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Toronto GM: Chris Bosh Is No Franchise Cornerstone

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh (photo. Nike Basketball)

For the first seven years of his career in Toronto, Chris Bosh had five seasons averaging at least 22 points a night, and went for 20/10 averages three different times. Last night in Miami’s 39-point execution of Charlotte, the four man hit the ‘Cats for 24 points and 10 rebounds and is now shooting an incredible 57 percent from the floor this season. Despite never winning a playoff series, he did take the Purple Dinosaurs to the playoffs twice. And yet this weekend in The Boston Globe, Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo admitted he wasn’t a franchise cornerstone, and that the way Bosh bounced left the Raptors without much chance at getting equal value.

Colangelo did what he could, nabbing two first-round picks and a trade exception once Bosh decided he was leaving for South Beach. He says he was never given a shot to get equal value.

But maybe it wasn’t all bad. Toronto drafted another big man (Jonas Valanciunas) who looks like one of the best young prospects in the world, and now have a coach (Dwane Casey) finally stressing defense. As for Colangelo, he believes this wouldn’t be possible if Bosh was still around, and that building a contender around Bosh would never happen.

The Boston Globe writes:

Colangelo did not hide his belief that Bosh is not an elite player or franchise cornerstone.

“Even if there was an open market similar to what’s gone on with [Carmelo Anthony] last year and Chris Paul this year and Dwight Howard, he’s not that caliber of player,” the general manager said. “It’s just that simple.

“I never had an opportunity to move him for the kind of haul that some of these other deals are producing. But for us to end up with a couple of first-round picks, it was a nice way to segue toward the future.

“As long as we weren’t strapped with a $126 million contract and the inability to really build around the player, we feel like this is probably the best thing that could have happened to us.”

The whole “franchise cornerstone” label always depends on your point of view. Is Bosh good enough to anchor a playoff team? Yes. Can you win a championship when he’s your best player? Probably not. Because he left, Toronto took a step back, hoping that would eventually position them to take two steps forward.

They won’t be good this year. But with some young talent, a future lottery pick in a deep draft and potentially $20 million in cap space next summer (Who would come?), maybe Colangelo doesn’t sound crazy when he says Toronto looks better for the future without Bosh.

Is Bosh a cornerstone? Did he screw over Toronto?

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  • Mojo

    He needs to be quiet, instead of saying Chris Bosh isnt a franchise cornerstone he should of said I’m not a good GM. He is the same guy that took Bargnani over Lamarcus Aldridge might we add. He has been in Toranto for years and has done zero to install confidence in anything that he can do to help a team win. He could have traded Bosh for pennies on the dollar and started over years ago but didnt. He and George Karl (from bashing Carmelo as soon as he gets traded) need to get out of here with that stuff.

  • Ian

    hes right

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Kind of cold. I’m not big into feeling bad for men making 20 mil a year, but Bosh gets dumped on a lot.

    …after he left the team that drafted him for his buddies. Nevermind

  • Brown

    If Colangelo was smarter, he would have known Bosh was leaving via free agency and should have traded him before that.

    Bosh obviously isn’t a #1 guy, but he’s a pretty good support player, especially on a team with elite talent on the wings, something he never had in T.O.

  • Andrew Greif

    Nice take, Sean!

  • First & Foremost

    Bosh and Aldridge were too similar which is why he passed on him.

    The only other thing that he could have done with Bosh is trade him to LA. Toronto would have had the rights to Gasol, picks, cash, and basically would have been Memphis without all of the winning.

    Because Bosh wanted the freedom to choose where he wanted to play, the front office was handcuffed. Oh well.

  • ctkennedy

    Its easier to build around Bosh than it is CP3,Melo,n a few other guard stars ….cuz its simply harder to find bigs

  • dk

    Melo is a forward that doesnt play defense…ijs

  • Franchise

    Not a good look as a coach or GM to bash your former star player when he leaves. whatever u say right or wrong will always be perceived as sour grapes and hating. Bosh did screw over Toronto. all he had to do was not play childish games and inform management that he’s gone at seasons’ end and they shud try to get something for him before that. Just a way of saying thank u for drafting me and giving me my shot even tho he wanted to leave. ditto to Lebron, Shaq back in the day and so on

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    As I’ve asked before: If it’s true that Bosh isn’t a franchise player, quit on the team, and everything else Colangelo has accused Bosh of after the fact … WHY DID HE TRY TO RE-SIGN HIM?

  • K Dizzle

    @ AB

    To answer your question:

    Because it was the expectation. You can’t let a 20-10 guy just walk EVEN IF you KNOW he’ll never take the team anywhere. It’s called public relations. In the big scheme of things, Bosh bouncin actually did the Raps a favour.
    They sucked enough to get a legit lottery pick instead of that dreaded 12-18 spot where it’s completely hit or miss, they got picks, trade exception and saved a ton of cash. Now they’re building with Bargs, Derozan, Ed Davis, Amir, James Johnson, solid vet guards in Calderon(who needs a shot with a contender) and Barbosa. Then they basically get 2 lottery picks next summer with Valenciunas and whatever stud they get in that 1-5 spot.

    Ask Atlanta why they resigned Joe Johnson for 126 million…and you’ll understand exactly what Colangelo is talkin about.

  • 2 cents

    austin has it right. i love toronto and was a bosh fan, but conlangelo knew of bosh’s short-comings and should have moved him for a few more pieces when he had the chance.

    saying that, i hope toronto gets the lottery balls to fall our way and with valanciunas joining next year, it should be a ripper of a team.

  • matt

    I think we are set at PF/C. DD seems to be a starting SG. We should draft a SF for sure. As much as I hate being the bearer of bad news, I love Ed Davis but he is the guy (with Jose possibly) we’ll have to trade to land that quality PG we need to run the sho(we could start Bayless as he averaged 18/6.7/3.5 as a starter but no one cares). Although Drummond (and the other Davis) would be very hard to pass up. If we go SF in the draft, expect Barnes,Quincy Miller or Gilchrist to go to the raps.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @K Dizzle — I don’t buy that. Why would you waste the time of your salary cap analyst, your GM and your owner on the APPEARANCE of trying to re-sign Bosh if you really didn’t want him to re-sign? Just for PR’s sake? You’re telling me that Toronto would’ve made an offer to Bosh to satisfy the fans, but if Bosh said, “OK, I’ll take it,” they would have pulled the offer because they really didn’t want him?

    I think Toronto wanted to re-sign Bosh, they failed to do so, and now they’re acting like they didn’t really care. Same thing every person does when they get dumped, fired or evicted. “It’s cool, I didn’t like her that much anyway.” … “Whatever, I was gonna quit anyway.” … “I ain’t trippin, that place had crappy management anyway.” … They call it sour grapes.

    The Raps had to try to re-sign Bosh because convincing a star to stay in Toronto is much easier than convincing a star to come to Toronto, and they know it.

  • K Dizzle

    ” You’re telling me that Toronto would’ve made an offer to Bosh to satisfy the fans, but if Bosh said, “OK, I’ll take it,” they would have pulled the offer because they really didn’t want him?”

    U missed my point. Perception only to the fans so the team could say “Well at least we tried to sign him”
    If he signs then great, you got a 20-10 all-star who won’t take you anywhere with the way the roster currently looks, but at least you can build around him and hope for a Westbrook to your Durant or a Rondo to your Big 3 or an Gasol to your Kobe. Derozan n Bargnani are filling out nicely as legit ball players. With Bosh still on the Raps, they’re a playoff team with a first round exit. If he doesn’t sign, yeah, you pissed.
    But you confusin why they pissed. Colangelo was pissed cuz Bosh kept playin the ‘I don’t know if I should stay or if I should go’ game. Team can’t trade you if you might resign so they waited it out..and lost. Raps were pissed cuz Bosh got away and they got nuthin for him. If he had come clean about Miami and Toronto bought it, they coulda at least got Beasley, Chalmers, picks, a trade exception. Instead, it was a trade exception they might not use.
    Like I said before, ask Atlanta how they really feel about givin Joe Johnson 125 mil. We all know he ain’t a franchise cornerstone, but Atlanta had to pay him or risk lookin like they were all about the bottom line n no tryin to win.
    Bosh is a real nice piece but Toronto’s better off longterm with him gone…