NBA, Video / Feb 2, 2012 / 10:00 am

Blake Griffin Abuses Gordon Hayward’s Layup

Blake Griffin Block Gordon Hayward

The footage of the first five minutes of Blake Griffin‘s performance in Utah last night should be sent right to Springfield, Mass. to show Hall of Fame visitors what NBA basketball would like if X-Men played the game. It took less than nine seconds for him to catch his first alley oop (right off the opening tip). He followed that up with another oop from Chris Paul just a few minutes later. And then after that? He tracked down Gordon Hayward on the break and savagely smashed his layup attempt like he was trying to punch it right through the backboard.

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  • heckler

    Gordon Hayward is actually a better NBA player than I thought.
    I wasn’t sold on him at Butler, but despite this block, he has made me a believer.


  • Patrick Cassidy

    @heckler –

    I absolutely agree. He struggled a little bit last night and missed some shots are the basket, but he was aggressive and he clearly can play. He’s going to be good.

  • Buckets

    @ patrick cassidy
    What is about Utah that makes white players feel more comfy therefore play better?? Maybe Morrison would have been an All Star if he went there out of college, lol

  • Patrick Cassidy


    I don’t think that’s entirely true. A guy like Hayward is a basketball player above everything else. Doesn’t matter what building he’s in, he can play.

    As for Morrison, that guy had lots of other issues besides what city/cities he was playing in. Knowing what we know now, probably wouldn’t have mattered where he was playing.

  • heckler

    @ Patrick Cassidy–

    It may be time for a “Where Are They Now” feature on Adam Morrison.

    and to think….the guys has a ring as a member of the Lakers.

  • Patrick Cassidy


    that’s not a bad idea. i saw an article on him a few months ago that was all about his life in russia and how he’s finally gotten himself together. could be time to do it the Dime way….

  • BiGShoTBoB

    What about the Iverson update…I feel like a team like the Celtics should pick him up but for some reason AI seems almost blacklisted from the NBA but no one will talk about it. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ANSWER?

  • abpin

    Ridiculous block. Shouldn’t that have been some kind of violation though? Blake clearly holds the rim for a bit of in-air balance. Oh well… Refs probably dropped their whistles after seeing that.

  • shaw32

    One of the best dime quotes in a while if the X-Men played basketball. Amazing block didn’t notice he used the rim till someone said it.

  • A.R.

    lol Morrison actually has two rings! But hey I think Morrison would of been ok had it not been for that injury in his second season. He averaged like 13 points his rookie year although he shot like 38 percent or something. Not great but I think he could of improved a little at least.

  • A.R.

    oh actually it was 11.8 points on 37 percent.