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Jeremy Lin Shows Off A New Trick; Two Overlooked Stars Go Crazy

Jeremy Lin

We knew he could drop buckets and strut around like a much smaller Rick Ross, but last night was the first time those Steve Nash comparisons actually started to make sense. Lob. Wrap-around. Another lob. 13 dimes later and the Knicks had their seventh-straight win, 100-85 over the Kings. We asked yesterday if Jeremy Lin‘s hype was partially racial. Last night wasn’t so much racial as it was Nash-ial. Lin has that offense flowing on all cylinders. When was the last time you saw a Knick box score with seven different guys in double figures? … Mike Tyson was in the house, hanging out with what looked like a high school chick, as well as swearing on live TV … We love Isaiah Thomas, but how funny was it hearing the Knick crowd boo him strictly because of his name? … In a game that felt like it featured the most dunks ever, the Clippers eventually put the Wizards to bed, 102-84. As ESPN’s Chris Palmer tweeted: “If you’re playing in this Clippers/Wizards game it’s pretty much assumed you’re getting dunked on.” DeAndre Jordan was catching lobs. Blake was throwing down lefty jams. JaVale McGee (18 points) caught an air ball, got freaky with it, and reversed the tip-in. Blake Griffin (23 points, 15 rebounds) was going so wild, he even dunked on DeAndre Jordan … We were getting dumber by the minute watching Nick Young (5-for-18) play basketball. Even when the shots went in – and a few of these fallaway, 23-footers did – there were three or four of them where we could literally feel the brain cells shriveling up … In the first quarter, Kenyon Martin easily skied to block a John Wall floater. As unbelievable as it is that he can still do that stuff, pre-knee surgeries K-Mart would’ve killed someone in the fifth row with that thing … Marco Belinelli made a career-high six 3-pointers and scored a season-high 22 points in New Orleans’ three-point win over the Bucks … Kevin Love had 30 and 18 in Minnesota’s 102-90 W over the league’s only high school team, Charlotte … In the second quarter, the home team was kinda sleep-walking until Derrick Williams cut through the middle of the lane, took a pass and unleashed a lefty throwdown on D.J. White where D-Will2 barely touched the rim. One of the Wolves announcers screamed, “He just Mozgov’d somebody!” … Is it OK if we officially bestow Bismack (pronounced “Bizz-Mock”) Biyombo with the nickname “Bismack-E”? … After spending the last few weeks in an out-of-body experience, Kevin Martin got his grove back, going for 32 points in Houston’s 96-95 win over OKC as the Rockets survived three different Kevin Durant (33 points) shots in the final moments … And Gerald Wallace had 24 points while Jamal Crawford scored five late points that were the key in Portland’s two-point win over the Warriors … Keep reading to hear what a couple of shoulda-been All-Stars did for payback …

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  • neoy

    I love Jlin and all, but anyone notice that he goes on turnover sprees, like he would get 3 turnovers in 5 possessions. whats up with that?


    Good for Lin, good for the GOOKs!

  • That’s What’s Up

    bruce – what’s good for the gook is good for the gander

    hence, you’re an asshole


  • Jerry

    Get blown out = No more Linsanity.

    Kings figured it out, pretty genius.

  • swiss chocote

    Another one of the bay area’s finest… ballin

  • 4M

    Between Landry and Lin, do the Knicks have the smartest/highest IQ starting backcourt in the NBA right now? Or ever? I like their little pregame ritual. Those TOs of Lin though are starting to concern me. Seems like he’s trying to do a little too much sometimes. But better in the first half than in the second half. Maybe he’s just experimenting. Most impressive stat in the Jeremy Lin Tour is that his scoring has gone up every quarter. Mighty impressive. Even Amare seems to genuinely enjoy playing with him. I respect his tribute for his brother but he looks like a gangbanger with that teardrop tattoo. Of course Melo is coming back just in time for the ASG. Please, please make it work. I wonder what he and Lin were yukking up during garbage time.

    Someone console Austin since his boy Tyreke couldn’t end the Jeremy “not a black guy” Lin Show.

    To those who read Austin’s piece yesterday, sorry for opening that can of worms and bringing it over to today’s smack.

  • Ghostzilla

    The AlieLIN strikes again!! Too good, too fast to be an earthLINg (alright no more Lin puns, 1,863 are enough).

    Some of those passes tonight were next level (Nash/Rondo/Rubio status). TO’s are def an issue, especially coming off the pick and roll, where about 2/3 of them have come from. One thought tho: when Nash used to run the Suns under D’antoni he would often lead the L in TO’s (as well as assists). Might just come with the territory (although Nash had a much better assist/TO ratio).

    LOL at Charlotte being the one HS team in the L, I would not wanna be hangin around MJ right now, you know ain’t a damn thing funny to him right now.

    That behind-the-back ball-fake Rondo uses is def patented, as in “you just got Rondo’d!”

    Come on man, you’re better than that (or not).

  • QQ

    Highest starting IQ…. Melo comes back, cancels it all out! Yaaaay!

    And props to the Magic, for AGAIN shutting up all fucking haters saying we’re pretty much done after the rough skid.

    19-11, anyone?


    Every Knicks game i watch there is a part of me expecting the Lin bubble to burst, then he goes out and impresses in a totally new way, and i’m loving it.
    On the race issue, it’s definitely there, but not in a “people like him cos he aint black” way its more of a “well, who knew asians could ball” way. His race adds to the surprising nature of the whole thing.
    And on the IQ thing, has there ever been such a drop-off in IQ between one player and his replacement? Harvard Grad to Toney “Dumbass” Douglass…… I think their points totals over the last 7 games is closer than their IQ scores.
    Fiinally, The Elephant in the room is still the turnovers. WAY too many, but in this system even Steve Nash was almost at 4 per game, its alot to do with the faster Pace, trying to avoid giving up the dribble and having to react on the fly to what your teammates are doing. I think once he’s used to doing all that then his TO’s will drop by about 2 a game.

  • rw

    Ah dime.. Dallas played too. Chopped Denver. Incase u missed it

  • Jzsmoove

    KD or Westbrook not getting the go ahead bucket was frustrating to watch. Frustrated with myself cuz I missed the Clippers game.

  • trollne1
  • Skeeter McGee

    @ Bruce

    You’re a clown dude. There’s no place for that anywhere online, let alone here. I’m not Asian but I still take offense to shithead comments from pricks like yourself.

    Anyways, back to bball talk:

    I think Lin looked eerily similar to Nash last night as well, especially with how in-control he seemed (even though he does turn the ball over at an alarming rate still). I say that because people are forgetting this is only his 7th start (I know he’s not a rookie people but he might as well be). If he gets a whole offseason with the starting unit, I think this team does work, which is another way of saying this is going to be a great story (which it already has been, if nothing else happens) but the Knicks aren’t gonna do shit this year.

  • Knicksfan84

    Kings looked really bad man. They gotta get RID of DeMarcus Cousins… that dude is a CANCER beyond Marbury levels. They have way too much talent to be so bad but you can tell nobody likes playing with him or together.

    Kings should have been the first ones on the phone talking about a D12 trade or somehow enter those talks as the 3rd wheel to get a lotto pick. There’s PLENTY of big’s in this upcoming draft that they don’t need to suffer with Cousins anymore.

  • beiber the bounty hunter

    Melo looks a lot better playing with a decent point guard, think Andre Miller, Billups and even Iverson (who is a decent passer when he wants to be). It might not be the car crash people are expecting when he comes back. Well done to Lin for making basketball enjoyable in NY, all his teammates look happy.

    We all know Austin is a basketball racist from his comments on Nash!

  • beiber the bounty hunter

    Lets hear it for the bleach boys!


  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    I keep saying, melo will be fine, actually super-fine playing with lin. No worries. Can’t wait to get the perennial all star back. Lin finally has another weapon that the defense has no clue how to stop.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    LMAO @ trollne1… nice pic.

    Lin needs to get better at limiting his turnovers, but his TO:assist ratio is still 2:1. That’s right around where you want your PG to be. He’ll get better throughout his career.

    Anyone know when Melo is supposed to return?

    I put in some old VHS tapes I have laying around the house and watched the 1995 Arkansas vs UNC Final Four game. Rasheed vs Corliss, who was my favorite player back then. Corliss was BEASTING Rasheed. ‘Sheed just could not handle him inside. He looked clueless trying to cover him.
    So this morning I woke up still effected by the Corliss fever, I decided to wiki his bio (since wiki wasn’t around back then). And I found this regarding a high school title game…

    “In that title game, Russellville (Corliss’ school) defeated a team led by Jason Kidd, with Williamson blocking a potential game-winner by Kidd at the buzzer. Williamson was named tournament MVP, but gave his medal to Kidd at the award podium.”

    He blocked Kidd’s game-winning attempt at the buzzer, and he still gave the MVP to Kidd. #humble
    It’s really too bad he didn’t turn out the way I expected. He even played for my Raptors, but Lenny Wilkens made him shoot jumpshots from the perimeter. Idiot.
    BTW… random thought. I miss the days when you could just pop in a tape and record something. I know there’s PVRs today that can record in digital HD but it’s not the same. I have tapes laying around from the 80s (control and other guys from Cananda might remember the “Xtenda-Mix” and “Soul In The City” shows on Much Music. I got that shit on tape! Lol). My PVR can’t transfer videos to external media… they have to stay save inside the machine. When I run out of room, I have to delete. Stupid.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    I’m in a weird predicament though becuz I’m praying and hoping the win streak doesn’t come to an end in melo’s first game back. But that just means I’m hoping the knicks lose at some point within the week. Damm. Maybe I should just hope melo win in his first 3 games back so he can show ppl the mix can work. Hey, after that, a loss is a loss. No team is perfecto.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Quote from Lin after the game…

    “We need to make sure we put our egos aside. When we put our egos aside and buy into coach D’Antoni’s system, we’re going to win.”

    Hopefully Melo heard that.

  • stefan
  • CA

    No one talking about Nikola Pecovic whos just balling the past few games, 21 & 11,16 & 13,21 & 13, 27 & 11.

    JUS saying.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Cosign CA. It’s worth mentioning that he was 9-10 from the field in his 21 & 13 game.
    That dude scares me. I used to know some Russian Mob dudes, and he reminds me of them.

    Let’s tie this into the whole race thing. …
    Pekovic is greek. There aren’t too many Greeks in the league. He’s on a small market team. And there’s no winning streak.
    I’m convinced if you put him on the Knicks when Lin joined, and they started a winning streak on the day Pekovic started playing big minutes… then Pekovic would have Lin’s hype.

    Him being Asian has little to do with Lin’s hype. He turned around one of the NBA’s biggest markets when they were playing terrible. Throw any relative unknown into Lin’s position (white, black, hispanic, whatever), if they start winning, and more importantly looking good WHILE winning, ANYONE would get that hype.

  • trollne1

    Yeah I also noticed Pekovic’s been beasting lately. Like double digit scoring in all games in Feb. If they won all those games, maybe it woulda been Pekovic fever instead. But between him and Love, that’s a mean frontline. Then you got Darko and Brad Miller, then unpredictable Beasley. Safe to say, nobody’s gonna be punking anyone in the Twolves anytime soon.

    Aside from the highlights, I also enjoy watching Lin’s interviews. Dude is so egoless, so humble. So refreshing to hear from a pro athlete. I don’t know the stat but seems like most of Lin’s TOs are from the 1st half. He’s able to adjust in the second half cause he watches film at half time. Who even watches film during halftime?? Anyways, I’m still counting on JLin figuring out how to make it work with both Melo and Amare. He’s from Harvard after all.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I just check Pekovic’s games… bad example for the race thing. He’s been slowly improving with every passing game. Not exactly the same as Lin who seemingly just popped out of nowhere.
    But the point is if Jeremy Lin was Jeremy Glint… a black dude who went to Yale that nobody heard of, it would still be a huge story.

  • yoda


    Pekovic is from Monte Negro, not Greece

  • Buckets

    Anthony Morrow 3pt shootout champ easy money…just watch

  • Big Island

    I am going to change my Melo theory a bit. I still think the dude is a cancer on a team, I really do. I think he’s going to come back and play it cool for a week or so because there is an awful lot of coverage on him being the one to screw it up. He’ll eventually go back to the old Melo, the sub .500 Melo, but for the first few games, he’s gonna be chill.

    I’m gonna do a Beib impersonation, here goes: Hmm… Funny how I was talking about Melo sucking and nobody believed me. Well Stephen A. Smith was interviewing Melo about being able to play with Lin, and another ESPN article said he would have to adjust his game… Coincidence? Hmmmm… It’s nice to see PROFESSIONAL REPORTERS who cover basketball for a living have the same opinion I do…. Interesting…

    Lin is such a big deal right now because:
    1) He is in NY
    2) He is Asian
    3) He is an underdog guy
    4) He isn’t big
    5) He is ballin

    If he were Yi, it wouldn’t be as big a deal. If he were a Greek Russian mobster, it wouldn’t be as big a deal. It’s a perfect storm. That being said, last night was the most impressed with him that I have been. You give anyone in the league the green light for 20 shots, they are gonna get buckets. But some of the passes he had last night were GREAT. Lobs to Chandler are one thing, but lobs in traffic to Landry Fields?!?!? Come on!

  • the shaman

    great comment on Tony Parker, Spurs flying under the radar…


  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    You know what big island, I’m not even mad at that. Today is a good day. Lol

  • LeRoy Green

    all this Lin hype is nice. real cute. but come sunday at 1 PM…you niggaz is DEAD. We finna sick the Nazi on all this asian hype, PRONTO.



  • Phileus

    Big Island hit all the main reasons right on the head. Lin’s popularity isn’t because of just one thing, but is a mix of a lot of different factors.

    Race is definitely one of them. To basketball purists who aren’t Asian, like a lot of Dime readers, Lin is spectacular because of his rise from an NBA third-string player/ D-League player to a pretty damn good starter. To most of you fans who are like that, your opinion of him will rise and fall with the quality of his play.

    But I grew up in an Asian-American community. People who have only casually cared about the NBA, or even people who never watched the NBA at all, are now subscribed to League Pass, buying Lin jerseys and Linsanity shirts and watching with their foreign-born parents who probably don’t understand the rules of the game. To them, he means a lot more than his stats and his quality of play; he’s a social statement.

  • NTstateOFmind

    the energy at the garden last night was ridiculous; cant say im a regular as i was just visiting, but the guy right in front of me (whos a season ticket holder) said its been years since the garden felt like that

    all criticism aside, linsanity is bringing that energy back to NY. as a basketball fan, who wouldnt want that for your respective team.

    any of the Dime crew in the building last night- what’re your thoughts on how it felt?

  • JDish

    jaja whatz up with Ryan Anderson and no one D-ing him up. It must be cause he’s white, well not exactly. But I think Ryan Anderson just doesn’t look like a high scoring threat. He doesn’t look athletic, doesn’t look like he’s gonna catch a couple of lobs from Jameer Nelson for crazy crams. Nothing like that. So teams dont get it yet. “Coach he ain’t gonna do anything, why should I play D on him…?”
    BAM Anderson goes off for 20+ points jajjajaja

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    My bad. I saw Panathiakithalohippopotamus on his NBA profile and thought he was from there. NBA messed up his profile.

  • Sporty-j

    I don’t like to get on the race issue even though it still exist. But I think its safe to safe of course it is. We just don’t need Mayweather Jr and everybody bringing it up as if they made some big Rocket Science Discovery.

    Venus and Serena Williams dominating Tennis as 2 black African Americans makes them the biggest Tennis stars in the World. Because they r black. That’s unheard of in a dominated mostly WHITE sport.

    Tiger Woods dominating golf as a African American/ Chinese player is big time news and unheard of because golf is mostly a dominated WHITE sport.

    Discovering a White crocodile is going to be World Breaking News because its Unheard and has never been seen before…

    So when an Asian player comes into the a mostly dominated American sport, with his type of story, in Americas biggest Market city. It’s going to be broadcast all over the World. A White or Black player of course could not get that type of attention because we have seen it before. We have seen Spanish players like Many and Fork do it. But to see an Asian do it is like discovering a New Specie especially at the PG position. I dont know what’s all the big fuss is about and why people just can’t enjoy the moment. It’s good for basketball after the lockout, David bit@# slapping the Landed, and gives the NBA there own TEBOW hype machine to rival the NFL. Jeremy Lin went from being a cut to hitting the freaking lotto. He plays the game the right way, is not a ball hog, and has been humble through all the craziness that has been going on when most guys would have started getting big headed. Hard work has paid off for Lin. A dream come true for David Stern would be to have Houston, Dallas, OKC, Clips, Lakers, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Orlando, and Miami make the playoffs is good for basketball with all these teams losing money. Congratulate not player because Jeremy Lin needed New York. And we all know that they desperately need him lol. Most of all the NBA needed a Jememy Lin and because of Lin. Even more racial barriers will be broken. And because of Lin theres a little Asian kid somewhere dribbling a basketball and wanting to now play PG in the NBA or WNBA…

  • Sporty-j

    Manu and Dirk. Excuse my smart a$$ phone on some things ladies. phucker thinks its smater than me…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    That assesment by sportyj is off because those individuals didnt just get hype because they were black but because they were DOMINATING, before tiger woods scandal people thought he could go down as the greatest tennis player ever. venus and serena are arguably the best womens tennis tandem and individually they have won many awards and have been dominate at times. jeremy lin is just starting out, hasn’t won anything and has not been dominate. the media today is horrible, they are about instant gratification.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JDish — Call me a racist again, but until I learn otherwise, as a defender I will assume the White guy hovering around the arc can shoot.

  • JDish

    All Jeremy Lin is doing is demostrating what he was already blessed with … true ball skills. He was blessed with the chance to show the NBA, the critics, and the world, that he CAN PLAY PERIOD. And it turns out he’s asian, SO WHAT. No matter where he’s from, he’s ballin and his is a feel good story of hard work, persistance and staying positive.

  • JBaller

    Here’s some knowledge for you,

    The racial epithet “Gook” that Bruce’s dumb ass likes to use comes from Korea. The word gook means country in Korean, Han Gook (like the tires) refers to Korea itself, Jung Gook refers to China and means “original country” and Mi Gook refers to the USA and means “beautiful country”. The irony there is that during the Korean war Koreans would say “Mi Gook” to American soldiers, and they would respond with “yeah, you gook”. Classic misunderstanding run amok. I lived in Korea for a year and used to ball with them. The first guy I met there was about 5’6″ and he was a power forward!

  • JDish

    @ Austin Burton

    Not at all bro, not at all. Really this whole thing with Ryan Anderson is kind’a interesting cause you have a player like Anderson that doesn’t really look like a high scoring option for his team, (don’t get me wrong cause he is and he’s showing us he can score), and doesn’t command a great amount of attention on the team. I mean really look at what NBA.com reports every 2-3 days on a recent night of NBA games. The note for an Orlando Magic game is what Dwight Howard did, what he scored, how many rebounds he pulled down, and what the latest on his trade-rumor status is. But if you don’t dig for the whole stat sheet on the game you’ll probably won’t know that indeed Ryan Anderson also score 20+ point and 11 assists or whatever. Maybe Ryan Anderson suffers from getting-overshadowed syndrome. I’m just saying that more athletic players, and more entertaining, than Anderson get more attention.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    New york knicks looking like the place for da dude jr smitty. I hope the team adds another capable gunner, who is in shape and wasn’t sitting on his ass. Smooth transition. Melo betta be doing evrything in his power to convince jr ny is the place for him.

    On another note, allen iverson is coming around to the idea of signing up for the nba d league! Only if it leads to an eventual nba call up. I dunno how he knows that’d happen, but he should sign anyway and let his performance dictate what’ll happen. I am one of the few who actually appreciate “the answer” enough to wanna see him in an nba game again.

  • K Dizzle

    NBA scouting is ridiculous sometimes. I’ll give Philly a pass cuz they suck without Hawes but it’s like the coaching staff couldn’t just check stats to see that Anderson is shootin 44% from 3. He’s made 24 more than anybody else in the league, but opposing players still leavin him open. Shoot, he took 24 3s over the last 3 games. Guard him!!!
    I wouldn’t be leavin Anderson to go double Dwight when Anderson’s been as hot as he’s been this season when Dwight’s so off n on offensively n can just be hacked if he even thinks about gettin loose…

    @ Dime – you can prop Rondo all you want, but the Celts can’t win a damn thing without KG

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “as a defender I will assume the White guy hovering around the arc can shoot.”
    That’s funny. Maybe Magic opponents need to be more “racist” too.

    People are acting like what AB said is ridiculously far fetched. Race DOES have something to do with it. Denying it at all makes some of you look stupid… and I know most of you guys aren’t. If he wasn’t Asian, most fairweather asians wouldn’t give a shit, so how can people say his race has nothing to do with it? There’s a billion chinese in China! Their support alone is enough to cause the hype. Dude is going to get at least a million all-star votes next year, and I’ll bet a week’s salary on that. Was Yao being the starter all those years based on race?! Fuck yeah!!!! Then why is it impossible that Lin’s race plays at least a small part in his hype.

    The PC bullshit has to stop. It’s like some people are afraid to just admit a race issue. This kinda reminds me of a Russell Peters skit… where he’s at a bar and the bouncer comes to him and says,
    Bouncer: “There’s a guy waiting out front for you.”
    Russell Peters: “Is he black”
    Bouncer: “Uhhhhhhh…. I dunno”
    Russell Peters: “What do you mean you don’t know? What does he look like?”
    Bouncer: “Well uhhh… he’s about this tall… wearing baggy jeans. and corn rows.”
    Russell Peters: “Is he BLACK?”
    Bouncer: “Uhhhhhhhhh… I dunno”
    Russell Peters: “Well did you at least get a name?”
    Bouncer: “Yeah… uhhh… Omar.”

    I didn’t believe that shit until a month ago. Up until then, I just thought it was a joke… then I went to lunch with some co-workers who were afraid to say “black person” in front of me. They were talking about another co-worker whose name I didn’t know… and they described him in every detail (from his cubicle location to the shoes he wears), but they just managed to leave out the fact that he was black. If the dude is black… THEN SAY HE’S BLACK!!! It would have taken me 2 seconds to know who they were talking about if they just said he was black. There’s only 5 black people in my whole office, and he was the new guy. “The new black guy” would have sufficed. People are dumb sometimes.

  • silky

    hawks almost blew that game last night… nash just never gives up. josh smith is such a tantalizing talent tho. when he is on, he is as fun to watch as anyone IMO. dude just does so much

    i’m not reading too much into pekovic yet. having k-love as his power forward makes life pretty easy. the opposing d has to focus on a player that is effective down low, on the perimeter and on the p&r. leaves alot of space for a center who can move without the ball. when you have rubio initiating… even easier.

    he’s a big body, who knows how to use it, decent hands and touch and has played in europe for years as a pro already so he has a grasp of the game.

    he’s just a role player on a streak. good find by them tho

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    I aint play ball in months til today. I executed the mean mj baseline fake, but I aint finish with a dunk. Instead I went with the rondo one legged, one handed, full extension scoop layup with my right hand on the left side and finished no glass, straight swish for the game.

    Bottom line, rondo may not hav a jumper, but his moves are high percentage, smart, attack the d, keep em on their heels effective. That’s why I appreciate his game.

  • silky

    oh and @jay

    thats funny you mention the vhs tapes…

    i had an argument with my girl a while back, she has been on a bit of a purge of my “stuff” since we got engaged and she found a box of my tapes from the early 90’s(mostly knick games, all-star, dunk comps, mcdonald all american games).

    needless to say she had it in the throw away pile… i almost lost it on her. trying to explain the significance of those to a chick is hard. i used to love revisiting those old games. especially the all american games, grainy footage of kg rocking the rim with his lil stickbody and scowl

    so then she was like well “i already threw away your vhs player, so they are useless now”

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JAY — Like I said, the people who get most offended by bringing race into a discussion are the same people who are least impacted by racism.

    These are also the same people who use terms like “post-racial” and “reverse racism” and “I don’t see color,” thinking it makes them sound evolved.

    If you disagree with my view on race or racism or Jeremy Lin or Steve Nash or whatever, that’s totally cool. But let’s be honest and at least acknowledge the way things are in this society. Maybe then we’d actually have a chance at changing something.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    The “I don’t see color” shit always gets me laffing

  • Three Stacks

    I couldn’t believe all the holier than thou assholes that were condemning Burton for his piece yesterday. Does anyone really think the guy is racist because he wrote that article?

    Just because you shed light on a race issue, that doesn’t make you racist. Rather, being unable to acknowledge that a race issue isn’t hovering over pretty much everything — especially sports — in America, is so backwardly ignorant that it makes me think they’ve never had to face an actual race issue in their own lives.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am Asian. I didn’t find his article the least bit racist or condescending, and I’m pretty sure most other Asian folk would agree with me. Why do we need to pretend like J. Lin’s being Asian ISN’T a big deal? It’s absolutely a big deal, and the reason it’s a big deal is a completely separate issue from his talent.

    I understand that society frowns on bringing up race in any kind of evaluation of a person, and it would cause a riot if they said anything like what Burton said on ESPN. But the fact that people still can’t look at race objectively or tell the difference between race as a social issue and race as a discriminatory issue depresses me about the state of our country.

    And at the risk of sounding militant: Attention all you indignant (I’m guessing white) folk, we don’t need ya’ll getting upset or offended on our behalf. I’m pretty sure us minorities are able to recognize it better than you. If you want to make up for all the years of discrimination, fix the government by not voting Republican in the future. I’m joking about the last part, but you get the idea.

  • trollne1

    BRUCE isn’t racist. That’s just the tribalism in him talking

  • silky
  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    @trollne1, Bruce isn’t racist. He was just born with down syndrom and all of you who have been attacking him should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I am officially proposing a petition to limit the number of Lin related puns to maybe (3)? per sportscaster in any broadcast. Its getting lin-toletable. Shit, now Im doing it to.

    Maybe Ive been busy so am late to this but, I see Sporty-Jay has finally reemerged from what I am assuming was a dark soul searching sabbatical wherein he was able to come to terms with Miami’s utter destruction at the hands of the sharp-shooting Kraute and the folly in guaranteeing a championship when your best player (admittedly the most dominant/talented player in the league) has the unfortunate habit of totally choking when its time to make the donuts.

    As far as “Bismack-E” Dime? Your better than that. Bismack Biyombo is such a great name as it is. Maybe Bizzey-E? Mombo? I dont know, brainstorming, there has to be something better out there.

    Of course race is a factor in the Lin story, but there are several other parts of the story that are more more compelling so you cant really just pawn the whole phenom on that. No D1 scholarships, Harvard, undrafted, cut by several teams, at end of bench, and most importantly, playing for a previously miserable NY team = perfect storm. Kid has some real talent. Typical of the Warriors to let him go without giving him a chance. Once he gets better at splitting all these doubles hes getting or recognizing them earlier he can get his TOs down and be a legit next to or maybe even top tier PG. Probably next to, but I would not bet against him because he is showing out and performing with all eyes and defenses on him now, will get just get easier for him to run point with Mellow. Dude has no basketball IQ but is top 3 scorer in the league. You leave him to double and its auto buckets.

  • DurrtyInjun

    Three Stacks is right that Austin is not racist, and the article was not either. But you have to admit that he goes out of his way with invalid points to hate on Lin. If you want to talk about his TO’s, lack of polish on the passes (they get to the right spot usually but it just ain’t smooth… I missed last nights game though), need of a proper system, or anything else basketball related to state why you don’t agree with the hype, its all good.

    But he tries to deny what he has accomplished comparing him to players who were flashes but not winning. Denying that Lin is a bigger gift to D’Antoni instead of vice versa (another guard might put up the numbers but guarantee they wouldn’t be winning 7 in a row). Ignoring that any player who led a struggling team to a win streak like this, regardless of who they played would be getting props. And then stating he hopes Tyreke stops the roll.

    I bring up the last point because if anything, thats what I would take offense with, and Austin even admits that his preference may be a little racial. Problem is its an indefensible stance outside of race because Tyreke is just not that great of a PG. Good player but wait till Lin plays a legit black PG (Paul, Rose, Westbrook, or even Williams a second go around) to make that statement if you don’t want to look so biased.

  • Jeremy Lin

    Fuck you Austin Burton, and you too Bruce. Not cause you’re racist, just cause I hate you mothetfuckers!

    Now that’s LINSANE!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    ima be so tight if i see rose waddle his way in the all star game afta missing all these fucking regular games. dude is killin the excitement of big matchups on tv and is hurting my damn fantasy team. fuck that.

    had to vent.

  • 4M

    To everyone who insists that race has played a huge deal in the hype surrounding Lin, please enlighten me. Was it a big part of the insane hype that surrounded guys like LBJ and Mayo during their HS days? Yeah I didn’t think so. When yi was averaging double figures for a short stretch, did people start riding his jock and label him the next Duncan or next Dirk? No. You know why? Cause he was a lottery pick who didn’t lead his team anywhere. So maybe, just maybe, hear me out on this, the reason why Lin was getting a lot of hype was because he led an underachieving team to 7 straight wins. I won’t even bring up his stats, particularly for his 5 first starts, which was historic, cause you all know about that already. Maybe you guys can concentrate on that instead of making an issue about his race. Heck, even mainstream Chinese media didn’t pick up on him until after 3-4 games. So yeah calm down on that racism thing. Or should I say tribalism thing. Sure it may have played a part, but not as big as some of you makw it out to be.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    barkley got the better team!!!! i had faith in him and he didn’t let me down. i like this change to the rookie sophomore format. keep it.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz
  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    black human kid wants to do something extraordinary

    watch ! now !



  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz
  • Atom

    You have to assume Lin is going to Yao his way to a starting spot in the all star game next year. Whose spot does he take, MVP Rose or top 3 or 4 player in the game wade?

  • the cynic

    the word racism gets thrown around way too much in our society. Lots of people stereotype, everybody actually, but racism is a completely different ball game.

  • M-Intellect

    Some really ignorant shit being thrown around by SOME Black dudes. Would love to see how they react if cats boiled Obama getting presidency down to him being Black and/or Not White. The irony of this whole situation is pro-sports helped integrate black people into foreign cultures and now they’re getting funny when a dude from another race comes up through it?

    Austin – Routing for Tyreke Evans because of your ‘racial hardwiring’, over the biggest feel good NBA story in recent times? Even though after the lock-out, Jeremy Lin has highlighted everything good about the sport after everything bad about it had very publically ground it to a halt? And your a sports fan? LOL And you talk about Derek Fisher and Jose Calderon but forgot about ya boy John Wall and Deron Williams, huh? Anyway – Add Tyreke to that list of sub-standard defenders that dude killed…

    I’m waiting for some to drop ‘He got Shao-Linned’…

  • M-Intellect

    And for the record, I don’t believe Race isn’t a factor but it is one of roughly 10. Using the Tebow comparisons, Tebow is similar in a lot of ways EXCEPT he is the traditional colour for a player his sport/position but he has a buzz without that factor so can someone riddle me that?

  • QQ

    Fuck PC. Seriously. If yall can’t talk bout race, a vital concept in society, and act like what you will say will always cause a shitstorm, then society doesn’t need you.

    Political correctness will be the death of society.

    So stop being so sensitive about an undeniable concept in the world you live in, you fucking shitheads.

  • QQ

    IMO, Austin isn’t racist.

    He’s just, as he said, ‘hardwired’. Whatever that fucking means. But seriously, I’m tired of overly PC dudes, so, meh.

    But the thing is, he IS bias. Bias towards some players. And you know that dude. When he defends someone he supports, he will go to absolutely fucking ridiculous lengths to defend that guy. And vice versa, when he doesn’t like someone.

    Racist or not, I don’t fucking care. But bias? A sportswriter for a national hoops mag? A fucking apologist who posts something for the sake of defending a player he associates with?

    Fuck that. We don’t need that.

  • Sean Sweeney

    I picked up on the hip-hop connotations of Bismack-E (Biz Markie) very easily.

    That’s all I’m calling him from now on.