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The 10 Biggest NBA All-Star Snubs

Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay (photo. Douglas Sonders)

The reserves for this month’s NBA All-Star Game in Orlando were announced last night, and while I don’t agree with all of them, I DEFINITELY am not feeling Kenny and Chuck‘s reasoning. Listen, the All-Star selection process is fundamentally flawed as it is. Inevitably it comes down to what you deem worthy – is it wins? numbers? impact? – and inevitably, that’s different for everyone. But I’m sorry: Smith and Barkley were way off last night.

Smith saying he doesn’t even count the bottom four teams is just stupid. And Barkley saying Nash shouldn’t make it because his team sucks, but yet says Kevin Love was worthy last year because “you can’t fake rebounds” is more of a front than his Weight Watchers spokesman-ship (so Nash is faking assists?). Both of them were wrong on so many critiques – Paul Pierce not being deserving…Luol Deng making the team…Danny Granger not being on it, etc.). But I guess that happens every year right?

In case you missed the reserves, here are the guys who will be reppin’ the East and West later this month in Orlando:

Chris Bosh
Luol Deng
Roy Hibbert
Andre Iguodala
Paul Pierce
Joe Johnson
Deron Williams

LaMarcus Aldridge
Marc Gasol
Kevin Love
Dirk Nowitzki
Tony Parker
Russell Westbrook
Steve Nash

Here are my 10 biggest snubs from the All-Star Game. Granted, I don’t believe all these players should’ve made it. But they all had arguments, and I’ll attempt to explain them all.

*** *** ***

He’s averaging 18.4 points and 6.7 rebounds for a team that lost their best player and still has a shot at the playoffs in the loaded West. As the season’s moved on, he’s playing much better. But yet his PER is only 16.32, and the improvement he made in his overall game last year has disappeared. His shooting percentages are all WAY down, and even his assists have dropped to a paltry two a night. If Gay was going to make the All-Star Game, it should’ve been last year. If anyone is calling for Gay to make the ASG, it should be me. I love the dude, and spent the summer hyping him as an All-Star on here and Issue 66 of the mag. For some odd reason, Shaq seems to think he’s the biggest snub of all. On second thought, it is Shaq so I guess that isn’t surprising at all.
Level of BS: 3

Is it possible to take Rondo for granted? I think we definitely are. His numbers haven’t dropped at all – 18.90 PER, 13.6 points and 9.6 dimes a night – and the Celtics have finally turned the corner after a slower-than-snail start. Plus, Rondo missed eight games. Eight. Since when did that disqualify someone from the midseason classic? It’s not like he missed the majority of the season. You know another guy who’s missed seven games this season? Some All-Star named Luol Deng, who also ranks 53rd in PER. Total travesty. This one makes no sense to me.
Level of BS: 8

Y’all know where I used to stand with Millsap. The problem, though, is a predictable one: Millsap couldn’t keep up the pace he had going in the early weeks of the season. His PER, once up with LeBron, Kobe and KD, is now No. 11 in the NBA at 24.28 and even the Jazz are just 4-6 in their last 10 games. He’s still averaging nearly 17 and 10, but the momentum of his hot story has hit a dull. Whether it’s right or not, when you’re looking for a breakthrough year, you have to killing it every night, all year long. I’m not as mad about this one as I could’ve been.
Level of BS: 3.5

I won’t spend much time dwelling on this. I’d take Smith over Hibbert every time, just because his numbers are slightly better and he’s a bigger part of his team. Defensively, Smoove is so versatile and disruptive (two blocks and 1.5 steals a game), and without Al Horford, he’s dealing with even more pressure.
Level of BS: 9

Gasol picked up his game too late, and the aggressiveness of a coming-of-age Andrew Bynum stole a lot of his offensive shine. But one thing is certain: Gasol is more deserving than Dirk. Then again, so are three or four other guys as well. His averages – 16.8 points, 10.2 rebounds and 51 percent shooting – all scream All-Star. But the minute Bynum dropped the training wheels, the big bro was doomed. It’s stupid, but no one’s asking for three All-Stars from a team that can’t even win its own division.
Level of BS: 5

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  • G

    Gortat? Putting up very similar numbers to Marc Gasol. Ryan Anderson? Dunno if I would take him over Josh Smith (whom I would def take over Deng) but he deserves to be in the discussion.

  • Kev

    Nice Detroit jab, turd (Sean Sweeney). I can take any joke, but come hard & be just a little bit creative!! That shit is weak as eff. And Detroit is far from where the Pistons play anyway. Doesn’t even make sense. And yes, I’m a bit bitter my team sucks!

  • Banny

    Monroe is actually a pretty solid low post defender and he averages 1.5spg. He just isn’t much of a help side defender yet.

    NJ is 8-19 but for some reason he makes the squad?

  • Banny

    He being Deron Williams obviously.

  • fans from Taiwan

    totally agree with this article,no Rondo&Jennings is booooooshit,first I thought Rondo can’t make it,maybe b’cuz he missed games,but Deng missed too!but he in!damn!

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Yeah my biggest ever are Aldridge who finally got his respect this year and Monta Ellis but ofcourse I’m bias as the Dubs are my team. With that said I consider Monta to be in the top 5 of shooting guards.

    And although the voting system is flawed I think they usually get it right every year for the simple fact there will always be someone who doesn’t make it in. I mean there’s only 24 spots and only 12 per conference. So when they say your team should be winning or amongst the top of the league I agree.

    IMO allstar weekend has gotten old and they need to shake things up a bit. Maybe make it a weekend bracket tournament with different teams.

    Like east vs. rookies, sophs vs. west maybe add an international team. There are tons of possibilities maybe team jordan v. team adidas one year.


    There aren’t really any crazy snubs this year. Rondo isnt as good as any of the guards selected in the east. Same for Monta and Kyle out west.
    You wouldnt be mad if Smith or Granger got picked ahead of Deng, but those three are pretty much on the same level, its just Chicago are the only team out of the three who deserve more than one All Star.
    Dirk gets a pass ’cause he’s the finals MVP, probably also helps that the coaches dont think 3 lakers deserve to go. Also, i wouldnt be surprised to see Dirk come up with a phantom injury and then Big Dave Stern choose Pau to replace him.

  • First & Foremost

    WHAT?!?! No Eric Gordon????

  • a-slam

    15.0 points, 10.1 (league leading) assists, 87% free throw percentage, 45% three point percentage, 57% field goal percentage is a lifetime achievement award? THAT’S BS. Chuck only wishes he could’ve played at Steve’s level at 38.

  • douglalr

    @ a-slam
    have to agree…I’m the biggest “Steve Nash” is overrated guy there is BUT those numbers are amaaaaaazing at any age…

  • bks_sizzle

    Ryan Anderson, Jennings and Monta MUST be here…

  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com deron

    There’s going to be snubs every year, but I’m just glad there’s some new blood in the All-Star game; a handful of players have dominated the selections over the last 10 years or so.


  • Willis

    You put Greg Monroe on there and not DeMarcus Cousins? Your opinion is not valid. Sean Sweeney is a clown.

    Cosuins has better numbers for a better team in a conference with weaker centers.

  • Willis

    Varejao should make it over scrub-ass Monroe too.

  • Willis

    Varejao should make it over scrub-ass Monroe too.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Steve Nash has been a beast this year. And that team is overachieving like crazy. Lowry has Dalembert, Scola, Martin…Nash has Gortat. That’s it.

    I’ll give you Dirk, though. I’m his biggest fan and I didn’t vote for him.

  • a-slam

    Also you take a guy like lowry out of Houston’s system and they more than likely wouldn’t hurt too much from it, Dragic has closed out the last two games already. You take Nash out of Phoenix’s system and you are pretty much the Bobcats of the western conference.

  • K Dizzle

    February 10th, 2012 at 1:39 pm
    a-slam says:
    15.0 points, 10.1 (league leading) assists, 87% free throw percentage, 45% three point percentage, 57% field goal percentage is a lifetime achievement award? THAT’S BS. Chuck only wishes he could’ve played at Steve’s level at 38.

    that says it all…

  • sh!tfaced

    forget those boring as fuck players like bosh, pierce, bynum, hibbert, joe johnson and marc gasol.

    the all-star game is supposed to be fun, right? who cares about being ‘deserved’. make it exciting. make it fun. rubio, j smoove, gay and those other dudes. heck id even like to watch the bridman play there than andrew the sleeping pill bynum

  • QQ

    Quite satisfied with the reserves.

    With just one gripe…

    Deron Williams.

    Ryan Anderson over Williams all day!!!

    From an UNBIASED fan.

  • Kyle

    Dirk deserves it because Duncan and Garnett have been all-stars the past few years when their numbers weren’t as good as his this season. Oh, and the Mavericks are fourth in the West. KG was an all-star in 08-09 scoring 15.8 ppg and grabbing 8.5 while missing 25 games, then again in 09-10 scoring 14.3 ppg and grabbing 7.3 rpg and missing 13 games and then scoring 14.9 ppg in 10-11. Duncan was an all-star scoring 13.4 with 8.9 rebounds last year, really? Dirk with his horrible season already has a few game winners and is scoring 18.3 ppg(more than Pierce in less minutes shooting a much higher percentage.)

    Nash also deserves to be an all-star, he’s leading the league in assists again with a crappy team and shooting 56 percent from the floor, 45 percent from 3 and 87 from the line. How could Rondo be considered a snub? Of course he plays in a weaker conference but look at his numbers compared to Nash. Nash is 38 and has only missed 2 games, plays minutes less while averaging 14.6 ppg compared to 13.1 taking less shots, almost has one assist more with a far less talented team, and turns the ball over less. And Jennings is an even bigger joke. Point guards who shoot 41 percent from the field, under 80 from the line only average 5.3 assists a game aren’t all-stars. Irving would be more deserving than the overrated Jennings.

    The only huge snubs are Tyson Chandler, Josh Smith, Lowry, and that’s it. Webber is a better basketball analyst than Kenny(I have 2 rings because I played with Hakeem and Jordan tried to play baseball but was never an all-star), Shaq(still holds grudges), and Barkley(who said Kobe was washed up last year.) You guys aren’t much better if you think Rondo, Jennings, and Lowry deserve to be all-stars over Nash.

  • Mike

    What? Lowry as good as Steve? cmon…Steve is on the Top Ten Stat charts…Assist,FG%,FT%. He’s not just there bcoz of that BS Lifetime achievement. And i agree..Houston is pack up with talents duhhh!!!