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Deron Williams Shuts Up New York; Ryan Anderson Serves Up A Robert Horry Special

Deron Williams

Deron Williams

Amar’e said afterwards he had “no doubt” Deron Williams came out with something to prove in MSG against Jeremy Lin. On second glance, we should’ve seen it coming. Williams basically flipped on a group of reporters earlier during Linsanity because no one wanted to talk about anything other than the new Knick sensation. He dropped 38 points with eight triples in New Jersey’s shockingly easy 100-92 win. Carmelo Anthony returned (as did Baron Davis) and yet the only one who mattered was Williams. Raining threes, dancing and prancing around, high-stepping on the dribble, you could tell he really wanted to kill it. He didn’t completely shut Lin up (a quiet 21 points, nine assists), but he definitely won the battle. In the third quarter, Williams just said screw the offense and started pulling up for treys on the break, off the dribble, getting fouled, in the face of everyone in the Garden. 10 points in 47 seconds was the result … The game was super chippy as well (Anthony Morrow lost four teeth and then came back in to score five straight), with Kris Humphries (14 points, 14 rebounds) in the middle of a lot of it. At one point with Hump on the foul line, all of MSG was chanting “You suck!” Landry Fields had a third quarter facial on Humphries (and the foul) that probably had everyone in the arena extra giddy … It took Minnesota and Denver three overtime minutes for someone to finally score, and it took one bonehead play from Martell Webster to clinch a 103-101 win for the Nuggets. Down three, Webster stole a pass and had a shot with four seconds left to shoot a triple. Instead he went in for a dunk with less than a second left. It continued a series of stupid mistakes from the Wolves, coming immediately after Luke Ridnour missed an easy layup that would’ve put them up one … Al Harrington was a monster all night, finishing with 31 points and nine rebounds … Everything has been going so well for the Spurs during this winning streak that they now have Richard Jefferson making game-clinching shots. The whipping boy hit a three in the closing seconds to secure San Antonio’s 10-point second half comeback in their 106-102 win over Utah. That makes 11 wins in a row. Tony Parker continued his “Don’t forget about me” tour, going for 23 points and 11 dimes … The Warriors ended the game on a 9-0 run and beat the Clippers 104-97. Monta Ellis (32 points) couldn’t miss a three, shut down Chris Paul in the second half (four points after the half) and had the Warriors TV guys calling him one of the best closers in the game … In the third quarter, Too Short came out out of nowhere to perform “Blow The Whistle.” The crowd went crazy … … Keep reading to hear how the Bucks screwed themselves …

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    Just bend over and take it, beiber.

    The more you resist, the more you make it harder on yourself. No need to ANALyze.

  • K Dizzle

    First off, post 1. Really? …
    now onto hoops

    Bynum only took 7 shots, yet there he was. Flingin the hail mary pass to kobe at crunchtime and then laughin it up. I saw Kobe n Pau laughin it up, then I saw Kobe n AB huggin it out, but yeah, the big guys just hate playin with Kobe.
    Some of you are just wack with the breakdown after every Laker loss. After every win, it’s the usual: Silence til the next loss…pfft

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    Ha ha ha oh yes a terrificc dime today.

    And a big hi hi to Mr mr serge who won’t stop big blocks.

    Viva la FIGA ibaka

    From your Jurgo

  • silky

    @ k

    That’s what happens when the ball is moving. 3-4 passes per possession. they looked like a totally diff team tonight. blowing a team out will make it all hugs till they go jeckel on the road again. bynum’s shimmy had camby growing roots.

    dwill…. that’s was coming like a storm in the distance.


    Yeah, yeah… I know.
    It’s classless and way off. But schadenfreude is a basic human feeling and it feels good today. Lo siento for feeding the monster.
    Isn’t it a bit odd that you’re more glad than the usual when you see a post from Jurg?

    Just look at the bright side and look at it as an attempt to lessen some of the newz.

    Hi hi to you you by the way way.

    Al Harrington looked like a true Ninja Turtle.
    Derrick Rose pretty much telling Bulls management to go get Pau.
    And Moneyball 2 is on with Manny Ramirez on board. hope he and Kenny Powers cross paths in the minors.

  • yoda

    i’ve heard on sports center (i think) that spurs broke record with 11 straight road wins or something like that. impressive.
    damn, where did oden lived? next to nuclear reactor? it seems his bones are so brittle, it’s not normal. feel bad for the guy, but i doubt anyone will give him real chance after latest surgery.
    oh yeah and that is difference between injury prone player (oden) and player that gets injured by others (bynum). it’s not same if you bust your knees getting up from the couch and when your teammates crash into your knees like odom and kobe did to andrew.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Good game, now if we could always play like that there would be no reason to bitch and we would still be right up there for the West.

    No way we trade Pau for Boozer. Not in this universe or another. If the Bulls want Gasol we better get Deng, Gibson and Coach Thibs

  • Franchise

    Heck no to the Pau-Boozer trade. As Showtime said, unless LA gets Deng, Gibson, Coach Thibs and a few of MJ’s chips.

    I’ve been calling for it for a while now, and after yesterday’s game im all in: Get Deron Williams. Howard would probably cost both Bynum and Pau, which would be too much. Nets would probably do Pau + spare parts for DWill especially since they can turn around and flip him for D12. Lakers would be gettin the 2nd best PG in the game, and would keep Bynum who is proving that he’s no slouch. Win-Win for everyone. Thats of course if it pleases Lord Stern….

  • jdizzle

    @Showtime Sheeeeeiiiiiiittttt!!!! *Clay Davis voice* You will get nothing and like it my good sir lol.

    This Greg Oden thing is starting to get sad. Getting debris cleaned out of your knee and having it turn into microfracture surgery? Damn. Can his luck get any worse?

    Don’t know if I should say this seeing as how one of.

  • jdizzle


    But like I was saying I don’t know if I should say this seeing as how one of them passed away but JR Smiff looks like an ex-member of H-Town.

    And Dime cut Motaw some slack. Tom Shep kneed him in the balls remember?

  • Jzsmoove

    Wtf with JR Smith’s do. Does anybody else get that?

  • sh!tfaced

    Hope SA keeps it up. Tony Parker is playing like the best PG in the league right now. There will be no 1st round upsets this year.

    The Spurs are the true version of Moneyball.

    Their budget may not be as tight but they have their share of salary concerns and can’t afford to blow money like the Mavs, Lakers & Knicks.

    small-market team, perennial contenders with championships to show.
    From TP & Manu to George Hill & Gary Neal, etc. Hell even Roger Mason had his own Linsanity moment there.
    They run this team run with an effing efficiency of what a pro sports team should be.

  • sh!tfaced

    ^^^ Just insert Danny Green there. almost forgot about him. lol

  • trollne1

    I still have to wait and see if Spurs can carry their onslaught to the playoffs. They also blitzed the regular season last year, only to falter towards the end of the season all the way to the playoffs. As disappointed as I am with the Knicks’ loss, I’m still hoping that Lin would be able to make it work with Melo. JereMelo, Tymare, Landryman and Smeffries. I know Lin can play some defense but he needs to step it up against elite PGs like DWill if he wants to take it to the next level. But not sure who could’ve stopped DWIll tonight since he went nuts from 3.

    Tough loss from Minny. Webster’s dunk made me scratch my head. Anyway nice to see Nash still doing his thing. It’s gonna take a miracle but I hope they make the playoffs. And Stephen Jackson, nobody wants you anymore.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I kinda feel bad for beib today. Bad enough the Knicks lost in Melo’s return. It’s so much worse that it was against the Nets.

    Is Lin goignt o be taking the majority of the shots from here on out? Whenever I look at the boxscores he’s usually the leading shot-taker.

    LOL @ jdizzle for that HTown reference. I disagree but just mentioning H-Town her is pretty funny. Poor-man’s Jodeci.

  • First & Foremost

    @Jay, I haven’t checked the stats but I think Lin was simply taking all of Melo’s shots in his absence. First game back and Melo takes 11 shots vs. the all-world championship caliber drunktard defender we call Deshawn Stevenson. A 1-game sample size isn’t much to draw conclusions from but I’d say it is safe to assume that Amare, Melo, & Lin will all have around 15-18 shots per game. Everyone else will have their looks reduced.

    NY is coming up on a road back-to-back with Atlanta and Miami. Atlanta struggles with above average pgs so Lin maybe the option that shows out at that game. Vs. Miami you can bet that Melo will be pressing super hard to not be shown up by Lin.

  • Chaos

    Spurs are the most efficient team ever. They’ve been relevant for this long with 3 stars, a few vets and some throw aways and seem to always be in the mix. My question is, who do they go after when manu and TD are gone? Dones popovich retire when the TD does or does he continue to build his legacy by picking a sure fire prospect in the draft and developing the rest of the team? Interesting thought

    Damn I didn’t know baron davis was coming back last night too. That changes the scheme of things, because baron is
    not in playing shape. I still think NYK needs a goon. They need a straight enforcer to come off the bench. I’m not sayin they need anythony mason…but they need a thug on that team (and before you say JR, he don’t count cuz he like to shoot) to get like 6 pts, 2 blks and 6 fouls and a tech.

    Martell webster is now in my top 5 dumbest players in the L. I would say Von Wafer too but you have to get PT to be considered.

    GSW always seems like that team you don’t wanna see. You don’t know who you’re gonna play each night: an offensive juggenaut or 14yr olds pretending to be superstars

  • Celts Fan

    @sh!tfaced – ya, you’re right, every team in sports should copy the Spurs strategy.

    Step 1, have a star who gets hurt and misses the year.

    Step 2, At the end of that year, win the lottery and draft one of the ten best players to ever play the game and who’s wired right and will stay in SA vs. fleeing to greener pastures when FA comes up

    Step 3, draft a foreign guy suuuuuper late and have him be one of the best foreign players of all time.

    Step 4, draft another foreign kid at the very end of the 1st round and have him become a star.

    Ya, why aren’t other teams copying this? SMH…

  • trollne1

    Bill Walker could play that role of enforcer.

    I’m sure Lin would be more than happy to give up shots for Melo and Amare. But since no one from Knicks could hit a shot last night, Lin ended up taking lots of shots when he returned in the 4th.

  • jdizzle

    @JAY I was actually really close to saying Jodeci but I stuck with H-Town. And yea I kinda feel bad for him too. As soon as I saw that NY lost with Melo in the lineup I thought,”awwww shit…” I didn’t see the game so I can’t say why they lost, I mean besides Deron going batshit crazy. Was Lin not getting Melo the ball enough? Was Melo not being aggressive? Was he trying too hard to not mess up chemistry?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    the city of ny, according to what i see, is doing just fine. thx for lettin me live kdizzle.

    oh and when i saw kobe run to bynum after the baseball pass assist, i was thinking about the comments early in the day right away too.

    here’s a curveball….lakers want to acquire michael beasley….and i like the thinking behind it, if they get him on the cheap.

    anyway, i can tell you one thing…the knicks hav miami circled on their calendar in blood.

  • the shaman

    god damn, i remember when “BORN TO MACK” and “LIFE IS…” came out.

    I remember how it all began
    I used to sing dirty raps to my East Side fans
    Back then I knew ya couldn’t stop this rap
    No M.C. could rock like that
    Then the new style came, the bass got deeper
    Ya gave up the mike and bought you a beeper
    Do ya wanna rap or sell coke?
    Brothers like you ain’t never been broke
    People wanna say it’s just my time
    Brothers like me had to work for mine
    Eight years on the mike and I’m not jokin’
    Sir Too Short comin’ straight from Oakland
    California, home of the rock
    Eight woofers in the trunk, beatin’ down the block
    Short dog, I’m that rappin’ man
    I said it before and I ‘ll say it again

    that was the $HIT!!

  • First & Foremost

    @Celts Fan,
    Most teams without a star being hurt have no problem getting into the lottery. Step 1 – check

    Step 2 – David Stern just looks like he accepts bribes, so winning the lottery shouldn’t be a big deal. It gets tough finding a 4 year college player that isn’t hella old.

    Step 3 – Find a foreign kid with a bald spot is pretty tough to do.

    Step 4 – Hire a current player’s wife to do the scouting for you. She’ll come back with several late first prospects to consider.

    Popovich should hang it up with Duncan. I think he realizes that he caught lightning in a bottle. If people question his ability to coach his response will be along the lines of, “Correct, I did have a great partnership with Timmy and we were successful for damn near a decade. What now B!tch? I’ve given the NBA world the blueprint, so if you think it is easy to do what I’ve done, go make another Hov.”

  • JDish

    Wow … o.O
    I can’t help but feel for Greg Oden man. Trying to get back on the court but having injury after injury, surgery after surgery, that really has to be the worst thing ever. Not trying to be pesimistic or anything but I think it’s time to call it a career. Or atleast take some time off for your body to fully heal and see how things work out a couple of years down the road. But I think it’s just too much. And besides it’s not like Oden played terrible when he was able to be on the court, but when you are battling your own body to get back, you gotta make a tough decision.

  • the shaman

    NOBODY seems to ever remember that the reason the spurs got muzzled in the playoffs last year is because Manu and Duncan both got hurt (badly) at the end of the regular season. Without Manu @ 90-100%, they had no chance.

    I was so mad b/c Pop was sitting Manu & Tim alternately at the end of the season, then the game they did play Manu to help him stay in rhythm or whatever (which he should never have played) was the one he shredded his ankle going for a rebound.

    And other teams do try to pattern their management after the Spurs. If you don’t believe me ask OKC and Sam Presti where their Front Office took philosophy class: at the School of Popovich. Blazers were doing pretty hot for a minute there with Kevin Pritchard. Remember when Dallas hired Avery Johnson to instill defensive principles and basically hijack someone with intimate knowledge of their system?

    Imitation in this case is a form of flattery. And why not, they were on ly the most successful team of the decade. Even in the years they didn’t win the title they were a top 3-4 contender.

    And Popovich has already basically said he is retiring when Tim is done. They would have to give him the rarest vintage wines daily to keep him on the bench after that, mark it dude.

  • Ian

    parker mvp

  • First & Foremost

    I’ve been through my share of knee injuries but of course my livelihood doesn’t depend on my knee ligaments. To watch your team struggle w/o would be one thing. But to watch your team struggle to make that finally jump w/o has to even more painful. His prime is slowly being taken away from him while his team is stuck being good but not great.

    Jail Aaron Brooks T-shirts. 1 for $8 or 2 for $18

  • JDish

    Dime has to break out with the “The Top 10 NBA Chuckers.”

    Lets get it started with Von Wafer tring to get his any which way possible. With the return of J.R. Smith to the NBA eminent.

  • Ian

    celts fan
    a dif team wins the lottery every season and they all get second round picks. comon dont make it sound like the spurs do nothing drafting players like manu and parker and signing dudes no one wanted like bowen and jackson. best front office in basketball. how many times have the spurs missed the playoffs ever?? how is pop still winning with and old duncan and no manu??

    now to last season the griz were the worst team the spurs could draw in the playoffs and i still think its spurs in 7 had manu been healthy every team winning their home games. doesnt matter now but that crap wont happen again.

  • the shaman

    Co-sign @ Ian #26. He should at LEAST be in the MVP discussion, although you and I both know they’ll give it to LeBron, Durant, or Rose again before Parker ever gets a mention.

    And nobody ever told me yesterday, what DID happen to Aaron Brooks? Thought he was PHX or something…

    Dude helped me go undefeated one year in Fantasy League putting up sick stats, and now I don’t even know who he plays for.

  • That’s What’s Up

    celts is just mad because Duncan wears silver and black, not green. Understandable, but 15 years later…

    The only real accomplishment Tony Parker does not have is a regular season MVP. I don’t see too many cats in the running, so you never know.

    …and @shaman – it was Manu’s elbow exploding on that Grant Hill pick, not his ankle – but it still sank their chances.

    …and give it up to the Red Rocket – Matt Bonner.
    Danny Ferry pointed it out, so I had to rewind – any time Bonner caught the ball the crowd would have a collective groan, which turned into an uhhhhhhhh after he sank another triple

  • sh!tfaced

    @ Celts Fan – lol. of course, why didnt i see this coming? any self-respecting C’s fan has to have a say when its about the Spurs.

    still replay celtics what ifs in my mind with duncan, hell, even way back with len bias. but come on, still showing a hint of soreness after all these years?

    the C’s followed similar steps too…

    Step 1, no stars got hurt but tank the season anyway.

    Step 2, end up with the most pingpong balls and maximize our chances to draft one of the ten best players to ever play the game…
    – blame Rick Pitino. he was so sure of himself getting no.1, he didnt think he needed to bribe anyone and just waste someone else’ money.

    Step 3, draft a foreign guy suuuuuper late and have him be one of the best foreign players of all time.
    – they did, with Dino Radja – also a foreign kid with a bald spot.

    Step 4, pass up on a foreign kid three times in the draft and pick 2 busts and 1 star but trade him by midseason (with gerald wallace, hibachi, okur and dalembeast still available).

  • JDish

    Aaron Brooks is in China scoring buckets.

  • sh!tfaced

    And Repeat Steps 1 thru 4 in 2006-07:
    Step 1, check and check.

    Step 2, lost the lottery again but trade your pick for the 3pt GOAT.

    Step 3, tired of passing up foreign kids so draft an immature big fat baby instead.

    Step 4, draft another undersized PF at the very end of the draft and have him win mvp in game 2 of the finals.

  • Big Island

    I figured everyone would be giving Beiber a hard time today for the Knicks losing. Melo wasn’t bad, especially after just coming back, and the Knicks didn’t play too poorly. They lost because Deron Williams went nucking futs. Nothing more than that. Everything was about the same except for Deron going 8-14 from 3 and the Knicks going 5-21 from 3. Beiber gets a pass from me today.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    bcuz of the dynamic of what the comments section has become, it takes a big man to say that island

  • sh!tfaced

    hah! no worries. the beibitch is lying low today. enjoy it while it lasts… lol

    the moment NY, Lakers or Kyrie shows any sign of life, look out.

    but with Melo back and healthy, I think we’re gonna have more days like this at least for the rest of the month…

  • the shaman

    so is everybody considering this as an “*” season?

    or does Phil Jackson have to make another BS remark to make it official?

    I know most people think it will be Thunder/Heat in the Finals, but I would love to see a Knicks/Spurs lockout year “rematch”.

  • That’s What’s Up

    shaman… great fucking idea. REMATCH!

    We’ll get Sprewell out of retirement and then make sure Avery Johnson hits the game winner again in the garden

  • sh!tfaced

    who cares about an ******. a win is a win. be more than happy to add as ***** design on the championship ring.

    fuck phil jackson, he’s just saying that shit because he hopes to add a ***** during ’94-’96 seasons when MJ left him for baseball…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    shaman, did you read me write about the lockout rematch before? or did u jus come up wit that yurself?

    shitface…how am i laying low?

  • sh!tfaced

    ugh. another one of those “i called it first” crap…

    bcuz of the less than dynamic amount of comments have become today…

    forget it. guess your not lying low now… lol

  • the shaman

    No not my idea, somebody else said that about the rematch last week or whatever but I def co-sign the idea! Esp now that the knicks are uhhh watchable.

    Also, I was the guy that said until the Knicks get a PG along the lines of a Deron Williams or some other playmaker, they would have zero chance at the title. I think it’s cool they found their guy in-house.

    I really like JR on their team, as they needed 3PT shooting beyond Novak. He’s definitely got that “New York State of Mind” as Nas would call it. Swagger, cockiness, whatever. It works for him.

    If Baron can come in as a change of pace playmaker for 14-20 minutes/game they will be very dangerous in the playoffs, as long as he doesn’t jack fugly 3’s early in the clock like he used to!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    For the record, I’m routing for the Knicks to get it together with Melo. Miami needs some other team in the East to put some heat on them <– pardon the pun.

    That said, what if (and that's a HUGE "if") the Knicks lose like 7 of 10 with Melo in the lineup. And not just losing, they start losing ugly. I really doubt that will happen, but hypothetically speaking, if that went down, where would that leave Melo?
    I'd feel bad for him at that point because the NY fans would be relentless.

  • silky

    I don’t blame celts fan for being bitter… that’s a couple tough pills to swallow; bias, reggie lewis, duncan. but fk… u did get pierce on the slip, rondo blew up and have had the best “team” in the NBA for a minute. quit complaining about utopia not being real.

    try having stu Jackson be yer gm for 6 years and see the laundry list of high draft picks wasted. getting to look back over a 5 year period(everyyear) of who ya coulda had. or winning the lotto and not being “eligible” for it. and instead you have to hear; with the 6th pick in the nba draft the grizzled select Bryant reeves. gtfoh. front offices make or break team. and by break I mean pack up and leave an probably never come back. worst case scenario- meet reality

  • the shaman

    oh mannn!!!!!

    I totally forgot to ask if anybody noticed during the spurs-clippers game on saturday, how awesome matt bonner looked in the all-white Chapparals throwback uni?

    I had to turn the contrast on the TV down, wayyy down. Thank GOD he had black shoes on or somebody may have called the Ghostbusters to capture his ass; Bill Murray was on standby just in case he started levitating. On the other hand, that was the first time I have actually seen a prism shoot a 3-pointer. Every time he made a shot I heard Chappelle saying “WHITE PAWRRR!”

  • K Dizzle

    How is Lin still takin the most shots on this squad? With Melo, Amare, Fields, Novak, JR n Novak? Better start watchin those Steve Nash tapes to understand how he won those mvps.
    Welcome the ‘Real’ JR to the squad now. On fire one day, 0-5 from 3 the next…

    Spurs fans are feelin themselves hard right now lol
    If there’s a group who shouldn’t be sayin shit til they can guarantee Manu’ll be healthy for the postseason, it’s San An. Shit, they had the best record in the l last season right?

    @ Silky – Perception is nice, but here’s reality:
    Last night, Lakers took 5 more shots, hit 3 more shots and had 2 more assists than the night before in Phoenix. So that’s 45% shooting vs Suns to 46% shooting vs Portland. Kobe went from 5 assists vs the Suns to 3 last night. Kobe took 2 more shots, Bynum took 5 less shots.
    The only real change? Steve Blake comin off the pine n hittin 5-6 from 3 for the worst 3point shooting team in the nba. The ball wasn’t flyin around more, the 3s were just droppin…Lakers lose last night and it’s the “Kobe shootin too much. Bynum only took 7 shots?”
    Real Laker fans get it…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Now you laker heads are speaking blasphemy, pau gasol isn’t worth the dirt on the bottom of Michael Jordan’s shoe. gtfoh

  • LakeShow84

    Kobe Bryant for MVP


  • Ian

    why cant we talk some shit?? cant we enjoy whats going on??

  • LakeShow84

    @ Slic Ric

    F#$k Michael Jordan

  • K Dizzle

    @ Slick Ric – thanks for addin so much to today’s convo…
    Bulls wish Buss would be drunk enough to gift Pau for the clown, Boozer…

    @ JAY – I suggested this yesterday and I’m stickin to it:
    Melo for JSmoove. Austin cleaned it up on the trademachine n Melo n Shump for Smoove n Marvin Williams works. Benefits both teams’ styles of play. Atlanta’s all iso. Joe been playin like trash since he go voted an allstar(over Smoove. Nice job, coaches) so Melo n Shump bring more offense.
    Knicks would sizzle with Smith. “Shawn Marion Jr” would rebound, block shots, defend, move the ball around, and run the floor in D’Antoni’s uptempo system. Knicks would miss Melo in the playoffs but you gotta get there first right?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian – lol, no u really can’t. San An’s on the list of teams that nothing matters til the playoffs. If you guys catch OKC, then get got in the first round by Memphis again, then what?

  • UncheckedAggression

    K Dizzle–Your team is underachieving. Explain away all you want, but the team will continue to underachieve so long as Gasol and Bynum are not used properly. Any other team in the league, those guys would be getting over 30 shots a game and they’d be killing.

    The Lakers are so talented that they win plenty of games with poor strategy. That’s what it looks like to me, at least. I’m sure you don’t agree and that’s cool. But just because they win some of these games it doesn’t mean that everything’s fine in LA.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    hahaha @ thinking about an nba owner being drunk at 3 in the morning, on the phone with another franchise and verbally agreeing to pulling off a highly questionable trade.

  • sh!tfaced

    JR Smith, JSmoove, Amare, Lin, Marvin Williams… with Douglas, Walker, Baron, Novak.

    think i’ve never seen a combo of the most erratic players on one team. blow hot, blow cold. that lineup will have more swings than a manic-depressive.

    melo may have a low bball iq, is a ball stopper, a lazy defender and all but at least he wasn’t erratic…

  • Ian

    no dizzle
    this season started out for me with no real chance at a title but now they look like the favs out west or one of them. last year they overachieved this team is better. now if this doesnt matter why do you watch the lakers cuz they are in the same boat. we are wasting our time here lets talk in april then.

    unchecked agree

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    non lakers fans SHOULD NOT be criticizing the lakers!

    you were the same people saying the lakers wouldn’t DO SHIT this season. i fucking hate double standards.

    yall are like the people who see the nerd girl in school and shit talk her all year, til that same girl comes to prom looking sexy as all hell and THEN yall wanna give her some attention. fuck outta here. yall doomed LA pre-season, stop saying they are underachieving. stop saying they are underutilizing their bigs when all yall did was call pau soft and lakers fans delusional for thinking bynum would be any good cuz he always injures himself.

    funny how things are looking now huh?

  • LakeShow84

    Unchecked Aggression is part of the problem


    No its not

    Bynum cant pass out of a double team, damn near period, to save his life.. His moves, while smooth, are limited.. Still talented but it aint like dude is Hakeem or Shaq..

    Pau gets pushed, held, kicked, punched down low nowadays.. Seems the scouting report is just push the man around and see what the refs do.. and they dont do SHIT..

    Still the most talented bigs on the same team tho no doubt but its a guards league nowadays.. They dont call fouls in the post unless its BLATANT and even still it aint a given.. Ask Dwight Howard about that..

    Fuckin Bynum shoots a shot up, misses, Gasol cleans it up and everyone in the announcer booth says “seeeeee how easy it is????” WHAT GETTING A FUCKING OFFENSIVE REBOUND?????

    Im so tired of hearing that shit lmao its retarded..

    How many post players are avg over 15 shots ppg right now???? Can someone actualy show me that??? PLEASE cuz i bets its under 10..

    And NO Unchecked they would not be getting over 30 shots a game on another team lmao i mean lets just break that down.. 30 shots a piece on the same team?? cuz that AINT gonna happen..

    Maybe 30 shots a game playing for the Raptors seeing they have no other scoring options but ANY championship caliber team they goto they are going to have share the scoring load..

    When people say JUST POUND THE BALL INTO THOSE BIGS!! does they mean that in the sense if we did that throughout THE WHOLE PLAYOFFS we would win???? because i dont think Bynum or Gasol can carry us through a whole playoffs/Finals trip..

    Just annoying to me lol

  • Sluth

    Glad to see that this isn’t a gloating sesh about the knicks’ loss, maybe someone will learn some class.

    Does anyone know what’s up with Amare? Did he bulk up too much in the summer because he doesn’t seem to be the same player. Don’t remember seeing him being unstopable in any games this season.

    Wade/Lebron may be the higest lob pairing in the NBA, they seem to get about 3 a game.

  • Sluth

    I guess he wont…

  • sh!tfaced

    oh shit, here we go… loooool

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    shaman, i asked about the lockout rematch because when i brought it up, i thought i was proposing a brand new idea….when i saw you wrote it, i started wondering if it had already been talked about in the media. thanx for clarifying tho!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    hmm, when i said before that amare wasn’t himself this season, ppl said i was just making excuses for the knicks. interesting.

  • LakeShow84

    Amare hasnt been the same since Melo was traded to the Knicks..

    Look at the #’s.. he BEEN butthurt but u cant blame him.. Melo was brought in as THE # 1 while Amare was damn near MVP without him holding down the #1 role with no problem..

  • http://jerseychaser.com/tag/jeremy-lin-kobe-gif/ silky

    lol you should know better than comparing the stats of games where:

    a) a team gets blown out from the jump. mad garbage minutes
    b) a team blows a team out from the jump. mad garbage minutes.

    -thats some AB bullshit right there

    i watched most of the suns lake game(stupid cuz i shoulda flipped to nugs/thunder… but i gotta soak in as much nash as i can before he’s gone) and i watched the second q of the laker game. i’m goin off body language and sets i saw. totally diff games, totally diff circumstances but here you are… comparing away?!

  • http://jerseychaser.com/tag/jeremy-lin-kobe-gif/ silky

    *second q of blazer/laker game

  • http://jerseychaser.com/tag/jeremy-lin-kobe-gif/ silky


    you saw how effective mempis was with those 2 bigs last playoffs… do you not want that?? are you kidding me? that shit kills in the playoffs. your size and length is why u were winning chips the last 4 years

    bynum aint gonna get good at passing out the double if he never gets to work on it. he certainly never did at college! shaq wasnt a great passer from the post when he came in.

    put the ball inside. kobe’s life gets easier and his career is extended and you got a fresher team at the playoffs.

    not that mike brown is gonna do shit about it tho

  • the shaman

    Spurs fans are feeling themselves and should be quiet, what??

    If Lakers won 11 in a row the comments would be beyond retarded.

    I don’t see any comments that are absurd re: Spurs. Matter of fact I haven’t seen one Spurs fan say anything about definitely winning the title this year, just saying Parker should be in MVP discussion and that they are at least a contender now. I don’t see the problem with that, maybe we need clarification.

    We already addressed last year’s success/failure being due to staying healthy nearly all season and then having the Manu injured right before the playoffs. They didn’t just sputter out, they were actually hurt. If you aren’t a Spurs fan you probably wouldn’t even know that.

    It was not simply another case of Dallas losing to Golden State. The Spurs organization more than anybody doesn’t believe winning the regular season means all that much. Neither do the fans.

    EVERY team’s success depends on being healthy come playoff time. Although a vast generalization, it’s still true. I bet Memphis would have liked to have Rudy Gay last year.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    Yo yo yo, good shit Lakers. You beat the mighty Blazers! But Kobe sticking up for Pau was a good move, it boosted the team’s morale. There’s a story on ESPN about how Kobe calling out management was the best and most unselfish thing he’s done for his team all season.

    And fuck Daron Williams, seriously. What the fuck does he think MSG is, a fucking Y gym where he can just jack up treys all day with no recourse? Shit was sickening.

    Good job, beiber newz, thanks for jinxing us. Stop riding Melo’s jock and stick to Kobe’s.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Silky

    Yes Shaq was a good passer.. dude could go behind the back lol it got better but he could always pass..

    Bynum is getting it but still its going to take awhile.. like a couple more seasons.. he doesnt have the instinct for passing and Pau has the physical side plus Mike Brown not knowing what to do with him to deal with..

    I say give the ball to Kobe and lets the chips fall where they might.. Hes proven and his game got less flaws than Bynum’s and Gasols.. he pushes back while Gasol cant and Bynum would rather take people out when he gets mad..

    All im saying is

    Nothing is EASY in the NBA.. and its annoying as f#$k listening to Jon Barry lmao

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    yea, it’s my fault.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    Sorry dude. It was actually JR Smith’s new haircut’s fault. It looks like he had brain surgery, which after watching some of the shots he takes, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Wow, I have my own signature line of bullsh*t now, I’m proud of myself.

    Anyway, I agree with LakeShow84. Anytime you find yourself saying, “Why don’t they just…” or “Why doesn’t he just…” odds are you probably don’t know enough of what you’re talking about.

    Criticize him all you want, but Mike Brown is an NBA coach who’s been working in the league for years. Kobe Bryant is an NBA superstar who’s been playing for years. You think it NEVER occurred to them that passing the ball to an offensively talented big man is a good idea? Clearly there’s more to it than just that. If it was so simple as some of you make it seem, you’d all be NBA coaches.

  • Franchise

    Damn I’d hate to be Bieber today. Crowing about how Melo is the shit then first game back, blam, a loss. As Big Is pointed out the L isn’t really on the Knicks or Melo specifically but sheeit, the universe sure aint feelin bieber.

    @LakeShow there’s no way to rationalize this away. Im an LA fan too. KB shud be utilizing the bigs more. Period. I’ve been calling for trades but fuck it, the team AS IS can contend, especially with the emergence/arrival of Bynum. Kobe needs to tone it down and let the game come to him. Play inside-out. Extend your career and possibly get more chips than MJ. Shit aint rocket science. He’s got absolutely nothing to prove at this point in his career. Damn i miss Phil…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Franchise — So you think Mike Brown (or whoever) can just go up to Kobe and say:

    “Hey Kobe, I know you have five championships and you’re the 5th all-time leading scorer in NBA history and you’ve been the face of this franchise and pretty much the face of the NBA for at least the last 8 years and Michael Jordan says you’re the only player worthy of being compared to him and everybody in the league says you’re the first guy they want taking the game-winning shot … but the way you’re doing things just isn’t working. Wanna change it up? Thanks!”

  • the shaman

    that’s what a good coach would do, yeah.

  • Sluth


    Didn’t Kobe get Shaq shipped out of town, maybe it hasn’t occured to him !!

  • That’s What’s Up

    actually, it would appear that Kobe would walk away right after Mike Brown says “Hey Kobe, ….”

  • Franchise


    No offense but you’re just trying to brew up a shit storm. Just because Kobe has been an NBA superstar for years does not mean he’s perfect and automatically knows everything there is to know about the game. I might catch sum flak for this but personally, i think Kobe is more talented than even Jordan was. But MJ figured out pretty quick that a one-man scoring machine will never win a championship. He was a master at recognizing what needs to be done to win, and he also took that next step and actually did it. Thats why he won so much and is the GOAT imo. His talent level and confidence are other-worldly, but unfortunately those same things have proven to be his Achilles Heel time and again. Sometimes i think Kobe sees it but decides to go the other way ’cause its harder and more of a challenge.

    As for Mike Brown, shit i wont even go there. Dude should be an assistant coach on the Harlem Globetrotters

  • LakeShow84

    @ Franchise

    If u were a Laker fan you’d wait and see what happens.. You would know Kobe is more efficient come playoff time and he, despite what people love to dickride, will go with the plan..

    This offense is a work in progress.. Bigs cant post up ALL DAY with bad spacing.. Our offense needs to smooth itself out and our shooters need to start splashin otherwise its going to Kobe all day as the primary playmaker seeing everyone will be within 10 feet of collapsin on our bigs..

    Pau is a playmaker but wheres he setting up at right now leaves him with jumpshots and Bynum is far from a playmaker at this point with his vision..

    As AB pointed out Kobe has led the SAME BIGS to championships so whats all the fuss about???

    Extending his career??? you think dude gives a f#$k about extending his career or getting another championship?? i bet on the latter..

  • First & Foremost

    @AB, if you had one car all your life and it is up there in mileage, instead of running it into the ground, you opt for a different means of transportation. No more cross country road trips, drag racing up hill, or donuts in school parking lots. Even though you COULD do those things and the car has been good to you ever since you got it, you eventually come to a point where you have to preserve your car. Of course no other car will be as good as the one you currently have but if you buy another car AND keep the older one, you can pick and choose when to let ol’ faithful flex whatever muscle she has left. In the meantime your not as highly decorated car does all of the heavy lifting.

    Kobe is volume shooter and will eventually find his rhythm during any game. You don’t need him to be an offensive juggernaut 24/7. Let the other cars in the garage smack some flies.

  • LakeShow84

    I love our defense and last night was a clear picture of what our offense could look like so i think Brown just needs more time..

    We been learning EVERTHING on the fly.. which is the biggest bitch in all of sports..

  • Mt. Pleasant

    AB/Franchise – I don’t get it why can’t they say to Kobe

    “the way you’re doing things just isn’t working. Wanna change it up? Thanks!”

    Not only can they, they should. He’s not the first superstar to be transitioned away from the focal point of the office. It has happened hundreds of times before. Somebody said it to Duncan, or he deferred the last couple years.

    How about saying this:

    “Uh, excuse me kobe, I realize you’re the greatest player to ever wear the purple and gold but, uh we have a short season and a brutal schedule and an advantage in the post. This year during the regular season, we are going to reduce your shots and playing time and focus on the big men. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still the mamba and our closer in the fourth but we think the best way to win the chip this year is to build the big men’s game and confidence through the regular season while saving you for a deep playoff run. This may even extend your career.”

    Nah you’re right that would be ridiculous to ask he’s Kobe, management and the coaches shouldn’t say anything, he should just get to do whatever he wants.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    @KDizzle, Franchise and the Laker faithful

    You guys hate the thought of trading Gasol for Boozer, but I don’t understand why. IMO it would benefit both teams greatly.

    He doesn’t fit in anymore now that the Triangle is gone. Kobe is still posting up and taking his minutes on the block. So Gasol has been shooting 3pters and long jumpers more now than he ever has in his career. Is that what you want from your 7fter who’s a mediocre shooter? Also, Gasol is one of the better passers at the center position (he’s not a PF btw) but it rarely gets used on the Lakers because the offense isn’t designed for that. I just see it as a waste of his all around talent to still be playing with the Lakers. Maybe that’s why the FO tried trading him to begin with.

    While Gasol doesn’t benefit from playing the 3rd option, Boozer thrives in that. He won’t complain about not getting shots (as long as he gets his paycheck) or having to take jump shots all game long. That’s right up Boozer’s alley, and he’s a good shooter. The other thing is Boozer is cheaper, and the Lakers may be able to steal another player from the Bulls (Asik, Gibson, Korver, Brewer) that would be able to play big minutes on their team.
    Add in Bynum (or Dwight if the trade happens) being a great defensive/shot blocking presence behind Boozer and that makes up for his defensive liabilities. I see Boozer bringing an efficient 16ppg 10rpg to the Lakers.

    I don’t see why you guys are acting like Boozer would be so horrible for your team. It’s gotta be better than having a guy who doesn’t want to be there all the time and isn’t being used to his full potential.

  • LakeShow84

    Anyone who doesnt think Kobe is putting so much offense on the table because the team offense is in the fetal stages is a buffoon lol

    There has been times Phil had to ask Kobe to crank up the scoring as a jump start so why does it always have to be “Kobe does whatever he wants”

    Thats ignorant.. its always used in the same breath too..

    “you see that game??? Kobe shot over 20 times and they lost.. Damn he just runs the Lakers they cant tell him anything..”

    Nevermind what was actually happening during the game, half the people get they info off the boxscore anyways..

    Like i said, its ignorant

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    Yeah he’ll give us 16&10 and then drop down to 11&6 come playoff time..

    We’ve seen too much of dude in Utah during playoff time and aint much changed in ChiTown.. Im pretty sure we will pass lol

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    lol @ lakeshow & kdizzle, U know its the truth, and as it stands for boozer and gasol, that really doesn’t matter because I don’t feel they(lakers) should make the trade anyway. Just leave Jordan out of it because pau gasol nor Kobe Bean head bryant should be mentioned in MJ’s breath. Imbeciles

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m not saying Kobe is beyond approach or that he shouldn’t have to listen to his coaches. But you’ve gotta be realistic.

    Kobe is not a car. He’s not a video-game character or computer program or whatever other analogies we wanna make. He’s a person, and by all accounts, a very proud and stubborn person. Phil Jackson is supposed to be this genius psychological motivator, and he worked with Kobe for YEARS trying to get him to “play the right way.” Sometimes Kobe followed Phil’s advice, sometimes he didn’t.

    So for anybody on here to act like, “Oh, I’d just tell Kobe to do this,” or “Why doesn’t Kobe just do that,” you’re simplifying matters too much.

    Ideally, yes, Mike Brown would say “Jump” and Kobe would ask “How high?” Realistically, that’s not how it works. And the fact that Kobe has such a strong resume is even more reason for him to trust his own instincts rather than let anybody else tell him what’s best for the Lakers or his career.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    A double windmill?!?!?!?!

    Wow, this Kenny Dobbs dude is amazing. I would love to see him and the Air up there/Mr. 720 have a dunk off.


  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    Everything you just wrote about Kobe makes him look like the Whiney bitch that everyone thinks he is to begin with. That’s exactly why Allen Iverson is unemployed right now. And that selfiness that you (and many others) disguise as “pride/will” is the exact reason he’ll never surpass the all-time greatness of guys like Magic, Bird, Kareem, and so on.

    The playoff thing is the shyt i never understood about Boozer. In his Utah days, dude would always take his game up a level in the playoffs. But last year in Chicago, he played like someone cut his balls off.
    I honestly just don’t think he fits well with Rose. Rose isn’t a Pick n roll type PG. He can do it sometimes, but not all game long.
    Anyway, just looking at numbers alone. Boozer is just as good, if not better than Pau when the playoffs come.

    Pau: http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/g/gasolpa01.html
    18ppg 9rpg
    Boozer: http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/b/boozeca01.html
    18ppg 12rpg

    Don’t get me wrong, Gasol is a better overall player than Boozer (even though numbers say Boozer is better) without question. But I just don’t see Pau fitting in with Bynum and Kobe. He’s sacrificing alot of his game just to be a Laker. Gasol could be putting up 20-10-5-2 with any other team. Right now we are only seeing abotu 75% of his talents being used.

  • shuttles

    Thought I’d take a look at some stats regarding the Kobe discussion…

    Kobe leads the league in field goal attempts with 768 (24 per game). Next closest is Durant… at 624 (19.5 per game)!

    Kobe has the highest usage rate in the NBA, at 38%, with Westbrook second at 33.3%. Again, a large drop off.

    Kobe shoots 44% from the field. He also takes 5 threes a game, and shoots 29% from beyond the arc.

    Pau shoots 49% on 14 FGA per game and Bynum shoots 55% on 12 FGA per game.

    Lakers are 14-12 when Kobe shoots 20+ times, 5-1 when he doesn’t.

    I don’t know, seems like if they could figure out a way to get more shots for Bynum and Gasol and less shots for Kobe (with the intent of making him more EFFICIENT) it might just be a good thing for LA.

  • shuttles

    Forgot to add, Kobe is also sixth in the league in minutes played. Combine that with him leading the league in usage rate by a mile, you could argue that Kobe spreading it around a bit might help save his legs for the playoffs during this condensed season.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chi-rilla – that’s the funniest shit you ever posted. Pau for Boozer? U been shittin on booz since he got to chicago, now you tryin to convince us that it’s a good trade “for both teams”? LOL ok man…Would be more believable if you weren’t a Bulls fan. Pau’s still the most skilled big man in the league. Boozer doesn’t crack top 10 powerforwards…and in the playoffs, I’d rather have Milsap, Monroe or Kenneth Faried. That’s what I think of Booz
    I love dudes actin like Pau fell off. He didn’t. Bynum’s usage is up so Pau’s numbers have to dip…

    @ Slick Ric – MJ’s retired, fanboy. Move on with your life. Mike has…

    @ Franchise – just so it’s clear, I hate Laker fans like you. You stop for a second to think we lost the top 2 dudes off our bench, includin the 6th man of the year, then we try to improve by tradin for CP3 only to have Stern do what he did, so now our Euro bigman who’s already sensitive has to come back with his lip hangin out, then we bring in a new coach with a new system in a lockedout summer and come in with 2 starters so outta shape(and Fish just old), they damn near useless. Somehow, we 19-13(phuckin 14-2 at home), Bynum havin an all-star/career season, Pau been killin since Feb 1, but a couple fools bitch about our 33 yr old guard(avg 29, 6 and 5) shootin the same fg%age he shot his WHOLE CAREER and you all over that shit. Pau takes 14 shots per for his career, he takin *tah dah* 14 this season. Bynum is a career 7 shot guy, this season, he gettin 12. We lost 15, 9 and 3 on 10 shots per from Lamar and we lost Shannon’s energy and 9 a game. 19 shots gone from last season; Kobe takin 4 more than last year and y’all trippin.
    Kobe’s earned the right to try to carry the squad as he sees fit as long as we keep winning. Fools watch a Lakers game and blindspot the 25 times that Bynum actually get a touch, and focus on the 7 shots he takes. Obviously, Kobe can create his own shot easier than Bynum so if he throws it in to him and Bynum starts his move, then gets clamped by a double team, he’ll kick it back out to Kobe who I got no problem with him puttin up a shot. Dude been killin elite level athletes for over a decade, but we come into a lockout season, shorthanded, in a new system, then real Laker fans gotta listen to FAKE-ASS Laker fans tryin to say they know how Kobe ‘PHUCKIN’ Bryant should be playin?
    You dismissed. Go become a Portland fan n enjoy ‘team ball’. Laker fans ride or die with 24…

    @ Silky – I don’t even know what you smokin on. Which game did you see ‘GARBAGE TIME’? The one where the Lakers got down 27 to Phoenix and fought to cut it to 10 before Brown put the bench in with a minute left in the game? Or you talkin bout the game where the Lakers got up 30 14 mins in versus the Blazers n had the Blazers cut it to ten so Brown had to bring the starters back in? Kobe, Bynum and Gasol averaged over 34+ mins in both games so where was the “garbage time”
    That’s my point. You say you watched the game and you STILL didn’t see shit.
    Thanks for playin…

  • UncheckedAggression

    shuttles–Good points. But it seems like no amount of evidence will convince some people. In the minds of many Laker fans, it pretty much seems Kobe can do no wrong. Team not winning enough? It’s the coach or his teammates.

    Some of you act like it’s preposterous for Gasol and Bynum to be getting more touches and it boggles my mind. The offense is ridiculously efficient when it’s run through them.

    Yes, I believe the Lakers would have a better record and be a better team right now if Gasol and Bynum combined for 30+ shots. They are the best frontcourt in the NBA and no one can handle them.

    Here’s a question: does anyone here actually believe Kobe would take 10-12 shots a game, even if it meant having a better win percentage?

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    Boozer is a good player when he is going against players he can push around with his body.. He cant compete with bigger or simply better players..

    We saw them 2 years in a row in the playoffs and 2 years in a row, say out of 10 games, Boozer played solid 2-3.. Good players get theirs no matter who they play against as has Pau, unless it was Boston lol

    Booz only shines against players he has CLEAR advantages over and aint no clear advantages in the playoffs..

  • K Dizzle

    @ Unchecked Aggression n the rest of the ‘Kobe shoots too much’ heads:
    What’s the best team Kobe’s ever played on? Some of you will know and most of you won’t: Either way, he shot 21 times more than the next dude. He’s not gonna change. It’s been 16 years and 5 rings doin it his way. Why would he change?
    Here you go:


  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — If your best anti-Kobe argument is that he’s not better than Magic, Kareem and Bird, I mean … that’s not exactly you saying he’s underachieved.

    And sorry to break it to you, but Kobe passed Bird a while ago.

    Personally I think Kobe’s pride/will is overhyped and romanticized, but my point wasn’t to add onto that pile. I was just saying that Kobe is strong-willed and thinks he knows what he’s doing. And when you look at his resume, it’s tough to tell him he’s wrong.

    So for anybody on here who’s never been an NBA coach or never worked with a person like Kobe — of which there are only a few in the world in terms of talent mixed with accomplishments mixed with personality — to act like it’s so simple to get him to play the game the way YOU want him to play it is just silly.

  • shuttles

    You’re joking, right K Dizzle? You’re shooting down everybody’s points left and right and you’re gonna go to a freaking olympic team as some kinda evidence?

    And yeah, we know he’s not gonna change. He’s stubborn, which isn’t a bad thing, and I think you’re crazy if he doesn’t see some scoring records as another motivation for shooting more. But regardless of all that, I think it would help the team if he would shoot a little less. Not like 10 shots per game less, but if he could get down in the 20 FGA range, while Bynum+ Gasol got closer to 30… I think that would be better for the team.

  • shuttles


    I agree with most everything you said, but most of that is kinda irrelevant to the discussion. Nobody’s acting like it’s simple to get him to shoot less – we’re just saying we think the team would be better if he did.

  • LakeShow84

    “And sorry to break it to you, but Kobe passed Bird a while ago.”

    Seriously tho

    I think people just forget how much of a perimeter game it is nowadays.. to everyone its a simple as JUST POUND THE BALL INSIDE but the game isnt played like that anymore..

    You guys think we won last night because Pau and Bynum had double doubles or because Blake came in and lit a fire???

    Im not downplaying AB or Pau but im saying we got bigger issues than “POUND THE BALL INSIDE” mainly with our bench and coming along with a whole new coaching staff..

    And i dont think its as much as “get the ball to LA’s bigs” as much as it is “get the ball out of Kobes hands”

    When we win we dont really hear shit but when we lose LMMMAAAOOOO everyone got something to say about FGA’s all of a sudden..

    Comedy to me lmao and really all Laker fans..

  • UncheckedAggression

    The best team Kobe played on? Either the 99-00 or 00-01 Lakers, and he led in shot attempts on the latter. Shaq still averaged more points (though barely).

    You are putting the wrong emphasis on why he got rings. He’s been on stacked teams. You Laker fans hate this, but Kobe has NEVER been the best player in the finals in any of those 5 ring years. I’m just being honest here. Some of you will get crazy defensive, but I have been a huge NBA fan throughout Kobe’s career, and I am just stating what I have noticed. Yes, it’s my opinion. But lots of people share this opinion, and it’s not hate.

    Why would he change? What the hell are we talkin’ about, here?! If he wanted a better chance to win, he would change! That’s why!

  • UncheckedAggression

    Ha, you want to include the Olympic squad? That’s just funny.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Lakeshow–You claim that no one says anything when the Lakers win? That’s incorrect. There have been so many examples of the Lakers winning close games that had no business being close in the first place. It almost always comes out to Kobe taking dumb shots and letting the other team back in. And fans/commentators have brought it up many times. Don’t pretend that these things aren’t issues even when they win.

    The Lakers are damn good, and they’ve had the best frontcourt in the league for the last 5 years if you count this year. And yet you point to Kobe being the primary reason they have won chips. We can just as easily point to the “success” the Lakers had when Kobe WAS the primary threat for the Lakers…

  • sh!tfaced

    Wow. 100+ posts and it ain’t dominated by the beibitch. Gotta show some props here… Now we’re talking hoops. REAL hoops.

    This is as good as it gets… looooool

  • LakeShow84

    IMO Unchecked has eliminated himself from the conversation due to that Finals statement..

    But for humour.. pure unbridled humour..

    Who was the best player when we played Orlando in the Finals???

    I know the buffoonery surrounding our last chip against Boston.. ive yet to hear about the Orlando series lmao

  • LakeShow84

    “It almost always comes out to Kobe taking dumb shots and letting the other team back in”

    Thats trashy 15 year old kid statement too..

    Couldve fooled me because i coudlve sworn it was the thin bench that usually gave up our leads.. but you right most of our leads have been lost by Kobe..

    Do you guys even listen to urselves sometimes???

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    @kdizzle… how about you get off my nuts, you the one responded to me imbecile.

  • Big Island

    AB – Brown is a smart guy, knows where to speak up and when to be quiet. He should go to Kobe, not could, should, and tell him that he is going to play less of a role for the time being. The fact of the matter is, the Lakers will be the 4 or 5 seed in the playoffs. If the Clippers are 4 it’s a home series. Saying “Kobe, I am cutting your minutes, we’re gonna bump up Gasol and Bynum for awhile so you can rest your legs a bit. When the playoffs roll around you’re gonna be the guy, but I need you fresh in the playoffs. Let those two carry us for a bit then you make our run for the ring for us.” would be pretty damn simple. It makes sense for the Lakers in the long run.

  • Three Stacks

    I don’t agree with the statement that Kobe wasn’t the best player in all the Finals that the Lakers have won, but I understand why someone would say that. Kobe has two NBA Finals MVPs despite playing faaaaar below his normal level.

    Kobe is never going to be Jordan, but the one thing Jordan will always have over Kobe is that he performed amazingly every time in the Finals. Kobe hasn’t played well in any Finals to be truthful, and maybe besides the 2000 Finals OT game (game 4, I think) when Shaq fouled out, he doesn’t have a single memorable performance.

  • LakeShow84

    And WHAT THE F#$K does WIN MORE even mean???? what you want to see 60-70 win season that fizzles in the 2nd round???

    The Lakers have won JUST FINE with Kobe Bryant as our primary player.. 3 straight Finals 3-4 season with 50+ wins and some beautiful games along the way.. i mean did i mention the 2 CHAMPIONSHIPS???

    What team has won more since the Gasol trade????

    Yeah thanks

    You want MORE???? Go play 2k12.. this is real life basketball where EVERYONE has the same idea.. the shit is not simple by any means so everyone please..


  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    “And sorry to break it to you, but Kobe passed Bird a while ago”
    And your insistance that because we aren’t NBA GMs/Coaches we can’t question their actions?

    hahahaha I’m done with you. There is nothing left for us to talk about from here on out.

    Yes I hate Boozer, but that has more to do with him being a Dukie lol. But remember I also have been one of the main guys saying Pau Gasol was overrated because he was on the Lakers. No one cared about him when he was in Memphis. He was like Lamarcus Aldridge is today.
    Look at the post again, I never said Boozer for Gasol straight up. I figure the Bulls throw in a good role player too. Something the Lakers claim they need. And while Boozer is clearly not better than Gasol, he may actually be a better fit because of the circumstances with Gasol not playing like his normal self.

    But Gasol also flamed out in the playoffs last year right?
    Something about him not being happy.
    Other than that, Boozer and Gasol have been pretty good playoff performers.
    I can’t believe you got me defending Boozer wtf.

    Anyway, I was just making the argument as to why trading Gasol for Boozer would actually be addition by subtraction. If it was my team, I would never trade Bynum or Gasol. I would make Kobe’s punk ass learn how to share. But that’s a different story.

  • http://jerseychaser.com/tag/jeremy-lin-kobe-gif/ silky


    gtfoh with that there was no difference in the stats of a game where you are getting blown out or blowing out teams. i’m not even interested in breaking all that down to you and your pretending like those were close games.

    but regardless of the score at the end, when you were apparently thinking some kind of boston comeback on orlando or tmac end of game insanity was gonna break out… the reality was… those games were decided early.

    stop with it. you r seriously trying to tell me teams dont play differently when they see the scoreboard the way it is?!? the way the game is coached changes. u think a coach will just ride thru a 12-2 run normally if the lead wasnt already 30? c’mon dude. i know the bashing of the lakers has you heated but time to put the brakes to that tangent

  • LakeShow84

    @ 3 Stacks

    Ummmmmmm dude avg 30+ points with 5 rebounds and 7 assists THE WHOLE SERIES

    That aint memorable to you???? You should go play 2k12 too since you aint interested in the real games..

  • Three Stacks

    It’s amazing to me that the main difference between last year’s Laker squad and this year’s team is Phil Jackson. If anything, the Lakers got a little deeper with the additions of McBob and Murphy, and Goudelock isn’t horrible…but suddenly we have the fugliest offense in the West, by far. Forget rings and playoffs, this is the most unappealing Laker team to play in recent memory. They are boring and old. But I bet anything they’d be hitting triple digits regularly if Phil and the triangle were still around.


  • LakeShow84

    I really want to hear who was the best player during that Orlando series lmao

    I really really want to hear it lmao

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    I’m today. going back to editing my girls basketball mix’s.

  • http://jerseychaser.com/tag/jeremy-lin-kobe-gif/ silky

    boozer to la would be a bad idea for the lakers(good for chi obviously) his defensive liabilities would be even more exposed in that conference and all the talented 4’s out there… can’t stand that dude tho, and i’m a duke fan. he just needs to go to a garbage team and disappear.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    lol….funny, kobe is the topic of discussion while all you guys hating on him wrote his career off after dallas swept him. funny how y’all telling him to crank it down. according to you guys in the summer, there was nothing to crank down!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    also…to whoever said i was bowing to melo and how he lost in his first game back…the knicks already lost without him, what’s your point? did deron hav a career night? was melo coming back rusty? was he coming back into an offense he’s never played in before? you guys are so funny trying to connect the reason they lost to carmelo, lol. i’m sitting here smiling at that. i was mad the knicks lost..but all you guys were thinking about is not that the knicks lost, but rather, that the knicks lost with melo on the floor. shows you don’t look at the events that transpired within the game.

    but anyway…back to your kobe bash, the 5time champion kobe bash.

  • Big Island

    I bash Kobe pretty often, but I dig the way he is sticking up for Gasol and calling out the team management.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Laker fans are damn sensitive and defensive. This has become pretty funny.

    BI–Yep. That was one thing Kobe has done recently that I really agree with.


    Oh fuck you, beaver. You still talking with Melo’s cock in mouth. Just shut up.

    The Knicks beat the Mavs without Melo and lost to the Nets WITH Melo.
    They were at home, so unless they all slept on a couch last night, the back-to-back don’t count. The Nets were also coming off a back-to-back, you dumbass.

    Just because they let it easy on you, you talkin BS again.


    It shows you don’t look at the facts even if they’re right up that cummed filled face of yours.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — C’mon now. I never said fans/media can’t say anything because we’re not NBA coaches. I said that being a coach isn’t as simple as so many people here try to make it out to be.

    Really though, tell me why you think Bird still ranks higher than Kobe?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @EN FUEGO — You don’t think the Knicks loss had just a LITTLE bit to do with Jeremy Lin’s man busting him for 38 points? Just a little bit?

  • LakeShow84

    @ UncheckedAggression

    Thats ur response??? Tell me who the best player was when we played Orlando in the Finals.. PLEASE lol

    OK ok ok how about the Boston series we won.. lemme guess.. Pau was the best player in that series right??

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — Obviously the best player in the 2010 Boston series was Sasha Vujacic. And remember, L.A. only won that series because Kendrick Perkins didn’t play in Game Seven. So really the MVP was whoever injured Perk.


    @ AB Of course, Deron had a a lot to do with it.

    You don’t think 3 MVPs, a better all around game, actually involving his teammates, more focus on team play and other parts of the game has just a LITTLE bit to do with Bird being better than Kobe?

  • Big Island

    AB – A bunch of people have Bird ahead of Kobe because 24/10/6 with .496, .376 and .886 shooting > 25/5/5 with .454, .337 and .837 shooting. And some guys don’t count the 3 rings that Kobe got with Shaq to be “Kobe’s” championships since Shaq was putting up 30 and 15 while getting all 3 finals MVPs. Top that off with Kobe is just more hated in general and you have all of the reasons why some people, including myself, have Bird rated above Kobe. I would take Kobe’s career over Bird’s career because he’s been going forever, but in their primes, I would take Bird.

  • JBaller

    Sorry Big I, it’s Bird all day. Not stats, just fact.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    hehe…the rice-n-beans boy is just looking to blame carmelo for anything. it doesn’t take glasses to see that. i wonder if kobe’s averages would be any higher had he played the competition of the 80s.

  • K Dizzle

    @ silky – u missin the point: Lakers shot within 1% difference in fieldgoal %age, had a 2 assist difference, Kobe went 11-24, then 13-26. One game was a win, one was a loss. The difference wasn’t “throwin the ball down into the big guys”. Like Lakeshow said, it was the bench producing. Lakers r the worst 3point shooting squad in the l so if Steve Blake shoots 5-6 from 3, that’s the reason we won. Blowout or close game. Up 30 or down 27. If Blake or Kobe had hit some 3s in Phoenix, you think the Suns win that game?

    @ Stacks – “If anything, the Lakers got a little deeper with the additions of McBob and Murphy, and Goudelock isn’t horrible”…Just a reminder we lost a couple guys named Odom n Brown…

    @ Uncheckedaggression n shuttles? – you either really young or you just failin to understand common sense:
    I’m gonna try one last time(it might be a waste of my time since u sayin craziness like “Kobe wasn’t even the best player in any of the Finals”, but we’ll see):
    On the largest stage in the world, playin with Dwight, Bosh, CP3, DWill, Melo, Lebron n Wade, Kobe shot a lot. 21 more shots than Wade or Bron or Melo.
    Point is this: Lotta people cryin that Kobe needs to pass it to his bigs. I’m sayin it DOESN’T MATTER WHO’S ON THE ROSTER. Kobe feels and has 5 rings to show for it that his way work. Even with Shaq, Kobe didn’t defer so when you kids gonna get it? This ain’t no videogame. Kobe’s got 5 rings and 7 Finals doin it his way. Do you guys actually read what you write sometimes cuz for real Laker fans, it’s unbelievable. If Kobe walked into most of you fools houses’, you’d be kissin ass like a stalker, but he should listen to you LOL…ok

    @ Big I – when it’s all said n done, only Mike n Magic will be ahead of Kobe. I respect Bird cuz of who he beat to get his chips, but Kobe plays on so we’ll see

  • Sluth

    Gotta remember Austin is a basketball racist!

    Beiber also said Baron Davis would light it up for NY, lets see how that plays out…

  • LakeShow84

    “Do you guys actually read what you write sometimes cuz for real Laker fans, it’s unbelievable. If Kobe walked into most of you fools houses’, you’d be kissin ass like a stalker, but he should listen to you LOL…ok”

    Lmaaaaaooooooooo Gettt eeeemmmmm lmao

    @ AB

    My bad i forgot all about those 2 FT’s Sasha made to ice the game.. shit dude was Finals MVP huh

    Thanks for assist lmao

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    smh…..could you imagine what this comment section would look like if the lakers hadn’t won yesterday?

  • control

    About Kobe

    Why is it you can’t even say anything that is close to being negative about Kobe without people saying you are being a hater?

    All I’ve said about the guy is his selfishness costs his team games, which is pure, unhaterbiased, fact. Why can’t Kobe still be Kobe, but a more EFFICIENT Kobe? He’d still take and occasionally make the “big shot”, but his team wouldn’t be needing that as often, because they’d be winning the game by much larger margins. How good would Kobe be if he had like Ray Allen’s shot selection?

    Who here disputes that Kobe has the WORST shot selection in the league? It’s worse than Stephan Jackson, worse than Westbrook, and even worse than JR Smith’s. As high as his basketball IQ is (which is VERY high), he does not realize that making the right PLAY is more important than making the right SHOT. He is Kobe though, he is so good that he can play like that, and his team will still have a chance to win the game.

    Even if the guy makes 100% of his long 3 point attempts with defenders on him, or even 100% of his fade away 2s with 2 or more defenders on him, it is still NOT the right PLAY to make. He’s not making 100% of them though, he is making like 40% of them. Why would it be so bad for him to make the right PLAY, instead of always taking the fucking shot?

    Shouldn’t Laker fans WANT Kobe to do the thing that results in the highest percentage chance to score, while at the same time not making his teammates feel better and feeling trusted? I don’t know, it seems like I’m a better Laker fan than some guys who justify this crap, I know if I had Bynum (who I’m still not sold on) and Pau on my Raps, and Demar was jacking up 25 shots a game at 40something %, I would be PISSED. I’d be calling to trade the fucker, or maybe even kidnap his kids until he starts making the right PLAY. It’s a good thing I’m not a Laker’s fan…

  • UncheckedAggression

    Failing to understand common sense? I’m sorry, but the bullshit has just gotten way too deep for me at this point. You guys can ride with Kobe all you want and you’ll never understand why most people disagree with you.

    I know plenty of Laker fans that are frustrated for the very reasons many posters on this site have laid out. There are just a select group that refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing by Kobe. We’re not saying the guy sucks, because that would clearly be wrong. He’s not as great as you make him out to be, and he’s had far more help than you admit.

    Last year, Kobe led the most talented team in the NBA to a second-round exit in the playoffs.

    And yes, in both post-Shaq championship series, Gasol was the best player on the Lakers. You can pretend that’s a ridiculous statement all you want. If you paid attention to the games, it isn’t ridiculous at all.

    It’s ridiculous to automatically put Kobe ahead of Bird. I think it’s a fair discussion to have and honestly I’m not sure who I’d rank ahead.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I also love how condescending some of you are towards Laker fans that you don’t deem “real Laker fans”. You act like if they think Kobe is hurting the team, they aren’t real fans. What the hell is that all about? They aren’t allowed to have different opinions and still be considered “real fans”?

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    I don’t know if its the debate/argument that’s getting to you or what, but you are writing some outlandish shyt right now.

    Kobe has 5 rings. You keep saying that shyt. So when someone points out that he wasn’t the best player in the finals (4 of 5, I’ll give him the Orlando one he killed) it’s to combat you throwing the 5 rings shyt in out there.
    It’s not an educated guess, or an opinion, Kobe Bean Bryant has played WELL BELOW his normal standards in EVERY FINALS BUT ONE. Not only that, he actually cost the Lakers the 04/08 finals by playing the way he is playing this year, and he probably cost them several other trips to the finals.
    It doesn’t take a elite basketball knowledge to understand any of this. It’s all over youtube, and the internet. No matter how many times you and other Lakers fans try to justify his selfishness, he just continues to prove you wrong day in and day out.

    The season the Lakers beat Orlando in the finals, that entire season, I thought Kobe was the best player in the world hands down. Why? Because he used his teammates. He played like he truely cared about winning. I don’t know what his stats were, but im pretty sure he deserved MvP that year (i think Lebron won it, i don’t know). I seriously had convineced myself Kobe had turned the corner and was about to become the legend everyone wants him to be.
    Then came the next season, and he was clearly out to crush any hopes i or anyone else had of him moving into that elite HOFer category.
    Every since then he’s been playing like it’s MyPlayer mode in NBA2k. all about his numbers.

    To help out En Fuego, Jeremy Lin scored 38pts and as you say, was the major reason why the Lakers lost.
    Well why didn’t the 10x’s all-defense first teamer go over and shut him down??? What great player in their hey day would have allowed a no name player with a weak handle and fragile frame, take the game from them on the “basketballs biggest stage” the first time they faced them?
    Larry Bird wouldn’t have let that shyt fly. Nor would any of the other greats.

    @AB, KDizzle
    Now to my main point.
    Big Is and Enfuego already hit it on the head. Bird has 3 NBA regular season MvP awards all in consecutive season. Back-to-back-to-back. In the toughest era in basketball. Playing with great teammates whom he actually passed the ball to.
    Not only did Larry Bird average 24/10/7 but he had several season where he did or damn near shot 50-40-90!
    All this with about as much athletic ability as Luc Longley!!!!!!!

    Im getting pissed just typing this shyt. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. It’s not even a f^cking argument. The fact that anyone who considers themself a basketball writer or fan would think Kobe is in the same gym as Larry Bird is infuriating. Larry Bird? Bird? Kobe ain’t even better than TIM DUNCAN or SHAQ!!!! And you trying to talk LARRY F^CKING BIRD!!!!!?????

    You MFers prolly think Lil Wayne is a top ten all time rapper because of his record sales.

    You probably think Emmit Smith is better than Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders because he passed them in yards/TDs.

    You prolly think that Marioano Rivera is the greatest picther ever because he pitched one phenominal inning every other game.

    you prolly think that Tim Tebow is better than Mike Vick.

    This is exactly why i don’t watch ESPN. And whenever NBAtv, NFLnetwork, MLBtv, or the Dan Patrick show start talking that dumb-ratings booster- shyt, i turn it off.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i said baron davis would “light it up” ? okaaaay.

    how conveniently that nitwit kept calling me out about me being wrong about if anyone was questioning if kobe can still produce like yrs past, and when i finally decided to shut him up and show him an excerpt of someone talking about it, he NEVER said shit about it…but yea, he can comment about baron davis. where da fuck did the baron davis topic even come from?

    hey but it’s all good slut. way to ignore the fact you were wrong about no one questioning kobe’s talent tho.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chi-rilla:
    Chill, bruh.
    You mighta missed this:
    “@ Big I – when it’s all said n done, only Mike n Magic will be ahead of Kobe. I respect Bird cuz of who he beat to get his chips, but Kobe plays on so we’ll see”

    Where did you see that I said Kobe was better than Bird already? If Kobe wins another championship or catches MJ in career scoring, I’d be happy to revisit this. I don’t get into ranking players all-time…when they still playin.

    @ Uncheckedaggression – must be tough talkin out both sides of that hole. In one breath, you sayin, “We ain’t sayin Kobe sucks” then in the next, you pull out stupid shit like “Gasol was the best player in the Lakers finals win vs Orlando”
    Gasol avg’d 19, 9 n 2 assists with 1.8 blocks….all nice, except Kobe avg’d 32 points with 6 boards 7 ASSISTS 1.4 STEALS n 1.4 BLOCKS. See how ridiculous you look right
    p.s. Yeah, we do shit on Johnny-come-lately Laker fans who
    jumped on the bandwagon in time to get in for 5 chips in 10 seasons, then at the first sign of trouble, they gonna tell those of us who been reppin the squad thru the dark days of Terry Teagle, Sedale Threatt, n Cedric Ceballos how Kobe should be playin.
    Like I said before, it looks FOOLISH to real Laker fans that dudes claimin other squads with no chips since the league was all white are “upset for us” cuz Kobe’s soooooooooooo selfish. Shit, if Kobe played like Ray Allen, Shaq would have 2 rings…TOTAL.
    It’s the gift and the curse. What makes Kobe great is that
    irrational confidence y’all don’t understand. Same dudes clown John Starks for the 3-18 even though he was cookin em in game 6….

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    the defense in the nba today is better than the defense was before kobe got to the league.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    o my goodness, definitely the comment of the day by far:

    “must be tough talkin out both sides of that hole.”



    Hasselhoff Newz

    The no hand checking and all the physical sensitive stuff in today’s NBA?

    Get. The. Fuck. Outta. Here.

    Your opinions are for shit today. There isn’t a bigger bandwagoner here. Knicks suck, so go to Kobe and the Lakers. Lakers suck, oh at least New York won today. Get that shit outta here.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    does anyone else think en fuego focuses on me a lil too much….or is it just me?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i know u guys call me a child and all, 6 yr old nuisance, but when you actually think about it, doesn’t that label sorta belong to en fuego? i mean i know my name has beiber in it so i get where all the kiddy jokes come from, but if you observe the material of what en fuego talks about, usually about cum, ass rape and dick…who is the real immature one on this site? he has such limited vocabulary and comes on this discussion board only to crack jokes. i don’t know why he is welcomed on this website more than i.

  • UncheckedAggression

    K Dizzle–That shit is hilarious. You make it sound like I countered myself, yet I didn’t do anything of the sort. You’re getting so crazy you can’t even come close to making a valid point. Yeah, I said we aren’t saying Kobe sucks. And we’re not. How does saying Kobe wasn’t the best player in the finals against the Magic mean he sucks? Dude, you got some issues.

    And again, I’m not the only one that thinks Gasol was the MVP of the Lakers in both finals series. I can see you don’t agree. Cool. Whatever. But don’t try to act like numbers tell the whole story. When it comes to Kobe, numbers are especially misleading.

    There you go again on the fans you don’t consider “real”. Some of the fans I’m talking about have been supporters through it all. From before Magic to now. And yet you won’t accept for a moment that they might have a point. That is a little strange, don’t you think?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Unchecked – u’re not even challengin me anymore…
    Here’s you:
    “Gasol was the best player in the Lakers finals win vs Orlando”
    Here’s me:
    Gasol avg’d 19, 9 n 2 assists with 1.8 blocks….all nice, except Kobe avg’d 32 points with 6 boards 7 ASSISTS 1.4 STEALS n 1.4 BLOCKS.
    32 POINTS. 6 BOARDS. 7 ASSISTS. 1.4 BLOCKS. 1.4 STEALS. Dude had 40, 8 and 8 to start the series. Stop running away and explain to everybody here how Gasol should have been the 2009 Finals MVP
    Go offline, go discuss with others who watch hoops n maybe they can help you out. U lost. U say some rank shit. I post the numbers PROVIN you wrong n your reply is “Numbers don’t tell the whole story…..when it comes to Kobe”
    LMAO! Thank you for your honesty.
    Class dismissed…


    … ’cause I actually talk hoops, dimwit. We all tried to do it with you but all you wanna do is be a hero saying I said this, I did that first. When somebody says something legit at you, you dodge, run and avoid then comeback talking BS again. You never give credit to anybody except to yourself, you are nothing but one way street wannabe hoophead.