NBA, Video / Jan 24, 2012 / 9:30 am

Russell Westbrook Is A Highlight Machine Against Detroit

Russell Westbrook

As we wrote in Smack, the Thunder obliterated the Pistons at home because their big three (Durant, Westbrook and Harden) made 28 out of 41 shots. Westbrook had two of the top five plays we saw in the NBA last night: a crazy, behind-the-back bounce pass with the left hand to Durant for a three-point play, and a hammer finish in the lane that was too quick for anyone in blue to defend. Hit the jump for the evidence.

Westbrook had another big jam last night as well. Great call on the move by the play-by-play guys.

What’s the best behind-the-back pass you’ve ever seen?

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  • DNo


  • heckler

    russell westbrook is the SH*T!
    Kevin Durant is the star…but without Westbrook playing like a stud, this team wouldnt go too far.

    Thunder are still not balanced enough to win a title. They need to get a post presence of some sort.
    sad to say, but the team needs either al horford or elton brand. they need a post player to get 8-12 touches a game, maybe 12-16pts on the block.
    they should consider trading Serge Ibaka since his value remains high.

  • Erik

    any behind the back pass in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-S8P3LGA70

  • Colton

    White Chocolates elbow behind the back pass no doubt.