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NBA Rumor: Nets Interested in DeMarcus Cousins

Got a player you’re thinking of unloading? Any player. It doesn’t matter, because the Nets will probably take him. New Jersey is in dire straights right now and they need bodies; preferably ones who can play, but that’s would just be an added bonus at this point (Already down Brook Lopez, they’re rolling out a squad tonight against the Celtics that will also be without Deron Wiliams and Kris Humphries).

So it’s no wonder that the team has reportedly jumped all over the Kings after sophomore big man DeMarcus Cousins allegedly demanded a trade over the weekend.

From today’s NY Daily News:

The Nets are getting Kris Humphries back sooner than expected, but that’s not stopping them from pursuing a risky personality for a frontcourt upgrade.

According to a league source, the Nets are looking to trade for Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, who earlier this week had a falling-out with Sacramento coach Paul Westphal.

It’s unclear if the Kings are ready to deal Cousins — the No. 4 pick in 2010 out of Kentucky — but the team released a statement Sunday condemning the 21-year-old for his lack of commitment to the club while stating he demanded a trade.

Cousins, who was excused from Sunday’s game in New Orleans and dressed Tuesday night against the Grizzlies, denied that he demanded a trade, and the Kings said they won’t deal him. Still, the animosity between the struggling team and its top big man — which dates back to last season when Cousins was kicked out of practice — leaves the impression that a separation is inevitable. Cousins was averaging 13 points and 11.3 rebounds in four games entering Tuesday night.

DMC clearly has his issues – this is not up for debate. But the guy can play. If he really is available, he’s a tantalizing option not just for the Nets, but many other teams in the League. 6-10 and super-skilled at just 21 years old? On paper, he’s future franchise player. But any team taking on Cousins obviously has to be prepared to deal with all the other stuff that goes along with him – it’s alarming that a team that only has young players like the Kings already seems to be at the breaking point with him.

And then beyond that, what do the Nets have to offer Sacramento? They would most likely have to part with Lopez and/or some of the draft picks they had earmarked for the Dwight Howard trade.

Quotes via NYDailyNews.com

Should the Nets move to deal for Cousins? Even at the risk of potentially losing out on Dwight Howard down the road?

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  • TJ 2

    i thinks its hilarious how NBA guys who are head cases always are head cases! its like they have no comprehension that they have a problem. like EVERYBODY knew DMC had issues coming out of KY, and you would think he would try hard not to be an issue because of that! NOPE, it seems like hes ok with it!

  • Susej

    Should the Nets move to deal for Cousins? YES!

    Offer up Shelden Williams and their 2013 or 2014 First round draft pick.

  • Me

    move him, and use hm to get howard. he’d have to be more attractive to orlando than anyone they have now.

    just don’t give up too many first rounders (if you still have any)

  • D-NICE

    trade him to the Raps and see if he ever wants to get traded again lol

  • heckler

    Brooklyn/New Jersey Nets might as well try for Cousins.
    Dwight Howard aint going to the Nets. Deron Williams aint staying with the Nets. Carmelo was never gonna sign there long term.

    They might as well go after Demarcus since he’s still under his rookie contract. If he acts up in Newark or Flatbush, just let his rookie contract expire.

    However, Nets roster SUCKS….might just be the WORST collection of names on paper in NBA history. who the hell would want any player on the Nets in return?

    Nets might as well just simply try to acquire all local talent: bassy telfair, andray blatche, rafer alston, renaldo balkman, lamar odom, speed claxton, erick barkley, taj gibson, sundiata gaines….wait, aint sundiata on the Nets already? lol

    jonny flynn, jimmer, channing, brendan haywood, roy hibbert, joakim noah, smush parker, lance stephenson, etan thomas, jamaal tinsley, charlie villanueva, kemba, artest

    they might as well just sign all them ny born boys. and them boys better get ALL their family members and their baby mothers family members to show up to 41 games…..cause if not, NO ONE else is gonna show up to Nets games.

    nets are about to become the east coast version of the Clippers

  • Michorizo

    Terence Williams?

  • Lee

    Trade him to Phx and watch Nash turn him into a 20pt scorer.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    If you’re running the Kings, would you at least look into the possibility of using Cousins to get Dwight Howard? Three-way trade, four-way, whatever. I know odds are strong that you’d only get Dwight for this season, but if Cousins is determined to tank the season if you keep him, what would be so bad about selling some tickets and getting Dwight in your uniform for a few months?

    Best-case scenario, Howard comes to Sacramento, falls in love with the place for some reason and decides he wants to play with Tyreke and Thornton and stay long-term.

    Second-best case scenario, Howard comes to Sacto for a few months, you get rid of Cousins who doesn’t want to be there anyway and some deadweight salaries, and your team is interesting this season before Howard decides to sign somewhere else.

    Worst-case scenario, Howard hates the trade, cries about it like C-Webb and refuses to suit up. And you traded away a potential future All-Star for nothing.

    But wouldn’t you at least do some initial digging into the possibilities?

  • Big Island

    I agree with Austin. Painful as it is, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Sac gets over that weird minimum salary thing, gets rid of Cousins, and maybe, juuust maaaybe, Sac is decent for awhile. Then sign and trade Dwight for some good stuff. If that’s even legal. Tell Dwight you will sign him and trade him after NEXT season, but do it on the hush hush.

  • Tyndel

    Its funny that this Cousins trade “demand” is getting so much attention.

    Marty Mac wrote.

    “The agent said Westphal called Cousins ‘selfish’ and said he was the team’s problem.

    Clearly, Cousins is a problem, not ‘the’ problem.

    Cousins later went into the coach’s office, Greig said, and asked Westphal why he singled him out.

    Greig said Westphal told Cousins, “I don’t have time to talk to you about this.””

    Thats when Cousins said loudly behind closed doors if I am such a problem why don’t you just trade me.

    That was the trade demand that WestPaul didn’t leave behind closed doors and put out in the media. Cousins doesn’t hate the city or the team he dislikes the coach and the lack of anything called a system.

    Who was the little man here WP for crucifying Cousins for things said in his office behind closed doors or Cousins for getting mad at being blamed for the complete lack of system and guidance on the team. Westy is a bad coach and has had issues with players everywhere he has been.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Tyndel — I see what you’re saying, and if that is the case, Cousins got the bad end of the public opinion on this one. But still, it’s a bad look for the franchise and for the next coach they hire. The perception is that if Cousins clashes with the coach, the Kings will fire the coach. Maybe that’s not the reality, and maybe Sacto management can convince any future coach candidates that’s not really the case, but that’s how a lot of people will think.