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LeBron Gets An Interesting Reception Going Home; Linsanity Is Over… For Now

LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. Nike Basketball)

Remember when a LeBron James visit to Cleveland came with an undeniable whiff of potential danger? Not so much now. The fans at the Q last night for Miami’s win were plenty vicious – booing LeBron during pre-game intros and pretty much every time he touched the basketball – but it seems they’re almost over the whole thing. Almost. The Cavs have a bright future to look forward to with Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and this year’s Lottery pick, so for the fans (and the owner) to continue acting like Alicia Silverstone in The Crush over LeBron would be more pathetic than anything … LeBron (28 points) set the tone immediately, getting a steal on the game’s first possession, and the Heat jumped out to an 25-5 lead that featured acrobatic layups by D-Wade (22 points), a couple LBJ bangers that had the basket mics woofing, and Mario Chalmers playing like he just found out Gary Payton is his father … Unintentionally hilarious line of the night from Cavs announcer Austin Carr: “You wanna be the first one to hit that blow.” He was trying to make a boxing parallel but it sounded more like a coke analogy … Miami finished their road trip 5-1. All five wins were by at least 15 points. Crazy … Rudy Gay (20 points) scored six straight points (jumper, bank shot and two free throws) in the final moments after not scoring at all after the halftime break, but still, Dante Cunningham had to tip in his miss with less than a second left to lift Memphis to a one-point win over the Nuggets … On the other side, Corey Brewer had 26… in the second half … Minnesota got a combined 63 points and 29 rebounds from Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic but the best part of their 111-98 W against Houston was this pass from Ricky Rubio (18 points, nine assists) … Al Jefferson played as angry as Al Jefferson ever could, turning the Wizards into a bunch of wood chips in Utah’s 114-100 win. 26 first-half points, 34 and 12 for the game, Big Al and Utah needed this one badly after losing five of their last six … If they schedule a few extra Phoenix/Laker games this year, Kobe might just set the all-time scoring record. The man who hates the Suns went berserk in the second half of L.A.’s 111-99 W last night, scoring 36 on an array of shots (a number of lefty specials too). Dude had Alvin Gentry yelling at his guys in the huddle to man up as if Bean was Medusa, turning people into stone if they dared to test him … And James Harden (25 points) and Kevin Durant (23 points, 10 rebounds) both had big nights in OKC’s easy 23-point win against the Warriors … Keep reading to hear if the shoes still fit for Cinderella …

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  • control

    It’s good that the knicks winning streak is finally ended, now they can go back to sucking, Melo can come back and ruin whatever chemistry developed, and things will be back to status quo. I loved Lin’s feel good story, but hated knick fan’s reaction to the whole thing, it was making me start to actually hate Lin. How does a guy who has started 7 games (at that point) get MVP talk? If the winning streak was 10-11 games, he would be getting talk from idiot knick fans about being better than Jordan. If he managed 15 games, knick fans would be saying he’s better than jesus and that End of Days is near! The insane part about linsanity wasn’t how Lin was playing, but how mentally deficient knicks fans were reacting.

  • Jerry

    Ariza and his team were doing work out there, and deserved the win.

    Lin got it close towards the end, but 8TO in first half needs to change fast.
    Walker(1-5), Fields(1-8), Novak(2-9), Shumpert(3-9), NYK 3-point 4-24 and FT 19-29 all didn’t help and they still got close at the end from some scoring by Lin.

    Win streak was going to end sooner or later, tonight NOR just plain wanted it more.

  • Chuck Norris

    First blood! Kobe is the man!

  • Chuck Norris

    ^^ Ooopppsss! no longer the first blood. damn internet! hahaha!

  • http://jerseychaser.com/tag/jeremy-lin-kobe-gif/ silky

    just re-watched the 2001 all-star game, the year the sixers played the lakers in the finals and the west was so ridiculously stacked. that game was bananas. watching the east come back from 21 down, playing 4 guards and mutumbo. was cool to see how INTO that game all the players were at the end. had me forgetting how crazy AI was in his prime.

    i hope this years game comes close

  • Phileus

    Damn Dime, you guys are pretty happy to see the Knicks’ streak end. You’re right, send Lin to the back of the bench where he belongs. SMFH.

  • JBaller

    The Linsanity is over, all things must end, now back to the compressed season.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Add this dunk to the short list for Dunk of the Year.

    Gabe York will be at Arizona next fall, look out for him. He’s like another Monta Ellis.

    As the kids say now’n’days “You got Hoop Mixtaped”

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    Remember when I been saying I was fearful the first loss would come when melo came back? Phew! Hahaaaaaa. Now the guys on this site can not blame melo. Bittersweet moment, but more happy than anything.

    On another note, I love how the truth comes out after a loss for some people I see. Can’t wait to see further comments later in the day.

  • QQ

    Is it just me or this Smack was written by Burton?

    Throughout the streak, the past Smack has just been part of the fun, giving credit where credit is due.

    Now the lose by 4 points and it’s ‘TOLD YA!!!! CALM DOWN YALL TOLD YA!!!’

    Then there’s the Westbrook line and the ‘Greatest Turnover Artist’ exaggeration.

    Really really seems like Burton… or some writer acquired some of Burton’s trademark bias.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    Remember when most of you guys on this website were calling kobe old and slow, incapable of elite production anymore, no longer as big a threat before the 2011-2012 season begun?

    Seems like a long time ago now huh?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    is jeremy lin responsible for ending the time warner cable and msg network feud? the man has powers beyond his control huh.

  • trollne1

    That sound you heard was Melo breathing a sigh of relief. OK Melo, you can come back now. I was watching the game and even though the Knicks were down 7-8 points in the last two minutes of the game, Lin had me believing he would pull off another miracle, even when they were down 4 less than 15 sec remaining. But too many TOs in the first half, which got them in a big hole. He always gets caught jumping before passing. Big no-no. And he was getting beasted by Vasquez. It didn’t help that Ariza couldn’t miss and Belinelli hit that crazy bank shot in the 4th. Shumpert was fueling the Knicks comeback in the 4th but he disappeared when Lin returned. But I like what I’m seeing with the Knicks on defense. A huge improvement compared to the pre-Lin era. I’m hoping Melo and Lin can coexist. Like Chuck said, it will all come down to how Melo plays defense and rebound the ball.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    let me go thru all the no-no’s trollne just committed (according to haters on this website)in his last post:

    1. he likes wat he is seeing from the knicks on defense
    -guys on DIME think that is hogwash

    2. he is hoping lin and melo can coexist
    -guys here think that is blasphemy

    3. melo playing defense
    -guys here pretty much sum that up with a big ol’ HAHA

    4. “melo, you can come back now”
    -do i even need to comment on this? guys on this site equate melo to basketball cancer.

    sorry, trollne… looks like you may get the beiber treatment if you keep talking like that.

  • Sluth

    No one said Kobe was old or slow, dumb ass. They said is shot selection was hurting his team.

    Seriously need to get away from idiots they always bring you down to their level.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    Now lemme get this straight…am I a dumb “ass” or a “dumbass” ? Just looking for some clarity.

  • iannyb


  • CLAW

    Who was comparing the Nash of today to Lin? The Nash of the Mavs has a 5 to 2 assist to TO ratio, yes Lin is higher T/O but the Knick offense is geared to run and force the action. Damn, its his first 7 games! Now he’s getting D’d differently but still had the points and turnovers and Westbrook is a bad comparison as he is a shoot first guard where Lin shoots but not as selfish with the rock.

    The kid is good, is he a 38 year old veteran Nash? NO, he has alot to learn and learning on the job.

    Just stop this All Star talk, he is not there, throw him in the rookie/soph game and be done with it.

  • Phileus

    Also, anyone who thinks “Linsanity” is over because the Knicks lost a game is crazy. His streak as a basketball player is over, but he, for better or worse, exists as both a basketball player and an important symbol for a lot of people. The fact that you don’t get that, after all this back-and-forth over the past few days, is just crazy.

  • wcs

    the real insanity should be PEKsanity. Nikola Pekovic has figured out the NBA game and is straight busting skulls. 30-11 last night beating up the Dalmbeast. the guy has straight up beasted everyone in his path since becoming a starter. Strongest man in the league hands down

  • JBaller

    LOL @ Peksanity, what about Peker-Mania, sd in you just got Pekered!

    @19 I think Linsanity was more about the streak than anything. It had to end eventually, just too bad it was against a shitty team like NO. I thought for sure they’d beat them and go into the Dallas game above .500. Now JLin can get down to the grinding business of running the offense daily without the added pressure of keeping the streak alive. He got out played last night by Vasquez, and that happens in sports. He just has to get back up and take care of the ball better. Like Clyde always says “Pasd with flair, but not in the air!”. Not sure yet what to think about JR Smith, hopefully it works out fine

  • JBaller

    Damn smartphone keyboard! Sorry about all the typos!

  • jzsmoove

    I tuned in to the Magic-Bucks game with Milwaukee to make it 85-77. I saw all that 17-0 run and Orlando did not do anything special to clamp down on the Bucks. The Bucks just didnt score and lack of scorers did them in. Jennings is pathetic, his shot selection is horrible. Not a top tier PG at all, he cannot get teammates in scoring position and producing. BTW that Hedo lob to dwight looked awkward.

    The best line of the night came from the Memphis telecast. The announcer mentioned that JR Smith has chosen the Knicks as his new team then proceeded to ask if JR Smith automatically goes straight to the doghouse there in New York right away from China. Announcer #2 quips even if you can do that, he doesnt think D’Antoni has a doghouse.

  • zbo

    Linsanity is over but ESPN uses “a Chink in the Armor” as their headline and they said that on air. SMDH man…. I frown upon ESPN. They should know better

  • jdizzle

    If that Memphis announcer doesn’t think Pringles Man has a doghouse then he might wanna holla at Nate Robinson.

    Just when I thought I couldn’t find uglier unis than those Memphis Tams abominations, the Hornets proved me wrong.

    @Chicagorilla I didn’t know you were allowed to post porn on this site. That was just straight up nasty!

    Stay classy ESPN!

  • control


    Sick dunk, but I just can’t get into those celebrations afterwards…if I had a teammate come up to me, give me a full embrace, share my breath and massage the back of my head, I’d punch the fucker. Those guys are giving each other more loving then I’d give a woman on the second date…

    I’m more of the old school celebration type of guy. I’ll crush a guy then either stare him down alphadog style, or just walk back up the court like it’s something I have done before and it ain’t shit to me, because it really isn’t. These guys dunking are acting like it’s the first time they’ve done that in their lives. What happened to acting like you’ve been there before?

  • Chaos

    Everyone knew Lins streak would end but its good for the kid because that means he can calm down and not get caught in the hype. It all depends on melo when he comes back because Lin has two guys he can run the pick and roll with. As the game slows down(if he gets a chance to learn and let the game come to him) he won’t make the same mistakes. Other than melo, lin and amare, no else on that team is really a good or efficient scorer(and those three aren’t that efficient to begin with). JR coming back as a shooter is about as much you can do but he should play more than 25 minutes a game nor should he be starting. He needs to be that scorer with the second unit since he can get hot in min and go cold in a second.

    I think imma try to start watching Minnesota games because they will are getting better. Pek with rubio, williams, Beas, love is a legit team. I really wanna watch this team grow like we watched OKC. PEK-mania! Lol

    Dallas will get beat in the sewcond round. Orlando is not a favorite along with miami and chicago. Sorry to say but because of dwight, they will always be contenders

    The kings have so much potential but none of those guys have any defined roles on that team….and one could say the same in Denver but on that team they all aren’t trying to be superstars(kinda like detroit did).

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz
  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz


    the supposed semi-racist espn headline.

    see if you know why someone at espn could lose their job.

  • JBaller

    Did espn really use the phrase “chink in the armor”? Is Bruce writing for them now?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz
  • 4M


    Probably not. But maybe Austin Burton does.

  • Big Island

    LOL!!! Guys are on fire today!!!

    Chink in the armor is bad. Totally acceptable for 99% of the league, but for Lin, bad.

    Beiber – Dumb ass, dumbass, you are splitting hairs at this point. Sluth thinks you are stupid. But your Knicks losing last night was good for them. It takes the pressure off of Melo when he comes back. The NBA is better when the Knicks are good, so I hope they do well, but I hope Melo kills them. The Lin/Westbrook comparison is off because one guy was a lottery pick and just got a max deal while the other was undrafted and about to be cut. One guy has the defending scoring champ, the other guy had a bunch of nobodys.


    Friggin Rubio man. I LOVE watching that guy play.

    Chi – The celebrations are out of control, they have been for years. Blame that on the And 1 guys too. I’d like to think I’d play it cool if I Mozgoved a dude, but I might get naked and run down the street screaming. I can’t say for certain I wouldn’t flip out.

  • control

    I don’t think that headline is that bad, I thought it was kinda funny actually. I wouldn’t be offended if I were in Lin’s position, and ESPN did a headline like “Control’s amazing play is showing some cracker” or some bullshit, would be kind of amusing…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    it’s funny he thinks im stupid, cuz if you read my post he called me stupid for, i was speaking about the offseason, and he is speaking of what’s going on NOW during the season.

    so who can’t understand english, and who really is the stupid one? you tell me….

    but you are rite bout the knicks. the nba benefits with a good ny team. even da haters hav to agree. good call.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    @Control and Big Is

    Yeah i agree about eh celebrations. A little too much Coonery for me. It’s one thing to scream during the dunk but these guys are going overboard. Pounding their chest, saluting, hugging, punching each other in the chest, and i even saw a fan (who FnF suspects was Dagweller) run onto the floor, during a game to high five Aquille Carr after a dunk.

    Reminds me of the movie Coach Carter when the kids were getting out of hand during their celebrations. And he mocks them by celebrating after he drew up a play and tied his shoes lmao.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    How you gonna act like you’ve been there before when the territory that dude reached, only a few mortals have reached those heights before? That dunk was fucking insane, even more so seeing how it was a high schooler. If I saw that live when I was in high school, I would have either had a seizure or shit my pants, prolly a combination of both.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    the jazz are doing better without deron williams, and the nets are sucking. deron williams must be a cancer.

  • Sluth

    Hey idiot, people were saying that Kobe shoots too much during the off season too. And last season. And the off season before that. No one was saying he was washed up. Could you please go away while the adult talk.

  • hahns

    @Phileus THANK YOU

    All you who think Linsanity is “over” are stupid. Yes, he’s got a turnover problem no question- but the kid can ball, period. Did you really expect Lin to go undefeated for the rest of the season? The comparison to Westbrook is a non sequitur – what made Lin so amazing was that this was his FIRST real shot in the NBA and he killed everyone. Is the guy not entitled to a loss?

    This is why he couldn’t get a legit shot w/ an D1 schools- one loss and everyone is ready to send him back to the bench. This kid isn’t a novelty- he’s here to stay and you better get used to it, b/c hes going to lead the knicks to more wins.

    Im almost glad the winning streak is over b/c the team doesn’t have to worry about expectations.

    And bieber newz- are you seriously saying that headline wasnt racist? They straight up called him a chink. Call any NBA player a nigger and see what happens. Call a black PG niggardly for not distributing enough and see what happens. Its crazy that some people don’t think that was racist.

  • control


    “Did you really expect Lin to go undefeated for the rest of the season?”

    I think a lot of knicks fans DID expect them to go undefeated, in addition to “fo-fo-fo-fo”. knick fans were acting like Lin was turning their watered down beer into wine during the games. The fan base for the knicks is one of the most ADHD groups in the world, they will give a guy LOVE, until he loses a game, then they turn around and HATE them, INSTANTLY. It’s the way people in new york are, shifty eyed rat bastards…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    I never seen people so passionate about hating a team MORE than talking about their fav team. That’s so mindboggling. Maybe once a week is normal, maybe 5 times a month even. But every…single….waking moment of your life is revolving around trashing a city? Its fans? Its team? Its players? I mean, sometimes I think people need to slow down and look at themselves. it truly is crazy schoolkid playground shit.

    Sluth, slut, sloth…watever your name is…
    In fact I endured a lot of laker shit talk before the season started. You know why no one is defending you? Because you are wrong. Are you saying the only trash talked about kobe was his shooting? Sorry, wrong. He was coming off a season where people said he looked gassed and old after getting swept. People always reminded lakers fans kobe was 33 on bad knees, ankles, back, fingers, pretty much every ligament. People here were saying kobe wouldn’t be the same and that lakers fans are delusional if they think kobe can help this team make the playoffs (pre every one finally realizing bynum IS actually a good player). So I think you should shut your trap. I don’t know who told you their ages you creep, thinking you funny about mentioning adults. You are wrong and the people who were shit talking kobe know who they were, I don’t ever even remember your name poppin on this website before you fucking loser, so who are you to say what I remember reading from the comments? You idiot. You fucked up cuz you thought I was talking about this season and now you wanna cover your ass by getting even more upset at me because you probably took my original kobe post personal, maybe cuz you were one of the meatheads talking shit about kobe. Eat a dick for breakfast.

    Anyway, about the lin espn headline, do I think it was racist? Well, I think the editor wouldn’t try to drive up a storm by subtly slurring lin like he or she did. I didn’t even catch it til I read it over again. Hey, I am not sure but isn’t there more than one person who reviews these headlines or anything published before sending information out? There is a chance everyone involved missed it. I don’t think I said I didn’t think it was racist. But there is also the chance it was a mistake. I will reserve judgment. And that nigger example is not a play on words or anything. It’s flat out racist. At least chink has a meaning outside of race. So while I understood where you were going with your example, it doesn’t quit fit with the espn situation. But like I said, I see what u meant. And yes, there would be huge backlash because blacks have to be, not being biased here, but they have to be the most notorious and most affected group of people inflicted by racism.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Schizophrenia is a complex mental disorder that makes it difficult to:

    Tell the difference between real and unreal experiences
    Think logically
    Have normal emotional responses,
    Behave normally in social situations

  • http://jerseychaser.com/tag/jeremy-lin-kobe-gif/ silky

    haha… pretty much chi
    (continue scroll)

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    so i see the bulls lost….no wonder.

  • First & Foremost

    If Golden State goes on to win this game… Bad Boys 4 starring Monta Ellis & Steph Curry as Monta Ellis & Steph Curry.

    Fast forward to the opening scene: Monta & Steph cruising through Locash… on a moped… Monta screeches to a stop… Steph hops off [yeah, he was riding b!tch on the b!itchmobile] and immediately rolls his ankle. Some kid walking out of a convenient store holding his mom’s hand says, “Ma’ma, there goes that man!”

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    ^you now owe mark jackson 50 cents

  • M-Intellect

    Dime can’t footnote me on ‘Shao-Lin’, no?

  • hahns


    niggardly is a play on words- it means miserly, unwilling to give

    and even if it wasnt meant intentionally it just shows that there is a double standard for black and non-black athletes. he was called a chink- how are people not seeing that?? so just because it was a play on words its alright? if i kept calling russell westbrook nigardly for not passing enough id get my ass beat, and deservedly so. just because it was “well intentioned” doesn’t make it ok either. This is an international company that should know better. its not your racist old grandma w/ dementia. its about double standards- people think they can walk all over asians and just throw it up to good intentions, but when blacks or mexicans get made fun of, there is immediate awareness and contrition.

    that being said, the espn writer who published the headline got fired apparently. which i am happy about.

    why cant we let jeremy lin be a basketball player and not point out that hes asian every chance we get??

    and control- im pretty damn sure the true fans in NYC didnt expect him to go undefeated. don’t conflate the bandwagoners w/ the legit knicks fans- are you from NYC? knick fans are some of the most sophisticated in the world when it comes to basketball knowledge. They see that jeremy lin isnt just a flash in the pan and the kid can play- but at the same time hes not perfect and the team isnt perfect.