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Linsanity Overwhelms The Defending NBA Champions; Durant Drops 51 On Denver

Jeremy Lin

So many story lines to watch during Sunday’s Mavs/Knicks national TV matchup: Carmelo Anthony‘s anticipated return ultimately being postponed another day; the Phoenix glory days reunion with Amar’e Stoudemire, Mike D’Antoni and Shawn Marion; Dirk Nowitzki‘s chance to prove he really does deserve an All-Star berth; Jason Kidd and Vince Carter playing on the Madison Square Garden court for perhaps the final time in their respective careers; Tyson Chandler seeing his former Dallas teammates for the first time since they won a championship together; NYC native Lamar Odom playing in front of his hometown crowd; and newly-signed J.R. Smith playing his first game as a Knick … Oh yeah, and there was something about this new point guard on the Knicks who’s been playing pretty well lately. Pretty much everything the Knicks did, Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown managed to link back to Jeremy Lin. During the second quarter, we swear we heard Bald-Head Mike credit Lin for New York’s 1970 NBA championship and for designing J.R. Smith’s last four tattoos. Hubie was ready to make Lin the poster child for his campaign that the NBA start recording hockey assists (the pass leading to the pass leading to the bucket). And in the studio, Magic Johnson made it his mission to put his personal stamp of approval on Lin as a legit player. Of course Lin also had the sit-down interview halftime feature where Rachel Nichols tried to make him cry, and the ABC cameras were so trained on Lin that they forgot to give Dallas’ owner, Odom’s wife and Spike Lee their usual allotment of camera time … The Knicks broke away with a 17-0 run in the first quarter, leading by a dozen at the end of the frame after Lin (28 pts, 14 asts, 5 stls, 7 TOs) beat the buzzer with a floater over Dirk. Smith (15 pts) came off the bench and hit three triples during the run, including a step-back in the corner with the shot clock winding down … The Mavs cut the lead to three by halftime, then came out in the third quarter playing like you’d expect the defending NBA champs to play. Dirk started the run with a fadeaway, then baited Amar’e into a four-point play. Vince knocked down a three, J-Kidd made a pull-up, and Marion hit a runner as the Mavs started to find more holes in New York’s defense than the Brooklyn Brawler’s t-shirt … Dallas was threatening to make it a blowout before J-Lin got consecutive and-ones off the drive to bring NY back to life, then ended the third quarter with a backcourt steal and dunk. Steve Novak took over for a spell early in the fourth as the game officially reached “playoff atmosphere,” netting 14 points and four threes in what felt like maybe a minute. Lin stuck two more pull-up threes – one in front of Dirk and another in front of Marion – and New York found itself up by five with 30 seconds left. Dallas’ last good possession resulted in Lin stripping Dirk (34 pts, 11-20 FG) and during an awkward pause where everybody was waiting for a foul to be called, Chandler (14 pts, 10 rebs, 3 blks) ended up all alone for a breakaway dunk that was the dagger …
Spike Lee is apparently over his Landry Fields crush – he’s now wearing a Harvard No. 4 jersey on the sidelines. Do you think Spike broke the news to Landry via text, or did Landry arrive for shootaround with Joey Greco and a camera crew at his side? Not that Spike has ever been a front-runner or anything, though. (This is the part when you cough and say “Kobe Doin’ Work”) … You know a basketball team is on fire when they start games in the kind of rhythm that would have you believe it’s already the second half. The Heat hit the ground running – when they weren’t flying – against Orlando yesterday and never looked back. Dwyane Wade (27 pts, 6 rebs, 3 blks) made the game’s first bucket on the kind of turnaround fadeaway that normal people don’t even attempt until they’ve at least run up and down the court a few times, then Wade hit an even tougher turnaround from the corner a few minutes later. Flash added a half-court alley-oop dunk (courtesy LeBron) and a Jordan-esque up-and-under on his way to 19 first-half points … LeBron (25 pts, 11 rebs, 8 asts) gave the Heat a 20-point lead with three minutes left in the game on a breakaway pump-handle slam that just further teased everybody who wants to see a real superstar in the All-Star Weekend dunk contest, then he and the starters called it a day … Keep reading to hear about the stat stuffers in OKC …

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  • uqk

    D’antoni riding Lin hard….45mins….smh

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    I’ll just repost here.

    Someone asked who was gonna get the first 50 of the season. I think Kobe was #1 on that list, but im pretty sure Durant came in at #2. When that guy is on, he may be the most dangerous man in basketball. Even more so than Kobe (he’s taller and younger at this point).

    Add in Westbrook going for 40pts 9ast and Ibaka with 11blocks 14pts 15reb for the triple dip. Gooooot D@mn this team is scary.

    I feel bad for Denver, they were on their way to a win then the perfect storm came.

    Anyone who wonders why OKC won’t even think about trading Russ, these kinda games is your answer.

    And you wanna know just how flucked up this season is?

    When was the last time you saw a head to head match up of the #1 overall pick and the LAST overall pick in the same draft….and Mr. Irrelevant (Isaiah Thomas 23pts 8reb 11ast) outplays the #1 pick (23pts 3reb 1ast). Add that to guys like Shumpert, Lin, Niko Pekovic, Ryan Anderson, Norris Cole and a few other no name guys that are shining. Either there are a bunch of GMs who need to be fired, or the world is coming to an end.

  • Asthmatic Asiatic


  • yoda

    i don’t know why guys are so surprised that pekovic is playing well. dude did played really good in euroleague for a long time, he plays well for his national team. i was surprised that he didn’t get a chance to play last season. he’s not skilled as most of nba centers but he’s tough and gritty with decent touch. guess you can call him stronger version of marc gasol.
    that jersey thing with spike and lin. i agree with few points that Austin wrote in his piece about lin and linsanity being racial thing, but i wasn’t sure are all those who are hooked up on lin non black fans or just everybody in general. because spike is black and it seems he’s huge fan of jeremy :)
    damn, what’s with those lakers?!? it’s painful to be a fan this season. star winning and be championship level team or start loosing and be awful team, don’t do this damn it. it would be easier, i’d get high expectations or no expectations, this way i have no idea how to feel :)

  • da man

    I just read the article about Jason Terry saying how Jeremy Lin is benefiting from playing in a certain system. Thank you Captain Obvious. What player besides Kobe, Lebron, etc doesn’t benefit from playing in a specific system? Kinda sounds like he’s trying to rain on Lin’s parade. You make Terry a 1st option and let him iso the entire time? Don’t think he’d be as effective. Shawn Marion said it’s amazing how many pick and rolls they run for Lin. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Didn’t he play for D’Antoni as well? He’s the ultimate “system” player (although you could argue his hustle style of play and the fact you don’t have to call plays for him would fit anywhere).

    Wonder if they changed their minds after they lost the game?

  • ab40

    wow you guys still have Lin as the headline? That’s called riding D*** 51, 40 and a triple double, all by different players has never happended before in the history of the nba it was the game of the year(season) so far.

    And guys are just taking hold of their own destiny, there are a lot of good players who never get an oppurtunity to play in a system that allows them to florish in their speciality.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Damn, Miami OKC could be an amazing finals series

    @ yoda

    Unfortunately it’s time to bury those expectations. Let’s be realistic for a second …

    We have the retarded son of our owner playing GM. Mike Brown still has no clue how to run an offense and guys like Kuester aren’t helping much. Ettore Messina is probably the smartest guy on our coaching staff and he’s not getting a shot anytime soon. Kobe is taking fadaways against the double team instead of using Gasol/Bynum and playing inside-out. Kobe and the bigs are playing crazy minutes so that’s probably gonna backfire later in the season/playoffs. Fisher and World Peace are done. Blake and Barnes are inconsistent and no one would notice if Kapono or Walton were out of the league tomorrow. Kobe is about to make 25, 28 and 30 million over the next few seasons so we are pretty much screwed financially as well as the Buss family won’t pay much luxury tax to be a first/second round team.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    melo, get well soon.

    the haters are scared.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i dunno y kobe getting mad at the lakers on a potential pau trade…the lakers only have eyes on dwight right now, so really it’s the magic holding things up. i hope kobe doesn’t think if there were a way to have been gotten dwight that the lakers would have been chillin. kobe, blame otis.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz
  • yoda

    @ Showtime

    well, after Junior took over and brown came, then we got punk’d on that CP3 deal, i thought this season is 100% bust. then we started to win something so i thought ok might’ve been wrong, not sure about championship but deep playoff run is there. then we started to play like we play, we win against good teams then we get screwed against bad team and vice versa. it’s so frustrating not knowing what to expect, but as a fan i still hope they will turn around and start playing proper way after all star. and who knows, maybe we get sloan as head coach ( i know, wishful thinking).

  • sh!tfaced

    Scared of constant nagging and bitching? in one ear, out the other. More of like that puking, (about to) throw up feeling… Don’t you just get so damn sick and tired of that bullshit? nag at home, at work, on the road, driving, commuting etc… bitch, whine, moan, complain… on a loop.

    dimemag is one of the few places left in a fast dwindling nagger-free world. and you dare take it away? lol.

    Give us a break, beiber bitch. We get it. You still don’t. When will it all end? You gonna do this douchebaggery for every tiny hint of fluking it right? You dying or something? Cancer, AIDS, any incurable disease? Not that retarded… even a mentally deficient person eventually realizes his/her limits. Even a damn dog can. Let us know so we can give you your space. give our respects, bury you, say a prayer, piss on your grave and laugh like hell. haha.

    Either you got balls made of adamantium or your just the type that keeps on naggin, shouting at the rain. Are you Rosie O’Donnell trying his/her hand at hoops this time?

    And its only a fucking Monday, dammit… looooong week ahead…….

  • sh!tfaced

    and if you claim to be right, let’s see some proof – solid evidence and not that tippy tappy ducking like mayweather kind of technical BS you usually do when some of the cats here get one on you…

    convince the shit out of my face and i’ll stay off your ass. hell, i’ll even get on the beiber wagon and back up your opinions no matter what the fuck. i’ll even laugh at your jokes – or will laugh at one when you post one…

    oh shit, you post like hell but i think you haven’t even said one stinking corny recycled canned joke here…? i can’t recall you ever saying a damn line of humor. not one drop. all so serious, all complaining, all so… DULL & BORING. prove that. loooooool

    …ruined a long work day and now im gonna try to do the same… i hope… assuming your not gonna duck like floyd and talk “system” like jason terry…

  • sh!tfaced

    dime cats and flw haters,
    apologies, sorry, my bad, gommennasai shout out, BTW… or pie-say and solly as they say it now in New York… hehe
    no excuses. just had to. felt like it. scrolling past can only do so much. and my boy fuego lookin dead tired throwing too many punches the last few rounds/days… lol
    Post # 2’s repost line did me in… which led to reading some of yesterday’s news and posts. and the resident cunt was broadcasting yesterday’s news in Full HD 1080p 7.1 dolby surround…

  • Sluth

    The Asshole still hasn’t shown me where everyone said Kobe was washed up, and you know he’s got all of those smack bookmarked for when he’s gets lucky.

    If Melo averages 25 with Lin, he’ll be fine. If he’s only gettin 15 like Amare, I think there will be problems. Only good thing is Melo plays alot better with a decent point guard.

    Don’t really count Durrant’s 50 as it happened in OT.

  • rw

    Dirk was massive last night but Novak’s fourth killed us.

  • Franchise

    Lakers are a total mess right now. Chalk up more losses to come too with Blazers up next then roadies against Dallas and OKC (LA is now 5-11 on the road). Since that trade-demand fiasco in ’07 KB learnt his lesson and kept his mouth shit regarding roster moves. Him speaking up now about Pau must mean its gettin outta hand. Damn.

    As a Laker fan its just painful to watch. Laker 4 life tho.

  • Franchise


    Shitfaced hella cranky….run for it biebs LOL

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    You can add Pekovic to the Top 5 List of Guys I Don’t Want to Run Into in a Dark Alley in Europe.

    1. Ivan Drago
    2. Pekovic
    3. Kirilenko’s back tattoo
    4. beiber newz (dude’s so annoying I would just give him my wallet and run away screaming just to make him shut the fuck up for a sec)
    5. Greg Ostertag in a leather jacket

  • control

    I was reading that Kobe talking about his teammates having difficulties getting emotionally involved in games every night. Then he went on to bash management…doesn’t this guy realize he is doing more to hurt his team than anyone else? His teammates find it hard to get involved because they have a guy who is jacking up 30 shots a night, outside the offense, and at a very low percentage. Guy is soooooo far out of touch, it’s brutal. Maybe if his coach had the skills to put together some sort of offense, there would be an option to like, run plays or something…

    The Lin hype is really brutal. You know when conventional local news broadcasts are bringing it up on a day to day basis (even one calling him “Justin Lin”) it is a little overboard. Lin seems like a really down to earth and humble kid, his story is great, but the city of new york, the knicks and all of their fans are still giant bandwagon riding douchebag motherfuckers. I am guessing this streak is going to go on a little while, then Lin is going to get PAID and then he’s going to fall back to earth as a solid player (not a star) and new york fans will turn on him. This will end badly, it is SOOOO overhyped that the only way it can’t is if Lin wins them 5-6 championships, cures cancer and turns around the economy.

  • Sluth

    Minnesota just need to trade Beasley for Galinari so they can become the bleach boys!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    so control says what i say about kobe and management but takes a different route, still all the same of questioning kobe. and yesterday when i said guys cant wait to say the lin hype is getting tiring, some ppl said i was wrong ? what did he say in his second paragraph?

    shitface, you must think it’s cool to just yell up a bitchstorm at me cuz now it’s like you are the new en fuego. not enuff sports topics to talk about? i am not even mad at you cuz i know you just want to rant and rave so i know it’s hallow yelling, seeing as how your comment does not warrant the energy you used for anything i said today. so i know you just looking for beef. have a great day.

    haha. balls of steel? did i read that right?

  • That’s What’s Up

    turnovers be damned…. Lin is on a roll.

    I thought yesterday would be a great test to see if his stones were legit, and they are.

    If you asked 50 current and former NBA coaches if they were to receive a starting point guard who wins 90% of his starts, but turns the ball over 7-8 times a game, how many do you think would take that point guard?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    how many haters out there wanted to see the knicks lose to a championship contender so they can talk all the shit they wanted to validate their potential shit talk in that regard about how lin fairs against greater teams? hmmmmmmmmm

    i really think ppl are underestimating the magnitude of melo birthing linsanity. telling his head coach, when the knicks were in a really tuff spot to put the bench warmer in the game. melo pleadin to his coach to hav lin run the point and the fact melo saw somethin in the kid in the practices or wherever they had time to play together. i doubt ppl are really thinking about the big judgement call that took from carmelo anthony.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    Relax, control. I am a Knicks fan since the early 90’s. Yeah, it’s been a hell of a bandwagon man. Look at all the championships we have in the last 30 years!

    How can you blame NY for clinging on to a glimmer of hope when the last time the Knicks won anything, Nixon was President? The Knicks finally have a viable point guard. Pessimistic fucks like you can try to piss on our parade all you want, but we’re still going Linsane baby, yeah!!!

    And 5-6 chips is not necessary. If the Knicks can just win a playoff series (preferably against Boston or Philly), I’ll be happy about this season.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i think when baron davis returns he’ll excite the fans in a way lin does too cuz

    1….his passing skills/flashiness are much better than lin’s and i expect him to do some crazy shit with the ball in that field

    2…his handles are much better than lin’s and the crowd will want to see him run the break and do fakes, drives and no look kick outs

    you don’t lose those skills thru old age and if baron is in shape since they held him out THIS long, he will provide more excitement from the pg slot.

    baron, im waiting for u too. and josh harrellson. get well soon peeps.

  • control

    Big Freeze

    My hate never relaxes. When it comes to the knicks, I can keep the hate strong 24/7, and even for stupid shit. I could hear about the knicks donating 5 million dollars to homeless people, and I’d point out that they are homeless because new york is a hell hole where people don’t care about each other in the first place. It’s just a hobby for me, but one I take seriously, haha.

    The current media hype machine justifies my hate for new york, and is an example of all I hate about the place. The people there just think they are center of the universe, the arrogance and ego is beyond anything in history…

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    The hate in you is strong, bro. It’s refreshing to see someone embrace the extreme hater inside them. Unlike beiber newz, who hates himself and takes it out on us.

  • control

    Big Freeze

    Amen to that, it just sucks that it creates 100s of posts we need to ignore…I hate taking a break from work, seeing 80 posts and thinking a great discussion is going on, then seeing a whole lot of bullshit. What a waste of time, sometimes…

  • jzsmoove

    I appreciate Linsanity, makes fans feel good especially New York. i love it. But 2 teammates scoring more than 40 each is special. the last time this was done i think it was Jalen Rose and Reggie miller got over 40 each. it is more special since it is 50-40 pts for 2 guys. Add a triple double from another teammate (Ibaka) for a franchise(OKC/Seattle) that has not had a 3DBL that consisted of blocks. THAT IS HEADLINE.

    WTF? 51 doesnt count for Durant? did the baskets he made not count? do we stop counting stats after regulation? I am assuming that Jordan DID NOT score 63 pts in playoff game against Boston cuz it ended after 2OT. umm yeah ok makes sense now.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    this was not hard to find:

    “^^^^^^^Love the Faker fans. lying, stealing and cheating your way to championships. Raping, molesting and being all around arrogant – these are the values that the Faker organization stand by. I suppose this is the American way. It just disappoints me that ethics have been compromised, specifically by certain teams (FAkers). I’m glad Stern veto’d the CP3 trade to the Fakers. Time for new blood and time for Faker fans to sit around with a shitty team, a GARBAGE coach that looks mildly retarded, and a superstar who is on his way to becoming a white dwarf. Enjoy mediocraty (while it lasts).”

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    Knicks are going from disaster to one of the deepest teams in the League.

    I might be delusional, but the Knicks have the personnel to play similar to the Mavs last year. Carmelo has the ability to be Dirk, an efficient high-post scorer and knock-down shooter. Lin is Kidd, a distributor who can hit his open jumpers. JR is Jason Terry, a shooting machine. Chandler is Chandler. Shump is like Deshawn Stevenson, the defensive spark plug who can also hit a three. Novak = Brian Cardinal. The wild card is Baron Davis. If he can stay healthy and play smart, teh Knicks have a shot at competing in the playoffs. That’s a huge if, though.

    On the other hand, the Knicks do not have an elite defensive player like Marion or a great coach like Rick Carlisle. For these reasons, I don’t see them being able to play effective defense against superstars like Lebron or Rose.

  • silky

    Kobe’s teammates look so dispondent. I can’t believe phx just rolled them like that. a couple times when Kobe had the ball on the perimeter, I watched gasoline and Bynum just turn and and try to box out for an offensive rebound. they aren’t even showin for the ball cuz he has just phased them out. the suns announcers were even like why isn’t Kobe looking inside at those guys against frye(who is 30th team all defense). 13 missed off balance forced shots and 10 turnovers later. it would be interesting to see what they say privately about him cuz no one seems to talk to him on the floor, in the huddle or on the bench. he’s just a prick.

    nothing worse than playing with a guy like that. just sucks the life outta you.

    pretty cool set of games yesterday tho, some great finishes and storylines. thunder are stuffing stats like a pre-teen does her bra.

    good to see isaih thomas get the starting job. he’s a baller. damon stoudemire clone

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    And Stat is just there.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    I totally agree, silky. Even when the Lakers win, if it’s Kobe putting in all the work, the rest of his teammates don’t even feel like they contributed to the win. Hopefully Kobe will be sick of hearing all the shit-talk and will freeze himself out like he did vs Phoenix in 2006. That shit was bizarre and satisfying.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i luv how ppl hav become nba athlete whisperers, able to know exactly what players think and feel.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    anyone wanna take some wagers? for all star weekend?

    if charles barkley’s team loses, i’ll disappear and never show my presence on this site again…but what happens if they win?

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    It’s not hard to predict what someone is feeling when their body language tells you everything.

  • heckler

    Mike D’Antoni still needs to be FIRED!
    Jeremy Lin saving his life right now!…Lin also helping Steve Novak re-define himself.

    Russ Westbrook is NICE!
    Im becoming more and more of a fan of his. Dude can ball. That Thunder team aint going NOWHERE without him!
    Try pairing Durant with Andre Miller and watch how that team falls off…..

    wow….it is VERY POSSIBLE that Jason Kidd will never play in the Garden again. damn. sad. Ive ALWAYS liked Jason Kidd. One of the best to EVER do it.
    as for Vince Carter…who cares if he never goes to the Garden again. we all stopped giving a shit about him in 2004….

    – Elton Brand got robbed!
    – Amar’e Stoudemire will never have a 30pt game for the Knicks ever again.
    – Ryan Anderson gonna get a fat contract and then SUCK.
    – JR Smith gonna average the most shots per 48min.
    – Jeremy Lin gonna average the most TO per 48min.
    – Denver Nuggs need a “Go to” guy.
    – Houston Rockets made good on Lowery over Aaron Brooks.
    – Lakers/Bulls gonna trade Carlos Boozer for Pau Gasol.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @beiber newz — “i luv how ppl hav become nba athlete whisperers, able to know exactly what players think and feel.”

    All I can do is nod in agreement.

  • Big Island

    Here’s my take on the Knicks: People hate on them because guys who never talked about liking the Knicks all of a sudden are going apeshit over them. IT happens with every good team, but more often it’s in NY and Boston. So even though my favorite player of all time was a Knick (Ewing), guys like Beiber make me want them to suck. Not because I want the Knicks to suck, but because I want guys like Beiber to get blasted on. And Beiber did have the one great line about 3 Stacks of gay porn, but ran it into the ground about 2 days later. Give Beiber credit, and good luck finding someone to take you up on the Barkley bet. Nobody will bet anything worthwhile on an exhibition game.

    I agree with Sluth, if Melo comes back and gets to average 25, it will be cool. If he is getting less than Amare or Lin, it’ll be trouble. I still hope he screws it all up though.

    The Lakers could have been fine if they kept their team from last season. Give it the one go with the old guys in a short season where you just have to get into the playoffs, but like everyone knows, the wrong kid is running the team now.

    And everything control is saying today is awesome.

  • the shaman

    where does aaron brooks even play now? he was damn good a season or two ago

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ Austin

    Do you really think they aren’t pissed at Kobe? I’m a Laker fan sitting on the couch and I’m pissed now put yourself in their situation:

    First Bynum & Gasol are playing help D trying to cover up for Fisher’s, Kobe’s and World Peace’s defensive mistakes, then fighting for the defensive rebound, sprinting on offense (rimrunning, as Mike Brown loves to call it), fight for deep post position only to be ignored, get out of the paint to avoid the 3-second-call only to fight their 280 pound opponent again for post position and finally see Kobe brick another triple from 26 feet out. Do you guys have any idea how hard the bigs work for postion?

    It’s really not rocket science

  • JBaller

    JKidd was classy last night, hsaking LIn’s hand after the game and wishing him luck in the future. I have mad respect for his game and his professionalism.

    OKC is legit, not that anyone here needs me to tell them that. I’m just glad that the west has a team like them who can compete with the Heat (who I hate) in June. It seems likely that’ll be the finals and it’s going to be an awesome matchup. I’d like to see LBJ try to posterize Perk and end up on his ass. Durant/LBJ, Westbrook/Wade, Ibaka/RuPaul, Harden/MIA Bench…I love this game!

    My wife was tired of watching basketball so we changed the channel and missed OKC’s 50+40+Trip/Dub. Shame!

  • JBaller


  • K Dizzle

    Cosign both Biebs n AB today:

    @beiber newz — “i luv how ppl hav become nba athlete whisperers, able to know exactly what players think and feel.”

    As for the Knicks, Lin took 20 shots, JR took 16. I still need to see how they gonna fold in Melo n Boom. Knicks should just trade Melo right now for Josh Smith. He the closest thing to the Matrix in his prime, he rebounds, blocks shots, defends and dude is an underrated passer.
    Of course the playoffs will come around and the knicks will wish they still had Melo…

    @ heckler – Gasol for Boozer? why exactly would the Lakers do that?

  • Sluth

    Yep jzsmoove, he didn’t have 50 at 48 mins so I don’t count it. MJ’s games of 55 point in playoff games without OT are more impressive to me than his 63 with an extra 15 mins. Just me, I waiting till someone gets 50 in 48 minutes.

    We get go get rid of Beiber, I’m taking that bet!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Showtime — But again, and I know this is a bigger conversation than just the ’11-12 Lakers, I have to look at the mindset that goes behind how we look at scoring the basketball.

    Why is basketball the only sport where it’s acceptable to sulk and not give 100% effort just because you’re not getting the ball as much as you want? Bynum and Gasol, for example, can impact a game in other ways besides scoring. Why isn’t it enough to rebound, block shots, defend your man, get some assists, and create space/angles for guys like Kobe (whose best skill is scoring) to score?

    Go talk to an NFL offensive lineman. They NEVER touch the ball in any meaningful way, but does that mean they’re not as involved in their team’s wins and losses? Does that mean they don’t impact the game? Is not getting the ball an acceptable excuse for them to stop playing hard? I’m pretty sure every offensive lineman or defensive player would like to do something with the ball more often than they do. Pretty sure every NASCAR pit crew member would like to get behind the wheel every now and then. Pretty sure every baseball player wants to bat 7-8 times a game instead of 3-4. But guess what? They still go out and do their jobs and help their teams and don’t get a free pass for whining about not getting the glory.

    Only in basketball (and maybe hockey, I guess) do you have guys who can pout about not getting the ball — or media and fans who do the pouting for them — and everybody is OK with it. Only in basketball do we believe that everybody is entitled to getting the glory a certain number of times.

    I know these are all different sports and the ball moves in different ways, but it’s still strange to me.

  • heckler

    Lakers need to make a trade for Devin Harris.
    end of story. semi-young point guard. still has end-to-end speed. young enough to defend his position. skilled enough to score if he has to. and wont come in thinking he’s the best player on the team.

    if not Devin Harris…the only other point guard that’ll fit their team system and style is Kirk Hinrich.

    Carmelo Anthony will be fine. dude has been in the league for 9yrs. Im sure he knows how to fit in with other players just fine. i WOULDNT worry if I were a Knicks fan. The team chemistry is great right now. if you think Melo will mess it up, your really giving him too much credit.
    …jeremy lin will have to adjust to Melo more than Melo will have to adjust to him. Carmelo is STILL the best player on that team.
    side note: the knicks should have cut mike bibby, not renaldo balkman for jr smiths roster spot.

  • JBaller

    I’d trade Melo for Josh Smith in a heartbeat. Love his game and he rebounds and defends!
    Kobe got 81 in 48 min. That’s something.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — Oh man, I LOVE that trade. I just toyed with it in the ESPN Trade Machine and came out with this:

    Knicks get: Josh Smith, Marvin Williams
    Hawks get: Carmelo Anthony, Iman Shumpert

    First off, this doesn’t mean I think Melo is a bad fit for the Knicks or that he won’t mesh with Lin. But as you said, if you’re trying to re-create the 2005-10 Suns, Josh Smith is the BEST fit. He is the closest thing we have to Shawn Marion in his prime.

    Meanwhile, Melo gives ATL two prime-time perimeter scorers (with Joe Johnson) and gets to work in a more iso-heavy system that suits his style. Assuming Lin is the real deal and he’s NY’s Steve Nash for the long haul, everybody wins here.

    Marv and Iman make it work financially.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Sluth – U know this is a basketball website right?
    So sayin ridiculous shit like it doesn’t count cuz it was in overtime earns you automatic lack of credibility. Like you want dudes to just stop playin cuz the game is tied after 48? If anything, scoring in extra time is even harder than gettin buckets when you fresh…..anyways…

    @ Showtime – You trippin on one loss, but u act like u didn’t know we the best team in the league at home and one of the worst on the road. Yeah, 10 turnovers is a bad look, but if you actually watched the game, Phoenix stepped up their d up and doubled hard if Kobe even thought about gettin the ball, which makes sense after how he did em on friday. 7 of the 10 turnovers were Kobe tryin to pass outta the double team, but Phoenix was flyin all over the court so oh well.. Kobe was 11-24, not like he threw up trash all day. Every miss but one was in and out, even that 30 footer with the clock at 2. He hits one more shot n it’s a 50% day. Kobe assisted on every Bynum bucket in the 2nd half, but for some reason, Mike Brown only played Drew like 8 minutes. 8 minutes? Vs Phoenix? I understand it’s fashionable to lose minds on every loss, but the bigger picture is clear:
    Blake n Fisher: 47 mins: 2 points
    Lakers fgs: 35-78(3-18 from 3) Suns fgs 34-80(7-20 from 3)
    We shot better. Suns hit 4 more 3s. They win by 12.
    Kobe aggravates me too, but last night wasn’t one of those nights. U lookin for someone to blame, blame Jim Buss for not makin any moves, then blame Dave Stern for phuckin us outta improvin when we actually tried to make a move, then blame Lamar for bein so soft about bein almost traded n leavin Kobe, our best scorer, as the only playmaker

  • Sluth


    Agreed, he was special that night. I’m surprised he hasn’t had 50 this season. Script is written for Melo to get 50 in one of his first few games with JLin.

  • control


    All the sports you mentioned have players who play specific positions. Are you going to start suggesting that outfielders hop on the mound and blast a few pitches off, just to be fair and “share the glory”? Having guys in the pit crew drive a few laps? Those suggestions are just insane and have nothing to do with basketball, and the sport closest, being hockey, you still have guys who JUST rack up assists, JUST start fights (enforce) or JUST do that goalie thing.

    As I explained a few Smacks ago, it’s not about scoring or playing a role, it’s about disrupting the team and doing what is best for the team. If you are a scorer, and what you do best, and EFFICIENTLY, is score, there isn’t a person in the world who is going to get on your ass for it. People are hating on guys like Melo and Kobe about their scoring, because even though they are amazing scorers, they rarely make the choices that cause their team to score EFFICIENTLY. If Bynum has single coverage by a defender like fucking Frye, is in position and calling for the ball, is Kobe’s fade away with two guys on him the best scoring option for the TEAM? Hell no, doesn’t matter how good he is, it is not the right basketball play to do. He does that literally 15 times a game. You are intelligent and rational (most of the time, not sure what is up w/ the Fat Zach crushing…), so how can you not see that and understand where people are coming from, instead of trying to rationalize it as blind hate?

    Melo…well, he just plays like he’s playing 2K, and his pass button is broken. I could see him trying to do an off the backboard pass to himself from an inbounds play.

    I know straight up, if someone was playing as selfishly as Kobe does in hockey, there would be some internal team “problem solving” in that team’s practice. One or more of his teammates would take him to the side, and get him to see the error of his ways, verbally, or physically if that proves ineffective.

  • Sluth

    @K Dizzel

    If kobe scores 51 in his next 48 minute game, are you saying it’s not a impressive as Durrant’s 51 in 53?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @control — I wasn’t suggesting that O-linemen start carrying the ball or NASCAR pit crew guys drive a few laps. And I wasn’t suggesting that other sports need to “share the glory” more.

    In fact, I was saying the exact opposite: That those guys in other sports don’t get the glory, that they don’t “get the ball” (whatever it may be in that particular sport) and they’re perfectly fine with that. They don’t let it sour their mood or lessen their effort.

    Meanwhile, you have basketball players who can – just like an offensive lineman or a shortstop who goes 0-for-4 at the plate – can still impact the game and help their teams win by doing other things besides scoring. But if they DON’T get the ball enough, they’ll sulk and pout. And what’s worse, we’re OK with that. We sulk and pout for them. That’s what I don’t get.

    The whole idea of “rewarding the big man” for playing defense/rebounding by making sure he gets the ball back on the other end is an example of this. Why do we consider scoring the only “reward”? Why isn’t the defense/rebounding reward enough?

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    Jordan and Pippen the last time 50 & 40 happened with team mates in the same game. That’s some lofty territory… OKC takes the West this year.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Durant scored 51 while PLAYING 45 minutes, so does it really matter whether the game itself was regulation or overtime? As long as Durant himself didn’t play over 48 minutes, it’s all the same to me.

  • Franchise

    @smoove last time 2 teammates scored 40+ was Jordan and Pippen back in ’96…..impressive stuff from OKC, especially Ibaka IMO….11 blocks is just filthy. Anything less than a Finals appearance for OKC shud be considered an under achievement. on the flip-side its championship or bust for Miami. As somebody said on here a Finals match-up between those two would be epic.

  • Sluth

    @AB From what I know, it does in betting. If you bet durrant would score 50 in that game you would have lost because you bet on a 48 minute game. I’m just saying it doesn’t count FOR ME because Kobe could go a whole season without getting an OT game. If the game he had 48 in earlier this season went to OT, I think it’s safe to say he would have hit 50! Durrant only got 50 because a game was tied after 48 minutes.

    I can also imagine Ricky Davis on 49 with his team up by 2, tipping a last secon shot into his own basket so he has an extra 5 minutes to reach 50!

  • control


    I don’t know, I personally would rather shut a guy down who normally puts up big numbers, than score big numbers myself.

    With your above explanation in mind, those guys who do those things in those other sports, and don’t sulk about it are part of a team, and they play the role the team needs them to play to be effective and win. People aren’t complaining about guys scoring, or sulking when they don’t get the chance to score. People are complaining when they are in a position to score that is better than another teammate, and that teammate won’t make the best play for the team and get it to that person.

    There isn’t a single person I’ve ever seen calling for Serge Ibaka to get the ball in the post more, over Durant or Westbrook. Even Ibaka would say to give the ball to one of those two guys as first option, because 95% of the time they will be in a better position to score efficiently than Ibaka would be. If Ibaka finds himself alone under the rim, he knows he will probably get the basket for the easy score. Same with DeAndre Jordan, the guy was a pretty good scorer before he made it to the league, but has the guy had even one play ran for him in the nba?

    The situation with guys like Kobe and Melo, who are the biggest cases people complain about, are because they are with guys like Amare, Pau and Bynum. All 3 of which have been debated for being the best big men in the game at one point. All 3 are on equal, or higher, level of skill than the guys who are freezing them out. Melo and Kobe ARE NOT making the best plays for the team to win, and it shows in their records (taking new york’s record before Linsanity). Both teams are underachieving, and it is as a direct result of their “star” player’s selfishness. THAT is what people are complaining about, and talking about when they are saying you have to reward the big guy. If you got a big guy who is a legit star, why would you NOT want him involved?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ K Dizzle

    I don’t care about a meaningless game against the Suns. It’s been going on the whole season. Too many turnovers, too many bad shots. When you are shooting 28 % from deep you shouldn’t be shooting a lot.

    I blame Jimbo, I also blame Brown but Kobe deserves plenty as well. We don’t need Kobe to make plays every possession, dump the ball down low. Gasol and Bynum can generate their own offense, they can both score 1-on-1, when the double comes they kick it out for the open shot. Hopefully not the World Peace but that’s another story.

    We lost Odom for nothing and amazingly enough still have the best frontcourt in the league so why not use them?

  • Mt. Pleasant

    @ Austin

    Apples and oranges.

    In the NFL there are 50 man rosters. Offense guys only play offense, defense only defense, special teams only special teams, kickers only kick. Everybody has their defined role and the play it, the sum of those roles is the team. All of those different units practice seperately. 99% of the players played those positions their whole career, high school college etc.

    NBA is only 5 guys on the court at a time, and around 10 that play. Everybody plays offence, defence, rebounds, passes and scores. They work as a team. There are lots of players that just rebound or play defence, but its not like the offence unit goes out and the defence unit comes in. And they are more likely to be happy with their role if the team is winning.

    Also, in the NBA pretty much everybody was a star in college and now they have to accept a reduced role. That doesn’t happen to offensive lineman.

  • UncheckedAggression

    C’mon, AB, you’re going a little overboard on that argument. True, basketball players can act much more spoiled than those in many other sports. But a lineman knows that by playing that position, he is doing what he can to help the team by never touching the ball. Very different from a good post player in basketball.

    Here’s the problem: for a very competitive player, just doing the defense and rebounding isn’t going to be enough. When you know you could improve the chances of the team winning by getting the ball more, it is going to wear on you to see the team going with a far more inefficient strategy. And it’s not like Bynum and Gasol are moping or even straight-up pulling some “fine, I won’t shoot” bullshit that KOBE has done.

    But right now I’m going to do something that I have hardly ever done, and that is defend Kobe for a second. It’s understandable that he’s frustrated by this potential trade stuff. He has Gasol’s back (at least it seems like it) and doesn’t appreciate the effect it has had on the team.

  • K Dizzle

    @ control – how you know someone didn’t try to take Kobe aside in practice?

    @ Austin – I liked that trade as soon as the Knicks started strugglin this season and Smoove started rounding out into his ‘should be an all-star’ form. Lin, Fields, Smoove, Amare and TC feels like a more cohesive unit. I don’t think Melo can change who he is after 9 seasons. I mean the reason dude hangs onto the ball is cuz he’s sizin up the defender. Makes sense. If you the best scorer, you see how the defender is guardin you, then take what you want. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t mesh with D’Antoni or the team now…

    @ Showtime – I been reppin Bynum hard all year. I still don’t wanna trade him for Dwight on most days….but he cannot handle double teams to save his life. It’s easy for us to write about, even easier to do on 2k12, but for some reason, he doesn’t know what to do when the double comes. Could be part of the reason he played 8 mins in the 2nd half yesterday. He’s still growin so I’m not too concerned.

    @ Sluth – aside from betting apparently, I could care less if a dude scored 50 in 45 mins or 50 in 50 mins. I don’t find either more impressive than the other. It doesn’t tell us who was more efficient. It doesn’t tell us who won. Completely pointless argument.

  • the shaman

    @ #61/control – exactly.

    of course Austin already knows this answer, not sure why he is trying to spur on a ridiculous debate.

    probably to get more page views and ad $$, it’s a smart move.

    just like hiring a schizophrenic contrarian like beiber to get 100+ responses a day would be, if that were true. which of course we know there’s no way anybody would do that, and laugh all the way to the bank. preposterous notion!

    i’m gonna be the first guy to say Beiber IS always right. and he’s a GENIUS. He’s exactly like Stephen Hawking, except without the IQ and comprehension of the universe and quantum physics. the rest of you are fools and Knicks-haters, and wrong about everything.

    like saying Carmelo is a black-hole on offense. don’t you know Jerry Stackhouse is retired? Melo is the ultimate team player. watch.

  • K Dizzle

    And I hate the Spurs as much as any Laker fan can, but y’all sleepin a little too hard on em. Parker is killin every point guard in the league. ALL OF EM. Manu’s restin up for the postseason with these little injuries and TD’s minutes are waaaaay down. Dudes gettin too caught up in a win against a squad that started Corey Brewer n Ken Faried.
    Shit, they lucky they pulled it out with Denver up 111-106 with 40 seconds left. Choke job by the Nugs…

  • the shaman

    I like to think that inside every Lakers fan, somewhere deep down in their purple-n-gold heart, there is a tiny shred of acknowledgement that wishes their team was unselfish like the Spurs.

  • Big Island

    AB – The best example I can think of is Rondo. The guy plays great D, is great with the ball, sets up his team, but can’t shoot. It’s a weakness in his game. Should he and the Celtics feel rewarded for his rebounds and steals? You have 2 big guys on the Lakers who can score 20 a game, which would help the Lakers as a whole, but don’t get the opportunity to because someone else is taking all of the shots. No, an offensive lineman won’t get mad for not getting the ball, but show me one wide receiver who doesn’t flip out when he doesn’t get the ball. Or a running back. Or a QB who never gets to throw. Even a defensive lineman who the team changes their scheme and expects him to eat 2 blockers so someone else can make the play gets mad that he isn’t the playmaker. Add to the fact that now a guys pay is tied to performance, and yeah, people get pissed. Kobe, Rose, Dirk, Durant and Melo should get every shot because that’s what they are?

  • the shaman

    Tony Parker is playing like one of the top 5 players in the WORLD right now.

  • sh!tfaced

    Laker fans already had about a decade of unselfish during the 80’s with Magic and showtime. So they miss more of that than envy the Spurs.

  • sh!tfaced

    @ shaman 66


    so beiber is some quadriplegic guy crumpled in a wheelchair and speaks by using an electronic keyboard?

    …still wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley… but would really like to meet him atop a flight of stairs though… lol

  • the shaman

    @ #72

    i see you found my subtle jab. you like that?

    i was gonna say he’s exactly like stephen hawking without the good looks, social skills, and charming personality.

  • JBaller

    Seems like lakers forwards are too sensitive. First Odom asks for a trade because he had been mentioned in a scenario, now Pau is saying he can’t play well just thinking he could be traded. LAL needs some tougher guys. I think Bynum toughened up because Kobe has thrown him under the bus so many times starting with trade demands 5 years ago. Now he don’t give a shit, but Pau is just proving the guys who call him soft right, at least mentally/emotionally.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Big Island — And when wide receivers make noise about not getting the ball, we generally call them out as whiners. Keyshawn Johnson still can’t go anywhere without being associated (negatively) with “Give Me The Damn Ball!”

    But if somebody like Pau Gasol says he wants the ball more, we encourage it. If Gasol sulks and doesn’t play 100% because he’s not getting the ball, our proposed solution is not to tell him to stop being a b*tch, it’s to tell Kobe to give him the ball more.

  • the shaman

    ^ like control said…

    It’s b/c Kobe is not playing with the TEAM concept in mind. he’s making the low percentage stubborn/selfish play, not the RIGHT play that takes advantage of obvious mismatches. time and time again. this wears on one’s teammates, and it is human nature to feel like your effort is being thwarted by your star player’s ego.

    so we only “encourage rewarding players with more offensive touches” when it is the obvious correct play to make, one that is being repeatedly ignored by the star scorer.

    what happened to the Kobe that would come out in the first half dishing nothing but assists before finally resolving his scorer’s role in the 2nd half? people seemed to like him better then. it’s like right now he’s going for career achievements instead of focusing on the present.

    it’s obvious.

  • Big Island

    AB – Yep, that’s exactly what I am saying. It sucks, right? It’s because football and basketball are two completely different animals and trying to compare a basketball situation to a football situation doesn’t really work. Gasol came to the Lakers and went from being the #1 option to the #3 option (Kobe is 1 and 2) and they Lakers did great. He came in, played hard, and did what needed to be done. He sacrificed his stats and status for the good of a team. Now that team is trying to get rid of him. He plays hard, does his job, but why should he sell his body out for a team that’s been trying, since before the season started, to trade him? Same way if you knew your employer was going to ship you out you wouldn’t be as invested.

    Dwight said he wants the ball more at the end of games and it’s “he’s really trying”. Melo says he wants the last shot and it’s trouble for the Knicks. Lebron defers to Wade and Lebron is a bitch who can’t play in the 4th.

    Asking Kobe to give up shots is probably easier than asking Bieber to slow his posting here, it won’t happen. I know the point you are trying to make, and it’s right in a lot of instances, but it is a square peg/round hole with Gasol in this case.

  • jzsmoove

    Its more impressive than i thought, it was a playoff game!!

    In game one of the ’99 Eastern Conference Semi-finals, which two players each scored 40 points in the game to help their team to victory?

    Reggie Miller & Jalen Rose. Miller and Rose became just the fourth pair of teammates to score 40 points each in the same game in NBA Playoff history, and first in team history. The last pair to do it was Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler in 1995 for the Houston Rockets.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Big Island — Well, you SHOULD play hard every night because (if you’re Pau Gasol) you make like $200,000 per game. And because there is somebody out there who either paid a lot of money (to them) or is staying up until 3 a.m. just to watch you go to work. But I understand most pro athletes don’t think like that.

    Now if I worked in an industry where getting traded was “part of the business” and EVERYBODY knew it, I don’t think I’d stop going all-out just because there were trade rumors about me.

    It’s not like the concept of being traded has hurt Pau Gasol in the past. The last time he was traded (Memphis to L.A.) it was the best thing that ever happened to him career-wise. And I didn’t hear anything about him sulking when the Grizzlies were trying to trade him.

    I don’t want to make this all about Pau Gasol; he’s just an example of what I see as a perception problem in sports.

  • sh!tfaced

    If BI’s say on Kobe being options 1 and 2 is true…

    then there should be a 5th ‘pair’ of 40/40 player(s) in the same game in Jan 2006 vs the Raptors… 40 and 41 to be exact…

  • sh!tfaced

    …whooops didnt see the ‘playoffs’ only

  • sh!tfaced

    @ 73

    was thinking of telling it more animated, maybe in some “family guy” kind of way… but got too lazy – the backlash, racy stuff, need to respond… no thanks… lol

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    “As I explained a few Smacks ago, it’s not about scoring or playing a role, it’s about disrupting the team and doing what is best for the team. If you are a scorer, and what you do best, and EFFICIENTLY, is score, there isn’t a person in the world who is going to get on your ass for it. People are hating on guys like Melo and Kobe about their scoring, because even though they are amazing scorers, they rarely make the choices that cause their team to score EFFICIENTLY. If Bynum has single coverage by a defender like fucking Frye, is in position and calling for the ball, is Kobe’s fade away with two guys on him the best scoring option for the TEAM? Hell no, doesn’t matter how good he is, it is not the right basketball play to do. He does that literally 15 times a game. You are intelligent and rational (most of the time, not sure what is up w/ the Fat Zach crushing…), so how can you not see that and understand where people are coming from, instead of trying to rationalize it as blind hate?

    Melo…well, he just plays like he’s playing 2K, and his pass button is broken. I could see him trying to do an off the backboard pass to himself from an inbounds play”

    Preach, bro. Although I’m pissed at you for destroying Knicks fans earlier, I cannot agree with this more.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    wasn’t there this day in SMACK where guys were going back and forth about how AND1 and allen iverson messed up the game and how it’s important to have guys on a team that do the other things, who don’t focus on the glory and who just go out, get smart buckets, play hard, hustle, and contribute to making guys around them better?

    wel, how come you guys don’t look at it from that perspective when it comes to the guys around kobe? all you guys want to focus on is kobe taking a lot of shots. well, what about the barnes? the artests (WP)? the blakes and fishers ?

    yes, kobe goes out looking to put the pressure on the defense by scoring. that is his strength. does bynum really need a play called for him? why can’t observers see that bynum looks to clog the lane, block shots, rebound, intimidate and get putbacks, lobs on breaks, and points in the post when he has the opportunity to score and be happy with that?

    pau gets his touches. there is no huge difference from this year to last season. frankly, have you guys just wondered that kobe is taking a lot of shots because odom’s and shannon brown’s shot attempts have to come from somewhere? add to the fact artest is a ghost on offense.

    i’ve seen pau get the ball in the post and do nothin with it. he gets his touches, but does he shoot it? guys who complain do not look at the game, they just see the boxscore. they think that all kobe does is get the inbound pass, jet down to the 3 point line and jack. or go to the elbow, do a move and shoot a fadeaway.

    if you watch the games instead of watching the stat sheet, you’ll see both bynum and pau get the ball. too many of you equate their shot attempts to the amount of times they got the ball.

    the fact of the matter is, pau’s shot attempts are consistent from last year, bynum is taking more shots per minute than he did last year, and kobe is only taking a few more shots than he did last season, but i think it’s because he is the best player on the team, the guy you would want to take shots and guys who were expected to score last season are in dallas and phx now.

    anyway, i think it’s a double standard of hating i see going on. you say you wanna see guys play the right way and not force the issue which bynum and pau seem to be doing, but since kobe is taking a few more shots you want bynum to go ham. you want pau to go crazy. what exactly do you really want?

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    @ AB: “The whole idea of “rewarding the big man” for playing defense/rebounding by making sure he gets the ball back on the other end is an example of this. Why do we consider scoring the only “reward”? Why isn’t the defense/rebounding reward enough?”

    That’s great for guys like Noah or Ben Wallace. But when you have two of the best low post SCORERS in the game, the best 4-5 combo in the league, it’s downright stupid to just let them grab a couple re’s, play some D, and expect them to be happy while Kobe attempts to break the record for most 19 foot double clutch spin fadaways while getting double teamed.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Shaquille Johnson is going to get a concussion one day from hitting his head on the rim. check out this video of him getting his forehead ABOVE the rim during a game on an alley-oop! Must be the steroids in the chicken lol


  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    And I see AB is on some troll shyt today. No way in hell do you think it’s right to NOT reward someone with some touches on offense. That’s basketball one on one. The Big man always eats first. As long as he has game. Gasol and Bynum have G.A.M.E. It is inexplicable what is going on in L.A. right now with them not getting touches. Just plain ole dumb basketball.

    No one can defense that shyt. No one. Not even Jesus himself can defend Kobe/Mike Brown’s actions of not feeding their bigs.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Pau and Bynum are averaging 16 points per game apiece. That’s two buckets per game away from 20 points a night. And that’s with Pau shooting less than 50% from the field and Bynum shooting less than 60% at the line.

    Is it really THAT bad? All of this over a combined four shots a night? Y’all act like they’re not getting ANY touches, that Kobe NEVER passes them the ball, that they’re being completely ignored when it’s simply not the case. And it’s not like the Lakers suck because of it. They’re still going to the playoffs and still going to be a factor in the championship race.

    Could Bynum/Gasol get the ball more? Sure. Every non-alpha on every team could get the ball more. Is it some big tragedy that they’re not getting the ball more? Not really. And it’s definitely not a good excuse for either of them to shirk their other responsibilities on the court.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    these haters, like i said in my last post, are:
    -equating touches with shot attempts.

    of course they’ll sliver around your point of both of LAL’s big men essentially being :

    “two buckets per game away from 20 points a night…with Pau shooting less than 50% from the field and Bynum shooting less than 60% at the line.”

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    knicks game starting, squad up..time to get things poppin. i’m nervous.

  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com deron

    This team may go far. Melo and Lin should work; I think Melo wants to win more than he wants to score. Also Lin’s turnover problem is not so bad, his positives outweigh the turnovers he commits.


  • UncheckedAggression

    AB–At least you stopped that other argument.

    If you’re gonna try to cite what IS happening as a defense, there’s not much more we can say. You can throw those numbers out there, but most people believe the Lakers are underachieving. It’s obvious that many people, including Laker fans, believe the Lakers would be more dangerous if they involved their big guys more in the offense. If you don’t agree, then that’s cool. But I hope you can understand why people think this way.

    As a person that hates the Lakers, I am happy to see these problems. I’d hate to see them play good team ball, because then they’d be a championship competitor. I am glad Kobe gets the run of the place. You say the Lakers will be a factor in the championship race? I disagree completely. They are out of it. And that makes me happy.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    Stop stat whore-ing. You know damn well it’s not about just 4 shots. It’s about the match-ups more than anything. When Bynum and/or Pau are playing vs PHX, they should be fed the ball every time down the court. Not so they can shoot it every time, but the threat of them getting the ball makes every Laker on the floor even more dangerous because all the attention goes to the post. If not, then Bynum and Pau wreck shop down on the blocks vs PHX bigs.

    In the case that the Lakers are playing vs Orlando. And Kobe has JJ Reddick on him. Then there is no way Kobe should ever pass the ball. But if Kobe has Quentin Richardson (a very good defender) on him, while Gasol is being checked by Glen Davis or Ryan Anderson, then you would have to be a moron to not throw the ball into Gasol.

    Also if Bynum is being checked by Dwight. Bynum has about 30lbs and 3 inches on Dwight. Not including his long ass arms. Throw the ball into Bynum, force Dwight to play defense and draw dumb fouls vs Bynum. Even if Bynum isn’t scoring everytime, he’s creating open shots for teammates or drawing fouls on Dwight. Then when Bynum checks out, you stick Gasol (who has at least 2inches in height) on the block vs Dwight. He’ll either get buckets, draw fouls, or bring Dwight outside the paint with his jumper.

    The game of basketball starts from the outside in (as long as you have a capable big man). Anytime you ignore your big man, you are in trouble. plain and simple.

  • Big Island

    AB – Kobe is shooting 24 times a game at 44.1%. Gasol is just under 14 shots at 49.6% and Bynum is at 12 shots at 55%. Now of course Bynum and Gasol get some easy buckets from the 7 offensive boards they get each game. Take the 3 pointers out, where Kobe takes 5 a game at 28.6 percent, and Kobe still only shoots 48%. Gasol is over 50% if you take the threes out.

    If someone offered you a percentage of profits, would you take 44, almost 50 or 55%? Now this isn’t some Willy Lumplump who makes 2 shots but only takes 3, these are legit NBA guys, in Gasol’s case a multiple All-Star. When you watch the Lakers, it’s Kobe doing Kobe things, and everyone else just kind of going through the motions. So Gasol should rebound and defend, same with Bynum. Why go down the floor on offense? Why post up hard? You want me to go down and bang with the big boys, post up hard for position, bust my ass on the offensive end, just to watch Kobe take on a triple team? Nope. I’ll just chill and crash the boards hard to try to get one of the 10 shots you miss a game jacking over 3 guys.

    Yes, the Lakers need Kobe to score. He does, but at the expense of the Lakers maximizing their offensive production. No, they don’t use Gasol or Bynum enough. No, you can’t expect a guy to give his all when the team is trying to get rid of him. You’re sitting on a pulitzer prize article, but Dime is getting rid of you in 3 weeks. Do you sit on it until you go to the new place or do you give it to Dime? Be honest…

  • Big Island

    And it isn’t a time sensitive piece.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    now, is kobe shooting 24 times or “just under” 24 times? you conveniently used the “just under” term for pau and also, i doubt bynum is taking “exactly” 12 shots. why didn’t you round his up like you did kobe’s? why didn’t you just round pau’s shot attempts at 14 instead of using the just under term? why i say this is because, psychologically, by reading how u phrased your statement, it’s obvious u are exercising bias to prove a point instead of being pure in your assessment. when talking stats, you must be consistent. little things like what you did show you are not being impartial. sounds like in your head you are telling yourself: “it’s all good to round kobe’s shots UP. but lemme just round down pau’s and bynum’s so when ppl read it it looks a tad bit worse for kobe.”

  • Big Island

    Fine Beib, 23.9, 13.7 and 12.1. Better now? Bynum and Kobe were a tenth of a point from a whole number, so I just rounded to the nearest one. I round the numbers because it’s easy, but Gasol caused a problem with the .7 so I didn’t know what to do. Do I round down to the .5 or do I round up? So many questions!! I went with “just under”, but I see now that was an error on my part. Psychological trickery aside, it was just an attempt to make it simple.

    However, as I am typing this reply, I am telling myself “don’t get sucked into this crap man. He’s just pissy that the Knicks are losing and he’s gonna get ripped here tomorrow. Hopefully they come back so everyone goes easy on him, but then I have to deal with 100+ posts of the ‘I told you guys’ and ‘hmmmmmm’ nonsense. Crap. Wait! I’ll be installing that thing tomorrow so I won’t be able to read smack anyway! Sweet!!! Reply to Beiber. Try to be a little bit of a smartass, but not too much. It’s all in the subtlety… Easy now, don’t rush it. You want Beib to think you are being serious, but everyone else knows that you are fucking with him. Steady… I hope he reads it in the sarcastic tone that I am writing it in. Like that Hawking comment earlier, that was gold. Let’s see, put the exact shot attempts up there, said I rounded to the tenth, made sure to say Gasol screwed it up because he wasn’t .9 or .1… Looks good, hit submit comment”.

  • First & Foremost

    As of this very moment, control is typing up an essay as to why Carmelo Anthony is the problem with the Knicks. Points of emphasis will be: team record with vs w/o Sir Anthony, this season & last season; iso individual playing in a pg dominant system, cornrows, and possibly why did Mr. Anthony decide to comeback vs. the Nets instead of the Mavs.

    So no, you are not hearing a hail storm, there is just a dime commenter going apeshit on his typewriter over the Knicks losing right now.

  • sh!tfaced


    i told you so…

    i remember when i said….

    have i ever mentioned…

    i recall saying….


    haters are scaaaared….

    who’s looking bad now, bitch?


  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    how come each chance the knicks had to go above .500 they lost? shizz. this is the storm the onlookers wanted in melo’s 1st game back. at least the celtics are close to losing, so the east standings won’t favor boston after this fukin loss. wtf. ny, yall got me tight now. lakers, i kno yall hav trouble against the blazers usually, but if yall lose too, i may slap a hoe tonite.

  • sh!tfaced

    let’s go smack…. come on… i’m foaming at the mouth here… lol

  • sh!tfaced

    that’s what melo gets doing a pussy move… deciding to comeback vs the nets and sit it out on the mavs, like f & f said… can’t wait for tomorrow’s paper…

    beibitch… make that hoe wear a melo jersey

  • sh!tfaced

    oh wait? you have an electronic slapper or something? do you do it on your wheelchair or do you just lie down and let her work?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    hehe. shitinface, did my words really stick with you on your mind like that? i must really be the guy that guys want to see suffer. well, book it, the nets won the championship tonite. all other teams can go home. the season is over, melo lost in his 1st game off an injury, the nets killed the knicks season. lol

    and big island, in all honesty, you had me cracking up throughout your post, i hate to admit it..but it cheered me up a notch after this loss. you know the times when u mad, and you don’t want ppl making u laff? that’s what was happenin as i was reading your comment.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    and when i look at it, i truthfully think it’s actually a great thing the knicks lost this game.

    after lin’s first loss, ppl wanted to cave in on lin and start their shit talk, i feel like i killed it a bit by saying i culdnt see the rest of the truth come out.

    now, after this loss, i reeaaally wanna see what guys have to say. i want guys who hate to say evrrything they can about the loss, about melo. etc. i want all of it to come out in smack. that way the truth is out, all the shit ppl were holding in, now is their chance to say it.

    when i see all, it’ll be there for all time. and there will be a time when i can look back at that page to see how accurate guys were, how right, and how wrong. i want guys to say the truth on their minds so that a month from now, i can pull it out in a future smack, and say “remember when you said this so n so? ”

    the nex smack should be awesome. for me at least…….yall know how i do with memory.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    also, i like how ppl say they are foaming at the mouth, but had the knicks won, they’d pretend like it didn’t matter to them. the new knicks era with melo has begun, and the shit talk will be reinvented for the 2nd half of the season. shud b fun.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    @Fnf, Big Is, and Sh!tfaced

    I’m over here laughing so hard i had to explain myself to the family because of those comments.

    Too bad the Bulls didn’t lose or look really bad with Rose coming back. Then BNews would be able to use that as a measuring stick. Instead Rose came back, dropped 20+pts, and they blew out one of the better teams in the east. hahaha. Rose did look kinda rusty though when it came to his dribbling, passing, and bball IQ.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    hehe…i think he’s the only one who cares bout the bulls. farthest team from my mind, only reason i think of the bulls is cuz rose is on my fantasy team. i thought he forgot i existed though. hm. guess there is a temporary cease on that cuz the knicks lose a game. interesting. lol.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    @my last post (#107)

    So Im watching the game on DvR. At the time the Bulls were up by 20pts. Now the lead has shrunk to 10pts. So i had to double back and make sure we even won the game in the first place or that last post would make me look like….well a Republican candidate. a.k.a. and idiot.

    Turns out we won by 11pts. Not quite a blow out but good enough.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    Cocaine is a helluva drug…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    you know, it’d be interesting to see guys try to connect the loss solely to carmelo. i forgot to mention that. even though far more things went into that loss, i want to see the creativity of the haters. lol



    Look out! Somebody’s gonna get raped tonight… Bloody and brutal, I hope.
    Better say your prayers and do more than your usual Meth.

    This gangbang is happening and it’s no holes barred.

    Remember my last post, my schizophrenic friend?
    “if (melo) blows it, nothing wont matter for u. ever. your street cred will be lower than the real justin bieber.”

    You’ll be known as “Hasselhoff Newz” by the time your done.


    Connect the loss to Melo? That’s it?


    And it wasn’t even close.

    – The Knicks beat the NBA Champs without Melo and lost to the Nets WITH Melo.

    – They were at home, so unless they all slept on a couch last night, the back-to-back don’t count.

    – Plus, the Nets were also coming off a back-to-back.

    No need to be creative. Those are the facts. And they are at your face together with all that cum.