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Kevin Durant Wins The All-Star Game MVP; Everyone Forgot About Dwyane Wade

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Jared McMillen)

And so it begins… Even in an All-Star Game, LeBron can’t escape his demons. James and Kevin Durant turned this one into a duel, with Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade playing sidekick roles, and in the end, the West walked out of Orlando with a 152-149 win. Tons of offense. Tons of points. A close finish. A lot of eye candy, and enough dunks that we forgot all about Jeremy Evans and Paul George within the game’s first six minutes. Does it get any better? Durant and James both finished with 36 points – KD going off early; LeBron absolutely lighting it up from deep in the second half. Bryant did his thing as well with 27. But LeBron didn’t just back down from the moment. He backed down from Kobe to, who seemed to really want the red-hot James to go at him. Instead, James threw a Mark Sanchez on perhaps the game’s biggest possession. Bryant was fully into it, which is funny because not a half an hour later, they said Bryant would not be coming out to take questions because he was suffering from “headache problems.” Or maybe he just didn’t want to talk. That wouldn’t be the first time this weekend that’s happened … We weren’t sure how it looked on television, but when we saw Kobe jawing at someone on the East bench from the free-throw line in the closing moments, it took us all of two seconds to say “gotta be Paul Pierce.” Those two have a rivalry as long as Art Modell and Cleveland. Actually, Pierce admitted afterwards that he told the East to foul Bryant down the stretch because he remembered a similar situation barely a week ago where Kobe screwed up and missed one of two late. Then when it happened again, 24 stared him down all the way back to the bench as the Truth charged out to midcourt, celebrating as only Pierce can …

On the next page, Kobe gets the last laugh and how we spent the a.m. running with hip-hip stars …

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  • http://jerseychaser.com/tag/jeremy-lin-kobe-gif/ silky

    watching those east starters intoductions was pretty funny. wade, howard, melo and bron came out swaying, dancing and mugging like a bunch of clowns…. then rose just strolls up all quietly looking over at them like they were a bunch of kids. i dig that about rose.

    i can see what they were trying to do…. continue shaq’s legacy of dancing and having fun and all that but they don’t pull it off. having rose basicaly punk them like that was kinda sweet cuz those four are hip pop

    entertaining game tho… woulda been nice to have lebron drop that in kobe’s eye tho.

    dwight’s realtor is putting the sign in front of his house right about… noooooooow

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    That’s exactly what i came to post. I loved every moment of Rose’s Gangsta stare. He looked at them like they were Stepin Fetchit. I was f^&king dying with laughter!

    I dont know when the superbowl and the NBA all-star game turned gay (Madonna and Nicki don’t belong anywhere near sports) but apparently they don’t want real basketball fans to watch anymore. Since i had already committed to watching, i sat through those damn 35min intros only to turn the game off midway through the 2nd quarter.
    When Bynum and Howard both blocked eachothers shots to start the game i thought we were about to see some good ball, but then came the 48 alley oop attempts and the lack of defense.

    I need to go back and watch the old all-star game, i gotta see if this kinda f^ckery was going on back then.

  • AZ

    Coincidence that Kobe broke MJs record, and then a Jordan Player breaks Kobes nose?


    Last turnover of the game by The Chosen One. Shoot it man.

  • AZ

    *The Frozen One – FTFY

  • Ian

    i couldnt even finish the intros i have no clue who these people are. mlb still has the best allstar game now back in the 90s and 80s it was all nba.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Just saw that DWade busted Kobe’s nose. It would be funny if MJ did tell him to do that. Did it happen around the time Kobe broke the record or was about to?

    I just don’t get it. When the Superbowl went to halftime I had two choices. Stay and watch the halftime show or go be the runner for the pizza’s. As soon as i saw that it was Madonna i left the crib to get Pizzas.
    I wanted to turn off the NBA ASG intro’s but I wanted to see how the game started. Plus, as much as i hate Nicki, I would bang her like a f^cking drum. So i was kinda hoping for another nip slip or better. It’s amazing how lame all this has become. The ASG used to mean something, now it’s all about parties and shows. No one even cares about the basketball itself.

    side note: Any chance Derrick Rose pulls a Dave Chappelle and give back the money then bolts to Africa? Or a Ricky Williams? He just seems like he doesn’t fit with the NBA of today. He stands out even more than Tim Duncan IMO. Not in a bad way, he just seems to be wired differently.

  • sh!tfaced

    mr triple-dub did a wes walker… but it was an allstar game… so no major damage there…

  • Ian

    chicago yup at least duncan came in the league in the 90s but now rose is all alone. wouldnt surprise me if rose said fuck this shit and did what you said. i left before the game started. the nba needs to put something in the game like mlb did with the world series. im not saying finals homecourt cuz that means more in basketball than baseball but something.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m totally fine with a meaningless game remaining meaningless.

    The MLB All-Star Game didn’t get any better because of the World Series rule, and it wasn’t in trouble to begin with. That rule just made it so we probably won’t see another tie like they had the year when both teams ran out of pitchers. (The easier fix would’ve been to, just for the ASG, allow pitchers to re-enter the game.) And let’s be real, a lot of guys in the MLB All-Star Game probably know their team isn’t going to the World Series anyway.

    As for the NBA, there’s nothing wrong with the All-Star Game. It’s an exhibition of dunks and fancy passes and shooting for the fans, a mini-vacaction for the players, and a time to knock out some assignments for the media. It doesn’t have to be that serious.

  • da man

    I didn’t catch the all-star game, but did I miss something? Why is Lebron passing up a last shot at a glorified pickup game being psychoanalyzed to death as a fear of delivering in the clutch? It really is to the point where everything he does gets dissected. True he brought some of it on himself, but damn. He’s averaging absurd numbers this year and his team is tied for the best record in the league.

    I feel bad for sports columnists. They have to write so many articles that a lot of fluff and speculation gets thrown in.

  • Skeeter McGee

    The lackluster dunk contest made the weekend seem just a little incomplete and crazy to think 3-point was better than dunk this year…

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    I was watching the 1992 All-star game yesterday (the one where Magic returns. The entire game is on youtube), and they definitely played a lot more defense back then.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    not surprised kobe forced lbj into that turnover.

    and YESSS dime, me too @ seeing kobe jaw at someone at the sideline when he was shooting freethrows. i saw kobe do he smug smile look and i saw his lips say “”you wish” and i KNEW it was pierce. then when kobe missed i was, for one, i knew it was awkward for kobe cuz in his mind he’s supposed to knock those down 100% of the time, two, he had jus finished talking smack in defense of him NOT going to miss it, but third, i saw pierce dancing up and cheering like th east had won the game off that miss aha. but i loved every second of that. it made things interesting and kobe staring at pierce’s soul on the way to the bench was classic kb-pp shit.

    on the bench, i saw tony parker stand right in front of kobe and i was thinking, hmmm, maybe these players know the deal that the camera would instantly pan on kobe, so tony helped him out by taking him out of view, who knows. the camera then panned in on the east bench, and i saw pierce saying “i told yall, i told yall” all the while clenchin his fists and smiling. then i saw derrick rose looking at him with a smirk, kinda like rose was thinking it was pretty funny how accurate pierce was with whatever he was saying to them.

    i loved every bit of that. for some reason, it reminded me of, even though these two instances probably don’t fully correlate, of the time jordan hit the meeean fadeaway J over shawn marion in jordan’s final allstar game, and it gave his team the lead in the final moments and we all thought jordan would go out like that. i was jumping like a kid, then i see kobe take a three and get fouled by jermaine oneal i think it was and kobe ended up making 2 of 3 to go to overtime where the west ended up taking it.

    i was hoping this game went into overtime as well but hoped it didn’t at the same time cuz i told ppl durant would get MVP.

    with 20 some odd seconds to go, i see james with the ball and i’m thinking , no overtime, they going for the kill (or the L), and then i see the nba’s number one killer guarding lbj and i had the strange feeling it wouldn’t end well for james.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    -First off… LBJ did it in a meaningless game. The only thing on the line was their pride… bragging rights…. and, oops, he did it again. Dude is Brett Favre… a great player who has the tendency of blowing it when it’s on the line.

    -In prior all star weekends, the star players from the host cities acted like a host. Dwight wasn’t acting like the host. There’s no doubt that he knows about a trade that is going to happen in the next few days. He was wearing it on his face all weekend long.

    Dave Chappelle gave back that money?? I thought he just took his bonus and ran.

    And I agree with AB…. the weekend isn’t meant to be about serious basketball. It’s a spectacle for the fans. We, as fans, don’t really care who wins… do we? I sure as hell don’t.

    And F the stars for turning their noses to the dunk off. Especially Lebron… the biggest attention whore in the league. I’m calling him out specifically because he called himself out and proclaimed that he would be in a dunkoff and bring his buddies with him. Nobody else put a mic in their face and said definitively that “I will enter next year’s dunk off”, then never mentioned it again. Maybe he’s scared that some no-name might beat him and Nike won’t be able to confiscate live TV feeds. He needs to stop opening his mouth when he won’t deliver. Dude is a whore.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i’m watching mike and mike…and they talking about dwight howard trades. as im watching this im thinking about the news blurbs i read about how the nj gm is working on 3 team/4team trade scenarios to orchestrate a dwight trade. but as i think about that im wondering, why the hell would any team want to help out teams that involve franchise players, who would get other teams better? even though the deal would benefit their team, whichever team is pairing dwight with another star, doesn’t THAT hurt them more in the long run?

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    And is it just me, or does Allan Houston still look like he could play.
    My wife was like, “Who’s that “Houston” guy?”
    I answered, “That’s Allan Houston, who played with Patrick Ewing. He doesn’t play anymore. All these teams have one 1 WNBA player, 1 current NBA player and 1 retired guy. He’s the retired guy.”
    She said, “Whoa, he doesn’t play anymore??? He looks the same age as that other guy.”
    “Ummmmm, that’s Landry Fields… and Allan Houston is almost double his age.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    smh…..add nasal fracture to kobe’s never ending list of injuries…. wade, you a bitch for that

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    after finding that out, maybe those headaches were real dime…..

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    I’m sure the Lakers are already working out Allan Houston.

  • Chaos

    Half the guys in the all star game should have had their ass in the dunk contest. Iguodala has to be one of the most athletic guys in the L. he need to come back just cuz he got cheated when he was in it.

    i dont really care much about the game or the weekend anymroe after it got so watered down. i dont mind the east guys dancing…thought it was cool that DRose said eff it and just came out hard. but no one cares.

    The all star game is not for us anymore guys. its for hipsters, partiers, groupies and apparently fashionistas.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    allan houston tried to make a couple comebacks…didn’t work out, not cuz of skill i don’t believe, could be wrong, but cuz of his knee? well all i know for sure is that he worked out, got a camp invite and didn’t make the team and ended up becoming a knick employee instead. he helped recruit amare.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i think rose is just shy as fuck. have you guys seen his early interviews? painful to watch..he is better now, but his interviews still show how shy of a guy he is. no way he gonna bust a move with millions watching. shy dude, with big game. as long as he can play it’s all good. but don’t make out his non dancing like he is above those guys mentally. he is just shy as hell.

  • heckler

    The Major League Baseball allstar game rule is FUCKING STUPID!

    I hate that dumbass change. Why the hell should a team/league winning the allstar game get home court advantage for the World Series? that rule actually makes the 162 regular season games MEANINGLESS! you dont need that many games to figure a division winner.

    How dumb is it that the team with the best record in the league or the best record in all of baseball, does not get game 1, 2 or 7 at home of the world series because their league lost the all star game?!!?

    I dunno how owners agreed to that shit.
    If you have better regular season record than your opponent, then you EARNED the extra home games. If i was an owner Id be PISSED on losing revenue for a home world series playoff game because of the allstar game outcome.

    and to make it worse….in baseball, players are allowed to re-enter the games. So basically, after the 5-6th inning, you have B-LEVEL all star talent (think Joe Johnsons) deciding the outcome of close games. The BEST players are usually pulled by then for the reserves.

    EXCUSE ME?!!?…RESERVE all stars deciding the outcome of the home field advantage of the world series?!!?

    That MLB rule for the all star was and IS FUCKING STUPID.
    they should change it back!

    I know this is a basketball site, but MANY THANKS for letting me vent about baseball (and its all star game fuckery).
    the end.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    lebron missed a wide open (breakaway) layup in the allstar game

    after the results, i think he wants that play back.

  • trollne1

    I think it was a pretty entertaining game. Especially Lebron and Blake’s dunks in the first quarter. Despite being one of the biggest dbag’s in the league, Lebron brings it during ASG, whether through entertaining dunks or spearheading a comeback. But he choked in that last play, just like how Kobe choked on his FTs. He should’ve just taken that off-balance 3. He was on fire anyway.

    I’m more disappointed with Wade and Howard’s weak finishes in the rim. Layups and soft dunks? Really? And of course Kobe was determined to claim the ASG scoring record. He’s the greatest player in NBA history, greatest ballhog, that is. And Dwight’s speech before the game sounded like a farewell. I’m out like Dwight before the trade deadline.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ the dudes cryin about how much the all-star game sucks.
    Some of y’all need to up your oatbran.
    100% agree with Austin. It’s an exhibition. Dudes proppin DRose cuz he don’t know how to have fun? Shyt, please! Dude gets voted to start amongst the best players in the world n he lookin like his dog died. I seen Magic smile, Mike smile, Kobe smile, Bird, Malone, Nique, but Rose is hardcore cuz he don’t smile. Nigro please! Been watchin Hall of Famers have fun, clown, then buckle down in the 4th cuz it’s winnin time for over 2 decades. We get a game full of hilights, some ridiculous dunks, big time production from DWade, Kev Love, Westbrook, big time 3point shootin from Lebron(dude impressed, but probably had to hear “You PASSED it?” from Kobe after that bailout.)

    After all the “Linsanity” n “Laker analysts” all season, it was fun to watch dudes just let loose n play some playground ball. If not so much for me, at least my little cousins, nieces n nephews were giddy seein all that talent ballin together, havin fun wit it.

    Those of you bitchin about an all-star game like it’s real life need to get your shyt back into perspective.

  • xXx

    Funny you all ragging on the east stars for dancing, while praising Rose for being a statue. beiber has part of it. He might be shy, but he also has no personality. Dry as hell. And square – probably got no rhythm and can’t dance. So he didn’t want to embarrass himself. Either that or he’s just a straight up douchebag. All serious at the all-star game? My bet is that he is an outsider too. None of the other stars hang with this dude.

    The west came out taking this game serious from the start. How many inbounds passes did they steal after a basket? Meanwhile, the east just moved away from every drive and dunk. Glad they stepped it up after the half, following the script. Too bad the west didn’t get the memo. Hard foul on Kobe was maybe a message for this (not a Jordan thing).

  • JDish

    I’m starting to yearn for the all-star game(ASG) to actually mean something more than a “best-player-exhibition” for the season. I read awhile back that there was an idea floating around to base home court advantage for the playoffs on what conference wins the ASG. If that is true that would be a great idea, we could actually see players going hard instead of on cruise control. And this would add more fire to the rivalry between Kobe and Paul Pierce, and cook up some real basketball, players actually going at each other and Not backing down… Lebron…

  • control

    What all you guys complaining about? It was a pretty entertaining game for the most part. Was frustrating watching Dwight clowning, and being clowned. He was still clowning when it was obvious the other teammates had buckled down and wanted to try to win.

    Was funny seeing Rondo throw one of the worst oop passes I’ve seen, ball ended up in the 30th row, apparently he thinks Dwight can reach 16ft when he jumps.

    Most of all, how can people complain about LeBron? The only reason why the East even had a chance was because he came in and started ripping shit up. He played a solid game the entire game, yet others were bobbling easy and open layups, jacking horrible 3s and basically not giving a fuck. LeBron just had one really bad pass (and shaky decision behind even making the pass). The guy clearly made by far the biggest impact on the East team, yet he ain’t shit because he fucked up once at a really bad time? I don’t get that logic…

    Anyone notice how Thibs didn’t play his guys really at all? Haha, he played the Heat guys high minutes though, good strategy Thibs!

    How does anyone shoot 1 for 8 in an allstar game? With 2 turnovers, in 11 minutes? Can’t make a bigger “I don’t belong here!” statement…

  • Sporty-j

    Lmaol at grown a$$ men complaining about an all-star game? That game is mostly for kids to enjoy, people and players to get away with there wife, kids, and whoever in there family wants to and take a break a have fun in a bunch of fun activities all-weekend long. It’s only 50,000 for the winner anyhow. Stop watching all-star weekend if u r going to complain about it every year

    Nicky and Madonna should never perform at any type of all-star games.

    Derrick Rose has to be a boring PHUCK for a lot a females. Dude acts like he does not know how to have fun. Than these lame a$$ niccas coming on here like did u see how Derrick Rose did not dance and clown with the rest of the starters. Like he’s so phucking cool and mature. GTFOH with that sh!t. They should let LINSANITY on team USA over that nicca since he wants to look like an APE when it comes to having fun.

    305 is where I HIDE!
    305 is where I RESIDE!


  • First & Foremost

    LOL… Oatbran

    Even though the All-Star game is a collection of some of the league’s best, that doesn’t mean it will be the best basketball game ever. Yeah, you’d like to see so&so step over and take a charge or play more than 5 seconds of solid defense BUT the game isn’t suppose to be a technical exhibit of skill. It shouldn’t look like a layup line either.

    For the intros, instead of guys running through a tunnel and standing there. They should give each player 1 dunk attempt to please the crowd. Non-exciting dunkers will be introduced first. Paul, Melo, Bynum, Wade, Bryant, Rose, Durant, Superman, Blake, Lebron. Alternating West-East.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ F&F

    Nash might still be there trying to get his dunk done

  • jdizzle

    Correction Dime, Wade did have a memorable highlight: Fumbling that WIDE OPEN pass in the 4th quarter.

    I like how ESPN showed LeBron’s bad pass during their highlights, but conveniently left out the missed free throw from Kobe right before that. And for the record LeBron was not guarded one on one when he turned threw it away. KD came over to double LeBron and he made what he thought was the right play. Unfortunately for him Blake made a better defensive play.

    Also, I don’t like how Craig “Pimp C” Sager decided to interview LeBron as soon as the buzzer sounded. He couldn’t wait til he got to the locker room? Like seriously what was the point in doing that? Who interviews a losing teams player on national TV as soon as the game is over?

  • K Dizzle

    @ “The guy clearly made by far the biggest impact on the East team, yet he ain’t shit because he fucked up once at a really bad time? I don’t get that logic…”

    Yeah, you do, control. The only knock on LBJ now is he doesn’t show up at crunchtime, which he won’t be able to shake til the Finals cuz the Heat been blowin teams out.
    Dude brings the East all the way back, hittin RIDICULOUS treys, then Kobe leaves the door open, Bron gets the ball. EVERYBODY “KNOWS” who’s shootin this. KNOWS….then he doesn’t even look at the rim with 4 seconds n countin, he passes to I don’t even know who. It’s called seizin the moment. U understand that logic…

    @ F&F – Oh shyt! I like that alternatin dunk intro idea. That would be off da hook!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Nash gets a nerf hoop. Or Dwight piggybacks him.

  • control

    What is up with people talking like Nicki Minagi is something worth sticking a penis into? She’s just an annoying, multiple personality having idiot who hangs around with midgets. It would kinda be cool to fuck her repeatedly to see which personality fucks best, but as far as looks go she isn’t really all that. Taylor Cole, that’s all my cock has to add to the discussion.


    Yeah, James ain’t showing he has the stuff to close it if the game is close, but because of him, most of Miami’s games aren’t close. If some of the East’s teammates came out with the same business-first attitude that Rose and LeBron had, the game wouldn’t have been close…

    Last night, LeBron picked the wrong time to make the right play, then didn’t throw that pass good enough. It MIGHT have been because he was shook, who knows, but between jacking a 3 over Stretch Armweak Durant and Kobe, and passing to an open Wade who could tie the game…logically I want to say he made the right play, but he probably should have shot it.

  • silky

    still laughin at Sweeney callin Nash’s new do a lesbian haircut. Nash I Victoria through and through. hope it wasn’t his last ASG

  • silky


  • Jay Haldstrom

    As usual over confident players (Lebron and Howard) come out dancing and popping their collars, so confident that their side will win.

    I don’t mind guys having fun, but back it up please! How do you expect to win a game when you don’t even try and play until the second half of the fourth? Sure, Lebron put up sick numbers and a dunk fest, but the main point of the game is not all the flash and stylin, but to WIN. Somebody needs to tell Lebron and Howard that.

    The inro was so funny. Young dude Derrick Rose, just stood to the side with the meanest stare on his face. I bet Rose was thinking “man, you guys better play hard, ‘caus I will!”. Too bad he, Pierce and a few other guys that would have probably helped the East win didn’t play many minutes.

    And Lebron passing up THE shot of the game? How could a guy that is supposedly so great pass up the game’s last shot – possibly a game winner?

    It would have been totally unthinkable for MJ to pass up a big shot like that.
    Would Bird, Magic, Michael, Hakeem, Jabbar, Kobe or even Rose and Durant ever pass up such a big shot? A shot that would join other defining moments of an all-star’s career?

    Don’t get me wrong I appreciate Lebron and Howard. I think they are great players and have so much more untapped potential, believe it or not – But given a chance, I would take players like Rose and Durant over them. Those guys are like Kobe. They know how to have fun, but when it comes time to back it up, they deliver or at least step up to the plate.

    As far as the All-Star festivities. I think it’s great. It’s supposed to be a celebration. So what, you don’t like the type of music or entertainers they had this year. There’s no reason to trash the whole weekend because of it.

    You’d have to be half dead not to have had fun watching the Nicki Minaj performance. Pitbull’s show was also great. It’s All-Star weekend, do it up big and put on a show.

    The only problem was that the big “stars” for the east didn’t decide to compete until the game was almost over.
    I think the games from years ago were better due to the fact that during the second half those dudes started to really play and compete.

    I love all the dunks and alley-oops, but come on fellas, at least starat playing for real during the second half.

    The two main culprits being Lebron, Howard – and maybe a couple more guys from the East.

    KD, Kobe and the rest of the West knew how to clamp down and really play the game out.

  • JBaller

    Wade is a dick for breakin Kobe’s nose with what would’ve been a flagrant foul in a real game during an exhibition. Kobe laughed it off, but you knew he was going to play to win after that.

  • silky

    and to you guys getting mad about rose not bouncing around…. how come “yer boy” Kobe is coming out expressionless stoned face with his hands in his pockets isn’t drawing criticism….

    everyone from the west came out chill. all the reserves chill(cept deng with l’afrique and bosh with some rupaul cheesedick smile and flashing fingers). the only 4 mugging were those east starters outside of rose. rose just did what everyone else did.

    anyways. I doesn’t fkn matter, just an observation.

    get those practices in d’antoni

  • K Dizzle

    @ Silky – U tryin too hard with the Kobe hate. All 5 Western starters were chill.
    I guarantee you when Kobe got voted to start his 2nd all-star game, he was flashin the chicklets. It’s like his 14th or 15th game…Been there, done that.

    Like you said, don’t really matter…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    By now I totally expect the media/fans to ignore everything LeBron did right (36 points, amazing shots all night, dominated during the East comeback in the 2nd half, highlight dunks in the 1st half) and focus on what he did wrong (turnover at the end).

    But I’m still wondering why I haven’t heard anything about Wade fumbling that wide-open pass in crunch time, Durant throwing that terrible inbounds pass that Deron Williams intercepted in crunch time, Deron airballing a three in crunch time, Kobe missed a big free throw in crunch time…

    Whatever. Although I will agree with whoever said the West was taking the game more serious from the beginning. Case in point: Andrew Bynum only played 5 minutes.

  • Big Island

    I didn’t even watch the game, I was painting my car. MLB screwed up their game by having the World Series rule, the NBA has it perfect. It’s a showcase thing, you want to see the fast breaks and crazy passes/dunks/shooting spree, and then in the 4th, you want to see everyone call out everyone else for one on one bragging rights. I want to see AI and Marbury go apeshit on the west squad to try and win. I want to see Magic post up Isiah at halfcourt and back him down to the 3 point line. That is what it is. Nobody get hurt, show off, and go back home. For everyone calling Wade a bitch for breaking Kobe’s nose, that is like 8th on the list of reasons why Wade is a bitch.

    Well my car looks sweet, went flat black, but I absolutely suck at bondo work. I thought I had it. I really did. I thought I could do acceptable body work on a car, but I sucked. And my immediate neighbors probably hate me because I sprayed it in my driveway. They like having me here, probably because like a week after we moved in the guy next door had his house alarm go off at 2 in the morning and I hopped over there with the pistol grip, but they hated the paint. Sorry neigbs.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Watched the whole allstar weekend and thought it was great.

    The young stars game was super entertaining, the skills and dunk competitions were not the best but on PVR when you could skip through the musical acts and commercials it was good enough.

    As for yesterdays game, somebody else mentioned it on dime and I agree, Melo looked really unathletic. He had a full run and two foot take off and couldn’t dunk. Knicks fans better hope he still has some nagging injuries, that’s not a good sign.

    There was defense being played. Wade was playing real D on Kobe. I watched closely after he fouled him hard because I thought kobe would try and light him up. Well Kobe did try and light him up and D wade forced him into a bunch of missed shots and a couple airballs. If that’s a finals preview, D Wade can cause Kobe some problems.

    Though if he broke his nose that may have slowed him down.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Oh, and anybody who comments on this site I would consider a hardcore basketball fan, so this stays between us:


    Why? Because for all the bitching and complaining we might do, we’re still going to watch it. Every year. We’ll complain about it, threaten to boycott, moan for the “old days,” and then watch it again next year.

    Their focus with All-Star is on bringing in casual fans and developing brand-new fans, along with impressing corporate sponsors and drawing in celebrities. Hence the Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida performances, the Celebrity Game, the gimmicky dunk contest, and the not-so-serious All-Star Game.

    Besides, in a few years I’m sure the hardcore fans will look back fondly on this ASG and forget what they were complaining. We talk so fondly about the 1992 ASG and the 2001 ASG, but go back and watch those. It’s exactly the same format as 2012, with clowning around during intros and matador defense for three quarters.

  • silky

    I ain’t even hating on Kobe for that! just saying he did what rose and damn bear everyone else did….

    off topic but I can’t believe rgIII ran sub 4.4 twice at the combine. a fkn qb! ughh

  • That’s What’s Up

    man, all you cats have to do is pause the frickin’ game like I do.

    I was able to skip the intros, the bad musical performances and (oddly enough) rewind it several times so my 6 year old son could get his Robotronic Freak Dance on to the Pitbull halftime show.

    On another note – League Pass free preview starting tomorrow through Sunday. Like Smokey said….Take advantage man

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    @chicagorilla, I completely agree with you on the Superbowl and nba all-star game performances. I’m like damn, what type of crowd do they think watch these events and who are they targeting?

  • Ian

    favre won a title and gave the packers tons of late drive wins

  • Ian

    they did because the best record DIDNT get the homecourt it they alternated it. so teams didnt actually lose anything.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Here comes the punks trying to get at Rose. lol, I didnt see Kobe and Durant do all that goofy shit and they came out on business unlike other guys who shall remain nameless. thats why the west won because kobe and durant set the tone, and they were there to win, not dance until the forth quarter and avoid taking the game winning shots.

  • Ian

    “Yeah, James ain’t showing he has the stuff to close it if the game is close, but because of him, most of Miami’s games aren’t close. If some of the East’s teammates came out with the same business-first attitude that Rose and LeBron had, the game wouldn’t have been close”
    yup thats always been my thing when people tell me i rather have kobe in close games that if they had lebron for the first 46 mns you win that same game by 10 or more.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian – u post that once a week
    “yup thats always been my thing when people tell me i rather have kobe in close games that if they had lebron for the first 46 mns you win that same game by 10 or more.

    Ever consider that it’s maybe why it’s been 9 seasons n Lebron still has zero rings? The Heat are running up n down, blowing teams out by 20-30, just like the Cavs used to do. Then the playoffs come around, defenses lock down, games get ugly, coaches can focus on one team. 3-4 point games comin into crunch time. No alleyoops, no fastbreaks. Execution in the halfcourt. U a Spurs fan so you should understand. Winnin by 10 vs the Bobcats, Bucks or Raptors in march is nice, but what do yu do in a tie game with 2 mins left? Yeah, you can have Lebron for the first 46 and hope it’s a blowout, but I’ll take Kobe cuz in the playoffs, there’s hardly ever a blowout…

  • white whale

    Biggest crunch-time error was Wade dropping the pass for an easy bucket and the lead.

  • Sluth

    I only ever take notice ot the 3 point competition at allstar weekend. Would like to see how the stars do against eachother.

  • nyk

    lebron still cant (or wont) make a game winning shot in a meaningless game

    i loved how kobe taunted him afterwards, “take the shot”

    i hope to god he doesn’t get the ball in the final minutes in the event of a close game in London this year.

    actually if Coach K is smart he would pull him out of the lineup the final minutes.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Are you going to ignore the countless times Favre failed? And not just ‘failed’… not just an incomplete pass… he was the guy turning the ball over. Or panicking late in games. I believe Lebron will eventually get a ring. But he shrinks in big moments, just like Favre did.

  • Ian

    it was all or nothing for favre but still he did win comon the packers were irrelevant before him just like cleveland was before bron.

    and i cant keep posting it because u dont like it?? let me hate all i want. lebron never had the team to win he does now and if he doesnt win with this team then yeah ill stop defending him. team game not everyone had bynum gasol and before that shaq on their team. remember how kobe did with scrubs like bron had in cleveland??

    and againnn let me hateeeeee damn it

  • white whale

    So EVERYBODY has been hating the dunk contest for years now. I spent about five minutes coming up with ten dunks that would save the contest. These would improve the dunks due to adding a great degree of difficulty and creativity.

    . . . . . . .


    #10 THE MASCOT: Dress up in your team’s mascot outfit and dunk from a trampoline at the 3-point line!

    #9 THE GREAT SHAQ-UALIZER: Not too many ppl have ever really smashed one on Shaq. Put him under the rim, allow him to defend however he wants, and if you can dunk on him then you have achieved a great success!

    #8 THE X-GAMES: Riding on the back of a dirtbike, an expert bike jumper will fly you across the arena towards the basket, jump off at the last second and dunk.

    #7 THE CHUTE: Setup a basket outdoors. Parachute down from the sky above towards the basket and dunk it.

    #6 THE ZIPPER: Setup a zip-line across the arena. Hurtle yourself towards the basket and finish with an ill dunk when you get there.

    #5 THE PRESTIGE: Hire a Vegas magician. When you dunk two things will happen as the ball goes thru the net. The ball will transform into a flock of birds and fly away, AND the ball will perform a teleportation trick and actually come out of the hoop at the other end of the court…on FIRE.

    #4 THE GAUNTLET: Setup the court like the final stage of WIPEOUT. You must traverse the obstacles before finally dunking over a real live lion.

    #3 THE SLEEPY HOLLOW: Dress up like the Headless Horseman with a cape covering your head and face. Ride a black horse across the court at full speed and dunk a pumpkin.

    #2 THE PAMPLONA: Let a bunch of angry bulls loose in the arena and perform a dunk amidst the horde.

    #1 THE CHARLIE MURPHY: Player performing the dunk dresses up like Rick James. Charlie Murphy kicks you in the chest. As you fly backwards, execute a reverse dunk. Watch in slow-motion replay several times for effect.

    . . . . . . .


    THE MIDGET: Instead of a ball, dunk a tiny person!

    THE PINATA: As you would do to try and strike a pinata in the classic format, you must spin around ten times with your head down on a stick, stand up, take a large volume shot of tequila, and go try to dunk.

    THE PITBULL: Decapitate Mr. Pitbull, leave the shades on, and dunk his head so hard it explodes like it should be in a scene from The Story of Ricky-Oh.

  • white whale

    Almost forgot,


    Instead of a ping-pong ball…

  • heckler

    Kobe better go for 400 total points in all star games.
    LeBron James is gonna break that scoring record anyway.

    …and then, 3yrs later, Kevin Durant is going to break it and set the new record.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Some of you guys… man lol. The basektball court is not for dancing. Rose came out the same way Dirk, Yao, Duncan, and many other stars have always came out.
    When Shaq came out and danced in PHX, it was funny. But it was too much. Something you would expect from a guy like Shaq who pretty much f^cked his career away by not really caring about basketball.

    Saw some old games. They were not even close to f^ckery going on in the past 7-8 ASG. Anyone saying otherwise clearly haven’t been watching.

    And the best part of all this? The same people saying “it’s a meaningless game” are the first ones to complain that Lebron didn’t shoot or act like Wade(2012)/Lebrons (2011) triple double were soooo awesome. Or act like Kobe breaking the scoring record was this awesome thing.

    Why is it so great if the game means nothing? Clearly you idiots aren’t thinking this through. You want to defend your boys for not playing real basketball, but then you want to give them props for scoring/reb/ast.

  • JBaller

    @62 WHite whale – Some funny stuff!

  • JBaller

    It’s their choice to act a fool or not. I think Rose being himself just made the fools look more foolish in comparison. They were all probably telling him “we’re all gonna be dancing, so you should too” and he was like “no thanks man, you do what you do and I’ll do what I do”. He looked like a man among boys even though he was the youngest out there. Last year when they asked Rose who he thought the MVP would be and he said “why not me” some people took it as cockiness, but I applaud his honesty. He doesn’t suit up planning to lose, he plays to win every game and doesn’t act like he deserves anything to be given to him like LePrick and that lip gloss wearing douchebag (thanks for the reminder/link Big I) Wade.

  • sh!tfaced

    wade’s got kobe’s nose and rondo’s elbow under his belt…

    the knicks play all-star game type basketball everyday, its not like were not used to it…

    if lebron ain’t doing the dunk contest, then let’s see him (and other superstars) join the three-point shootout instead… and hopefully embarrass themselves like mj and bird did once… lol

  • CLAW

    Wasn’t that bad, and I usually hate on Lebron but at least he was trying to D up guys and get guys to step up on the D end. Watching Kobe try to “take over” was ugly, shooting over 2 guys with a guy wide open by the bucket more than a couple of times in the 4th. Dwight Howard is a clown, do you think the kids gets it? Shooting 3s and laughing all the time. Yes its a joke AS game but at least try and make it interesting, which I think they did in the 4th.

    Wade should be taking some smack today, damn he just plain fumbled the ball out of bounds all alone, that was worse than Lebron’s ill fated pass.

    LMFAO at White Whale’s comments, that would be Must Watch TV!

    @AB-Bynum hardly played because he had treatment on his knee “adding lubricant”. Does that shit work, I need some of that action!

  • sh!tfaced

    looool @ white whale – awesome shit… 3-time fluker nate robinson has to be that midget.

    you and vince mcmahon should run next year’s asg weekend…

  • Dana Walker

    Nice triple dub that led to that wi….oh wait, they still lost. The East has stockpiled all he douchiest players by far. Derrick Rose is about the only player from the East with any sense and class, hence why he is head and shoulders above those other dipshits.

  • white whale

    I think that clearly the next phase in the evolution of the dunk contest has to involve the use of pyrotechnics and zany outfits, and add some element of danger/drama to the whole deal (for ratings of course).

    Dudes gotta come out to explosions lookin’ like David Lee Roth at the start of a Van Halen concert in the 80’s!

    Seriously, would you rather watch Blake Griffin dunk over a lame ass Kia sedan, or a LIVE F*CKIN’ JUNGLE CAT?!?

    (cue panther noise…”RAAAAAWWWR!”)

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    So I got this media alert in my email yesterday. The key details, taken word-for-word from the release:


    * WHAT: Major announcement about Rodman’s latest venture in basketball

    * WHEN: Thursday, March 1 at 3 pm

    * WHY: Because it’s Dennis Rodman

    Oh, and the location is at a “gentleman’s club” in NYC. I have no idea what this could be. I wonder if Rodman is going to start a Naked Basketball League.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    don’t the lakers play the heat in a week. should be interesting. i’m wondering if metta will tackle wade in a crucial moment as payback for his guy kobe. either him or matty barnes.

  • white whale

    oh also, i don’t know if anybody else noticed this, BUT…

    when they announced the ASG starters for the East and West and the players emerged from that smoky dark tunnel to enter the arena, well, that was not a run-of-the-mill stageprop entrance tunnel…

    it was lisa lampanelli’s fat-cat.

    fortunately she still had room for a dozen more players or the fire marshall could’ve given her a ticket!

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I’m not the one who gave Favre the reputation of failing in big games. He earned it. And it isn’t just me who said it.

    Yes Favre led his teams to win. So has Lebron.
    Yes Favre has been the sole reason for many of his team’s wins. So has Lebron.
    But in a handful of big moments he made huge mistakes that costed his team a win in big games. So has Lebron.

    My comments, even if I take them back, will not erase Favre’s reputation. And his reputation is that he’s a tremendous talent who SEEMED to shrink in big moments. The worst part about him is when Green Bay reached the Superbowl in 2010 he said they won because “Aaron Rodgers fell into a good situation” and he was “surprised it took him so long”…. in Rodger’s second year as a starter. Sounds like he’s a jackass… just another thing he and Lebron have in common.

  • sh!tfaced

    white whale starting to look like the next jackie moon…

  • sh!tfaced

    @ AB – any chance it might be a “bottomless” party ala harold and kumar…?

  • Ian

    oh wait jay im not defending him as a person that dude is a douchebag. im just sayin he at least won a superbowl and has 3 mvps comon thats not a loser. now rodgers is better than him and rodgers doesnt have the same team favre did in the late 90s best special teams , best offense and best defense. rodgers packers defense suck. i remember the overtime game favre lost to the giants in the nfc championship that he threw the stupid pass for the interception he walked off the field like who cares really?? he was my fav player in the 90s but i hated him more than i do kobe after that.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – so u goin?

    @ Ian – My bad, Hate on!
    And yeah, since every year Lebron’s been in the league but one, the east sends teams to the playoffs under .500 so I’d take Kobe’s scrub team(2004-05) to do damage in the east….just sayin

    @ Claw – Those Synvisc injections can run up to $600 an injection, but everybody gets different results

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    DRose’s thoughts on the pregame dancing?

    “I can dance,” Rose told Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago. “But there’s a time and place for that, and I don’t think it was right, then and there.”


  • Big Island

    This is why Wade keeps trying to take people out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfuJS0SBSac

    White whale – LOVE the Prestige and the Charlie Murphy. I don’t know if the league will allow pyrotechnics, but I am sold on both of those. And I can’t hate on Pitbull. Dude tried, sucked, sold the hell out, still sucks, but is easily the happiest guy in the room wherever he goes. I can’t hate on the guy. Now if you made the guys wear his tight ass suit and glasses, then yell “Dale!” while dunking and drinking a Dr. Pepper, I would roll with it.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    some people get too passionate about chicago.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    I also want to know if AB is going. Lol

    Just to be fair, I never called Lebron or Favre a loser.

    I think it’s pretty funny that I drew comparisons between Favre and Lebron and you said “Favre is not a loser”. It’s pretty obvious what your opinion of Lebron is. Lol.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m not going to the Rodman thing. If I were in NYC, I think I would though.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i hope you tell us what the big news was when you find out. although, it’d probably break news elsewhere but still