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Jeremy Lin Outplays Kobe Bryant; Chris Paul Hits A Game-Winner

Jeremy Lin

Hopefully Kobe knows who Jeremy Lin is now. After spending time between the Lakers’ win in Boston and last night’s 92-85 loss in NYC doing his best to try to say he had no clue who the NBA’s newest sensation was, Bryant got one-upped by the man who has now scored more points in his first three starts than any player ever has since the NBA/ABA merger. Lin blew up for 38 points and seven assists, incubating Derek Fisher (He had one spin move in the first half that sent Fisher back to 1996) and running the lazy Lakers all over the half-court. Bryant was great (34 points, 10 rebounds) but every other player in purple was complete garbage. Lin didn’t get much help either. Didn’t matter though. Lin, the smartest starting point guard since that kid from Finding Forrester, has been so good he’s single-handedly dissolved the Ricky Rubio phenomenon, had every Atlanta Hawk in their post-game locker room glued to the TV, watching and shouting, and even has Q-Tip tweeting how real he is. He’s been such a beast that Kim K started following his Twitter. Okay, we made that up. But either way, Kobe should’ve done some more scouting … Do the Magic really want Jason Richardson taking their last shot in overtime of a two-point loss to Atlanta? Now, it looked like he was the second option on the inbound, but he didn’t hesitate to go for what would have been a game-winner. He averages just 1.5 made threes a game (even though he has been shooting better lately), and yet fired it up from the left with 10 seconds to go in OT after also missing a free throw in regulation that could’ve won it. It clanged out to Jameer Nelson, who also missed from the right wing … Are Nelson’s playoff comments to Derrick Rose (“See you in the second round”) last year still riling up Atlanta? With players chatting right after the buzzer, Josh Smith (an All-Star caliber line of 23 points, 19 rebounds and three blocks) took obvious joy in the win by waving at the crowd and Orlando players with a smile on his face … Dwyane Wade (26 points) had a move in the first half of Miami 17-point thumping of the Wizards where he split a double-team, did a 360 in the air, drew contact from JaVale McGee and still made a wild circus layup over his shoulder. That was the best non-dunk we’ve seen all season … In fact, Wade and LeBron (who looked like he was coasting all night) combined to score the Heat’s last 18 points of the first half, almost all of them on highlights. When it was all over, the two stars were seen giving John Wall (15 points, 10 assists) an extended talk. We’re guessing it went something like this: “Don’t re-sign here…” And the Thunder got 28 points from Russell Westbrook in a 14-point win in Utah … Keep reading to hear why the Pistons interviewed Chewbacca …

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  • silky

    madison square guardlin was my fav sign of the night only cuz i used to have the 80’s poster of ewing in the daisy dukes with the two german shepards and the chain link fence. 

    what a game. cant believe they are competing with the roster they have. shows you what TEAM ball can do and it’s why we watch sports… for stories like this. but can they stop showin melo on the bench… it’s like a reminder that this shh is coming to an end

    that game was embarrassing if u are a Kobe fan or a laker fan. if u are a laker fan… I’m sorry u have to cheer for Kobe. dude is 1-11 and the Knicks have Novak and Jeffries on the court against Bynum and gasol and he ain’t looking inside! not even thinking about it! he had one assist all night(late in the 4th). bricklaying and having the ball in your hands the majority of the time on offense and u have 1 assist. SMDH. I could write a book right now about it right 

     Kobe off the backboard to himself to split a double team… to try and shoot again, then doubleteamed as he catches it in the air and he makes a bail out pass to gasol, because he CANT SHOOT and the announcers say great play by kobe!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME. call a spade a spade! plz! then again hubie did refer to Kobe as 6’8

    good to see the MSG crowd excited about ball again. but are the Knicks even gonna have room to resign the golden child?

    I’m out like james dolan sitting in his owners box like mr burns thinking about calling up isiah for a late night booty call to celebrate

  • JC

    Jeremy Lin is the truth!!!

  • JC

    Oh also Bryant was NOT great …he should learn to pass the fucking ball!!!

  • control

    Lin > Kobe! Haha, probably not, but even though this kid is on the knicks, he seems like he hasn’t been tainted by the douchebaggary that can infect a person by just passing through that hell hole of a fucking city. I love the story behind the kid, and the lil’ cocksucker even seems like a decent guy. I hope being in new york doesn’t fuck him up, and transform him into a giant douche. Melo coming back will stomp this kid out most likely, but it’s a great feel good story to follow until that happens.

    After my two nights as a Laker fan, I think I’m done with that bullshit. I don’t know how people can cheer for them (Kobe), they(he) are such a huge disappointment, and watching Kobe do everything he can to ignore teammates is soooo frustrating. I’ve always thought Bynum was a little overhyped, but as silky mentioned, Novak and Jefferies were guarding Pau and Bynum and they were reduced to fetching offensive rebounds again. Kobe’s one assist was originally a pass to himself, has that ever happened in a game? The ONLY unselfish move he does was an attempt to be selfish too, haha.

    Good to see Rondo making a statement about not being included in the allstar game. Of course, that statement was “Hey guys! I’m a douchebag and I didn’t deserve to go anyways!”. Jose is just an unstoppable beast apparently. I don’t know if I like Toronto fucking around with their lotto chances, but I know I do LOVE them raping up on some celtics, those taint douche motherfuckers.

  • Unknown

    Yo Jeremy Lin got game!! He be dropping mad buckets and dishing dope dimes!!

  • nyk

    kobe never said he doesnt know who he is. he said he knows who he is but doesnt know what he has done and hasnt no idea what they’re talking about after yesterday’s boston game. every media outlet including dime here is trying to make kobe sound ignorant

    im sold on lin. get rid of bum baron davis and bibby. start lin for the rest of the season. knicks, if they’re smart, should sign him up for a few years as well. suddenly a lot of oversea chinese TV outlets are trying to show knick games overseas and tickets and jerseys are being sold. its bigger than last year when melo came over.

    i wouldnt be surprised if we start seeing chinese ads in the MSG soon

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    the lakers’ formula got them the most championships in the nba in the last 3 years.

    i hope amare is okay. sad story losing any life. it almost takes away from the excitement of the knicks for me.

    anyway, i am happy i kept faith in the knicks since day 1, even when it was so easy to laugh at them. i knew they’d find a solution. playoff bound… although guys here said that was a fantasy.

    bottom line…keep it up ny. good pg play equals stable offense. as long as there is steady production from that position, anything is possible when good players are surrounded.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    chinese ads? i thought he was taiwanese.

    also…i wonder how guys are able to write novels in comments when this article is fresh off the press. o_O
    the timespan is off, unless guys write a thousand words per minute.

    anyway, yea, back to lin, i was wondering as well if he would have the yao effect.

    whoever used the term golden child..nvm..i just happened to use it like a few days ago.

  • nyk

    he’s american. from what i’ve read his parents taiwanese. but lin’s generating yao-like interest in china.

  • Ricky

    Rubio going to outplay Lin tomorrow night!!


    The Gook is playing out of his mind right now. I remember a dude too, i forgot his name, Ike Austin from Utah did it for two years and another dude from Indiana, Austin Croshere. Give it some time.


    Wow. Lots of fans wearing Lakers jerseys and rocking Knicks gear at the same time including some with Jeremy Lin signs.

    They’re all jumping on the beiber-wagon.

  • JBaller

    Damn Bruce, we haven’t seen much from your racist ass around here lately. But I guess even you got a case of the lin-fluenza!
    Great game, great story. It will be interesting to see if he can impact the game without scoring as much when Stat and Melo come back. Hopefully he’s got the right stuff and we’ll see his assists go up when his scoring comes down. For now I’m going to just enjoy what the kid has given NBA fans all over the world!

    Btw, Taiwan is actually called The Republic of China (ROC) and as opposed to The People’s Republic of China (mainland China). They split a half century ago whe Mao chased Changkai Sheck off the continent and began the social revolution turning China communist. My point being that Taiwanese are actually Chinese.



    “Kobe’s one assist was originally a pass to himself…” Hahaha. A ballhog can’t get it any more ironic than that.

    Kobe is the classic example of the term ‘Hero Ball’.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Maybe the age of the Lakers team is just showing. Still, there was just no fluidity in their game. The third quarter was just ugly.

    I just do not get it when you have two dominant big guys that are both a mismatch against anyone the Knicks can throw at them and yet they combined only for 18 shots while Kobe took 29.

    Jeremy Lin is a breath of fresh air. Does this reflect on the competence of Mark Jackson as a head coach?

    5 points, 5 assists, and 7 rebounds in 41 minutes, on the surface (I repeat. On the surface.), are stat lines from someone who is ready to be traded. But then again, I would only believe it if he is already wearing a Jazz uniform.

  • stefan

    Watching the Lakers become a disgrace for basketball I was thinking that Brown’s coaching, like in Cleveland, resorts to encouraging his best player to take over the game. Too bad that only Lebron was a great passer and could get some teammates involved. Kobe apparently has no clue how to do that. In a system with more freedom Kobe should have had his best assist season ever. For me this season settled it, I would take Lebron over Kobe for sure. Oh and for a while I read the proof that Lebron is more clutch too:

    Every Friday I play ball with 30-40 Chinese players. No, I’m not in China, I study at a little university in The Netherlands. Here, the Chinese have their own inter-university league… Usually they are wearing KD, Kobe or (most of them) old T-Mac jerseys. I swear yesterday I could hear them talking about Lin and I expect next week at least one of them showing up in a Knicks uni.

    I had my theory about Lin’s coming out week. A very smart guy who got a chance to play. I’ve seen in other leagues, where it’s more distinguishable, smart guys putting up numbers and getting wins for their teams, even though they are not very good at anything.. just average. The Harvard kid proves it.. although I read that he wants to be a pope or something and as I think religion is B.S., Lin might not be so smart after all.

    Anyway, until he fades into obscurity again, probably next year, I’m on the Lin wagon. He’s the story of the season, or of the decade as the NBA guys said.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ alf

    It’s not about ugly quarters. I’ve seen every laker game this season and the offense is just flat out disgusting. Not for a few minutes or a quarter but all the time. That’s what happens when you pass on Adelman and hire Mike Brown. The Lakers had one chance to keep Kobe under control and that was Rick Adelman. It’s gonna be ugly for the next few years

  • stefan

    one more thing:

    “He (Melo) has to understand: Despite a max contract, his All-Star seasons, his face on the Garden marquee, suddenly Anthony has to fit into Jeremy Lin’s Knicks.”

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    I think what kobe did was necessary because both of them were getting double-teamed and pau was playing soft. How the hell he let steve novak guard him on several possessions he had.

  • trollne1

    I just saw a full game of the Knicks so my post is gonna be 90% about the Harvard Hurricane from Heaven Jeremy Lin. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    So first of all the kid looks fragile and clumsy. Like he’s gonna stumble each time he drives to the hoop. Then after 5 mins, he looks worn out, huffing and puffing. But then each time I say that, he ninjas his way to the hoop and does some crazy acrobatic layup. He looked out of control sometimes tonight though. But I like how he isn’t afraid to challenge Gasol and Bynum. Kid has guts. Plus he has a solid jumpshot.

    He’s also very humble. He also looks giddy like he’s gonna burst out laughing each time he does an interview. He also looks awkward as hell each time he chest bumps and fist pumps with his teammates, which cracks me up each time.

    Throughout the game I was checking how Melo would react each time Lin made a great play. I think I only saw one shot of him cheering and that was when Lin was killing LA during crunch time. Still, I’m hoping Melo buys into Linsanity, even though there’s a slim chance of that happening. Most points by a Knicks this season! Crazy! Not by ‘Melo, not by Amar’e (aka the apostrophe duo) but by Jeremy freaking Lin. And it was against Lakers that’s supposed to have one of the best defenses in the league. The Knicks almost shot themselves in the foot though by going like 5-10 from FT in the 4th. Thank goodness for Lin and Shumpert.

    Kobe was talking trash about Lin before they played. I wonder what he thinks about him now. Right now, I don’t know who I’m gonna root for more between him and Rubio. Speaking of which, can’t wait for that matchup tomorrow.

    BTW I’m now entirely convinced that winning isn’t Kobe’s primary goal entering each game this season. He’s obviously on a mission to be the all-time leading scorer in NBA history. That play where he he threw the ball off the backboard and rebounded it so he could pass it to Gasol was one of the dumbest moves I’ve seen in my entire life. He could’ve just passed it to Gasol the first time but the announcers were celebrating that play like it was some ingenius feat. It was impressive alright, as impressive as Ricky Davis missing his shot on purpose so he can rebound it and get a triple double.

  • Ian

    lin mvp!!!

    too bad carmelo is gonna come back and fuck the knicks up. can the knicks trade melo for danilo one for one?? denver would prob hang up.

  • Ian

    btw hahaha at the dan lebatard when he said that for 7/8s of his career kobe doesnt even know he had teammates no way he can know about lin.

  • barons_beard

    @Unknown – Tyrone, is that you?

    The best part of the Lin story is that Toney Douglas is not getting any minutes


    Im absolutely loving Lin right now, but lets be honest, the real reason the Knicks won last night was because Kobe wanted to score 1000000 points at the garden. I mean, Steve fucking Novak had about 30 minutes and the Lakers front court took less than 20 shots.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    alf, i think it’s okay to talk publicly about how good religion is. on the flip side, i think words should never be uttered when one disagrees with the idea of religion. that is offensive.

    @ nyk, are you actually from china? if you are i think that’s pretty cool. i have my reasons.

    um…jballer, nice info on the taiwan-china connection. but i’m actually pretty sure taiwanese people hate being called chinese. they consider themselves distinct. and i believe it’s valid to ask whether someone is taiwanese or chinese, cause there is a significant difference.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    2012 non-all stars i wish the best for in their future attempts to make the game. my top 10 of who hasn’t made the game yet whom i’d like to see get in fast.

    rudy gay
    monta ellis
    josh smith
    brandon jennings
    tyreke evans
    stephen curry
    danilo gallinari
    john wall
    demarcus cousins
    james harden

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    james harden is the only guy on that list who i hate watching his on-court mannerisms. he gets gassed far too often. but when he is cooking, his game is good enough for that game.

  • jdizzle

    Kobe is still at the Gah-den practicing that spin move Lin put on Fisher lol. Real talk, I didn’t even know Jeremy Lin was Asian until I saw a picture of him a year ago. At times I would get him confused with Jeremy Lamb.

    Right now there is a ton of pressure on him. If he has a game where he only scores 19 and dishes out 4 assists people will say “See I told y’all he was a fluke, he ain’t shit so now y’all can get off his dick” and other nonsense like that.

  • the shaman

    Ironically, kobe had the same remarks before,during, and after the knicks game…

    “I don’t even know what the fuck is going on. What the fuck is going on?”

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    reports have surfaced that, while gilbert arenas has organized a workout for nba teams to observe him, kobe has come out saying his blessings are with the lakers to make a move for the free agent guard. gilbert has gotten in shape, received the same surgery that kobe has on his knee and is holding the workout in LA. i don’t know whether his blessings came before or after the lakers loss yesterday, but it would make sense if it were actually within that time frame.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i feel like maybe they could wait for jr smith, but i know they’d rather shore up the pg position first and foremost. and there is still the possibility they could land both guards anyway.

  • sh!tfaced

    Taiwanese are mostly the Chinese who fled China when communism was came. They are the most “westernized” Chinese if there ever were… Remember that activists, artists, free thinkers, being open minded, expressing your shit and the like are discouraged by China. So it really isn’t a surprise that Lin having more than something between his ears. Most of the smart ones who had the chance to get out went to Taiwan.

    “American parts, Russian parts, all made in Taiwan.” Shit, just remembered that from some movie… lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    So, the Linsanity continues. Derrick Rose and D-Wade are lucky the fan voting closed a while ago otherwise the chinese fans would have voted him in to start in the All Star game

  • sh!tfaced

    “…communism came.” scratch the ‘was’. tried to re-edit the shit to make it a less profane, sober version… lol

  • control


    Armageddon (one with Bruce Willis) when Russian cosmonaut was fucking around with the shit and it wasn’t working.

  • Sporty-j

    JEREMY LIN PUNKS THE LAKERS. Dam Melo better hurry back and put Lin on his place before him and laha be put get put out of there own house VIA trade. As a Heat fan I never thought I would like a Knock player. But dude is rubbing off on me(I just vomit). Lakers really suck and Amare has to be 1 of the most happiest guys on Earth right now. A Asian is now the man in NEW YORK and Melo better not piss him off. I can’t wait to see what happens when Melo comes.


  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz


    1 white girl in video says: she wouldn’t date a white guy acting black, but a black guy acting white is classy.

  • sh!tfaced

    the taiwanese terror would prolly replace yao ming’s voting power.

    rubio vs jeremey… next up. couple of kids who most of us never thought could play in the league. never thought these two would be making the most impact in basketball…

  • Skeeter McGee

    The triangle system made Kobe a champ, aka Phil Jackson made him a champ. When Rudy T took over the first time after Phil’s initial farewell, he was jackin shots (granted he didn’t have shit around him back then) and people proclaimed him to be a selfish ballhog. Now what’s happening? Lakers are struggling, Kobe ain’t passing, and I blame the system. Mike Brown may be a talented coach, but he is not ready to handle two 7 footers and a superstar. What the hell did he do w/ LeBron? Nothing, he just let Bron do work if he was tripled hopefully a shooter was open and he would hit the open look. Lakers fans, I’m sorry, but y’all are screwed and nothing but Phil (w/ the current roster in place) will help to win another ring.

    BOOM. I said it.

  • sh!tfaced

    godammit, sporty. how the hell do you always finish your posts with some gay sounding shit? damn, man… lol

  • sh!tfaced


    oh yeah. thanks. it was at the tip of my tongue and i still couldn’t remember and almost googled it

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Lin is playing like the best point guard in basketball right now.

    Raptors… please lose.

    Fisher… please retire.

    Kobe… please pass.

    Seriously, Kobe has had tunnel vision before but last night was one of the worse cases in a while. And we all know why; he didn’t want to be outdone by that dude everyone keeps asking him about.
    Well guess what Kobe… you were. And your team lost.

  • SoulChorea


    That’s exactly the problem. Knowing the way Kobe is, the Lakers had one chance to reel him in for a championship run by hiring Adleman. Instead, they went with Mike Brown for no apparent reason and they lost Kobe that very instant. He has lost the tiny bit of faith he had in the team, lost the bench he actually liked (shannon brown, lamar odom) and now he’s just gunning for that number one spot. This is what happens when you don’t keep your star player happy, and with Kobe he’s learned not to say anything publicly about it anymore…now he’s gonna protest on the court.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    so, i know there were a bunch of guys here before the lin phenomena hit the streets, that said that diantoni must go and to put his head on a platter for wolves.

    i think diantoni should get some credit for the success of lin. not only did lin come out and sing the praises of mike d being unbelievable with his offensive schemes, but mike d was (probably) the guy who put in the word to bring in lin as a free agent.

    mike diantoni, usually gave the original 12th man minutes toward end of games. but there was a turning point i remember, and it was during the celtics game, the one where the knicks were so close to winning. coach had actually put lin in some important minutes as the very first guard off the bench. that showed a lot of faith in someone who usually saw garbage minutes. he didn’t play long that game, but in their next game, mike diantoni still put him in the game in some important minutes against the nets. and lin made coach look good.

    the next game against the jazz, he became the starter. i remember watching the utah-ny game on msg, and walt fraizer started talking about the boston game the knicks lost earlier that week. walt claimed he was like “what the heck is diantoni doing putting this guy in the game now? ” questioning mike diantoni as to why he would put the last guy on the bench in a tough game. he claimed he was pleasantly surprised at the results the next game.

    also, consider mike diantoni’s conviction to start lin immediately. he wasn’t on no “let’s have him as the 6th man a few more games.” no, he believed in the pg play of the kid so much that he was confident to have him take over the position, and continue to play him even though the kid looked gassed playing so many minutes. shows diantoni’s brilliance and ability to analyze talent, and the pg position which he covets. i didn’t think it was fair guys claiming diantoni should’ve been fired when he didn’t have the engine to his car up until a week ago.

    just saying, mike d is a better coach than most of you guys were making him out to be. guys were calling his phx days a fluke. but he had a pg then, he didn’t have on in ny this season. he did have one in felton, when he had them on track for the playoffs, then lost a pg down the line. more guys that truly knew diantoni’s style should have showed more leeway with him . no pg= no good. decent pg=decent good.

    just saying.

  • sh!tfaced

    oh goddamn shit. not another one. get a life. seriously. and don’t say your stupid “when i said/i told you so” bullshit if you fluke another one.

    just saying

  • QQ

    Again, I’ll post at every opportunity to trash Carmelo.

    This is what New York needs.

    A hardworking player with tremendous basketball IQ that happens to score ridiculous points.

    Not a ridiculous scorer that happens to be a pussy and doesn’t believe in hardwork.

    Seriously, is anybody out there still a fan of Carmelo?


    It’s perfect coincidence that the biggest sensation in the NBA right now is the epitome of hardwork and dedication, and is a Knick, while Carmelo, the sorry epitome of an overhyped, lazy piece of shit who happens to score alot…. also wears the same uniform.

    Perfect coincidence.

    PS: As the number one Melo basher here, I would like to thank Jeremy Lin for the perfect opportunity to continue bashing Melo.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ SoulChorea

    Spot on, man. I was very happy when the Twolves hired Kurt Rambis because he would have been an awful coach for us. Then Brian Shaw took over as Phil’s top assistant and I was frightened ’cause no way Kobe would have respected a role player he played with. The front office did the right thing letting Shaw walk although they did it for the wrong reasons. Houston didn’t resign Adelman, the Lakers even interview him and then fall for Mike Brown. Jim Buss will make Dolan/Isiah look smart

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “but mike d was (probably) the guy who put in the word to bring in lin as a free agent. ”
    FYI, D’Antoni doesn’t make player transactions.

    Lin played the last 3 games freestyling. I can’t give credit to the coach when lin hasn’t even learned the sets yet. They weren’t running his offense. That’s my point. Those games were all Lin.
    That said, last night I saw more sets. There was more structure to their offense. So now I’m giving credit where it’s due. Good job D’Antoni. There’s no way the Knicks win that game last night with Lin just freestyling.

    I will give credit WHEN it’s due. To say D’Antoni was the reason for Lin’s success for the last 3 games is pre-mature. Watch the last 3 games again, and compare it to last night. Those first 3 games were not his offense.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    shitfaced…what do you mean there you go again? did i say anything that did not make sense, or anything offensive?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    lol @ jay, um… tony parker is playing like the best pg right now, lin just the most hyped. Doesnt mean he isnt playing great but parker if i’m not mistaken just had like back-2-back games of over 37 points and 7/8 assist.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i actually just wanna watch him against rubio. lin is getting praise for his defense, so maybe he’ll slow rubio down a bit, but i think rubio will perform a good game.

    i wanna say this though.

    lin is playing well now, but the knicks are missing their top two scorers.

    by law of averages, lin will NOT be scoring like he is now forever. however, his assists may stay consistent and i believe there will be a lot more fastbreaks, a lot more opportunities to throw lobs with bith tyson and amare playing down low and more drive and dishes with melo waiting on the wing, the emergence of novak, bill walker (some nights).

    i actually like when lin and shumpert are on the floor together. both will try to get a steal and lead the break, and i’ve seen those two work the 2-on-1 or 3-on-2 fastbreak masterfully.

    melo will still look to get his points, but it’s NOT as if melo can’t play with a good pg. it’s easy to shit on melo now when he has been absent during this win streak, but he has played well with chauncey billups. melo just plays differently and he can adapt because he can do pretty much everything on offense. it’s not as if the emergence of lin will cripple him. funny how a star leaves for a week and people are questioning melo. actually, you guys do that all thetime, but anyway, it’s the common story of when stars leave and the rest of the team performs well enough that people ask “o we really need the star” ?

    that’s always been silly to me. melo and amare should account for at least 35 points nightly. no combination playing with lin now can do that, so it’s safe to say changes will undoubtedly occur. but it sucks that if when melo comes back and they lose, they’ll use it as ammunition instead of truly seeing what exactly was the reason they lost. every game the knicks lost so far was melo’s fault. even the ones where he played brilliantly. that showed guys just looked at boxscores.

    i have no worries about what the affect of melo coming back in the lineup will have. i am more so concerned with how the infusion of baron davis. will lin and davis play in spurts that mirror the chaucey-cp3 backcourt? who knows, all i know is that lin may not get close to 40 minutes nightly when the entire knicks roster is fully healthy. but hey, if he continues to perform like this, his play may end up commanding those minutes.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    and BTW beib, stop being a child. “People here who were saying…”… “I was right”… that routine has grown old. And I’m a patient person.

    Do you REALLY want folks to point out all the crap you spewed and were wrong?? The thing with you is you post SO many times… with SO many opinions. If you say enough things, eventually you’ll be right…. that’s a given. Just like you’ll be wrong too. But we let those slide, because we move on. You dwell. It’s like you post something and you’re just waiting for it to become true JUST so you can come on here to validate yourself. There’s a saying “Even a broken watch is right twice a day”. You’re just a dick when you are right. You’re going on like you know everything, because when you are right about something you lay that shit on THICK. and nobody bothers to remember when you said wrong.

    I’m going to make it a point to try and remember all the shit you are wrong about and point them out to you. I don’t know how much i’ll be able to remember with real life getting in the way, but i’ll try. Starting with the most ridiculous statement i remember from you… (to be honest, it’s the ONLY thing I remember you said, right or wrong).

    Melo is good enough to be a league MVP huh? He’s not even MVP of his team.

    And I’m not trying to be “condescending”, as you would put it. I’m telling you how it is. This is how most of us feel about you. “Condescending” is talking down to someone. I’m writing this post as man to man. It’s nice to be right, but slow your roll and humble yourself because you are wrong the same amounts of times you get it right.

  • sh!tfaced

    wooooooow, man. do you even pay attention to what other posters say to you? damn long time posting here and damn, never have i seen a thicker bastard. ever.

    you always kill the mode every time. your the party pooper here. although you play the clown at times – and you dont even know it most of the time. lol.

    and i’ve never ever seen a bigger dickrider. we all support out teams but not to the point that we’re so ridiculously blind. QQ is as loyal as it gets when it comes to rooting for the Magic, he’s tough as fuck but he knows when he’s wrong and plays it cool.

    you, my friend, you got no class whatsoever.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i can’t remember who said this..but on this site, someone may have said the most thought provoking comment during this lin-streak:

    thank God all star voting is over.

    could you imagine if voting started today?

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @Slick Ric
    Yeah, but that’s pretty good company. And an argument can be made for Lin because of his teammates. And he’s winning with that squad.

    I still can’t believe Lin. I’m just waiting for him to have a string of bad games. They’re coming. It’s inevitable. How he handles it will show his character.

    Does anyone know the Knick salary situation? Can they resign him? I guess I COULD look at it up myself, but I got house shit to do today. Renovating my basement. The wife is out grocery shopping so I taking a timeout while she’s gone. Lol. When she calls me to help her bring the bags into the house, I’m going to sprinkle some sawdust in my hair to make it look like I’ve been working hard while she was out. :) Hopefully when I check back in here, someone has posted about their salary situation.

  • sh!tfaced

    errr, kill the MOOD… support OUR teams… typo crap

    my bad… my fingers were shaking like crazy there… just wanna kick his ass and take out his blind eyes… lol

    this beiber dude needs to be put in his place… but shit, from what i’ve been reading, he’s more than a zombie… he’s like jason voorhees who won’t just fuck up and die… he’s been choking on his own words so long and he’s still here… he’s as unfeeling as a serial killer – although he’s too damn stupid to be one.

  • sh!tfaced

    yeah? if there were voting here. you’d be outta here faster than a third drug violation

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “Even a broken watch is right twice a day”

    I just thought about something… you know that clock dude from Beauty & The Beast? If that clock was stuck at 10:30, and it was possessed by beiber, it would be quiet for the whole movie… but every 1030am and pm, it would gloat for a minute…

    “YEAH! I TOLD YOU! SEEEE!! I was right!!! People here didn’t believe me but I’ve been saying it for the whole…”



  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Shit… wife called… gotta go sprinkle saw dust…

  • sh!tfaced


    Yep, we are in the presence of a damn cartoon character here, no doubt about that…

  • JBaller

    Good post Jay. I tried to take a similar approach with the kid the other day. Nobody really cares who’s right or wrong, just post your opinions and read those of others. Maybe we agree, maybe not, but in the end it doesn’t matter that much. We’re just some guys passing time until tip-off.

    Go Lin, Go Knicks!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ JAY

    There you go(NYT quote):

    Lin will be a restricted free agent this summer, meaning that the Knicks can match any offer he receives without respect to the salary cap. So if the Knicks want to keep him in July, they have every means to do so. The Knicks also own Lin’s “early-Bird” rights, which means they can offer him a starting salary up to the league average, about $5 million. If a team with cap room exceeds that figure, the restricted free agency rules allow the Knicks to match. After going undrafted in 2010, Lin signed a two-year deal with the Golden State Warriors. The second year conveyed the early-Bird rights and the restricted free agent status. Those rights would have disappeared had Lin become a free agent after the Warriors waived him in early December. But the Houston Rockets claimed Lin off of waivers, thus inheriting the early- Bird and restricted free agency status. The benefits transferred to the Knicks when they claimed Lin off waivers on Dec. 27, after Houston cut him

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    yes, melo is good enough to be a league mp. that is a fact. i don’t care if a commoner on the internet tells me i am wrong for saying that. he has the tools, the game and is in position to have the capability to get the award. yes, that is a fact.

    it’s funny how you say “there is a saying” when you brought up that broken watch thing. you got that from charles barley qwatching the tnt crew. you aint fooling nobody. there is a saying blah blah…as if you are some kind of wizard, spewing bible verses or aesop lessons .

    now, no where was i claiming, i was right. i just wanted to bring forth some clarity on diantoni. my whole post was focused on diantoni, but it involved my experience here. those two came hand in hand if i was going to make sense. in fact, it wasn’t only you guys on dime talking about fire diantoni, i heard it all around. but all you want to do, is spin it as if i am trying to pump my chest out, or point and laugh at the guys here that were talking mess about diantoni. all i was doing was saying the position diantoni was in.

    in fact, chris broussard even said it yesterday himself now that i remember. he said how diantoni was pretty much ion the hotseat or something like that. and then he said, “well now, it’s a different story”. i just spoke on something common. but hey, i still was one preaching patience here. i hate when i am standing firm on my beliefs in a team, i’m called blind. sure faith is blind, but i still knew and said so many times the roster was gutted. and ppl called me foolish for saying that. it was me just speaking on logic.

    im sorry you feel that way, about me cause trouble. but i am not dissing anyone. it’s almost as if you are taking the my comments personally. why would you feel that way? so, i am not supposed to feel good about my team’s head coach because it will make you guys feel bad? that’s unfair, and biased.

  • Three Stacks

    I am so happy for Jeremy Lin, he is absolutely fun to watch.

    A few things that need to be mentioned, though:

    1) he’s got no left. when Fisher was forcing him left, he couldn’t do much but spin wildly into other defenders. But that didn’t matter last night because…

    2) he’s getting superstar calls. seriously, 2nd year player starting his 3rd game, and he was getting EVERY call. it’s a rarity.

    3) his shooting motion is goofy. hopefully this doesn’t mean he’s just on a hot streak right now, but it is at least worrisome. there’s a reason why guys like Steph Curry and Ray Allen with beautiful strokes are some of the best shooters.

    4) his passing in the pick n roll need SO MUCH improvement. his numbers right now are based more on his usage rate than sheer basketball skill. god knows you need skill to take advantage of playing time, and he’s obviously doing it, but for the sake of his career’s longevity, he needs to put in work.

    5) it was an ugly basketball game, and it seems it’ll be those kinds of games in which he’ll thrive.

    Just a few criticisms, but all the props in the world, it is not everyday an Asian kid from around the way can OWN Madison Square Garden and NY the way that he has.

    I can’t even imagine what he felt like hearing MVP chants at the FT line, it was absolutely surreal.

  • silky


    yea the Knicks can resign Lin regardless of cap- they have his early bird rights cuz g-state signed him to a two yr contract…. which allows for those rights. he’ll be a restricted free agent next year but he is as good as locked up. he’ll get something close to bareas contract I’d say…

  • sh!tfaced

    oh shit. “commoner”. now that’s as condescending as it gets.

    and don’t use other writers as your defense. we all read basketball here, man. we know your facts are as fake as silicon boobies. you analyze the obvious all the time. it’s not your name or whatever else you claim to say. this is all you. look at the mirror and spit at it. trust me, it’ll feel better. lol

  • silky

    show time…. u were too quick on the draw.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Posting this from my basement while the wife is unpacking the groceries, lol.

    “you got that from charles barley qwatching the tnt crew.”

    Watever bud. Do you realize how old that saying is? If you just recently heard it from Charles Barkley, that really does show your age. Which makes me want to ask. What do you do with yourself? If you are as young as you seem to be, you probably should be concentrating on school. If not, at LEAST working. But the amount of times you can post on here, during weekdays, and weekends, during the days and evenings, makes me think you don’t do anything. I’m SURE I’m wrong, because NOBODY just does NOTHING… but it sure seems like it.

    And to be honest, I didn’t read the rest of your post. I stopped after seeing what you said about that ‘saying’. That’s like me saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining”, and being accused by some child that I took it from their favorite TV show because that’s where they heard it first. Like I said earlier… watever bud.

    Enjoy your weekend. I’m sure you have a packed schedule

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    wow…even when i profess i wasn’t tryna get under anyone’s skin, shitface, u still tryna instigate. man o man, i can’t catch a break. lol

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    that post just assured me you took it from charles barkely and now i bet u’ve been and will overuse it in life.

  • Sporty-j

    Im guessing those 2 Laker punks K -bit&$zle and his shemale boyfriend r now in hiding mode.

    Derrick Rose better enjoy his last start in the all-star game because Lin Mania is phucking taking over. Man I am pumped because now I know this may give my Heat the chance they deserve as the team that eliminated the Knicks in the playoffs.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    also i love how instead of pointing out what i’ve been wrong in basketball-wise, you just claim that i post a lot. and the famous quote you guys have of me is saying “melo will be mvp” and the irony in that is that, those weren’t even my words. crazy.

  • That’s What’s Up

    James DoLin

  • da man

    Seeing that Yellow Mamba sign in the crowd was pretty funny. I think ESPN knew it was a bad idea to have shown that. To everyone who says “why is it okay when Kobe is called Black Mamba and Brian Scalabrine is called White Mamba”? Well because Black Mamba is the name of an actual snake and “white” is an acceptable term to describe Caucasians. It would be like using the word “colored” in a nickname for a black person. It’s outdated.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    sporty-j…i am starting to understand from your perspective of the hate you recieved on this site.

    i see that, it’s hard to believe the hate on this site is warranted cuz of what i go through here. hate is contagious. so if one guy came out and said they hate me, it’d be easy for followers to do the same. and then it becomes a mass movement. i could say the most innocent basketball info, and guys will spin it into why they hate beiber newz.

    so sporty-j, i don’t really know exactly why guys here say they hate you, but i feel from my experience that it is probably all bullshit.

  • QQ

    Thanks for the shoutout, shitfaced… I guess? LOL.

    Wow look at this kid. There’s no saving Melo. Even if all you fucking dick riders come together and pint out ‘at least he can score 30′, there’s no saving Carmelo.]

    Lin exposed him.

    A no name who’s just there lucky to be in an NBA uniform. Yet still dedicates himself to the game, fucks the drama and just goes out there playing like it’s the last game of his career. Cause it’s probably is. I mean come on now, he’s a fucking nobody. Every game is probably the last game for him.

    Then there’s this overhyped superstar who (all together npw) SCORE, SCORE, SCORE, SCORE, and ummm… SCORE. Yep that’s basically all the thing he does. Forget the fucking ‘Trade me or ELSE’ drama, forget poisoning the Nuggets locker room, forget that’s he probably the worst SF defensively, forget that he’s uncoachable, forget that when the Nugs made the WCF, it was probably because they were led by a heady point guard named Chauncey Billups…


    At least he can score, right?


    Open your fucking eyes, you dick riders. When people are calling you the best SF in the L, you just don’t ‘forget’ all those things because you can score.

    When you do, that’s probably the reason why a nobody in your own team is FUCKING OUTPLAYING YOU.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    hahahahaha…funny how a week ago the same people shitting on the knicks are praising the knicks. hahha and taking the pie off their face by shifting the focus on melo. haha, well, me, i still remember all of you who shitted on the ny team, and now you hope lin can hide the fact you condemned them after week 2 of the season. nope can’t do that. you shitted on the knicks, lin is making you LOOK BAD. so the more you praise him, the more you guys look bad.

  • Three Stacks

    I’m trying to figure out where it all went wrong for Melo.

    When he first came into the league, he was known to be such a winner. He led Syracuse to the NCAA title his only year in college, then he helped the Nuggets get to the playoffs his rookie year (while Lebron and the Cavs missed out in a weaker East). Everyone was talking about how Lebron and Melo could be the next Magic/Bird rivalry, and even though Lebron was obviously the more skilled of the two, a lot of people were siding with Carmelo because they felt he was a “winner.”

    Even a few years ago, when Denver pushed the eventual champion Lakers in the Western conference finals and when Team USA played, Melo was an unquestioned commodity, considered the best “offensive” player, and an almost automatic two points.

    Now after a few years of unceremonious exits out of the playoffs, one sucker punch, one forced trade, telling kids to stop snitchin, marrying Lala, putting a hit out on Kat Stacks, and a Chinese kid coming to take his spotlight, Melo’s star doesn’t seem to be shining nearly as brightly.

    Now everyone is legitimately questioning his ability to win, or more importantly, his desire and his heart to win. And it’s completely justified. Here’s a player who was considered enough of a winner to draw parallels to the Bird/Magic era, and it turns out he has such little heart that those kinds of comparison sound utterly offensive. Where did it all go wrong?

    I say his is a lost cause. I’m just waiting for the game when Melo and Jared Jeffries are on the floor together and Jeffries rabbit punches the shit out of Melo. That would be the best moment of the NBA, ever. Jeremy Lin should just recruit Jared Jeffries and the two of them can jump Melo in the halls of MSG, Tonya Harding style, so they can complete the NY takeover.

  • JBaller


    The thing is that we’re all fans of the game and we like to see it played right and to see a guy rise up from nowhere to be successful. I happen to be Knicks fan so it’s easy to see why I’m pleased. Other guys who don’t like the Knicks but are psyched to see the Lin story play out are just showing their true appreciation for the game. This is what being a sports fan is all about.

  • JBaller

    Lin is giving guys who hate the Knicks something to like. I hate the Celtics, but when Rondo started leading that team of aging stars to victories I could appteciate it. When he juked LeBron into jumping past him trying for a chasedown block then made the behind the back assist I was jumping outta my seat.

    I guess that’s a case of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” SunTsu said that, not Charles Barkley.

  • sh!tfaced

    we shitted on the knicks because they deserved to.

    beib defended the knicks because you said melo would save them but if only he got support from his teammates. you even suggested they should trade amare for not getting his usual numbers and he was holding melo down.

    but almost we all agreed new york needed (at least) a decent point guard. so all of us look bad with every jeremy here, jeremy there, jeremy spoke in class today…

    and lin is winning with scrubs.

    hope the knicks keep on winning and then when melo comes back, they lose big time… at home. knowing new york, they would boo melo’s ass off the garden.

  • x0t


    lol@ the pope thing. Its best not to dig too deep into the beliefs of athletes because theyre jocks who play with balls for a living and have never thought for themselves.

    people think going to harvard means youre super smart….no, just like obtaining a phd, it means youre willing to work hard, kiss much ass, and regurgitate the lies they feed you.

  • Sporty-j

    Nah its all in fun Bieb newz and would never use the word HATE. Because we all dont know each other personally. No 1 here hates or else they would not talk to u. Big Island is my brother from another mother. Im cool with Leroy Green, Lakeshow84, AB, and a lot of other cats on this site. I was a Heat fan last year so u know the HATE we went thru. I guess once you kept posting a lot and got under a couple of guys skin like chicagorilla, Jay, Control, and etc. Whoever started to post under your name to irritate u back and sh!t got out of control. Everybody left each other alone since than and I thank God because I prayed about it. U have gotting better with not posting to much since than. 1 thing ive noticed about u is that ur a strong minded person Justin so keep doing ur thing Bud…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    people are tripping saying lin is going to take Rose spot in the all-star game,lol. If anything he will be taking wades spot numbskulls. Rose had the second or third highest vote total.two point guards can start in the game because it doesn’t matter, just like carmelo(who probably shouldnt even be a all-star) and Lebron are starting and they are both SF.

  • sh!tfaced

    see… even sporty has got some class…

    and strong minded is a nice way of saying stubborn… lol

  • Sporty-j

    Well I always Hated the Knicks personally because of the New York media hype. You know! Im not like most guys in life and its the little things that matter to me most now like a BMW, 4 bedroom house, many Heat and Canes championships. Oh did I forget to mention many fine Bit&$ and nice sunny beautiful weather 300 and 55 days of the year. The nig things like a lam-bo, an 8 bedroom house- freezing weather below 70 degrees, and etc means nothing to me…

    I guess what Im trying to say is that. All people ever wanted from the Knicks that hate them is for them to stop forcing everybody down our throats as the next Micheal Jordan, player that is as coool as Sporty-j, and player that is undesrving of all that recognition just because he plays in Broadway city. All we wanted was a player like Jeremy Lin who at least has shown that he deserves that recognition so far.

    P.S. Melo needs to dig some dirt up on this kid to show that he really was born in Tawain, never went to Harvard, because if he has to move her expensive self out of New York. Shes taking half like Kobricks wife and is sending a$$ back to DENVER lol…

  • Sporty-j

    Ill be damned if he starts over Wade. They would need to fix the system than and that means Melo would have been on the bench where he should be anywaz because Bosh deserved that start this year. Once I think about it. Chandler, Amare, and Melo might be starting next year thx to Lin. Excuse me ladies but I have to vomit again on just the thought of that…

  • 4M

    Kobe should change his nickname to Black Hole Mamba.

  • Big Island

    I was thinking about Beib last night during the game. Kobe was awful, but he also likes the Knicks, so he had an out. Dammit. My buddy was over and he wanted Lin to go away already. I told him how great it is that he is playing well, and more importantly, the Knicks are winning. Amare will come back and fit in just fine. He’ll go nuts, Knicks will still win, and NY will be jumping. Then Melo will come back… And they will suck. They will lose. I can’t wait. Beib will get hated on more than ever.

  • Big Island

    Beib – I don’t want people to hate you, but when all of the stuff in post 89 happens, you are in for 10 miles of baaaad road.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Jeremy Lin had me glued to a Knicks vs Lakers game. That right there is a feat in itself.

    Things i noticed

    1) Three stacks was right in everything he said about Lin. There is a good chance this kid is running off of pure confidence right now. I hope not. I think his style of play would be great for the NBA’s future.

    2) Tyson Chandler was D’ing the fluck up on Bynum. I’ve seen Tyson play some good to great help side defense before and i’ve even seen him play good on-ball defense a few times. But last night he played like an DPOY. Mostly going one on one with 7ft 300lb Andrew Bynum and he shut him DOWN. I have no idea how Chandler was only credited with 1 block and zero steals. The guy knocked the ball out of Bynumas hands several times during shot attempts. Chandler clearly studied game film on Bynum because he knew his every move and counter move.

    Bynum helped Chandler by taking dumb shots (never using his hook shot and instead tried to just shoot over Tyson).

    3) Kobe Bryant may be the biggest a$$hole i’ve ever seen in basketball. I used to think that was Allen Iverson, but Kobe has leap frogged him this year.
    control pointed out how Kobe’s 1 assist was initially a pass to himself off the glass….(SMFH)…but one of the other few passes i saw was after he was double teamed and picked up his dribble with the clock running down, passed the ball to Steve Blake in the corner unexpectedly (because he hadn’t passed to him all game and the clock only had 1sec on it). Blake then swung the ball to Troy Murphy on the wing and the clock ran out before he could shoot. Quarter ends. As soon as the buzzer sounded, Kobe threw his fist down yelling at Blake to “shoot the f^cking ball”, then proceeded to yell/pout about it all the way back to the huddle. Completely ignoring that all that shyt was his fault to begin with.

    4) Jeremy Lin had 18pts in the first half as he carved up the Lakers PGs. So why didn’t the TEN-TIME ALL DEFENSIVE FIRST TEAMer Kobe Bryant switch over and guard him? 10x’s all defense 1st team puts Kobe is the greatest defenders of all times statistically.
    Ahead of guys like:
    Gary Payton (Nine)-Scottie Pippen (eight)-Bruce Bowen (Five)-Jason Kidd(four)- Michael Jordan (Nine)- Joe Dumars (four)-Clyde Drexler (Zero) – Alvin Robertson (two) – Walt Frazier (Seven)

    My guess is that any of these guys ^ would have switched over to guard Lin (if he wasn’t there man) in order to shut him down and preserve the win for their team. Kobe (Dominique Wilkins Jr.) on the other hand, decides he would rather let Fisher and Blake get flucked up all night while he shoots his team out of the game. How anyone can like this guy is amazing to me. It’s like the blind support people had for George W. Bush even though he was clearly flucking up the country. Kobe is doing the same thing to the Lakers.

    5) Trade Pau Gasol to the Bulls. We need a post scorer, Pau clearly doesn’t want to play there, and Kobe isn’t going to give him the ball anytime soon. Carlos Boozer and the Bobcats draft pick for Gasol.

  • beiber the bounty hunter

    Big Island – Know what you mean about Beiber, he gets more hate than racist Bruce! He still wont get why he should turn it down. Hopefully he’ll be quiet tomorrow whilst thee adults are talking.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i will say this.

    people say the knicks deserved to get shitted on.

    okay. they were losing games, i get that part.

    my point is, everytime i came here, after every knicks loss, (even after the wins), was something bad about carmelo.

    everytime they lost, guys here, found some way to pin it on carmelo. rarely was it ever someone speaking “specifically” on “how” they lost. they just saw the boxscore….saw melo’s name on it…blamed his shot attempts…and blamed carmelo.

    now, be rational guys….i believe, if guys truly saw each game of the knicks, each loss…then there’d be more stuff said like:

    1)damn knicks lose again, how the hell did amare not take it to the hole more

    2)damn, landry fields was off today. i think they got hurt down the stretch when the opposing team kept burning them at the free throw line.

    3)wow, jared jeffries committed some key turnovers at the end of the game. that really turned the game away from their favor.

    my point is, 95% of the time, it was some cockamaney BS where guys just summed up by saying melo sux. trade melo. melo is hurting the team. meanwhile, maybe there are the games where melo takes a little too many shots. but the fact there were games that melo played well, and they lost, but guys still pointed fingers at melo reduces your guys’ credibility. the sme guys talking about it being melo’s fault, probably never saw more than 5 games of the knicks all season. it’s easy to speak after reading a boxscore, but if you actually see for your eyes the real reason ny didn’t ge the win, i think there would still be some melo bash, but a ton more analytical, logical explanations of exactly specifically why the knicks had been losing.

    i remember one time guys said something other than, kill melo, after a knicks loss. it was when the knicks take a lot of threes, but they still connected that to melo.

    and wow! whoever said i said trade amare is crazy. all i do remember doing was saying there are rumors out there. i did put together scenarios of what an amare trade would look like, but that was just to entertain the idea. i never once gave up on amare. in fact, i know the exact pages where i said, “i believe amare would return to his beast self”. i’ve said many time (which i get bashed for) “keep the faith, this knicks team will figure something out”. not once did i say, fuck, i hate amare, i give up on him. if me saying this whole year, that amre wasn’t productive is me giving up on him, it’s not. it’s me being real. i’ve said before melo is haing a great year, but he is shooting bad. i told guys when they said melo is not the team’s mvp, to look across the stat line of melo this year and you can see he is the best knicks til this point.

    i literally balled out in a surprised, hurt, confused snicker when someone accused me of saying to get amare out of town.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    @spaortyj, you just delusional dude, STFU. hell, wade didn’t even deserve to start this season, yet your’e saying wade should start and Rose shouldn’t, when Rose has undoubtedly been playing better than him. Something don’t sound right about that,lol.

  • Sporty-j

    Hey Slic Ric relax dude I have to go now. When did I say Rose dont deserve to start? I could hace sworn I said next year he might be in trouble with all of Lins Asian decent voting next year but he might beat Rose out even without 1 Asian vote lol. Man I promise half u niccas on here r crazy and like to argue like a bunch of females. No disrespect pretty Ricky!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Done with the basement. SOB, i’m tired. I’m in a lighter mood now because I did my chores for the day. Wifey likes when I do chores, and she ‘rewards’ me when they’re done. It’s been a long day but it will be worth it this evening. Tadow…

    So I caught up on the reading…
    nobody hates or even dislikes Sporty. At least I don’t. And, to me, it doesn’t seem like anyone else does either. We just shit talk. We throw jokes at eachother. That’s what guys do. Talk shit now, then on to the next day.

    People here aren’t big fans of you because you take yourself so seriously. Loosen up that tie a bit. Let your belt out a notch. Relax a little.
    (Please don’t accuse me of taking those sayings from Phil Jackson, or John Salley.)

    @Sporty, you just know if Lin is on the ballot next year, unless the NBA removes China from the voting, he will be starting in the all-star game. He won’t just start. He’ll be the leading vote-getter. Easily. China has a billion people. Even if he’s Oden’ed, he’ll be voted as the starter.

    And I’m not mad at the ‘commoner’ crack. I think it’s funny. i don’t really see how that’s an insult. I AM a regular joe…. or in my case, a regular JAY. Those who think of themselves too highly would throw that around as an insult, but I know where I stand. I’m not royalty. I’m not a politician running a city. I’m no celebrity. And I don’t make a huge salary… Just enough to own a nice home, nice car, keep nice things, and stay comfortably above financial trouble that I don’t always have to watch my spending. “Commoner”?? Yup, that sounds about right.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    @sportyj read your own comments, I said Wade would be the one left out because Rose had more votes than him and you insinuated wade deserved it more than Rose by saying and I quote ” Ill be damned if he starts over Wade.” I’m just speaking truth while others like yourself are going all groupie over Lin.

  • control


    Are you calling out KDizzle for disappearing when his team loses ONE regular season game, which essentially doesn’t mean that much? You? Of ALL people on this site? YOU were the one who straight out disappeared for months when your team lost. People were calling you out for months, dozens of times, and you are going to talk shit about another poster? Hahah, you do realize the irony eh?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i guess i’ll loosen up?

  • silky

    @ gorilla

    ya dude I totally noticed that play with Blake and the shot clock violation. clown doesn’t even begin to describe kb8. I hate everytime user his lil rat face. btw- cracked up yesterday at the Disney movie comment in yesterdays smack about the Knicks game… so true. used that analogy when tryin to explain the Lin-nomenon to my girl

  • silky

    and consign the lack of respect chandler is getting for being grimy- doesn’t show on stat sheet but I jumps out when u watch the inside

  • Sporty-j

    K I could not resist. 1 more text for the night my girl said…

    @ Control

    Dam man I thought we were cool. You dont have to put my buss all out there and sh!t homie lol.

    @ Jay

    Those Asian r going to mess everything up next year. Lin is already a first ballot HOFer as we all now know lol. I blame STERN-MINATOR…

    @ Slic Ric

    Im sorry I saved you last bud but thats what I guess you need sone attention from me. So ill give you just a little ok. Im no groupie! I just like to give a man his cred that he deserves. I guess everybody on this site just about, ESPN, and around the World r groupies for giving a man props that came out of nowhere and started to ball the phuck out. I guess I should be a Derrick Rose “groupie” huh Mr. Bulls fans? You know y ya boy Rose will never win a championship? Its because he thinks his sh!t dont stink. Hes to goodto ask for help.

  • Sporty-j

    @ Slic Ric(I hit submit to early)

    Hes thinks hes to good to recruit Wade, Lebron, and Howard. Just think! Your Bulls gave my Heat some comp without Deng. Just imagine what they might do with Howard lol. But your boy Rose is going to learn nice guys finish last. Hes the 1 holding Bulls the Bulls back because hes scared somebody else might steal his shine or spot light. He not a man like Wade or as confident. Chicago has there 1 superstar but u do realize that no other star ever talks about wanting to play in Chicago? I say let his punk a$$ do it by himself until he realize no man can. Enjoy your great reg season though homie…


  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    lol@sportyj your’e the epitome of loser, do I suppose to feel bad by your words of Rose, like I said I was stating facts while you were being a groupie, thats all. I’m done with you.

  • JBaller

    Knicks just beat Minny to continue their streak.


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnazbQRL6n0 deej

    Argh. Another hero ball clunker by Crawford. That’s twice in less than a week.