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The Heat Cut Off San Antonio’s Head; Anthony Davis Sets A Kentucky Record

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh (photo. Nike Basketball)

Miami’s pretty good when they put it together. The Spurs played perfectly through 24 minutes, and even got two ridiculous buzzer beaters from the same player, and yet it couldn’t stop them from getting completely stomped out on South Beach. After surrendering 63 first half points, the Heat responded with 71 of their own in the second half, LeBron and Bosh combined for 63 points and Miami ran away with the game, 120-98. Going into last night, the Spurs hadn’t won a road game all year. Miami had lost three in a row. One of the streaks had to end last night, and the Heat broke their visitor’s back. The first half went perfectly for San Antonio, and they finally looked like the team they’ve been trying to convince everyone they’re about all along: athletic, young and versatile. Danny Green (20 points, six treys) banged a shot from midcourt to end the first half that would’ve been okay on its own, except he hit a similar shot at the first quarter buzzer as well (It wasn’t as deep, but he had to double-pump and shoot it awkwardly). Both times, he shot it right in LeBron’s grill … But Miami put San Antonio in the furnace in the second half’s first 15 minutes. It got real ugly, real fast (We would’ve paid money to listen to Sean Elliott at this point). 18 minutes into that half, Miami had missed seven shots. Seven. LeBron (33 points, 10 assists) had three straight pull-up triples in the third to let the steam out, and then Mike Miller of all people, threw the lid off in his first game of the season, going 6-for-6 from deep in scoring 18. In his first few minutes on the court, we were worried they’d have to resuscitate Miller and take him out on a stretcher because he was limping around so awkwardly. But he earned every penny of that $30 million in the second half … Chris Bosh had his second-highest scoring game of the year as well (30 points, and four steals) and had one of the best moves we’ve ever seen from him in the second half: He grabbed a rebound, went coast-to-coast, spun off Tiago Splitter at the charity stripe and SMASHED. Miami might not always bring it, but when they do no one is touching them. All Gregg Popovich could do was chuckle in the postgame … At one point in the first, they ran a pregame interview with Erik Spoelstra where he said San Antonio still relies on their defense. He must’ve missed the memo. Saying they still rely on their D is like saying Drew Barrymore relies on her looks … There were people in the Dime crew who didn’t believe Utah would be anything this year. We weren’t alone either. But with each game, they’re looking more like a playoff team. Chris Paul sitting out definitely had its affects, but still, Paul Millsap (20 points) and the Jazz annihilated the Clippers, 108-79. Ironically, it was Utah that was dunking all over the place. In the second half, and especially in the fourth quarter, it felt like they had 55 dunks and 26 lobs. Every 20 seconds of real time, someone else was throwing one. Jamaal Tinsley was pulling out the old Rucker Park tricks, and even Earl Watson caught a lob in the fourth. The color guys started calling themselves all types of names: “Blowout City” and “Swat Lake City” and “Salt Lob City,” and needed someone to settle them down with all of the claims they were making. We should cut them some slack though since most of the crowd had probably never seen a lob before … The Jazz crowd eventually started a “You’re still the Clippers!” chant which might’ve been creative and fun had it actually fit and not sounded completely awful … When Reggie Evans got to the foul line at the end of the third quarter, Matt Harpring (does the color for the Jazz) almost had us on the floor, saying “You probably don’t want to watch this.” The Utah guys continued going in on Evans, saying he’s closing in on 20 percent from the line this year … Brandon Jennings had one of the best games of his career (30 points, six assists) but it wasn’t enough as Denver beat the Bucks by 10. How many teams feel stupid now that Corey Brewer (22 points) is out here doing his thing? No one even wanted this guy 12 months ago …Keep reading to hear what Kentucky’s best freshman did …

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  • control

    What the fuck Clips? They gave up before the 4th quarter even started, I don’t even the starters hit the floor at all in the 4th, did they? These coaches gotta think of guys playing fantasy ball…pulling guys out when they’ve only got 10 fucking points and not even giving them some run against the scrubs in a blow out is just wrong. Come on coaches! Us fantasy managers need our points!

    Is Stephan Curry still alive? Guy has sat out almost entire fucking season, how hard is it to heal a sprung ankle? He’s another guy doing his fantasy owners dirty.

    Best passer in league, regardless of situation, Steve Nash. Rubio might be the quickest point guard to see a guy open that I’ve ever seen though. Within a millisecond of a guy getting a break of day light, that pass is out of his hands and on it’s way…that is the most impressive thing about Rubio. It’s like he has a spidey sense or some bullshit. Rondo, well, he’s a good passer, but he can go fuck himself.

    Historically, best one handed passer I’ve seen is probably Sabonis. That guy used to hold that ball like a tennis ball and shoot it around at angles other people couldn’t even imagine. Was pretty insane watching his point guard vision in a Shaq like body.

  • tall order

    nash rondo or rubio?! goddamit it s nash. why is that even a question?

  • the truth

    A Davis is a beast!!

  • beiber newz

    i always watch the draft show, but this summer’s draft coverage will be crazy…i wanna see where each and every rookie ends up, even the second round picks. sooo many guys i want to come out of college and enter the draft it’s so exciting. my ten favorites are without question:

    perry jones, sullinger, austin rivers, harrison barnes, drummond, anthony davis, jeremy lamb, kidd-gilchrist, terrance jones, john henson.

    remember when guys were shitting on the lakers first win of the season, cuz they said the jazz suck….does everyone still feel that way?

    top two stories of the day yesterday are def celtics prospects of trading pierce, and jordan saying kobe is the only player that deserves his comparison.
    randon jennings had me LAUGHING at this antics in a game. SOOOO sneaky. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ_DVzHrG_4&feature=g-vrec&context=G2401e94RVAAAAAAAAAw
    i hear the new york knicks….are….thinking of bringing in…..mr. j.r. smith. i love it. i can already hear the haters shitting on the move pointing to the fact it’s not a defensive signing. screw that. J.R. on the knicks would help immensely.
    if the lakers keep winning , after guys buried them to start the season, i think we can pencil mike brown for another coach of the year award. big accomplishment for a man people called quote on quote retarded. scottie brooks is a dark horse though.

  • Andy

    lol @dime writers saying jazz fans haven’t seen a lob this year. Jeremy Evans (4 dunks tonight) probably averages more dunks per minute than any player in the league, by far. The win tonight was incredible. 2nd in the Northwest division as well as 2nd in the west.

  • GoEasy

    @ dimemag

    Chris Bosh had 33 in triple OT against atlanta…. that was his highest oint total this year, not tonight.

  • beiber newz

    im doing the new gimmick with the lines breaks because i am now a serious person, and i want to be liked by you guys. i have too many opinions to be right about and i want to separate them clearly with the cool little stars.


    i swear i didn’t start to work on that first post around 6pm yesterday and waited for the next smack to come out. and i swear i didnt wait four comments to post it so i dont seem like such a loser. i swear it.


    heres the obligatory comment where i make a common observation and pretend like im the only person who thought of it. and look, a humorous youtube clip!



    and by the way, i am “quote on quote” still full of homo boy lust.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    “Saying they still rely on their D is like saying Drew Barrymore relies on her looks”

    “Dwight Howard, possibly pissed that we even contemplated an argument pitting him against Andrew Bynum, gobbled up Byron Mullens and spit his skin back out in Orlando’s 96-89 win over the Bobcats”

    ^^These are two of the best quoteables i’ve ever read in smack. I literally laughed out loud at the first one.

  • Andy

    agree with chicagorilla, great reading tonight

  • Thanatos1521

    “Monroe made two shots all night, and scored four points. He should be left off the All-Star ballet just for that.”
    A little bit of irony or a typo? ;)

  • beiber newz

    kobe would play through derrick rose’s injuries. rose’s piggie toe hurts..the mvp can’t play.

  • Soopa / b_malte

    Love the Sabonis shout out control. Right on the money as well. Terrific one handed passer. But the best in the game right now is Nash followed by Rubio.

  • beiber newz

    bargnani wants you to make him an all star this year….

  • WR

    I don’t understand why guys like Corey Brewer, Rudy Fernandez, Nate Robinson can’t get a good contract, yet seem to be pretty valuable to other teams.

  • K Dizzle

    Who’s more valuable and being missed by their team more?
    Manu or CP3? I gotta vote CP3 right now cuz the Clips sucked tonight. At least the Spurs showed up for a half.

    Here’s my issue with the all-star voting:
    I can only vote for starters so although Kev Love, Aldridge, Kyle Lowry, Gerald Wallace, Paul Milsap, Bargnani, Josh Smith, Luol Deng, Harden and Iguodala for example are ballin outta control and should be all-stars, my starters and most voters starters will be:
    West Guards East Guards
    Kobe CP3 Rose DWade

    West Forwards East Forwards
    Durant Griffin Lebron Melo

    West Center East Center
    Bynum Howard

    The west starters are pretty much set in stone. Maybe Dirk can catch Blake but outside of that, I can’t vote Lowry or Harden over Kobe over CP3 or Aldridge and Love over Durant/Griff/Dirk as a neutral NBA fan.
    So once again, I gotta depend on the coaches to do the right thing…

  • Bosh

    That was an unbelievable second half by the heat. No team will come close to them if they shoot like that.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Dime, I think you should watch some old footage of Utah Jazz games. Mark Jackson (Yes, the current Warriors coach) and Andrei Kirilenko used to connect a lot on those lobs.

    Dumb and Dumber information of the day:

    Apparently, New York head coach Mike d’Antoni has given Baron Davis old videos of Steve Nash while he was coaching Phoenix to study. d’Antoni wants Davis to play like Nash and Davis said he is very much excited to do that kind of stuff for the Knicks.

  • matttG

    I can’t wait till my sixers mop the heat this saturday…. You guys think we have a chance?

  • beiber newz

    sixers are good but kobe is the best. he a better defensively than bill russell, better low post option than shaq or wilt, and a better passer than kidd or nash.



    the only guy better than kobe. got big arms too. i like that

  • Flying-Aussie-Dutchman

    No diss @ Beiber Newz, but how did you come up with your name? All I think is Justin Bieber lol – not being a dick or anything, just wondering.

    And two questions for everyone (one is for Aussies)

    1) Is League Pass worth getting? As an Aussie – we HARDLY get ANY games. Maybe 1-3 a week at most. And they always the same teams involved – Mavs, Boston, LA Lakes, Mavs, Thunder, Miami and Magic.

    2) As a long-time Piston fan… Any team want Austin Daye? Seriously: 0.204% FG and 0.000% from 3-point range!! (10-49 and 0-13 shooting) and the dude was supposed to be the “man” this year.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Austin Dog Daye.

    I got to a restaurant last night and Spurs were up by 10. Late in the 3rd spurs are down by four. I drive home, turn on the game and the Spurs are down by 26. wtf? I just turned the tv off.

    Maybe they can beat Orlando tonight but I doubt it.

  • beiber newz

    @ flying aussie dutchman. hes cute.

    yeah league pass is worth getting. if you can split it with a friend its not all that bad

  • Flying-Aussie-Dutchman

    @ Beiber newz – fair enough :)

    thanks for response tho, been thinking of getting it. I never get to see Pistons (only in their 2002-2005 days) and/or Wizs and 76’ers play. %$%%@$$%

    Then when they on tv its during the day :-/ ah well – even college games are hard to watch cause on during the day

    Wish they had Basketball League Pass or some shit, have College and NBA games on

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    @ Dime

    Remember your intern Andrew Macaluso back in 2010? Send me offline (You have our emails) his email address and ISP. His photo would also be welcomed. I can assure this will be confidential.

    You guys are intelligent enough to know why I am requesting this. I just have a theory. No reply means I am correct.

  • QQ

    Wow, alf going X-Files on your asses, Dime. Oooooohhhh.

    Props for the Dwight shout out. Come on now, even if Kobe stops his ‘I’m hungry’ streak and actually feeds Bynum in the post, no way AB becomes the monster Dwight is. AB’s a very good player, but the best right now? Fuck no.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    As a UF fan, it’s nice to see some of our players producing in the NBA. C-Brewer is finally reaching his potential, Noah is one of the best centers in the league, David Lee is poised to have a huge year, Speights is a knucklehead who can shoot, Al Horford was beasting before his injury, and Chandler Parsons is playing like the first rounder he should have been. Where you at, Vernon Macklin???

  • beiber newz

    @kdizzle…yeaa all star voting seems more like a conspiracy when you lay it out like that. fans usually get the starter right. the all snub list is the result of coach voting. kinda funny. but wrong at the same time. i already said an early snub candidate is lowry. it sux for guys like him. they must be praying for injuries to strike other guys at the right time. but that’s just trifling.

  • beiber newz

    @25 werd right! hahaha alf scaring me with that comment. sounds like an fbi agent! have i breached anything by seeing that? do i now too much? don’t kill me!

  • jdizzle

    ”…and even Earl Watson caught a lob in the fourth.”

    And did what with it?

  • dk

    It’s hard for anyone to ” bring it ” every night… The condensed schedule is robbing the fans. Oh well, at least every one of the rich bastards is eating well again. Sucks they couldn’t have worked this out in the off season so I don’t have to see games like Clipps/Utah last night, every night…

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    With the condensed/compressed schedule, it allows the owners to have more home games and collect more money. Does that mean the players get paid more? Because in theory, the players are not paid by the number of games, they are paid by the number of days since they are salaried employees. But if the NBA would’ve only had a 50 game schedule over the same amount of days, the owners would have less money in their bank to pay the players with.

    odd situation.

  • First & Foremost

    @DK, this just proves the NBA doesn’t care about the quality of games. If they could have worked out the logistics to have every teams play 5 games a week, it would have happened. Basketball Never Stops would have been real. Teams would have A & B lineups.

    However, everyone is on the same playing field. Every team will have a key player at some point go down with an injury. Clippers, Memphis, Heat, Bulls, Spurs, Hawks have all had an All-Star miss time. No one gets run a full practice. Teams are holding film sessions and drawing up plays while on the plane. It is what it is this season.

  • beiber newz

    dwight howard said he didn’t add the clippers to his list. i said a couple days ago i didn’t like if he went there. guess he thinks like me.

  • JDish

    Mike Miller… $30 MILLION… what in the world!!??
    So this guy is due that amount of cash… and it’s his first game of the year, yea he’s a 3pt specialist and can shoot the lights out. BUT $30 MILLION … DUDE is not worth that much is he?!
    Just another example of why the lockout happened(s).
    You got role players making cash like if they were All-stars… C’monnnn.

    STEVE NASH is THE BEST bounce passer in the NBA.
    2nd R.Rhondo
    3rd R.Rubio

  • beiber newz

    ^jdish..chicagorilla called me dumb or something for saying rubio is top 4 passing. watch out.

  • JDish

    I think it would have been a great idea to base salaries in the NBA to the production and consistency of the players. Range salaries by players that your franchise is building around, role players, veteran players, and maybe a couple of other catagories for different players in different situations regarding what their contribution is to the team.

    Because case and point, you got Mike Miller making $30 MILLION to ride the bench, and if and when the time comes, he gets his number called and comes in and hits threes. Granted, the fact that you are a ball player and can immidiately come in and drop 3-pointers is Great, please don’t get me wrong on that. BUT can he do that consistently? I think not. He can do this just as he did last night, but I garauntee he doesn’t do this consistently enough to garner $30 MILLION per.

    Another case is Adam Morrison who was pulling what $10 MILLION and became an expert in… Riding the bench! The guy really didn’t bring anything to the lakers other than a decent body to put out on the court. The guy was no longer a threat on offense, and he was never a threat on defense. So his production and consistency was practically ZERO. So he’s worthy of pulling $10 Million?! No Way.

    Now I say this knowing full well that injuries play a big part in curbing players production and consistency. But thats what the NBA has become, its already been said that a career in the NBA does not come without injuries. Its part of the game. Yet if players want to continue they have to do their best and get back to the court as healthy as possible. I mean these guys don’t get paid MILLIONS of dollars to all of the sudden suffer an injury and just take it easy and wait for everyting to get better, they have to work toward recovering from the injury to get back on the court ASAP. It sounds harsh but the NBA is a business.

  • beiber newz

    4 years, 60 mil for k.love ?

  • First & Foremost

    Has anyone else noticed that Elton Brand has played himself out of being known as just another bad contract? Congrats to him.

  • beiber newz

    you know something ? i was wondering………..could michael jordan have put out that quote about kobe being the only one he feels is right for a comparison because kobe is on the verge of matching his ring total? hmmm it might just’ve been potential damage control. kinda like how the catholic church saying the discovery of aliens does not disprove God.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    beib… “fans usually get the starter right.”

    Seriously? Fans are the ones who usually fuck it up.
    Yao Ming over Shaq every year.
    VC (after playing just 11 games) over MJ.
    And there’s way more, those are the ones that stick out most.

    The problem with fan voting is…
    1) most of the people who vote aren’t knowledgeable.
    2) the women who vote are choosing the “hot” guy.
    3) fairweather fans tend to vote for the guy they see most on Sportcenter.

    Fan voting is a popularity contest. They are voting for the players they most like to see… not the best players. I understand getting the fans involved in the selection process but I thought the all-star game was a reward to the best players for that season… not the most popular.

    IMO, fans should not have 100% of the deciding vote for the starters. Fan voting should count for like 3 ballots, and lump them in with the coaches ballots. So if Blake Griffin, for example, gets the 2nd most fan-votes for Forwards, that would normally make him a starting forward. But instead of making him the starter, add 3 votes ON TOP of what the coaches voted. Then pick the starters and bench that way.

    Leaving it up to fans is stupid. Too many fairweather fans having a say.

  • beiber newz

    ummm i would beg to differ man. there will always be an outlier jay. but there are always can’t miss votes like lebron, kobe, dwight..etc…that is what i mean by “usually”. because 95% of the time starters are no brainers. usually doesn’t mean full proof though..i don’t think. but i hear your point…also i don’t think a “hot guy” has ever took a deserving guy’s spot in the starting 5…that’d be a huge story even today cuz. but i already hear guys like Charles Barkley hating that fans get to vote. so u got a point.

  • JDish

    @ beiber newz

    Unfortunately my friend I checked the stats on NBA.com. Ricky Rubio is 7th on the assist per game list right now, but bare in mind that he’s sharing minutes with Luke Ridnour. Yet top 10 isn’t bad either and this is his first season in the NBA. So no I don’t think its dumb to say that Ricky Rubio is among the best in the passing department.
    Besides the Qn was: Who’s a better bounce passer, Steve Nash, Ragon Rhondo, or Ricky Rubio? So the Qn is subjected to only 3 options. So I say that Ricky Rubio is in the top 3 jaja.

  • Big Island


    I got into the whole All-Star thing with my buddy because guys now have their money tied to how many All Star teams they make etc… I was saying how it’s BS that some guys get votes because they are popular (Kobe rookie year, Yao every year) and it was bs. He didn’t mind because if the fans like them, they are probably paying for seats and jerseys so it makes the team more money. I’m retarded so I can’t think outside of my little box at all. He’s an attorney so he always finds some loophole.

    All I could think about when I saw the Bulls score was someone calling out Beiber for his “Bulls without Rose” info and making patting yourself on the back jokes. Now we have what appears to be a kinder, gentler Beib.

  • Big Island

    I know Kobe didn’t make it his rookie year, I said it for effect. It was his 2nd year I think.

  • JDish

    @ Jay

    Like Lamarcus Aldridge putting up some great stats in Portland and not getting an All-star nod last year right?

    Or Allen Iverson getting the votes to make it to the All-star game without even putting the stats and/or being the best player about 2 or 3 seasons ago.

  • beiber newz

    jdish…would you give your opinion if the question was : who would you put your penis inside and in what order, beyonce, rihanna, or shaq?” obviously you would come to a screeching halt when you see shaq’s name in there because he wouldn’t even deserve a spot, because…ew, right? you obviously think it’s suitable to have rubio’s name in on the question so you allowed yourself to become susceptible to the question. that’s totally fair. i got backlash for saying rubio was top 4 passing…u took it up a notch and said three, he may send a hitman out for you.




  • Tee

    @ JDish

    Don’t EVER blame a player for their contract! Blame the GM’s that offer them the dumb contracts. If you have a 50k salary and your boss offers you 250k, you turning it down? Doubt it. Don’t worry about another man’s money. What I don’t get is why is everybodys salarys even listed for the public to see? What’s wrong saying a player signed with a team for X amount of years? At the end of the day your logic is dumb, everybody gets sick days, players would just be out for stats, how could be players be productive if they are on the bench? Are you saying they shouldn’t get paid? Stop hatin and btw M. Miller doesn’t make 30 Mil per.

  • beiber newz

    big island…remind me, did the bulls play a playoff team yesterday?

  • QQ

    Fans messing the the All Star contest is usually the only constant in the weekend besides Damon Jones having a courtside seat like he’s relevant.

  • JDish


    Oh SnAp. I’m a big Tim Duncan guy and I’d put Timmy as my top 3 or 4 power forward in the league right now still. I think I’ll change my name and relocate to another country all together and won’t tell anybody where i @ (rUsSiA). But yea, I totally went with the question and answered as honestly as possible … (Tim Duncan for MVP…jk).

  • beiber newz

    jdish, u hispanic? most every spanish person i know writes “jaja” instead of “haha”

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Mike Miller actually has a very small contract. He doesn’t get $30Mill/yr I believe he signed a 5-6 year contract like LBJ and Bosh so he gets $5-6Mill/yr. which is really cheap for a guy who can score, shoot, rebound, and pass like Mike Miller. Not to mention he’s always been a great teammate and decent defender too. I would love for the Bulls to have thrown $30 Mill at Miller. Unfortunately he just hasn’t been healthy in Miami so he hasn’t been able to contribute like he should.

    @Big Is
    Kobe didn’t make it his rookie year, it was his 2nd year where he was the 6th man on the Lakers, but was voted in as a starter in the All-star game.
    Which is one of the things that pisses me off when people are comparing MJ and Kobe, they always want to throw out Kobes first 3 seasons. But if the dude was an all-star starting in year two, how can you throw that out? But because of the lockout in 99′ Kobe missed that All-star game addition, so people have no problem throwing out his first 3yrs.
    Anyway, just something i noticed while reading this article.

  • First & Foremost

    Why does the All-Star game even matter, from a fans perspective?

    This very summer we saw how it looks when you get the best of best in the world playing not so great basketball. Durant and Lebron shooting 50 times each to combine for 80 points while Chris Paul shows us why he is the best at fastbreak-between-the-legs-bounces-passes-to-a-trailing-teammate in the world.

    In theory it is a cool concept, lets have the best in the league, grouped geographically, and determine which team wins. However, we are left watching 36 minutes bigs that can’t shoot attempt to shoot or bigs who can’t dribble attempt to play point, players voted in because of defensive highlights choosing not to play defense, and general globetrottingness. However the last 12 minutes we get to see guys playing serviceable NBA-level basketball like that additional 10 stacks for winning is going to be their meal ticket out of poverty.

    Why even vote? Look at the NFL pro-bowl, no one WANTS to watch that game. Players just enjoy the vacation. David Stern should have this game have some added weight. Winner gets homefield advantage in the Finals regardless of record.

  • JBaller

    I can picture Sabonis palming a basketball like a tennis ball in my mind. Good one Control. I’d say Nash is the best passer still but he’s got competition.

    Not sure what alf was getting at, but Beibs, I don’t think you have to worry that “you know too much”. BTW…the expression is quote, unquote.

    I liked the all star ballet comment. I didn’t notice it at first but now all I can picture is Greg Monroe in a tutu!

    Nuggets looked good last night, Corey Brewer fits the team well and is proving his worth.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Big is

    my bad, didn’t see the 2nd post where you put in the disclaimer.

  • JDish

    @ Tee

    Straight from DIME, not what I said bro:

    “…, and then Mike Miller of all people, threw the lid off in his first game of the season, going 6-for-6 from deep in scoring 18. In his first few minutes on the court, we were worried they’d have to resuscitate Miller and take him out on a stretcher because he was limping around so awkwardly. But he earned every penny of that $30 million in the second half”

    So you’re right, Mike Miller isn’t making that amount of money PER year. Yet its pretty certain he’ll make that much in 5 years. So the way DIME put that out there it was pretty much up in the air. I mean that is why DIME put on smack no? Cause its mind bogeling to find out a guy is gonna make 30 MIL in 5 years to come off the bench and hit 3 to 6 shots every 5 to 10 games (its no garantee that he’s gonna come in and he’s gonna have OPEN 3 pointers when ever he wants right).
    I don’t care what players make, but the fact that large amounts of money sometimes go to players that don’t match their production and consistency doesn’t always sit right with fans who worry about seeing players who are actually worth what they are getting paid. Is that so hard to wish for, yea probably cause thats what the NBA has become. What ever, can’t do nothing about it anyway. So just enjoy the basketball as best as possible right… ok … good.

  • JDish

    @ beiber newz


    Me dio mucha riza eso … jaja. Good one my friend.

  • beiber newz

    too many nice players out here right now that fans can’t go wrong with their picks. 10 starters combined and we all know rose, wade, bron, dwight, paul, kobe, melo, durant are locks. that 8 out of 10 possible, so i have faith fans will do good in that department. 2 out the 10 can go either way but i won’t be disappointed with the possible insertions like amare, blake, bynum, dirk or even aldridge.

    voting for starter is not really controversial. it is the BENCH that always garners the snub list, not the fan votes of starters.

  • beiber newz

    @en fuego lol, well, even though you found that amusing, i’m used to you writing “hahaha” so i’d prefer you stick with that for fluidity sake.

  • JDish

    Honestly i like what chicagorilla commented.
    Im being a bit harsh on Mike Miller, the guy does more to contribute than just come in and shoot. I have to say that being a good teammate while doing the little things does go a long way on a team, its one of the things that I like from ball players actually. Thats what builds up good chemistry in the locker room. Ok I’m good with Mike Miller.

  • beiber newz

    sooo the heat are undefeated without their superstar wade huh….that got me thinking, the question always comes up when a team plays well, or even better without an integral part of their roster (the most recent to memory is rudy gay when he got hurt, missed the playoffs and the griz seemed to play better without him), “should they trade that player?”

    that question is as unavoidable as it is stupid. but still, i will explore this one with the heat…this comes at the perfect timing, dwight is seeking trade…it’s no secret that the heat have problems with the wade-lebron combo…bron and dwight will without question be a better mix. more formidable? who knows. wade is still a problem for both guards and bigs (he gets them in foul trouble). dwight and lebron will be the closet thing to shaq and kobe, and i for one will love to see that.

    but the heat will lose their fan base if they trade wade. simple as that.

  • beiber newz

    by “lose” i mean really hurt their feelings…they’d still jock the heat though all the same.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    The whole reason for fan voting is so that fans can vote for the players they’d most like to see.
    They whole point of an all-star game is to reward the best players.

    ^ that’s why fan voting is flawed.

    When players are getting named as starters after being injured for most of the season, then fans are fucking it up. Sure, the majority of the time they get it right (I’d say it’s 75-80%, not 95%), but even then it’s too much. To allow them to choose the starters without any other input is stupid.
    Jianlian Yi gets way more votes than he should. In ’09 he almost beat out KG as a starter. And he beat out Bosh during his career year. It’s a good thing KG got it, but that’s what happens when fans get the only say.
    Also in ’09 Iverson, in his Detroit uni, was named as the starter. Same year, oft-injured TMAC was named as the starter.
    In 2010, TMac was still the starter… he barely even played up to that point. Iverson was starting.
    Last year, Yao got voted in as the starter… after missing the entire 09-10 season, and playing in just 5 games in ’10-’11.

    “it is the BENCH that always garners the snub list, not the fan votes of starters.”
    The bench selection gets the most reaction because it’s announced last. When the starters are announced, we say, “Oh *player name* will be selected by the coaches.” We don’t start calling out snubs until all the roster spots are filled.

  • Three Stacks

    Apparently talk amongst NBA insiders say that Dwight doesn’t want to play with LBJ for a variety of reasons. No one ever specified what those reasons were, but those are the reports. Ric Bucher stated as such in his last chat.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Just wait for Wade to miss most of the first half of the season (the way he’s going now, it’s likely to happen – could even happen this year)… and he’ll still be voted in as a starter.

    And beib, you might not remember all the fucked up fan-selections in the past because the guys are injured, so they just filled the empty starter spot with someone more deserving. But it happens a hell of a lot more than you can recall.

  • beiber newz

    jay…the reason yi and yao got outrageous votes is because asia is huuuge. maybe americans should do their part , get on a computer, and do the work to get the players they like in the game. everyone is asia has a computer in their ahead-of-the curb technology age over there, and most all the young people like basketball, they want to see their blood in the game. americans are soo snobby , they think ‘what’s the point of voting’ cuz they feel their guys will make the starting 5 regardless. when you have an army of a continent supporting their native players, of course it’s gonna be a threat each and every year. maybe us as americans need to step up our voting game. most people here vote for their starting five one and wait til february to see the results. guys in asia are voting every single day and getting their cousins and brothers to vote on their computers everyday. i guess that makes it seem like more of a popularity contest, and that gives your premise more credence. but still, i dunno, i would say i am never worried about the starter. always i am more concerned with who gonna fill out each conference’s bench. that just me though.

  • beiber newz

    kobe didn’t wanna play with sahq…they won 3 rings.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Who here has already voted? I tried to vote last year and it had me go through a few screens just to get to the ballot so i gave up. Is it simplier this year? I remember that year that Yao got a trillion votes all you needed to do was go to the website and click away.

    Hump Day Honey NSFW:

  • K Dizzle

    @ JAY – should be ok this season with the fan voting. I don’t think the nba thought about the ramifications of how the Chinese vote in all-star voting affected a lot of votes from fans who were voting off past exploits and/or based strictly on popularity. Yao was gonna be an all-star starter for his whole career if he was in the league. That wasn’t the average fan though.
    This season should be cut n dry though. Apart from one West forward, the rest of the positions should be easy. Even with the games missed, you’re still voting Wade n Rose as the starting East backcourt. Nobody else out east deserves to start over them.

    @ Chi-rilla : It’s only fair if we comparin Mike n Kobe, you obviously can’t count Kobe’s first 2 seasons; just like I don’t really count Mike’s 18 game 2nd season. Only because Kobe was comin off the bench and playing 15mpg then barely half the game in his 2nd year. I’ve never heard people not countin Kobe’s 3rd season cuz he was a starter by then. As it was, the fans wanted to see Kobe and he didn’t steal anybody’s spot:
    The Glove got in. Eddie Jones and Nick the Quick got in. Rock Richmond got in and JKidd got in. I voted Kobe to start cuz I wanted to see the teenager who wanted to be like Mike go up against Mike. Mike took the challenge and put up 23 to Kobe’s 18 and they blew the west out. It wasn’t like the fans voted for some scrub just because…

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I understand why Yi and Yao got votes. That’s why fan voting is stupid. but it’s not open to all of Asia. It’s just China. But it has nothing to do with Americans taking some time to vote. There are over a billion Chinese in china alone… that’s not counting the ones who emigrated elsewhere.
    It’s not only Yi and Yao… the whole Rockets team got a lot of votes just for the exposure they have in China for being on Yao’s team. And players are injured and still being voted for.

    This year looks like things will be fine, you are right about that, but this not the norm. Look back over the last decade, or randomly pick out a year. Almost every year there are one or two fan-selected blunders. Outside of Yao, you’ll find other messed up selections.

    It’s a popularity contest with fans. Therefore, it’s flawed. I think you may be giving every fan the benefit of the doubt, when most people don’t know shit about basketball.
    I’m sure you’ve ran into this before… you find out that someone you know LOVES ball. Apparently, it’s his favorite sport. Then you start talking to him and find out that he knows SHIT about ball. Fuckin retards. I see it far too often from people who go to games regularly. Many fans are just fairweather fans… so our vote holds as much weight as the 15 year old dufus playing on his Nintendo DS at the game.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Agree about this season. We’re lucky that the most popular players are also the best.

    We DIME posters should try to load the ballot for someone non-deserving. Lol. Maybe I’ll try and help the Chinese get Jianlian Yi in as a starter. He’ll have more media around him than Kevin Love, and his teammates will freeze him out.

  • Andy

    As a jazz diehard, that 4th quarter last night was the most entertaining basketball this year. Something like 4 lobs and 8 dunks. I can see why other fans didn’t like it though, seeing as it was mostly bench players

  • beiber newz

    jay: “our vote holds as much weight as the 15 year old dufus playing on his Nintendo DS at the game.”

    that line concerned me as much as it made me laugh.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    ^ Believe it or not, I’ve seen that a handful of times. I consider most DIME posters as knowledgeable fans. That chubby tubby Tommy-boy I saw playing on his DS can vote too.
    His vote = our vote.
    That hardly seems right.

  • superfreak6

    @ jbelieber

    “everyone is asia has a computer in their ahead-of-the curb technology age over there”

    lol, shows you’ve never lived a day in China.

  • JC

    Terrific Smack today. Well played…

    Sooo, is that the same Danny Green that didn’t do much at UNC except dance on the bench like a freaking coon, but still managed to make an NBA roster and eventually get sniffed out by Gregg Popovich, a man who perpetually turns urine into sangria?? Wow. He’s Gerald Green’s cousin as well. How freaking random.

    Damn, Wade is 30? eeeeeeeeeee I thought he was looking a step slow this season. Crazy. Let’s see if Mike Miller can provide about 70% of that performance last night for the rest of the season. LeBron is back to shooting 3s? I think that’s going to provide a net of three fewer wins this season; He’ll shoot the Heat back into a couple games, but he’ll shoot the Heat right out of even more games. It’d be great if Spo put a lid on that…

    Thank you Carlos Boozer. Might be good to get a season full of that, but, you know, just… If that works for you, of course. The Bulls’ backup PGs sure have played well. I didn’t really believe in either one of those guys, but they have stepped up and I’m gonna fall back talking bad about them for a lil bit. D-Rose’s toe injury makes me lose sleep at night. Whenever I hear about foot and back probems for athletes, it just makes me very uncomfortable.

    Byron Mullens, got damn… Dude finally found his jumper. Interesting.

  • beiber newz

    ahaa…it’s called exaggeration. i didn’t think i’d have to explain that.

    to be fair, you don’t necessarily have to live somewhere to know facts about the region.

  • yoda

    i think one handed passes are related to one handed passes off the dribble, not holding ball in one hand then passing it. but that’s me. and yes, sabonis was the man, passing or scoring. too bad he came to nba with messed up feet. drinking ruined his career, albeit he had good one.

    @First & Foremost

    nice catch on brand. couldn’t agree more.

  • beiber newz

    harison barnes is best for the wizards…not anthony davis. i forgot to mention that when i read the article.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    Kobe put up 15ppg on 43% shooting with 2ast and 3reb.

    in 1998: Stephon Marbury was putting up
    17ppg 9apg 1stl

    in 1998: Clyde Drexler
    18ppg 5rpg 5apg 2spg in his last NBA season

    If you think he deserved to START or play ahead of anyone of these guys in the all-star game then you must’ve forgot what it used to mean to be an all-star.

  • Big Island

    Beiber – No, but your Knicks haven’t beaten a playoff team yet either. I think they beat Philly maybe, I stand corrected. Chicago, without the league MVP, beat up on the Suns by 20.

  • beiber newz

    so…charles barkley says he is not impressed by joakim noah…i wasn’t impressed by the bulls minus rose since for a while.

  • beiber newz

    they beat the celtics opening night big i

  • beiber newz

    also big i….who do the experts say is in better position to win a championship between those two cities? and how did the knicks get pulled into this? lol it’s like the kid who get caught for texting in class and says, “well bill is texting too! does he get detention as well?”

  • beiber newz

    i call it now…amare and melo will do big things…i don’t know how management will shape this teams 2-3 yrs from now, but i expect amare, melo, and the city odf new york to do great things. i def see a championship in their future. and yes…if you’re calling i go back to this page years from now to pull up this tidbit…yes i will. i got faith in amare and melo.

  • beiber newz

    remember when i said i’d bring up when someone who has been watching basketball on tv mentions the knicks improved defense? well watching this knicks game, mike brren just said, “the knicks; struggles on offense has negated the views (or something like that) of their improved defense).

    i am not crazy. my ears are open now, because i got dumped on when i said the knicks’ d improved.

  • Big Island

    Beib, the Celtics are 4-8, good for 9th in the East. Not in playoffs. Also only a half game better than the Suns. You are all over the Knicks and Lakers while bashing the Bulls without Rose. I was pointing out that the Bulls did well last night, beating Phoenix by 20+ without Rose. You then said the Suns weren’t a playoff team. I agreed, but pointed out your beloved Knicks, who in post #86 today you have predicted a championship in the next 2-3 years, had not beaten a playoff team either. I then realized they beat Philadelphia, the team that NY is trailing by 4 games already, who would make the playoffs today. The “experts” have Chicago, OKC, and the Lakers as favorites, with Dallas (probably just because of last season), San Antonio, and Orlando as the teams with legit shots to win. No New York, no Boston, no Phoenix. It’s not that hard to follow.

    Quick recap: You bash Bulls without Rose, they win by 20, I needle you a little bit, you get a little butt hurt (now is the time to make the “the only needle is your dick and you WOULD want to put it in my butt, fag” joke), then you get mad when your “playoff team” point works against the 19 or 20 other posts you made today.

  • Big Island

    I stand corrected Beiber. You had 30 of the 88 posts today, not 19 or 20. I tried to short you a third of your output. My sincerest apologies.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    I forgot the other part.

    MJ went to college. for 3yrs. that’s 3yrs of scoring he lost in the NBA. 3yrs of his young legs running up and down the court. No one force Kobe to come into the NBA early. that was his decision. It’s not like someone held a gun to his head or even like he had bad grades (like KG) and the NBA was his last option. Kobe was an “A” student and was speaking like 4 languages. He could have gone to college if he wanted. Instead Kobe got a 3yr head start on MJ. Its nobody’s fault but his own that he wasn’t ready to play in the NBA.

    You said people don’t use MJs 2nd season….but yes they do. No one excludes that season because its only 18games. Doesn’t really effect any of MJs stats anyway.

    And this isn’t a knock on Kobe, I just find it odd that people use that (his first 3yrs) as an excuse when comparing his stats.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is

    ah, I see he got you too. Gotta hand it to him, he’s persistant. He’ll just keep going until he drags you in kicking and screaming. Reminds me of my Baby Moms.

  • beiber newz

    lol, big island, man, i don’t know where to start…

    yes the celtics are 4-8, but you have to realize while the celtics still have a shabby record, they are still a “playoff team” based on personnel, and the conference they play in almost guarantees they will make the post season. the celtics have lost games, but that doesn’t mean they are a bad team. they are a struggling-good team. the suns are not going to make the playoffs, one because of their conference, and two because their only respectably player is nash. they have some players who are good (gortat). but you can’t look at the celtics and say they are not a playoff team, that’s like pre-ordering crow for the post season (cuz they will be in the playoffs barring any huge changes like a pierce trade).

    yes they are 9th in the standings NOW, but, man, are did you really write what you saying? because they are 9th now they are currently not in the playoff bracket, but they are a playoff team. do you realize after the lakers first game, when they were 0-1, there were probably 8 teams in the west who won 1 game..did that make the lakers a non playoff team? no it just means in the standings they are not slotted in a playoff spot. there lies the difference. the celtics are 4-8, but that just means they are a struggling playoff team. i can’t believe i even had to explain this. the celtics are within the top 8 in the east.

    and you using the celtics being a half game up on the suns…i dunno..are you saying they are comparable? a record doesn’t tell the whole story. i think the heat struggled to open the year last year, remember ? when they started collapsing to close out game? they made it to the finals because they still had the roster to do it. the suns have a 38 yr old nash or how ever old he is and role players. the celtics have rondo and all stars.

    now your next point, who cares if i am all over the knicks and lakers..they weren’t part of the suibject. u just made them part of the subject because i like both teams. everytime io talk about a team now are you going to find some round about way to bring it back to the knicks and lakers? the only people allowed to talk about a struggling team are that team’s fans? yes i talked about the bulls without rose, because it’s a story. if i were a bucks fan, you woulda just inserted the milwaukee instead of the knicks. that’s strange, the subject was about the bulls, no need to mention the knicks. no offense, but you sound like the kid who doesn’t like to get in trouble alone, so you drag whoever is around you with you.

    your next point: yes, the bulls beat the suns by 20 as you say. but do you realize how many teams are comfortable holding out their star players when they go up against a bad team i.e the suns? you bringing the knicks in the picture makes no sense, what if i was a bucks fan? talking about the knicks was irrelevant. unless your point was to throw jabs at the knicks.

    i never said the knicks would win a championship in 2-3 years. i said i see one in their future, with THOSE 3 , guys who everyone here says are too bad a combo to win a ring at all, with a dumb coach. yes u guys say that. i think amare/melo will win a ring together. that’s what i said. re read my post before you come at my neck. what i did say was i didn’t know how the rest of the roster will look 2-3 yrs from now. huge difference.

    also, yes the experts have the lakers as favorites, do you remember when you gave the lakers no chance? and i said everyone will have amnesia when the lakers start doing well? i don’t think you should acknowledge what the experts say because you buried the lakers a while back. stop agreeing with the experts. it makes you a hypocrite.

    yes, and like i always say, no one really is saying, even the fans, that the knicks have all the tools now to be serious contenders for a ring this season. so your point is futile. they are a good team, not serious contenders, but if they won it, it wouldn’t be surprising because they have two very good players, something most teams do not have.

    and to address your “recap”: i did not bash the bulls, i critiqued. and your definition of butt hurt may be a loose one, because all i really said was the celtics are a playoff team. and i didn’t take any offense to what you said, until now. reading your #88 post. cuz i see you have changed. you have become very insulting. you seemed to have joined the dimecrew who likes to get on me more than deserved. that’s fine big i. peer pressure is a big thing that a lot of people fall into. i for one, thought you were strong minded enough not to fall into that clique. i was wrong. never have i said any joke to you for me to warran you tone in that post, whatever.

    your mavericks were struggling…but they are still a playoff team. i have the right of mind right now to start making fun of your mavericks, but you haven’t done much for me to get into that. also..i have moved back to passiveness. so i won’t do that. i talk basketball. if critiquing sounds like bashing, that’s only an opinion.

    good day big i.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Did anyone else see the new ESPN dwight howard commercial? Probably the worst and least funniest ever. My favorites are the GSP one and also the nascar one, oh and the celtic big 3.

  • Big Island

    Beib, my bad, I guess I was wrong. And NY almost pulled out a win against the non playoff Suns tonight. Melo and Amare combined for 12-44 shooting just in case you missed that.

    Good evening fine sir.

  • beiber newz

    yea so that’s probably why they lost, do you think ? or do you need help figuring that part out? oh and way to go waiting til after the knicks game result to respond. shows true guts. typical mavs fan.

  • Big Island

    LOL!!! I actually was typing it before the game ended, and then Melo hit a 3 and I wanted to make sure they lost before I said anything. And I’ve said it before, I’m not really a Mavs fan. I like Dirk. If he played for the Raptors, I would like the Raptors the same as I like the Mavs now.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chi-rilla
    Don’t know why you confused why people don’t use Kobe’s non-starting years to compare the two. A 18 yr old who’s playin 15mins per as the 4th option on his squad isn’t a fair comparison to a 22 yr old starting and the first option on his squad. I don’t compare the 2 so I don’t get into that. Some days I wish Kobe went to school for a couple seasons but then he never comes to LA so I squash that.

    I think you missed the vibe of that season’s all star game. Kobe was the exciting young buck who was trying to be Mike. Jordan was still killing cats. Fans wanted Mike vs Kobe. I’m sure Clyde n Steph mighta been deserving but let’s be real: It’s an exhibition game, and it delivered.

    Ain’t like Kobe snuck in. Check the numbers:

  • beiber newz

    big island…isn’t the rule of the clique you are now following now not to talk to me?

  • Big Island

    Beib – Rules were meant to be broken… You have to read that in the most seductive voice ever in order to be effective.

  • beiber newz

    big island…you have shown your true colors. you must be a follower in real life. you follow who you think is cool. you don’t have a mind of your own cuz i see now that you follow the popular way of thinking instead of YOUR way of thinking. it’s amazing how you do a 180 on me after i did nothing wrong to you. you only hate me because other people here have said they hate me. that is the ultimate loser move. you are a loser. a big loser, not a big island, you are a big loser. ask yourself why you are talking bad to me. and then give yourself the answer. stop talking to me. i don’t like talking to people who don’t have their own mind. are you afraid of not looking cool to your online “friends” if you are cool with me? ultimate loser move man. sad, you were the one person here i thought that didn’t let things influence you. i see the truth now.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla


    The reason why i said its confusing is because no one uses that argument when comparing any other two players.

    Rarely Does Stockton, Malone, Barkley, Drexler, KG, T-Mac, or anyone who sat a year or two behind a vet get their numbers excused for being lowered. Not even MJ for his two seasons in WAshington, or two seasons where he played less than half the games (2nd year, and 1st return in 95).

    And I don’t think they should be excused. Without those years they wouldn’t have learned whatever it is they learned to become the player they are.