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Report: Wizards Have Fired Flip Saunders

Flip Saunders

Flip Saunders

You had to know this was coming sooner or later. Flip Saunders is now officially out as the Wizards head coach, according to Michael Lee of The Washington Post. He will be replaced by lead assistant Randy Wittman. When you have some of the most immature talent in the league leading you through a 2-15 disaster of a season, with an offense that is dead last in the entire NBA (and a defense that’s not much better), what do you expect? Washington started slow, and the progress has been so minimal that the front office had no other choice.

Anyone who watched the Wizards disintegrate in the first half of their blowout loss in Philly last night could see the writing on the wall. John Wall is frustrated. The rest of the players are too immature to take a stand. And Saunders could actually be somewhat happy to be fired. It’s like putting a dog to sleep.

Even though he’s gone just 51-130 as the Wizards’ head man, you have to feel a little for ol’ Flip. He came to Washington with a veteran, playoff-tested team behind him, and then had to deal with the Gilbert Arenas/Javaris Crittenton fiasco. After that, it’s been day care, with only the lucky bounce of a ping-pong ball giving any type of hope. But when you’re considered an offense-first coach, and your team is dead last in the league in offensive efficiency, your chances of survival are worse than a dog in a shark tank.

Is this a good move? Can the Wizards salvage this season?

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  • beiber newz

    Call Jerry Sloan and beg, then have a 50+ win season next year.

  • First & Foremost

    This is the problem when everyone thinks they are the shit. You gonna stink.

  • beiber newz

    Beg Jerry Sloan to come and coach again, win 50+ games next season.

  • Fraz

    Dime you missed the fact that the owner is so heavily involved in why this team is so bad. Everyone in DC knows the owner is putting out this crap product so they can’t get another high pick in the draft. He did the same thing with the Capitols.

  • heckler

    GREAT for Flip Saunders.
    I always kinda liked Flip…and now he can rest easy. No coach wants to go 14-52 in a shortened season. 2nd thought…can that roster even muster up 14 victories?

    Hire Sam Cassell as head coach.

  • IGP

    This team is a great example of when players feel entitled when they haven’t done shit. First class organizations like the Spurs would never put up with most of the players.

    Who on the Wizards can you actually respect as a player? John Wall? McGee? Veseley?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Saunders was no Wizard.
    He couldn’t flip the script.

  • Tee

    @ beiber

    You do know the new CBA doesn’t have 182 games next year? Just 82. No way they get 50 wins next year with those scrubs.

  • Big AL

    Fuck Flip Saunders. He was an assclown. When he got on Blatche for getting into trashtalk with K.G i lost all respect for him as a coach. Blatche was giving him buckets and you have the nerve to tell him to show more respect to K.G when we all know Garnett started it and is always going overboard with his talking. I wouldnt blame the players if they didnt listen to shit he had to say after that. The Wiz are just a terrible to start with but then you have a coach who is overrated and doesnt fight for his players like every good coach. What has flip accomplished as a coach???

  • beiber newz

    @ Tee

    Sloan has taken worse teams to a 50+ win season when the west was really strong. + they’ll probably have a top 4 pick for next season.

  • stefan

    With this roster the season can be saved. By that I mean that the Wizards have a chance of not finishing dead last.

    The players need to be educated and they need a coach who they can trust and respect. I only see one solution for them, and also for other teams. An ex player, with experience and big balls. Someone already mentioned Cassel? He’s a good example.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Yeah, this group is so young and broken that the front office needs to bring in a coach who the players actually remember from his playing days.

    I get the feeling that Patrick Ewing is quietly waiting for SVG to get fired so he can take over in Orlando, but why wouldn’t the Wizards take a crack and see if he’s interested? Ewing would be a huge hire in the D.C. area because he’s a Georgetown legend, and the players should all remember him from his playing career. And he’s just bigger than most of them, so that’s some automatic respect right there.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Re: Ewing…No Experience and If his work with Dwight is any indication of his teaching skills I’d pass…lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @BigShotBob — Ewing at least has experience as an assistant. Rather than just recycling another guy who’s had 3-4 NBA head jobs with little success, I’d take a chance with a young roster on a newer candidate.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Mark Jackson has been doing a great job with my Dubs…

  • Big Island

    Austin, I agree with you. It’s a no lose for Ewing. If they still suck it’s because of the players. If they win, hey, you helped the Wizards.

  • JDish

    I feel for Coach Flip Saunders, but at the same time I also feel good for him. He don’t have to put up with egoes and imature players thinking they should get serious minutes.
    I can relate cause I coached a high school team with some real imature players.