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Someone Finally Beats The Sixers In Philly; John Wall Is Back

John Wall

John Wall (photo. Rob Hammer)

The best team in the NBA against the worst. Blowout right? But Washington grew tired of getting jumped and walking around embarrassed the rest of the day. So they put together by far their best performance of the season in their surprising 105-102 win over the Thunder. On a night where Andray Blatche got booed in the pre-game introductions, and then booed again just three minutes in when he started his lackadaisical routine by shooting air balls, eventually everything turned to gold because John Wall took over in the fourth quarter. This was sort of a homecoming for Kevin Durant (33 points), and you could tell he was pressing. The first four times he touched it, it went up, and then in the fourth – even before he missed a three at the buzzer that would’ve tied it – he was out of control at times. Wall (25 points, seven rebounds, eight assists) was hitting nearly every free throw, and making plays on offense, but it was the two charges he took on Durant that were really impressive. After the second one with under 40 seconds left, we’ve never seen him so hyped … Russell Westbrook probably wishes he could play against his whipping boy more often. While the second-year point was putting D.C. on his back, Westbrook was busy going off for 36 points and seven dimes. In two games against Wall last season, Russ had 53 points and 25 dishes … At the end of the first, Nazr Mohammed got confused with the game clock and the shot clock and airballed a midcourt shot with five seconds left instead of starting a two-on-one fastbreak. As our friend Ben Golliver from Blazer’s Edge pointed out, this was one of those instances straight out of 2K where you get a rebound, try to directionally pass, and instead watch as you’re putting up an 80-foot shot … According to Darnell Mayberry, Jeff Green showed up in the locker room after the game, and everyone on OKC clearly misses him … Jason Terry (who LOVED talking to us over the summer about hitting clutch shots) and Chauncey Billups (21 points, eight rebounds) traded potentially game-winning triples in the closing seconds of the Clippers’ 91-89 win over the defending champs, with the wing jumper from Mr. Big Shot coming with only one second left, enough to do Dallas in … Hubie Brown on Reggie Evans: “He’s one of these studs who can stay in the league forever because he rebounds, he plays defense and he’s a tough hombre” … Shannon Brown‘s H-O-R-S-E shot – a three in the final minute that bounced from the rim to the top of the backboard and then back through again – was the dagger in Phoenix’s three-point win over the Knicks, but Steve Nash was the story. He might already be the most popular player in New York, and he doesn’t even play there. The crowd had him juiced early, doing everything they could to suck up to him, and Nash was looking refreshed in scoring 16 in the first half before finishing with 26 points and 11 assists … The Spurs are thanking Tony Parker for their first road win. He dropped 16 (25 total, nine assists) after the end of the third quarter, and San Antonio beat the Magic in overtime 85-83. These aren’t your older bro’s Spurs; They blew three consecutive possessions in the final minute of regulation (something that used to never happen), and only survived after J.J. Redick‘s OT triple was ruled too late … Tim Duncan (17 points, 10 rebounds) was using every “old man at the Y” trick in the book against Dwight Howard (24 points, 25 rebounds). Howard was visibly frustrated, and was complaining to the refs that Duncan was shoving his knee up Howard’s ass the whole game … Sean Elliott actually questioned Howard’s defensive ability on air, saying he’s good on the weakside but that he’s yet to see him matchup and shut someone down. Umm… considering no one ever even tests him, and how the Magic are routinely near the top in team defense, we think he’s just fine in every way defensively. There’s a reason he’s won the Defensive Player of the Year three consecutive seasons … Keep reading to hear about how Andre Miller surprised Philly …

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  • beiber newz

    absolutely nothing, nothing made me happier than watching the mavericks lose the way they did after what happened toward the end of smack yesterday. i was a rental clippers fan for the night. the clippers didn’t need cp3 to steal the hearts of the mavs.

    oh and john wall … i said when he gets back on track people would snap back to their senses. did al you see the comments section in the “who’s better wall/rubio” ? guys were sniffing that rubio coke too much.

    i feel like speaking on my knicks. some maverick fan pointed out that the knicks lost to a non playoff team (after I had to school him on what a non playoff team actually meant). i said to myself…okay? (the thunder just finished losing to the wizards.)


    all because i mentioned how the bulls are a fragile championship contender due to the fact that it’s rose or bust..he wanted to bring the knicks in the picture. as weird and irrelevant as the knicks were to that subject, he did it. he wanted to contend my bulls argument on the premise that they beat the suns yesterday without rose. how silly is that? the suns are not a playoff team so I didn’t understand how much he actually thought that helped him out.

    so then he says, the knicks aren’t that good themselves. yea…that came outta left field. the discussion wasn’t about who are nice teams. it was about the bulls’ prospects at a ring without their #1 man, rose. but for some odd reason, he wanted to talk about the knicks as if it related to that topic.

    the knicks lost to the suns…but on a night where their main men shot 12-44, they lost by three, supporting my claim that his claim of the bulls beating the suns didn’t hold much weight cuz if it takes a 12-44 performance of a team’s top two stars for the suns to win by 3, why would he even point out to me that the knicks losing helped his reasoning? it took a blast from the past performance from booz and an outta nowhere performance from watson for the bulls to win the suns.

    Maybe it’s because he feels jaded by Tyson chandler for leaving his mavs? Possibly.

  • Me

    iono beiber, if I’m picking a pg between wall and rubio TODAY, i’m picking rubio.

    Always been more a fan of true PG’s. Wall’s situation isn’t the best, but no one on our team is gonna replace what rubes does. Wall scores a lot and doesn’t facilitate as much; doesn’t make anyone better. Scorers are a dime a dozen.

    I don’t think this will even be close in 3 years though. Wall will be way better by then (if he ever gets some teammates)

  • JBaller

    Did the worst team in the league just beat the best team in the league? Anything can happen in the nba! Good win for Denver in Philly, they haven’t been great on the road. Chauncey earning his nickname in Clipperland, haven’t seen a big shot out of him in a while. Kidd blew the coverage on that play and left him wide open. My knicks lost again, it’s gonna be a long season. I wonder if Amare asked Nash to come chase a ring with him in the big apple. Their gonna need more than just him though.

  • beiber newz

    @ ME

    YEA, rubio is the better definition of “point guard” yes…wall is the better talent. what i mean by that is, well, look at these two players, in their primes, calderon and steve francis. francis may make more all star games, because he the betta talent, but calderon is way better and making teammates betters. even though francis was a triple double threat most nights, calderon is still more focused on moving the ball, finding teammates, etc.

  • K Dizzle

    Someone get Dwight a tissue. After a tutorial like that from Timmy, my man needs to watch the tape and learn everything he can from TD before he retires.
    I get the feeling that when TD’s done playin, he’s gonna disappear into the sunset smokebomb-ninja-styles.

    Anybody else catch NBA Tv’s replay of the 93 Eastern Conf semis Hornets vs Knicks gm 3? Dudes were ballin. I can’t believe I forgot how sick Zo n Ewing were. The post moves and defensive intensity was ridic. LJ, Muggsy, Gill, Johnny Newman, Mason, Starks, Oak, Doc…Playoff intensity musta been more intense back in the day cuz I got nervous just watchin the shyt

  • beiber newz

    RUBIO NICE THOUGH don’t get me wrong. i posted a link one time of where i said he’d be a “for sure stud” …but i got heat for that cuz people said i was patting my back.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    I am just going to mention this once and it is up to everyone of you here to decide what is needed to be done.

    beiber newz aka QQ is in all likelihood former Dime intern Andrew Macaluso. Yup. The same person that Dime allowed to write a few articles and would then go bad mouth people who commented on them negatively. This person has antagonized a lot of people here.

    I posted it yesterday asking Dime for some contact details of Mr. Macaluso. To my surprise he confirmed my long time suspicion with his own posts

    “Wow, alf going X-Files on your asses, Dime. Oooooohhhh.” — QQ

    “@25 werd right! hahaha alf scaring me with that comment. sounds like an fbi agent! have i breached anything by seeing that? do i now too much? don’t kill me!” — beiber newz.

    It is not that hard to trace this guy. The time line is there from QQ to Mr. Macaluso to beiber now. It is also easy to see the similarities on how they word stuff. Even the apologies issued are very similar.

    I know after this post, Mr. Macaluso might go on one of them tirades against me. But guess what? I will not be responding. I will only answer to Dime.

    What is my point here? I have two.

    If he was placed by Dime here to create traffic to their website, then they chose the wrong person to employ. It is also wrong for them to allow him to offend people here. Either they place a capable moderator here or ban this person all together.

    If he was not employed by Dime, then this person is living a pathetic life. All he does is rant and pat his back at every opportunity. I do not know the stats but you can tell he is ever present.

    My apologies guys for this lengthy piece. Back to basketball.

  • DE

    dont ban beibz, i kinda like his stupid comments.
    rubio doing everything to win. who says he cant defend? took a couple of charges and been stealing like a thief.
    too bad cp3 aint playing against the wolves. would love to see how rubio stack up against cp3/b-b-b-billups..

  • googol

    John Wall looking very good. A 18/8 isn’t out of the question.

  • yoda

    @ alf

    would you bet your meal allowance on that? :)

    like i’ve said before, rubio is refreshing player when it comes to young point guards, because he rather dish out than shoots.

  • stefan

    “Kevin Durant (33 points)… The first four times he touched it, it went up”
    “The crowd had him juiced early, doing everything they could to suck up to him”

    it’s like reading a dirty story in hustler magazine

  • stefan

    I didn’t even read the whole article yet, but here is another one:
    “Duncan was shoving his knee up Howard’s ass the whole game”

  • Andrew

    Damn Alf!!! Thats some great investigation!!!

  • flying-aussie-dutchman

    @ alf and yoda

    I swear I was watching some Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, and during it he spits out “…..blah blah blah…. AND if I was you, I would bet your (or my??) meal allowance on that!”

    I was like hmmm, ive heard that before.. Sooooooo I guess i’ll continue the style:

    “Who’s your father, and what does he do” :)

  • Chaos

    So basically andre miller and tim duncan are in the same category as paul pierce now. Old ass players some how getting it done even tho they move and acting like doddering old men. How are they still productive?!

    Dallas seems right about the point where they will start beating good teams….

    Joe jeezy like john must read dime and see all the flack he is catching…

  • beiber newz

    Alf…I must say…congrats to you for that work of yours, seriously. It is well thought out and put together and it shows great analytical thinking on your part. I must say, impressive. But it befuddles me, you didn’t come across that way in times past mainly because you seemed to have falling into the online, childish, immature war against me. I didn’t think someone like yourself who’s said some whacky things in the past can sit down and come up with such a thesis.

    Psychoanalyzing you I came to the conclusion this guy which you are regarding to must have some sort of impact on your mind. Why else would something like this have stuck with you so long? I mean, it’s clear that you have this burden on your thoughts and it’s interacting with your psyche. You have made an intricate timeline, something that someone who has not been affected would not be able to string together.

    It’s very interesting, and I found it amusing and conveying to the premise that you have had one eye open toward me for some time in the recent. I should not be your focus, like you mentioned in your last line, it should be basketball that is your focus.

    After getting this through, I think it’s only right to say I have disappointed you in the respects that I am actually……not who you speak of. I am a black man, from bronx new york. It’s actually quite creepy, because not too long ago I was wondering if people here think I must work for dime because most things I say draws fire. I have become the biggest lightning rod on this site, and without request on my part. I was beginning to believe that some of you may think I say things to get hits and it almost led me to email dime asking for my own section, namely (under work) : beibz corner.

    I would make articles about things I see basketball-wise, throw in the occasional hot girl pic/video (call it sexyDIMEfridays). But hey, I must say, intriguing work on your part. But I am once again sorry to disappoint you. I feel like it’d be wrong to lead you on after you spent a great deal of time with this idea on your mind and enough time to lay it out for us dime readers. It’s only right that I address you.

    But in final words: go knicks

  • Bear

    All i’m even going to muster to comment is what a waste of a 1st comment on smack today. Leave it man, why the hell try and stir up Big I again, Good work on your peace keeping…………..

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I came here to post something about basketball… after reading through the comments, it looks like I came to the wrong place.

  • LeRoy Green

    god DAMN it Rick Carlisle….

    WHY oh WHY would you draw up a play for a LOB against the team they call LOB city????? Who in the fuckin universe is gonna catch a lob OVER Blake Griffin or Deandre Jordan???? Thats a bad play call.

    I know I know, only a second on the clock so the shot has to go up quick but shit….if theres any time a lob play AINT gonna work against it would be the LOB Angeles clippers. I wouldve rather seen Jet or Dirk or Kidd take a 3 from 5 feet behind the 3 pt line than to see them try and throw a pass over Griffins head lol Did they not see the oop Randy Foye threw to Griffin in the 1st half??? That shit was fuckin nasty. Mo Williams lit us the fuck up too. Good game but both teams were exhausted by the time the 4th quarter came around.

    I dont know how the Mavs are come look comin into Utah tonight. That team is playin very good TEAM ball and have alot of good chemistry goin. Def gonna be a mental test to try and win in Utah. If the Jazz get out to a big lead early….it might be curtains already.

    Oh and Co-sign JAY, I hate scrollin thru comments and half of them gotta do more with bickering at other screen names that actually talkin bout bball. Its all good I automatically skip a certain few posters and keep it movin.

    And the Knicks….LMAO. I wanna see the Knicks do good, but they need a true leader. Who is holdin who accountable on the defensive end??? I dont have league pass yet but I wanna watch more of their games and see if they ever play Zone D. Ppl 4get…..the zone was CRITICAL in us winning the chip against miami. Not the zone ALL the time but switchin up the scheme to confuse teams works when you got Chandler workin like a dog in the middle. But my bad….DanPhony only cares bout offense. And even THAT looks bad lately. Melo and STAT….What were they a combined 12 of 44 or some shit??? dudes needa pass the rock and get some fluid motion. I guess a true point would help that.

    MAVS ALL DAY 214

  • mo.B.bad

    Parker was tearing us to shreds last night and Jameer could do nothing (like he’s done nothing all year). we had to bring on Larry Hughes to guard Parker, and Hughes can’t do anything else so we were basically attacking with 4 guys!

    with Von Miller looking a solid option as a Backup #2 and Redick improving every year, I think trading Jameer and J-Rich for a Starting PG would be a really smart move.

    whether it’s Dre Miller, Steve Nash, or anyone really. we just need an actual floor general out there. someone who can get the ball to Dwight down low with more than 10 seconds left on the shot clock.

    but Otis is an idiot, so I don’t expect it.

  • Dapro


    Sean Elliot made a valid point against Dwight, he is great as a help defender. Let’s see how he plays straight man against Bynum….Although it was years ago, Yao routinely gave Howard buckets on the block! Howard is David Robinson 2.0 minus the mid-range jumper. Pair Howard with a Timmy Duncan type (superstar minus the ego.. like Rose) and he’s on his way to a chip but as the “man” he’s never winning a ring.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @JAY -dark times, my friend.

    Last night, W-L wise, was a weird one in the League.

    Champs losing to the Clips. Worst team losing to the best team. Spurs winning on the road. Sixers losing. Sacramento beating a quality Indy squad. Just weird.

    @ alf – I’m speechless. I was hoping that you’d share your X-File with everyone. I hope someone from Dime confirms/denies this publicly. I remember Macaluso, but I don’t remember him loving the Magic (QQ) or the Knicks/Lakers/Heat (beiber).

  • gilford

    Maybe alf can also find out what happened to the corpse of Sporty-J(remember him?)

  • LeRoy Green

    Anybody else catch NBA Tv’s replay of the 93 Eastern Conf semis Hornets vs Knicks gm 3? Dudes were ballin.


    @ K Dizzle

    I saw that! Brought me back to days of real grind it out basketball. One play Doc Rivers cut down the lane, caught the pass and punched on Zo lol Knicks had a squad 4 real. I love old school games. And yea Pat and Alonzo had true post up skills.

  • beiber newz

    I callin dwight on the lakers. Let the haters’ nightmare begin.

  • mo.B.bad


    Yao is 7’6 and Howard is 6’11.

    anyway Dwight was a youngster still developing his game back then whereas Yao was right in the groove. if Yao from then met Dwight from now, I’d back Dwight to win the matchup even WITH Yao’s 7 inch height advantage.

    Dwight does need a second all-star caliber player alongside him if he wants to win. since that’s clearly NOT going to be Jameer, trading him & J-Rich for someone that fits the bill is the way to go.

    with a proper PG and a backup Big for Dwight, the Magic could win the East. they’d certainly give the Bulls a great series.

  • Balla

    @BeiberNewz. Did u really just compare Steve Francis to a Jose Calderon….a factor to a non factor????!?!?

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Glad the topic has turned back to basketball…

    Cosign dag… last night must have been a full moon cuz some weird things were going on.

    Take it easy on the Wall/Rubio thing. Nobody said Wall was garbage. People would just take Rubio over him, and you’re acting like that’s the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard. Pro-Rubio reasons make sense, just like pro-wall reasons make sense. Looking at his numbers, and seeing how active he is, Rubio is someone who could pull off a quad-double IN HIS ROOKIE YEAR… he could at least flirt with the feat, and you acting like everyone is crazy. It’s fine that you disagree, but what’s the point of jumping on here after Wall has a good game?

    Rubio’s line was 9-8-7-6… those numbers don’t jump out at the fairweather fan but to any knowledgeable basketball head, it’s pretty damn impressive. He’s all over the court. The kid already has 7 games under his belt with 3 steals or more (most in the league). It all depends on what the individual is looking for in a point guard. Some people want the athleticism and scoring ability of Wall. Some people like the heady decision maker handling the ball. DIME brought that article up to spark conversation, not to see who’s right. It wasn’t a choice between Wall and Tony Douglas. You aren’t right, and the pro-rubio guys aren’t right. Quit acting like you are.

    I see you been studying everyone’s tendencies. You must be a very good poker player. Lol.
    I remember Macaluso… I thought it was cool for a Dime writer to interact with the posters as often as he did. I didn’t find him much different than AB. But then again, you might have had a run-in with him at some point that I missed.

    And IMO, Sean Elliott has a point. As mentioned above by Dapro, Yao gave it to Howard every time they played eachother. I read somewhere that Yao’s numbers vs Howard are better than his numbers vs. the rest of the league. It’s because the other teams double-teamed Yao, and because Yao always made the right play, he moved the ball. Orlando has Howard so they played Yao in single coverage, so Yao thrived against Howard.
    Don’t get me wrong, I believe Howard is a very good defender, but if you look at the matchups he had against talented offensive centers in their prime (basically just Yao) Elliott has a point.

    Dwight was winning defensive player awards when Yao was giving him the business. And Yao was playing on busted knees.

  • Phileus

    @ DaPro: dead on. Dime said Dwight had never been tested, but they apparently forgot that Yao pretty much shit on him whenever they played: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/h2h_finder.cgi?request=1&p1=howardw01&p2=mingya01

    Yao had skill, finesse, and post moves that negated the severe athletic advantage Howard had.

    Howard’s a good defensive player, but the reason he’s gotten DPOY three years running has more to do with his gaudy blocks than anything else.

  • beiber newz

    Jay, I like rubio , n I like wall. I just said ppl were on rubiocoke cuz they were some were saying it wasn’t close. Umm yea.

    But I hear eddy curry may play tonight! Can’t wait to see him in action

  • beiber newz

    And jay, if you were really mad at the non basketball comments, y’d u acknowledge alf’s? I think u just pretended to be mad cuz it’s the cool thing to say now. Other ppl’s comments should have no adverse affect on you. If I came here talking about how much I like chinese food, that doesn’t stop u from talking about the mavs losing yesterday. Just state your words. Simple.

    I hope the lakers beat the heat tonight ! Omg kobe may go off and it’s on tnt?! That’s popcorn and a game night! Maybe even some capri sun from my captain america luchbox and some cotton candy too that my mom packed for school to eat during the game! Jk. I jus wanted to sound like a 10 year old. But seriously, lebron got the stage wit wade out, and kobe always wants to beat lebron. His record aint good against lbj tho, but I think kobe gonna use that as fuel tonight. I hope la wins this, I can see chalmers going ham tho.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    alf’s post was relevant to this site.

  • beiber newz

    O and while thinking about the celtics trading the big 3, I bet that had da Cs been winning games , their value will be higher. Since they losing, their value doesn’t look so good. And dey lookin for young players….good luck. I said a few days ago I would want to see dem trade the 3 sooner, keep rondo and build players around him. Rondo, even tho he is hated, can make players better than they are. For yrs ppl hav been saying the big 3 are done but they always outperform expectations because rondo is actually a good pg. Giv him credit. With a younger team, 3 yrs from now, rondo will be in his prime and the Cs can still be competitive. Unless they got hosed like the hornets and get players just because they young instead of taking health and skill into account. Aminu is doing shit, and gordon is mia. That draft pick better turn into drummond or they finished.

  • Big Island

    The best part about the friggin Chauncey shot was Jason Kidd jumping as hard as he could into Blake Griffin and he didn’t even move. Just blown coverage. And like Leroy Green said, that lob was terrible. NOBODY ON THE MAVS CAN GET UP FOR A DUNK ANYMORE!!! Worst play design ever. I wish Dirk would have gone for 40, but I’ll be ok.

    LJ was a MAN before his back gave out. Even with no back he was still a Man. Watching Zo and Ewing was always fun because they beat the crap out of each other.

    Beib – I’ve got nuthin but love for ya baby. *what you got* I got nuthin but love for ya honey. *yeah, whatever* I know you want lots of jewels and stuff. Back yards with swimming pools, bars with stools and stuff.

  • robzilla

    Agree with Dapro and Phileus. Sean Elliot made that comment because Dwight bit on Timmy’s little up and under and swiped down at the ball. No one’s seen THAT move from Timmy before… ever.

    Stop hating on Sean. Ya’ll act like he SHOULDN’T be a homer. HIS NUMBER IS HANGING IN THE RAFTERS OF THE AT&T CENTER. Get over it.

  • beiber newz

    Jay if your reasoning was that it was relevant to this site, I responded to his relevancy , also my first comment was about what happened on this site, so your explanation loses all logic. No offense

  • K Dizzle

    What do you think, Celtic fans?

    Yao did whoop Dwight’s ass but I think he mighta been the only center to do that cuz everybody else in the past aside from Shaq(6-6 vs Dwight and he was OLD) got torched by Dwight.

    @ Laker fans – light an extra candle for Bynum’s legs tonight cuz tonight’s an easy one for him vs Miami’s centers but he got Dwight on friday so this is about the time the injury sneaks up

  • beiber newz

    @ big island, I lost all “love” for you because you flippin on me as if you have reason to. That’s a sucker move. Sorry. Your responses to me lately have been distasteful. If you don’t agree with what I say, no need to have backhanded remarks to them. You are obviously pandering to your new clique. Strange move, it’s the mark of a follower. Which I now thing you are. Cut out that cornyness.

  • Taj

    Rubio had a nice line last night.. That’s what a prototypical PG should give you. Wall is an athlete that’s a good basketball..

  • That’s What’s Up

    So beiber is a disgruntled former employee… that’s some funny shit. Hell it may be true but I don’t read his/her posts.

    As far as Sporty-J, he choked to death on Dirk’s Bratwurst immediately after game 6. He has never been heard from again.

    Spurs with a nice road win – makes that Miami ass-whuppin’ a little easier to take. I have to admit, when I heard the announcers say Larry Hughes I had to rewind that shit to make sure it was the same dude.

  • ceasar paciotti

    @bieber news is just some kid i used to cook in the legendary Taffner field house at St. Johns University. light work, a threat to no one but himself and the napkins he skeets in.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @KDizzle and LEroy Green <—Last Dragon!!!

    Yeah I peeped the Hornets vs Knicks game too. It's hard to turn that stuff off. Zo vs Ewing was just some good basketball on both ends of the court. And the refs let them men play like men.
    But Larry Johnson is one of my all-time favorties. I even tried getting a gold tooth when i was 13 because of him. I had the part down the middle of my head and I tried to break every rim(adjusted of course lol) i dunked on. Dude was like the Ray Lewis of the NBA.

    we've gone over this many times on the comment section about Dwights defensive abilities. He's the best weak side shot blocker in the NBA. his hops, timing, length, and quickness combined are unmatched. But as far as a one on one defender I'm not sold. I hope that when the Magic play the Lakers, both big guys cover eachother one on one and the Lakers run the offense through Bynum. We'll finally get to see if they are legit big men. Until then, I guess the door to this debate will be left open.

    In Dwights defense, he has dominated every other center in the NBA. But that doesn't include, big guys like Amare, Duncan, KG, LMA, Blake, Gasol, and Dirk who are labeled PFs. In my opinion, if Dwight is so good on defense, he should be switching out to guard those PFs too.

    Just looking back to the finals match up of Dwight vs Gasol

    Pau's line: 42mpg 18ppg 9rpg 2bpg 2apg 60%FG
    Dwights line: 42mpg 15ppg 15rpg 4bpg 2apg 1.6spg 49%FG 4 fouls per game

    Bynums line: 6ppg 4rpg 0.6bpg 36%FG 19mpg 4 fouls per game

    I believe Bynum was injured of coming off injury in that finals so maybe that's why he played so little minutes. But that just means Dwight matched up with Gasol a lot more as they both played 42 min per game.

    The stat that is most telling is the FG%. Dwight shot significantly lower in the finals (49%) vs Gasol than in 12 regular season games vs Gasol (61%FG). While Gasol shot %60FG in the finals vs Dwight (and his great defense) which is much higher than the 53%FG he shoots vs him in the Regular season.


  • mo.B.bad

    when was the last time Yao gave Dwight “the business” ?? coz Dwight has been getting better every year and, like I said, I’d wanna see him go up against Yao now.

    and he only wins DPY for his blocks? puhlease. have you seen how secure the Magic are with him on the floor? and how insecure things get when he’s off it? he’s a stupendous defensive anchor and a worthy winner of DPY. stop hatin’.

    as for Ainge breaking up the Big Three: I still can’t believe they traded Perkins away to KEEP the Big Three! Perkins and Rondo is a core you can build a team around.

    Allen is the only one I’d keep, because with his style he could be contributing for years to come. PP and KG need to be moved on though. no joke.

  • beiber newz

    Taffner was da shit. Paris horne use to ball up in dere. Deron williams dropped 50 on him tho in turkey.

  • Big Island

    I doubt the Celtics get anything worth much if they break up the team. They made the decision a few years back to go after rings now and deal with the downfall later. It’s later, the downfall is here/coming, and it is what it is. Nobody is going to give up good picks or young players for Pierce or KG. Ray can still play though.

    Beib, come oooonn. Please? Pretty please? I was playing, take me back. Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top? I am going to lift and then to work. That should give you about 5 hours to change your mind. If it makes you feel any differently, it’s my birthday today. The best present I could get would be you taking me back. *batting my long eyelashes*

  • beiber newz

    There are a lot of retards on this site.

  • beiber newz

    Ok, I’m gonna make one last comment on the Rubio situation… I sat and thought about it, Rubio is a STUD. If he keeps developing at the rate he has been, he will easily be a top 3 PG within a year.

    Where are all the Kobe haters? I’m waiting for yall. Fuck YOU!

  • beiber newz

    Great, my name is being soiled.

    posts 46 and 47 were NOT me.

    BigI – C’mon man. Seriously? Relax, it’s not that serious.

  • beiber newz

    I prefer to skeet in socks while watching sexy tranny porn. Just FYI.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “Jay if your reasoning was that it was relevant to this site, I responded to his relevancy , also my first comment was about what happened on this site, so your explanation loses all logic.”

    Who says I was talking solely about you?? Your reaction to my comment is on the level on Drake’s reaction to Common. I wasn’t even talking about you… I didn’t even read your posts at that point. I’m at work. Do you know what it’s like to read websites at work?? I can’t just read long-ass essays any time of the day. I read them when I can. My first post was a general statement about everything. Sorry, if you felt like it was directed solely at you, but it wasn’t. Why would I post some veiled diss about one person on the internet?? When I address someone, I always make it obvious that I’m addressing them with “@name”, or I drop a direct quote from that person. You aren’t the only one here buddy. Get over yourself.

    I used to have more patience to go back and forth with you, but my discussion with you are done with you for today. Seems like you’re having a moody day. Moving along…

  • beiber newz

    wow i cant believe all the people here are turning on me, forming their own cliques, and accusing me of skeeting in napkins. i always skeet on myself then rub it in like ben-gay.

    these are all very strange moves, moves only made by lambs and lemmings who can’t find their own way. i am not a lamb, i am a cult leader. i will form my own clique where people dont pick on me and make fun of me, i will get my moral comeuppance one day.

    and i lied earlier, you guys can obviously see that there is no way i could possibly be black at all. i am as white as michael jackson’s fake children.

  • beiber newz

    wow i cant believe all the people here are turning on me, forming their own cliques, and accusing me of skeeting in napkins and socks. i do like tranny porn, but i always skeet on myself then rub it in like ben-gay.

    these are all very strange moves, moves only made by lambs and lemmings who can’t find their own way. i am not a lamb, i am a cult leader. i will form my own clique where people dont pick on me and make fun of me, and i will get my moral comeuppance one day.

    and i lied earlier, you guys can obviously see that there is no way i could possibly be black at all. i am as white as michael jackson’s fake children.

  • beiber newz

    Jay, 90 percent of these comments are not the real me. Ignore any bitchy-beiber. It’s a faker .

  • control

    God damn, why is everyone stressing and depressing so much today? It’s a good day, Rondo got hurt! Haha. I don’t know why he hasn’t realized that his tiny and thin little arms can’t hold his weight, so if he’s going to fall he should just land on his stupid looking face or ass. Seems every time the guy falls, he nearly breaks a limb, guess that is what he gets for being a douchebag. At least Toronto did SOMETHING right this season!

  • beiber newz

    except for my bitchy post to you earlier questioning your logic, that was really me.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    Alf is right. Beiber = QQ. They both do the schizo shit where they act like someone hacked their name when in reality it is one person the whole time. Sad…

  • beiber newz

    The fact that someone would say “wow everyone turning on me” proves there’s a faker cuz I knew everyone turned on me for months now. Jay, ignore the bitchy-beib. He slips up everytime.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    I think everytime rondo goes off 1 foot like that a big man should put him on his ass. Make him learn by experience that going in like that has consequences for lil dudes.
    Did anyone else see blake griffin try to coax a flagrant call from the ref after being fouled by Cardinal?

  • beiber newz

    Notice how the faker said “except for my bitchy comment about your logic” does that even make sense? I say ignoire the bitchyness, and then the faker uses bitchy in an adverb to describe a post he wants u to think is real. Slippin. Also, y wuld da real me even say anything I do is bitchy? Slippin cuz he sippin

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    @ big I
    Happy birthday to ya

    @ jay
    Man i was thinking the same thing and you posted it. Its hard enough to read a post, work, submit a post, work, wait for a response, work, and then read 3-4 paragraphs of fluff when only about 7 lines of it are really important to the discussion or something i didnt know.

    @ biebs
    I can see why you think chalmers would go off tonight, no steve blake, fisher starting, rookie backups, but if he cant hit open shots then hes not a big threat in my eyes. I think the biggest problem will be mike miller and the mismatches he presents to the lakers D.

  • beiber newz

    I’m the real beiber newz the person saying I’m slippin is a fake, or a fake of a fake. Geez, it’s hard to keep track.

    To prove it’s me let me make a prediction so I can pat myself on the back at a later date.

    Kobe will go to the HoF. Take that Laker Haters

  • beiber newz

    Yea panchitoo, jus cuz of mike miller I can see artest playing a nice role in tonite’s game, I may go as far as to call him tonight’s x-factor.

  • beiber newz

    ^^ that was alf. i am the real fake beiber newz, the one and only wannabeiber, not to be confused with the actual beiber newz, who is a loser and likes to accuse people of being the fake beiber newz when he has no proof who the real fake beiber newz is.

  • CLAW

    Nash the oldest player to go 25+ pts and 10+ assists, and Melo was D’d up by a 50 year old Grant Hill. If I’m the “Big 3″ for the C’s trade me to the Suns they are doing some santeria or something. Even when Shaq went there he was actually playing ball routinely.

    Knicks suck and Denver is solid, how is that trade working out? Team > “players”

    What happened to Dirk, his stats are way down and he hasn’t been looking the same offensively. Is he cruising after winning a chip?

  • silky

    @big isl – lol was listening to that heavy d jam yesterday … classic

    for all those who dismiss mugsey as a bit of a sideshow… watching that old knicks/hornets game showed how much of a problem he could be… a legit game changer

    nyk losing to suns @home- smh

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Side note:
    Im getting upset at all these bandwagon clipper fans walking around LA, if you dont know who ryan gomes or randy foye is than you aint no mother fucking clipper fan. Same thing with 9er fans. I head to BWW alot to watch NFL and its funny to see all these fools with their brand new, fresh out the box jerseys on.

    All of a sudden

  • beiber newz

    Russell westbrook got paid

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    @ CLAW
    dirk was on that juice last year just like rashard and pietrius was that one year when they where hitting everything during their playoff run.

    Lol@ im a lighting rod im a lighting rod!

    Artest having a good game offensively is a scary thought, soooo much could go wrong.

    Looking foward to:
    Mike Brown vs Lebron James
    Kobe Bryant vs Shane Battier
    Pau Gasol vs Andruw Bynum

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Does anyone know if Lebron is playing tonight?

    Heard a rumor he’s sick and there’s no line for that game.

  • LakeShow84

    My my has the comments section fallin from grace lol

  • beiber newz

    Kobe has a very large penis. I saw it. Believe it or not, it’s white. He should be called the white mamba because his snake is white, if you know what I mean. Maybe he is getting what michael jackson is getting..where the skin changes color. But as I was sucking on it, it started changing colors. Could that be why venessa left? I hit his ex wife from the back because I am from new york and I am a g and a rapper and rappers have sex with women.

    Do yall actually think kobe’s ex wife never cheated on him? She too bad to be innocent. She got around with that fine ass.

  • LakeShow84

    Cosign Panchitoooo

    Im getting real tired of this Clipper shit.. They actually try to say some shit like “never a dull day in CLIPPERLAND” last night


  • beiber newz

    Panchitooo, let me lay of what I feel artest would do tonight.

    Guard miller possibly lbj. That’ll be his role, a big role as he’s picked up dnp-cd’s . I can see him taking critical 3s, in each qtr and drawing fouls even this game, mainly becuz he is real strong and da heat don’t have the best inside presence. He won’t score 20 but his points will be felt. But there is a chance he hovers around 12-15 pts.

    There is also a chance he rides the pine. I hope not. He will be needed this game.

  • LakeShow84

    I dont want to see Artest guard Lebron..

    Lebron abuses him.. Just this Lebron is different so i dont know..

  • beiber newz

    baby… baby… baby ooooooohhhh

  • beiber newz

    haha, there are like 8 beiber. Beiber, u gay.

  • beiber newz

    Who would you feel comfortable putting on lb? Barnes is feisty, but can he go 40 minutes? Kobe will step in on him when he wants but I don’t know if the coach will like that. I can def see mike brown wanting to see his new star kobe lock up his old star, lbj, because lbj didn’t put in a gud word for mike brown to keep his job in cleveland. I wonder if brown is holding a grudge. I wuld love to see kobe lock up lbj in the 4th qtr critical moments and hit a game winner. Or just winning convincingly will be jus as sweet.

    But I got off track, barnes for 40 min on lbj is not likely, artest is like the only guy, physically, who can take a beating from lbj while making things hard on him.

    Maybe you should give the idea a chance.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lakers could run a kobe, barnes, artest, pau, and bynum lineup that could work well but if barnes aint active on offense(cutting and jumpers) then its not a going to work. With all big guys and kobes percentage down from the arc it could turn ugly if the games running at a fast pace. If kobe gets 10+ assist tonight no way the heat win.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Cant wait to see troy murphy, mcbob or luke walton on LBJ tonight. It sounds like a mismatch but lebron love to rush into mismatches and usually doesnt get off the best possible shot when playing against weaker defenders.

    Whos gonna get the first flagrant on Lebron, Mcbob or Barnes?

  • stefan


    Sometimes I like to read the comments section. There are days when I don’t even visit dimemag.com, but there are days when I am in the mood of some basketball talk. Then I read most of the articles of the day and maybe of the day before, and even the comments sections of some. There are at times interesting analyses by some people that help me form an opinion.
    Nowadays I have to stop reading the comments when I see conversations about users and shit like that. I do not have time for that and it is ruining my pleasure of visiting dimemag.com.
    I am sure I am not the only one thinking this. I know this because I see a lot of different users commenting on your giveaway articles. Some of those people read the comments too, but they decide not to comment themselves, like I do. I also do not want to visit other basketball forums, because I don’t have time to keep up with the discussions there.
    I like this format, commenting on a news or other interesting article. I want to keep reading dimemag.com with pleasure. For this reason I kindly ask you guys to assign someone as your comments administrator. I think it’s not so hard to delete the comments that are not relevant. I am not asking for a lot of rules that might put in danger the visits of your regular contributors to your comments sections. Just a little order so we can all enjoy some insightful, basketball talk.
    Thank you very much,
    your reader from the netherlands, Stefan.

  • LakeShow84

    Thank you Stefan

    Cut these weak ass kids on here talking to themselves

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    A healthy dose of Lebron in the post while artest is on the bench could eventually kill the lakers. Thats the reason why i think mike miller may have a big night.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Good post stefan. Not even two months ago I was saying how awesome the comments section here is… I take that all back now. It’s done a complete 180 degree turn… now it’s one of the worst. There’s a LOT of fluff in here now. If the comments were a music album, there would be 1 or 2 tracks to pay attention to, and a ton of filler tracks, and there comes a point where I have to start asking myself, “why am I listening to this fuckin album??” I used to come here more for the discussion than for the articles… now I think it’s simply because it’s habit.

    Welcome back Lakeshow.

  • beiber newz

    @stefan….someone needs to tell the fake beiber to stop with the antics. Talking about little boys, cute men and fucking kobe. Guys you get on me for talking basketball stuff that annoy you, you same guys should tell the fake beiber to cool it. There should be no double standard.

  • control

    Anyone noticed Blake’s body language in games lately? If the guy doesn’t get every call, he seems to like have that slow walk/pout/wtf face. I hope he doesn’t start turning into one of THOSE guys…

    His teammates need to pay attention to him more too, there are at least 5-6 times a game where he’s open and breaking towards rim, and nothing happens. Toss it up for the guy, give the crowd what they came for and give me some good fantasy stats!

  • LeRoy Green

    What happened to Dirk, his stats are way down and he hasn’t been looking the same offensively. Is he cruising after winning a chip?


    @ CLAW

    i think you might be right. I mean he wants to get it done but he is obviously outta shape. He never sprints back on D, cant play extended minutes and doesnt demand the ball as much as he should.

    I know the crazy schedule is a factor but its not just that. His drive and determination arent nearly where they were last year. Dirk finally climbed the mountain last year. He’s still feelin like a champ after all the work he put in finally paid off…as he should feel. The Mavs will make the playoffs….Howard trade or not….but I don’t see them gettin outta the 2nd round. Not wit this squad.

    Lamar Scrotum is playin like a dick head. Jackin up jumpers, never takes it to the rim…he clearly still wants to be a Laker deep down. Oh well. Trade him, Vince, Marion and whoever else to get Howard by the deadline OR pick up D Will this summer.

  • NYK

    watching the knicks smh
    how i wish nash would be distributing that ball to melo and amare

  • beiber newz

    the sun came up today. called it.

    back pat.

  • beiber newz

    As soon as nash comes to ny to play with amare and melo, the same guys who are saying the melo/amare mix is a fail will change those words as soon as nash brings structure.

  • JBaller

    Stefan going SOPA on dime! Love it! Let’s get a censor in here, oh wait, they might cut this post out.

    @Leroy, Lamar Scrotum is my new favorite nickname! He’s acting like a little bitch (his wife). Man up and play or sit the fuck down, but don’t be crying about being traded. How can he and Ron Artest be from the same hood?

    Blake is learning how to get super-stat treatment. His goofy hair and freckles just make him look boyish when he pouts, but all the stars do it.

    Melo is missing today’s practice, one of very few opportunities to learn to play as a team in this short season. If it’s a real family emergency he gets a pass, but if it’s a fight with his wife or a day to rest he is a punk.

    Looking forward to Heat vs Lakers, mostly just to see who comes to play, could be good but LA has had some let downs.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Beibs and fake biebs should have a rap battle about tonight lakers v heat game

  • Mt. Pleasant

    So who would you rather have?

    Westbrook at 5yrs 80mil or Rondo at 5yrs 55mill?

    I think I’d take Rondo.

  • beiber newz

    Panchitoooo , you don’t think it’s wrong that you encourage fake beib yet stifle me when I say stuff related to ball?

  • LakeShow84

    Ima wait until Lebron gets a full year under his belt with this new “post game”..

    Dude is 9 steps with 2 hands on the ball waiting to happen lol

    Right on Jay bruh

    And i would like to take back what i said about the Knicks taking the East.. Thought Melo was a better leader than that..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Mt Pleasant

    Ill take Rondo

  • CLAW

    @LeRoy – They need DWill, he would ramp that team up quickly and might bring some spring in their step! Saw something about Dirk’s knee bothering him and then you have Odom talkin about taking off the entire year because of the CP3 trade? What are you a chick? Step up, you are playing on the champs and stick it to the Lakers! What a little byiatch.

    Nash might help the offense but that D would suck even more, if that’s possible. Nash is still a top PG but I’d rather see him on Blazers or Magic, he would be just what they need in Miami but I’d hate for that to happen thank God they have nothing to trade. Mike Miller? Mario Chalmers? GTFOH!

  • CLAW

    Wish comments was like Facebook where you can just hide a person’s posts so you don’t have to see them. This might be at 40 if that were the case!

    Westbrook all day! Even at an extra $5M a year.

  • UncheckedAggression

    For the last time, IGNORE BIEBER. If y’all are seriously concerned with the direction the comments have gone, ignore anyone and anything relating to the guy. Perhaps he’ll either mature or leave.

    And Bieber, you created this shitstorm. You post way too often, argue in the most ridiculous and blind way, and simply disrespect every other opinion on here. You use this as a goddamn journal or something with your stream of consciousness bullshit. And if it is you pulling this QQ-type imposter stuff, I feel sorry for you. If others are messing with you (I’m sure this is happening at least a little) then all I can say is that you brought this shit on yourself.

    I got the Clips on league pass broadband and I’m pretty disappointed with Griffin all-around. I’m not liking his attitude or his defense. And his offense needs more work than advertised.

  • baron von faulk

    I used to read Dimemag Smack every day a few years ago, and was a very active commentor.

    Then the Lakers got good for a couple years and that alone always drives me away from the NBA, being a Spurs fan and Kobe-hater and all.

    Also, there was this dude on here that just made the comments section incredibly unbearable, he was a huuuge Detroit fan and his name was uhhhh, someone help me out here…

    I know people like KDizzle, Chicagorilla, LakeShow84, That’s What’s Up, control, and the other relatively old school posters remember who I’m talking about. Alf was pretty new on the scene and was making absurd posts all the time, too, about wanting to get hired by Dime to write articles. Haha, but maybe he knows who I’m talking about, too? This guy was a bitter contrarian just for the sake of arguing, like one of my dipsh*t cousins who would ask questions he already knew the answer to just to frustrate the hell outta me.

    Anyway, yesterday I come back to Dimemag after a 2+ year layoff or so and see that there are new dipsh*ts fulfilling this omnipresent role as comment-section antagonizer extraordinaire. You merely facilitate angst and argument, how special of a character trait you have.

    Immature dudes who just like to spend all day in a forum validating their existence through boasting about old predictions that come true, like it’s a big deal. If you really wanna know something meaningful about basketball, try going outside to the driveway for an hour a day and practice dribbling or something. Build a freakin’ skill that doesn’t involve pissing people off constantly.

    Analysis of professional sports can be done by ANYBODY. Even my girlfriend who rarely watches games said a couple years ago that she thought Derrick Rose and the Bulls would be one of the best teams for the next few years. Then he goes on to win an MVP and they are perennial title contenders. This is NOT the work of a genius. This is someone who watched like 2 playoff games in that epic Bulls-Celtics series.

    I can’t believe how many people actually get paid to cover sports on TV/Radio. I mean they just talk about crap that happened yesterday and analyze it to DEATH, how truly meaningful! When you die you can say you watched all these things happen that meant ZERO to the course of human progress other than making sure entertainers get paid god-like money to distract people from actual issues that affect humanity.

    I am not ragging on people who want to be a fan of a sports franchise or player, but imagine if all sports disappeared. What are your skills? What defines your daily life? What matters to you? Do you switch from watching games and getting f*cked up, to simply getting f*cked up? There has got to be something of substance more important than watching a bunch of dudes scrambling around putting a ball in a hoop, or getting juiced up to tackle other men with pads on, etc.

    That’s what I realized a couple of years ago when I took off to get away from all the mundane garbage. But now I’m back b/c the league is somewhat interesting this year. I won’t say I’m disappointed to find that this comments section is just a notch above youtube’s, b/c there are always gonna be people hating on each other and that’s just the way it is.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • LeRoy Green

    Man up and play or sit the fuck down, but don’t be crying about being traded. How can he and Ron Artest be from the same hood?



    Im sayin tho. You dont see Gasol all whiny cuz he almost went to Houston…and thats a non playoff team. Odom mad cuz he left the Hollywood lime light. He has rings and is highly accomplished in the league….he really doesn’t have to give it his all anymore but whatever. I really think he’ll be gone in a trade eventually.

    And you aint lyin…how this dude from QB cryin like a lil girl? smh Mobb Deep and CNN dissaprove im sure lol

    @ CLAW

    yea D Will would be a perfect fit. He’s used to doin alot of high pick n roll/pick n pop from his Utah days. Him and Dirk would be a nightmare for teams on offense. Question is….who is Cuban really going for?? Howard or Williams? As a fan I’m happy if EITHER are signed…but if both go elsewhere and Dallas misses out….wow talk about a let down.

    I know im bashing Odom but I do sympathize wit what he went through recently. His 24 yr old cousin died from a stray bullet….then Odom was riding in a car that struck and killed a pedestrian. Thats sad stuff 4 real and Im not gonna act like I could just go back to work like nothin happened. I wish he could develop that mentality of playin with fire and lettin all that emotion come thru on the court and increase his focus. Easier said than done but he’s done it before. Years back his infant baby boy died from SIDS while layin in the crib. Man thats TOUGH trials to go through. I have a son so I cant even imagine.

    Still tho Lamar…I’m just a fan. Getcha shit 2gether bruh. You takin long.

    We tryna make these playoffs god damn it.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    @ Unchecked Agression

    I’ve felt the same way about Griffin. Granted I’ve only seen a few games of his this year but I expected more.

    He’s an unbelievable athelete, fast, strong, great handle for a big man. But I’m amazed he doesn’t do more with it. He seems like he should get more rebounds, shoot better free throws, be more of a defensive force. I keep thinking he’s a freak athelete who happens to play ball. Not necessarily a basketball player.

    Also, he mopes on the court a lot.

    That said its basically the beginning of second year so its a lot to ask. I think I just had higher expectations with all the hype.

  • beiber newz

    unchecked aggression…check your aggression.. chill out

  • Big Island

    I’m chalking this season up to just crazy. With all of the back to back to back to back to back games, it’s just going to be strange. Strange numbers, strange decisions etc… I think, especially for veteran (old) teams, they are just trying to get into the playoffs and then go all out. Younger teams can go nonstop. Dallas looks out of it a little bit, but in a short season they could get stuck at 7 or 8 before they try to turn it on. Lakers, same thing. IF Kobe burns out, or breaks down, they could be in trouble. Ride Pau and Bynum for a little while so you have a lively Kobe for the playoffs.

  • LeRoy Green

    I can’t believe how many people actually get paid to cover sports on TV/Radio. I mean they just talk about crap that happened yesterday and analyze it to DEATH, how truly meaningful! When you die you can say you watched all these things happen that meant ZERO to the course of human progress other than making sure entertainers get paid god-like money to distract people from actual issues that affect humanity.


    “illuminati want my mind, soul and my body. Secret society, tryna keep they eye on me” (c) Prodigy

    lotta truth in that. Some ppl do take it waaay too serious. I remember I used to throw a FIT when the Dallas Cowboys would lose games (yes i’m a fan of all dallas everything…and the Texas Rangers). I would come to work the next day and I swear it was like all my coworkers would be down and deppressed about the game. It would seriously affect their mood and ruin their day. Then it hit me one day….these muhfuckas is gettin they paycheck at the end of the day…so why the FU*K am I so upset??? lol
    What these athletes do doesnt affect me NONE in my life, at that point I stopped takin it all so serious. its easy to get caught up in the hype, like we actually live through our sports teams. some folks take it way too far but mature folks keep it in perspective. Im def a TRUE fan but at the end of the day its just sports.

    Cant generalize everybody as bein crazed fanatics who are blind to the real things goin on in life, but I do understand you point. Its just a game

  • beiber newz

    i hate to see the lakers haters comment about the lakers breaking down when they gave them no chance to begin with.

  • control

    Baron von faulk

    Are you thinking about YOUNGFED? I got into it with that clown a few times, was amusing (to me at least).

  • stefan

    a small detail from Odom’s personal life that might shed some light on his situation: “the couple is only looking to sign a one-year lease because Lamar could only be a Dallas Maverick for this season. We’re told the couple is looking to rent, not buy, and would prefer a 3-bedroom in the $8-15,000/month range.”

    @baron von faulk

    I used to think pretty much the same as you. Now I also consider that a lot of people NEED something easily comprehensible and accessible. If your work or your girl stress you out it can be a terrible thing. You get headaches, lack of focus, blurry vision and stuff. You need sports to calm you down, to have something to enjoy that will always be there. What are you going to talk to your friends if not so? There is a saying like: “great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, small people talk about other people”. Basketball is a “thing”, although it’s player by some people, but I still think it’s not so bad to discuss it, even if as a job or as a crazy fan that suffers when the team loses.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Baron von faulk

    Welcome back
    That youngfed dude was definitely a character
    You notice that once the Pistons became irrelevant, he faded out or maybe he ‘finally’ joined the “FBI” or “CIA” n decided to focus on more important stuff

    @ Big I – I don’t think Kobe’s gonna burn out or even slow down. Dude is seriously pissed about being ranked 7th by espn. Even with the crazy pace he been setting, he’s actually getting healthier. I figure he just gonna go hard all year, take the scoring crown, take the mvp trophy, then hope that Pau n Bynum are fresh for the postseason…
    Interesting strategy

  • UncheckedAggression

    Mt. Pleasant–Exactly, I expected more. But it’s the attitude that really has me worried. The guy doesn’t know how to control himself and plays less intelligently when he’s flustered. You could tell when he was gonna go real hard or make a dumb foul just based on what happened the play before.

    Despite these issues, Griffin’s numbers are alright. It’s a testament to how physically gifted he is.

  • UncheckedAggression

    And yes, YOUNGFED was a pain in the ass. But he couldn’t hold a candle to Beiber. There has never been a Dime poster that is more annoying or drives away more readers than Beiber.

    I used to religiously follow Dime. Since Beiber, I don’t come on nearly as much or pay attention to posts.

  • beiber newz

    aggression..it’s time to shutup

  • dagwaller

    Dude I liked YOUNGFED. Banger of the day! Lol.

    Hard to find a lot of Pistons fans.

  • First & Foremost

    Tell me I just did not see the Lakers in a 3-2 zone. Please tell me I did not just see that.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Ha, nice comeback.

    Anyway, loving this game. Lakers frontcourt is scary. Miami is scrappy. And Lebron is running things.

  • Bosh

    Kobe just got double digits. Called it.

  • control

    I remember going on a site once, and having a conversation about best center in the league. Someone was saying this Bynum guy was it, he was THE man, top dog in the league. Anyone who had that stance, want to modify it now? Getting blocked by small forwards, and not being able to dominate against EDDY FUCKING CURRY and premier practice player, Joel Anthony…that just ain’t a good look for “the best center in the league” is it?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control – based on one game? You gettin your Skip Bayless on? Where were you when Dwight went for 5 and 4 against Sacramento?

    Now I know you know better. At least save it for the one-on-one tomorrow with Dwight. Heat played out of their minds. Lakers played like shit. Life goes on…

  • control


    You are right, I was still turkey necking at Eddy Curry getting some run, hah.

  • beiber newz

    k dizzle shut that talk down for all of lakerland in 117