NBA / Jan 18, 2012 / 3:00 pm

No One Wants Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas (photo. Tim Tadder)

“I can stand in a room full of dead people and make it exciting.”

Gilbert Arenas told us this once back in Dime #29, when he was plastered on the cover with the headline “Who’s Better Than Me?”

It’s a tired cliché but yet it’s true. Gilbert Arenas isn’t what he once was. Neither are Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Allen Iverson and all the rest of the once 30-point scoring, magazine-covering, teammate-aggravating, crossover-dropping stars the league put through the gauntlet and then filtered back out.

Did you even care that Arenas wasn’t suiting up at the start of this season? Did you even notice? I didn’t. Between Kyle Lowry getting overlooked worse than yogurt on waffles, Kobe Bryant‘s turn-back-the-clock, “I’m a scientific dawg” run, and the Portland Trail Blazers, who while they were always decent, were never really all that fun to watch until Nate McMillan allowed gangsta rap at practice, turned up the pace to “Dallas in 2003″ levels and went out and scooped up Jamal Crawford, I forgot Gil even existed. I noticed it this morning on another post, 10 teams who need a new point guard. Readers brought it up: “What about Gil?” I never really gave Gil a thought, not even a waning second. I thought about him for about as much time as Jay-Z nearly gave Mobb Deep. Arenas gets half a bar.

When you aren’t really taking media requests, when no one exactly wants you, when the main things you’ve become known for over the past few years are your exceedingly-awkward aloofness, and guns in the locker room, the world moves on without you.

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    China wants Gilbert Arenas

  • SoulChorea

    Yeah man, time to hit up Phoenix

  • Chaos

    Pheonix is the only team I can see him goin because they don’t have any true scorers on the team and as an off guard he can shoot and can create his own shot as well as run point when Nash is out the game. Plus there is something the water that makes knee problems go away

  • Mel

    If Arenas acted like he gave a !@$# I’m sure a lot of teams would want him.

  • iLL MAGO

    Spokesperson for the NRA?

  • beiber newz

    he can start on the lakers. i hope he goes somewhere, thrives and every gm who didn’t swoop in puts their face in their palms.

  • marcus the great

    somebody wanna school a brotha on yogurt-on-waffles??

  • http://scottkdouglas.com Scott

    The Lakers seem like they’d be ideal for him. If anyone can get him to play defense, you’d think Kobe and Mike Brown could. If he’s half as good on offense as he used to be, he’d be an improvement for the supporting cast in LA. He’s probably as quick as Blake. Worst case he comes off the bench and helps a struggling Metta to support the bench in LA. Because Metta seriously needs help with that 2nd unit.

  • Douggie

    He can start wit the Houston Rockets we need a player like him in SpACe City!!!!

  • Big Island

    When you act like an idiot and score 30 per game, a team will deal with you. You aren’t dropping 30, well…

  • deagletime

    Phoenix. its where old nba players go to retire.

  • lee

    I could see him in Phoenix and he has ties to the area as he was at Arizona.

  • Marc Waterhouse

    Boston NEEDS him! Other than Brandon Bass they have no scoring from the bench and nobody who can shoot further than 18 feet, unless you count Dooling. They need a good backup for Rondo so he doesn’t get burned out with minutes every game. Plus Gil can play the 2 and get buckets if Ray Allen gets injured.

    Either way Danny Ainge needs to get this done asap.

  • http://www.nbafullcourtpressure.com/ Matt

    If he is willing to accept a diminished role then I think there are teams that want to sign him.

  • K Dizzle

    How is Gilbert not in Germany RIGHT NOW gettin what Kobe had done?

    Somebody explain…

  • SWAT

    Idk watching dude in Orlando it just seemed like he clocked out…but good responses above. I could see Boston and htown but I don’t see pop dealing with him in San an.
    A damn good article Sean

  • ab40

    boston, ron do is limited the next two months, or he should rip up the d-leauge or go to europe

  • Michorizo

    Terrell Owens wants some one to hang with

  • mike d

    hes a bum now.

    sucked a** in ORL

    i didnt even know he wasnt playing.