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Portland Beasts The Clippers; Kobe Bryant Drops 48 Points

Raymond Felton

Raymond Felton (photo. Chad Griffith)

Say hello to the bad guy. We have a new beast in the West. In probably the most physical game of the NBA season so far, the Blazers showed why everyone is so frightened of playing them up in the Northwest by punking the Clippers and Blake Griffin, 105-97. With the NBA’s newest A-List team threatening them over and over, Portland answered every call. Between Gerald Wallace, LaMarcus Aldridge and Marcus Camby, they did work on Griffin, holding him to the most up-and-down 18 and 12 night you’ll ever see. For once, Griffin seemed off-balanced and frustrated in an atmosphere that felt like a Public Enemy concert. Gerald Wallace paced five Blazers in double figures with 20 … With Andray Blatche on the verge of flipping out, the Wizards finally won a game, blowing out Toronto by 15. Our man Sean Sweeney predicted it on Twitter last night, but we’re not sure anyone could’ve seen a total team defensive effort coming from D.C. And it started right away. JaVale McGee had three blocks before even Nick Young had a chance to chuck up a few shots. The Wizards are actually in the top 10 in the NBA in both steals and blocks, but that should tell you more about their style than their effectiveness. Last night was the first time they put it all together, turning up the heat in the second half and running away with it … Philly won’t stop. They shunned Sacramento back to the cows with a dominating 112-85 win, their sixth in a row and what felt like their sixth blowout in a row. Elton Brand dropped 21 and 10 to lead six players in double figures, and in the second half of the second quarter, he taught DMC (17 points, 10 rebounds) a thing or two, putting down eight straight points on Cousins’ head … Travis Outlaw is quickly closing in on the all-bad hairline team. The team’s tri-captains have gotta be ‘Bron, Joel Anthony and Kosta KoufosJrue Holiday (17 points, eight dimes, four steals) was in the lane the whole first half, scoring in all types of weird angles. There aren’t many better finishing point guards in the league … One guy who is though is Derrick Rose. Chicago’s leading man did the heavy lifting (31 points, 11 assists) in the Bulls’ wild 111-100 win up in Minnesota. After Minnesota had been down by as many as 24 in the first half, they crawled back into it until eventually Rose had three or four shots right in Ricky Rubio‘s (13 points, 12 assists, four steals) mug as if to say “Go back to Spain, rook” … Rick Adelman finally smartened up. In the first quarter, by the time Rubio came in, the Bulls were already up 15. So Adelman said screw it, and started both Rubio and Luke Ridnour after the half. Ridnour was hot all night with 22, and was involved in one of the weirdest matchups we’ve ever seen. The tiny guard matched up with the 6-7 Kyle Korver for most of the second half, like one of those times at the park when they just throw the two white guys on each other … Milwaukee survived Tim Duncan (20 points) and San Antonio behind a huge night from Stephen Jackson (34 points, eight assists). Jack looked like he was back in Port Arthur with the way he was flowing, hitting pull-ups, driving to the rim, doing a little bit of everything. Late in the game, Brandon Jennings (15 points, 11 assists) still couldn’t make a shot, but he did rip Tony Parker (22 points, eight dimes) and go in for a dunk to put the Bucks up three in the closing seconds. After Richard Jefferson‘s game-tying three attempt at the buzzer fell short, the camera went to a shot of the Milwaukee crowd going crazy over the win. We caught one dude who looked like an extra from a Bun B video, doing The Sprinkler with brew in hand. We’d bet this year’s income tax returns that dude is an active member of Stephen Jackson’s crew … After saying he needed to rebound from the worst game of his career (the last time he was in Memphis), Russell Westbrook responded with his best game of the year: 30 points and six rebounds as OKC won in Memphis 100-95. At one point, the telecast showed a kid wearing an, “All Heart, Grit, Grind” shirt with Tony Allen‘s face on it, right after Allen forced a turnover by jumping a passing lane and then knocking down an 18-foot jumper from the wing. If Marc Gasol (20 points, 14 rebounds) is the only one putting in work, the Grizz are REALLY gonna have to grind out wins … Keep reading to hear about Kobe’s big night …

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  • control

    Free Nash! In the last 5 minutes of the game, his teammates missed about 9-10 easy and open shots that he setup. That’s 9-10 easy assists my fantasy team missed out on, free him already! That was just in the last 5 minutes, before that, his teammates were bricking out on some insanely easy buckets, wtf is matter with these guys?

    Rose has to be the fastest guy in the nba. He gets the ball at his 3point line, and before most of the other guys are even past half court, he’s almost to the other 3 point line, it’s insane how quickly he can move. He’s also got that issue with his teammates getting shots from him that are so open that they don’t know wtf to do and end up missing…

    Noah getting a technical for being ugly was pretty funny. Him standing around confused everytime he gets the ball isn’t funny, it’s sad.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DARKWINGpro DarkWing Productions

    Classic “Eff You” performance from Kobe tonight

  • silky

    “shunned back to the cows”

    really?! witless

    jrue holiday has been putting up some nice lines lately. haven’t heard much from Evan turner… till he almost triple doubled tonight.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    I will be a happy laker fan if we can get a back to back win in Utah.

    Kobe going for 48 is nice to see, now let me see you go for 17 assists so i can bring up the Kobe for MVP convo again.

  • drew

    no mention of the cHeat getting exposed? gotta love dime ;)

  • Andy

    How about some Jazz love? They haven’t lost in 2012, 5 wins in a row. They are also the last to beat Philly. Millsap and Jefferson combined for 22 of 27 from the field tonight. That kind of fg% is nuts. If you want more about the Jazz peep the blog jazzhoop.blogspot.com

    Side note: Heat receded in that 4th quarter/ot faster than Bron Bron’s hairline. Still think they are gonna win it this year, but they definitely fell apart at the end tonight.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Not basketball related but I just saw the new Van Halen video “Tattoo” and it made me puke.

    I quickly went to YouTube and searched for Chickenfoot (Yup. The Sammy Hagar led band with Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith) on tour.

    The difference between the two bands? Van Halen is clearly washed out. They just look to be in it for the money nostalgia will bring. Chickenfoot is clearly having fun and loving what they are doing. David Lee Roth and the Van Halen boys should just retire.

    Anyway, anyone else seeing the Lakers stumbling into the playoffs or not even making the playoffs? The way Kobe Bryant is playing, sooner or later injury or fatigue will creep in, especially in a compressed schedule like this season.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Please name 8 other teams you think will make it in front of the lakers for a playoff seed in the west. Kobe getting hurt, just like anyone, is a possibility. But even then i dont see kobe sitting out unless its super serious.

    I could imagine kobe playing with no arms no legs search for the holy grail shit

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Refs did their bests to take that game from the Warriors (including wrongly giving the ball to the heat even after reviewing the instant replay in the final two minutes) but Dubs held strong without Curry. Hopefully Wright has recovered his stroke and the game wasn’t an aberration.

  • dk

    Yup, GS has exposed the Heat for what the really are… a team that cant win in the fourth on the road when the other team starts hitting every three pointer. Looks like GS is poised for another playoff run. Good luck.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Does anyone know what the record is for all the teams for the 2nd/3rd games during a back-to-back(-to-back)?
    I’m pretty sure it’s terrible. I’m not a gambler, but I feel like calling a bookie to make some easy money.

  • beiber newz

    you know…..today is my time to just smile and smile some more.
    it feels good to finally point and laugh at some of these idiots on this site. no more holding back.

    and who would’ve thunk it. after all the shit talk i said about the TORONTO raptors yesterday in smack, that i would end it all with a beautiful rhyme PREDICTING their demise in D.C. ?

    you know, i could go on and on, BUT first i want to address the mofo’s at the dime headquarters. HOW IN THE WORLD DOES A WINLESS TEAM GET THEIR FIRST WIN IN THE NBA AND THAT DOESN’T MAKE THE HEADLINES IN THIS ARTICLE????? no….you guys make the starting point, PORTLAND gets a win? really? i mean, really? how is that an attention grabber? major fail. the first line in this article should have said :


    now back to my gloat fest (boy it feels good to not hold back)…i said yesterday for anyone who wants to see my prophecy:

    “the toronto raptors ain’t athletes they actors
    shatter championship hopes as fragile as a cracker
    yall have a 7 foot center shooting jumpers, how docile
    your mascot is a lie, i think y’all better off as a fossil
    they travel to D.C tonight to try n beat the winless wizards
    but i give em no shot like a gun with no trigger”

    now, that last line was said an hour before the raptors lost.

    of course i am talking to all you pathetic raptors fans….HA! prediction complete MUTHASUCKERS
    y’all the first team to lose to the team with no chemistry, no cohesion, they are a MESS! and y’all lost. what was all that talk about being a good team yesterday??? lol ONE UP FOR ME!!! raptors go to hell!! oh wait, raptors don’t exist anymore !!! too late!

    ohhhh and to to top off such a wonderful evening, KOBE DROPS 48…as DARKWING PRODUCTIONS said in the 2nd post, that is pretty much all that needs to be said about that performance. and what makes it even more perfect, is that most of you losers on this site were TALKING ABOUT THAT GAME FOR FAN NIGHT, so i know yall caught a glimpse, if not, i know you checked up on it.

    wow, i’m feeling great today.

    today i’ll play ice cube’s song cuz it’s just a good day.

    losers! i’m pointing and laughing at you guys!!! control! chicagorilla, jay!!! three stacks(of gay porn) !! MT PLEASANT!!! call these guys the stooge clan! fucking peasants!


    now what! fuck y’all!!!!

  • Soopa / b_malte

    Nate changed that GSW game. The energy was off the charts.

    Miami was caught thinking the game was over going into the 4th being up big. Cant say much about Mark Jackson as an X’s and O’s guy yet, but he sure has the Dubs playing hard and believing.

    Haslem did get roughed up twice on dunks and rebounds down the stretch, neither got called, so don’t start with the “refs tried to give it to the Heat”. GSW earned that win tho’.

    Sure, Westbrook was scoring the ball, shooting a good percentage, but the one constant thing he has to bring every night is playmaking. He took the same wild pull ups he usually misses, so I don’t see this as a break out game for him. He needs to be the catalyst, not the finisher. But nonetheless a big win for OKC!

    (And of course the Raptors lose to Washington the day after I praised them for being onto something good and claiming they were better then the Knicks.)

  • Soopa / b_malte

    @ bieber

    Im glad you are having fun. I think all kids should have happy childhoods.

    Im gonna be all smiles after the Lakers lose in the 2nd round after Kobe shoots it 32 times a game at 33%.

  • nyk

    did anyone else think that nobody on the floor really cared about the game between lakers and suns except for kobe?

    i mean you see steve blake pulling nash up after a collision, opponents chatting nonchalantly throughout the game. maybe my TV volume was too low, or maybe the mamba was so tuned in to it was like a 1 vs 9 show. i dunno, but something was off to it.

    then nba tv was great enough to show the heat warriors OT. seriously, i was just about to get on the heat bandwagon with LBJ in beast mode, then his 4th quarter mode took over. WTF?

    when the game is on the line, I rather have Kobe, D-Wade, Ginobili, Sundiata Gaines shooting a 3, Ellis shooting an off balance fadeaway, Amar’e shooting another ugly 3, Dwight shooting a free throw, than to have the king fuck it up 10 times out of 10.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Kobe is playing like he’s going for the 30,000pts… looks like he wants to pass MJ on the all-time list. It will take him at least 2 more years after this one scoring at the same rate to pass him. I think that’s why he’s willing to play with a hand looking like it belongs on an Ent.

    If you don’t know what an Ent is… google image that shit.

  • http://Pleasedontdoubleteamme.com Rw

    Nice Smack.
    Brandon Wright’s alley oop, and general play, was pretty solid for Dallas.
    Bogut’s huge slam on Dejuan?

  • Kevin

    Taking Andrew Bynum over Dwight Howard???? Woooooahhh there Chris Webber. You need to take a time out and think about that statement. Shouldn’t be hard for you.

  • First & Foremost

    The Wizards win doesn’t get a headline because the streak wasn’t New Jersey Nets long. John Wall didn’t have a great game so not like Dime could hype up one of their cover boys.

    Bask in today’s glory beiber and hope that there are no jackers in sight.

  • jimmhummv

    Put kobe on that hairline club. His forehead is a five or six now!! He got a good barber but a recession is a recession even obama knows that

  • beiber newz

    ohhh but they can make a headlines about the lakers finally winning? sad. they take advanntage of the lakers shine…i guess the raptors aren’t worth their time anyway. the raptors should stay dead.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I’m reading these posts and run into the auto-scroll section, aka any beiber post, and see he mentions something about smiling.

    I scroll down about 30 feet and the end of his post says fuck y’all. WTF is with this bitch?

    I don’t think the lakers are gonna last. Kobe’s trying to stay on top because his bitch just left him.

    Portland is a true team, that’s why they win. I still hold out hope for the spurs but they are losing players AND road games, which is never a good sign.

    Alf – no jazz talk, just chickenhead and van halen? 5 straight wins should have you straight

  • beiber newz

    i love how they can make headlines about the lkaers finally winning a game . raptors don’t deserve any respect anyway…their point guard could avg more boards than their center. someone remind me…how many minutes did bargnani play and how many boards did he finish with last night in their pathetic loss ?

  • jdizzle

    If dressing like a clown will get you stopped by security, then Obama needs to send some of his secret service people to Chicago and round up 95% of the fools in this city.

    And who the hell kept fouling Nate Robinson enough for him to shoot 14 free throws?

  • 4m

    Obviously, Kobe’s playing like it’s a contract year so he could recoup the lo$$e$ from his divorce.

  • Bilal

    well after getting praise yesterday, my raps decide to go back to their old ways of losing. its weird that they cant really get their offence going. oh well draft pick here we come.

    Kobe never stops amazing me, but for someone who has an injured wrist isnt it in his best interest to shoot less??

  • Sean Sweeney

    From Twitter last night: @FauxJohnMadden: Kobe Bryant’s 48 point performance is impressive until you realize half of those points now belong to Vanessa Bryant.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Man I’m glad to see Alderman (f^ck his name) finally play Rubio against starters. It made that Bulls game worth watching. I always like to see how Rose plays vs other top PGs or hyped Pgs. It was a good game for Rubio but a great game for Rose. That was just some good basketball overall. Both teams going at it until the buzzer sounded.

    Only saw the first quarter of the Lakers game, saw that Kobe was on fire so i just turned it off because I knew the outcome.

    The Blazers are looking like Chicago from last year when they came up and surprised everyone. But they are much deeper than Chicago. Really would have like to see that game. Just looking at the box score, CP3 only had 3asst and let Felton get the better of him. I don’t like that at all, where is the competitive spirit. Felton is a dude CP3 has battled since college/HS. You gotta take that match up personal.
    also, someone should tell Vinny that this is a 66 game condensed season. Playing Blake Griffin that much every game will surely result in injury or fatigue.

  • control

    Hahaha, a page and a half rant on predicting the Raptors will lose…what is next? Going to predict that KG will start a fight with a white 6 foot tall point guard? That Glenn Davis will close down a buffet? That Rondo will miss a 3? Way to go out on a limb and make the risky prediction!

    Here’s the difference between Raptors fans and knicks fans, Raps fans KNOW and ADMIT when their team is doing back, and though they support them, they are realistic about it. Knicks fans on the otherhand, can’t admit their team is weak. They will always be running their yaps about being the top team in the east, and winning championships, etc, even when they aren’t even making the playoffs. Every guy who signs with the knicks is an instant allstar according to their fans (even seen someone say Baron was going to be an allstar, hahahahah!), every rook is the next great hall of fame player(Iman Shumpuff hype anyone?). It’s annoying to every single other fan of the nba, and the reason why fans of the other 29 teams in the league hate the fans of the knicks (for the most part).

  • beiber newz

    Rubio almost made rose his son yesterday. It’s crazy how much far and ahead rubio’s POINT GUARD game is compared to rose’s. Rose wishes he was 6’6″ so he could have an excuse.

  • Jzsmoove

    There is not a lot worse than the folks calling the lakers games. Ignorant and extremely homer. Maybe outside of Stacey king and Sean Elliott . The mute feature was more exciting.
    Alvin Gentry not putting back Nash at the 7 min mark was the start of their collapse, that was bad coaching.you wanna preserve him sure but you play to win.

  • beiber newz

    Control, did mommy forget to pack your ridilin pills? You sad, confused poor raptors fans. It wasn’t more funny that the raptors lose, in fact, it’s pretty funny that a fan would say “I’m going on a limb to say their team would lose”. Damn, am I lost or is that pretty depressing? To say that a team would lose is expected is pretty awful. But my prediction was funny more so because you were the first to lose to a WINLESS team dumbass.

    The raptors already lost before, and while that’s not surprising, it’s more embarrassing to give the wizards, a highly dysfunctional team, their first win of the season after you were bigging em up yesterday . THAT is what’s funny, meathead.

  • ceasar paciotti

    Just a thought- besides the fact i cat stand beiber because he reminds me of a 12-13 year old prepubescent teeny bopper who catches semis by attempting to appear more intelligent than he actually is or by being proven right within his delusional peter pan sphere of existence– I think the majority of the money that gets dropped on escorts by the NBA is not by the players, but more so by all the support personnel ( trainers, assistant coaches etc.) you know the middle aged married men who see road games as an opportunity to get some exotic strange love. thoughts people? because during the lockout the escort industry was taking sever financial lossess, and the thought just popped in my head.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    @ That’s What’s Up

    I do not want to be the one to jinx them especially with the Lakers coming to town. Jazz fans would really have a feel good day if even for once Utah can beat LA.

    Piece of advice to Utah — Please lock Josh Howard to a long term deal already. You do not want another Wes Matthews situation to happen.

    Going back to Van Halen a bit. I do not know if this is correct but the hip hop equivalent of the disaster reunion they just did would be like if The Fugees decided to get back together again. But then again I might just be putting my foot in my mouth with that.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    @bibernewz, what game was you watching yesterday, lol. 31points, 11 assists, so one got son(ed) out there and it wasn’t Rose.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Acutally teams have been fairing pretty well so far in the back-2-back-2-back games. I think they are undefeated. And the Bulls are about to try to extend that tonight vs Washington.

    Brandon Paul of U of Illinois dropped 43pts on #5 Ohio State last night. Kid went bawwwwllllsss deep on them from 3pt range. Even added 8reb and 4blks for good measure. Best game of his career by far.

  • beiber newz

    It doesn’t matter how rose played because rubio still played well himself. And rose getting 11 assists was an eye opener and it NEVER should be that way for a quote on quote point guard.

  • Three Stacks

    @ Bieber

    The only thing you can rightfully gloat about is how fucking stupid you are. You were already a huge idiot when you were “holding back,” but apparently the idiocy you’ve shown so far is only a fraction of how immeasurably fucking stupid you actually are.

    In any game, someone wins and someone loses. Did you think the Wizards would never win a game? Then why is it something to be so proud of that you picked them to win against a team that isn’t that much better? It’s not like you predicted they would beat Miami or Chicago…this is Toronto we’re talkin about.

    Do you ever see a weatherman predict a sunny day during the summer, go on tv the next day and say, “In YO face, audience! Who told you it was gonna be sunny today?? ME! I WAS RIGHT, BITCHES!!!” That’s pretty much what you’re doing right now. But the worst part is, you’re SO sure of yourself that this is something to be impressed about. It’s really, really not.

    Seriously, dude…what the fuck is wrong with you? This goes beyond some kind of flame war now, I am genuinely curious as to how someone can be so unaware of himself. What kind of ass-rapey tragedy did you go through that stunted your intellect so severely?

  • CLAW

    clutch factor: NRob > LeFraud

    Suns kept it close and looked real old that last 5 minutes, GHill not finishing and Nash couldn’t get a shot off. They need to trade Nash and Hill and just start over.

    Gortat put the smack down on Bynum, need to stop all this Bynum>DHow chatter, schooled by the Polish hammer!

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lol@ in yo face audience

  • beiber newz

    Yea I went thru an ass rape tragedy, but I was the one piping it, your mother wanted the pipe so bad and her stank asshole was right there so I gave it to her too.

    One thing tho, it’s funny cuz you and your minions were gassing the raptors yesterday and they end up losing to a team that is all over the place. Fast forward to today and all u idiots can say is that toronto is all of a sudden not that good??? Wow wat a difference a day makes!

    Fuck the raptors. I would feel embarrassed losing to a dysfunctional bunch headlined by andray blatche after biggin up the losing team 24 hours prior.

    Eat crow. And one more thing….contraction!!!!!!

  • K Dizzle

    The Dorell Wright payback game was beautiful.
    Nate looks in midseason form. Just need to tone down the flexin to the crowd after doin anything on the floor.

    @ JAY – still all good for the Raps – Lottery top 3 pick is still on the bucket list. One question though, what’s the happs with Derozan? Dude took 10 tens back. Maybe he missin his boy, Sonny or something.

    Finally, Kobe n Pau…still doin it. That’s all.

  • First & Foremost

    Not like Toronto was on their 4th game in 5 nights while the Wizards were on their 2nd game in 4 days.

    @Chicagorilla, OKC was the first to complete a sweep of the b2b2b but LA sure didn’t win out in their series. The concept sounded daunting at first but it wasn’t like teams are being put up against 3 straight opponents all on 2 days rest. Chicago will be up against a team that is coming off an emotional win.

    LOL at the weatherman.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Idk if its the right time to kill the bynum>howard convo yet. its not like gortat held him to 5 points 5 rebounds. Bynum still had 12 points 8 rebounds in a lakers win. If bynum got as many touches or plays called for him as dwight his numbers would look a lot better. Thats logical right?
    That being said, Bynum did look a little rushed on a few possesions and turned a blind eye to a few kickouts but hes still young, still improving. Both are averaging around 18PPG and 14RPG this season.

  • Three Stacks

    @ Bieber

    I know this will make no difference because you can’t comprehend logic, but I never supported the Raptors or said they were good. I simply said you were retarded because you disliked them for not having a real raptor as their mascot.

    If you interpreted my defending their inability to procure an extinct animal for commercial use as something different….well of course you did, because you’re a fucking idiot.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Derozan has been inconsistent. I think that’s what he is… a streaky player. The game I went to he played very well. He was pulling up from DEEP, like 25-26ft, and draining them… not catching and shooting, he was pulling up of his dribble and draining them with confidence. He’ll have his string of good games, then he might look disinterested for a game or two. I think he’s a home-court player… a guy who plays well when he’s comfortable at home, but not so well under pressure on the road. Of course he’s still just a kid so he can improve his confidence… we’ll see. I’m hoping I’m wrong.

    Yup, the sched has been rough so far for the Raptors. They got another 1 tonight too, to make it 5 games in 6 nights… then they have a night off, and another back-to-back, to make it 7 games in 9 nights… and every game alternated between home and away. Three in a row is bad enough…. but home-away-home is fuckin dumb. Then the same thing happens next month. Of course every team will go through tough stretches in their schedule, but the Raptors got it early. These players are going to die after the season. Lol.

  • beiber newz

    Shouldn’t you be watching one of your many “stacks” of homosexual videos

  • Dana Walker

    I hate to admit it, I was volleying for Bynum and Gasol to be traded for Howard but now, I have to say, Bynum needs to stay. I take all my shit talking back about him, he has proven himself thus far, and proven that when healthy, he can ball. If healthy, he has better post moves and is a better natural scorer than Howard. Howard though is a superior the superior player because of his defense and overall ability to be dominant on that end. If not for Bryant taking so many fucking shots, Bynum could actually be an easy 20pt scorer. I still say get rid of Gasol, he is out there wearing a sports bra right now. He has actually become more of a fucking cream puff. Take him, Blake, and Artest (not that dumb, fucked up, fairy tale name of his) and trade them for one or two good players. At this point getting rid of Artest for anything other than a decent backup player or 2nd rnd pick is gonna be tough.

  • beiber newz

    Mike brown came in and said he wanted to feature bynum. Give him some credit for setting the big man loose. Funny thing is, I bet the entire raptors squad isn’t worth one of bynum’s legs. Whack ass team….contraction!!!!

  • Three Stacks

    Don’t get so happy some people (*cough*@AustinBurton*cough*) thought your one joke about the porn stacks was kinda funny. It wasn’t bad, but it’s just sad when you try to recycle it again and again for positive feedback. It’s like you’re rolling over expecting a treat because your master threw you one the first time. Basically, you using that joke for the 3rd time is just admitting you’re Austin’s bitch and waiting for him to give you a treat.

    Me, I keep saying you’re a fucking idiot, but I try to show different reasons why you’re a fucking idiot every time I mention it. You can’t just keep using the same joke without qualifying it, it shows no creativity.

  • top shelf

    How did john wall get picked 1st in the draft? Didn’t anyone see his opening baseball pitch?

  • beiber newz

    Hahahahahah this dumdum is sooo tight ! Why do I get under your skin so. Watch your stack of porn and leave me alone!!! Fucking raptors fans. Sheesh

  • Three Stacks

    Bieber, your comebacks don’t even make sense now. I’m only trying to show the intellectual gap between you and the rest of us. It goes like this: Normal people, animals, cockroach, cardboard box, then you.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Nazr Mohammeds lil bro Haji takes flight on this one. Lol@ the guy that gets dunked on tries to kick him after

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Bieber –

    Way to go, the dynasty franchise whose bandwagon you jumped on beat a team with one over the hill MVP and no other good players.

    Take that Control, you should have jumped on the Heat’s bandwagon instead of being loyal to your mediocre home team.

    Also, congratulations for picking a Raptors loss.

    How could you possibly have picked winless home team desperate for their first win to beat a 4-6 juggernaut playing their 4th game in 5 nights?

    Nobody else could have predicted that. Oh wait I did, but instead of writing a rap and posting on a message board, I placed a wager and won a few bucks. You should try it, I’m sure its not as good gloating on the internet but it’s also quite satisfing.

  • beiber newz

    You guys make me the topic of your day everyday….riddle me this…is this hate you are showing me, or hidden affection? …hop off my meat.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    @beibernewz, it was only a eye opener for you, he’s averaging over eight assist and had 17 earlier this season, so WTH are you talking about? now he held his own but at first he almost son(ed), contradiction much or hyperbole?

  • beiber newz

    Are you kidding me? Are you telling me if rose had 10 straight games on 10 assists it would be ignored? No, because that’s not his strength. He can get assists, but double digit assists for rose don’t happen a lot hence the 8 avg. And isn’t that a career high? And he said he would work on his assists. And if 8 is an improvement, he obviously aint all dat at doin it.

    And for all you that keep my name on your tongue, there aint enuff room for it with my dick apparently already there.

    Talk basketball. Not ass rape. Dummies. I make fun of the raptors and u turn it into ass rape. fairies. Leave me the hell alone, aint my fault the raptors getting contracted one day

  • Bilal

    I wish bieber newz would learn some economics. I think he merely says ingorant things purely for the fact of annoying people.

    Anyways he shouldn’t be the focus of these discussion. Reminds me of when there was always the battle for “first”. Idiotic and ridiculous.

    There will definitely be losses with teams getting tired with so many games in a short timme. The playoffs are gonna be crazy as a result. Conditioning is going to have to be even more important than normal. Teams are going to have to slow it down and I think the run and gun teams won’t do as well. I think the Bulls are going to be the team to beat on that basis. Westbrook will be the problem for okc, maybe, just maybe they should consider trading him.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    @ Jay post 11

    I do gamble and haven’t been able to make any money on the back to backs. It seems like if the team gets blown out the night before, they bounce back, if they played well they lose.

    I have found this NBA season way more unpredictable from a gambling point of view than past seasons.

    As soon as teams get down 10 they throw in the towel and pull all their starters and rest em for the next game. And if a team gets way up they pull all their starters. Then you have 10 guys playing who you certainly weren’t betting on and anything can happens.

  • bakedbeing

    With all these airhead @’s and that idiot the comments here are getting worse than Youtube’s.

  • lebron


  • beiber newz


  • beiber newz

    wall’s coach is now saying he thinks wall played in way too many summer games. that actually might explain his slow start. damn, he was supposed to be the next rose. but wall actually a better passer, so i just mean offensively at least.

  • Big Island

    I thought Beiber’s line yesterday about the porn stacks was good. Today, not as funny… When the Lakers lose again, or the next bad game Kobe has, and guys get on you for being an idiot, remember today. Remember how you went all out on everyone, and don’t complain about being hated on. It’s gonna happen, maybe even tonight, and you’ll have to bend over and take it like a man.

    I am not sold on this season at all. They should have scaled it back to 50 games so at least they would have 50 good games. Some of these are just sloppy.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I agree with Big Island. Less games would have been better.

    At first I was excited about all of the games everyday, but now I’m not so sure. You can tell the way coaches manage the minutes, most guys are worried about the schedule and pacing their teams. I’ve never seen so many backups and so much garbage time.

    I’ve seen games where a team is down 10 in the 3rd and all the starters come out because they know they have to play again the next day. Depth is going to be a big asset for the rest of this year.

  • beiber newz

    im not using the stacks joke to be funny, im using it cuz i want to insult that muthasucker’s name like he does mine every second. i want every time someone sees his name to remember that it’s cuz he has stacks on stacks on stacks of gay porn . that lil bitch can eat a dick. fuck him and his corny ass. if i culd see him, i’d bitch slap him and while he on the floor bleeding like a period thru his mouth, i’d spit a rhyme bout his dirty self and scream knicks fo life.

  • beiber newz

    how u bitches like this???? your BELOVED Canadian exclaimed that KOBE’S 48 points against his team yesterday was one of the best performances he’s ever seen. all yall claiming he shoulda passed more, fuck off. that came from a point guard’s mouth. all yall hating on kobe suck on that. yall criticize dude more than (GOD forgive me) Christ when he was on earth.

  • beiber newz

    since the 6-for-28 shooting outing in a loss to the nuggets, kobe has averaged 36 points per game while shooting better than 51 percent from the field….

    suck on that you cockaroaches – scarface voice.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Mo William and Delonte West are 2 of my favorite lil guy scorers in the league. Too bad they just cant find a team that can win them a ring

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Batum on the lakers would be nuts. The blazers really dont need him, well they do but they dont.

  • anon

    can someone from dime please properly moderate the comments and not allow the ones like beiber’s above?

    its really pretty annoying. i’m sure there are a lot of people that are over this back and forth, and they will probably be less inclined to visit the site.

  • ROBL35

    Kobe drops 48 & might win the scoring title with 1 hand brought a big smile on a gloomy day. I’m also liking CWebb’s thinking in the Bymun vs Howard sitch Bymun is more of an offensive threat & Dwight defense so both have there up’s & down’s. I would go with Bynum the way he has started he’s season after the late start is exciting & if he can continue it for this shortened season he will be just as valuable to the Lakers as DH12 would have been. Bymun has finals experience knows what it takes ok on to another subject good to hear Rubio was starting he should be only reason Ridnour went off ( lol ) for 22 is because every night Rubio looks better & he’s starting spot is in jeopardy

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    John Lucas III a.k.a. Carlton Banks just dropped 25pts 8reb 8ast on John Wall and the Wizards and the Bulls won.
    Trade Derrick Rose, Lucas is the real MVP


    Carlton shot that thang 28 times! It was like when the practice squad player gets to emulate the star for the opposing team and he goes off on the starters. I cant believe the Wizards are this bad

  • JBaller

    Been too busy for the smack this week, beibs still making himself look stupid, a few good jokes, a little basketball, glad to see not much has changed.

  • beiber newz

    ^what a fucking homer!! carlton banks shot 11-28…had kobe did that he woulda gave no props.

    and someone remind me when john wall became gary payton..why would dat homer announce “and he did it on john wall”

    and weren’t him and his stooge clan not giving no props to the wizards just today? even if he wasn’t, it’s the damn wizards…plz. deng looked like a lost puppy who needed his master aka derrick rose to know what a good shot was.

    pathetic win. why even highlight it in a comment? sad..i feel disgusted. chicago fans really at the point of braggin at a wizards defeat? rose or bust. and if rose aint performing well, they aint getting no championship when it really counts against the big boys.

  • beiber newz

    hey jballer, glad to see i still capture your attention you homo.

  • beiber newz

    knicks and lakers won. haha another 24 hours of peace for me !!! can’t wait for smack…oh and was there another 40 point outing? hmmmm maybe dime will ignore that and make a headline bulls beat wizards. wouldn’t be surprised.

  • pandan

    Hey guys.
    Lets just ignore bnews’ posts.
    That would be funny.
    lets see how would he seek attention like a whiny bitch.

  • beiber newz

    ^let’s ignore the posts that we are saying to ignore, as if we don’t know they exists and wouldn’t be aware that there is something to ignore because we are pretending like we don’t see a post by him to ignore.

    hahha, how dumb. saying to “ignore” my posts is obviously saying yOU SEE something to ignore. dumdum, so in affect, you’re not ignoring shit.

    fucking dumasses ! lmfao.

  • beiber newz

    mo williams to the lakers….i hope it happens. they need another ball handler and a deep threat. plus he ain’t too shaby getting that thang in the hole. no homo, (even tho that prolly turned on ‘that’s whats up’ aka VIAGRA)

    FREE MO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!