NBA / Jan 3, 2012 / 7:00 pm

Report: Nate Robinson To Sign With The Golden State Warriors

Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson (photo. Matt Brown)

It’s about time Nate Robinson returns from the cold. And after just over a week of NBA action, he’s found a new home. According to Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group, Robinson could sign with the Warriors as soon as Wednesday and join the team Friday in Los Angeles.

The Associated Press has confirmed the report, which leads us to think the obvious: Where does Robinson fit on Mark Jackson‘s team? He’s likely to cut into the time Klay Thompson (15.6 mpg), Ish Smith (12.6 mpg) and Charles Jenkins (6.3 mpg) get now.

If you’re Mark Jackson, how do you play Robinson?

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  • K Dizzle

    U don’t…

  • Brown

    Sit his ass on the bench until garbage time. He’s the last thing the Warriors need. Hopefully they only signed him for depth in case someone gets hurt.

  • Me

    maybe curry’s more hurt than we know.

    sit klay’s ass down. every time i see him he’s stinking it up. and he’s had plenty of chances.

  • uqk

    wow….3 undersized/chucker backcourt :D

  • beiber newz

    i remember saying he’d be on a team within a month of his buy out. not surprising he landed somewhere at all….

  • GMC

    Come back arenas i wanna see you puff powder from your crotch again

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    Maybe Klay Thompson should’ve stayed another year at WSU, hope Robinson can bring back that offensive prowess from 08-09.

  • heckler

    the warriors dont need another pint sized ball hogging guard.
    in fact, they really need to swing a deal for al jefferson.
    it dont matter than al jefferson aint no star (even though hes paid like one), they just need a young consistent low post presence.

    how hard is it to pry al jefferson away from the jazz? shit….they got derrick favors, paul milsap and (p)enis kanter. send the Jazz anybody they want except for curry, monta and lee.

    then…all the Warriors would have to do is sign a vet small forward or trade for one. like maybe tayshaun prince in March.


    steph curry
    monta ellis
    tayshaun prince
    david lee
    al jefferson

    that is a decently balanced starting five. and in the pacific with the old ass lakers, older suns, broken down kings and no-chemistry yet clippers,…..the Warriors would have a chance at the division lead.

    get errr done

  • beiber newz

    old ass lakers still better than 95% of the league, so i’ll take old lakers anyday !!!!