NBA / Feb 9, 2012 / 11:00 am

Jeremy Lin Crosses John Wall and Gets His First NBA Dunk

Jeremy Lin dunk

Another night in the NBA, another great performance from the Knicks’ Jeremy Lin. He led New York to another win, this time over the miserable Washington Wizards, going for 23 and 10 assists.

Among Lin’s points, were these two that came as a result of crossing John Wall and jetting to the rim for his first NBA dunk:

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  • Taj

    Jeremy Lin for Mayor!!

  • shuttles

    Just hilariously bad defense.

  • da real

    how does the nba pass up on his great story and not put him in for the rookie sophmore game?? he is probably going to be NBA player of the week with his team going 3-0 and putting up 24 and 10 in those games. not to mention the asian market being all over it. wake up NBA!! these feel good stories are rare for the NBA especially after the lockout

  • King

    Nate Rob averaged 20 a game for Dantoni and for the next few years struggled to get off the bench or get another job. Settle down with the Jeremy Lin is the future talk.

  • jason

    everyone keeps talking about lin’s dunk on no one…but fails to mention this dunk where Wall gets through two knicks players and dunks ON lin…the hype is too much


  • dilatedmind

    @jason and @king , how can it be hype when he’s playing with only one big name player… dude was UNDRAFTED and he’s putting work on DWill, Devin Harris, and got a double double on Mr. Teach me How to dougie John Wall. J lin on the floor makes EVERYONE better, no offense to nate the great, but J Lin has a better head on his shoulder, dude is a coaches dream.

  • BxBaller


    Actually Dime did mention in the Smack that Wall dunked on him. Everyone is talking about Lin’s dunk because no one knew that he could dunk, so the fact that he did makes it worth the hype.

  • BxBaller

    @ King

    Nate never averaged 20 ppg or anything near that with D’Antoni. The reason the Knicks are starting to look good is because they have a competent pg in Lin. Douglas was doing a terrible job, but for D’Antoni he was too stubborn to try anything else.

  • JD

    jason seems to have missed the point entirely – the reason why people were so hyped up is because Lin is an underdog who was cut from the Warriors where he didn’t even get many chances to step on the court. Wall was the opposite to that – people knew he was entering the league with the franchise tag on his forehead. Lin was almost a nobody until all of the sudden he just re-emerged outta nowhere beasting other guards. People knew what Wall could do on the court – but not this lad.

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    i saw that jwall dunk on lin… sure was nasty, but seriously, he does that like every game… one of the few moves he has driving to the lane… someone should do an analysis of the amount of potential 3 point play layups he misses… it’s like he NEVER finishes one of them layups…

    when did nate bob ever avg 20?


  • Banny

    How about big Greg Monroe throwing it down on Humphries. Its not often you seem him cram it on someone.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @BxBaller — Actually in ’08-09 under D’Antoni, Nate averaged 17 ppg for the season, 19 ppg after the All-Star Break, and 23 ppg in the month of February. He was pretty much their go-to guy for a couple of months.

  • LeRoy Green

    you aint neva in ya LIFE seen an Asian make an atheltic basketball play like that lol

    thats crazy hops…for an asian. Real talk tho Lin is a legit PG. His IQ is what makes him so effective. He doesn’t have breath taking quickness or above average strenght or length.

    He just reads defenses well, makes the open pass or drives the lane IF the path is there. Doesnt force anything and is patient with the ball in his hands. Natural point guard.

  • NYK

    Lin is still a bench PG in my book. but a good one at that. he could bring energy to a great second unit. the knicks still need a true PG (Nash?!?!?) forget baron davis he’s a lazy bum just sitting on the bench for his paycheck

    if he doesn’t get murdered by the Mamba on Friday i’ll reassess my opinion of him. but for 3 games, he’s been on beast mode.

  • Abe504

    man as a wiz fan, i can not wait for this season to end. At this point, id love to trade the whole roster.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Again, you can not “cross’em up” if the person runs into a screen. I don’t understand why anyone would consider that shaking John Wall.

    On the Flip side, John Wall didn’t dunk ON Lin. Wall dunked and Lin just did a fly by. He didn’t even try to block it and there was no body contact.

    Stop reaching for highlights, if its there it’s there. If not then don’t make shyt up.

  • silky

    Asian fan holding up a sign at the game: “Who says we can’t drive?”

  • JToke

    The thing about Jeremy Lin is his court vision and his way of changing speeds. Steve Nash isn’t the quickest or isn’t the strongest, but he has a very interesting way of reading the screens and changing speeds. The Knicks are also running some plays that D’Antoni was running in Phoenix, pick and roll up top with a wing man finding a gap where Lin can find him for a three. It’s all working, and as a Knicks fan I’m happy to see us killing it with Jeremy, I think the kid has got some game, he’s no savior, but I’ll take him over what we got right now any day at this point.

  • IDOT


  • cockzilla

    Lin projects out as a decent backup, which is pretty good for an undrafted Ivy league guy. He could take advantage of some weaker second units that don’t know how to defend the pick and roll.

    As for John Wall, I feel sorry for the kid. Dude’s on a shitty team with a bunch of knuckleheads (no matter what Javale’s mama says) with, barring SEVERAL more home-run lotteries and drafts, no prospect of improvement. You could see his exasperation during that space-cadet-McGee running-back-on-defense play. WAS needs Anthony Davis bad.

  • trollne1

    Asian MOSES!

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    Look up his fast break dunk against UConn, that ish was sick.

  • smashmouth