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Top 5 Dunks Of Dwight Howard’s NBA Career

Dwight Howard Nets trade rumors

Dwight Howard (photo. adidas)

Dwight Howard loves to dunk. Whether he’s wheeling out a 12-foot rim in the dunk contest or crowning another wannabe center in the lane, Howard has his own flair. He loves to flex and lift weights like he’s in a competition, and his dunks normally reflect that: the Superman jam started by Shaquille O’Neal has been continued on by Howard. He’s always gotten criticized for his offensive game, but he does dunk very effectively. Last season, he led the league with 227 crams.

There have been some comparisons between Howard and Andrew Bynum, and tonight the two of them meet on the floor for the first time all year. If Dwight has even an ounce of dog in him, he’ll crown Bynum so hard that no one will ever be able to justify a comparison like this again. In honor of the matchup, here are the top five dunks of Dwight Howard’s career.

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5. Dwight Howard Turns Brian Skinner Into A Birthday Present (December 8, 2008)
Wrapped up and sealed for you, Superman: a big, burly backup center with crazy, King Tut facial hair just waiting to get smashed on. Howard went off in this game for 23 points and 22 rebounds, obviously offended that instead of Marcus Camby, the Clippers spent most of the night using Skinner, Zach Randolph and a baby DeAndre Jordan as bowling ball pins. Let it be known that Mike Dunleavy Sr. wasn’t always the smartest coach. Did you know they have an actual Brian Skinner mix on YouTube? I had originally suspected that Skinner only jumped to block this in an effort to get himself some shine – any shine – on the Internet.

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  • http://Dimemag.com Panchitoooo

    These are his best dunks? Wow kinda thought they would be better than dunking on Skinner, Armstrong, and Holiday. Why and who started calling this guy Superman? Hes great but he aint no Superman(Shaq).

  • srb

    What’s with the Katrina line in the one against Chris Paul? and what’s with saying he dunked on all of Boston when the only player in front of him was out of bounds?

    All of the city of Boston maybe? but that’s just dumb

  • QQ

    @ 2:
    ‘What’s with…’

    Hmmm…. what’s with the pussy ass whining against everything?

    Remembered watching the dunk against Boston, and saying to myself ‘FINALLY. We got the right dude, right here.’

  • K Dizzle

    @ Sweeney

    You nailed this list PERFECTLY

  • surfnaked

    howard claims holiday as his child hahahha

  • surfnaked

    howard claims holiday as his child hahahha

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    Paul Pierce’s look is classic after Howard dropped the hammer… Yikes