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More Linsanity: STADIA Introduces The “HUSTLIN” T-Shirt


HUSTLIN T-Shirt (photo. STADIA)

“Because not everyone is handed a golden ticket…sometimes you have to hustle your way to the top.” The Linsanity continues with this dope new t-shirt from STADIA, a brand that’s been honoring iconic sports moments since 2008, featuring another memorable Jeremy Lin pun. If you’re into this Lin run like some of our Twitter followers are – trust us, the Lin fans are going CRAZY on there – this t-shirt has to be a part of your rotation.

Hopefully this works out better than the New York City “LeBron Or Bust” collabo we did with UNDRCRWN. I remember being so hyped to grab a shirt in the Dime office when they threw some our way. Too bad I never wore it for obvious reasons. Now, it’s sitting in my closet and would make no sense to break it out (It’s also like a 4XL. I had to drop the old look).

Anyways, you can grab this awesome shirt for $24.99 on STADIA. It’s also debuting at select retailers.

What do you think?

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  • richard m

    so clever and so awesome

  • high

    hey austin, Lin’s gonna be on the cover of TIME, you mad?