Smack / Feb 12, 2012 / 1:44 am

Jeremy Lin Overshadows Two Incredible Performances; Dirk Nowitzki Might Be in Big Trouble

Jeremy Lin Featured In New Nike Sportswear Spot

And the Jeremy Lin magic rolls on. The Force is so strong with this guy that even when he doesn’t necessarily play all that well (as was the case last night), his team still wins and somehow overcomes the force of nature that is Kevin Love in the process … Lin led the Knicks to a come-from-behind win over the T-Wolves in Minnesota, 100-98, getting 20 points, six boards, eight assists and three steals. He was only 8-24 from the field, missed a few foul shots and turned it over six times, but, really, who cares? New York is now 5-0 with Lin playing heavy minutes in games (4-0 with him starting), and he added to the record we told you about in Smack yesterday – his 109 points in his first four starts are the most since the NBA/ABA merger in the ’70s (passing Allen Iverson) … Darren Rovell tweeted: “The Jeremy Lin Factor: Target Center has its largest Timberwolves crowd since March 12, 2004.” If that’s really due to Lin, that’s just crazy. The Lakers, The Blake Show, the Mavs – none of those draws have put more people in the seats in Minnesota than Jeremy Lin?? … Because of the Lin story, Kevin Love’s absurd game will only get passing mention in most media outlets today, but good God, he was a monster last night. Love had 32 and 21 boards (10-21 from the floor, 10-10 from the foul line, two threes, 1 steal, 1 block), for his second 30-20 game of the season, and in general, just ate the Knicks’ front line for dinner. He now has six of them in his career, passing Kevin Garnett as the franchise’s all-time leader … The Mavs and the Blazers played one of the worst double-overtime games you’ve ever seen last night. In the third quarter, one of the Mavs’ announcers likened it to one of the first games after the Lockout. Both teams look like they had no legs (they both played Friday night), there were lots and lots of badly missed shots, and there was ton of guys just standing around … Dirk Nowitzki had 20, including a dagger 15-footer over LaMarcus Aldridge (who was great with 33 and 12) with 16 seconds left. Dirk appeared to yell some kind of (potentially offensive) craziness after the shot went down, so we’ll see how the League handles it in the coming days … Since Charles Barkley called Dirk “washed up” a week or so ago, Nowitzki had been averaging 28 ppg and shooting 60% from the field heading into last night …

Keep reading for Jason Richardson’s unearthly performance and what Lob City did to MJ’s squad …

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  • Chaos


  • JBaller

    The Linsanity continues!

    Hey Dime, you mentioned Dirk’s dagger but forgot to post the score. I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere for that info.

  • Unknown

    Dam Jeremy Lin be killin them cats out there. He be breakin ankles and dropping mad buckets and dishing dope dimes y’all!!!! Mad respect for love yo, that cat be eating them boards up!!!! That cat be dropping mad buckets too!!!

  • Chaos

    Now to other news, K Love was a beast last night. Face Stomper dropped the hammer but Minny still can’t close out games propery. That’s why they lost….how much more dangerous can the spurs be with Manu? I swear the spurs are way to efficient and will never let their players play more than 30 min.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Slick Ric

    smh, lin had a bad game tonight, if westbrook would’ve missed 16 shots and turned the ball over six times people would be saying trade his ass. But hey, he won tonight.

  • Ricky

    Rubio played great defense on Lin, he only scored a few points on him. Rubio lost the game for the twolves though with two straight turnovers to end the game…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i kinda forgot how effective harrelson was for the knicks. can’t wait til he gets back.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i believe the knicks have the eighth spot in east rankings as of now with the win and bucks loss. cool.

  • trollne1

    Lin had 20 points and 8 assists and now that’s considered a bad game for him. But I’ll give that a pass since before last night’s game, he was averaging like 28 points and 7 assists on about 58% FG shooting. More importantly, Novak, Shumpert and Fields have been playing really well ever since Lin started. Great win by the Knicks. Love’s numbers are already automatic so I wasn’t surprised. Still impressed though. But what’s surprising is Pekovic has scored in double figures in each game so far in Feb. That man is averaging 16 and 10 on 64% (!!!) FG shooting for the entire month of Feb! The Wolves have only gone 3-4 during in that span but dude definitely deserves some media attention.

    Is it too late to get Novak into the 3pt shooting contest? Haha. I wanna see him go against Ryan Anderson there.

    And it simply puzzles me how a guy as talented as Tyreke can end up with just 3, 4 points in a game. He may be Sacramento’s best player but Cousins has been more consistent than him this season. Tyreke has had more single-digit scoring games this season than DMC. Now who would’ve thunk that? I haven’t seen Kings games this season but to anyone who’s been following the Kings, do you think DMC’s finally gotten his act together? And can he be better than Bynum? And has Cousins finally started lifting weights? So many questions so sorry bout that. But thanks to whoever answers them.

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Brokejumper

    That was a huge 3 by Novak, Lin and Walker need to bury those free throws in crunch time.

  • Just

    Not a great game by Lin according to the box score, but he was the key to he Knicks win again. He kept the Knicks coming at the TWolves in the 1st half (7/11, 15 pts). And you can’t blame him for falling down to Earth at least a little after going through the craziest week of his life – 5 games in 8 days averaging 39 mins per (over 3x his career avg). You can tell the kid was exhausted, missing a lot of easy shots and FTs.

    BTW, did KLove really just shoot that game winning attempt with both hands? LOL

  • suberzat

    gong to try and make the knicks vs hornets game this friday to see the LINSANITY

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    is that game in NO or NY ?

  • Skeeter McGee

    Some of those stats with Lin don’t make sense (4-4 starting but then the next sentence y’all say he had 109 points over the last four starts, which are his only 4 starts). But dude is balLINg out (see what I did there o.O).

    Lob City officially the #1 team in LA right now? I think so…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    seeing as how the celtics are 7th in the east, right above ny, i am hoping and praying derrick rose plays in the chi-bos game, not only because his play hinges on defeat or victory in my fantasy league, but because i want him to go out, win and help ny inch higher in the standing due to a celtics loss. i’ll be the biggest bulls fan today. the only thing that’d make this game more exciting is if derrick rose actually suits up. the word i can use to describe the other all star in chicago (as someone articulated on this site before) is a sleeping pill. rose makes for great tv. celtics do too when they are playing good and against good competition, i.e chicago. let’s get it.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Bobby Brown killed my girl.

    RIP Whitney

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    carmelo anthony and amare stoudemire are two OF the top pick and role players in the game. as long as lin plays at this level, their infusion in the lineup could be seamless. also, lin probably wants another weapon in melo on the wing to dish out to or take the attention off of him now. i can already see melo on the wing with the ball feeding a cutting lin, and vise-versa. finally, i think the prophecy of amare becoming a beast at some point this season will come true if lin keeps this up.

  • Big Island

    Beib – I hope you meant Melo and Amare are pick and ROLL players, because neither guy is a ROLE player. I like the Knicks to do well, they were even my favorite team when Ewing was around, and a buddy of mine works for MSG in marketing so I get all of the Knicks and hockey crap from him, but Melo is going to kill the momentum the Knicks have. Amare will fit back in perfectly. Melo will kill it. My prediction: Knicks do well, Melo comes back and they play just under .500 ball. He then gets cut from the Olympic team.

    JAY had me rolling yesterday.

    Slick Ric – Westbrook is in OKC, Lin is in NY. A guy goes for 8 in NY and he is all of a sudden a guy that could really do something in the league.

    I am still drunk from last night. Went out with the GF to a fish house place, sat at the bar, and then it gets fuzzy. We were either fighting or f-ing, and my dog may have licked my ass during the whole charade. I have a couple of bite marks on my junk that are human, so I guess we f-ed. Rough golf game as well yesterday, but I have a 1:15 tee time today so hopefully I do better. I’m off to rehydrate…

  • QQ

    The Linsanity continues!

    And of course, Carmelo’s expose as the biggest prank in the L also continues.

    Carry on.

  • JBaller

    At this point westbrook is on a contender playing alongside last year’s scoring champ, so he is naturally held to a higher standard than Lin, who is just starting his carreer and is helping to revive a storied franchise with unselfish play. If folks suddenly think Lin is an all star caliber pg they are overhyping the guy. I am just happy to see him running the offense, getting teammates involved and most importantly winning. There’s always too much talk about box scores when the only stat that counts are wins and losses. I think Amare will quickly fit into the offense with Lin running the pick and roll and we’ll see Lin’s scoring drop while his assists continue to rise. Melo’s willingness to fit into the team concept is the big question mark. If he wants to win he better buy into it because his hero ball wasn’t getting it done.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Tyreke looked terrible. It wasn’t just that he played bad he looked totally disinterested.

  • sh!tfaced

    Isiah, Larry Brown, Starbury, Eddie Curry…
    Let’s go ahead just add Melo to that list… Big-money failures who were supposed to be the Knicks’ saviors…

    Who would’ve known that a cheap, undrafted, unknown player, made in Taiwan would all those high priced busts…? lol

    Shit, even Wolves’ fans, who already have Rubio, showed a little bit of envy of the fairy tale, chanting “over-rated”… And their team lost. So what the hell do you call it?

    And it’s inevitable, Melo is gonna eff it up. He may behave, play along and try to fit in at first, but it won’t be long before he’s gonna show his true colors of being a low basketball IQ jacker….

  • sh!tfaced

    “…would show up/trump/outshine/outdo those high priced busts.”

  • sh!tfaced

    “i kinda forgot how effective harrelson was for the knicks. can’t wait til he gets back.”

    This is hilarious shit.

    beib is already setting us up for one his loser pathetic “i told you so/when i said/i was right about…” bullshit…. looooooool

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    it’s gotten a bit overwhelming how known i’ve gotten on this site. no bragging or anything, i might be the most well known, most talked about, most scrutinized poster on this site. i may need to tone it down…cut my amount of posts by a third, length of posts by half, and just become sorta low key. it’s what’s best.

  • jdizzle

    @Skeeter McGee I see what you did there

    @troline1 I don’t follow the Kings but if DMC can overcome his immaturity issues I think he has a very good chance at being better than Bynum. Dime had a poll a while ago about who we would rather have between Cousins and Bynum.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    when are the skills challenge, 3pt shootout and dunk contest contestants announced? and did they eliminate the horse competition?

  • LeRoy Green

    Jeremy Lin is for real. Thats all I’ma say for now. When teams know your strenghts and STILL can’t stop you, that says alot in the league of the best basketball players in the world. Give that asian his props.

    Wow Dime I thought I was the only one who saw Dirk yell that after that play LOL I was watchin that Mavs/Blazers game go into triple OT when Dirk hit the dagger.

    It was vintage Dirk in the clutch. He gets the isolation at the elbow, jab steps, pump fakes, takes a power dribble to his left, pump fakes, lets Aldridge motion towards him on the fake, goes under him , brings the ball back left and shoots his unstoppable unguardable unbelievable fadeaway in Aldridges GRILL. Nothin but net. How many times have we seen Dirk do this in the clutch??

    And after Dirk hits the shot he CLEARLY screams out “Stop THAT you FUCKIN FAGGOT!!!” lmao

    I’ve seen Dirk mad but damn…Aldridge mustve said somethin that really got under his skin for Dirk to yell like that while goin back down court. He had already missed TWO potential game winners in regulation and overtime so I’m sure he was happy to finally finish Portland off with that clutch jumper.

    He’s most def gonna hear from the league. Me and my girl could both easily lip read what he said without a question lol its sad that you can call ppl all kinds of pussies and bitch ass niggas but as SOON as you say faggot everybody gets offended smh Americas becomin so pro gay is disgusting. And enough with the anti gay slur commercial with Grant Hill and Jared Dudley. When I was growin up if you was a homo you kept that shit to yourself and stayed the fuck away from straight dudes. Nowadays these faggots get protection smh

    I can do this all day, your comments….are just GAY.

  • LeRoy Green

    *double OT, not triple lol

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    i’m pretty sure jeremy lin is as american as any other person born in northern california… kid played cif ball in california, division 1 ball at harvard, i’m really not sure how taiwan has to do with him balling on the knicks right now… D’antoni didn’t give him burn because he’s asian, he got pt because knicks didn’t have a pg, and the kid and play…

    kobe probably spent more time in italy than lin in taiwan, i don’t see nobody calling kobe the italaian… people don’t call chris kaman a German player even though he acquired German citizenship to play for their national team….

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    oh yeah, and i can totally see melo turn into the next eddy curry…

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    ok my bad, according to wiki jeremy lin was born in los angeles and grew up in palo alto… perhaps we should refer to him as the next greatest mexican player since eduardo najara…

  • sh!tfaced

    lol. “…american parts, russian parts, all made in taiwan.”
    had that old armageddon movie quote in mind while making that post… just plugged it in for the hell of it.

    my mistake for being as misleading as the next smack’s headling… hehe

    gonna quote will ferrell for the next great mexican player since najara…

    “At forward, 6’10 from Mexico, he doesn’t speak a lick of English but we still love him, Gustavo Ayon”

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    i can’t get mad if you’re quoting will ferrell… it’s almost like why i keep on going to watch those underworld movies only because kate beckinsale’s in that leather outfit…

    but yeah, it’s like if LA starts repping jayZ or if ny starts claiming tupac… so i had to set the record straight…

    also got a problem with people with 20-20 hindsight… how lin should have gottened a scholarship, how he should have been drafted, how he should have played more for his former teams… those people know anothing about basketball…

    but, i do wonder if stephen curry and monta ellis are putting extra ommph in their games right now because they want to justify why lin never got pt on the warriors…

    so where’s the next destination for linsanity?

  • sh!tfaced

    who knows? it’s only been only 4 or 5 games. i mean bob sura once had 3 straight triple-double games.

    right now, i’m just hoping linsanity doesn’t turn into linderella…