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The Lakers Reclaim Their City; Dirk Tries A New Career

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum (photo. Jeff Forney)

Lob City’s a Laker town again, if only for a night in this upside-down season where the Clippers are the supposed juggernaut in town. With Andy Garcia looking on with an, ahem, obvious Lakers’ interest, Metta World Peace was as much a factor tonight as he hasn’t been the rest of the season. His physicality and hesitation three, his only bucket of the night, with 3:30 left capped an 11-4 run and the Lakers put the game away from there, thanks to two key plays from Andrew Bynum (19 points). In the closing seconds, he caught a lob from Kobe and finished, and then snuffed DeAndre Jordan‘s layup. Was this truly the night the big kid finally grew up? Andrew Goudelock had a surprising 14 points to add to the front line of Bynum and Gasol, who combined for 43 points and 16 rebounds. Caron Butler started off hot but cooled, and Blake Griffin had a nice 26 and nine night (including three INSANE plays: a follow-up dunk where he came down out of the sky, a crazy double-pump facial and an over-the-head layup) but were the Clippers as rattled as Garcia thought they were? They certainly didn’t handle late-game situations well. Chris Paul seemed too busy handing the ball off to front-row fans who looked exactly like the Doc from Back To The Future … We see Mo Williams (16 points) is getting rid of all his jumpers now so when the playoffs come he’ll have none left … The night after the Oscar nominations came out, our nominee for best game was Raptors/Jazz in Salt Lake. It felt like a game in May the way Toronto’s Linas Kleiza was letting the crowd know about his big night (25 points). He was playing, and kinda looked like one of the Eastern European hitmen in Eastern Promises actually, making it funnier that it was Jose Calderon who dug in the dagger with a minute to play in double overtime. Kleiza tossed it back to Calderon, unaware there were two seconds left on the shot clock, when Calderon threw up a rainbow prayer from 26 feet from his hip…swish. Mind you, they were playing without Andrea Bargnani late, making the team from up north’s first win over Utah since — wait for it — December 2004 even more interesting … LeBron made shots down the stretch to win in Detroit — from the free-throw line. His missed threes in the final two minutes won’t help his reputation with some for missing in clutch moments. But really, LeBron (32 points, seven boards) and Chris Bosh (27 points, six boards) are keeping the Heat afloat without the still-injured Dwyane Wade. Up just eight with eight minutes left, Norris Cole stripped Austin Daye, sped out on a two-on-one break and led LeBron for what looked like a momentum-crippling slam. But before you could change the game on League Pass, the Pistons came back with a 14-2 run and took the lead at 98-95 on Jonas Jerebko‘s top-of-the-key three. Yes, the same Jonas Jerebko who has his own poster for ’80s Night tomorrow in Detroit. Daye was a man though, scoring a career-high 28 to go with six rebounds … Does anyone know what a “diminished groin” is? The Pistons’ color announcer mentioned it about Rodney Stuckey late in the game. The Pistons might be better without Stuckey anyways … Start spreading the news that the Knicks lost again, this time to Cleveland. That’s seven out of the last eight they’ve dropped. Fair to say the Knicks need to switch something up, ’cause it ain’t working. What was surprising was Amar’e going for two emphatic dunks within the first two minutes. It’s almost like he’s reading everything about how his knees are finished and his explosion is gone because the last two nights that boy (19 points, 14 boards) has been jumping more often than the Cameron Crazies. The Knicks aren’t running as fast as expected when Mike D’Antoni was hired, but we’re about to see just how fast James Dolan runs him out of town. … Did anyone else think they were watching Oak Hill when Cleveland took the floor in their new unis? … One of the more unique starts to a fast break went down in Oklahoma City last night. With two minutes left in the fourth, Kendrick Perkins snagged a loose ball and, either bewildered or incredibly savvy, tossed the ball backward over his head at the three-point line to James Harden, who threw it to Durant for the two-hand finish. It was Oklahoma City’s 10th win in its last 11 games. New Orleans coughed up the ball twice with a chance to make it real interesting on its final possessions on mistakes by Al-Farouq Aminu. Trevor Ariza‘s face is on a milkbox this morning in New Orleans-area grocery stores after going M.I.A. the whole game. He shot 1-for-8, finishing with two points … Keep reading to hear about Dirk’s new TV career …

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  • Chainfire

    The Raptors were only playing without Bargnani near the end of regulation before it went into OT. Bargs re-injured his calf after putting up 25 pts and playing some solid Defense…the raptors will resume being unwatchable while Andrea sits on the shelf.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lakers still looked bad but pulled off the win. Till they find themselves i will refer to them as lost angeles lakers. Im happy to see paul get a little shit talked to him. Lets hope he carries the fire over to the next game

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Correction not paul i meant Pau.

    I think the lakers got too hyped to play Dallas that when they won in such a dramatic fashion it zapped their energy and emotion to bring it in the next 3 games thatthey lost in the road.
    Carin butler has a ring right?


    Glad I was able to catch the Clippers/Lakers game via live-stream. World Peace is a crazy dude. Dude was a menace throughout the 4th Quarter!

  • DE

    Rubio’s steals streak is still ongoing..
    ‘zup with Paul getting chippy with Pau on touching his head? I’ve seen it in games a lot of times, and no one’s making a fuss about it. its not like the two of them have bad blood before the game started..

  • Me

    record for most links in a smack?


    Loads of great games today and all their talking about is the damn LA game. Shit.

    Deron kills Philly in an OT game and he gets is one stinking line? Indy looking ready for a Bulls playoff rematch. The Bucks stop the league’s hottest team and all they write about is LA. Thank Dime the 2 OT upset gets some props (after LA).

    Fuck LA. Fuck ESPN and their biased little asses. HAHA.

  • A.R.

    @ EN FUEGO

    You mad bro?


    Ya think? HAHA. No coffee and nothing but LA to read today.

    But it’s all good now. About 5 hours and 10 posts into smack and no beaver newz! This is as good as it gets. Awesome. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • http://coolone woohoo

    Yo its time for a rap battle! / so go ahead and jump in the saddle / tho that leaves you up shit creek without a paddle! /

    You see, these message boards are the shit / yall fake rappin like nobody’s bizness! / thinking y’all got the latest hits / when ur lines stink like 2-day old piss

    S’posed to be about kobe, wade, lebron james! / “40 nights, 40 games! / but even the smack’s gettin’ more n more tame / and out the door goes those lame hoopster dames (what a shame)!

    Yo, I know my lines suck bad / but alongside beiber news I seem so rad! / control, chicagorilla, even – who’s it? Of yeah, austin burton / ev’rytime I read the smack notes my head gets a major-ass HURTIN’!

    Keep the articles comin’ boys!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Raps/Jazz game was so entertaining. Kleiza has to pay attention to what’s going on. He was having too much fun trash-talking the Jazz fans that he had no clue how much time was left on the shot-clock. Jose saved Kleiza’s ass. If Calderon missed that trey, Kleiza is in the doghouse.

    Bargnani is starting to embrace being the leader of that team. You can just see it in 4th quarters. He’s got that “Reggie” look in his eye. Like he wants every shot, hit or miss. It’s nice to see. We haven’t seen that look since Damon Stoudamire.
    And the colour guys highlighting his HUGE improvement on defence was great. He’s moving his feet now instead of swiping at the ball. He’ll never be a defensive stopper, but the effort to move around the court, and not just lazily reach for the ball is enough to make the offense work that much harder.

    Good game by Raps, but FUCK! We needed that loss. No more winning streaks, okay?

  • control

    Those were some weak ass technical fouls in the LALA game. For some reason I love watching Reggie Evans play, the guy doesn’t give a fuck about getting the ball on the offensive end, he just goes and boxes guys out in the most annoying manner possible. Not sure why Josh McRoberts was getting heated on Reggie, guy just went to wipe some sweat off his brow…McRob should be thankful that he played Reggie and didn’t get his junk touched on.

    I don’t know if it happened last night, but Kobe has to be the only player in the nba who can bitch at a ref about a call for so long that his coach has to call a time out because he didn’t bother transitioning on the play and it was 5on4 on the other end, and not get a tech.

    It’s astonishing how bad the east is looking this year. After ATL, the drop off is insane, 13 wins for 6th place team, 7 for 7th place. It’s insane that as bad as TDot is playing, they still might accidentally make the playoffs, due to boston douchebags and ny assholes sucking so bad (cheers!).

  • K Dizzle


    Andrew Goudelock, I see you n welcome back, Ron
    That is all

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    me yesterday:

    “i feel like this clippers game is a must win for the lakers. i feel paul wants to come back in this game because it is the lakers. he can’t miss this game. kobe said the only guys he sees that can compare to his ferocious competitive nature is rose and cp3. paul was not going to pass up a chance to play kobe. i can’t wait for this game for the sheer excitement.”

    glad to see the lakers won the must-win…..

  • LeRoy Green

    Mavs got some incredible looking rings and then got they ass whooped by the Wolves. Thats the 2nd time they whooped us this year and neither was close. Love is playin like an all around star and Rubio is easily one of my favorite players to watch. Mavs better wake up and realize that playin the T Wolves aint an easy win like it used to be. I’ll give em a pass since Dirk was playin but still….wasn’t a good look.

    Story line of the night shoulda been the Pacers winning in Chicago tho. I like that Pacers squad, only caught the 4th quarter but it looks like David West is back 100% from that knee injury cuz he was BALLIN last night.

  • LeRoy Green

    *since Dirk wasn’t playin.

    sidenote: shouldnt they be announcing the dunk contest participants in the next few weeks?? Griffins gonna defend his title but who do yall wanna see in it this year?

    Kinda seems weird that 3 of the players I hope to see are 6’10 and up. McGee, Howard, Griffin, _______. Still dont know the 4th guy I hate that is only 4 contestants anyway. Damn I miss the old days

  • K Dizzle


    I’m not writin more til this gets passed by dime moderators

  • trollne1

    Three of my favorite in-game dunkers today aside from Blake are Rudy Gay, Iggy and probably DeRozan. McGee looks so lanky and looks fragile as hell when he dunks. Not sure who I want to see in the Dunk Contest. Maybe Terrico White? Is he still in the league? But I hope they cut out the props in the dunk contest. It’s getting as annoying as the flopping in the league.

    I’ve only seen mostly clips and highlights of Rubio so far this season but from what I’ve seen, many of his steals are by anticipating where the pass is going to be. Shows you how great his vision and IQ is. Is he also good at picking his opponent’s pocket?

    And Kyle Lowry’s having a Lebronesque season in terms of stats (minus the points and FG%). Is it just me or does he kinda look like Jay-Z sometimes?

  • Sporty-j

    @K sh!t-zle

    It’s funny how u Faker fans come on here to talk after u guys finally beat the Clippers. What r u guys 1-3 against those guys?

    Dan Gilbert was right! Cleveland will win a championship before the knicks. Watch how they come out all hyped against my Heat on Friday though…

  • K Dizzle

    Lol oops never mind

    What I got from last night:
    Milsap, Bargnani join the Kyle Lowry, Lamarcus Aldridge team of should be all-stars.

    Lamar Odom is just embarrassin now.
    @ Control – we at that stage where you might just have to drop dude cuz nobody tradin for him…

  • IGP

    @ En Fuego

    haha I was just thinking that. All the other posters were fed up maybe those dumb asses finally realized they need to stop with the childish act.

  • heckler

    @ DIME CREW–

    You all really need to do a BETTER JOB with the Smack section. It has become WEAK; Im not hating, but speaking as a fan of this site, it really needs to be enhanced.

    Doesn’t seem to have any sort of real flow or structure.
    Now that we are in 2012, do you really need to end EVERY Smack with “We’re out like……”???

  • control


    I was actually thinking of dropping Odom, he’s just slapping me in the face, and slapping every fantasy owner who was stupid enough to drop his PTSD ass. It’s funny, most guys who fuck a Kardashian end up having their stats go up (it’s actually proven, go look it up), but apparently since Lamar is married to that chick, he’s not fucking her anymore and his stats are going down. I was trying to trade that guy, and jokingly said that his wife was goin to suit up instead of him, and since she’s the same height and weight as Charles Barkley, it would actually be better…now I can say that and be serious. Fantasy team has what could be the 4 best shooters in the league in Nash, Curry, Allen and Morrow, and still getting cracked on FG% completely because of fucking Odom, that prick.

  • control

    *draft his PTSD ass* not *drop his PTSD ass*

  • K Dizzle

    @ Sporty J

    Is this a joke? Please tell me you got jokes. How are you callin out anybody, scrub?
    Better review Smack n see how I rep my team, win or lose.
    You must be crazy tryin to call out anybody after how your ass disappeared after the Mavs murked you lol
    Now you come outta ur bunker callin names?
    Gettin called out by you as a “bad fan” is like Shaq clownin Reggie on free throw shootin lol
    Lol Faker fans? You ever seen a video askin us to “Fan Up”?

    LMAO! Thanks for gettin my day off to such a great start…

  • That’s What’s Up

    Rubio already has a savvy veteran’s game, which probably comes from playing pro ball at souch a young age. He is legit and he seems to only help his team, while other rookies tend to hurt their teams more while learning.

    Crazy to think The Wrath Of Khan’s plan might actually be working.

  • Sporty-j

    So your saying that the Lakers and Kobe Pipen Bryant has never has never done a video tell the fans to come out and support them? Every team does. If u would keep the Heat and Bosh d!ck out your mouth and worry about what your team is doing to keep its switch out a$$ from turning into Clipper fans. You might know that. I can’t wait to see u Fakers go out in the 1st round again though…

  • control

    That what up

    Man, Khan didn’t have a plan, he’s made some choices that have completely killed the franchise for years, getting lucky with two players who can actually form something special is just that…luck. I don’t know if there is any situation, short of winning a championship, that would make me give that guy props, haha.

  • Bear

    Is anyone else thinking that E Gordon refused to extend with the Hornets, because he wants to get back to LA? I can see him signing a year (Like Nick Yound or Ben Gordon did back in the day with the Bulls) then bolting. That way the Clips may have no Chauncey and Maybe Paul decides not to stay…… Just a thought

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    rubio is not used to seeing every women bundled up in scarfs, northface coats, hats and sweatpants while he is in minnesota compared to women in spain. khan didn’t give love a 5 year deal because he wants to give the max deal to rubio. due to the new cba, only one guy can be designated 30% of the salary cap. and since khan drafted rubio, he wants to put his stamp on that signing, similar to how buss is doing with andrew bynum. well, rubio will probably skip town when he is eligible to, to a place with nice weather like the lakers…..well this was wishful thinking on my part. i remember rubio was pissed the wolves took him. he stayed home another two years. he would have been in the nba at 19. isn’t he older than wall already? well, anyway, rubio was hoping the knicks took him. it sucks because the knicks wanted either steph curry, jonny flynn or rubio. happy they missed out on rubio, upset they missed the other two due to assholes swiping them before they had the chance. all in all, i don’t see rubio being a lifetime timberwolf, and khan is not dumb for locking up kevin love yesterday when he had the chance. now love has the option to become a free agent after the following 3 seasons. that feels like it’s around the corner…and when khan sees love leave the team, if they still can’t make the playoffs, i will laugh at him.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    happy they missed out on flynn*

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    and khan IS dumb for not locking up love*

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    also according to my record…the lakers are 1-1 against the clippers. someone remind me if we count preseason games? oh…

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lol@ sporty j talking about the lost angeles lakers and kobe then saying ” worry about what your team is doing”

    I wouldnt mind seeing the bull v pacers again in the playofffs they got sick matchup. I still feel that collison doesnt get enough credit for running that team.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    this blake griffin dunk last night was pretty pretty

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    that’s because collison is highly inconsistent. but he is good…when he plays well.

  • Big Island

    Kevin Love is like the you friend’s little sister and there’s the one day where you realize she’s a woman. Kahn has 3 years to show Kevin Love and the other guys that he is serious. I get that Kahn wanted to keep some free for Rubio and whoever else they draft or whatever, but he put himself in a position of having 3 years before they are good or everyone leaves.

    I don’t hate the Knicks, but I hate Melo and I hate most Knick fans. I love seeing them lose and I hope Melo never wins another game in his career. If Melo got traded I would want the Knicks to win.

    Clippers just kind of folded at the end of the game. The Lakers played well, but the Clippers lost the game more than the Lakers won it.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Me – I was thinking the same thing! So many links!

    Those posters are out of control. I want a room of 70s, 80s and 90s posters where my friends, my girl and I are in all of them. Awesome stuff, Pistons.

  • silky

    how’s someone complaining about that LA battle gettin top billing and saying bias, then say deron and the nets vs Philly…. lol. east coast bias in sports is waaaay worse. u fools can’t even stay awake to watch half the games out here.

    saw yesterday that Nash was leading the league in assists(again) at around 10.4… damn- dude turns 38 in a week! so I looked up Stockton’s numbers at that age to have a comparison because I remember him still putting up stats late in his career(till 40) but anyways stock was at about 8 assists a game at 38 yrs old. the crazy thing I noticed about him tho was that his last 4 years in the league he started 82 games each year. that’s some crazy durability @ the most demanding position in the league.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Heckler

    Shut up please lol now we whining about the smack??? Come on man

    @ KDizz

    I wouldnt even pay attention to the kid lol we already know what he is..


    Ima take a page from Kenny Smith and say even though we won FUCK THAT GAME AND FUCK THOSE REFS..

    Ill even speak for the Clippers lmao WorldPeace was smashin on Blake Griffin.. Blake even gave the Kia commercial stare on that jump ball scrummage lik “NO FOUL????!”

    Ugly ugly game..

    At least the Pacer game was good.. I guess they legit.. Lakers then Bulls??? You know they confidence is up there now..

  • LakeShow84

    And wtf????

    We didnt need to RECLAIM shit lmaooooooooo

  • K Dizzle

    @ Big I
    How you figure the Clips mailed in a 5 point game that was a 2 point game with a minute left?
    Lakers won that game. Kobe passin to Bynum at crunchtime and Bynum gettin a big block on DJ right after. It came down to execution and free throws.

    Anyways, I was watchin that game last night thinkin (and don’t take this as I don’t think CP3 is the top pure point in the game) but if the clippers had kept the squad they got right now and got Chauncey off amnesty(I know Stern fixed that too. How you get a dude by biddin only 2 bucks more than the next offer? can’t nobody tell me the league didn’t interfere with that)wouldn’t they be a better overall team?
    You startin Chauncey, Eric Gordon, Butler, BG and DeAndre and comin off the bench with Mo(who been killin. Yeah, Lebron had no help pfft) Aminu, Bledsoe, Kaman, Foye, Reg Evans. That’s a more balanced team and you still got your TWolves draft pick which might not be in the lottery much longer with the way the Wolves are ballin.

    @ Lakeshow – true that, but I actually thought he was jokin for a minute lol Been a Laker fan since I was a kid and I never seen the Kobe ad askin fans to “come out n support the squad” Lol that was funny tho

    @ Silky – they wanna hate on Nash for the team being average as hell(maybe it’s just Austin) but aside from Gortat just wakin up from his nap and startin to play and G-Hill somehow still bein the best defender on the squad, that team is garbage…#FreeSteveNash

  • control


    Mo “Jesus Dog” Williams, in addition to having the worst tattoo in the league, still does suck. Sure the guy has been a little hot recently, but come on, the only thing he’s been really good at this year is his fg%. Normally he’s shooting like 40%, now he’s up over 50%, but that will drop and average out before the end of the season. While he works on averaging out, he’s going to be bustin out 30%, Kobe-like performances, it’s going to be sickening to watch.

    That “pass” Kobe did to Bynum was just a bad shot. I was reading his lips when he went up to Bynum after the play, and though I’m not 100% sure, I think he said “You giant fuck, if you EVER touch one of my shots like that, I’ll mamba bite you in the fucking face”. Keep in mind, that is just my interpretation of what he said…

  • JKnottz44

    K Dizzle,
    Dont even address dude. He’s a bird fam.

  • LABaller

    LMAO @ sporty calling out anyone for being a fake ass fan when he got the award for “worse fan of any team in any sport, ever”

    OKC is ballin right now but i still for some reason dont see them taking it all..

  • Big Island

    KDizzle – They didn’t mail it in or quit, they just made mistakes. Lakers played well down the stretch, the Clippers didn’t. It looked like the Clippers didn’t quite know what to do. Not taking anything away from the Lakers. Except floppy ass Fisher. And I was thinking the same thing about CP and the Clips. They got Chauncey, why get CP and give up Gordon?!

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Blake griffin finnaly hitting all those jumpers suprised me a bit. Then he tried to hard and did a step back outta bounce. Come on man! If he can keep that shot going for the rest of the season he will he scary to defend.

  • Sporty-j

    Lol! Laker banwagoners r out in full force today now that they team played there best game just to beat the Clips. Now all of a the tails have come back out from between there arse and pretty soon we will be hearing about how they got 16 or whatever # it is even though most of them have probably lived long enough to watch only the recent 5 chips. Meet us June if Kobe “Pippen” Bryant doesnt snap by than. But u guys know as good as I know. Ur not beating the Thunder, Blazers, Clips, Memphis, Nuggets, Dallas or Spurs in a playoff series. Its going to be fun watching Shaqs side kick Kobe fade into the sunset pretty soon, never getting another chance to play in the Finals. Keep dreaming Howard and CP3 though. Santa Clause and David Stern r going to bring them down the Chimney for u grown A$$ men that r still dreaming…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i find it funny people can’t just say “the clippers lost”….they planting in Xs and Os…yet when the knicks lose it just “hahah losers, fire diantoni.” they never look at the Xs and Os as to why the knicks lose. why are people coddling the clippers? because they have lovable players?

  • Sporty-j

    Now Laker fans want to come on here in full force and talk about how they r pulling clips and sh!t. I dont who fans r worse! Laker fans or Knick fans?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    also, i would understand if people said the amare-melo tandem can’t work if amare was playing like his moniker states: standing tall and talented. amare has more games where he’s played like a regular good player as opposed to the all star he is. if amare was playing like a beast and they were losing games, then i’d think it’d be fair to say the tandem can’t work. but so far, amare has been a shell and it isn’t fair to judge whether that core can work until amare plays to expectations.

  • LakeShow84

    Aye if that was imprtant to ANYONE last night it was the Clips..

    We just needed to stop the skid.. Clips are playing to ESTABLISH themselves.. They a veteran team so they know they aint done shit yet..

    While all the media putting them AHEAD of us im sure they know they gotta do a lot more just to be shoulder level with us..

    Mailed it in my ass lmao

  • LakeShow84

    Anyone see Dirk on the Mic last night???

    Dude should go do And 1 games in the offseason lmao

  • UncheckedAggression

    In order for the Clips to be truly dangerous, Griffin’s gotta work at getting better. The guy is simply outclassed by any decent and smart PF or C. He might have the emptiest numbers of any big in the league. He also needs to be a force defensively instead of being a non-factor on that end.

    In short, dude needs to approach the game like Rose does. That athleticism will only take him so far. Then teams will really have to worry about the Clips.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i said a while back kyrie irving reminds me of chris paul….
    i just read lebron james said the same thing.. recently.

    go figure…

  • Sporty-j

    Well the Knicks r another can of worms bieb newz. Amare needs to stop acting like Melo is the only 1 who can play on the team the end of games. They play way to much 1 on 1. When Melo touches ball. Its just like when he was in Denver. The offense becomes Stagnant as hell as everybody including Amare??? watches Melo go 1 on 1. Than Amare 1 on 1. Mike is the type of coach who like to run and gun but needs a pg for his offense to work. U guys r so impatient that u could not wait tjis summer to try and sign CP3 or Deron Williams and gave the ur dow to Chandler who along with Amare needs a good pg. u also rushed into getting Melo. Whats the Rushing for? Drop Mike for Sloan and drop Dolan for Micheal Jordan…

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Sporty J sounds funny calling kobe “pippen” when they already named lebron “pippen” to wade. Idk whats worst sporty j or the heat cause they both talk alot of shit but when its time to show up they disappear. Poof!

  • LakeShow84

    I find it ironic but fitting he reps them tough lol

  • JBaller

    Yeah, but is it a rivalry?

    …as every media shill asked LAL/LAC last night

  • Sporty-j

    Lebron aint no Pippen. We have 2 batmans

    Dont act stupid Pancheeto. U know Kobe has had way better teams than both players and has been overrated because he plays in L.A. I still have no idea how ge continues to make all NBA defensive 1st team over Wade or NBA 1st team…

  • UncheckedAggression

    Bosh has only recently been playing better than Gasol. Overall, I’d definitely take Gasol over Bosh.

    The battle for LA stuff is VERY premature, but I’m pretty sure everyone already knows that. The media has to push it because that’s what they do. The Lakers own LA and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I just wanna know where Sporty J was for the last 8 months. Dude’s been missing around here since the day of Game 6. And don’t say you were busy. Not for 8 months.

    BTW, it’s VC’s birthday today. In honor of his special day I am going to ask my co-worker to walk past me, brush against my shoulder, then I will crumble to the floor and lay there for 2 minutes holding my face.

    Happy Birthday Vince.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “I still have no idea how ge continues to make all NBA defensive 1st team over Wade or NBA 1st team…”

    Because NBA coaches vote. Not Miami Heat fans. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Hahaha i dont know how kobe makes the defensive team either. He plays defense but he dont shut nobody down.

    I agree that the lakers have had more talent surrounding kobe, but i dont think hes overrated. And its not kobes fault that hes had better GM than both lebrin and wade in the Thats like saying lebrons overrated

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Its not kobes fault hes had better GMs than lebron and wade in the past. But to say kobes overrated is like saying lebrons overrated. If kobe played in Toronto or Detriot he would still be the same great scorer that can shoot his team into a L. Same with lebron, no matter where he plays he will still be a amazing all around player that cant close in the 4th.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Not sure Toronto/Utah was the game of the night. The end of regulation and overtime was tough to watch.

    Both offenses looked terrible. Toronto gets a pass on the second night on a back to back with no Bargs, but how is Utah good? 4 of the guys on the floor looked like they wanted to do anything but shoot. Devin Harris looked terrible, airballs, brick free throws. I kept asking my buddy is this the best lineup they can throw out there? Where’s Watson? Does Hayward always play this much? I thought Utah was good?

    Paul Milsap was a beast though, he was carrying them.

    Nets sixers was best game I saw. Deron Williams took over OT, fade aways, step back 3s. Philly didn’t give it away he took it. Toronto and Utah looked like they were both trying to lose improve their lottery odds.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ JAY

    Dont forget u gotta call in sick for the next 2 weeks lol

    I dont even think thats Sporty-J.. How can someone who showed they were yellow come back in here and start spewing out the side of they face?? LMAO at least show some humility hahahaha

    i wont even touch the Laker comments lol swappin Mike for Sloan and Dolan for Jordan?? Comment got schmuck written all over it lol

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lost angeles plays rubio and the wolves on sunday. Ive been trying to hype it up too everyone i can so people will get to see rubio play. I know casual lost angeles fans will not be interested in watching the game thinking its the same sorry wolves team from the past. im advertising it as rubio being the next big time PG in the league, i hope they take my advice and decide to watch.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i said this yesterday…but seeing as how had to ONCE AGAIN save the lakers in the 4th quarter, i think some personnel moves should be in order:

    arenas will be very nice off the bench for the lakers. but i was thinking about some other names that some guys are not talking about that the lakers can surely use if (the following players) play up to expectations.

    1)keith bogans and
    2)james posey
    both guys can guard the 2 and the 3 and can knock down three pointers in the clutch.

    athletically speaking
    3)jamario moon and
    4)al thornton
    both guys bring slashing potential, and thornton is by far the better offensive player….moon is nice because he can knock down the three and is a sneaky smart player.

    big men
    5)joel pryzbilla and
    6)krylo fesenko.
    fesenko … clogs the paint, can hit around the inside and will alter shots… pryzbilla is good because he adds size, shot blocking ability and rebounding relief when pau and bynum are on the bench.

    some other available free agents
    7)eddie house for threes
    8)earl boykins for scoring and change of pace at the pg
    9)leon powe for low post scoring, hustle, offensive rebounding

    gilbert arenas should be first in mind. if he ends up on the miami heat i’ll be pissed.

  • Sporty-j

    Bosh was playing better than Gasol last year to. Plz check ur Aggression. When Chris Bosh went against the Lakers frontline of Odom Kardashian, Paulina “the Europian Rupaul” Gasoft, and Andrew Byhurt. He punked there entire front line on Christmas day and when they came to Miami. Imagine if Bosh had a big next to him like Howard(the equivallent of Bynum) lol… Yeah I dissapeared and I have no shame in saying it or admiting it. Im a leader not a follower and I dont to prove anything to any 1 of u cats by coming on here after we lost just to prove a point or whatever which I always have. Im still the realest dude on here besides Big Island or AB. And im still going to rep the 305, Wade, James, Bosh, and we taking all the way this year. Again I Apoligze for my poor sportsmanship and I have no desire to battle u guys this year. Lets just thank GOD the N.BA. is back and God Bless…

  • UncheckedAggression

    Bosh was not better than Gasol last year. Bosh is a terrible defensive player that has trouble finishing around the basket. He looks good when he’s able to face up from midrange, but other than that he is outclassed by Gasol. Nice try, man.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    did dwight howard just say he wouldn’t mind playing for the celtics??? hmm. are there any jersey numbers available?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    did dwight howard just say he wouldn’t mind playing for the celtics??? hmm. are there any jersey numbers available?

  • Sporty-j

    lol okay unchecked. I bet if Kobe, Laker GMs or fans had a chance to trade Gasol for Bosh. They would do it in a heart. Gasol use to look good becauase he stands next to Bynum and that was 2yrs ago. If Bosh was next to defensive beasts like Howard or Bynum. OMG!! Stop watching Euro T.V. or Lakerland and Check ur Aggression. Checkmate…

  • LakeShow84

    I think Arena’s time may be up..

    Id hope im wrong because dude had elephant balls but still.. He hasnt looked good in 2-3-4 years.. thats a long layoff.. especially considering hes player 2-3 of those years..

    We need someone who can hit a damn 3 and shoot 40% or higher from there.. WTF is Kapono doing??

    Id take Thornton or Bogans tho.. Bogans a gritty guy who got a decent shot..

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Good games last night all around. Even my nieces teams won by a combined 60pts! lol.

    But damn those Pacers! It’s cool, i love to see a good rivalry develop. My only problem is there was no physical altercations to further enhance the rivalry like there was in the LA game. Boozer and Noah have to be the most disappointing front court players in the NBA. Seriously, getting outplayed like that is just not cool. Hibbert had his way with Noah all night, and Boozer was getting done up by West and Psycho T.
    Ronnie Brewer played Danny Granger to a stand still and that got me more hyped than anything. I see Brewer play all the time, but dude is one of the most improved players in the NBA this year.

    That LA game was off the hook. I know Ron Artest has slowed down some, but I’ll take that dude back in Chicago ANYDAY! I love the intensity that dude plays with. He doesn’t care about the AAU, summer league, ex-teammate bullshyt that most NBA players care about. He wants to win. He nearly crushed Blake Griffin going for that loose ball. THAT is how basketball is supposed to be played. F^ck all that friendship stuff, Ball out and be friends later.

    And Kevin Love is the man. If he can keep this pace up over the next year or so, he’ll be among the select few superstars in the NBA.

  • LakeShow84

    Sporty-j got so much to say about our squad all of a sudden lmaaaaooooo

    Seriously who was even branded RUPAUL first???? Thats ur boy Bosh

    Seriously who cant even close the 4th quarter in the biggest series of his life?? Thats ur boy Lebron

    Seriously who cant even play a full 20 games in a row cuz hes soft as shit when it comes to injuries?? Didnt he cry when he hurt his shoulder too?? LMAO thats ur boy Wade

    Dont talk to us we won 2 chips in a row with Gasoft and Byhurt lmao

    Comedy comedy comedy

  • LakeShow84

    Miami Heat could be a in Wizard of Oz story lmao

    Lebron got no heart
    Bosh got no toughness
    Wade got no durability

    Lol thats all i could think about when it comes to Wade lmao

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    just saw this on yahoo nba :

    “Pau Gasol knows the Lakers wanted Chris Paul over him. That’s why he was happy to send C.P. scampering home.”

    that botched trade scenario will live on in infamy

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz


    don’t wanna start no drama…
    i think AB should try to match up the IP address of #76 to the fake #14 beiber post of yesterday on this page:


    i dunno…i felt like people were switching locations when they spoke to throw off identities. the timestamps seem to match up to the point i think someone might have been at work or something. if those IP’s match i think i might have figured something out and that chapter in my life can be closed.

    happy to say…after yesterday the comments sections today is POPPIN. it’s all peace. only basketball talk, no fakes, and it even looks like people are welcoming sporty-j back. coool. the dime comment section is revived again!!

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    And i think the debate is settled. Deron Williams has the best crossover in the NBA. Last night dude was on his “G”!


  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    so i hear eric gordon might be out another 6 WEEKS. i wonder if the hornets feel gypped yet.

  • Sporty-j


    Look u ungrateful SOB! At the end of the day. My team would kick your team a$$e$ on our worst day, on your homecourt in a best of 7 serious, with all 7 games played on your home court, with Lebron or Wade, after we spot u all 10 points. I dont know why I am even wasting my time. The Lakers are irrelivant and your just trying to make them rellivant. I can guarantee u that we will be there in June. Can u guarantee the same for your team. Do you guys still have that magic switch?

  • UncheckedAggression

    I should point out that I actually like the Heat. I would like them to win the championship this year, since my Kings have no chance whatsoever.

    Gasol would be much better for the Heat than Bosh. I’m not surprised you don’t agree, considering how hard you jock the Heat and hate on the Lakers.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    I agree its all peace. Metta World Peace! Cant believe he didnt get a T for standing over blake like that. And why did billups get a T after griffin got ripped the following play? I heard on the radio that kobe told billups ” you better contol yo boy or someones gonna get knockout around here”.

    Oh and did anyone else see kobe get called for carrying trying to do the pause up fake dribble that has become CP3 famous move? Then he ran back on defense and was like CP3 does that all the time. That shit had me rolling.

  • LakeShow84

    Lmao still making guarantees???

    Havent u been there before and had to take 6 month nap???

    Dont hurt urself lmao and u guys could win this year and next years chip and everyone in China still gonna know the Lakers over the Heat lmao

    OOOOOOOoooooo damn i was arguin about handles the other day.. How the fuck i forget Deron Williams.. Damn

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    gasol would be better for the heat. but that doesn’t mean he would be better ON the heat than when he is on the lakers. he may be a better fit for the heat than bosh, and i think he is much better than bosh. the only advantage bosh has on pau is his athleticism, running the floor, and how he can look like a small forward at times. pau is a better passer, smarter, stronger, can move over to center, better post moves, better touch around the basket, etc…pau is without question better than bosh.

    does anyone remember the time people were screaming TRADE BYNUM FOR BOSH when bosh was going to be a free agent in toronto? hmmm would anyone do that now? no, now everyone is jocking bynum, even saying he may be the best big man in the league. bandwagon observers. i always had bynum in my corner. people always ignored his talent because they wanted to focus on games-played totals.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Panchittooo

    There was a lot of shit Metta got away with last night lmao

    I loved it tho.. They tried to come INTO OUR ARENA (LOL) and act like they were gonna punk us.. Not with the psycho formerly known as RonRon on our team lmao

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    This makes no sense:
    I guarantee my teams gonna make it, can you guarantee your team will make it?

    I can only guarantee one thing. If and when the Heat lose sporty j will go poof for another 6 months. @ biebs can you please remember this comment so when it happens you can give me credit for saying it. Lol

  • JKnottz44


    You’re the real definition of a herb. U vanish when MIA got embarassed last yr, yet really think you’re realer than most. A real cat woulda just took their lumps and kept it steppin. U pulled the sucla move instead. GTFOH with that garbage b.

  • JKnottz44


    You’re the real definition of a herb. U vanish when MIA got embarassed last yr, yet really think you’re realer than most. A real cat woulda just took their lumps and kept it steppin. U pulled the sucka move instead. GTFOH with that garbage b.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i can tell you why there were no TECHS. david stern told the refs to grant some leeway in that game. stern wants those teams to play gritty. he wants to build feistyness and in turn..form a rivalry. the fastest way is to have both squads go at each other. stern is manipulating and speeding up the process…blake said it’s not a rivalry, but if both teams have p-layers snipping at each other, by playoff time, if those teams meet up, it’ll be a rivalry then.

    baseball has the subway series…that lakers-clippers matchup would be called the hallway series. as someone dubbed back in the clippers-cassell days

  • LakeShow84

    People always ignored Bynum because they said he couldnt go 82 games..

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    So I decided to take it a step further with NBA2k. I’m dowloading 80’s and 70’s music to play in the old school arenas. It didn’t seem right to have Slaughter House and Jay-Z playing during the Lakers vs Warriors game in the early 90s.

  • control


    Bet you 10k Bynum doesn’t go 82 games this regular season…hah.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo


    I havent played 2k12 online yet. Is there still fools that do the eurostep or post spin move dunk over and over again? I remeber playing some guy on 2k11 and hr used the Heat and pretty much all he did was do the spin move with lebron and euro step with wade all day long. What was worst he actually thought he was good talking shit over the mic. I got fed up so when i took a 3 point lead in the 3rd quarter i turned my PS3 off. I hate opponents that be pausing the game to watch their own replays or even worse have a mic and their TV is super loud so theres an echo while playing

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — When was I hating on Steve Nash?

    @LakeShow84 — It wasn’t just the media putting the Clippers ahead of the Lakers. The Clips were (and still are) ahead of the Lakers in the standings, too.

    @Lakers Fans In General — Why do you guys even bother talking crap about Miami? Since the LeBron-Bosh-Wade trio formed, aren’t the Heat 3-0 against the Lakers? And in the one postseason we have to compare, didn’t the Heat make it to the Finals, whereas the Lakers were swept in Round 2? Every piece of evidence so far says THESE Lakers are not f’ing with THESE Heat.

  • Big Island

    It used to be the Lakers fans would talk crap at the end of the season when they won a ring. Then they started talking about Kobe being the man and the team around him sucked, then back to the rings again, then back to Kobe being the greatest but the team sucks. Now they are talking after beating the Clippers in the regular season. That alone tells you 1) how the Lakers aren’t as good as they used to be, and 2) the Clippers are better than they have been and will most likely be better than the Lakers in the next couple of years.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Why bother???? Ummmmmmmm i think your mistaken as well..


    You think one year kinda decides EVERYTHING????? So us actually being in the Finals 3 of the past 4 years means nothing???

    I forget ur a closet follow-whatever-team-Lebron-is-on kinda fan..

    Not fucking with these Heat??? GTFOOOHHHH The Cavs swept us the year we won a chip against Boston.. Does that mean that mean Laker fans couldnt talk shit because of some regular season shit???

    Go back to check IP’s on that comment lol

    But you right since they ahead of us in the standings they are DEFINETELY the team to beat in LA.. Does that even sound right to you???

    Yeah check those IP’s bruh lol

  • LakeShow84

    And i aint touchin that bet Control lmao

    I think he’ll make it but who knows what could happen.. another teammate could go sliding into his knee again.. its rough down there..

  • catdaddywhack

    oh hell yeah… welcome back real smack… (give or take a few) LOL…

    great job, cats!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Big Island

    Maybe we talkin about the Clippers cuz uuuummmmmmmmmmm i mean didnt we play them last night???

    Isnt that an up and comer title contending team??? You talkin like Brand still out there and Laker fans is slammin them lmao

    You go check some IPS too lol or stick to the gay jokes :)

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    NO laker fan is throwing a parade for beating the clippers as i can see from reading these comments. it was just a good win, intense game, were lakers fans supposed to ignore a good win?


    there are like only two ppl here going back and forth about heat vs lakers..sporty and lakeshow…i wouldn’t put every laker fan in the bubble of boasting because of two or maybe three people.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz


    i think it was a bad joke…seeing as how no one will play 82 games this season in a 66 game season.

  • K Dizzle

    LMAO @ JAY
    “BTW, it’s VC’s birthday today. In honor of his special day I am going to ask my co-worker to walk past me, brush against my shoulder, then I will crumble to the floor and lay there for 2 minutes holding my face.
    Happy Birthday Vince.”

    @ Lakeshow:
    “Dont talk to us we won 2 chips in a row with Gasoft and Byhurt lmao”
    It’s funny cuz it’s so true lol

    @ Austin – I just remember you talkin bout how Nash got too much credit for makin his teammates better and hw he can’t do it anymore..but he’s 38 and STILL leadin the league in assists. Imagine if he had real teammates.

    And we can talk all the junk we want about the Heat cuz they’ve never beat us in a playoff game. Don’t make assumptions is what last season shoulda thought you. Lakers crush Dallas in their last regular season matchup, then they stomp us in the playoffs. Then Miami had a easy road up 10 n up 2-1 in the series then choke.
    What evidence did you see with your crystal ball that says they won’t choke again or even get past the Bulls?
    And for your info, Laker fans don’t care about the Heat cuz we got bigger concerns out west, even in ur own building. In case you missed it, your boy Sporty started the shittalk. We just hadda remind him where he was for the past 6 months cuz he forgot what time it was.
    Obviously hit too close to the core lol

    p.s. Thanks for clearin up the forum

  • LakeShow84

    Damn he almost tricked me lmao

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    50 cent said if the giants lose in the superbowl…he’d tweet out a naked pic of himself.

    which is why i stay away from twitter.

    i bet a bunch of slutty teenage girl are going to their neighborhood black magic doctor finding ways to get ny to fall to the pats.

    *second kdizzle…the forum is squeaky clean….

  • LakeShow84

    I would also like to say while i made fun of it for a second..

    Thanks for clearing all that up AB

    You know its all love :)

  • K Dizzle

    @ Big I

    You tryin too hard. U a Clippers fan?
    No Laker fan comes out here after a Clips win or loss cuz we got our own squad. When we keep hearin how the Clips are so amazing when we know they haven’t done a damn thing, we gonna set it off after a hard-fought, playoff intensity win vs those Clips. I been a Laker fan since 85 and you know how many Clips fans I’ve known before this season?
    But you think Laker fans are fairweather?
    It’s all good though…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — If you’re talking about the Wade-LeBron-Bosh version of the Heat, then no, it doesn’t matter what the Lakers did before the 2010-11 season.

    Ever since Miami built its current core, Lakers fans have been talking about how they’d knock them off. Even when Miami swept L.A. in the regular season, it was, “That’s OK, we don’t care about the regular season. We’ll still smash ‘em in the Finals.” So then Miami got to the Finals and … y’all weren’t there to meet them.

    Does one year decide everything? No, but that’s all we have so far. It’s been one year of the LeBron-Wade-Bosh Heat, and the Lakers still have zero wins against them. And then L.A. blew its one opportunity to face them in a playoff series. What are you going off of that makes you think the Lakers can beat these Heat? There’s literally zero evidence in your corner.

    So of course you CAN talk sh*t about whatever team you want. A Kings fan can talk sh*t about the Mavs if they want. I’m just wondering WHY Lakers fans talk so much sh*t and such confident sh*t about the Heat when all Miami has done is beat you guys silly.

    As far as the Clips, you said that the media were the ONLY people saying the Clips were better than the Lakers. I was just pointing out that the standings would agree with those media claims.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lol i talked to a so called clipper fan today and he told me after last nights defeat that hes actually not a clipper fan but a griffin fan. GTFOH!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i don’t think we can always attribute team records to distinguish who’s better between two teams. it helps to look at though, i am not saying not to.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — About Nash, I wasn’t hating on him or saying he can’t play anymore, I was saying that ever since he got to Phoenix, he’s been getting too much credit for “making” guys careers.

    Instead of giving guys like Marion, Amar’e, Diaw, etc. credit for doing what they do on the court and being good/great players, people were acting like they just stood there picking their noses until Nash MADE them look like All-Stars.

    And so my point was that, if those people are right and Nash really does just MAKE his teammates good, don’t complain about his current supporting cast when he can supposedly just MAKE those guys better too.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz


    i actually don’t think there is anything wrong with someone saying they are a fan of a team because they like an individual player. it comes with the territory. you want that player to succeed and that only happens if his team wins. and if you want that player to succeed at the highest level, you’re going to want that player to win a championship. so you end up rooting for the team as a whole so that the player you are a fan of is happy because his happiness is in turn, your happiness. if you had a son in little league baseball or soccer or whatever, you don’t have any true affiliation with the team outside of your son being a part of the roster. so you have to root for the team as a whole so your son is happy.

    just saying.

    ps. why are guys on espn allowed to use the term “slurping off” a player ? sounds type vulgar. i think a 3rd grade kid hearing that on tv after school and repeating that in class would get suspended.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – that’s the weakest argument I’ve ever read.
    Check the Bobcats record vs the Lakers in the last 5 seasons, but you actually think they’d win in a best of 7 in the playoffs?
    Assumptions mean so little that I shouldn’t even be writin this.
    So you thought the Heat were gonna kill the Mavs like everybody else last season after gettin up 2-0 so then what happened?
    You can’t just toss out 3 Finals in 4 seasons just cuz.
    WTF? We been there, done that, but we should just roll over n die just the Heat loaded up? That’s so weak.
    I hope your Pacers roll the Heat so you can rethink your whole premise…

  • LakeShow84

    Because the only game that matter come in May AB you know that lol

    And yeah we talk all that shit because we are ESTABLISHED..

    Our core is PROVEN..

    If the media and bandwagoners had they way Miami wouldnt have had to struggle for shit they wouldve been HANDED that shit..

    So for our PROVEN, ESTABLISHED core to get overlooked on some SUPERTEAM bullshit, yeah im gonna back my team up..

    Even with no evidence whatsoever lol

  • LakeShow84

    But to clarify im not confident in us HANDLING anyone im confident in our team period..

    If we play right i dont think we can lose whether it Miami, Boston or OKC.. and its proven, BECCAAAUUUUSSSEEEEE??

    We’ve already hoisted the trophy lol TWICE

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    to support what austin burton is saying about steve nash, and to quote jay-z’s song “lost ones”, i think this line is fairly appropriate:

    I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov.
    Made-Hov say, “OK so, make another Hov”

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    ^if nash was able to make stoudimire into STAT he could turn hakim warrick into STAT as well.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — First of all, you know damn well there’s a big gap between the Bobcats and the Heat. And you also know that one reason the Lakers have struggled against the Bobcats is because they take them lightly. Pretty sure y’all don’t take the Heat lightly, considering every time you play them it’s on national TV, Christmas Day, etc. Losing a mid-March game on a Wednesday night to Charlotte is one thing, but you’re SUPPOSED to be keyed up and bringing your A-game when you’re facing Miami on Christmas.

    Furthermore, the Heat are proven as a good playoff team. Again, they got to the Finals last year, knocking off the Celtics (their regular-season nemesis) and Bulls (regular-season nemesis and #1 seed) along the way. So don’t act like Miami has done nothing to prove they can win in the postseason.

    Lakers fans shouldn’t just roll over and die because the Heat are better than them, but c’mon; they ARE better. And again, I just wanna know why L.A. fans still talk such fervent sh*t about Miami. I know you’re proven, you have chips, etc., but you sound like the boxer who got knocked out talking post-fight about how he could still beat the dude who just knocked him out.

    @LakeShow84 — See, I get your side. The Lakers are your team and you’re gonna back them no matter what. Fine. But a lot of your L.A. brethren go in on the Heat like they have that supporting evidence, like there’s something out there that makes them SO confident the Lakers would have NO trouble beating Miami.

  • Sporty-j


    The question should be didnt you learn about talking about magical switches after u guys got a guarented sweep? We all was on Smack talking Smack. Bulls fans were. Celtic fans were. Laker fans were. Even »»»»Knick fans???were lol. The only difference was I was the bravest Heat fan on here, we were public enemy #1, and it was USA vs Miami. It use to be that with my CANES in football back in the day so we r use to the jealousy, hate, and people stereo typing us. Wasnt u on the missing person report last year lakerhoe84 for 3 days when yall got »»»Swept away like the Wizard of oz… We all was guaranting last until Dallas spoiled everybody party. So unless 1 of u fakers r now Dallas fan(which would not suprise people around America). In the quote the great Dimemag writer AB. “SETTLE THE PHUCK DOWN”…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    if that draft pick the hornets got in the paul trade turns out to be a bust, i think it’d be safe to say that it would be the most controversial-lopsided trade in history. people thought that title belonged to the lakers-pau gasol trade…until the lil bro turned out to what he is today. people didn’t give any props to bynum’s skills because of injury..so if they are going to be fair, eric gordon’s injury list is piling up, so he should get the same treatment in their books. kaman is now a bench player, aminu aint doing shit. and they are waiting on a college kid to come in next year and save the day. meanwhile chris paul is balling in cali with a young stud power forward on a team with aspiration of going to the finals. i think stern, the sneaky lil rat he is, knew what he was doing. he is trying to speed up the contraction process of the new orleans franchise. crazy. that sneaky bastard.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    if the hornets are contracted, i hope jarret jack goes to the lakers….yea, i’m selfish.

  • Big Island

    Lakeshow and Dizzle – I know 2 guys who were honest to goodness Clippers fans before this season. What I am saying is that Lakers fans as a whole never used to give 2 shits about a regular season game. Never. Never ever. Now, and blame the fairweather guys for it, they are talking about a regular season game against the Clippers LIKE IT’S A BIG DEAL. And I was even giving props to the Lakers for knowing what to do at the end of the game earlier! Fuck it, I’m going full Beiber on this one. You guys are just against me. I don’t know what I did to piss you guys off.

    That felt gross. If you guys can’t see the difference between taking a girl home and getting her number, thats on you. Lakers fans used to talk about the tail they got, now they just talk about the numbers.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @beiber — That’s funny because I could actually see Jarrett Jack being Derek Fisher’s nephew or something.

    From what I hear, there are some things developing here in Seattle with a couple of financial groups looking into some real estate to put an NBA arena. If that turns into something and the NBA becomes a reality for this city, I would gladly take the Hornets.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    would they be called the sonics though? i remember when the sonics left seattle that the city said they would keep the sonics’ brand..hence oklahoma city being called the thunder.

  • dagwaller

    @Austin RE: Steve Nash

    Steve Nash DID make those guys All-Stars.

    That having been said, there’s a big difference between Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, and Amar’e Stoudemire (All-Stars/borderline All-Stars)

    Boris Diaw, Jason Richardson, Grant Hill, Louis Amundson (strong role players that could start for playoff contenders

    and 34 yr old Vince Carter, Markieff Morris, and Channing Frye (people that no other team really wants, and honestly don’t belong in an 8 man rotation in the NBA).

    Did Nash make those guys good? No, they were good to begin with. But he did make them VERY good. And he DID make the team a winner in a way that it wasn’t before. He kept the team good as the talent downgraded.

    So yes, Nash gets all the credit in the world. Because it’s deserved.

    PS JAY is on fire today haha, with the Vince Carter and the Miami Heat fan voters comments

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – It didn’t hurt that rondo was killin
    the heat before wade destroyed his arm and Rose got
    his ankle wrecked during the Pacers series.
    I don’t understand why u think the Heat are just gonna
    coast to the Finals. I think the Bulls are a much more
    complete team. Ur argument goes both ways. Until the Heat
    beat the Lakers in the Finals or even just win the Finals,
    why would Laker fans show them any respect?
    I mean Chris Bosh been their most consistent player
    this season n been the go to guy late so we all know
    the chemistry gonna be off when Wade gets back.

    @ Big I – I don’t know why u gettin so upset about us reppin our team comin off a 3 game losing streak. We traded for their point guard. League vetoed it. Media started sayin a franchise that been to the playoffs 3 times in the last 30 years is the greatest thing since sliced bread when they haven’t even done anything.
    It’s me n Lakeshow reppin our squad win or lose so what’s the problem?
    If I was a Bucks fan n came on here after a win, nobody would care.
    I know u stressed cuz Dirk is out but Laker fans didn’t do it lol

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    dwight howard is better than bynum….just thought i’d say that.

  • Big Island

    KDizzle – I didn’t even look at it that way. I forgot about the little losing streak too. My bad. My day went downhill as soon as one of the guys who works for me cut through the electrical at a house we are working on. He saw them, cut through them, and said he “forgot” they were there. He’ll “forget” that that shit will come out of his pocket after I get the electrician out there. Plus I am a Lakers hater in general. And Dirk is KILLING me right now. I always thought that Championship hangover stuff was BS. Like the Madden curse. But my beloved Dirk is taking a week off to “get in shape”. Fatass bastard.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @dagwaller — I can’t agree with you that Nash MADE those guys All-Stars. Shawn Marion had already been an All-Star before Nash arrived in Phoenix. Amar’e had already won Rookie of the Year and put up 20-9 his second season before Nash got to Phoenix. Do you really think he couldn’t have become an All-Star without Nash. Joe Johnson never made an All-Star Game with Phoenix, but he’s made like 4 ASGs since he left. What does Nash have to do with that?

    The role players like Diaw, J-Rich, Hill, Frye, some of them have had success after they played with Nash and some of them had success before they played with Nash. Did Nash have a hand in them producing the way they did in Phoenix? Of course. But I think you have to give just as much credit to the D’Antoni system and to the players themselves.

    And now that Phoenix’s roster is full of guys like Markieff Morris and Ronnie Price, we’re seeing it: Nash didn’t MAKE those previous guys All-Stars and good/great role players. They already had that kind of talent. Because again, if Nash just MADE guys into All-Stars, he’d be able to do the same with the teammates he has now.

    Again, I’m not saying Nash didn’t play a big role in the career development of guys like Amar’e and Marion and Frye; I’m saying his role has been overexaggerated by the media/public.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    dizzle just sent someone to school, and detention.

  • control


    Don’t be talking like Wade destroyed Rondo’s arm. Rondo destroyed Rondo’s arm. I watched that play about 3 dozen times. When Wade started the drive, instead of playing that amazing defense that Rondo is apparently suppose to be able to play, he starts to flop, and then notices that Wade was going by him, so he reached out and tried to drag Wade down on him so it would be a charge. Guy got what he deserved, and honestly I think Wade should have came down even harder on the guy for being such a douchebag pussy flopper. I’d like to see more guys who flop get injured and/or die because of it.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i sense a rise of testosterone. sheesh.


    You still here, beaver fuckface? Sheesh. HAHAHAHA


    Wade equals Rondo when it comes to douchebaggery. Wade should’ve broke his own neck when he broke Rondo’s arm.

    That dickhead tried to do some Kobe playing through injuries but the truth is he did it for being insecure as fuck and fear of losing his go-to-guy grip on Miami to LeBron.

  • dagwaller

    Austin –

    They may have been good before Nash got there, but they were GREAT while he was there.

    Since they left:
    Amar’e had one half of a good season with the Knicks before Melo showed up. They’re currently out of the playoffs. He’s put up decent stats, but – get ready for this theme – is struggling to score efficiently.

    Marion went to Miami, where he disappointed for a small while before he went to Toronto, to disappoint for a small while. He’s been revitalized in Dallas, where he plays with Jason Kidd – another point guard that specializes in making others look good.

    I know that you like Joe Johnson. I do, too. But he’s universally acknowledged as a perfect #2 or #3 player. Just like Rashard Lewis, no one would pay Johnson the money he’s making right now on his own merits. Fortunately for him and his agent, Johnson looked like a blossoming superstar playing with Nash. Now? 2nd round fodder.

    As I said, they were already good. Nash made them GREAT.

    D’Antoni’s system? Please. Yea, his system is making Melo and Amar’e look like studs now. And it did wonders for established players like Chauncey Billups. He did so well there that they didn’t want him back!

    None of the players in that second tier I listed were ever as successful as they were with Nash (with the exception of Grant Hill, but that’s a different story). Channing Frye was an “untouchable” with NY, but they didn’t maximize his potential. Nash did. Diaw is Fat Magic now, with a bad Bobcats team. With Nash? Conference Finals. J Rich was a dud in Charlotte…he went to Phoenix, suddenly he’s a stud again. With the Magic? Dwight Howard wants out, a result of his supporting staff losing in the first round.

    None of those guys have had the success they had with Nash. Even those second tier guys would be preferable, though, to Markieff Morris and Ronnie Price! No one said that making Joe Johnson 100 milliond dollars was inconceivable. But turning Markieff Morris into an All-Star would be MIRACULOUS.

    I know that you’re trying to make a point, but if you ignore the skill/talent gaps between these 3 tiers of players, you’re not arguing in good faith.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    aren’t point guards’ jobs to make shots easier for players? aren’t they supposed to make their team better? um nash was at the top of his game, of course he was going to make those guys look good, any great point guard should because his job is to make the best pass that leads to the best shot. but all austin is saying is people are over-crediting what nash did of the exploits of amare/jj/marion.

  • Big Island

    Beib – We know what Austin is saying, and disagreeing with him. Nash makes everyone on his team play better than they are. That’s all it is. Amare is a hell of a player on his own, but he was even better playing with Nash. Shawn Marion is a hell of a player, but Nash made him better. He can’t take me and you and turn us into all-stars, but he could get us in the B league at the rec center. He can’t take a BS player and make them an all-star, but he can take an all-star and get them all-NBA consideration. You can’t overstate how good Nash is for other talented players. I would bet my house, dog and Dirk jersey that if you switched Nash and Wall, Washington would do better and Phoenix would turn into Washington. He makes the players on his team play above the level they would play with someone else. Guys on his team know that if they get to where they are supposed to, that they will get the ball and get buckets. He’s like the anti-Kobe. You know if you give the ball to Kobe, he will get a shot. You get the ball to Nash, YOU will get a shot.


    aren’t maggots’ jobs’ meant to disappear by now and make easier for posters? aren’t you supposed to make it better here doing that? um you’re not wanted here, of course you thought you were but it never was, any clingy cunt should because her job is to make the best ass that leads to the best shit. but all we saying is people want you gone here and you are over-staying your dumbass expolits.


  • control

    All you got to do is watch a Suns game when Nash ain’t playing, or when he’s on the bench. The team is a completely different team, the players are damn near different players. It’s amazing how him being out there can get other people focused, stepping up, and executing like elite players (on the offensive end).

    Nash just has the touch, he doesn’t turn shit into gold, but he turns silver into gold, gold into platinum, and platinum into better platinum. Even when Nash does his summer runs and plays on public pickup games with guys, he just racks up assists. How many nba stars do you hear about going to the YMCA and dropping 30 assists?

    Little known fact: After Nash is done with basketball, he’s going to probably go find the Higgs boson.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i have no opinion on the nash discussion….i was just clarifying what i believed AB was saying.. i don’t even know if i did a good job echoing his sentiments. so i hope those posts are directed at dagwaller…even though i chimed in a bit.


    fuck you and technicality, own it for once you fucking cunt, pussy newz

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    personally, i think any good point guard should, as control so eloquently stated, not turn shit into gold, but platinum into better platinum. i think a case can be made rubio has already made the wolves look better, lawson and andre miller are making the nuggets offense go really well and even kyrie irving has the cavs fighting for a playoff spot.

    my point is, let’s not get carried away with what nash did. he did what he was supposed to do. different point guards who don’t have a positive effect at turing “shit into gold” would be the scoring types, although they are still good players i.e jeff teague, kemba walker.

    good passing PGs will make the game easier. rondo keeps the celtics in a championship window because he will pass before trying to get his, he loves to find players in their sweet spots. pass first PGs will make players find the easy shot and seeing as how nash was playing at an mvp level, his exploits were magnified.

    voters gave credit where credit was due and awarded him the trophy. but there are some guys out there, as austin said, who make it seem amare was just another athletic big man who couldn’t do it on his own and when nash arrived his passes were essentially the mushroom from super mario turning him into an all star.

    i guess i did have an opinion. eh. but i don’t really care on the situation.


    beaver newz. its obvious you don’t watch games. its even more obvious you don’t play the game. all you say is what anyone can read in any site. you say it like anyone doesn’t do the same. your opinions are for shit.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    pierce is back. i said give him time. that comeback was amazing. i can’t believe i sat through the whole thing. i hope the magic lose more game, not because i hate them or anything, but i just want otis smith to speed up that damn trade process. they were winning games so he wanted to hold onto D12 as long as possible. if they start losing games i think he will exchange quicker.


    and from what you read, you turn their platinum into shit


    celtics all ready won, dumbass. don’t say your the one who called it again.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Or we could put it this way: Nash was good before Amare/Joe/Matrix, and he’s still good after them, but he was GREAT while they were there. Why isn’t that how we spin it?

    Nobody was calling Nash an MVP candidate or the best PG in the league before he played with Amare/Matrix/Joe. And now that they’re gone, nobody is calling Nash an MVP or the best PG in the league. Maybe THEY made HIM great.

    Let’s focus on how Nash has done without those guys. In 2009, when Amare missed the second half of the season and Matrix/Joe were long gone, Nash missed the playoffs. In 2010, with a healthy Amare, Nash makes the Western Conference Finals. Then in 2011, without Amare or Matrix or Joe, Nash miss the playoffs.

    So while you’re calling Joe “2nd round fodder” without Nash, you might wanna include that Nash is Lottery without Joe, Amare and Marion. Amare made the playoffs last year. Marion won a championship. Joe made the conference semis. Nash led his team to the Lottery.

    Marion’s best facets of his game have always been his rebounding, defense and running the floor. The first two have NOTHING to do with Nash. At his prime, Marion was a 6-7 power forward grabbing 11 boards a night and guarding everybody from PGs to some centers. How does Nash impact those parts of his game? Did Nash make Marion a better scorer? Absolutely. But when Marion was one of the most effective players in the league, it went way beyond what Nash could do for him.

    As far as Joe’s contract, sure you could say he got his first Atlanta deal based on what Nash did for him. But what about the $120 million deal he signed in 2010? You’re telling me the Hawks inked Joe to $120 million in 2010 because of the way he played with Nash in 2005?

    It’s correct that Phoenix J-Rich, Phoenix Q-Rich and 2008 Grant Hill are better than guys like Ronnie Price, Markieff Morris and Jared Dudley. But that only gets back to my point: If anything, it was the system and the teammates that made Nash look great, not the other way around.

    And I find it odd how one point guard (Nash) gets complete credit for “making” already good/great players All-Stars, but another point guard (Rondo) gets no credit for keeping already good/great players at an All-Star level even in their mid-to-late 30’s. Rondo racks up assists and gets 2-3 teammates into the ASG, it’s “He’s just lucky he plays with Hall of Famers.” Nash racks up assists and gets 2-3 teammates into the ASG, it’s “He MADE them Hall of Famers.” Explain the difference.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    ^i wonder if this message will reach hawaii in terms of post 139

  • http://deleted dagwaller


    It’s not as often said that three players made Nash for a very simple reason.

    Three players don’t “make” another one. I know that you don’t think that Rondo is the sum of KG, Allen, and Pierce, for example.

    I actually wrote that before I got to your last paragraph. There are many (although control is not among this number) that are well aware that Rondo’s been the best player on that team for the last season or 2.

    How many players do you need to cite? “Players X, Y, and Z made him an All-Star!” Why stop there? Why not say that Players A, B, and C made him one, too?

    Year after year, teammate after teammate, Nash made them better. But what you’re suggesting is that somehow, he was the lucky one that randomly had dozens of guys that all made their PG better…? You’re suggesting that, coincidentally, although none of those players have made other PGs Allstars, they got together before each season in Phoenix to say, “Let’s play extra hard for Steve tonight.”

    Please, let’s focus on how Steve did without them. As I’ve already said, when he had to play without Amar’e (with Diaw instead), they made the Conference Finals. How many Conference Finals has Amar’e made without Nash?

    After Marion left, he went to play with another “MVP” type guard, Dwyane Wade. That experiment didn’t last too long. How many Conference Finals did THEY go to? Who was calling for Marion to be an All-Star then? Ditto when he went to play with Chris Bosh in Toronto. He’s still good, doing all the little things etc in Dallas with yet another superstar, and yet he’s still the second or third banana.

    Nash wasn’t lottery without those guys. He’s been successful in Dallas, and since his big guys have left, he’s still made the Conference Finals. Joe Johnson? Nah. Amar’e? Nah. Marion made it last year on a STACKED team. Nash made it with Goran freakin Dragic as his backup.

    Nash turns silver to gold and gold to platinum.

    But the moral of the story, Austin, is that you still can’t polish a turd lol.