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The Heat Stop What No One Else Could; The Lakers Have A Problem

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh (photo. Nike Basketball)

All-Star Weekend is in sight with the last chartered flights en route now. That means a three-day break for some, and a little ball and some partying for others. It’s easy to see why you’d want to take a break and take a little off in the last games before heading to Orlando. Not so for tonight’s marquee games, Lakers-Thunder, Heat-Knicks. It turns out how to stop Jeremy Lin (8 points, a -19 rating) is to have a Miami team that continues to take opponents apart with apparent glee … ‘Bron (20 points), Bosh (25 points) and D-Wade (22 points) all came out motivated to check the Linsanity, and it worked like it never has before in this two-week stretch of Manhattan madness. We said last night in this space that the Heat are the league’s most complete team. We’ll get to those boys in Oklahoma City later, but believe in South Beach right now. They’d heard about Lin and they couldn’t have gone at it harder. Realize that this is a team that knows about being the zeitgeist. It’s been a while since a Heat game hasn’t been in SportsCenter’s top five stories, but since Lin’s breakout against the Nets, they’ve been bumped in the public’s consciousness. How do you take that back? Sic some of the NBA’s best defenders on its best story, and see how the chapter ends. Lin struggled in the first half with only two points before finding a little more room as the Heat took control late. But it shows, again, that if Miami really wants something it will get it this season. Some teams have to flip a switch to get up for games, but the Heat just have to chance their game by a matter of degrees. And in South Beach on Thursday, those degrees made it too hot for the Knicks. … ‘Melo had a couple nice J’s for 19 points in the face of Wade, but he went 7-of-20 and was even less effective than that shows … Keep reading to hear what James Harden said to Kobe …

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  • control

    Apparently Lin isn’t “Linmortal” as people were saying. Tuns of great shit about Lakers and knicks losing…hard to know where to start. LeBron is turning into a very solid and intelligent defender. Guy made Melo look like a chump a few times (same with Joel Anthony from weak side, haha) and LeBron was guarding all the guys on the roster from center to point guard. I hate to sound like a LeBron jock rider, but the guy is brutally impressive.

    It’s good seeing that amazing knicks defense hold shit down…they didn’t have a damn clue what was going on. They were playing defense like they were a pickup team who just called out assignments every time down the floor, while the Heat were playing a dynamic match-up zone. It looked like a bunch of scrubs vs a championship team, and that is exactly what it was.

    Fuck Reggie Miller, why the fuck that guy have a tv job? God damn he’s annoying. I’d like to see Spike Lee bust that guy’s teeth out.

    Is Mike Miller actually getting whiter? If it weren’t for the blackest of black tattoos he has, the guy would look like one of those pale ass dead things from Game of Thrones…

    I COULD go into a Kobe bashing mode, but I ain’t going to. Ain’t no one who believes in Kobe ever going to open their eyes and see what that guy is doing to the team, but it’s pretty obvious watching it. I can’t believe how much the refs bail that guy out, if a guy is going to jack a long 2 fade away, and two defenders both go STRAIGHT up, how can you call a foul? Kobe is FAMOUS for initiating contact by flaring his arms around like he’s stepping on a banana peel, but come on refs? Don’t fall for that shit! The guy also gets away with damn near hockey levels of verbal abuse on the refs without any techs…he actually spent an entire defensive possession on the other side of the court barking at the ref…and a few times he walked at the ref like he was going to choke the cocksucker. I don’t agree with T’ing up guys for bullshit, but why let Kobe go insane without any consequence, but T up Tyson Chandler for hand motion? Fucking nba bullshit…

    Kevin Durant has the shoulders of a 12 year old boy. Guy probably needs a 38 extra tall extra long suit. He’s a great player and all that, just can’t get over how weak looking he is.

    Ibaka is actually looking like he might be coming out…doing more than just rebounding and defense, and looking decent while doing it. Guy could be a force if he gets it going.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    wow…this guy really had all that ready to copy and paste on to smack. hating really doesn’t get boring for some people.

  • Just


    When in the last decade and a half have you ever seen Kobe Bryant inbound a basketball? Never. And he didn’t today either.

    And also, your teaser to click on page two was “Keep reading to hear what James Harden said to Kobe.” uhhh… you guys wrote nothing about what he said to Kobe.

  • yoda

    wow heat gave someone wet dream :O
    they are good but damn, this is soft porn

  • sh!tfaced

    haters gonna hate and morons gonna be morons…

    they were saying about the knicks’ defense…? reality check for the village idiot.

  • Sluth

    Just because an offensive play initiates contact, it doesn’t mean he isn’t getting fouled.

  • Skeeter McGee

    It’s not a Kobe problem, it’s a system problem. I get on here probably once a week after a Laker loss and get on my soapbox and finally Kobe even agreed w/ my thoughts. He said there needs to be more movement within the offense so when teams send double teams he doesn’t have to shoot over them, and that Pau and ‘Drew, with more motion in the offense, will get better looks. YA THINK?! Mike Brown may be a defensive guru, but with the pieces he has in LA, he has no excuse. Yeah that team is not ready to win a championship, but if he can take a LeBron-led-shit-Cavs squad to the Finals then he should be able to do something with Kobe, Pau, and Bynum. Limited practice definitely hurts their cause, as well as no real point guard (World Peace led the way w/ 5 assists, are you shitting me?). Stern really fucked ‘em with that Paul trade being vetoed…

  • Knicksfan84

    This was the absolute worst the Knicks could have played collectively and they didn’t get smacked as badly as people think.

    1. Knicks proved they have the better bench by far.
    2. Jeremy Lin’s worst game to date.
    3. Amare and Melo didn’t really show up
    4. Knicks are still learning each other and they did beat the defending Champs and Lakers

    With that being said… Knicks will have an answer for this later on. My ONLY concern is Jeremy Lin looked like a dear in headlights all night long. I’m sure he’ll bounce back. Shoot it was on the road too.

  • Jzsmoove

    “Much ado about nothing” is all Dime can come up with. I dunno if wow or pathetic is appropriate for that one.

  • trollne1

    Before Melo and Amare returned, Lin and Chandler were running the PnR to death, with a lot of success. When Amare returned, Lin was still running some PnRs with both Chandler and Amare. But when Melo returned, the Knicks went back to isos and post-ups for Melo and Lin barely run the PnR anymore. And when he does, with his favorite recipient in Chandler, the spacing is so bad when Melo and Amare are on the floor. D’Antoni needs to figure out how to incorporate those two guys with Lin’s cause he is pretty good running the pick n roll. Instead, Lin gets caught in the air with no one to pass to or he picks up his dribble and gets trapped. Either way, turnover. Knicks look so hesitant on offense. Not sure if they’re intimidated by the Heat or if it’s because of D’Antoni’s offense. The only guys who showed signs of life were JR Smith and Chandler. When Amare and Melo attack the rim, good things happen for the Knicks. Too bad they settle for a lot of forced jumpshots.

    Every team needs a crazy guy like JR Smith. He may be a knucklehead but if he catches on fire, he’s as good as anyone in the league. I think by now, he’s realized that his best role is as a 6th man gunner. And he knows that if he doesn’t make shots and make dumb decisions, his ass is going back to the bench.

    Has there been a floppier lineup than Battier-Wade-James-Bosh-Joel Anthony? Both on offense and on defense. Lebron trying to take a charge from Lin is one of the wussiest moves I’ve seen in a long time. He got called for the block then had the nerve to complain to the official when he saw the replay, which showed that he was obviously moving.

  • soulchorea

    Same comments as Just…Kobe didn’t inbound that ball to Durant. And what the heck did James Harden say?????? Y’all are SLIPPIN sonnnn!! hahaha

  • the shaman

    oh boy, here we go. Dime knows the easiest way to get 100+ comments is to say something bad about Kobe and the Lakers and it’s already in the headline.

    I sense a tidal wave of defensive posts coming…

  • Sam

    Heat-Thunder NBA Finals is going to make mega millions for the league this spring

  • Sam

    They’ll probably have Jeremy Lin call the games with Kevin Harlan

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Norris Coles fastbreak dunk where he slips off the rim was f^cking hilarious! Me and my daughter were watching the highlight at the same time and both had the same reaction
    I remember hitting the floor ribs first or back first…that is a pain i wouldn’t wish on anybody. But No-Cole just jumped right up.

    If that was Javale McGee, people would be talking about how he cost his team the game by being such an idiot and hanging on the rim.

    LMMFAO@ end of an era

    Umm, they lost a game man, chill out. They are still 7 games above .500

    Last night i finally figured out what perhaps Lakers fans have been trying to tell me for years i just didn’t get it.

    The Lakers have a good squad no doubt. But people keep asking for trades or FA signings (Dwight/CP3/Deron/Lebron/Bosh) to “complete” the team. Stuff I usually flip my shyt about because i didn’t get it. But apparently if the Lakers aren’t a clear cut favorite to win the Championship, then they aren’t a complete team. If they don’t have a chance to rip through the NBA season breaking records and having one or two of the top 5 players in the NBA on their team, then they need to make trades to “get better”.
    It all makes sense now. They are like a Billionaire who scoffs are the idea of becoming a Millionaire. So now that they aren’t head and shoulders in front of the pack people are panicking. Saying crazy shyt. Kobe especially can’t deal with this as he has basically been spoiled by the LAkers organization since his rookie season.

  • http://dime.com Booga

    First off, as a QueenJames hater i’m not gonna front…Mee-Yami look’n hella solid especially w/ that raptor look’n dude’s (Bosh) mid-range jumper falling they got that whole court spread out 4 D.Wade 2 do his thing!
    Lakers organization need 2 go find the ZenMaster in Montana, give him a mil 2 burn sage inside that locker room and get the team all back on the same page! Last team Mike Brown coached, his offense was setup all around one guy…ain’t work’n in LaLa land, mamba still hoop’n but he ain’t young no more. If the Knicks can manage 2 keep this same squad….Dayum!!! Next years rematch between Heat/Knicks will be waaaaay different…might even have D’antoni squeezing Bron’s leg (VanGundy on Zo back in the 90’s!!)

  • That’s What’s Up

    I have to say, DeJuan Blair is one hell of an athlete. He’s fucking prancing around like a ballerina in his size 7 women’s high-tops, but damn he makes the shit look easy.

    Up and unders, flips and floaters in the lane, strong rebounding, great touch around the rim, great hands, decent jumper – I just don’t see many flaws in his game. He is just a stud on a great team that is ready to roll through the West, with or without Manu and Splitter.

  • Skeeter McGee


    Your way of thinking, if looked at from another perspective, would be like saying “Millionaires should be content since they have a boatload of money, and not try to become like Billionaires.” Basically, you’re saying that since the Lakers are staying put and not making moves via trade and FA, they are not good anymore. Nobody is saying that, but when you’ve won 2 out of the past 3 championships, let’s just say expectations will be high.

    If anything, the Lakers went from Billionaires to Millionaires (in your analogy) by their own doing. Trading Lamar Odom for monetary issues and not receiving anything is the primary example. Just because you’re good, doesn’t mean you become complacent. I’m sure if you were to ask any GM right now whether they are actively pursuing ways to make their team better, 100% of them will say yes. And most of the time, if not via draft, they are doing it by… free agency and trades!

    I agree that people may put too much stock into such, but when talking specifically about the Lakers, you cannot tell me that they will even THREATEN to win a championship with their roster/coach/system in place.

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    surprised there aren’t more melo bashing… to all the lin fans out there, i’m afraid this will be the usual stat line you see now that carblackhole meethony is back… even danny granger is showing that he’s more willing to move the ball around…!

    mike brown is a sorry excuse for nba head coach… i think his correct title should be head tool of the laker’s organization…

    i think the verdict is still out on blair… everyone keeps on saying how he is/can be a beast… but even his own head coach is not willing to give him consistent playing time…

  • silky

    I know james harden only averages 3.5 assists a game cuz the bigs and second unit arent great finishers but that mfkr can drop some serious DIMES. his playmaking ability is so underrated.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    My way of thinking says LA won 2 of the last 3 chips and they are still a contending team. They refuse to address the real problem which is Kobe’s selfishness and that’s the ONLY reason they aren’t a top 3 team. I don’t want to hear none of that BS about systems, chemistry, and vetoed trades. If Kobe played up to his talent on a nightly basis they would be one of the top teams in the NBA even with Brown as head coach. And I’m not saying Kobe should score 35ppg just in case you or anyone else gets it twisted. That MFer needs to let go the idea of being the best player in the NBA because he can score 30ppg. If he did that he probably would actually be the best player in the NBA.

    The Lakers team as currently constructed is a championship team and anyone who says different is thinking like a Billionaire. Could they win 70games and blow through the NBA? No not at all. It would take all of their players playing at a high level. They don’t have the luxary of coasting through a season and turning it on come playoff time like in years past. That’s the ONLY difference between the Lakers of today and previous years.

  • silky

    ny gets 5 practices and only one game next week. as last night showed that is much needed. harrelson, shump back along with boom, melo and jr. d’antoni needs to figure out those rotations and schemes right quick. props to grunwald tho… it’s somehow a deep team now.

    tough deal for webber getting bumped to the sideline. Harlan will carry him till he gets comfortable. IMO he was a better studio guy than shaq hands down…. but you know how that goes. he had a few nice one liners tho “when this okc crowd gets goin, they put battery packs on the backs of the thunder players”

  • K Dizzle

    @ Dime – You should post the video of “Kobe gettin so rattled, he inbounded the ball to Durant”
    I know Laker fans would love to see that…

    After every Lakers win or loss, there’s the usual “Kobe gotta give the ball to Bynum n Pau more. Won’t see that today, but dudes gonna try to bag on Mike Brown lol.
    Y’all a comedy routine most days. Lakers lost, must be the coach’s fault. How about the Thunder can’t be beaten at home. One loss to Portland when Durant went 8-26. Give credit where it’s due. I come on smack expectin the usual(well, except for the fact that Sporty-J obviously wrote smack). So everybody reps Miami for the win(well-deserved cuz they don’t lose at home either and DWade n Bron went Jordan n Scotty on Kukoc in Barcelona) but not one post proppin the Thunder for takin that game vs my Lakers after halftime. If Russell Westbrook is hittin his jumpers and Ibaka hittin the midrange, OKC is IMPOSSIBLE to beat. Harden n KD pretty consistent so then you add everybody else clickin, it’s a wrap. My Lakers battled n we still got our pride so we just didn’t lay down n die. Most teams woulda got blown out by 30 with the Thunder runnin n gunnin like that. I would love to have heard that convo between Kobe, Harden, Durant, Metta Peace n Pau on the baseline. It was gonna be tough to get that one anyways comin off that satisfyin revenge game vs Dallas last night. Good game by the Thunder. First blood to you. See you March 29th in LA.

    Onto the Knicks. Jeremy Lin is EXHAUSTED. I was hopin D’Antoni would put in Baron or Shump in to give him a blow in the first half. Took a few minutes to realize Shump was out hurt. Baron, on the other hand went 0-for so Lin had to face that crazy d. Good experience. I’m still waitin for the first post askin how Amare went 4-7….Dude murdered Bosh whenever he got the ball n he only got 7 shots? I understand Melo’s back n Lin’s the story, but Amare is the clear advantage. U need to get that man touches. He only took 8 shots vs ATL too. This ain’t a good trend.

    One more thing: Chris Webber said it’s the end of an era? LOL Thank GOD that fool said it so I don’t have to take it seriously.
    @ Chi-rilla: Thank you for finally understanding the level of expectations for my Lakers is on a higher level than any other franchise in sports other than Man U and the Yankees. Lakers are tryin to win EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Other teams try, but Lakers expect it. Fans, ownership, players.
    Yeah, you may think Kobe’s spoiled. We know why. You can’t say you played for the Lakers…and have nothin on your digits. It’s not enough to bitch about Bynum on a cameraphone then threaten to leave. You gotta deliver when Gasol comes into town. That’s why we traded for CP. That’s why we were talkin Bynum for Howard. That’s why Kupchak ain’t takin Gasol off the trading block. Cuz we goin for it EVERY SINGLE SEASON. Thanks for finally comin around.

    Lakers, baby!: 62 seasons, 31 Finals, 16 Championships

  • Big Island

    Chi – Kobe isn’t going to play second fiddle ever. He’s just older, a ton of miles on him, and so it goes for the Lakers. They COULD be better if he handed off some of the work, but he won’t so the Lakers won’t be any better. It is what it is. But a team with 2 bigs who can score, Bynum inside and Pau inside/mid-range, with a 2 guard who can score is a hell of a team on paper. They could easily contend for a title if their 2 guard would hand off some of the scoring load to the 2 bigs.

    What trollne1 said about the pick and roll. And I’m pretty sure KnicksFan meant “deer in headlights”, unless he meant Lin looked like a sweet little old lady, which he might have.

    I’m pulling for the Knicks to hit .500 for Beiber. Just give him that God. His world is crumbling around him and we are all watching it happen. Last night he got on someone, control or chicagorilla I think, for saying Lebron could be DPOY. When you said Melo could be MVP if he played D, it’s like saying I could bang Charlize Theron if I had a billion dollars. Yeah, probably true, but I will never have a billion dollars. Melo will never play D. Lebron is a 3 time first team All-Defense guy. So saying he could be DPOY makes perfect sense because he is a first team guy already. Melo isn’t even a first team defender on his own team.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Skeeter – this is the line of the day

    “Just because you’re good, doesn’t mean you become complacent”

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    so fans of different teams are trying to give the lakers advice everydaaay? kobe needs to do this…coach brown should do that…

    um, shut your mouth. focus on your teams, your advice is not advice, it’s hate. kobe doesn’t care what you have to say.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    @post 5

    well , according to your logic, the heat are not real championship contenders because they had ONE NIGHT where they lost to the bucks. maybe that one night is a reality check. the heat can”t be tre contenders losing to the bucks on one night. the heat are a joke, huh?

    one night doesn’t prove anything sweety. one night, they lose to a team that has been together and has cohesion on offense, so the other 20 something games the knicks have played don’t count? only last night? one night is a big enough sample for you to say that is what is real? hehe, i can’t deal with you meatheads. call up mike breen and take his job. yall obviously know more than him, and you must have SEEN/WATCHED more knicks games than him right. maybe he is the one who watches boxscores..or is that you? boxscore watchers have no credence.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    so tonite is the night i find out who win the rising stars game. blake and rubio is extra deadly, shaq has the best combo chemistry wise, but don’t sleep on wall/cousins combo and chuck’s bench is deeper than shaq, unless shaq’s coach plans to keep blake on the floor for 90% of the game..that’d eliminate shaq’s team lagging bench compared to chuck’s team. if anyone still think shaq has a deeper team than chuck’s , i think you are simply looking at rubio and blake and are being blinded by that instead of seeing that chuck has some good young player at the end of his bench.

  • high

    if lin was black you would have just said he had an off-game. racists.

  • control


    Melo might not even be a second team defender on his own team, and if his team is carrying more than 15 people on the roster, he might actually fall off the 3rd team, haha. Did you see his stance against LeBron when he was guarding him? Melo was guarding LeBron’s right arm, and forcing LeBron left AWAY from the help defense, which was on the other side of the court due to an ISO. When the help came, after LeBron obviously blew by Melo, Melo trying to recover actually blocked out the help from affecting LeBron at all. It’s just horrible defensive awareness, which is partly due to Melo and partly due to the lack of a defense scheme being implemented.

    If you examine LeBron’s defense when the Heat went small, you will see a guy who has the physical ability to disrupt a team’s entire offense. In at least 3 plays, LeBron made 15-20ft transactions during the pass, and dynamically switched with teammates so that he was matching up on the guy with the ball when the ball arrived. I’ve never even seen a defense do that, I don’t think many defenses COULD do that. It was when Bosh, Joel Anthony and Wade were all sitting, so it was LeBron with second squad, and the guy completely anchored things down. The guy is putting in HUGE effort defensively, and it’s making a huge impact on the score board. Not to mention he’s going 100% on defense, and then carrying the ball 80% of the time and setting up plays on offense, while playing 36 minutes, which is more than Bosh and a lot more than Wade.

  • TJ 2

    the Heat PGs were trying to clown on Lin, stealing the ball going in for two handed dunks! i have NEVER saw Chalmers dunk EVER! and he going up TWO hands! Cole the same thing lol!!! cats were pumped!

  • Pat

    Why does everyone refer to playing against the Heat in “South Beach”? Isn’t that kind of like saying, “When the Hawks take on the Knicks tonight in Hoboken…”?

  • Skeeter McGee


    I see what you are saying, but the difference between this Lakers team and the one that won 2 Chips is glaring: a bench. You lose Odom, Shannon Brown, and don’t replace either (unless Troy Murphy and Josh McRoberts count, which they don’t). Then you go from a coach that had one of the most complex, flowing offenses designed in Phil Jackson and his Triangle O to Mike Brown and his Iso/here and there Pick and Roll game. Are you telling me that none of this plays a difference? If so, then I really have to question your level of basketball IQ, cause you seem to be a smart dude on other topics, but to blame this all on Kobe’s selfishness is absolutely ludicrous.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control – cool lol
    We totally agree on Bron vs Melo defensively…unfortunately, I think you meant that post for someone else

  • Skeeter McGee

    … and don’t even get me started about their “point guards” or whatever those dudes are that fill that position, smh.

  • control


    Yea, must have…random shout out then, hah

  • K Dizzle

    @ Skeeter – “The Kobesystem is about adaptation to bein hated on, win or lose” LOL

  • UncheckedAggression

    Lebron’s defense is pretty insane these days. Hard to believe there are still people that try to argue otherwise.

  • Ian

    carmelos top 5 players


    then he said you can throw wade in there and take howard out.
    HAHAHAHA this fool thinks hes better than wade howard cp3
    deron and a bunch of other dudes that actually make their teams better.

  • Ian

    oh and one bad game is cool im still linsane in the membrane

  • Ian

    agree with your kobe comments. the lakers beat the mavs with kobe taking like 15 shots and feeding the big men but those types of games happen like once every 3 years. last night kobe back to normal. gasol takes 10 less shots and ends up with almost the same pts as that crazy jacker. i dont know whats wrong with laker fans that cant see this crap. they always defend him with the 5 titles thing shittt with the teams hes had he shoulda won more than 7.

    oh and durant has the shoulders of a 13 year old girl not boy.

    so the mvp comes back and the spurs destroy the nuggets.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    Are you telling me that none of this plays a difference? If so, then I really have to question your level of basketball IQ

    i been thinkin that for months about him. anything negative said about the bulls n he flips and uses your name to write fake posts

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ian — Carmelo doesn’t make his team better?

    OK, so Melo was drafted onto a Denver team that was bad enough (17 wins) to get the 3rd pick in the Lottery, and he led them to the playoffs (43 wins) in his rookie season.

    After that, the Nuggets continued to make the playoffs every single year of Melo’s tenure in the tough Western Conference.

    Jim Boeheim has been coaching Syracuse for like 35 years and he has ONE national championship. Who was the leader and best player on that title team? Carmelo, as a freshman.

    But nah, Melo doesn’t make his team any better.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    you guys were worried about fan voting for all star games?

    well, next year, the nba will incorporate fan votes to weigh in for hall of fame inductees.

    yall mad? lol

  • Ian

    ” They refuse to address the real problem which is Kobe’s selfishness and that’s the ONLY reason they aren’t a top 3 team.” agree

    the most annoying fan is the one that likes to point out team history when the team isnt playing like they are supposed to. (laker and yankee fans)

    yall think mavs fans give a shit about 31 finals appearances that you guys werent alive to see. please lets stop this crap whoever wins can talk all the shit they want. if you keep going with that bs yankee fans and laker fans shouldnt even be watching sports till someone is close to catching them. oh and i can use the lakers .500 finals record as an excuse to say they choke in big stages if they can only win half their finals again if we are using the win or bust crap since laker fans expect this since 1950.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    austin…it’s called hating. first off you have to realize, there was this big hubbub like last week about an outcry against score first players. these guys just throw melo into that crop and they ignore whatever else positive he does because they hate scorers. so no matter what good aspect you throw out in defense of melo, because they hate the AIs and and1 ballers of the world who they think “ruin” the game, melo in their mind since he does those flashy things on offense, will ignore whatever you have to say and will hate his guts. they are blinded. don’t waste your time austin. you can’t reason with them.

  • Ian

    no austin he doesnt dont post bs. the knicks were better before him and the nuggets got better after him. you think making the playoffs in basketball is a big deal??? goh most of the teams make it. get out of the first round at least melo is tmac but not as good. you think melo was the only diff from 02 to 03?? GET OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND. i bet the nuggets wouldnt give half the players they got for melo back to the knicks for melo. the man is overrated because of fans like you. a smith said it best you can be ringless but pleasee get out of the first round.

  • Ian

    ive called players like zbo , ai , tmac and kg overrated and melo isnt as good as any of them. the weird thing is that those are the players you love.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ian — So you’re seriously arguing that the Nuggets were better before they drafted Carmelo than they were after they drafted him? Or are you saying that Melo had NO impact on the team’s sudden improvement and consecutive streak of playoff appearances?

    I realize that as a Spurs fan you might take playoff appearances for granted, but go talk to somebody in Sacramento or Charlotte or Indiana or Minnesota about how much a simple playoff run can mean when you’re starving for success.


    A crazy person never thinks they are insane, and the rest of the world has a problem.

    Another random shout out. Hahaha

  • UncheckedAggression

    This is great. All this throwing around basketball IQ as an attack on those that you don’t agree with. “Oh, you think THAT? You must not have a high basketball IQ!”

    C’mon, people can have different opinions. And acting like these criticisms of Kobe have no validity is something only Kobe apologists would do. The rest of the basketball world has acknowledged these issues. We get it. Dude is crazy competitive and can’t change the way he plays. But he is not playing in a way that gives his team the best chance to win. He’s NEVER been that player. He’s a killer, but he’s a selfish, do-it-on-my-own type killer. If he was a do-whatever-it-takes-to-win killer, he’d take advantage of having the best frontcourt in the NBA at his side.

  • Ian

    you really think that the nuggets just added melo and thats it from 03-11?? no kmart no smith no nene no one else right. thats what im talking about. he left and the team didnt miss anything dont give me the pre 03 nuggs cuz they changed a bunch of guys. all i know is that the knicks were doing ok before him and that the nuggets got slightly better after him.
    playoffs for teams that are only there as roadkill are bs againnn if hes a superstar like you and others think why didnt he do more?? 2 series win in 8 or 9 years??? really ?? thats a winner thats a dude that makes teams better??? dude the knicks were gonna miss the playoffs if lin didnt show up and melo doesnt get injured. CARMELO DOES NOT MAKE TEAMS BETTER.

    ” much a simple playoff run can mean when you’re starving for success.” doesnt a playoff run include winnin some series?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ian — Of course the Nuggets added other pieces, but you’re still talking like Carmelo has NOTHING to do with their improvement. Is that your stance?

    And again, the West was pretty damn tough during Carmelo’s time in Denver. It’s not like his team ever really underachieved. When they lost series, it was often to the Spurs and Lakers and teams that it could have gone either way against.

    As far as the Knicks, of course there’s gonna be an adjustment when you trade for and get back a bunch of different guys midseason. But you’re acting like the Knicks went into the tank as soon as Melo showed up. Didn’t they still make the playoffs? And did they lose to a team they SHOULD have beaten, or did they lose to the more experienced, more talented, more defensive-minded Celtics?

    But I guess until Melo single-handedly carries his team to a championship, he’ll never get any credit from you.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    is deron williams a cancer?

    in his last season, the jazz were struggling when he was there, got sloan to leave, dwill goes to the nets.. and are the nets in the playoff picture?

    guys need to focus on the scenario, rather than the player individually.

  • Ian

    fuck the mavs were in the same boat or even worse they got dirk (whos 50 times better than melo and doesnt play d) and they had playoff runs before the title they werent roadkill for all those years. 1-7 without dirk last year not a super over .500 record like the nuggets got without melo. tmac goes down and boom rockets win a round. why do you like these type of players??

  • Ian

    so you are just posting to post go read again my posts. there is one that says that you dont have to win rings but you need to win some series superstars dont lose in the first round every year. one conference finals???? ONE and they had to get 3 dudes that had been to finals to get his ass there.

    all i know is the knick were better with galinari and the nuggets now are better with him thats all.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    AUSTIN UH OHHH !!!! you wrote something unthinkable

    “When they lost series, it was often to the Spurs and Lakers and teams that it could have gone either way against.”

    i rememeber being called AN IDIOT for using the term “going either way” …look at this response i got when i used that term when talking about close games the knicks had been a part of:

    “Knicks loses could have gone the other way?

    So instead of losing they could have won? So anyteam that won, could have lost and any team that lost could have won. Wow, tremendous insight, didn’t know teams could win OR lose. Keep the analysis coming!!!”

    so i wonder how people will take your comment in regards to melo and those playoff series against those western conference juggernauts.


    The Nets never went to the playoffs for 3 seasons before D-Will came. FOCUS, dimwit, FOCUS.

  • Ian

    oh and austin an ok player will make your team slightly better also. (i dont think he makes a team even slightly better but ok) so thats what we are comparing melo to and ok dude? because some people think hes a superstar and hell no hes not. i can make a kinda long list of dudes that i rather have to start a team over melo. hell if melo was my only pick i forfeit the draft.


    WTF? ALL GAMES CAN GO EITHER WAY. Get that piggybacking with past comments outta here

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ian — You lost me when you said Dirk is 50 times better than Carmelo. I really hope you were just exaggerating for effect, but even then, c’mon son.

    Just so I’m clear, though, it is your belief that Carmelo had ZERO impact on making the Nuggets better during his career. None at all. He did absolutely NOTHING to make that team better than the team that finished with 17 wins the season before he arrived. It was all just a happy accident that as soon as Melo arrived, Denver began a streak of playoff appearances.

    That’s your statement?

    Not that I’m surprised. You’re the one who still insists Derek Jeter is overrated. Because the media got those 3,000 hits for him.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    ohhhhh and the knicks didn’t make it either BEFORE carmelo got there either !! dimwit. hahaha. and the point was if the player made their team better !! dwill hasn;t made his team better! but the team he left, is BETTER without him there now! so i was following you haters’ guideline. U FUCKED UP! get off my nutsssssssssssssssssssss

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @FUEGO & @Beiber — What I mean to say is that there wasn’t a year I can recall where Melo’s Nuggets were like the #1 seed and lost to a #8 seed, or a #2 that lost to a #7. (Which did happen to the Spurs, so I guess @Ian is also saying Duncan doesn’t make his teams better.) Maybe it happened, but I don’t recall it. And during that time, the West #1 through #6-7 seeds were often only separated by a few games, so most series you never had an obvious favorite. That’s what I mean by the series could have gone either way.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    oh no, austin..trust me, u dont have to explain to me what you mean about going either way (pause)…it’s just some of the idiots on this site who think that is a dumb term to even use because in basketball or any sport there is always a winner and a loser so using that term to them is stupid.

  • Ian

    austin you are a becoming a joke now. look at my posts.

    the knicks were better before the trade fact you cant argue this.
    the nuggets got better after the trade fact again you cant argue this.
    you like to exaggerate with bs like “now he need a title for me to give him respect” when i clearly posted before you said this crap that he doesnt need one he just needs to win some series.

    if you dont think dirk that has actually won and goes deep almost every year isnt better than carmelo then please dont post anymore cuz im not wasting my time on you anymore. dirk was talked about the top players in the game for a decade now even the best when he won last year. some people think hes the second best pf this generation. you want to know something you said the nuggs lost to powerhouses spurs and lakers well guess what??? the mavs destroyed the powerhouse defending champs lakers and also beat the 05 defending champs spurs. check your facts before trying to say that melo is on dirks league.

    really jeter thats what you are bringin here to help you?? and athlete from ny?? really?? im sorry but that one sounds weak. since i like talking baseball ill humor you on that one because unlike basketball you are a bit clueless when it comes to baseball. 3000 hits means you stayed healthy and were good enough to take a lot of at bats. it doesnt mean you are a SUPERSTAR. dont bring up career totals is pete rose better than ted williams??? ill wait for that one. is sammy sosa a better hitter than pujols or manny ramirez??? chill with career totals.

    you prob like this

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    This is off-topic, but why is basketball the only team sport where people get so obsessed with individual rankings?

    You’re always hearing arguments about LeBron-Wade and who’s the 1st and 2nd-best player on the Heat … or Amar’e-Carmelo-Lin and who’s the 1st and 2nd and 3rd-best player on the Knicks … or even whether Derrick Rose (a point guard) is better than Kevin Durant (a small forward). And whether or not somebody was the best or 2nd-best player on a team — especially if that team wins a championship — is SO important in later ranking that player historically. It’s kinda ridiculous.

    This doesn’t happen in other sports.

    We’ll all say Tom Brady is the face of the Patriots, even the best player, but you never hear an argument about who’s the 2nd-best player on the Patriots. (Wes Welker? Jerod Mayo?) You don’t hear arguments over whether Ahmad Bradshaw is better than Victor Cruz on the Giants, or whether Ed Reed is overall better than Larry Fitzgerald. I know football has its specific positions and everything, but it’s strange to me.

    Baseball is a little more all-inclusive (like basketball), but yet you still don’t hear arguments over whether the Phillies are Roy Halladay’s team or Ryan Howard’s team, or whether the Red Sox or Pedroia’s team or Ortiz’s team.

    I noticed in the past couple of years MLB Network and NFL Network have started doing their “Top 100″ lists to kill time in the offseason, but more often than not, when you’re trying to single out the best players in those sports you build a “team” to make it happen: A-Rod at 3B, Matt Kemp at CF, etc. It’s not “A-Rod is the 10th best player and Kemp is the 8th best player.”

    What is it about basketball that brings out this need to establish individual rankings in a team sport?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    no need to call him a joke man…u see en fuego always give shoutouts to nba players jizzing on people, dicks, nuts, penises in throats, ass rape, but you don’t see me calling him a batiboy….or do i?

  • Ian

    stop making shit up the nuggets were even a 3rd seed and lost to the clippers shit man at least google shit up. they didnt lose to the lakers and spurs every year. you are getting pathetic bring up duncan now?? really whos gonna buy that? the spurs without their best player?? 45 year old duncan that hadnt loss in the first round his first 11 seasons in the league??? you hear that?? thats the anti melo who losses every year in his prime there. guess who beat duncan in the first round dirk the man you dont think is better than melo. you sound like those dudes that argue that longley is better than ewing cuz he has rings. melo is a underachiever he has had the talent around him to be better than those pathetic seeds he gets.

    never bring up duncan when we are talking about melo.

  • JBaller

    Let me just say welcome back to Ian, Smack hasn’t been the same lately without you.

    I hope the Knicks take advantage of the break to get to know each other and figure out how to put the pieces together for a second half run. Melo is who he is, and like I used to say about ZBo, if a coach/team can’t figure out how to put Melo’s scoring to use winning games then there’s a bigger problem at hand.

  • Ian

    cuz im basketball one superstar affects more the team than in any other team sport. you shouldnt be asking this. you can hit .1000 in the playoffs and your team can still lose in a sweep and get shut out in every game. now i know its an example but comon docs team or howards??? its docs easy.

  • Ian

    hahah thanks jballer
    slow day today i told myself i wasnt gettting into stupid arguments and look were austin got me. yeah i agree with you on the melo comment but right now it has happened so ill go with overrated for him.

  • Ian

    oh and j
    as long as control and chicago are here im not the biggest hater of the group.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    jballer..i think most of the knicks or any player uses this time for family and vacation..not to see teammates that they see every day especially in a condensed season. i’m not saying it won’t be smart for them to do that, but if you had 3 days off and you aren’t participating in all star weekend, would you be hoping to go to the movies as a team unit or practicing running plays or would you just take the 3 days to go to your hometown, see friend, relax, drink a little, kiss mommy etc. but i WOULD like to see the knicks practice during that time, whoever could, don’t get me wrong..but i expect to see some players who arent participating to be in orlando anyway just in the stands watching the numerous events anyway. basically what i’m saying, is some guys use this time to execute the plans they’ve been planning , wateva they may be. 3 days off in this season feels like 2 weeks.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ian — Getting a little upset, I see. Let me try to explain calmly to you what I’m talking about.

    1. I don’t have a problem with you saying Dirk is better than Carmelo. My issue was with you saying Dirk is FIFTY TIMES better than Melo. That’s just childish.

    2. Using a half-season sample of the Nuggets and Knicks to determine whether Melo makes his teams better is a massively flawed technique. The Knicks were already a completely new team from 2009-10 to 2010-11 at the beginning of the season, and then on top of that, they pulled the Melo trade and shook up the roster again. And with Denver, you have to realize that Melo’s impending free agency/trade situation had a between-the-ears impact on the team that goes beyond simple basketball. With all of those adjustments and chemistry issues on both sides of the coin, it wouldn’t be fair to anybody (Melo, Gallo, Chauncey, even Mozgov) to make a solid judgement on a player’s entire career based on that half-season.

    3. Look at the all-time list of MLB’s 3,000 Hit Club and find one guy who is ONLY there because of longevity. You do realize that you need to be REALLY REALLY good and probably great to record that many hits against Major League pitching, especially because the longer you’ve been around, the more scouts/pitchers have the book on your tendencies. Whether Pete Rose has more than Ted Williams or not isn’t the point. They’re both great. Now if you told me Ozzie Guillen had more career hits than Ted Williams, I’d see your point about career totals being overrated because Ozzie wasn’t exactly “great” as a player (by MLB standards).

    So try to downplay Jeter’s 3,000 hits if you want; there’s still the .313 career batting average, .832 OPS (for a shortstop who’s not a power hitter), .307 career playoff BA, .839 career playoff OPS … and since you see winning in the playoffs as the ultimate measure, FIVE World Series titles and a WS MVP.

    So I guess it’s pretty clear that Jeter is FIFTY TIMES better than Ted Williams, who never won a ring.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i noticed something….

    whenever austin debates his points, he always seems level headed and explains thing clearly, concisely and uses very good supporting examples, reasoning and analysis.

    when guys who are going against him, speak out of anger, often appear flustered, most of their points are not consistent and they want to convey their points by trying to convince austin that he is

    2..trying to get online hits by starting a storm

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @beiber — Thanks, I’m trying here.

  • control

    Here’s a small analogy to describe how I think Melo affects a team, compared to a guy like LeBron:

    Imagine Bron and his 4 boys (realistically his fucking entourage is probably 50 deep) going out to the club, high rolling, big ballin, they attracting all sorts of friendly attention from the ladies. Bron is the type of guy who will be talking on 5-6 ladies, telling them shit like “man, I just play ball, but my boy here is the one that holds down the crib, go give him some loving”. Bron’s boys know they all eatin some pussymeat sammies tonight.

    Melo, in the same situation, you could see him holding court with 5-6 ladies and saying shit like “oh yeah ladies, I don’t think yall gonna handle me tonight. Lets go somewhere nice so you all can get comfortable with ME”. Not only is Melo not goin to share the lovin, he might see one of his boys talking up a chick and go pick her up too. Melo’s boys, they might be able to get some clean up (sloppy seconds anyone?) but they know they on their own, Melo out to get HIS dick wet, and his boys be damned.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I agree with Ian.

    And AB in the NFL they rank quarterbacks, running backs etc. Same with baseball, pitchers have a big effect on 1 game but only play every 5 days. Its too hard to compare players at different positions, offence defence etc. Also, there are around 50 guys on football and baseball teams. In basketball there are 12 and less than 10 play and 5 on the court at a time, they all do basically the same job and its easy to see and compare.

    Basketball just lends it to intra team comparisons.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I like CWebb as the color guy, I thought he was insightful and had a couple funny lines.

    Sorry he lost his job to Shaq who sucks. I can’t believe hes that bad at it.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    john wall for rising stars game mvp !

  • Ian

    rose is 173 alltime on ba and yet he still the alltime leader in hits. good enough to get 12000 plus at bats thats it. keep totals out of this. malone isnt a better scorer than wilt and why are we on baseball. career totals can make ok players good and good ones look great.

    control agree (haters unite)
    pleasant yup

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    I actually thought the Knicks would win last night. Didn’t expect Chalmers to look like the second coming of The Glove. The Heat are insanely good this year, but fuck em, seriously.

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    i’ve always thought that the colts were peyton’s team… the cards were pujol’s team, and mariner’s were ichiro’s team…

    sure carmelo ‘helped’ the nuggets back in the days, but how much pt/shots did he get per game? when i think about ‘players who carried teams on their back’ i think of guys like nash, shaq back in orlando pre penny days, jordan, duncan who showed that even after robinson retired he was able to keep the team at an elite level… even a chauncy billups who somehow united that detroit bunch…

    so while carmelo ‘helped’ his team, i think AB would have to agree that his impact, compared to what was touted to be his potential, falls short of expectations…

    imagine if nuggets had the first pick that season… i don’t think they would pick melo over lebron… and if lebron was eventually able to take that cav’s team deep in the post season, imagine what he could/would have done if they changed places…

  • First & Foremost

    @AB post 66 – There are too many positions in other sports so we just go with the highest profile player/position. Basketball is a simpler sport, any position can perform the functions of any other position. How often does a shortstop play catcher? How often did Mike Bibby set picks in Atlanta? How often does a lineman run the triple option? How often does Bargarni shoot 3s? Since the positional lines are blurred, it is easy to set a pecking order in basketball. TD-TP-Manu, why? Because they are the 3 best basketball players on that team, clearly.

    A football team with 53 roster spots, the majority of which are specialists at 1 function of football, how can you clearly say who is the best on that team? Tom Brady is a phenom at throwing the ball but it he better than Matt Light at blocking? Can he tackle better Mayo? Can he rush the passer better than Vince Wilfork? Can he run routes better than Chad? No, no, no, and no. However, it is widely accepted that his position is the most vital to a team’s success and since he is pretty good at that position we just label it Tom Brady’s team.

    Is Dirk a better basketball player than the rest of his team? Seeing as though he DOMINATED the ficticious 1-on-1 tourney this year I’d say he his probably 28.9 times better than the rest of his team. Are some of his teammates better at certain aspects of basketball? Yes, however for just as many categories someone is far and away better than him, he prboably bests them in a different category by a similar margin.

    The dynamics of other sports prevent us from saying player x-y-z’s teams like we can in basketball. Unless you reference the Cowboys of the early 90s.

  • Skeeter McGee

    The comparisons of individuals is mostly due to the fact that basketball is the only sport where you can actually have a 1-on-1 match-up, even if it is lopsided (like Dwight vs. D-Rose), it is still more feasible than Brady vs. a D-Linemen. You can’t have two football players go out on the field and say “let’s go straight up to 11.” Same with soccer, baseball, etc. The only sports you can do it in (Golf, Tennis, Swimming) etc. are solely judged on rankings anyhow. Basketball happens to be the only TEAM sport where a 1-on-1 match-up actually could happen and make sense.

    That is why, AB, basketball seems to be the only sport where such emphasis is placed on an individual comparisons.

  • Skeeter McGee

    @First and Foremost

    Haha we are on the same wavelength, bruh. You beat me to it but virtually the same argument.

  • Ian

    agree and that makes him overrated

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @hakasan — Not being able to carry a team and not helping a team improve at all are vastly different things.

    Obviously Melo didn’t carry the Nuggets as far as he could have, since he’s one of the most talented players in the world and therefore his ceiling should be carrying his team to a championship. But the argument with @Ian was whether Melo makes his teams better period, and his point seemed to be that Melo has done NOTHING to make Denver, NY (or Syracuse, I guess) better whatsoever.

    And you’re right that people see Indy as Peyton’s team, the Cards as Pujols’ team, etc. But in basketball we get into these arguments like:

    “Pierce is Boston’s best player, Ray is 2nd, KG is 3rd, Rondo is 4th.”
    “No, KG is 1st, Rondo is 2nd, Pierce is 3rd.”
    “NO!! You’re a moron. Rondo is 1st, KG is 2nd…”

    You don’t see this in other sports. I’ve never heard anyone arguing over who was the New York Giants 2nd-best player, or who is New England’s 3rd-best player. One guy gets the title of No. 1 (Brady in NE, Peterson in Minnesota, Eli in NY, etc.) or maybe two guys fight for it, but after that it’s not an issue of who’s second, who’s third, etc.

    You know what happens as soon as somebody mentions that Kobe has five NBA titles: “Yeah, but he wasn’t the best player for three of them!” as if that makes it count less.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i wonder if anyone knows the position that has the most injuries thus far in the nba. i was looking at my fantasy team just now and nearly all of my damn forwards are hurt now, or have been hurt at some point. are forwards taking a beating this year? it sure seems like it.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    i hear rasheed wallace will soon be a laker…………..

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    How hard do you think they’ll play tonight in the Rising Stars game? I know Lin has to be exhausted. Whichever team actually tries the hardest and earliest will win.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    I think Chuck’s team has more to prove. They will try harder and play better defense, and they will likely win the game.

  • First & Foremost

    @AB, Close your eyes and think of any NFL superstar. Now open your eyes before someone says, “no homo”. That 1 individual football player doesn’t have the same impact as 1 superstar basketball player.

    1) 99 times out of 100 that FB player doesn’t play both ways. When has Tom Brady played defense on back-to-back downs? He doesn’t have to spy on the other team’s QB. [see what I did there] Instead of listing all of the players that had a substantial impact on the game, we settle for naming the QB. The QB is the only player with a w/l stat.

    All I got is 1) right now. I’m about to leave work. If we don’t continue this discussion, everyone, enjoy the AS festivities, as boring as they may be.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    shaq’s team: didn’t blake griffin say he goes hard all the time? isn’t lin still trying to prove he aint just a gimmick? isn’t kemba walker saying he is excited about this game and he has to prove he is good for guys who haven’t seen any of his bobcats game?

    these young guys will play up to potential. i don’t think it should be a question. but they will of course be trying to put on a show. but overall they will go hard, especially wall. he’s mad.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    ooo and happy to see the boy kyrie and rubio on opposite teams. let’s get it on!

  • Ian

    got love austin i started saying that melo is overrated and gave you examples of what happened. i was talking nba you brought up the ncaa crap. then you turned to if a team is better with or without him well sir the nuggets record improved without him and the knicks record got worse and not only that they got over .500 when he went down. now you are saying a dude thats supposed to be a star only makes them slightly better??? like your ok role player then fine (its not true but if you wanna feel better about your crap argument ok). hes as talented as the brons and wades but so what?? everyone talks about how great a scorer he is but when hes out his team is more effective on offense.


    shane battier makes his team better so thats “superstar” melo?? goh

  • Ian

    have to go

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Good points, everybody, about the NBA/NFL/MLB thing. Thanks for the feedback; it was just something that crossed my mind today.

    I think there is some kind of regardles-of-position hierarchy in the NFL, though. Most everybody will agree that Ray Lewis is a bigger star and/or more valuable than Philip Rivers, even though Rivers is a QB and a pretty good one. And I think if Aikman, Emmitt and Irvin were all eligible for the Hall of Fame at the same time and only two of them could get in, there would be a ranking argument to be had. And then NFL Network has been doing their Top-100 thing. But even then, most arguments are about how many QBs they had or how many defensive players they had, rather than arguing if, say, Shady McCoy is really better than Haloti Ngata.

    Baseball is a little more like basketball, though. Chase Utley (2B) and Carl Crawford (LF) play different positions, but they otherwise have to do all the same things: hit, run, field. Pitchers and position players are apples and oranges, but even when it’s just position players, you don’t see those “Who’s Better?” arguments unless it’s comparing guys who play the same position.

  • dapro

    I have to chime in on this debate on who is/isn’t a superstar and who has/hasn’t carried a franchise:

    Melo carried Denver as far as he could but in the loaded West, he wasn’t sniffing the Finals

    Lebron carried Cleveland as far he could,

    HE being the operative word because Superstars do the heavy lifting when needed but to expect one man to dominate for 82 games then 16+ playoffs games is unrealistic, no one man “ALONE” has ever done so…

    Yes one man determines the outcome of a basketball game more than any other sport but the reality is no other sport puts more pressure on one man than basketball. It’s also the most predictable sport, the better team usually whens especially in a playoff format when 4 wins are required.

  • http://none Taiseo


    “When in the last decade and a half have you ever seen Kobe Bryant inbound a basketball? Never. And he didn’t today either.

    And also, your teaser to click on page two was “Keep reading to hear what James Harden said to Kobe.” uhhh… you guys wrote nothing about what he said to Kobe.”

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @dapro — Exactly right about the pressure.

    There were a few people blaming Tom Brady (the face of the franchise) for the Patriots losing the Super Bowl, but for the most part it was spread around between the receivers dropping passes, Gronk’s ankle, the defense not getting key stops, Belichick for deciding to let the Giants score, Gisele for … whatever reason people wanted to hold her responsible LOL. But more importantly, I think people gave the Giants credit for WINNING instead of only looking to assign blame for New England losing.

    But if this were the NBA and Brady was the face of his franchise, his loss in the championship would be 90% blamed on him and him alone. Didn’t matter if some teammates were injured; didn’t matter that others didn’t convert the passes he threw to them; didn’t matter that he can’t guard everybody else on the other team.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ Ian

    Just angry today. Hope you bouncin to go get laid.

    p.s. Kobe > Timmy lol

  • K Dizzle

    @ hakasan (post 83) Obviously the reason Melo never got Denver to the Finals was cuz he had to go thru the Lakers, Spurs, Suns, Jazz, Rockets, Blazers, CP’s Hornets n Dallas..shoot, even Golden State was gettin it in.
    Lebron wasn’t gettin thru that gauntlet out west. You switch Lebron with Melo n Lebron never gets outta the 2nd round…

  • McRib

    Enough talk about melo and the Knicks, everybody should be appreciating the greatness they are witnessing with the Miami heat, get ready for the 90’s bulls resurrection, Miami’s about to rattle off a few championships

  • Ian

    dizzle lol sorry yeah a bit but im cool now.

    gotta go by positions in baseball because a 2b that hits exactly the same as a lf is a wayyy better player. lf is where you put your worst fielder. if ted williams played 2b or ss he would be the best player ever (not just hitter like some say).