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A Jeremy Lin Effect: 5 NBA Players Who Need A Chance To Play

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Two weeks into Jeremy Lin‘s Mach-speed rise to fame, more intel comes out daily about his crazier-than-fiction journey. Specifically, just how fine a line he walked from being another nobody to the most popular guy from New York City to Palo Alto, Calif.

Case in point: Reports have shown the Knicks were considering cutting the point guard soon after their game with New Jersey on Feb. 4. He needed the chance to play and got it against the Nets, which led to 25 points and seven assists, which led to the chance to score 28 against the Jazz three days later, which led to world domination (or something close to it) now.

What the following five have in common with Lin isn’t that last part, at least yet. But like Lin, and San Antonio’s Gary Neal and Atlanta’s Jeff Teague recently before him, they’re the top five players who could be pleasant surprises if given a shot in the NBA. Call them the All-Give-Em-A-Chance team. Will they get as big as Lin? Hey, crazier things have happened.

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Sean Williams, Dallas
After he averaged more than 17 minutes per game in New Jersey as a rookie, Williams has gone into witness protection as a Maverick, getting no more than 5.7 minutes per game. But when he’s in, his efficiency’s no lie. Averaged out for 36 minutes, the 6-10 forward would average 29.6 points and 12.7 boards at his current clip. Don’t question his intensity, either, after puking on the sideline on Dec. 27 against Denver. To do that he’d just scored 12 points in 11 minutes, plus a couple blocks, knowing his time was limited. Just like Kobe with a jumper, Williams doesn’t need much space to work if given just 10 minutes a game. It’s also time, for Rick Carlisle, to give him a little more.

Jeremy Evans, Utah
Already today Dime‘s told you Evans is a special player in the making, and we’re still not going to argue that point. In his second year, he’s one of the most special players once he’s in the air with his body control, creativity and filthiness. It’s hard to quantify those three, so think on this instead: 80 percent from the field in his 5.6 minutes per. That’s right, with 12 of 15 field goals this season, Evans’ sample size isn’t any larger than the typical number Kobe could put up in a quarter, but he simply puts the ball in against (and usually in the face of) his defender.

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  • http://WWW.BALLER-BRAND.COM diego


  • http://www.brokejumper.com brokejumper.com

    Terrence Williams now playing with the Rockets, give him 37 min a game and let’s see what he can do.

  • Big T

    Jimmer Fredette. I personally can’t stand him or BYU in general for that matter, but the guy can play ball. It’s just a horrible situation for him on the King’s squad. When you factor in the prejudices of him being a white Mormon, his popularity from college, and Smart’s bias towards other players – the combination doesn’t mesh well.

  • russ

    48 inches??

  • stefan

    I am not a specialist but judging 5 minutes of what is probably garbage time and putting the stats in a 36 minutes scenario, doesn’t seem too realistic. I think that can be used for players that get 15-20 minutes, to see what they would do if they played 40, but not for 5 mpg players.

    However, in all the cases presented, I am curious why they don’t play more. Are there better players in the rotation, do they just suck in practice or for other reasons?

  • UIL33

    the real Jeremy Lin effect:

  • UIL33

    the real Jeremy Lin effect part II:


  • Da man

    Im glad isaiah thomas finally getting real minutes an showing people they missed a good thing in the draft.

  • sh!tfaced

    Gustavo Ayon is giving ‘goose’bumps in NOLA and he can’t speak a lick of English…

  • Chaos

    Terrence Williams! as athletic and skilled as he is, he doesnt get too much time. i wonder how his IQ is

  • http://livinlegalandlarge.blogspot.com TheGlove_20

    T-WiLL, He runs the floor better than most pg, can dunk on anyone, can finish with a fingerroll and is working on his shot, not to mention his passing and athletisicm is sick.

  • Qwe

    But theyre all Black.

  • Swiss Chocolate

    I say Anthony Randolph aka AR15. He plays defense, is atheletic and has skills not normally seen in a 6-11 body.

  • fans from Taiwan

    absolutely T-Will

  • Knicksfan84

    Anthony Randolph and Terrence Williams easy.

  • http://www.dimemag.com KKK

    Josh McRoberts and Luke Babbitt


    T-Will hands down and solomon alabi

  • Taj

    Brendan Wright..

  • http://dime eyes

    Elliot Williams,Tobias Harris,Lance Stephenson,Cisco Garcia,Sebastian Telfair,Ish Smith,Sam Young,Terrence Williams.

  • IDOT

    Terrence Williams. He has the ability to play the 1-3 positions, get to the rim and defend. This dude has put up triple doubles in college, the d-league, and the in the NBA. To this day I’m still mad that the Bulls didnt draft him after they claimed they would trade up to get himin the draft. He even said he wanted to play with D-Rose. Him and D-Rose would be sick together. Rip Hamilton is old, Kyle Korver is inconsistent, Ronnie Brewer is better coming off the bench and Jimmy Butler isn’t getting any kind of burn.