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3 Potential Hit Or Miss Prospects In The 2012 NBA Draft

Perry Jones

Perry Jones (photo. Matthew Minard/Baylor Photography)

The college basketball scene has seen this story too many times. Scratch that, the basketball world has seen this story too many times. The mystery surrounding Baylor, Connecticut and Illinois makes us wonder one thing: What is going on? These three teams all have one thing in common – one very talented big man. Perry Jones (Baylor), Andre Drummond (UConn) and Meyers Leonard (Illinois) all seem incapable of consistently leading their team to success.

Baylor has dropped three of their last five games despite having one of the most athletic rosters in America. In those last three losses, Jones has had five or less points.

Andre Drummond is also failing to succeed. When you watch Drummond, sometimes you wonder whether he really wants to be out on the court. His UConn squad (it’s not even really his team, it is the team he plays for) is struggling to stay afloat and required heroics from Shabazz Napier to beat Villanova in overtime last game. They appear to be on the outside looking in for March Madness.

Meyers Leonard and Illinois have dropped six games in a row and are lucky to even be on the bubble watch. Leonard has not been terrible as of late, but he’s been far from consistent. His stat lines look like a Six Flags attraction ride.

All three have struggled this season yet all three have so much potential to be great players. They all pass the look test and when you see them move out on the court, you can see why scouts fall in love with them.

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The scenario for all three of these big men brings up a bigger picture question. Why aren’t they capable of pushing their teams up to their potential?

Perhaps these three players simply aren’t as good as fans initially thought. Each has received a good deal of hype, whether it was from their high school days or by NBA Draft ranking sites. However, watching them brings up question marks.

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  • K Dizzle

    I haven’t seen enough of Drummond, I only seen Leonard cryin after a loss, and everytime I see Jones, I think of Jonathan Bender…

  • King

    Drummond looks lost on the court

  • moneymakingmojo

    I use to believe in Perry Jones until I seen Thomas Robinson destroy him twice and I just always think of Anthony Randolph when I see him play.

  • First & Foremost

    I don’t watch a lot of college basketball but last night I just so happened to see Jerry Jones III taking up space on the tv. Glance away from the screen, turn back, Perry Jones catches the ball under the basket, point blank dunk… straight up missed it and his team had to scrable to save it from going out of bounds… on the sideline. Aight, fine, whatever, chalk that one up as a fluke. Then he just proceeds to have a horrible stretch of playing basketball. “Is this the guy that Dime is always talking about?”

  • Celts Fan

    Ummm, pretty sure CP3 had nothing to do w/ Deandre’s development since they’d just broken him off to the tune of $40M+ BEFORE he ever got there. He just wasn’t ready at 18 to be what people thought he could be.

    -The guy screaming at the TV to draft Deandre in the late 1st that year as we grab JR Giddens

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    agreed. DJ was going to be a player before CP3 got there. And CP3 ain’t the one blocking shots for him or grabbing those rebounds. DJ should be a top 5 center with all his athletic ability. But with Blake and CP3 there, it looks like he’ll settle for being another Tyson Chandler/Marcus Camby type.

    Andre Drummond has the size and physical ability to be a monster. But he has no skill whatsoever. The guy doesn’t have post moves and can’t shoot. I want so bad for him to be good because the NBA needs more big men, but I think chances are slim with him if he comes outta college early.

    Perry Jones needs to stay in college. But he also needs to transfer to Georgetown or maybe go play ball there in the summer. If he comes back, Baylor should bring in the G-Town old school bigs (Ewing, Zo, Deke) to show him the game. Kid is looking like another Tyrus Thomas right now.

    I believe in Myers Leonard (I may be a little biased on him because he’s from IL and plays at U of I. But the kid has grown so much since his Jr. year in HS. That shows me that he is working on his game. He is a lot like Perry Jones (and Sr. in HS Mitch McGary) in that they have no idea how to use their size and play with their back to the basket. They insist on trying to be Kevin Garnetts. Trying to face up and shoot and dribble. Instead of putting their back to the basket and making the simple moves.
    We need another big man camp like the one Pete Newell used to have.

  • matt

    Perry Jones plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves :P