’ve ran into playing semi-pro leagues and elite tournaments were much better than nba refs.

  • control


    Read the caption there, haha. Interesting comparison there.