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The Pacers Steal L.A.’s Thunder; Paul Pierce Hasn’t Lost His Touch

Danny Granger

Danny Granger (photo. Stephen Hill)

To pass or not to pass? Kobe finally gave it up twice in the final minute of the Pacers’ 98-96 win over the Lakers, and we almost wished he would’ve forced up something. First, Matt Barnes missed a wide-open trey, and then Derek Fisher threw up some type of contraption (not sure what that was… a pass? a shot? a prayer?) that didn’t touch anything but the out-of-bounds paint. With the Lakers down three in the final seconds, Bryant was finally forced into a long, 30-footer off the dribble that was off. While the Mamba still finished with 33 points and and eight rebounds, for the Pacers, the outcome was a confirmation: Watch out for us. Judging these teams based just off of what they’ve done this season shouldn’t have turned Indiana into underdogs. But it felt like that. Now that they’ve won a few games against some “elite” teams, Indiana has to be a serious threat to win a round in the Eastern playoffs. Danny Granger chipped in 16 points, but it was Roy Hibbert (18 points, eight rebounds) who made the largest impact for the visitors. He broke his nose in the first half, and while he was originally not expected to return, he did come back with gauze pads stuck up his nose like the bell just rang. In the fourth quarter, he got whacked on that thing again. It started bleeding and he still stayed in, coming down on the following possession and beasting Pau Gasol (who had one of the best passes of his career last night in one of the most passive games we’ve ever seen) on the block with a jump hook. The Pacers had to fight all night after early foul trouble threw them in a ditch, and Hibbert was literally the one in the middle of that. Still, Andrew Bynum had a backdown dunk on Hibbert in the third quarter where the Laker sent Hibbert to the floor like he was playing linebacker. The Laker color guys actually thought it was a flop, and called the former Hoya out on it, saying no big man should be flopping. If only it were that easy to get them to listen … Kobe really doesn’t like George Hill defending him does he? Whenever he caught the combo guard isolated on him, his eyes got larger than Mike Tomlin‘s. What followed was almost always some type of twisting, double-pumping, fallaway shot. During the second half of the third quarter, Kobe’s mindset was particularly easy to see. This stems back to Hill’s San Antonio days when he was the first short guy to punk Kobe since Chris Childs. Also, what’s the deal with Kobe rocking jerseys that are three sizes too big? He’s always been a lil’ late-’90s with his on-court style, but Bryant seems to be pushing the envelope even more this year. He’s looking like Hot Sauce in those things … Kareem Rush – remember him? – sang the national anthem before the game. Pretty bad when the pre-game singer is a better player than half of your roster. Darius Morris, for one, is dangerously close to Smush Parker territory. And Metta World Peace scored 11 last night, and it felt like it was nearly his best game of the year … Interesting take we heard on Twitter last night: the Lakers look like they’re a year away from being where Boston is at right now, with Lamar Odom being their very own Kendrick PerkinsKeep reading to hear about the best dunk of the night …

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  • first christmas

    first bitches

  • AZ

    Bitches are first…. I’m out like kyle williams

  • Me

    Had to watch that crossover like 6 times to be sure he didn’t travel. nice move.

  • beiber newz

    no loss could ruin the night cuz the giants won !!! :D

  • neoy

    how is that crossover not a travel???

  • catdaddywhack

    Kobe giving up the ball like mansion houses… out like superbaugh.

  • Joross

    “THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN ANDRAY BLATCHE, on behalf of myself,my teammates, the whole wizard organization, we say we strongly appreciate y’all sticking around all summer. its a short season and its going to be tough…”

    MOTHER OF *****!!!

    Brace yourselves wizard fans this season is gonna be nasty…

  • yoda

    he traveled more than lebron :O and what’s with the colour of those sneakers? my head hurt after watching that.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Obviously a travel. His kicks made it easier to catch.

  • beiber newz

    Melo for MVP.

  • beiber newz

    And that weren’t no travel, that’s good basketball skillz

  • 23076

    Yep, beib is right no travel, just a good step back J!

  • 23076

    Also meant to ask beib, on a serious note, do you think the melo AMARE thing can work? Personally I think the Knicks need to fire D’antoni, and figure out a different offense, what’s ur thoughts?

  • Holden

    I don’t know if this is happening to anybody else but…now I’m constantly checking on ESPN the ‘tomorrow games schedule’, to see when and where is Rubio playing.

  • stefan

    I think no one knows what is the real problem with the Lakers. I mean, no one in the organization, no one anywhere. If you look at the players, they got what they need. Don’t tell me they miss a pg because no team in history had 4 players in the starting 5 all in the battle for the best in the league on their position.

    you already have kobe, gasol and bynum, all in the discussion for the best on their position. normally there should not be any cap space for all three, so if you want a pg then you have to give one of these 3 up.

    world peace was one of the toughest defenders, that’s a bonus already. kapono should knock down 3s, troy murphy and mcroberts would be starters in other teams, or at least until 1-2-3 years ago.

    mike brown had 50 win seasons..

    get it together lakers, there is no excuse.

    The wizards suck. I really thought they would beat the celtics without rondo playing. Celtics are old and slow and still the dumb wizard players adapted to the celtics style of play and if you watched the game, you would know they never had a chance. wall takes too many bad shots, basically everything that is not a fast break or easy layup is a bad jump shot. nick young and jordan crawford are awful as well. I will compare them to jamal crawford or jr smith and say that they will never reach 20% of that level of play. they should bring that instant offense and energy but actually they mess the whole game up for the wizards in less then 3 minutes on the floor. it’s hard to explain how they do it…

    blatche is lost somewhere between his captain role and his stupid complains that he doesn’t get the ball where he wants it. in yesterday’s game he got some good passes where he should have just drive to the basket or fake and drive as he had the chances to do it. he just shot the ball instead or lost the tempo. stupid.

    mcgee had some nice moves in the post and is the only guy who shouldn’t change a lot in his game. nice hook shots also, high percentage.

    after the wizards had a good game against denver, I really thought they can win this one. watching the game last night I can say they will not win 10 games this season.

  • TJ 2

    I wondered did anyone else notice how big Kobe’s jerseys were lol!!! its like his jerseys have gotten bigger over the years and Lebrons havent gotten smaller. Rookie Year Lebron jersey fit the same way lol!

  • TJ 2

    i watched that crossover too, he fell so hard i thought he was playing! LOL!!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Keep those losses coming, Raptors!

    Deandre Jordan is unreal. He’s like Stretch Armstrong out there. i don’t think he’ll ever be a skilled basketball player, and he’s one of those guys who won’t be shit once his athleticism leaves him, but fuck, right now I’m enjoying watching him. He went all Looney Toons all over the Raptors.

    Melo is a joke. He’s like a flashback from the 70s when players cared more about looking good and putting up stats than actually winning.

    Pacquaio and Mayweather camps are all a bunch of idiots. If someone offered me a chance to earn one of the highest purses in boxing history, I think I’d pass too… :|

  • Bilal

    I dont think its a Melo-Amare thing thats the problem any more. Right now the team just looks really unbalanced. I think the Chandler experiment is failing. I know Amare is a 4, but his best times in phoenix were when he was a 5. Chandler is clogging up the lane, so Amare just can’t play his game. what they really needed more than chandler was to keep Billups, they are lacking a point guards (yes shumpert is looking good, but i mean a vet PG) Davis might just actually be the answer. Maybe they should just trade chandler, I imagine the Warriors would be interested. wait the knicks didnt play yesterday, how the hell did they come up again on the comments.

    one more L for the Raps…Top 5 pick here we come!! @Jay, do you think we should stick with Colangelo? I am hesitant, i mean he hasnt really built up a strong roster and i mean losing Bosh for nothing, the current state of the roster, some questionable trades(Jermaine ONeal for the rights to Roy Hibbert) and draft picks (Bargs over Aldridge/Roy). It just seems like he hasnt really got a plan. Thoughts?

  • beiber newz

    hey 23076
    i said this yesterday to jballer…i guess it’s appropriate for your question too. so i’ll just copy and paste.

    “i dont get how kobe can be going through a divorce and drop 40 night after night but amare seems to not care about taking good aggressive shots or being involved in carry the low post presence. but the knicks find themselves in close games with such a weak support cast…imagine if they get the needed pieces to compete, they will win convincingly most nights. a point guard is someone that amare needs with his skill set to take his game to the next level, he already good witout a pg, but with one, he’ll find lobs and bounce passes in his sweet spots a lot better. melo will post up more instead of have to initiate too much and he will do damage through broken plays bcuz he is a top 5 scorer in the league. just wait til they fill out their starting lineup and solidify their bench, with someone appropriate enough to be called a 6th man. then see where dey at.

    i mean really think about tit, with this depleted roster they find themselves in tough game, with a solidified team, they will be straight.”


    The Lakers need a trade, i think they are stuck at a point where they need to do something just to shake things up, maybe even sign Arenas with his guns and creaky knees (can you imagine Gill and Metta on the same team? id watch that show)….. and speaking of crazy, i cant believe anyone puts Bynum in the same tier as Howard, Marc Gasol is better than Drew, Roy Hibbert might even be better, but i guess if either of those guys played in LA, everyone would be on their dicks too.

    hey, the knicks didnt even play last night, why people gotta bring em up in the comments, cant we just pretend they dont exist untill they win a game or get a point guard? thank you.

    and yeah, that crossover was shit. if i punch someone, and they fall over, it doesn’t mean i should start booking my heavyweight title fight, it means they were a pussy. So when the defender falls on the crossover, it doesn’t make it good, it just shows that the defender was shit and grown ass adults shouldnt be watchin kids play sports. whats wrong with you people.

  • jzsmoove

    Please nobody gives to this FIRST business crap again, nobody gives a flying fuck…

    The second last timeout, Kobe wasnt even interested whatever Brown was drawing up. He was in Me mode during that timeout and already had that tongueoncheekgetoutoftheway swag. And no he was NOT forced to take that 30 footer, he chose to drive the ball that way instead of closer to the basket or the paint at least. Watch the game folks. Gotta give it to Bynum and Pau. Pau has a fondness for the guy, he wants Bynum to succeed now and in the future. Its been evident a few games now.

    And according to other’s thesis to the Knicks slump. Thats what it is, just a slump. I say Losing 6 games in a row means you are a bad team. star or no star in yor lineup. Are my Craptors in a slump too? they only lost 2 more games in a row than NY. They probably will both bounce back.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I don’t mind Colangelo. He makes mistakes but he’s done a pretty decent job at fixing them. He’s freed up cap room and has acquired draft picks and exceptions to give him a ton of flexibility moving forward. He’s a calculated risk taker and you kind of have to be in our market.

    In hindsight, the JO deal was shit but nobody was questioning the deal when he pulled the trigger. At the time, the idea of pairing a one-time dominant post player in JO was big news in Toronto among basketball fans. And after watching Hibbert at Georgetown, I personally didn’t think he’d turn into the player he is today. Also trading TJ or Calderon was almost a must. Although I wished he moved Calderon instead, in hindsight he traded the right PG.

    Also in hindsight, we can say he should have drafted Roy or Aldridge, but we just don’t know how Aldridge’s career would have turned out playing beside Bosh. (For the record, I was pulling for him to trade down and draft Roy.) He also, somehow, managed to trade Rafael Araujo for Kris Humphries, who became a crowd favorite.

    Which brings us to today… he’s has built one of the youngest teams in the league and has cap space to make a splash in free-agency. We have Valanciunas who was been tagged the best young NBA prospect in the world by many scouting websites/writers/publications… if that’s including the college level, then BC has put us in a good spot. IMO, Colangelo’s haters are idiots because none of that was by accident… he planned to be in the spot we’re in today.

  • First & Foremost

    @Jay, being a boxing promoter has to be one of the biggest scams in all of sports. F that, it is the biggest scam in the world. A 50/50 split is a great idea. You essentially take money out of the equation, win/lose each camp gets the same amount. [Keyword:camp]. The the only thing at stake is pride and boxing record. Depending who wins, you know there will be a rematch.

    Back to the money issue. We’ll pretend the fight purse is $100M, $50M for each camp. In floyd’s camp he probably pays his trainers, wardrobe and makeup specialists, 50 cent for the 3 minute pre-fight concert, and of course his promoter and then Uncle Sam and then various kickbacks to various judges for not sending him under the jail until he becames a senior citizen. Lets say he pockets $30M after all of that.

    Manny’s camp money distribution is probably brokendown like so: His promoter, the person who promotes his fights, the boss of the assistant to the promoter, his promoter some more, taxes, trainers, punching dummies, and his promoter yet again. After it is all said and done, he pockets $18M.

    1 fighter knows he is the biggest draw in boxing. The other fighter knows he is a big draw as well and wants the purse split in his favor so at the end of the day the two fighters break even. However, 1 fighter has absolutely no incentive to agree to that and has shown an unbearable amount of patience knowing he has the leverage to make this fight happen on his terms only.

  • That’s What’s Up

    that crossover move was nothing special at all. people get impressed by the dumbest shit. that was probably the worst defense I’ve seen by someone who was over the age of 5

  • That’s What’s Up

    the jordan cram was vicious though…


    @ Bilal&Jay .. Colangelo is alright, hes done a good job building a crappy team, if that makes sense. The Bargs pick didnt look great, but he’s coming into his own and is on a level with Aldridge stats wise, and it could have been worse, he could have taken Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas, Shelden Williams, Randy Foye, Brokekness Roy, Pat O’Bryant or any other of the awful awful people from that class.
    Bosh was always leaving, and he was in a loose loose situation weather he traded him or not.
    I think, over the years he was crippled by trying to build a team around Bosh, which we all know wouldnt work, now Bosh is gone the Raps future looks pretty bright.

    Compare that to the team im trying to forget about who fire Donnie Walsh for being good at his job, Sign an unisurable player who doesnt like D, Trade their whole team for a ballbag of a player who is a blackhole on offense and only plays hard 20% of the time, then trade their only PG for a defensive center who your coach wont even really ask to play D anyway.

  • beiber newz

    that’s like asking us to pretend the yankees don’t exist, or the dodgers or the rangers, or the giants. the knicks are the most well known franchise in sports. but i was just answering dude’s question. i hope you weren’t asking me to be rude and just brush aside his question.

  • beiber newz

    lakers are better than the bulls, they wished they had the black mamba
    jordan aint around to help, so championship’s on a pause like a comma
    they lost to the heat last season, sent that city into trauma
    derrick rose is a porsche, the rest of da squad is a honda


    no beebz, id never dream of asking you to be anything other than your entertaining if somewhat insane self. it was more an open request to the world that said team need not be mentioned in future conversations until they repair the many deficiencies and flaws in the current structure of the team and organization.

    i figure this is a family site, so what you just read was a rewrite, the first draft was really fucking offensive.

  • http://www.psychodrama.com Chicagorilla

    what….the….hell….is going on here? wow, how lame.


    @ F & F

    You left out his posse. Manny doesn’t go anywhere without human barnacles clinging all over him.

    The posse of his posse. The relatives of his posse. A barber, masseuses, manicurists, cooks, drivers, maids, errand boys and the relatives of the barber, masseuse, manicurist, cooks, drivers, maids and errand boys.

    And don’t forget his fellow congressmen and other government people. Most of them are filthy rich but they still expect Manny to cover their plane tickets, hotel, food, and transportation expenses. Gotta include their relatives as well.

    Then he’ll be coming home with more mouths and hands waiting for him. He’s well known for giving away money everywhere he goes.

    Almost forgot, it’s pretty much tradition for the Pacman to treat himself with some Latina heat after every fight.
    And he’ll most likely cover for his boys’ bitches as well.

    He’ll be lucky to bring home around $10M by the time they’re finished with him.

    But $10M is like half a billion pesos so it still looks like a shitload by the time he remembers he to count his money. He prolly loves the exchange rate as much as his country. Maybe more.

    And did I mention he also has a gambling habit? Cockfights, cards, casinos…

    That’s how the ‘king’ rolls. It’s almost inevitable he’ll be sucked dry to the bone when his boxing career is over.

    But the people will always has his back and they’re gonna make fucking president.

    That’s Filipino pride right there. HAHAHAHAHA

  • beiber newz

    pacman don’t want it with the moneyteam, plain and simple.

  • Big Island

    LMNOP – You don’t help younger kids learn basketball? If you have a kid involved in sports, you should watch them. At least until they’re about 13, then don’t. That shit gets humiliating for the poor kid.

    The Lakers don’t look good right now, but they have too much talent at the right positions to be a bad team. If they start clicking, they should be alright. The Knicks just don’t have a good team. They have talent with Amare, Melo and Chandler, but they don’t fit together. Indiana is a pretty solid team, no great players, but really good ones across the board.

    I was so busy sending my jinx powers towards the Patriots yesterday (almost worked) that I let Paul Pierce have a big game. I’ll take care of it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Apologies to the Wizards organization.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ Chi-rilla

    Man, I thought this rookie class was supposed to be lame, but these kids are BALLIN. Lotta dudes are startin and actually producing.
    Rubio and Irving gettin a lotta love, but why am I not reading nuthin bout Marshon Brooks? This kid is ballin. We knew he could score comin out. The NBA pulled they usual bullshit n let him slide cuz he was a finished product with little upside?????
    Here’s a kick in the nuts to Celtics fans: You drafted him….then traded him. Rondo n Brooks in the backcourt with Jeff Green, Brandon Bass and a random 7 footer woulda been a good look for the future. Nice, Ainge…

    @ Jay – I don’t know why so-called Raps ‘fans’ were gettin on Colangelo. Dude had a plan, had a setback cuz Chris Bosh is a liar, and has recovered nicely. Can u imagine if he drafted B-Roy and the knees gave out? Woulda been a bigger blow to T-Dot than to Portland. The team just needs to keep losing, Demar needs to keep strugglin, Bargs needs to keep sittin out and next year should be beautiful.

    Well, my Lakers lost again so here come the stupid posts about the team needin to shake it up or now Marc Gasol is better than Bynum. Haters, please make up your mind: Either we stole Pau from the Griz or it was actually a fair deal. If you recall, we tried to shake shyt up…then D Stern ‘vetoed it’ for ‘basketball reasons’. It’s pretty apparent that the schedule gettin to every team in the league except the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz, who are ridiculously deep. All-star break can’t come quick enough…

  • CLAW

    WTF was that? A crossover travel? Did the cross and took 3 steps to shoot, was waiting for him to bounce it off the defender’s head before shooting.

    @Holden – Wolves are looking nice, how will Beasley f that up when he comes back?

    Have to admit I thought Rubio was all hype but the kid is ballin sees the floor well and really sets up his teamates and has a lil Jay Will in him. They have been fun to watch, DWill is looking better as well with the increased run. Wolves might just get that one of those last playoff seeds!

    Chandler clogs the lane? He rarely shoots and is more of just an offensive rebounder that scores on misses (so he has lots of opportunities). Knicks are just bad, need to embrace the 0 defense and just try to outscore everybody at least that might be exciting to watch.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Lakers definetly need a boost right about now but im not worried about it. As a team with a new coach and not enough practice we look pretty good at times and obviously horrible in the last 3 games. Lakers got all the pieces, now they gotta put them together at the right time, and that time is during the playoffs. Peaking at the right time is the most important thing to winning w championship, just ask the packers

  • beiber newz

    ppl dnt realize how most, if not all of the knicks loses could have gone either way. it just shows me all of you are just looking at the result, instead of what happened within the games. terrible.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    beib, you don’t know anything about how boxing works if you honestly believe Pacquiao is running. Both those boxers want the fight. Their promoters don’t trust each other so they are playing games. One boxer says it’s on, then the opponents manager/promoter shuts it down. It’s been happening for like 3 fuckin years. The most fucked up thing is if they had their first fight when they originally were supposed to, they’d be on their sequel, or threqueal by now. Both camps keep bringing up the dollars as the deciding factor why the fight won’t happen, but they both could have made WELL over 100mill each by now. Really, it’s the only fight in boxing. The only draw left in a dying sport, and these promoters are fuckin playing games. Fact is the, promoters get more money if they set up a fight between fighters in their own stable. It’s in their own best interest for Pacquiao to fight an ‘in-house’ fighter. It’s all politics and has nothing to do with the fight itself.

    If you honestly believe Manny is running, or if the Pac supporters honestly believe Floyd is running, you have no idea what’s going on. I hear both sides’ arguments and they’re both stupid. The promoters want to take advantage of eachother and don’t want to give an inch to eachother. Fuckin politics.

  • beiber newz

    oh no no no jay, fair of you to think i meant that, but what i meant by “he don’t want it” is just that he “can’t see him” or in other ebonics talk “he not bout that life” … it does sound like i was saying he was dodging the fight, but i just used a conventional hood phrase.

  • K Dizzle

    I don’t know why dudes sayin all this n that about the kNicks. Chauncey woulda been more valuable to this team than Chandler. In this new NBA, you gotta have a legit point guard. Even squads like Wizards, Cavs, Wolves, Kings(yeah, Reke ain’t really a point guard, but he can pretend once in a while) Raps, Warriors, Bobcats all have legitimate options or studs at the point.
    Chauncey, Fields or Shump, Meo, Amare and Turiaf would have a winning record. Knicks panicked n overpaid for Chandler when they shoulda just waited. Shit, CP3 wanted to come over. What’s one more year of Chauncey while waitin for him? Clippers have 4 POINT GUARDS THAT COULD START FOR THE KNICKS. Even the Cavs have Irving, Sessions and Gibson. 2 could start for the Knicks Gibson could space the floor crazy. Toney Douglas shootin 23% from 3. Gibson hittin like 46% from 3. Even Nate Robinson ballin for G-State. You let the Bulls, who already have D-Rose, Watson, JL III, have the ‘Amityville Scorer’, Mike James.
    Knicks just missin right now.

    Anyways, I’m reserving any other opinion til Baron Davis hits the floor. We all know, if Baron is healthy n motivated, Knicks will start to bubble. That’s how good Boom can be…if he’s in shape or cares.
    We will see.

  • beiber newz

    kdizzle !!!!!!! i was saying some ish like that like a couple weeks back ! good shit !! nice.

  • beiber newz

    The knicks were champs last season, yeah! If only results had gone their way. What game have you guys been watching?

    Knicks ’11 champs, Melo MVP.
    Knicks ’11 champs, Melo MVP.
    Knicks ’11 champs, Melo MVP.
    Knicks ’11 champs, Melo MVP.
    Knicks ’11 champs, Melo MVP.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “Can u imagine if he drafted B-Roy and the knees gave out? Woulda been a bigger blow to T-Dot than to Portland. The team just needs to keep losing, Demar needs to keep strugglin, Bargs needs to keep sittin out and next year should be beautiful.”

    ^ Well said. Couldn’t have said it better.

    It’s quite possible, depending on who they draft, they could have 2 candidates for next years’ Rookie of the Year. Valanciunas should step in right away and be an upgrade to Amir Johnson. Don’t get me wrong, I like Amir… but he’s not an NBA starting center. He’ll go back to his natural position/role… a high energy player off the bench.

    Colangelo has done all the hard work. He’s made the caproom, acquired the exceptions and got high-character players who want to stay and try to build something with the organization. The toughest decision between now and June is deciding which guy to draft. Less maneuvering. More scouting. I’m not worried.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “oh no no no jay, fair of you to think i meant that, but what i meant by “he don’t want it” is just that he “can’t see him” or in other ebonics talk “he not bout that life” … it does sound like i was saying he was dodging the fight, but i just used a conventional hood phrase.”

    LMAO! I should have known. Sorry beib. I’m in ‘office talk’ mode.
    Funny, sometimes I go to meetings in ‘street lingo’ mode and i’ll say shit like “ain’t” in the meeting. It’s not that bad, but i’ll catch myself right in the middle of a sentence. It’s pretty funny.


    Somebody is dodging alright, and it “ain’t” Manny or Floyd.

    TECHNICAL Knock Out


  • Bilal

    Don’t get me wrong i am not hating on Colangelo, i mean the Babcock years were horrendous. You guys are right it could have been worse, I shudder thinking about what would have happened if we drafted Morrison.

    i guess given the situations we have been in, building around Bosh then Bosh lying and going off to be the catwoman to wades and lebrons batman and robin, Colangelo has done well.

    I do think we are in a good position with a few good draft pieces and maybe adding a good free agent we’ll get there. I mean now that our owners want more than just making profit and want wins too.

  • CLAW

    @beib – Knicks loses could have gone the other way?

    So instead of losing they could have won? So anyteam that won, could have lost and any team that lost could have won. Wow, tremendous insight, didn’t know teams could win OR lose. Keep the analysis coming!!!

    Don’t worry Baron Davis is coming! Really, your season hinges on Baron Davis with a bad back and knees – solid

  • beiber newz

    @ 48

    you dont have be such a jerk about it, but i think i see your point. do all my posts and argument really sound that retarded? cause if my old posts were anything like the one CLAW clawed me a new asshole about, then i finally understand why people have been talking so much shit to me.

    i apologize to everyone for being stupid. in the future i promise to write arguments that make it seem (at least a little bit) that i am aware of the limits of my tiny brain.

    Thanks for being my friends, guys.

  • beiber newz

    jay z’s 40/40 club has been shut down. sad. there were numerous health code violations found. the spot has been slapped with a C grade by an inspector. there was mentions of a worker even mixing salsa with bare hands and all. the worst part is, the club was closed down before but recently threw a relaunching event costing 10 million dollars.

    this can’t be too bad. i will now quote the jiggaman:
    ” so i ball so hard muhfuckas wanna fine me. first niggas gotta find me. what’s 50 grand to a muhfuka like me, can you please remind me? ball so hard, this shit crazy. yall don’t know that don’t shit phase me. the nets could go 0-82 and i look at you like this shit gravy !!!! ”

    i don’t think this shutdown will hurt him that much.

  • beiber newz

    claw, are you telling me you never heard the saying “could’ve gone either way” ?

    and your facetious tone gets a C- at best. it doesn’t sound to intricate. if you want to sound that way at least make it sound intelligent. obviously team can win or lose. the term ‘going either way’ refers to how certain plays within a game can determine the loss. some loses are determined well before the game is over. yet some losses are determined by a missed free throw here or a turnover there. i can’t believe i had to explain this.

  • beiber newz

    i feel bad for chicago cuz they missing michael jordan
    ever since he retired the windy city’s been in mourning
    when d. rose isn’t playing yea the bulls are flat out boring
    and their title hopes sink low like a lil martin lawrence
    derrick rose got some handles, yea i think it’s type gorgeous
    but lil man always travels, i might as well call him tourist
    the bulls need him bad just like a song needs a chorus
    if he gets seriously injured, go burn their hopes like a forest


  • beiber newz

    no one will ever be number 12 on the spurs again….why? san antonio is retiring his number.

  • beiber newz

    Yeah CLAW, games can go either way so the Knicks were the mutha fuking champs last year. Go Knicks, let win it all again this year.

    Melo for MVP
    Melo for MVP
    Melo for MVP
    Melo for MVP
    Melo for MVP

  • the shaman

    Knicks have knuckleheads that have a knack for losing, and that is all you need to remember.

    First off, ‘The Self-Important Ghost Of Allen Iverson’ has somehow poltergeisted Melo’s ego. I don’t know whether it was from direct physical contact or just something AI left wafting in the atmosphere in Denver that Melo contracted at the airport on his way out of town. He’s a team-killer because no player that plays that much one-on-one without any team involvement will win a Championship. Period.

    Yes, you need a big-time scorer SIMILAR to Melo in the playoffs, during crunch-time when you need a clutch bucket or ability to get some free throws. But what about the first 46 minutes? Anthony is not a true leader, he doesn’t share. He’s just a scorer. That is why Kevin Durant will win a Chip and Melo won’t, he plays more to win, not for himself. The only way he will have a chance is as an aging veteran, like when Glenn Big Dog Robinson finally won one with the Spurs.

    I will never, ever forget the first ESPY Awards I watched where Carmelo won some award, ROY or most outstanding player or some bull. He got on the microphone and committed the ultimate faux pas of all-time when speaking at an Awards Show when he casually said, “I’d like to thank MYSELF for putting in all the hard work and hours in the gym shooting jumpers…”, or something to that effect. You NEVER thank YOURSELF!!! That’s your JOB, dumbass! Needless to say the audience was simply stunned, I think there are still some jaws laying around haphazardly on the floor to this day. And as for Carmelo, he has simply never grown out of that “me-first” mentality even after all these years.

    Second, Amare was best with a PG who could dissect the other team on Pick-and-Roll. Knucks don’t have that. And he’s never played D with much mojo, just getting occasional blocks like anybody with that much ath-uh-leticism (Barkley) should at 6’10”.

    The Spurs used to gameplan to basically allow Amare to score more in the playoffs by playing single-coverage. He had MONSTER games often to the tune of 40+ points, but it was still just two points a trip. They knew if they took away the 3 they could still do their damage on the other end and at least keep it close as the Suns couldn’t play D on opposing PNR’s. In other words, the Suns executed the PNR about as poorly as they defended it. It was “pick your poison” back then with Amare, but now he doesn’t have that same venom.

    Third, thinking Baron would solve NY’s major issues is like saying Steve Francis or AI would still be able to do the same. They will not have enough time or health to build up Championship chemistry. Plus, the only PG’s still around that can pull up for a 3 with twenty seconds on the shot clock and not hurt their team are Chauncey Billups and Steve Nash.

    Anyway, Davis’ priority seems to be more about Hollywood than as a franchise savior these days, as he passed the proverbial torch when he let Monta Ellis Shang Tsung his soul the day he left Oakland. Then Mike Dunleavy made sure to cripple his fighting spirit like Bolo in Bloodsport before Davis left Clipperland. Or maybe it was a “back-breaker” like Tong Po did in Kickboxer, that makes more sense for a herniated disc issue. I love Boom Dizzle but he won’t be the same guy that hurt AK47’s feelings so bad that he still plays in Russia, where his spiky head is safer from such aerial assaults.

    I think Baron Davis will improve the Knicks, just not enough. Unless they get a Deron Williams type up there it’s gonna be doom and gloom all season. But feel free to keep deluding yourselves. To me, the Nets have as much of a chance as the Knicks this year…ZERO.

  • beiber newz

    hey the shaman,
    you better watch out now, guys like chickgorilla will get mad at you for expressing your thoughts in lengthy details. he is part of the censor crew.

  • b

    chicago doesn’t play pretty ball… it plays winning ball. hate on that all you want, but at the end of the year if the knicks make the playoffs, if, and they lose in the first round – keep banging on chicago as ugly.

    they might lose to miami, might, but they ain’t loosin to new york. new york could’ve beat them if they kept that core pre melo trade, as they did twice during the season, but now – no chance

  • Big Island

    JAY – Perfect summary of the world of boxing. For the record, I would want Pacman to win because fuck Mayweather, but it is all politics. Boxing is dead outside of this fight, most fight fans watch the UFC now. Even if they agreed on a 50/50 split on the fight it would still get hung up with al of the other BS. Who gets top billing? Who gets to decide how it’s promoted? Even if you don’t watch the UFC, they handle all of the fights themselves. They don’t do cross promotion between different organizations. They lose some talent (Fedor before he lost a couple) but for the most part the top guys fight the top guys. It’s only in boxing where guys dodge guys, camps dodge camps, promoters dodge promoters. Imagine the Patriots and giants having different promoters and not agreeing to play one another. Floyd can eat it. Pacman can eat it. Arum can eat it. Whoever else has anything to do with boxing can eat it.

    My buddy’s wife used to work for Arum. She said he was a really nice dude even though you always hear otherwise.

  • beiber newz


    i bet if the knicks AT LEAST had that same support cast the bulls have now, they’d be lightyears better than chicago. what i mean is, just imagine if nyk n chi switched support casts, outside of the stars (rose vs melo amare) i mean isn’t it fair to assume, seeing as how rose is the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. so, like melo keeps telling ppl, the knicks gave away starters. if rose was left with the same cast around melo and amare i think the bulls would be just as good if not worse. bulls need rose, and he earned his mvp because of that.

  • beiber newz

    And if the Knicks had Miami’s supporting cast outside of the stars (Lebron Vs Melo Amare) then we talking about championships.

  • Taj

    No one should ever get crossed up that nasty by a dude in pink shoes… EVER!

  • beiber newz

    haha @ taj

  • b


    my point exactly. the bulls depth is their strength, and i’d expect the knicks to be better with chi-towns supporting cast as they have 2 stars.

    but also, chicago’s team first nature is what gets them through. so far you here amare and melo talk the talk, but not yet doin the walk re defence, ball movement etc. i’m not hating on those guys, i’m just saying, its what i see.

    for the record – i’d like to see NYK do well, their fans have been hard done by for the last decade by a stupid owner – something you have in common with chicago to a certain extent

  • b

    btw – melo shouldn’t be saying anything about what knicks gave away – he forced the issue. gotta give him some respect tho, cause he coulda left denver hanging ala lebron james style and walked into a better situation in NY via free agency

  • beiber newz

    go knicks

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Love this line from shaman:

    no player that plays that much one-on-one without any team involvement will win a Championship. Period.

    If shaman believes this statement than kobe cant be that much if a cheese, right?

  • Big Island

    How long will it take people to realize Melo is a big part of what’s wrong in NY?!?! Seriously. With all of the get him some help bs being talked about, nobody is bringing up the fact that he is an awful guy to play with. Denver had a squad with a ton of good guys. He pouted his way out to NY, where he thought he would come in and be the man. He can score, nobody says he doesn’t, but he absolutely does not help your team at all. I would LOVE to have him as a sixth man, come in, just go nuts, and then sit back down. He doesn’t pass, I don’t know if he can, he has to have the ball in his hands to score, he doesn’t move too well without the ball, and he plays zero defense. Plus he wears matching bubble jackets with Wade and Lebron!!


    I think he is an extremely talented player who doesn’t understand how to make a basketball team better. He plays on a team where nobody else is capable of being that guy. He plays on a team where the coach only knows how to put up more shots than the other team. I’ll go one further and say he is a cancer for a team unless there is an absolute STUD on the squad who won’t put up with his bs.

    Stop with the “if he had a supporting cast” crap. Denver had a supporting cast. The Knicks had a supporting cast last season, and it isn’t terrible this season. The Heat, outside of Wade, Bosh and Lebron, have nothing really worthwhile. Norris Cole is playing well. But Chalmers? James Jones? I like Mike Miller as a person, but Mike Miller? I want Eddy Curry to do well, but Eddy Curry? 249 year old Juwan Howard?!?! And Wade and Lebron don’t even play well together! I take it back, NY’s team is pretty weak. I almost used Bibby and Jeffries. Melo and Tyson Chandler for Dwight, Jameer Nelson, and someone else to match numbers. Everyone is happy and Melo could go to all of the Heat games to cheer his buddies. Fucking cancer.

  • Big Island

    Except for the shaman said it.

  • Big Island


  • Big Island


  • Big Island


  • Big Island


  • Big Island


  • beiber newz

    in an association where team basketball is key…melo was able to carry syracuse to a championship.

  • beiber newz

    i think melo even almost made it to the finals the year he played the lakers when he was on the nuggets.

  • beiber newz

    isn’t it crazy how everyday people find a way to talk about the knicks? sometimes i think most of you are secret fans. you people always want to talk about them. some of you probably have a marbury shrine.

  • beiber newz

    who was it that said paul pierce lost it? lol hm, i said give time time, he still got it. and wall heating up. who was it that said wall is not as good as people make him seem? hm i knew he’d ratchet up.

    on another note…the thing that separates rose from kobe is that when kobe gets older, he is able to be effective due to a sweet stroke, arsenal of moves, post game, height advantage , etc. i don’t know how rose will perform at 33. he relies on speed and athleticism. his handles gets him by defenders, that’ll stay…but his loss of speed at 33 will make its effectiveness shoot way down. his jumper already looks too mechanical and at 33 i don’t know how much he can depend on it. it may be the only thing to extend his career so he better continue to work on it. his loss of hops will force him to do less herky jerky moves. and with a slight loss of hangtime, i don’t know if his style of play will warrant 35 minutes a night, like how the black mamba can still command at his age. kobe>rose forever.

  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    Kobe<rose….alligator eats the smaller one