High School, Video / Jan 4, 2012 / 12:30 pm

Shaquille Johnson Again Proves He’s The Top Dunker In High School

Shaquille Johnson

We’ve been huge fans of Shaquille Johnson for a while simply because you don’t see hops like these every day. We’re talking not in the NBA, overseas, on playgrounds and DEFINITELY not in high school. I’m scared for the guards that have to check him (and the big guys too) once this kid finally gets to Auburn. It could get ugly. Hit the jump for proof of why it’s not even a question that Johnson is the best high school dunker in the world.

Here’s Johnson winning a dunk contest at the Beach Ball Classic:

All time, where does Johnson rank among high school dunkers?

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  • youknowme

    No doubt a great dunker, but what about other skills like shooting, passing, ball handling and defense? Dunking only gets you so far.

  • h graham

    @youknowme youknowthat

  • D Bibins

    If you were privileged enough to watch the championship game @ The Beach Ball Classic you would have witnessed Shaquille Johnson(Shaq) silence all his naysayers; Not only did he have 3 dunks(6pts), that roared the crowd, Shaq put on a basketball exhibition that would have made any coach proud. The kid was 8-11(19 pts) from the field, 2 assist,4 rebounds,2 steals, 2-6 from the free-throw line and 1 three pointer. Not to mention the fact that he completely shut down one of the leading scores on the opposing team. To say this kid is just a dunker is an understatement. I admit, Shaq still has a lot of developing to do; but you also have to keep in mind that he’s only been playing organized ball for four and a half years. To be as dominate as he is; in the short period of time that he’s been playing is remarkable within itself. Shutout to the Auburn coaching staff for having the foresight to recognize this raw talent long before Shaq became this Internet dunking Phenom

  • hadoken

    2-6 from the ft line? once a shaq always a shaq