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Philly Blows Out The Bulls; Brandon Jennings Lights Up Miami

Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala (photo. Kelly Turso)

Do you believe in Philly now? You should. The 76ers turned the stove temperature up in the third quarter and started grilling Chicago. It was like the visitors got caught up in a storm they couldn’t get out of. The defense was suffocating. Andre Iguodala (19 points) had a cuff dunk that only five or six people in the world could’ve pulled off. And Jrue Holiday (17 points) capped it all with a corner three right before the quarter ended. 26 to 11, they mauled the second-best team in the East in the third, and ended up winning 98-82. Every time you looked up, Philly was on some kind of fast break, whether it be off a turnover or due to the general attack mode they were in all night. It’s honestly one of the best performances we’ve ever seen out of Iguodala. He was loose and having fun … Russell Westbrook did his best to make up for all the playoff screw ups he had in Dallas last year, completely destroying the Mavs with 33 points as OKC got back on track with a big 95-86 win in Big D. This thing would’ve gotten out of hand in the second half if it wasn’t for Jason Terry, who scored 25 to help make up for Dirk hardly showing up (2-for-15 shooting) … If Serge Ibaka could actually score a point or two, he would’ve had a triple-double because dude went OFF with 10 blocks … Rick Carlisle seems like he’s in better shape than half his team. At one point, he kicked the ball out of frustration into the stands and nearly took a few people out behind the basket … Tim Duncan dropped 25 in another one of those “turn back the clocks” nights, but really, it was a stretch in the third quarter where he won it for the Spurs. Houston had been up by as much as 18, but the Big Swim poured in 16 himself during the frame to get the lead back within working distance. From there, it was Gary Neal – who’s come out of nowhere to turn into a fourth quarter assassin – who hit floaters and threes in the fourth (15 points) to finish off the Rockets, 99-91 … Portland got a combined 69 points from LaMarcus Aldridge, Gerald Wallace and Jamal Crawford as they murdered Charlotte bad enough (112-68) that fans should’ve gotten their money back … It was the best and worst of times for Al Jefferson (27 points, 12 rebounds). Down four in the final 30 seconds, Jefferson hit what seemed like his 10th hook shot of the game to cut the Clipper lead to two. But after Blake Griffin broke the press, Big Al didn’t wrap him up hard enough and Griffin’s (31 points, 14 rebounds) three-point play gave the Clippers the space they needed to win, 107-105. L.A. got their third straight big Western Conference win behind a huge fourth quarter from the “basketball genius” (as Chris Mullin said last night) Chris Paul (34 points, 11 assists) … Griffin had enough highlights for an entire hour of Sportscenter within the first few minutes. We swear, after maybe the second dunk, Utah just said forget it and started escorting Griffin to the rim for repeated slams. Seriously, the whole league is now shook after what took place the other night. No one wants to become the next Kendrick PerkinsDeAndre Jordan had one of the sickest follow-up slams we’ve seen this year … Keep reading to hear how Brandon Jennings outplayed LeBron James down the stretch of Milwaukee’s surprise win …

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  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    Hi hi to you from Jurg

    Jurg loves playing the basketball

  • matttG

    Let’s go sixers!!!!
    I hope we beat miami!!!
    Dang iggy wasn’t bullsh%%ting. No pun intended
    There is no way he can’t make the all star game.
    Lavoy allen was a second round steal dropping 15 and 6 on boozer and noah thass wassup!

  • Fabian

    Hi hi to you, Jurg!

    Fabian loves the Jurg comment!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    handful of great games were played this wednesday. nba basketball is wavy. i think the bulls have to add philly to their list of teams to look out for come playoff time. 6ers looking more and more legit after every game…even in the ones they don’t win.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i hear grieves vasquez is the first ever in the entire history of the hornets franchise to come off the bench and get 20 pts and 10 asts. that shoulda been mentioned.

    i kinda wanna see a danny granger-kevin love fight. i’ve seen granger’s personality before and he don’t take no shit. granger is like a pit bull, but a civilized one. i once heard granger tell this story about how he was getting ready for a matchup against the cavs when lbj was still there and it was before the game in the locker room. he saw one of his teammates put on a pair of lebron kicks. granger said he wasn’t bout to take that…he literally took his teammate’s sneaker, grabbed a pair of scissors and ct off the lebron logo from dude’s kicks.

    granger is that dude yo. lol

  • control

    Can you really be called a hero if you are the reason your team was getting blasted in the first place? Like, Jennings was at like 5 for 20 at one point, then he rattled off a few in a row. Isn’t that like overdrawing your bank account by a few hundos, then wanting to be rewarded for paying it back?

  • 23076

    Jennings points were nothing great, he wasn’t very efficient, but what was impressive was 8 ast 0 t/o, give him credit for that

  • stefan

    @control – I was thinking exactly the same thing. It happens with more players on a regular basis, they start hitting some shots in the 3rd and 4th but it was them who put their teams behind in the first place…

    in philly they are all taking bad shots in the first half. it’s like they take their pregame shots in the first half.. just to get in a rhythm. but it’s scary that even so, Chicago was behind since the start. derrick rose had like 4 or 5 layups in a row at the end of the half to keep it close.

    If 76ers start taking their time in the offenses, at least in the first quarter, they will be unbeatable. that doesn’t mean to stop running after a quick or long defensive rebound, like they did greatly last night, but if you are in a set offense than you should take your time and find an open man.. or drive.. or get it to brand. too many jumpers, contested or just in bad moments..

    I really hope they change that, as I want to see how good they can be.

  • dmitry of jersey

    What’s w the dig against jersey… A bad team playing an even worse team team will not sell out any arena. Are u guys bitter cuz the nets may be better than the Knicks even without brook?

  • jdizzle

    Dig Doug has COY wrapped up

  • JDish

    The Sixers are starting to be my feel-good-team of the season. I wonder if the Sixers would be willing to do a seminar in Orlando, give some presentations on actually looking like a team that like balling together and actually being competitive instead of looking disappointing and lacadaisical.
    Go Sixers, I love it.

  • JDish

    Hi there Jurg, as you can see we all here love the basketball as well … you can chime in at anytime on anything basketball related Denmark style …
    Hey wasn’t Rik Smits from Denmark?

  • wcs

    Indy deserves a little more press than their getting. Thats a pretty darn solid line up they have.

  • silky

    cp was ballin last night! that was a fun game to watch. al Jefferson looks like he’s in great shape. him and Perkins leaned right out during the lockout. clips are gonna be tough to come back on this year. all their guards shoot over 85% from the line and don’t turn it over.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    if the knicks had been losing to the bucks…..lemme just leave it there. happy milwaukee is showing they have fight

  • silky

    no mention of nash breaking kj’s suns assist record?! kj was nice…. still remember that one handed leaner he put down on olajuwon

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Damn Philly ran all over my Bulls. And outside of Rose and Brewer the team looked like they didn’t want to play. Their defense was getting shredded by guys driving the lane. Which is odd because it’s not like we had to stick to the shooters, the bigs just didn’t want to play last night. Damn shame.

    Iggy looked like he was out to prove a point on a few dunks. Like “How dare you put Kyle Korver on me?” The Tomahawk dunk he threw down was just angry! He could’ve had 30pts easy, but he insisted on passing the ball to his teammates.

    That Utah/LAC game was off the chain. Had everything you’d want in a game. Great dunks (Blake, DJ, Favors), great post play (Al Jeff, Millsap), great guard play (CP), great shooting (Mo will), and clutch baskets (CP, Al Jeff).
    C. Paul put on another clinic of how to be a PG. Anyone who doesn’t like to watch him play, doesn’t like basketball. Dude already has the mind of a old savvy vet, but still has his athleticism. I can only hope DRose and Westbrook could learn those same things.

    ON a side note:
    Very good story that happened out here the other day. One of the top girls players in the area and the top Freshman in the area just set her school record for points (Varsity team has only been around for 4yrs) with 34pts. The reason why it was special is because just before her basketball season started this year, her mother passed away from cancer. The night she set the record was “Breast Cancer Awareness” night at her school. I spoke to her father after the game (a former NFL player) and he was damn near in tears. Very cool story. Reminds me of the Chris Paul story with his grandfather.

  • CLAW

    @silky – How money was CP3 in that 4th? It was even and CP3 hit 3 shots with guys in his face, got a huge offensive board and just controlled the end of that game while the Jazz had a hard time getting shots EXCEPT for Al.

    Al has one of the best post moves of any big in the league, I love watching him and Scola works that up and under as well. He was killing Dre, baby hook was dropping but damn CP3 is the best guard. I love Rose but his missed FTs against Miami, I just don’t see CP3 doing that. He is just money and cold blooded (Rick James aka Chappelle voice) in the 4th. What player would you take over CP3 in the 4th? Kobe, cmon he gets his but isn’t a great distributor like CP3, same for Melo. Its just awesome watching him take over games and finally on a legit squad that can provide help.

  • Big Island

    I think I have reached a point where the NBA is just too overwhelming to try to keep up with full time. There are too many games, too many bad games, crammed into a short period of time. I’m just going to have to go easy until the playoffs. On one hand it’s great because teams who would usually get stomped on are winning because they are decent but really deep, and teams that would be OK with a regular schedule are dying because they are older and only have an 8 man rotation.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Lebron going H.A.M. in the first quarter then choking in the 4th….stop me if you heard this story before.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Just a thought

    Kevin Garnett, Al Jefferson, Kevin Love. all guys that were drafted/traded for by Kevin McHale. Then Kevin McHale teaches them how to play the post. Two of those guys got to spend a lot of time with McHale (KG and Big AL) and end up being a top back to the basket player in the NBA. Kevin Love didn’t have as much time but his back to the basket/post moves are way better than they were in college.

    With that, why do big guys not go to Kevin McHale in the summer to learn how to play the post? Everyone wants to go to Hakeem, but Hakeem can’t teach you the shyt he did. Those moves are exclusive to Hakeems agility and athleticism. McHale on the other hand was never explosive and relied solely on his moves and savvy to get buckets. And if you watch the 86 Finals, Kevin gave Hakeem quite a few lessons in the post too.

  • K Dizzle

    Memo to Dwight Howard, Javale McGee and DeAndre Jordan

    post 21 refers to you…

  • Chaos

    @chicagorllia – if Miami isn’t up big by the 4th I don’t expect them to do much, especially lebron because he isn’t clutch and needs to give up the ball in the 4th qtr and just become a distributor.

    CP3 is easily the best pure complete pg in the game. He was crazy. He had like 4 alley oops to start the game and was kill guys by getting to the hoop or hitting the 3 ball with ease. He also looks like he has the ball on a string because he never picks up his dribble. And while the clips need a bigger 2 guard the rotation of Billups and Month is still paying dividends. These guys are gonna be tough once they learn to stop someone and Jordan becomes a better post defender.

    Jennings still isn’t shooting high enough percentage to be an effective leader to me. He digs holes and half the time can dig the team out of it.

    Iggy is so damn good but he is def a team first. Player and sacrifices points and stats for W’s. He will never be a superstar but will always be someone you want on your team

    Bobcats suck…

  • JBaller

    Good story Rilla. Musta been great to see a young baller set a record like that while honoring her mom with her dad in attendance.
    You’re right about McHale too. Lot’s of guys from that era call him one of the great PFs of all time. Barkley said it last week. He’s easy to overlook having played with Bird and othet Celts greats, but he had mad skills.
    I agree with Big I too, lots of basketball is great, but lots of bad basketball aint. I haven’t been posting much lately cause I can’t keep up, too much garbage to sift through. I’m choosing my games more carefully now.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Andrea Bargnani, please see post #22… but you can hold off until next year. No rush.
    Good observation Chi.

    Truth from Big I. The schedule too full. It’s a bit difficult to keep up with ALL of it especially with real life getting in the way. I wish I lived in a basketball world where it’s backwards; Where you try to keep up with real life but basketball keeps getting in the way.

    Big game for the Raps on Friday…. vs Wizards. Go Wiz!!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz


    this is apparently the basketball crossover of the week.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    can the lakers hurry up and sign or trade for someone !?

    blake’s been out for some time and they’ve been increasing fisher’s minutes…how is that good in this kinda season? i like that goudelock has some pretty decent statlines, but i would rather preserve fish as much as possible. i respect his intelligence, clutchness and reliability to continue the flow of the offense, but preserve that as much as possible for the post season.

    apparently, ramon sessions is on the lakers radar…while i would prefer the future laker point guard to be a consistent 3pt maker, i will take sessions cuz he is a great passer, rebounds pretty respectfully for his position and is young enough to keep up with a cp3.

    i dunno who they’d have to give up in a trade (trade exception?) just do something la. but i like how the team has survived so far.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I turned on spurs/rockets and spurs were down by almost twenty. Bathed all the kids, read em books and put them down for the night, turned the game back on and spurs are up by one and Gary Neal starts turning into The Microwave.

    That’s how I do it Big Island, because I agree that it is overwhelming at times.

  • Franchise

    @Dime Not cool makin fun of the Egypt riots, people lost their lives out there. Brothers, Fathers, etc…show some respect.

    Been away from the site for quite a bit, good to see nuthin much has changed; Biebs bein hella annoying, Chi and Big I spittin truth. N yeah way too many games to keep up with, call me when the second season starts.

    P.S: Sixer bandwagonerz growing in numbers on the daily. Relax yall. Playoff ball is a another story entirely. I see them gettin rolled in the 1st Round.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    This is turning into a Not-Enough-Time-For-Basketball support group. Fuckin schedule…

  • matttG76

    We gonna beat miami tomorrow!!!!!!!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    why is it that we can’t appreciate when a team gets good? instead we relegate ourselves to saying…ooo they’ll get killed in the first round? what happened to liking parity and liking the fact teams that used to suck are getting good? we complain when there’s not enough competition, then we shun the same teams by saying they’ll suck in the playoffs?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — It doesn’t even have to be McHale or Hakeem, just … somebody. Spend SOME time working on your craft with a capable mentor instead of just doing conditioning and strength work. There are times when the best teacher wasn’t necessarily an All-Star at the craft, and times when an All-Star is a horrible teacher.

    A couple offseasons ago, Greg Oden spent the summer working with, like, Brian Grant. Or maybe it was Buck Williams, or Grant Long. Somebody like that: Not a huge name but a solid ex-pro who sounded like (from what Oden told me) they were a good teacher. Even if it was “just” a high school coach or a former college player, the point is he got some valuable instruction and some direction. And Oden started that particular season doing really well until, you know…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    it’s been a while since i’ve said: kyrie irving is da shit !

  • reef

    Big win for the sixers but one question, wasnt that a game they were supposed to win? Two starters were missing for the bulls including the guy who would primarily guard iggy which is deng. The bulls are obviously missing deng’s defense 18 points and intangibles and its also beginning to affect their bench which is one of their biggest strengths.
    I don’t see them beating any elite teams without deng because all you have to do is trap rose and force him to give up the ball

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    That’s true. I wish I could get the Bulls to pay me to train Omer Asik and Joakim Noah. I’ll have them dudes killing people in the post in a year.

    I believe the fall off of the big men came when Pete Newell passed. Every big man used to attend Pete Newell’s big mans camp, either while in college or the NBA. Shaq, Kareem, Bill Walton, Hakeem, Worthy, Benard King and many others attended his camp. From what i understand dude was a master of the post game. I would personally love to learn what it is he taught. I just can’t afford to attend the camp lol.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    Also you must have forgot but Buck Williams was an all-star.
    Brian Grant and Grant Long are great guys to learn from too. Solid role playing bangers. Although i doubt any of them could teach Oden how NOT to foul lol. They were str8 up hacks when they played.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — Oh no, I remember how good Buck Williams was. Just saying he’s not one of those names that makes your average fan perk up.

    If a random Orlando fan reads that Dwight Howard is going to spend the summer with Pat Ewing, or Hakeem Olajuwon, or even Zydrunas Ilgauskas (recent All-Star), they’ll get excited. But if they read Dwight is gonna work with J.R. Reid or Charles Shackleford or somebody who was an All-Star 25 years ago like Buck, it’s either “Who?” or “So?”

    Never mind that the lesser-heralded guy might be a GREAT low-post teacher, their name means nothing to a lot of people.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    @AB and the rest of the posters

    I don’t know the stats. But if Paul Millsap the best clutch 3pt shooter in the NBA? HEre me out. Last year during a game vs Miami where i think he went for 40+ he hit at least 3 clutch 3pters. He did it again later that year. Yesterday he banged down a clutch 3 again. I wonder what his clutch stats are when it comes to 3pt shooting.

  • Big Island

    I always snicker at the working with Hakeem too. He was great. But the problem most guys who were that good have is that they don’t know what it was like to work without incredibly talent. Magic, MJ, guys like that probably couldn’t teach you as much as Bird or McHale because they were just different species. You can’t teach me to have floor vision like Magic, or the athleticism of MJ. Could Kareem teach me a skyhook? Sure. McHale up and unders and stuff like that I could learn. I can’t learn how to smash on people so Blake Griffin couldn’t teach me much. The problem with guys now is that they never learned the fundamentals. They are just really athletic and use that. Then when they get to the NBA where everyone has their athletic ability, they try to learn skills on the fly and it takes awhile.

    Beiber – Philly is a team that is out to a hot start in a wacky season. They are a young team that goes 8 players deep with no real change in talent. Having to play every single night isn’t a big deal for younger guys, and they have a bunch of 23 year olds with a couple guys over 30. When the playoffs roll around and the schedule is more normal, the older teams will gain an advantage. It’s not that people hate on Philly, it’s that we’ve seen it happen to younger, better teams with suer duper stars (think OKC and Chicago) in the past seasons.

  • Big Island

    If it’s easier, think of Philly in the context of the turtle and the hare race. You know what happens in that one.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    next people are going to be condemning the pacers.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    oh and to all you knicks haters….melo is a starting all star. haha.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    and what’s even funnier…is he may even start on the olympic team !

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    another year…another season…another all star weekend…another lebron might do the dunk contest tease…i yawn at it now….until i see his name on the lineup card…he won’t get my hopes up ever. how can someone like him skip out on the all star game this long? bitch move.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    dunk contest*

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    love how the knicks are still in the game with so many TOs and bad shooting! 1st half over.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    what a game that was! knicks showing guts